Glee First Look: A Reunion-y Season 6 — With Bonus Quinn and Karofsky!

Don’t trot out the old adage “you can’t go home again” — not when you’re talking about the plucky, musical twentysomethings of Glee.

As evidenced by the following first-look photos from the first four episodes of the high-school musical’s sixth season, the original wide-eyed members of McKinley High School’s New Directions have all gone back to Ohio — Lima, to be specific — with songs in their hearts and plenty of accompanying drama, to boot.

Quinn and Puck are looking pretty cozy, while Brittany and Santana seem to be spending a lot of time together, too. But Kurt and Blaine look like they seemingly have to clear a few more obstacles if they’re ever going to get their happily ever after. (To that end, how come Karofsky’s got his hands all over everybody’s second-favorite Warbler*?)

*I’m not the only one who kinda sorta loved Sebastian most of all, am I?

Don’t fret, Gleeks, there are pics of Sue, Schue, Beiste, Mercedes and Sam in your future, too!

Whatever your allegiance, click through the gallery below for a sneak peak at Glee‘s upcoming crop of episodes, then share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Fernanda says:

    Love Darren (the actor), hate Blaine (the character). Kurt and Karofsky should be friends and not enemies. Not again

    • Shazzer says:

      I agree, why make them enemies again after all that? Maybe have some tension between them if Dave is indeed dating Blaine, that would be understandable. I know I’m the only person happy about Blainofsky (?) Karain (?)……whatever, I’m just glad Blaine and Kurt are over, because they were so alike IMO. Blaine and someone like Karofsky make more sense to me (as a gay person).
      I kinda wish they would tone down Rachels sexpot clothing. I loved her as the awkward but pretty girl with butterfly collars and ugly sweaters, now she’s in four inch heels and micro skirts and tight cashmere cap sleeve sweaters, its too much of a departure from original neurotic Rachel who was soo much like Tracey Flick from the movie Election, that she made me laugh back in the day.
      I wish theyd bring Mike back for Tina…..I’d like to see Sugar before the show ends, but that won’t happen….and I hope I dont see any of the glee 2.0 kids……I want to pretend Marley & co. never happened. It would be funny if Matt Rutherford showed up for the last episode since he disappeared with no one ever discussing him again.

  2. Molly says:

    Wow, so the protagonists fail, drops out of school, and goes back to their hometown to relive their high school glory days forever. Brutal way to end a show about following your dreams.

  3. Kurt and Rachel who dreamed about NY and Broadway come back to a place where they were mistunderstood and treated badly.
    Blaine’s shagging Kurt’s tormentor….
    Well i shall pass, glee ended s5 for me.

  4. pit 37 says:

    Bóg wiedział, że Izrael widzi na co idą jego podatki.

  5. an says:

    Why are they all allowed to go back to their old high school when they are no longer students? And are Rachel and Kurt going to run glee club even though they’re not qualified teachers? Geez.

  6. Steph says:

    At this point (in the pic), Kurt should grin, raise his chin, ring up Sebastian (my 2nd fave Warbler, after Kurt), Adam, Elliott and the stage combat guys who drooled over his “gun show” & let “YogiBoo” (Blaine and Dave) enjoy themselves….while he does the same-! Rather ironic that BOTH the guys who supposedly loved Kurt are now (supposedly) over him & with each other (a therapist would have fun with that!). And Dave is rather forgetful: Kurt was the one who visited him & encouraged him after he tried to commit suicide. Dave wooed Kurt for a Valentine’s week (while Kurt’s boyfriend didn’t even get him a card or sing him a love song…just a group party song). So, Kurt…move on-!

    • Lizzie says:

      lol ring up Sebastian…yeah I think that guy might be a tad bit busy. You know being all bad ass as the Flash. But I get what you mean that whole storyline is just dumb

  7. Fabian says:

    I honestly don’t know how they can redeem the show for me. How could they disrespect Rachel so much? She went from Broadway to running her high school glee club? You can’t tell me that she discovered Broadway wasn’t for her, that’s utter b.s. The show should have been about her rise to stardom. The series finale should find her winning a Tony.

    • The Beach says:

      They lost me with that idiotic plot line of Rachel giving up her life-long dream of a Broadway triumph to take a shot at Hollywood. So not Rachel…so absurd.

  8. Joey says:

    Blaine as second-favorite Warbler? Maybe if there had only been two Warblers.

  9. brandon says:

    Honestly this would be so much better if they just never graduated. I don’t care if they’re 30 in real life. (or let them keep moving on with their lives. Just have them living in NYC or Columbus or something.)

  10. Gleek says:

    I don’t know, something about Karofsky’s body language seems off there. I’m just not buying the whole “Karofsky/Blaine are a couple” storyline they’ve been hinting at all summer/fall. Is Dave trying to get Blaine and Kurt back together? That would almost be more believable to me.

  11. Christian says:

    Quinn’s hair looks vomitrocious!

  12. Eww. says:

    Someone should tell Max Adler to cool it on the smug, creepy expression, or maybe he just can’t help. If Blaine and Karofsky are going to date, no one wants to see the guy who terrorized and stalked Kurt in high school rub it in Kurt’s face like that. I feel ill just looking at that photo because Blaine looks like Karofsky’s prisoner. What a weird acting and directing choice. I thought they were all going to try and (pretend) to be friends, according to spoilers? Adler doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo and is going full possessive caveman. Run, Blaine!

    • Shazzer says:

      You’re taking this wayyyyy too seriously. He doesn’t look creepy at all. I know your feeling personally attacked at the idea of blaine and kurt not ending up together, but cool your jets and wait to see what happens.

  13. Marco says:

    Dave looks like he’s holding Blaine (who has a Dandy’s-about-to-murder-someone expression) back and Kurt’s all ‘not again’… XD

    Not to mention, why is Dave dating Kurt’s tormentor?

    Oh, and also, Blaine as second-favorite Warbler? Not even if there were only TWO Warblers period.

  14. David4 says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you but once I graduated from high school I didn’t go back and get all my friends together to hang out in a classroom. Pretty sure if I did the school would call the cops.

  15. KC says:

    The more pics and info that comes out, the more excited I am for this final season. It may not be as perfect as we would like, but the show will be over way too soon and I will definitely miss it.

    In other news, that pic of Kurt/Blaine/Karofsky has me totally distracted looking at Kurt’s butt.

  16. Belle says:

    So let me get this straight. Blaine is dating Karofsky. The same person who made Kurt’s life so miserable in high school he was forced to leave for a new school. Blaine who loved Kurt and wanted to marry him when they were barely out of their teens is now dating his tormentor? What is this Oz?

    • Marco says:

      How cute. You think Blaine ever loved Kurt. You probably think that Blaine didn’t try to rape Kurt in the parking of Scandals, or that last season’s Puppet Master had Blaine showed us his true colors, too. Of course, if you actually thought that, your IQ would have to be in the negative. so I’d prefer to believe you don’t.

  17. The Carpooler says:

    I skipped a few seasons, I didn’t care for the vibe after graduation and the new class. With all the old gang back I’ll tune in for the final run.

  18. karenb says:

    Le Car!!!

  19. Roopal says:

    I love glee and my list favorites is Rachel berry because she nice.

  20. Sil says:

    Thanks TVLine for the scoop but this doesn’t interest me. I’ve kept looking over the last 2 seasons at the scoop and promos for something to get enthused about. Sorry, when they wrote Rachel to lose all her enthusiasm for NY, that was it. I’m glad for Glee fans to see the original cast back. But, not like this.

  21. dman6015 says:

    I’ll only watch Glee again if they have a “reunion-y” with Finn.

  22. RavenWoodbane says:

    Always been a Blainofsky or Kurtofsky fan … Klaine always made me uncomfortable, cause it felt kinda awkward … I actually did not continue to watch glee after they got together, now that I’ve seen they didn’t last I’m gonna start watching glee again … Still missing Finn though