The 100's Eliza Taylor: Fans Should Be 'Extremely Worried' About Finn

The 100 Finn

You might want to start pounding out those #SaveFinn tweets now, fans of The 100, because Wednesday’s midseason finale (The CW, 9/8c) is going to be a nail-biter.

“The Grounders are people of their word, and they’ve given us this pretty iron-clad ultimatum,” star Eliza Taylor tells TVLine of the whole Finn-must-die debacle. “It’s going to be up to the people from the Ark — Clarke and her mother and the others — to protect him. They’re going to do everything they can to figure out another way … but I think people should be extremely worried.”

It also sounds like we shouldn’t expect conditions to improve at Mount Weather, where Taylor says, “The worst is happening, exactly as Clarke feared.” She’s referring, of course, to the 47 remaining kids being harvested for their bone marrow. Simply put: “It’s not looking good for Jasper and Monty.”

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom. After last week’s 11th-hour Lincoln save, Taylor says the Arkers have new ground to stand on (pun intended) with their enemies.

“Now that we can turn the Reapers back into Grounders, that just makes our army even stronger, which increases our chances of winning the fight against Mount Weather,” she explains. “So it’s definitely a huge thing that plays into the Grounder/Arker alliance.”

But will that be enough to convince the Grounders to pardon Finn for his bloodbath a few weeks back? Drop a comment with your predictions for tonight’s midseason finale below.

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  1. Abby says:

    I hope it’s not enough. Finn should definitely die for that massacre.

  2. Remy says:


  3. Holly says:

    #DontSaveFinn I dont like Finn and if we can get him out of the way it leaves room for #Bellarke

  4. Letti says:

    Finn is not my favourite, but he definitely shouldn’t die. He was such a peacekeeper last year and the writers changed him so much this season. I prefered when Bellamy was the bad guy. Season 2 is amazing, but Finn’s change wasn’t really believeable. I hope he will get redemption.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I feel the same way. It was so out of character for him to react so violently and have such a personality change so quickly. I could see if they’d gradually changed his character to show what a primitive life of survival could do to people, but they didn’t. I like him and I hope he lives.

      • EdwinG says:

        I agree they mess his character up big time. From a daredevil peace guy to a nut job overnight, it just unbelievable. On top of that, to have the ark people except what he did when they would float someone for just stealing a pencil just doesn’t make sense. You see him taken in like everything is ok and then they let him go out in a group with a gun O.0 com’on no way. They destroyed his character and trying to fix it to make sense wont work now, only option is being the season main character sacrifice for mid season effect.

  5. zac says:

    He’s really a boring character even in season 1. Wouldnt be surprised (or be affected) if he dies. Loving the strong women parade in this show(Clarke, Raven, Anya)

  6. Hannah says:

    #SaveFinn pleeease I want a Flarke reunion so badly

  7. Me says:

    I hope Finn dies tho

  8. wrstlgirl says:

    TWIST ~ Raven dies, saves Finn.

  9. Kate says:

    I’m conflicted by how I feel about what should happen to Finn, but I wouldn’t be surprised the way they have been writing him that he gives himself up to take the decision out of the Sky People’s hands. I also won’t be terribly surprised if he does die, I think we should likely remember that they killed Wells like in the second episode and just in a last minute decision decided to save Jasper. And, if any character was complained about last season, after they then wrote this season, it would be Finn. I had this random thought though, that what if he turns them in and there is a Reaper attack and either Finn is taken or killed by the Reapers and the Grounders have to decide how they feel if they were “deprived” of their justice. Actually, Finn being taken by the Reapers might actually make a lot of sense and he gets trapped in Mt. Weather and we are left with not knowing where they placed him or if he survived.

    • Alichat says:

      Ooo….this is interesting. I agree that he will give himself up as penance for the shootings. And your idea would be a way to keep his character alive…..having him taken by the Mt Weather people. That doesn’t alter the established character of the Grounders, the Mt Weather people, and Finn. Mental break/PTSD aside, it was established last season that Finn is someone who would sacrifice himself for the good of many. The Grounders have said they will kill him, and they will unless something or someone intervenes. And the Mt Weather people are snatching Grounders. If he’s with them, they will assume he is one, and then may pull him inside once they realize he’s an Arker…..since they covet their bone marrow. I like it!

  10. J says:


    This article is making me so worried he won’t die. I DON’T CARE HOW IT HAPPENS, BUT HE MUST DIE. PAINFULLY WOULD BE PREFERABLE.

    • Abby says:

      I actually felt the same way!. If Eliza is saying that Finn fans should be extremely worried, which side is she giving false hope to? It’s very ambiguous, but I guess that’s the point to avoid spoiling it :)

  11. So Happy says:

    What Finn did was completely out of character! I hope Clarke and Abby find a way to #Save Finn!!!

  12. Drew says:

    What Finn did was out of character, and incredibly, incredibly stupid. Not just on his part, but on the part of the stupid people who kept asking to get shot. The scene was almost comedic.
    But whether it was bad writing or not, there’s not a whole lot to be done with a character that massacred a bunch of old people and kids. I know they’re pretending that Murphy wasn’t psycho last year, but can they erase the massacre?
    He should probably die, or be shipped off somewhere.

    • Miranda says:

      Yea, whats up with Murphy? He is really ok now? Or is it just like before when he first reappeared and is pretending to be sane but is actually still nuts-o?

  13. Jess says:

    So excited for tonight! This is my favorite show!

    I think it’s pointless to tweet #SaveFinn, since the episode was already filmed. If he dies, nothing can change that. I think he will die, the spoilers have said there’s a big death tonight.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      LOL, yeah I think you miss the point of the #SaveFinn hash tag. It’s twitter fun for fans who enjoy that kind of thing. I’m sure everyone knows that it won’t alter tonight’s episode, but if they scream loud enough it could change future episodes if the character’s “death” is open ended. As far as the “big death” Finn is to obvious. That’s why I think it’s someone else. Or at least it should be.

  14. blankmixtape says:

    The grounders can have him.

  15. C says:

    Finn is irredeemable for that massacre… let them have him.

  16. Jen says:

    #killfinn I know Eliza is being paid to say all this crap, but all this Finn defending coming from her in these interviews is sickening. Do TPTB really not get that they had Finn massacre 18 unarmed people? They’re certainly not acting like it with all these defenses for him. He deserves to be executed for his crimes. If Clarke protects him, then she shouldn’t have any form of leadership in this group ever again, since this proves she doesn’t care about the well-being of the entire group.

  17. Dominique says:

    #SaveFinn. funny how he “deserves to die” for what he’s done, but Bellamy “he didn’t mean to do it” Blake doesn’t, for killing those 300 people on the Ark.
    I hope Finn survives. He’s a very well-layered character and this is a storyline that does not deserve to end with his death. It would not do this type of storyline justice.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I completely agree with the double standard nonsense. It’s ridiculous.

      • Imzadi says:

        I like both Finn and Bellamy, but the double standard really is weird. Bellamy knew that those people would die and still destroyed the radio for very selfish reason.

    • luvmypup says:

      Bellamy did not know that they were about to kill 300 people when he took the radio. And when he found out, he helped look for it. Also, it was established that many more than 300 were going to die anyway because the Exodus ship couldn’t hold everyone on the ark to earth. Going to sleep to die is better than burning to death as they crashed to the earth. Bellamy was a jerk for part of last year, but that’s not the same as killing 18 innocent people. Having said that, I liked Finn and I really hate that they wrote this story for his character. There were probably better ways to show the effects of war on him.

      • Dominique says:

        He did know, Raven told the 100 what was going to happen on the Ark. Bellamy knew, and he threw away the radio anyway. And dying is never fun. dying in your sleep might be less painful, but it does not make Finn’s actions worse than Bellamy’s. If you wanna look at it that way, then what Bellamy did was worse, considering Finn did it because he honestly thought the Grounders had killed all his friends, whereas Bellamy was just having a bad day and hated Jaha for what happened to his mother, and the fact that him and Octavia were send to the ground.

        • Abby says:

          Point of fact: Bellamy wasn’t having ‘a bad day,’ he was living in a personal dystopia on account of his family circumstances and how it didn’t line up with the rules of the Ark. Again, Bell’s not perfect and sure, let’s kill him off, too, but there are major differences between what Finn did and what he did.

      • Imzadi says:

        He did know and he still did it. At that time they didn’t know about about the exodus ship. So no excuse there.

    • Abby says:

      Direct vs. Indirect. Bellamy didn’t actually know that his choices would lead to the death of 300 markers. He found that out after Clarke enlightened him. The comparable Bellamy thing is when he shot-to-kill Jaha, but even then there are differences. The council’s rules put his sister in prison, through no fault whatsoever of Octavia’s, and Jaha was the leader. He had a reason, since the traitor guard who convinced him to kill Jaha told Bellamy about the plan to send the 100 to the ground, and he wanted to avenge that for his sister’s sake, knowing he couldn’t stop the launch. Finn just indiscriminately shot even after he and Murphy searched every inch of that village and only found coats. The problem is, a guy like Finn should have, would have, not assumed the Grounders were lying about finding the coats without the 47 in them. He also had time between kills to have the Grounders jump in to admit they had lied to save others, and also he kept putting his gun down. A psychotic break does not explain how he paused and rested his gun between kills. The only truth available is that Finn wanted to kill that village, and for his follow through, for the fact that a peace-loving Arker had his point of no return, he has to die.

      • Abby says:

        300 Arkers*. And if he did know they would die, the point is, he didnt actually make the choice to kill them. He hated the Council for a million justifiable reasons, and what he did forced their hand. He wanted to put them in that position. The Council still made the call, and in the end all the people who died actually chose to, anyway…I’m not saying Bellamy is perfect. I wouldn’t even be bothered if he died, too, because I dont watch for him…problem is too many fans ship Bellamy/Bellarke (perhaps due to source material) so unless Bell massacres a village he’s on a different playing field than Finn.

    • chloe says:

      Rightt.. they werent saying this when bellamey killed all those people are on the ark they just want bellark so bad that they want finn dead but his characters intrestin

  18. ? says:

    There are Finn fans?

  19. John says:

    Lol I’m not worried about him. His character is terrible, just kill him off.

    But with the female lead of the show telling us to be worried, he probably won’t die. My money is on Monty or Jasper.

  20. tamale says:

    save Finn please

  21. Nick says:

    Calling it now: Raven dies instead of Finn. Then, Wick can come back and have a bigger role! #TeamWick

    • wrstlgirl says:

      LOL, sorry I already called it. See my comment above :-)

      • Abby says:

        I sincerely hope you’re both wrong. But if you’re not, if Raven dies when its supposed to be Finn, he will NEVER forgive himself and be the guy who sacrifices himself by the end of the season, anyway. So it would just be a really heartbreaking way to get the story to the conclusion that needs to be, and that’s Finn dying to answer for the deaths of what would then be 19 innocent people.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Personally I like the entire cast. I don’t want to see any of them go.

          • Abby says:

            I don’t hate Finn. I didn’t even dislike Finn before the massacre. I’m talking about plot not whether or not I like a character too much for them to die. I understand why you both think Raven will die in his place (esp if we learn tonight why Raven owes Finn her life…natural assumption on both of your parts), but that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to hope you’re both wrong ;) besides, I did say that IF the show kills Raven, the inevitable and only conclusion would be that Finn would never forgive himself and sacrifice himself to die/get careless and get killed, so IF the show kills Raven, as much as I like her, at least it will still lead to the death of a man who has to go for what he did.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            LOL, well okay, I just tossed the Raven idea out there on a whim, there’s no “natural assumption” involved.

  22. Nick says:

    Was I the only one who read Finn as scared when that kid ran at him, and fired as a reflex? I mean, sure, he shouldn’t have done it, but he didn’t exactly go Joe Carroll or Dexter on those grounders, either. Maybe the one in the bunker.

  23. Abby says:

    I have to wonder if, when the showiness decided to write this arc for Finn, they expected such absolutely widespread condemnation from the fans. Did they expect that fans would basically accept no other end for Finn but death, or did they think there would be room in fans hearts for forgiveness? I mean, fans are MILITANT that Finn must die. #DontSaveFinn is bother cruel yet perfectly appropriate. Next time Jason Rothenberg gets interviewed, I hope someone asks him if he expected Finn backlash to be SO big. I’d love insight on the thought process that went into turning an innocent, popular pacifist into the equivalent of an unpopped grenade…

  24. TG says:

    Finn should sacrifice himself. To be honest, the fact that all the leads survived last season’s finale was rather unbelievable. I was sure my favorite character (Raven) was toast. I think they need a main character to die to keep the stakes high. Someone that isn’t Raven please. She is too kick-butt!

  25. Derek.O says:

    Don’t mean to #ruinit for all you guys but I live in England so they show it an hour early and Finn , and Raven both die trying to ecscape . Enjoy the rest of the show .

  26. pv says:

    Finn is dead…. Clarke is so brave for doing the deed. I hope its a hoax though. But probably not.

  27. tyler says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 not finn. im never watching this till he comes back. you guys will loss alot of people because of that! :'( and for a guy.. i cryed hard. goodbye the 100.

    • EdwinG says:

      Good ending, Fin got lucky to die at his loves hand. After ruining Finn’s character they redeem his death. It’s all good
      So when is the next episode?

  28. yasmine says:

    Please dont let finn die… i like him very much and he shud be next to clerk always..this series wil b boring if he isnt there

  29. Complete spoilers finn is not dead

  30. barbs says:

    Love this show and finn

  31. Unknown says:

    where the hell is ur humanity people?! Finn is obviously the good guy here. He went to prison instead of raven, he will forever be “the peacekeeper”. He killed people,yes. He made mistakes,yes. He deserves to be punished, yes. But he did it all because of love. He is head over heals for Clarke and yes he lost control by killing all those -not to mention-unarmed people including kids, women and old people but have u all forgotten about all the great things he’s done the season before? I’m not saying the grounders don’t have the right to punish him hell yeah they do! But what about ‘humanity’ huh? What about that? Like all of us he deserves to be forgiven and let that be the first act of truce between the ark people and the groundes. The only people who truly have the right to kill him are the people who never messed up, the people who never made any mistakes.. Exactly; NO ONE. We are not to decide who lives and dies.

  32. Lyn says:

    Let Finn live!!!

  33. Simon says:


  34. carrie a says:

    just watched epposode were fin died it was great to night scotland is loving 100 but i really wish theyd kept him in proggramme he was so hot and sexy, i feel there was so much more they could of done with him he willl be missed x