Jenna Coleman Reveals Her Doctor Who Status at Close of Christmas Special

Doctor Who Jenna Coleman Staying

Fans of Doctor Who‘s current Companion received a Christmas Present just under the wire, when at the conclusion of Thursday’s holiday special Jenna Coleman confirmed she’s continuing on as Clara.

“It’s wonderful,” Coleman said at the close of Doctor Who: Last Christmas, putting to rest recent rumors of her possible exit. “I get a whole other series of stories with the Doctor, and I couldn’t walk away with the story being unresolved…. I think [Clara and the Doctor] finally just reached a point where they really understand each other.”

Peter Capaldi coming on as the Twelfth Doctor “allowed the dynamic to totally change,” she noted, “so just when Clara was feeling more comfortable in the relationship, it has suddenly thrown something new up.”

Coleman made her Doctor Who debut in September 2012, as the mysterious Oswin in the Season 7 opener “Asylum of the Daleks,” then joined the show proper, as plucky Clara Oswald, in that year’s Christmas special.

Are you pleased that Coleman is continuing on? Do you prefer her dynamic with Capaldi or his predecessor Matt Smith?

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  1. d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

    Jump the gun a bit Matt?

  2. Taylah says:

    Really happy about her choice. She is my favorite companion of the reboot (closely followed by Donna and Martha) and I thought she and Capaldi gave new life to the series when it was starting to need it. Cannot wait for more of them both.

    • Rook says:

      Eh I don’t know if she is my favorite, but this season she really shined. I thought Coleman and Capaldi played off each other so well, much more of a spark than she had with Smith. Very excited to see her character grow more next season.

      • Taylah says:

        Well, those things are very subjective, so I always make sure to mention she is my personal favorite rather than say “she is the best!” I agreed that she shined and really came into her own. It was also nice to have a season from the companion’s POV again. I think the series 6 and 7 were way too focused on the Doctor’s impending death and the companions became afterthoughts which really hurt Amy, Rory and Clara in her run with Eleven. But this year it was all about her and I enjoyed it. I know people are angry it’s become “Clara Who” but the show has always been as much about the companions as it is about the Doctor. We see the Doctor through them, not the other way around.

        • Jericho says:

          Exactly! Clara’s run with Eleven was a means to an end. She really was the object of the riddle the entire time and not really a character. This series she was able to grow into an actual person on the show. I am not saying I liked all of the choices they made this series. But the more personal relationship between the two of them was much stronger. If Amy was Eleven’s best friend, Clara has become that and more. The best bit was that he saw her as the same even when Old. What a statement that was.

          I am saddened to continue to hear the rumors that she will be gone before the next series is over. I enjoy both Clara AND Jenna. I just hope they stop using the Victorian crutch. As absolutely wonderful Jenna looks in the era’s costumes, we need to move on.

    • Tallus Rip says:

      Eh…Clara’s only ranked slightly higher than Martha on my list. Donna and Rose were the best companions, followed by Captain Jack as an unofficial companion. Everyone else was “meh.” Martha made me want to throw my computer off the balcony. I only stuck with it because I already knew Rose was coming back.

  3. Skittles&Bits says:

    Bugger it all. Why? Just why?

  4. Dave says:

    I liked how they pulled it off it was a fantastic ep

  5. Joni says:

    Yep. You tweeted/posted a few minutes too soon. Oopsie.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Nope, published exactly when I intended to ;) (English press had it all over Google for hours, we in the U.S. showed more than sufficient restraint, and we tweeted a masked URL. #TVLineCares )

      • Joni says:

        I apologize. Was so busy watching (with occasional tweet during commercials) I didn’t know the news was out.

      • Tallus Rip says:

        If only the social media accounts run by The Walking Dead were so careful. They were splattering spoilers all over the internet after only the first broadcast of the midseason finale. Most timezones in the USA hadn’t even gotten a chance to see it before they were spoiled on who died by official pages. Bastards.

  6. laura says:

    Blech! Not a Clara fan

  7. Simon says:

    Great news great Christmas special great ending. Just great

  8. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    But for how long into season 9 is she staying?

  9. Love Clara and Twelve but all I want for Christmas is to have Danny Pink back!

    • Mandy says:

      Me too!!! I was hoping they would’ve pulled off a Christmas miracle and had him come back from the dead. Then they’d get married. So that could’ve been one way for her story to end, but now that she’s staying they need to find a way for Danny to come back.

    • Tim-bo says:

      Yeah! After all, the world’s most uninteresting companion definitely needs the world’s most uninteresting man around! ;)

      How else will our episodes about killer robots be properly dragged down by relationship-conversations starting with “What are you thinking right now?”

  10. I suspect she’ll remain just for this series or this series plus maybe six more episodes to bring her total to three series, episode-wise.

  11. maria says:

    Happy Clara is still on the show. :)

  12. Meghan says:

    And now for the real question: how much longer is Moffat going to stay?

  13. Rick Katze says:

    A very nice twist. During the show it felt that she was not going to survive. And then we meet her 62 years later and assume that this is the goodbye. A very strong effort by all and my English friend who carefully did not reveal it with his cryptic remark was spot on.

  14. Rook says:

    I thought the Christmas episode was great, loved the elves saying it was bigger on the inside. Was anyone else waiting for Dicaprio to show up with his spinning device?

  15. Annie says:

    Oswin was a great character. It was refreshing to have a strong and intelligent female character. Unfortunately, Clara hasn’t been a great character. She had some strong episodes last season, but they didn’t make up for the character being a complete waste the previous season.

  16. greysfan says:

    I absolutely LOVE Clara and the Doctor and so glad she is continuing into the next series. Can’t wait to see where they go to next. It was an incredible Christmas episode too. I didn’t know how it was going to end. I really thought when it was the “old” Clara it was ending there but thank god it didn’t.

  17. DarkDefender says:

    My TV wish for 2015 came true… Makes me very happy, indeed! I cannot wait to see what new adventures Twelve and Clara take us on next season… :)

  18. amysue4772 says:

    Oh thank God. After losing the Ponds and 11, I am so not ready to lose Clara too.

  19. Tai says:

    I’m happy. I actually like Clara. I liked her with 11 and I love her with 12. She’s up there in my favorite companions. She’s probably only second to Donna who will always be my favorite.

  20. ComeOn says:

    Is it possible to return this Christmas gift? Really could do with Clara moving on. Jenna is a talented actor with very specific skills that hasn’t really work with this character. So let’s have another new character have a go with the 12th. May be someone more classically trained?

  21. KB says:

    Amazing episode, and the best end result imaginable for me as I adore Peter and Jenna. Very happy!

  22. Kevin says:

    Am really stoked and glad Clara will continue as the companion–she’s been a joy to watch. It’s taking me longer to warm up to this Doctor–but, am glad that Clara will still be around for the next adventures.

  23. B.Snow says:

    It was a total surprise for me & I couldn’t be happier about her staying on!

    I wasn’t even sure till after then end of the new Christmas Episode (a bit late =I DVR’d it) I saw the bit at the end (with him waking-up the 2nd time and then them leaving in the Tardis) & googled it to find out if she was actually staying for another season, or if it was just a “Once more around the Universe for old times sake” non-thing.
    The note: [Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman will return in “The Magician’s Apprentice”] – led me to think she was staying but, having watched “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe” earlier = His line about wondering who to thank for this second chance he rarely gets, made me wonder if it was a fan-based type of thing.

    If he Capaldi’s doctor maybe *stays a bit happier* than in the next series as opposed to the dark/bitter thing they did so much of in this season… Then it might turn out well.
    I’m still not really sold on Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, but they could’ve done worse. I really wish they hadn’t gone with an older Doctor, but if they have to go with a stuffy “UK Actor” – then I haven’t a clue as to a suggestion, I’d just as well like to see an “American Comedian” that can act, or maybe even an Aussie?
    Not holding my breath for that though – I’m just so glad they kept Jenna Coleman, I don’t feel ready to see a Companion that’s a “formidable”(?) match to The Doctor go & have to adjust to another new equally *central to the story* Companion.

  24. KC says:

    She is definitely as the bottom of the list as far as companions go, but she’s OK to keep watching the show.

  25. GhostWolf says:

    Really not happy about Clara staying but, if they cut down on it being the Clara Show (and please please please no bloody romance / love interest) and make it the Doctor show (which it hasn’t been since Amy) then it’ll be bearable at least. Now if only they churn out better scripts …

  26. LEP says:

    Reading the comments is so interesting. “Yay – love her!” “Darn – can’t stand her.” We really do have different opinions, don’t we? Here’s mine. I do like Clara. But the reason I’m glad she is staying is the stabilization of the show. We lost Amy & Rory. Then we lost #11. Then we’ve got this vastly different #12 that we’ve been barely begun to know. And that’s all been in a fairly short amount of time. Just as Clara and #12 were finding their groove, rumors of Jenna leaving were rampant. I for one, am glad she is staying if for no other reason than just a little more time to let things settle.

    Plus, they have to explain the Danny Pink and future grandson thing. That’s a huge dangling thread And how can you resolve that story without Clara?

    Looking forward to next spring.

  27. Kay L says:

    My favorite Christmas gift this year :) Absolutely love Clara, and I can’t wait to see where they take her character from here.

  28. Fido says:

    Not a fan of Clara or this Doctor at all. Guess I’ll be skipping next season, darn it.

  29. Barryh says:

    I was ready for her to go, she is my least favorite companion. I don’t like the way she treats The Doctor. They never look like they are having fun together.

  30. Luis says:

    I think the chemistry between Jenna and Peter Capaldi has given the show a new vibrancy and a different sense of direction. I like the way the relationship between Clara and The Doctor changed from the flirtatious boyfriend/girlfriend bantering of Jenna and Matt Smith to the more uncertain and emotionally charged feeling out process with Number 12. Clara had to grow up a lot very fast this season in dealing with Capaldi’s Doctor and it made her a much more meaningful character, IMO. Watching her experience the bloom and love and the heartbreak of loss, we watched her develop into a fully-formed, capable and independent adult, with enough brains and balls to stand up for, and to The Doctor.
    I look forward to seeing what kind of coda Moffat & Co. write to Clara’s story

  31. ronni says:

    Not a Clara fan – or a Danny Pink fan. They have no chemistry as a couple and Clara is rather boring. Why not something different for a change? Loved Captain Jack….and Billy was the best.

  32. Moment says:

    I’ve seen reports that confirm she’s in it for the entirety of next season.

  33. Brian Reed says:

    HELL YES. She is so cute.

  34. kd86953 says:

    THANK GOD. I wasn’t a huge fan of the character when she was with the Eleventh Doctor but I ADORE her with the Twelve. They make a fantastic duo.

  35. deb says:

    I have mixed feelings about Clara remaining in the story line. While Jenna is a wonderful actress, I have been a bit disturbed by the way in which her story line has often overshadowed the Doctor’s. I would much rather see “Doctor Who” focusing on the Doctor, than on his Companion and her boyfriend Danny Pink.

  36. Bark Star says:

    Jenna Coleman stays. Good. Now can we get rid of Moffat ?

  37. JB says:

    No I am not happy. She is rude, gives the Doctor too much hassle and tells everyone to shut up. She is a know it all and tries to belittle the Doctor too much. Her love affair with Pink got far too much time. I don’t care about that! Peter Capaldi is brilliant and deserves a better companion. Bring back Martha or Donna!

  38. Karen says:

    Sorry, no. Not pleased at all. The chemistry between them is all wrong. And as others have said, last season became The Clara Show, not Dr. Who. I was really looking forward to someone new.

    • Caera Anne says:

      Karen, I sooo agree with you about it becoming The Clara Show. I appreciated Pink far more than I ever did Clara. About mid season stopped watching The Clara Show. Then a friend told me she was set to leave the end of the season. With glee right before Christmas I managed to get caught up before the Christmas special. Wanted to be ready for Clara’s demise or whatever was going to be done with her. I was so disappointed when a friend directed me to this page today. I guess will skip this season with more of The Clara Show.

  39. Natasha says:

    I hated Clara in the beginning because a love Amy Pond and thought she was the best companion, but now I love her Character and how Jenna C speaks faster than the doctor, I’m so happy she’s coming back- just love her, she’s my favorite companion now, and how she says “shut up!” Now like the 11th Doctor did… 💖😘

  40. Caera Anne says:

    So many of us are ready to be rid of Clara and move on to another companion, who wasn’t always trying to save the Doctor or be the Doctor. That story line is really getting worn thin. Had the house filled on Christmas Day with 16 dinner guests and had she been here, the consensus would have been to roast her on a spit and be done with her. Disappointed she is set to return for another season. Capaldi has given a new twist to things. I do like that! Would love to see the Doctor take a stronger role again in the show.

  41. Jay Spears says:

    I like the interactions of both characters. Just please don’t let it become juvenile like they did with the Doctor and Donna. Sometimes it got too inane for me to watch and enjoy. I like a good storyline and Characters that I can believe in.