Revenge Winter Premiere Photos: Emily and Victoria Clash Over Daniel's Death

Revenge Winter Premiere

If you thought Daniel’s death would bring Emily and Victoria closer together, you don’t know Revenge. Like, at all.

New photos from the ABC drama’s winter premiere (Jan. 4, 10/9c) find the two most important women in Daniel’s life — for better or worse — shooting daggers at each other as they attempt to make sense of his senseless murder.

Stranger still, it looks like Victoria is going to weasel her way into Revenge‘s little gang of Scoobies; several photos show the grieving mother downing vino while Emily, Nolan and David get to the bottom of Malcolm Black’s next move.

Browse photos — 24, to be exact — from the winter premiere below, then drop a comment with your predictions: What’s going to happen in 2015?

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  1. omar says:

    Wow. Just when I was trying to catching up with this season. What an awful way to get spoiled! :(

    • AJ says:

      The episode aired almost 2 weeks ago. It’s not really a spoiler anymore (IMO).

    • Patty says:

      Common sense says don’t go on a tv show site where they discuss tv shows, especially shows that have already aired several weeks ago. If you don’t want to get spoiled anymore, stay away from sites like these.

    • le div says:

      I know. But you know, it is better than having been spoiled how the whole series ends. :)

  2. Delante says:

    I honestly am dying to see how this all plays out! David obviously talks Victoria and Emily into putting their differences aside (hopefully temporarily) to do what ever they are doing. Finally we get another scene of David, Victoria, and Emily together “talking”. It’s been a while since that was the case. Lately it’s been David and Victoria and then David & Emily.

  3. LJ Bissonnette says:

    Actually, I thought that Victoria would go ballistic and try to rip Emily/Amanda to shreds as she’d typically be finding a way to put ALL the blame on Emily despite the fact that she’s the reason the hitman became part of the equation. Victoria seems to have no concept of awareness of her own culpability for any of the mind boggling devastation her desperate and greedy actions have had on anyone and everyone around her including her children. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Victoria try to manipulate her way into becoming Daniel’s unborn child’s guardian/mother(?). Hopefully, Margo will keep the baby away from Victoria before she wreaks more havoc on the lives of the mother and innocent child.

    • TG says:

      I was hoping Victoria would be forced to face that she put these actions into motion and realize that she is responsible for her son’s death. The fact that she again blames Emily proves that Victoria is just as selfish as Daniel said. Hopefully Ems, Nolan & Co don’t trust her and are setting her up for a hard, well deserved fall.

  4. Hhh says:

    Can’t believe there wasn’t a spoiler alert in this for everyone in country’s where this hasn’t been broadcast yet!!!

    • Patty says:

      The show has already aired in the U.S., where the show is taped and shown first. If you don’t want to get spoiled anymore, then stay away from sites like these. Plot points are going to be discussed, it’s just common sense.

    • Patty says:

      And FYI, it’s countries, not country’s.

  5. LAOP says:

    “If you thought Daniel’s death would bring Emily and Victoria closer together, you don’t know Revenge. Like, at all.”

    Of course, not! It’s just one step closer for the both of them to have their final/ultimate showdown this season. P.S.: When I said final, I mean let this season be it’s last. With 1/3 of the original cast being killed off or exiled (Ashley Davenport), and David Clarke returning, plus ratings being low. It makes no sense for them to continue on. Unless, ABC decides to renew for a shorted fifth and final season.

  6. Jordan says:

    BRING BACK DANIEL!!! They shouldn’t have killed him off! He was just getting back to being a better man!

    • H says:

      You do know the writers made him “become a better man”, right? And that it was all a part of the plan to get Daniel some redemption before they kill him?

    • Letti says:

      I’ll miss Daniel, but he is DEAD and this isn’t a supernatural show. The only one who they might bring back is Conrad because we didn’t really see his dead body.

      • kiwirevengefan says:

        He looked pretty dead on the road last I saw him. Also since the police know that he was stabbed to death and even know what type of knife was used then they had to have done an autopsy on his body. So we can be fairly sure Conrad is dead.

        • sammyfinbar says:

          I was thinking that it is too much of a stretch for Conrad to be alive since everybody acknowledges his death. I thought if he wasn’t dead then everybody would just think he ran away. But then I thought what if he paid off the hospital to make him a death certificate? Similar to David being stabbed and then stolen away.

  7. Honestly Im still waiting for Emily to put her dad in his place, calling him out on his relationship with Victoria when he should be focusing on his DAUGHTER. I dont get him as a parent at all…did he just forget how to be??

  8. Suzy says:

    I really don’t get where this show is going, but I’m still a huge fan.
    David is starting to irritate me, he is rather dull and doesn’t fit in with the other quick and witty characters.
    Seems they are starting a new war, David vs Malcolm…. similar to Conrad vs the Initiative as we saw in season 1 ; I miss season 1 and all the “revenge” Emily had for each person associated with the Graysons
    I will really miss Daniel! :(
    Ben is cute though and fun to watch, lol

  9. Emily and Victoria are arch enemies…I just don’t believe that Emily and Victoria would ever be good friends…It’s intense…can’t wait till it on Jan. 4th…I tried not to peak in the next episode..

  10. Lopez says:

    Well, ABC is slowly killing this show. It was so good when Mike Kelly was at the helm. They should have kept following the count of monte christo story line. ABC has done everything possible to rune it. The worst thing was moving it. They were good on Wednesday night. They are going so far out with the story line.
    If they are ending it. Then let Emily, Jack, Nolan and David end up winning. Give us this at least. Emily and Jack develope into the life they should have. Please don’t kill Emily,Jack or Nolan.