TVLine Readers' 2015 Wish List for Arrow, HTGAWM, Once, Glee, Hannibal, The 100, Vampire Diaries, Idol and More

TVLine Readers Wish List 2015

While others are brainstorming New Year’s resolutions, you’ve been making big wishes for the upcoming year in TV.

We asked you to send us your dream scenarios for 2015, and you passionately responded with your hopes for Arrowcave romance, more of a certain Murder fella, a brighter future for Glee‘s Rachel, a Newsroom spinoff, a couple of resurrections and lots more.

We’ve compiled your wishes into the photo gallery below, making sure to include the shows (and ‘ships) that received an overwhelming number of submissions. (Yes, The 100 fans, we hear you loud and clear.)

Flip through our gallery of the biggest TV wishes, then hit the comments with any dreams that didn’t make the cut. Coming soon: The TVLine staff’s wish list!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Samantha says:

    I feel the same about Selfie! It’s so good and deserves a resurrection.

    • Netty says:

      I know, I have come to love everything about Selfie and its definitely not as cheesy as the name & the trailers made it seem. Its got a bit of depth to it. hope it gets picked up on another network

  2. The one I sent in was.

    Gotham: I’d like to see Adam West cast as Lew Moxon, the man who ordered the Wayne’s murder, Burt Ward as CC Haly, the owner of Haly Circus where the Flying Graysons perform, and Julie Newmar as someone involved with Selina’s story (maybe a brothel madam or something like that in reference to the Frank Miller reboot of Catwoman as a dominatrix).

  3. nikki says:

    Arrow – Kill Felicity or Laurel or both
    Revenge – Just cancel the damn show
    The Good Wife – Peter divorcing Alicia

  4. +1 to Peter’s wish about Hannibal.

  5. I’ll echo the renewal wish for Forever. The only new show of the season that I care about!

  6. Kay L says:

    Yes, yes, yes for Clara not leaving yet, for Once slowing down a bit and showing its hilarious side, and for a Selfie resurrection!

  7. Chris says:

    My wish for 2015 is for Constantine to get better ratings in its new timeslot at 8/7c on Friday nights on NBC, and to also get renewed for a second season! I can’t believe that show was left off the 2015 wish list! Does anyone on TV Line watches and cares about Constantine at all?

  8. Jennifer says:

    Amen to Once slowing down. Although I would argue that they do comedy quite well on the fly whereas it’s the emotional moments that they tend to breeze by. Sure there are big dramatic moments but it’s the smaller, quieter ones that I want to see more of.

  9. Rachel says:

    Now I’ve got to go look up this show “Manhattan.” I’ve never even HEARD of it, but it looks like a period drama, which I love.

    I also most agree with the Forever renewal, and the “please don’t break up Kensi and Deeks” wishes.

    • Rick Katze says:

      Syndicated from WGN. Have seen about 8 of the episodes and expect to see the rest. A very interesting look at the atomic bomb project. Definitely not “Above and Beyond” or “Fat Man and Little Boy.”

  10. A says:

    Before they become a couple, I want an epic Olicity reunion!

  11. dax says:

    22 . Newsroom’s Don & Sloan getting their own spinoff would be EVERYTHING! I lived for their amazing scenes in this last season.. somebody make this happen! Pretty please!

  12. Jovana says:

    Klaroline? Seriously? Just let it go already.

    • Ally Oop says:

      I second that. I hate Klaroline. It’s Klayley all the way for me.

    • rarefied says:

      They’re in the middle of setting up new ships for the two of them. They won’t risk the two of them meeting up at this point (though I’m curious to see whether Caroline moves to TO if TVD ends after this season).

    • Brigid says:

      Exactly my thoughts. Why would Caroline be with Klaus? I just don’t get it.

    • Netty says:

      OMG true, who still roots for Klaroline at this late stage..obviously STeroline is being shoved down our throats for a reason. Stefan and Caroline wil be a couple by the end of the season I’m sure

  13. Mary says:

    I want Once to make Emma more like she was in the first two seasons, where she wasn’t trying to become best friends with the woman who has repeatedly tried to kill her and her family and smart enough not to be involved with Hook, the kind of guy she should have made a mistake with in her early twenties instead of as she’s turning thirty.
    Also, want Snow and Henry to quit coddling Regina. Henry shouldn’t have to parent her, she’s the adult and he’s the kid. He shouldn’t have had to go look after her just because Emma brought Marian to Storybrooke, especially since it had only been a couple of days after his father died!
    If they’re going to insists on keeping the worthless pirate around just because some people think he’s nice to look at they should actually work on giving him a real redemption arc and not pretend he’s a hero just because they say he is. He hasn’t done anything heroic.
    They also need to fix Robin Hood. They made him into a real scum bag the first half of the fourth season.

    And quit bringing on so many different characters and wasting them. So many seem to be brought in just so they can be checked off their list of characters and so they can say they’ve had them.
    In other words, Once needs a lot of work.

    • Letti says:

      I kind of agree with everything you said. I also want them to give Will an actual story. He’s fun anyway, but if he became a main character then he should be treated like that. And still, WHERE IS RUBY? I miss her so.

    • abz says:

      And Mary’s bitterness continues…

      • Addie says:

        You realize you seem even more bitter because you constantly comment about her comments, right? I mean, do you really not see it?

    • Addie says:

      Agree on all these points. I feel like these complaints are ones that have been around for years too (more character moments, less focus on new characters, make the villains actually work for their happy endings- yes even Hook) so I don’t understand why the writers won’t just listen. And yes Emma has made good changes, but she wouldn’t put up with Hook’s bs two years ago.

    • Brigid says:

      Thank God you’re not writing the show because I disagree with everything you said. That’s not the show I want at all.

    • Joey says:

      Preach it sister.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Agree with you on having way too many different characters. Best example is Season 1: A detailed season-long examination of the lives of a fixed set of characters in 2 settings (Storybrooke & Enchanted Forest) brought out the best of OUAT with plenty of suspense, drama & action. I want that atmosphere back!

  14. Kristen says:

    Totally agree with Ruth on Klaroline. Would be happy with any kind of acknowledgement on either show😊 miss their interactions and chemistry so much!

  15. isee says:

    I’m wishing for a Once Upon A Frozen Time spinoff. Anna and Elsa were perfectly cast and I want to see more of them. Maybe have a story exploring the origins of Elsa’s magic, since the trolls asked her parents in the movie “were the powers given to her or was she born with it” which means that this power CAN be given.
    Maybe Anna could even get them for a bit, to see what it’s like to have this power. As for the antagonists, maybe have someone come into possession of the trolls crystals, i.e. the fire and earth ones (I think the blue could be ice crystals too) and have a battle of the elements showdown.

  16. Emily says:

    So happy to see Klaroline on there!

    After so much time and dedication, the fans would really love a nod or even crossover. This ship has consistently refused to fizzle out, even when they’re getting little to no support from the writers. At this point, both shows could use a little Klaroline boost, and the fans are more than happy to turn out for a reunion :)

    • Kristen says:

      Yes👍 would love to just have even one scene with them together again😊 They don’t have to become a couple- I just miss all their interactions and banter😀 It was such great chemistry!

    • Lily says:

      I cant stand Caroline this season, with all her whining and neediness.. I’m so over Klaroline.

      • Emily says:

        Um super? I happen to love Caroline’s characterization, and I miss how empowered she was in her scenes with Klaus. The past two years she’s been turned into a total doormat on TVD. More Klaroline more better :)

  17. GildedRose says:

    I totally 2nd the wishes for Arrow’s Oliver and Felicity and The Mentalist’s Jane & Lisbon (though I’d toss in a pregnancy for Jane/Lisbon, too, before this is all over).

  18. linda2009 says:

    My wish is for Law & Order: SVU is to stop rotating out the regulars so they can pay guest stars to show up multiple times in useless roles (Dodds, I’m looking directly at you). I like the core group of Benson, Amaro, Fin, Rollins, Carisi, and Barba, and I think they have plenty of stories left to tell with them. Oh, and I also wish that they would quit piling on Benson’s maternal guilt and get a permanent commanding officer so she can go back to being a detective.

  19. Ally Oop says:

    I miss Revolution but the writers made a mistake by going with that stupid nanites storyline-fans of the show watched the show for the dystopia but almost everyone was annoyed with the nanites thing-that finale made me glad the show was cancelled so I wouldn’t have to see it get destroyed further.

  20. Ally Oop says:

    As far as renewals go, if all shows on U.S. network tv would have to be cancelled except 3 I’d pick Reign, The 100 and Nashville to be saved.

  21. Holly says:

    So true about the 100 it has to get a new season it’s like Xena meets Lord of the Flies meets Firefly. Love the show and would be heartbroken if the ca didn’t give it a chance.

  22. abz says:

    Leonard and Penny need to actually start planning their wedding and they really should explore their living situation soon. I know they’ll have to work around Sheldon, but it needs to happen. They can’t get married and have Sheldon still be living with them.

  23. Letti says:

    I agree with OUaT, Selfie and especially with The 100. It has to stay.
    My additonal wish would be original actors for The Originals. It’s awful to say, but I’m losing interest and patience, even though the stories are great.
    But I don’t really want Klaroline. Right now I hate TVD so much, that I don’t want to see anyone crossing over TO but Stefan. First fix Caroline’s personality to be like she was, then she can cross over.

    • Letti says:

      Oh and also Rachel mustn’t end up in Lima. She HAS to be a star.

    • Emily says:

      Agreed. The Originals is going to be rechristened ‘The Recasts’ at this point.

      Before you know it, all of the TVD actors will jump ship and there will be no one left!

    • Kristen says:

      Yes totally agree. Would love to have the original actors back on TO already. My interest is fading as well especially if the focus will be on the baby’s powers in this next half. As for klaroline, I am always open to that😄

  24. Jen says:

    May the Arrow EPs hear you! WE need established Olicity asap!

  25. Emma says:

    The Middle does deserve some love but Patrica Heaton is such an awful person (conservative) that I just can’t. The other actors seem lovely though!

    • Brigid says:

      So because of the way she votes politically she is an awful person? That’s like my grandmother who stopped listening to Barbra Streisand because she was a Democrat. It’s childish and dumb. Seems to me that you are prejudiced and YOU are the awful one.

  26. Drew says:

    I disagree with the Arrow and Gotham wishes. I want less Oliver/Felicity and more of the good, fun, blunt Felicity back. And Gotham is doing just fine in my opinion.
    And a bonus wish for Supernatural… give Crowley a good send off and be done with him and the Hell related stories. Ending the angel arc was the best thing they’ve done in a while. Let’s keep things earthbound.

    • A says:

      If they’d put Oliver/Felicity together, I know we’d see more of fun Felicity and a lighter side of Oliver too for that matter (just look at 1×08 of The Flash).

      • Drew says:

        The Flash makes Felicity lighter and more fun. But relationship drama tends to make characters more pouty and less fun, and it sucks up story time. Laurel didn’t even get a good storyline until they stopped putting relationship drama on her.

        • wonderwall says:

          Even without the relationship drama, I doubt Felicity would’ve been lighter. This season overall has been super depressing and every character has been more somber. Add to the fact that Oliver is ‘dead’, it’s going to make Felicity darker regardless of whether or not they had or have a romantic relationship.

          However, I have to say, I disagree with your assertion that a relationship with Oliver makes Felicity less light… In the crossover alone, even though Oliver was still his broody self, they worked well together with no drama and Felicity was back to her lighter,morefun self. What’s making Felicity less ‘fun’ isn’t really her relationship with Oliver but all the crap that the team is dealing with.

          • Drew says:

            I am not a fan of will-they-won’t-they stuff. I am not a fan of “we can’t be together because the writers say so” crap. I miss the days when they could look at each other without dramatic music playing in the background.
            The crossover episodes weren’t the norm. They were special events that were fun distractions from the real storylines. The truth is that the scenes with Oliver and Felicity are painful to watch anymore because there is so much unnecessary baggage. It threw off the whole team dynamic and not in a good way.

          • wonderwall says:

            I’m not a fan of those either! But I think this season proved to me that Oliver/Felicity isn’t a will-they-won’t-they type of relationship, but more of a when-will-it-happen type of relationship. But that doesn’t really refute my point :p The relationshippy stuff isn’t bringing Felicity down from her ‘fun-ness’, it’s everything that’s going on in the show. It’d be weird and inappropriate if Felicity was still fun this season. They’re dealing with a death of a friend/partner and Felicity’s dealing with ghosts from her past etc.

            Felicity as a character is more than ‘that fun chick’ and I’m kind of glad they’re broadening her horizons. But I hope she stops being sad soon because it depresses me when she’s like that :p

            I always wanted Arrow to be a little lighter, I think Oliver/Felicity will help it be lighter with their interactions like in the Arrow/Flash crossover. That along with Diggle bringing the sass back.

            And the team dynamic was thrown not because of Oliver/Felicity. But because Felicity is less in the arrow cave and getting a life (which is good for her), Diggle having a family, Roy being a part of the team, Oliver regressing and shutting down himself and just being the Arrow etc. But if the last episode proved anything, the dynamic is still there. Diggle and Felicity will always be there for Oliver no matter what and Oliver will always be there for them. The team is just going through some growing pains as each individual is going through personal issues.

  27. Luis says:

    My wishes:
    Grimm – Nick and Juliet to get engaged and Hank to find SOMEBODY.
    The Flash – Time Travel before the season’s end
    OUAT – Regina to go back to being evil – she’s more fun that way!

    • Luis says:

      and for Arrow – the Atom, the Lazarus Pit and MORE BOXING GLOVE ARROW!!!

    • Candice says:

      I think they should hook Hank up with that deputy from a few weeks ago.

      I agree. It’s time for Juliet and Nick to finally get engaged.

      I really don’t want to see Felicity and Oliver together.

      I do hope The 100 is renewed, and I like the comedy in OUAT, too.

  28. Jess says:

    SO agree with The 100 for most wanted renewal. One of the best shows on TV right now.

  29. Abby says:

    I’d watch a Sloan spinoff for sure, but preferably one not written by misogynistic Sorkin.

  30. j says:

    I wish they would stop advertising the new season of Glee as Glee The Final Season. Just as the original Star Trek ended and eventually reemerged as Star Trek The Next Generation, I am hoping Glee will reemerge Glee The Next Generation! Or instead of Voyager maybe The Warblers!

  31. LeahKittyS says:

    My wish for American Idol: a little shout-out to the late Michael Johns. Just a sweet mention of how the Idols all came together at his passing, or dedicate the first episode to him, or something to show that the show that launched his career has not forgotten about him.

  32. Wish I had time to put mine in. Mine was all Criminal Minds related, as per usual. And it is as follows:

    For Morgan and Savannah to end their relationship, one way or another. Preferably not death, since we see Reid (still) hanging on to Maeve. So breakup, or the way of Hotch and Beth. And just have a long distance relationship not work.

    For Erica Messer to actually finish a storyline! How long have us fans been waiting to see what is up with Reid’s headaches? And now he is fine, and no PTSD from almost dying (a third time, the guy has 6 lives left if he was a cat)? We deserve answers, and to actually get to his story line. He isn’t just fine without a word, and there was only one tiny hint in the premiere.

    And of course, my ever growing wish. But especially this season with only one moment (I’m looking at you Rick Dunkle to redeem yourself in February), there has to be more Morgan and Reid interaction. Not just three minute scenes in the morgue or him watching Reid do the geographical profile. We need more of them together for longer.

    And last wish that is not related to Morgan and Reid, is for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character to be a tad more interesting. And not just a profiler with boobs.

    • Angela says:

      I disagree on Morgan/Savannah, as I don’t mind them together, and I also find Kate interesting.
      But I certainly won’t disagree with you wanting more fun Morgan and Reid interaction on the show. And while I wouldn’t mind some follow-through to the stuff that’s been bugging him (I think with the headaches it was ultimately implied that they were just stress-related, which, if that’s the case, is pretty easy to sort out), at the same time, I’d be all for him getting some happy stuff coming his way. Possibly a girlfriend someday, seeing his mom again and having a few good moments with her, heck, I’d adore seeing a bit more Reid/Henry interaction. Henry’s old enough now to where it’d be very cute to see Reid helping him with schoolwork or things of that sort.
      And as exciting as the show’s season finales can be, and as much as I liked last season’s, I’d be fine with having a season finale where the team isn’t in immediate life-threatening peril, too. It can still be action-packed and crazy, the team can still deal with wild cases and such. But knowing the team is okay would save all us fans freaking out come season finale time, wondering what will happen to these people :p.

  33. KCC says:

    Dear TVLine,

    My wishlist for 2015 includes:

    Life: That NBC announces a limited series run of “Life” with returning stars Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi.

    Black-ish: That ABC announces a 2nd season renewal for “Black-ish”.

    Blue Bloods: That Angela Lansbury and Neil Patrick Harris guest star on “Blue Bloods” and play off Grandpa (Len Cariou). They were all on the Broadway play “Sweeney Todd” and both men guest starred on “Murder She Wrote”.

    Doctor Who: That Shondra Rhimes, a long time fan, writes an episode of “Doctor Who”.

    Flash: That the writers bring Iris in on Flash’s secret identity and include her in the adventures.

    Grimm: That the showdown between Captain Renard’s mom and Nick’s mom is epic on “Grimm”.

    Thank you, TVLine, for being awesome in 2014!!

    • Rich Abey says:

      Shonda Rhimes writing an episode of Doctor Who! Now that is one delicious idea that I haven’t thought of. It could be a perfect fit, especially if she brought some of her trademark sassiness to Doctor Who (not that Who lacks any sassiness already). Plus having already announced it’s first female writer in over 5yrs, Doctor Who (and Steven Moffat) is well primed to bring in another much needed female writer.

  34. TVPeong says:

    1. I wish you, everyone at TVLine, and all readers a great new year!

    2. In 2015, I want Olivia to make up her mind and stop bouncing around between Fitz and Jake on Scandal.

    3. I would like to see Shonda Rhimes take on science fiction, maybe starting by writing an episode of Doctor Who, and then branching out into her own show.

    4. It would be a Christmas miracle if ABC brought back Selfie, which was getting better every week.

    5. And most of all, I wish that Fox will bring back Surviving Jack and Almost Human.

  35. KCC says:

    Life: That NBC announces a limited series run of “Life” with returning stars Damian Lewis and Sarah Shahi.

    Black-ish: That ABC announces a 2nd season renewal for “Black-ish”.

    Blue Bloods: That Angela Lansbury and Neil Patrick Harris guest star on “Blue Bloods” and play off Grandpa (Len Cariou). They were all on the Broadway play “Sweeney Todd” and both men guest starred on “Murder She Wrote”.

    Doctor Who: That Shondra Rhimes, a long time fan, writes an episode of “Doctor Who”.

    Flash: That the writers bring Iris in on Flash’s secret identity and include her in the adventures.

    Grimm: That the showdown between Captain Renard’s mom and Nick’s mom is epic on “Grimm”.

    Thank you, TVLine, for being awesome in 2014!!

  36. Winnie says:

    That Gotham one was so well said. While there are other ones I agree with, I just had to say that. …uh, but that being said, I’d watch Wayne Manor, Law & Order: Gotham, and Mob Wars on the M.I.A. Network Ausiello created some years back.

  37. scotlore says:

    My wishlist:
    Arrow – Let the second half be MUCH more about the Arrow mythology and his foes and a whole lot less about: Oliver’s worry over Thea, Laurel and Felicity. And there’s gotta be more to Diggle than just being Cupid for Oliver and Felicity, right? Right??
    Also give Oliver’s past some of it’s mystery back.

    Revenge – Let this be the last season so they can finally(!) gear up for the last part of Amanda’s revenge and we can see the beginning of Amanda’s life without it.

    The Flash – Send Iris off the canvas for a season and a half so the writers can reimagine the
    character with real purpose before they bring her back.

    The Vampire Diaries – No Steroline, and how about a real season long storyline that is not triangle driven (much as I liked both and actually has something for everyone to do something. Also, I truly miss the incredible pace of Season 1.

    Once Upon a Time – A little comedy in this fairytale series never hurts, even if its just in the dialogue rather than the situation. More please. Really. More.

    Glee – Its the last season and Rachel is back in Lima???

    Stalker – needs to put out a soundtrack for their show. The covers of original songs that they are doing for their episodes are worth a listen. Srsly.

    • I agree so much with your Arrow post and strongly disagree with your Flash 1

    • Briggs says:

      Some would say the Flash wish should actually be for Laurel on Arrow. It sounds like something they’d say. Iris is great where she is and I really want to see what new wrinkles appear now that Barry’s finally told her how he feels.
      I’m sure, with Oliver gone for at least the next three eps, that the rest of Team Arrow will get more of a focus and we won’t have to deal with his brooding as much.

    • Rich Abey says:

      I think your Arrow wish might be fulfilled as it looks like the show is heading more towards it’s mythology than towards Thea or it’s usual problems now that Oliver is temporarily out of the picture.

  38. diane says:

    I agree with the NCISLA, Hannibal, and Selfie wishes. I also wish for Nashville to get itself together again. Make Raina likeable.

    • Netty says:

      True, Raina is the worst character on TV IMO..I really used to like Nashville but I’ve stopped watching it because I cant stand her.

  39. My wish is that Lindsey Morgan and Eliza Taylor get noticed for the awesome acting on ‘the 100’ they are the best on the cw

  40. My wish that the cw promote their best show ‘The100’

  41. Becca says:

    YES to Klaroline and Olicity! Those ships need to happen!

    I’m not ready to see The 100 go either, so my fingers are crossed for a S3 renewal!

    And I totally agree about Gotham’s balance issue. They pulled it out at the end there, but things were shaky for a while in the middle of the fall.

  42. Pennie says:


  43. Netty says:

    I agree about resurrecting Selfie. Its an amazing shows.

    HTGAWM – When Rebecca’s storyline ends, she needs to exit the show..she’s the most unlikeable character on TV IMO

    TVD – Stop shoving Steroline down our throats and please fix Caroline! she’s super annoying and unbearable

    Revenge – Bring back Conrad so he can kill David Clarke, Victoria and that dreadful Louise.

  44. Jessica Valure says:

    For me my wish would be to keep Kensi and Deeks together for the remainder of the series and of course have Jane and Lisbon get married. Constantine wasnt on this list but please let it get renewed its an awesome show. And since we are loosing the mentalist lets not lose constantine

  45. Anonymurph says:

    a few of those are way off.
    Felicity and Oliver….just no. That needs to fizzle away. I don’t need Felicity to die…but I wouldn’t be upset if she did.

    Kensi and Deeks are the reason I gave up on NCIS LA….so much ugh. Again, Deeks doesn’t need to die, but I wouldn’t be upset….

    Yes to more 24…..who do we need to call to make this happen?

  46. Briggs says:

    Not at all surprised by the Arrow wish. I don’t think we’re getting it this season, for many (some obvious) reasons, but I’d be both shocked and pleased if it actually happened.

  47. Penn says:

    Loved these wishes and totally agree! Kensi and Deeks, a Mentalist wedding, more Oliver, more 100, all of it! Thanks and let’s hope Santa listens!

  48. digbyweyr says:

    I’d totally watch the Don and Sloan show…

  49. Rich Abey says:

    – We definitely need another season of Clara on Doctor Who, cause she was just starting to get her groove & pull her weight the way Donna & Amy did as companions before. That is not to mention her amazing chemistry with the Doctor & her uniqueness as a companion: she is much more like the Doctor than anybody before, which makes for some unique storylines & dialogue.
    – Am I loving this final season of The Mentalist! It has it’s old charm back, the cases are far more intriguing, the methods employed by Jane to solve them are more old school (which I am loving…Lisbon playing psychic and pretending to have a conversation with a dead dog was just priceless!) & Jane/Lisbon are finally together and aren’t they a cute couple! I’m not exactly dying for them to get married but not going to say no either.

  50. Candace says:

    My Christmas wish is that I can read tvline on my ipad without the app store popping up constantly.