2014 in Review: Sexiest Scenes from Scandal, Outlander, Vampire Diaries, Good Wife, Teen Wolf, Liars and More

Sexiest TV Moments 2014

Are we crazy, or did TV turn up the sexy dial to “11” in 2014, filling our DVRs with moments that made us blush, gasp and test the true power of our “pause” buttons?

With so many salacious scenes this year, it was nearly impossible for the TVLine team to narrow down its favorites — but as is our sworn duty, we found a way.

From the major moments that had everyone talking (the Outlander wedding, The Vampire DiariesDamon-Elena rain kiss) to the more subtle, fully clothed encounters (Alicia and Finn on The Good Wife!), we’ve curated a gallery of the 33 scenes that left us in a bit of a lather.

Browse our shteamy selections below, then drop a comment: What was your favorite bit of small-screen sexiness from 2014?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lysh says:

    The Rachel/Paul scene from Orphan Black was not hot. It was kind of cringey and gross.
    This list made me realize I don’t watch a lot of sexy shows.

  2. Donna says:

    No surprise that Bones is not on this list. Deschenel and Boreanaz were hotter together before Booth and Bones got together as a couple. Their kisses are barely pecks on the cheek now.

    • Addie says:

      I think that happens a lot on TV shows especially once the two characters have a baby. It’s like, how was this kid conceived when all they do is kiss chastely?

      • Tala says:

        Yeah I agree maybe they cut the scenes so we can think they didn’t have anything at all and then the baby kicks in and we say that where did you come from?

  3. Lana says:

    Once again TV Line’s Jake bias is showing. In fact it was Fitz that ended that phone sex session leaving a very frustrated Olivia to her own devices! Pay attention….your job is to watch these shows! Go back and rewatch the scene!

    • Jenna says:

      Jake and Olivia’s scenes were much improved and hotter this season but my interest is always tempered by the fact that he’s always going to end up as the runner up no matter how good he is or what he does.

      • AVTVO says:

        Good men don’t choke women. What is wrong with you? Why do Jake/Olake fans excuse that as no big deal?

        • Minali says:

          Get off your high horse…so Fitz’s latest creepy begging and borderline-predatory behavior is acceptable. No one said Jake is a good man but he & Liv are right for each other. So Fitz the philanderer is the ‘good’ man!

          • Angela says:

            If this post and the one above are anything to go by, I’m curious why anyone would root for a woman to be with EITHER man. They both sound like pretty crappy choices to me.

          • Netty says:

            I agree Fitz’s puppy dog act this season makes him really unbearable. The writers need to seriously fix his character. He used to be such a well rounded character, but now he’s become totally obsessed with Liv & has become such a terrible POTUS and father.
            I get why Jake is obsessed with Liv, he has nothing else going for him.

          • AVTVO says:

            It’s disgusting that you would excuse physical abuse that way. I never said Fitz was a good man. In fact I didn’t mention Fitz at all in the comment about Jake. But it always comes down to Fitz being married with Jake fans like that is somehow a worse offense than choking a woman. Vile!

          • Samara says:

            I agree Fitz fans need to get off their high horses, that one choking scene is being used to make it out like he scarred Liv for life. Please! Jake is a professional killer if he wanted to hurt Liv he would have. Liv had derailed B613 and in that moment Jake did what he had to do. I dont see anyone calling out Liv for all the crap she does, except for Mellie who always puts Liv in her place by calling her what she really is ‘a w*ore”.
            Out of the two men, Fitz has more of a negative impact on Liv, he drains her emotionally with all his sappy BS and messed up life.

          • Nathalie says:

            Team Fitz. An Emmy to Tony Goldwyn.

    • Guest says:

      Jake and Liv scenes have been by far hotter than Olitz scenes this season and its good TV line recognized that. That phone sex scene was nothing short of meh! Liv’s heavy breathing when she’s with/talking to Fitz now seems so coerced & unnatural.

  4. Cinders says:

    Janel’s partner was Val Chmerkovskiy. Also the picture on the left was of her with Artem Chigvintsev, though the pic on the right is indeed of her and Val.

  5. E says:

    what a strange list but I did really enjoy that klaroline scene ;)

  6. Emily says:

    YES! More Klaroline! Their sex scene was amazing – but admittedly not given its proper due. We definitely need another one that has more build up, more emotion, and marks the beginning of a new chapter in their love story!

    • Kristen says:

      Yes totally agree! Their scene was amazing but way too rushed. If we r lucky enough to have a next time, it would be nice to have something slower, more protracted, and of course an after scene😍

    • Guest says:

      I think Caroline should just move to TO..because she’s useless and annoying on TVD

      • Emily says:

        She’s definitely under-utilized on TVD.

        But TO is such a mess right now. As much as I want more Klaroline scenes (and more Klaroline sex scenes too!) I’m just not sure I want my favorite character tossed into the Tribrid Diaper Diaries.

        • Kristen says:

          I couldn’t stop laughing at your ” tribrid diaper diaries ” comment:-)

          One thing I noticed was that for both this list and the tvline wish list- they put “klaroline” at the end. It was almost as if they saved the best for last :-)

          • Emily says:

            Duh. Klaroline just kind of dominates, it’s only a shame that they don’t take advantage of such a powerful and passionate group of fans.

        • Letti says:

          It’s funny I think TVD is such a mess now, and I hate what they’ve done to Caroline’s character.

          • Emily says:

            I think they’ve just sidelined her and misused her so much that she has no point anymore. And that’s why people think she is annoying or whiny or useless. It’s because she hasn’t had anything substantial to do except hate Damon, fawn over Stefan, and be Elena’s errand girl. Even the Steroline romance is purely just to give Stefan something to do, rather than to give Caroline any actual plot. She’s regressed a lot in her character development, and it sucks.

          • Samara says:

            Emily you are so right, I love Caroline but these past two seasons have had me roll my eyes at everything she does esp the Steroline arc, it’s made worse by the fact that she is yet again the needy, desperate, insecure character we did not really care about in s1. Her fawning over Stefan and having him be oblivious to it all is just terrible.
            I would rather have her be with Enzo, because I find their interactions very similar to that of Klaroline in that we have this badass vamp in love and Caroline being repulsed by it but at the same time intrigued and wants to give in.

    • Netty says:

      Still hoping for Klaroline is like still rooting for Stelena…I think that ship has sailed, I feel that Klaroline hook-up was more of a fan service like the delena rain kiss, Klaus only came back to TVD just to fulfill that fan request, I doubt the writers will go beyond that point seeing as Steroline is being jammed down out throats every second!

      • Kristen says:

        I know (sigh). It’s wishful thinking that we will be fortunate enough to get another Klaroline scene at this point. Every scene those 2 had -no matter how brief -was just incredible in terms of their chemistry. They always had me glued to the screen. So much unrealized potential. What a waste!😭

  7. Jenna says:

    Glad to see Finn and Alicia’s old school flirtmance moment made the list. It had me holding my breath on the very edge of my seat and was worthy of a rewind or 3.

  8. Tracey says:

    The hottest scene on Scandal was definitely the phone sex with Fitz and Olivia.

  9. CourtTV says:

    Outlander wedding night was the highlight of my tv year.

  10. A says:

    No thank you to sister-swapping. #Leaveitin2014

  11. lkh says:

    What! No Castle! ha, ha, ha, ha…

  12. LovelyM says:

    Jake and Liv scenes have been the best, no doubt!
    The Fitz/Liv phone sex should qualify as “the most cringe worthy scene of the year” Fitz’s begging tactics are a major turn off and a tad creepy to be honest.

  13. Netty says:

    Loving Damon and Elena kiss, Jake & Liv beach sex, Selfie Henry and Eliza waist grab, and of course HTGAWM.

  14. Ally Oop says:

    Ultimately, I’d have to say the best sex scenes were from Outlander, Hart of Dixie, Nashville and Chasing Life. I’m rather disappointed TVLine left out Hart of Dixie.

  15. B says:

    Yeah, some great scenes this year! Outlander’s wedding night tops them all, but I also loved “Diamond Dan” on The Mindy Project, Hayley and Elijah on the Originals, Sarah and Cal on Orphan Black (but Rachel and Paul were disturbing), and Klaus and Caroline on TVD. –Game of Thrones doesn’t belong on the list, IMO. It’s mostly gratuitous or disturbing, and I can only think of a couple of scenes in the whole series that were “worthy.”

  16. LOL, that out of the woods comment cracked me up~Klaroline scene is epic! But it is way too rushed..Wish they’d meet again…Yet, Don’t want Caroline to crossover to that TO disaster though..

    • amylsimms10 says:

      I agree! I wish there was more emotion in the scene, or at least an after scene. They just sort of left us hanging and it felt completely like fan service, I just hope they carry it in evebtually!

  17. gabbigts says:

    I don’t think that was Aria and Ezra’s first time. It was just the most an abc family show had shown.

  18. KCC says:

    Henry and Eliza <3

  19. The Beach says:

    Diamond Dan was way fun but for me it’s definitely Jason/Eric for the win!

  20. kayley says:

    No to Delena, ew. They’ve lost the spark back in season one, that rain kiss was bland and awkward. They’ve overdone these two together to the point that it’s beyond repair and I can’t stand their repetitive drama anymore. They should get Stelena back together.

    Now THIS is true hotness, Stefan/Katherine-Elena plus a motel room:

    Nina and Paul still got it droppong like it’shot!

  21. Concerned says:

    I’m I’m sorry but you realize the good wife is on this show like 3 or 4 times? Im sorry but these gross, old people are not sexy in the LEAST. “I wore this dress the first time we banged and I haven’t washed it since!” GROSS not sexy and how is the word bang sexy? Guys get off this weird golden girls I mean good wife bandwagon

    • Concerned says:

      Sorry I mean on this LIST not on this show but yeah still crust old weirdos in this boring no sexy show

    • Angela says:

      The characters on that show are “old”? Comparable to the “Golden Girls”? Really?
      Not to mention, news flash: older people still have active sex lives, and there’s kind of nothing wrong with that. Pretty healthy, actually. You’re going to be old one day yourself, you realize.
      (Also, there was nothing in the blurb about her never having washed that suit since their encounter, but way to completely misread things.)

    • AngieC says:

      Nothing about Julianna Margulies or the rest of that cast is “old” I mean, are you serious???? The good wife’s sex scenes may not be as intense as the others but there are many reasons behind that. One in which it is network and the time slot. The writers have pointed out in the passed they would indeed add intense scenes such as scandal but they aren’t able to do that. And actually. Alicia says. “I changed into what i wore the night you banged me the first time.”
      Nothing about having not washed it since.

      • Jenna says:

        Not quite a Golden Girl yet, but I do find anticipation, build up and sophisticated verbal foreplay sexy and entertaining, too. After a while the Scandal scenes started to feel redundant.

  22. Sara says:

    It looks funny seeing Jake & Olivia being mentioned. Say whatever you want about Fitz & Olivia, but it’s hard not to notice every time they have their sexy moments on the show, the majority of the time they do get recognized by entertainment and TV sites for being sexy, while alot of the time Jake & Olivia don’t.

  23. amylsimms10 says:

    I completely agree with the klaroline scene! That was the only reason I kept watching the season for that scene, though I really wish there had been a bit more emotion to it, and that it signalled the beginning of something rather than just being fan service for the episode.

  24. Shari says:

    Delena rain kiss definitely!!

  25. idkman says:

    I’m sorry but Delena is for 12 year olds.

  26. Tim says:

    Banshee should have made this list.

  27. Becca says:

    THANK YOU for putting Klaroline on this list! It’s so nice to see journalists giving the couple their due, when writers seem determined to treat them like they never happened. Their sex scene was one of the BEST of 2014, and I hope they get many many more in 2015!

    • Guest says:

      Their sex scene was not one of the best by a long shot..it was just e most anticipated that’s all

      • Kristen says:

        I agree that the sex scene was not the best because it was so rushed- but the kiss beforehand and the smiles on their faces afterwards was pure gold😊😍

  28. Hmm says:

    Okay considering other shows had two mentions, it’s only fair you amend this to include Annalise and Nate’s hot alibi sex, because if you don’t appreciate the outstanding hotness that is Billy Brown, I will have completely lost faith in this site.

  29. kmw says:

    Yes Bones will never be on this list but they aren’t hot because they got together or had a baby. When your lead actors don’t have scenes together, work or otherwise it is hard to see heat. Remember their “hottest scene” was way back in season 4 and it was a dream. The producers of BONES and many other shows believe fans will walk away from shows if they show their couple in too intimate of situations. Yes we are allowed to see them hurt each other and allowed to see them argue, but it would be way too much to see them in bed together. I am not saying Bones or any other show should turn into a sex show, but it gets hard to believe in a couple when they cannot even kiss very much on screen. I love Booth and Brennan but Mr. Nathan better start doing a better job of balancing his show. A couple of years ago TV GUIDE had a story that said Hanson was interested in doing a sex scene(HA HA) Do we think that will ever happen? Not now and probably not ever. Right now I would settle for more than ten minutes of the show with Booth and Brennan in same scene together

  30. Aizan says:


  31. jen says:

    Um where are the Hannibal sex scenes in this list? They were crazy amazing!!

  32. dioxinblues says:

    Woo hoo! Thanks for including Root and Shaw from Person of Interest. Just found this too-awesome-for-CBS show and these two, together and individually, are big reasons why.

  33. Demose says:

    There is nothing remotely sexy about the toxic, abusive, disgusting relationship that is Dullena from TVD. It’s embarrassing that any journalist would even consider them.

  34. she says:

    no love for orange is the new black?? that vauseman bar scene is one of sexiest i’ve seen this year..

  35. Naazneen (@miss_naazneen) says:

    Well, Elijah’s thrusting spawned a flurry of new tumblr blogs. HOT