Team TVLine Shares Its 2015 Wish List for Castle, Idol, Outlander, Good Wife, Grey's, Homeland, Selfie and More

Are you there, TV Powers That Be? It’s us, TVLine.

With the New Year approaching, we’re looking ahead to 2015 and crafting our TV-related wish lists.

Our small-screen desires run the gamut from more Clone Club time on Orphan Black to a permanent breakup on Grey’s Anatomy to a second chance for Constantine.

But that’s not all! We’ve also got our fingers crossed for a Community return, a graceful Good Wife exit and a Nashville course correction. Plus: Which cancellation has us wishing it were just an April Fools’ Day joke? Who should get the ax on How to Get Away With Murder? And which popular drama should think about saying goodbye?

Here’s what TVLine Founder/Editor-in-Chief Michael Ausiello, Editor-at-Large Matt Webb Mitovich, Senior Editors Michael Slezak and Kimberly Roots, Staff Editor Andy Swift, West Coast Editor Vlada Gelman and West Coast Reporter Rebecca Iannucci have singled out as dream TV scenarios in the New Year.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Big Mike says:

    Your wish is for Castle to be cancelled?!? Who put coal in your stocking?!?

    • Grey says:

      Thnak you!

      You know where you can stick your wish Matt as far as I’m concerned. >:-(

    • Matthew Weber says:

      I get where he’s coming from though, if they are going to cancel it, I hope they at least allow the writers to come up with a proper send off. If it ends on a cliff hanger and then gets cancelled, I’d be pissed.

      • Just one thing says:

        Yes. Reading comprehension and logic go completely out the window when peeps are wearing their fangirl/fanboy goggles.
        He isn’t saying anything that most people don’t want: proper closure for a show. If ABC is going to pass on a season 8, they should square it out with the show’s producers so they can wrap it up the best, most satisfying way as possible.
        I hope all those people attacking MM remember how truly mean and awful he is when he and his team continue to cover Castle more than 75% of other shows out there in 2015. 😎

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      I just think that he meant if it was then they need to give it the proper send off and I agree that’s what needs to happen……I can see lots of good ways to end this (one of the best shows ever) series. I was really hoping for more but I happy with ever new esp I get to see.

    • shirley says:

      What in the world came over you?
      Drop that thought from your mind.
      Don’t even let it slip out into the universe.

  2. Cassie says:

    With all due respect, Mittovich’s Castle wish list sucks big time

  3. Stefan says:

    What!? Why would you want for Castle to end? It still feels very fresh to me and I thought it had good chances of a renewal. Please, feel free to explain yourself, Mr. Mitovich!

    • Lauren says:

      hmm I sort of must wonder if Matt/TV Line knows something, with all the hints and stories they’ve had about renewal being a question mark.

      • Amber says:

        I have wondered the same thing. There seems to be a lot of hinting at it. I guess they are trying to lessen the shock if it does get cancelled.

        • BetiSA says:

          I agree, there are too many hints from Stana’s tweets, Amann’s interviews… an early goobye, believe it or not this is what most of the fans want.

          • Juniper Berry says:

            Yeah, Stana’s tweets have been the real giveaway for the last month or two; plus all her recent interviews.

          • NF and SK fan always says:

            I don’t really trust an any of the tweets sorry, maybe they are maybe not, it’s just that I have heard to many lies around that I don’t believe an alot of them anymore.

          • NF and SK fan always says:

            most fans? they want the show to end? where do you base that? now A perfect send off for the show, yes that might be true but for it to just end…..I don’t see that any fan would want that.

          • Juniper Berry says:

            It seems odd that you call yourself a Stana fan and then state she is lying in her tweets and interviews. What would be her point in lying?

          • shirley says:

            Since I don’t tweet, I don’t knoe what Stana’s tweets say.
            Someone explain please.

        • carbono says:

          That was actually my very 1st thought as well. He’s talked to both them & Amann so he might actually know something & is just trying to break it to us gently.

      • NF and SK fan always says:

        maybe they do, I feel in my gut though that this might be the last season……but my thing is that if this is so then just put that the show could go either way…..and let the fans not have false hopes…..

        • DK says:

          Wait! Wait! Why are we saying that Caskett might leave me? Castle was nominated for 4 People’s Choice Awards this year! Aren’t the ratings going up, not down? And what’s the point of starting a new SL if the show’s about to end?

          Also, Matt: Why would you assume that the Castle creators would end the show badly? They’ve never really disappointed us before (or at least, not so majorly. I mean, Pi?).

          • NF and SK fan always says:

            I’m not really sure why people are saying that, I for one think this is one of the better starts to a season. I love this season! I hope that it does continue. with all that people are saying I’m not sure what’s going on and that’s okay. I just wish that they would let the fans know and not say give us false hopes when they know the show will end……I want them to end on a high note and hope that we will get everything we can get out of the show, I hate last minute surprises.
            But what ever dose happen to happen I want to thank everyone fans included!

  4. Tim says:

    Nashville is fine the way it is.

    • abz says:

      Meh, I disagree. Luke needs to be gone forever. I know Hayden’s pregnant but overall there has been a huge deficiency in the Rayna/Juliet scenes. Will’s storyline continues to move at a snail’s pace. Teddy is unnecessary.

      • Isobel says:

        Agree a lot of the storylines aren’t necessary, I’d prefer it to slim down to the necessary characters everyone likes

  5. Bwhit says:

    I like the Homeland wish. I think Quinn is the first man Carrie isn’t playing an angle with. Sure they have ups and downs but each knows the other one’s dirty laundry. They could show a little of the relationship and keep the action (if she can find him)

  6. GeoDiva says:

    So agree with Matt’s comments/wish for USA Network. TNT seems to have eclipsed it lately. I hope they renew Covet Affairs or at least give it a send-off shorten season. I sure miss Burn Notice, White Collar, Monk, Fairly Legal, Necessary Roughness, etc… Also, they should get into the min-series like Political Animals. That was great!

  7. Badpenny says:

    It seems somewhat pointless to talk about how Constantine should get a 2nd Season when the site can’t even do episode reviews for the series. If you like the show then someone should be reviewing it to help draw attention to it.

  8. Meh. If anything is ‘proven’ (which, is a weird word to use), Callie and Arizona’s storyline showcases how interesting these characters could be with, gasp, both individual goings on within the hospital AND as a couple, together. It doesn’t have to be either/or because that’s reductive and simply isn’t interesting storytelling. Since no breakup on Grey’s is permanent unless one or both of the characters exit, I’ll advocate for a complex storyline involving a married lesbian couple who have dynamic professional lives and a fulfilling, if challenging, home and family life together.

    And, quite frankly, if this story involved Meredith and Derek or any of the other many straight couples on the show, everyone and their mother would be champing at the bit for these characters to reunite as soon as possible.

    • abz says:

      Not me. Derek has been a gigantic douchebag for so long now. I honestly just want him to leave for DC and not come back.

    • kn1231 says:

      Thank you! I love Callie and Arizona together! The only reason why I am ok with their break at the moment is because I’m hoping they will both realize that they need each other. We just lost Cristina and Owen, if they want to break up a couple they should break up Miranda and Ben or Richard and Avery’s mother (her name is slipping, are they even still together? haha)

  9. B says:

    I agree 100% with the wishes for Justified’s final season. Also agree about Callie & Arizona on Grey’s, and I like the casting idea for Outlander. I definitely want more Clone-Club time on Orphan Black but do understand how hard it is on Tatiana Maslany. Skype-time is an acceptable replacement to increase club time. I’d also add: Stop hurting Helena!!! Rescue her quickly, and, include her in the group more.

  10. Pat says:

    USA network pretty much sucks now, they had 8+ great shows, now have 1 or 2. Wish they’d get back to business also. Or stop making such crappy pilots and instead spend the money on a Monk tv movie.

  11. Zoey says:

    Castle is already, in my opinion, suffering this season and if it’s gonna be it’s last … I’d rather the appropriate people [writers] know so they can contract a fitting end.

  12. Amber says:

    I don’t want Castle to end!!!! It needs to be renewed!!! I hope they don’t make us wonder until the last minute. If they do decided to stop production then I agree they need to let the writers know early enough they can do it right. Really want a season 8!!!!

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      me too I want a season 8, but you know I happy/grateful for every new esp I get, I just hope they come up with a great send off for the show-they need at least that! And yes that’s how they do things at the last minute. I wouldn’t be shocked if that’s what they do.

  13. Marge says:

    Shame on you for wanting Grey’s Callie and Arizona to stay apart. Those two belong together. Arizona should thank Geena Davis for her storyline.

    • Zoey says:

      It’s just an opinion, no need for shame.
      PS: Geena’s character name is Dr Herman.

    • abz says:

      No they don’t. At least at the moment. Time apart is good for them and good for the show. Their relationship was becoming toxic. They are a lot better apart. Callie has never really been alone. She move from George to Mark to Erica and then to Arizona. She needs to be with herself and become that happy and joyful character when she first came on.
      And with Arizona taking on this new fellowship, it gives her the opportunity to do it and to evaluate herself and decisions she’s made/making. I’m happy they’re apart.

      • kn1231 says:

        Exactly, its ok for them to be apart now… but not forever. Honestly, Callie and Arizona were such a fun couple when they first started and then they started to be horrible written. It wouldn’t take much for the writers to just stop the drama with them and write them like the fun couple they were.

  14. Zoey says:

    I agree about SCANDAL and Fitz. LOVE this character but there’s a difference between love and obsession. Shonda is brilliant so I’d hate to think she’d pull the whole, ‘tear down one character [Fitz] to build up the other [Jake]’. Neither characters are squeaky clean and Olivia could do w. being my herself … but that’s a whole other situation.

  15. Zoey says:

    Also agree w Greys Callie/Arizona saga. They’ve been back and forth since the plane crash and the amputation. They are better off apart … if only for a little while [ aka the rest of this season & half of the next]

  16. Guest47 says:

    It’s your opinion and your free to post it… but let me say you have NO RESPECT for Castle’s fans and the show. Putting it on a Christmas’ wish list is kinda disrespectful!
    No words. Seriously.

    • Juniper Berry says:

      What a stupid thing to say. They have always been a HUGE supporter of Castle on this site, which is why there are so many Castle fanboys around here. But if you pay attention to the star’s interviews and gossip going around it’s not huge surprise. And they have a lot more information about the situation then you’ll ever have. Think about it: you come here for info about shows. The fanboy in you might not like what they have to say, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re talking about.

      • Gern Blanston says:

        I agree with your overall statement. However, Castle is still listed as a “safe bet” on the Renewal Scorecard. If the people here at TV Line really bought into all of the gossip I’m pretty sure that the scorecard would read differently.

        • Juniper Berry says:

          I supposed that depends on how often they upgrade those score cards. Plus it could seem immoral to use secret information to update their score card; because they’d have to defend why they ranked it that way, which would make the secret info not secret.
          And it’s not like this is the only site that talks about Castle. Heck, there’s a National Enquirer article stating that Nathan and Stana both want 1 million per episode for a season 8. Does ABC want to pay out $44 million to Nathan and Stana when the show’s ratings are in decline? The last 3 episodes have been 1.4, 1.5, and 1.7. Last year if Castle got a single 1.8 people were worried it’d be cancelled.

          • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

            They seem to update the scorecard whenever they get anything that seems more concrete than a guess or a rumor. TV Line never tries to justify their rankings in any way, they just put out what they feel confident in based off of the current info. The 1 million per episode seems more like a negotiating ploy than anything based in reality. The actors start at their highest and the studio low-balls them. Meet somewhere in the middle. It’s how negotiating works, And the fact that it comes from the Enquirer automatically makes it suspect to put it mildly. If Katic and Fillion negotiate new contracts and get more than 1 million combined I would be shocked. I’m still betting on roughly half a mil per each with a producer credit and Fillion gets his four day work week.

            At this point I bet that they are making the show in order to sell it into reruns, not to make money with first run episodes. Almost every show that has been on for a long time makes way less money in the last couple of seasons after the actors negotiate new contracts. Based off of the most recent numbers that I could find (last year’s numbers) the show is pulling in 4-4.5 million in ad revenue per episode which is roughly the same that it has been pulling for the last few years. I’d be willing to wager that ABC would be willing to pay a little more for another couple of seasons of a reliable, steady performing show that will pad their pocket books via reruns.

      • Guest47 says:

        It’s not a statement. It’s a wish! And I think is really inappropriate to be honest!
        Knowing is a thing, make wish for something is another thing.
        I read interviews and everything and they say they didn’t know yet… So, when ABC or any official source will say if it ends or not, I will believe it. But for now this is just a WISH and it wasn’t respectul for fans and show. Just that.

        • Juniper Berry says:

          The “wish” was that ABC would decide on cancelling or renewing early so the writers can close the series properly if it is cancelled. Generally ABC waits until May to decide if they will renew. That’s too late for the writers to close the series properly.

        • Netty says:

          Castle needs to wind up..that wish ain’t disrespectful to anyone. The show has had a good run and it will be good to go out with a bang! I agree with Matt’s wish all the way

  17. Lisa says:

    Castle has been fantastic this season so I sort of agree with MM. Why not go out on top?
    With the contracts for the two stars being up I have already have it in my head this is the final season anyway.

  18. M. says:

    As much as I wish for a proper Castle-ending myself, I doubt that the writers can finish any ongoing storyline, if they’ll get informed of a cancelation by spring. Guess that’s waaaay too late!
    So I hope for at least one more season, knowing this will be the last & therefore enable the writers to finish any storyline that was ever introduced and give my OTP the happy ending it deserves.

  19. Drewer says:

    I’m tirn between wishing Selfie would find a new home and hoping Karen Gillan gets cast as spoiler on Outlander. Seriously she is perfect for the roll, but Selfie is my favorite new show. I was hoping when it’s ratings were fledgling that if it were to get canceled it would be canceled soon enough for her to be considered for Outlander, but also I would love a second season.

    • murley says:

      I would love an online platform for selfie. It is my favorite new comedy, which I never expected, and I think it would really suit a streaming platform. Hulu, pick it up! Or yahoo!

  20. abz says:

    I definitely agree with Ausiello about Grey’s Anatomy. Not interested in a reunion at all right now. Their separation like Cristina and Owen’s, was just necessary and I don’t want them to regress both their characters. I’m just starting to like Arizona again now that she’s on her own too.

    Agree with Matt. I’d rather Castle know now and have time to prepare a good instead of a rushed ending, rather than outstay its welcome the way Bones has and ultimately getting cancelled.

    I hope Connor Walsh/Jack Falahee does not leave HTGAWM. He and Viola Davis/Annalise are the main reasons I look forward to the show. Both amazing.

  21. DarkDefender says:

    Noooo Castle cancellation… give us an amazing season 8 and then.. ok… go out on top.

  22. T says:

    I’m with you Matt regarding Castle. The show is getting tired. Let the show end on a happy note.

    • Lil says:

      For you is getting tired, for others no… You know, you and others who think it’s getting tired can always watching something else :)

  23. Lyn says:

    I only watch two of the shows featured, Castle and American idol. I want Idol to stop showing JLo during contestant performances and I want Castle to have an 8th season.

  24. BetiSA says:

    My wish for Castle 2015: fire all the new writers and bring the old ones back!

  25. I agree with Andy : bring back Witches of East End !

  26. Amy H says:

    I think Kim and I are twins separated at birth. I’m totally in agreement with all of her 2015 Wish List. Even Constantine — wary at first glance, but it’s grown on me — particularly Matt Ryan.

    • Isobel says:

      Agree they have gotten the characterisation of Constantine better, and I’m wanting to see more Papa midnight and Jim Corrigan

  27. kmw says:

    I am surprised that Matt is wishing for Castle to wrap up. He seems like he has been a great supporter. I know the actors contracts are up, but it seems like it is not done creatively. I know Stana Katic has stated she does not want to wear out welcome but I don’t think they have done that. With good stories in place it could last for awhile. I do read some of Castle fans opinions and they sound similar to my shows complaints(BONES). Not knowing what is going on at either show, it seems like both shows are separating their leads on screen, more so on BONES, that is why at least BONES is not great right now. Bones is boring right now because their interaction is missing, not because it has been on too long. Separating your lead actors for any length of time will hurt any show. I do however agree that the fans deserve a great sendoff for their show whenever it should end.

  28. Bless you Kim Roots for bringing attention to the show everyone should be watching, Constantine.

  29. Kris says:

    Agree about Castle. Although I wouldn’t say they’re on a high note right now… it has slowly been going downhill since 401…Writing has been inconsistent ever since.

    I do have a suggestion to the writers since they don’t know if it will be renewed or not..don’t end the season finale on a cliffhanger…no repeat of 623 please.

  30. Elizabeth says:

    Karen Gillan as Brianna is inspired, and that’s what I’ll be asking the baby Jesus for in church tomorrow. Love it.

  31. m3rcnate says:

    USA Network: Wow i could not agree MORE about the USA Network Matt! Want to know why the past shows were successful and the new ones suck? They went from fun, based in reality “blue skies” shows (Burn Notice, Suits, White Collar, Psych, etc) to really dark, and full of melodrama and scandalous (Satisfaction, Rush and the most recent season of Graceland and Suits) shows. They are wannabe shows of “Scandal” and “The Good Wife” and high drama/soapy shows like that.
    USA Network, stick to what built you into the giant you are! Feel good shows! Shows with personality, and shows that make you smile or get a little turned on or make you go “whoa that was awesome!”. Stop (or stop following the network TV trend of) shows all about drugs/cheating/gross people/melodrama/etc. or when Covert and Suits wrap up, i’m done with your network as a whole. And that’s a fraking shame, i have been one of your biggest regular viewer champions.

  32. m3rcnate says:

    SHIELD: I have less issues with the lead in and more issues with the show being held back by being in the MCU. The finale took a huge step forward but will it get instantly handcuffed by the story telling restrictions? (Having to wait until a Marvel movie comes out for them to take a step forward in their big plots).

    Lol who the frak is Scott Borchetta? Too late, i don’t care. He could be a great “get’ in terms of a guy that can help singers get a career but i don’t care about some Fu-Manchu mustache having 55 year old dude on American Idol. $5 American Idol continues to fall and this is its last season.

  33. m3rcnate says:

    Constantine: I haven’t caught up on the last 3-4 episodes but so far its alright. Its a 6 compared to The Flash though…The Flash and the Arrow by comparison really make Constantine stick out as decent at best.

    The Flash/Arrow/Supergirl: I totally agree regarding The Flash and Arrow. I need to see Supergirl before i think it should get accepted into their world because if its “meh” then keep it away. I’d imagine its tone will be somewhat similar to The Flash (more so than the very dark Arrow) so those two having a crossover would be awesome. But yes, the Crossover was EPIC, keep them coming!

    Community: Yup i agree. How hard can it be to show up for a few days and do a few scenes? I mean he says he wants to take a break to concentrate on his music…but its been announced hes writing and staring in his own FX pilot…sooooo whats the real truth?

    Justified: Completely agree, but i do want some “wife” closure as well at some point. Both for Boyd and Ava and for Raylan and Winona.

    Sleepy Hallow: Yeah i agree. IMO i’m not really digging the side characters right now (blonde guy with crush on Abbie and Ichabods wife). I also wouldn’t mind Abbie’s heart warming up a bit in general…damn that actress has a case of borderline resting B-face and she barely ever smiles that it makes the show less fun than it could be. I mean how much fun is it to watch a fairly stoic guy from the past and a ice princess who are both dealing with the end of the world? The Ichabod humor (which causes her to quickly smile sometimes) is great but it doesnt go too far.

    SNL: It basically sucks…it has for years…staying up till 6 am high on coffee (most likely pot) and sleep deprived trying to think of funny situations/ideas/scenarios with a 3-4 day time limit does not seem to breed hilarious content. Maybe change things up, fire 90% of the cast and go on a crazy re-hiring spree. Who knows, most likely it will suck until it one day gets cancelled as TV dies out in-place of the internet.

    • veniascott says:

      I so agree about Sleepy Hallow, it’s king of losing me a bit, I want to like it, but it seem to me trying to find a story when there ins none. And abby needs to grow a personality. She is a dead wetigh next to crane, I mean she is just a bit to tough B. she is losing me as a fan. I like Constantine and I hope it gets a second season. it’s diffent and I adore the actor who plays him. I hope NBC does not do anything stupid and let it go, becasue NBC is crap now.

  34. m3rcnate says:

    Castle: Wow, I was not expecting a desire for the show to wrap up. I personally feel like there is more story left to tell (them getting married refreshed things a bit IMO and the focusing on Castle’s story is a nice change) but i would argue the show needs to be cut from 22-23 episodes a season (really burns the cast/crew out, doesn’t allow much time at all for other projects or time off) to 13, 16 episodes max. The episodes need to be better written, the over-arcing plot for the season(s) needs to be well planned in advance, and a ending has to be in sight so a time table with a end date is view-able.

    • m3rcnate says:

      Personally i really like the idea of the finale season having a arc but the show ending like how White Collar did, which is to say with a time jump. I’d like to see Kate and Rick happily married and she’s given birth and the whole gang is there to see the baby, a girl, who they name after Kate’s mother. Now there can be some drama or some tying up of a bad guy or w/e but i feel like this show from day one has been about Castle and Beckett. Their partnership, their chemistry, their flirtation, their relationship and now their marriage. The natural progression is for her to get pregnant and them start a happy family together, and i feel like the content (Kate pregnant, Rick dealing with her pregnant, etc) would be fairly entertaining.

  35. Angela says:

    Agreed on “Sleepy Hollow” giving us an amazing season finale. I have no idea how they’d manage to top last season’s finale, but if they can, and it’s as awesome as if not more awesome than that one, then yay. I look forward to seeing what they have planned.
    YES to Troy returning to “Community” if possible as well. Even if it’s just a one-off guest spot, I’ll be happy. And I’ll be very interested to see where “How to Get Away with Murder” goes next. On the one hand, I’d like to keep the focus on these students and learn more about them, but on the other hand, bringing in new people could keep things fresh, too. Maybe a mix of both?
    As for Stephen Colbert, well, if the interviews I’ve read and seen with him where he’s out of character are anything to go by, we needn’t be worried :). I think he’ll do just fine.

  36. james w. stalter says:

    castle done; can not have C(can not be NYPD)/B working together castle will read. beckett moves back to old apartment. who will tell beckett that castle is DEAD and last thing said “BECKETT”.
    C/B contract up this year!!!

  37. Grace says:

    I agree with you on Selfie. I think it is hilarious! I haven’t laughed this much since the early seasons of The Office. It is a cute comedy and deserves another chance!!!

  38. Ally Oop says:

    Regarding Nashville, I like Scarlett and Gunner too just eliminate Zoey, Teddy, Will and Layla. I’d like to see Luke and Rayna break up but for him to remain as an antagonist for both Deacon and Rayna. As for Jeff, the show does need a good villain.

  39. castleish says:

    Castle was smart guy before, in season 6&5&4 he had nothing to do and in season 7 they made him too much of a child. Kate had feelings for sorenson and had gotten together with her when the so called wall was still there. She took Castle for granted for like a year after she knew he loves her. She was supposed to be a strong character but she was so easily vulnerable that she got kissed by loan in the squal and quaib and didn’t push him back until he was kissing her already! Castle was supposed to be a full lady guy but didn’t give attention to Beckett in the same ep for game. Kate was a lot open to loan about her relationship when he was just a stranger but hide things from Castle just after that. How was she in any way strong character? She was choosing job over love hide things from Castle until he himself found out. The show makes it as Castle fault when he was the one who took the relationship forward all the time. Those things never got cleared. Beckett had a wall with castle but not wish sorenson or even loan in the quaib episode. the show leaves things like loan kissing beckett, hiding things taking him for granted and never resolve those. Want the new story of castle to come back so we can see the serious castle.

  40. Marco says:

    The HTGAWM wish is deeply wrong… the one who must stay is ASHER. I can take or leave Connor, but Asher is truly the only one of the Keating 5 deserving of being on the show in season 2. Michaela is the one who absolutely should not, I don’t think anyone would even care if Laurel was, I think Wes and Becca should get their ending (they’re already running on fumes there), but Asher needs to be on more. Like, way more.

    • kn1231 says:

      I actually really like Laurel, and I think she and Asher have the most potential because we don’t know much of their backstory yet, so they have a lot more usefulness than the others. Honestly, the only one I actually want to see gone is Wes. I can’t get into his character, but unfortunately I think he’s in it for the long haul.

      • Netty says:

        Nooo how can you not like the puppy, he’s very complex and I hope his character will be developed well.They have to get rid of Rebecca & Micheala though, they are useless

  41. Matthew Weber says:

    I don’t want them to cancel Castle, but if they do, I hope they alert the writers so they can do a good series finale.

  42. Mary says:

    My wish: Merry Christmas and a Great 2015 to everyone!:):)

  43. NF and SK fan always says:

    I agree with the wish if this happens to be the end of Castle then give us some real warnings and the the writes so they can write the high ending to the show……I wish that it will continue on (that’s cause I think that it’s the best show ever) but I don’t want it to go down hill….seen that too many times before. I love this season, I see more story lines could be told.
    Maybe there is some inside info going around, I just hope that whatever they decide it’s the right choice, for both the fans and the actors!

  44. NF and SK fan always says:

    by the way happy holidays to all! And remember not all wishes come true……

  45. veniascott says:

    hope constantine gets a second season I hope NBC does not do somthing stupid and let it go, becaue most of the stuff on that newtwork sucks anyway. I also hope AMC Halt and CAtch fire gets more attention it truly is a good show, and a orginal one. you don’t find orginal that much on tv now.

  46. HAP says:

    More Karen Gillan! Don’t care where. I’d be entertained by her reading the phone book.

  47. tahina says:

    First, I totally agree that Kalinda should not be killed off, I’m sure the show runners don’t want go that way considering they killed Will, another loving character , but all is pointing that way. Also agree totally with Callie and Arizona. But they will eventually get together, unless Shonda knows something we don’t.. ???

  48. kmw says:

    I do understand where Matt is coming from. He likes the show he covers and wants the best for it. The longer contract negotiations go on, and if they do not go well, the producers will have less time to get a good final story going. Unless Matt knows something we don’t, I cannot believe either actor would walk away right now. Also didn’t TV LINE give CASTLE a safe bet in their renewal index?. Just like most long running shows you take one of the leads out of the show , it will not be the same. I hope the fans get the sendoff they deserve when it happens seeing as how devoted they have been to it

  49. Briggs says:

    Castle: I can see his point. I mean, I missed an ep and didn’t realize it until later that week. This about a show that I have watched religiously. I wasn’t even that busy. If they do cancel, though, I hope the show gets a great send-off.
    Arrow/Flash/Supergirl: *Yes* to a crossover! I hope Supergirl is fantastic, but considering the people involved, I don’t see how it couldn’t be. I was worried about Flash, and I *love* it. I need more superhero crossover. Especially more Felicity/Caitlin. Loved them…

  50. Alichat says:

    Regarding Homeland – Carrie & Quinn…..I really hope they do not go the route of season 1……Quinn is captured or MIA…..then is found a year later…..suspicion abounds….etc etc.