Glee Season 6 Trailer: 'You Two Have Just Entered the Thunderdome'

Get ready to let it go — and that’s not just our way of reminding you that Glee‘s sixth (and final) season is just around the corner.

In the first official trailer for Season 6, Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry puts her own stamp on that song from Frozen that every grade-schooler in America has been belting in the backs of minivans for the last 12 months.

But there are also potential spoilers in the 20-second spot — most of which confirm what’s already been leaked about the high school musical’s…about the high school musical’s final run of 13 episodes: Rachel and Kurt are back in the halls of McKinley High (and butting heads with Sue Sylvester); Blaine is dancing with the Warblers like a teenage dream; Santana and Brittany are shaking their tailfeathers on the football field; and there are new kids in the show-choir circle.

Glee returns with a two-hour premiere on Friday, Jan. 9 (8/7c on Fox).

Press PLAY for the trailer, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Is it a requirement that Rachel must cover every popular song Idina Menzel originates? Ugh.

    • Shazzer says:

      Barf, yes, I think you’re right. I loved when Glee first started and they weren’t so focused on assaulting every recent pop hit. They would do Broadway song or two every week, and a most of them were oldies, which I enjoyed, but then they went nuts with the pop songs. Like the moment a pop song was a hit they CRAMMED it into an episode, and awkwardly. I am going down with this ship. I’m not a quitter, even though its been rough these past couple of years.

      • Shazzer says:

        Also, were they really the McKinley Titans all this time?? How did I not know that???

        • A gleek says:

          I know right! However I recently re watched the first two episodes and I think it was at the beginning of the second episode that Mr. Shue said “Go Titans!” So they did mention they were the Titans lol.

      • J.R. says:

        Yep. They definitely crammed songs in left and right. It got ridiculous last season! They were throwing songs in left and right that weren’t even supposed to have been known at the time the characters were singing them. For example: Rachel belting in February (according to the story) a song that didn’t exist until August of that year (in real time). Just sayin’.

    • annoying says:

      God you people will complain about anything.

    • Lin says:

      It would have been nice seeing the show stay in NY. But no they have to make them all go back to Lima and redo the boring Sue hates glee and competition cycle while they are are stuck with the same people over and over again.

  2. A says:

    Honestly, I hope they can go out with a bang. It’ll help that the new glee kids aren’t just carbon copies of old ones. Mark me down as cautiously optimistic!

    • Sharon says:

      I want to see what happens with the new glee kids since all the old ones are gone. Not getting my hopes up yet, but I hope they bring new material for Sue if she’s going to be doing the same thing as before.

  3. Dave says:

    I really hope that Rachel becomes famosa at The end of the series, she did all she did Just to stay stucked in Lima? She deserves a brighi future

    • dcl33 says:

      Does she deserve it? She burned her bridges with Broadway, even when she was told not to and Hollywood spat her out. Shes exactly where she belongs to. Lima Loserville Ohio.

      • stop says:

        BS. The writers only had her do that which was totally ooc so they could force her back to Lima. Threw her characterization under the bus to get her back to Lima.

        • dcl33 says:

          And yet its in cannon. In cannon she’s selfish brat and karma came and bit her on the ass ;)

        • J.R. says:

          Not out of character at all, in my opinion. Rachel has always been a self-absorbed, selfish, self-centered, egotistical narcissist obsessed with the sound of her own voice and has always resenting when anyone else had the spotlight if it meant she had to take the back seat to them. The very rare times she was willing to concede was if it benefited her to do so.

          I’ve loathed Rachel from the beginning, and I loathed Glee even more when they remained fixated on her after Season 3, to the detriment (and removal) of the new cast of singers. Marley (aka Melissa Benoist) in particular deserved so much more! She deserved more screen time, and she deserved a better song selection, and she deserved much better writing! That girl was a powerhouse and they practically destroyed the character instantaneously when all the Rachelites got all butt hurt that someone other than Lea might get some screen time. -_-

    • Shazzer says:

      Who says that being a teacher in Lima isn’t a bright future? Maybe THAT was what she was supposed to do, maybe that becomes her idea of a bright future. I would find THAT more believable for Rachel than becoming an instant star of broadway and tv. Rachel was awkward and a crazy overachiever at the start of the show, she was the typical crazy theater weirdo that everyone goes to high school with. None of my versions of Rachel ever went anywhere, I think it would be better for rachel to realize her destiny is to help kids the way Schu helped her realize she loved theater and singing. I would have more respect for the show if it did that instead of have us believe rachel, the perpetual loser, would somehow manage to become an overnight sensation and a college dropout.

      • KL says:

        Horrible story for her. They have already punished her at every turn for being ambitious. It is like they are saying it wrong for a girl to be too ambitious.

    • blahdcl says:

      Yes she does deserves it. Sadly what she did not deserve was the bad writing. Rachel was suppose to be successful (not quit) and then years down the road reunite with Finn. But with Finn gone they have to have someone resurrect the glee club. So that falls on Rachel . So what if her arc was one of the more consistent things glee did.

      • dcl33 says:

        Oh boy, you are one of those who believe RM with that crap he was saying about how he knew exactly how the show would end. With Rachel coming back to Lima to Finn. You do know that that was all PR dont you? Milking everything out of Cory’s death. RM stopped giving 2 sh*ts about the show mid season 2.

  4. Finn says:

    Crazy how much this show has fallen. From huge series to now pushed to midseason, cut to 13 episodes and placed on the Friday night death slot. The last episode didn’t even get 2 million viewers and S5 as a whole was the worst in the show’s history and each season has been worse than the one before. And now annoying Rachel is back as a Lima Loser because she stupidly leaves Broadway, which is all she wanted from the start, to do to TV, only for that to fail and her reputation is shot, and now tries to revive a glee club with newbies she or we don’t otherwise care about? And why does she need to bring Kurt as her sidekick and why can’t he stay in NY? Oh yeah, they need Kurt in Lima to create tension between him and Blaine and his former bully. The writers are awful and lazy.

    • S. says:

      That’s kinda the perfect post about this show.

    • urg says:

      She didn’t bring Kurt. Kurt decided to go to Lima to get back with Blaine. Stop blaming Kurt’s decisions on others.

      • Finn says:

        I’m not blaming Rachel for Kurt’s dumb decision. I think he should be in NY and going to college there instead of I believe receiving credits for helping Rachel with the glee club. I think Rachel is an idiot for where she is though. I blame the writers for all of that.

    • KC says:

      This is kinda the worse post ever

    • Iakovos says:

      I agree. The show did not grow, it burned white hot and fizzled. Too many characters. Not enough plot development. Crazy turns. Had hoped for a series that was tuneful, fanciful, but earnest. But it struck a chord with many young people and re-energized love of musical theatre and live performances. Shame the end in like this. No one wants to finish a shadow of his former self.

    • Shazzer says:

      Yes, Finn!! This is all 100% true!! Very true post!

    • J.R. says:

      I agree so much with this post it’s probably clinically insane. However, I do disagree with you when you said every season of this show has been progressively worse. I though Season Two was a great step up from Season One. But Season Three, for me, was the bee’s knees because… well… because Sebastian. I’m sorry, but I’m one of the few who love his charmingly evil self. The show imploded with Season Four, though. And I feel that was due in no small part to them spending an increasing amount of undue attention on Rachel and the NY groupies. They should have treated them only in passing and devoted the majority of their time and attention to the new New Directions, their stories, and their talents. But they didn’t. They fawned over Rachel Berry, and so the show suffered. But that’s just me.

  5. KC says:

    This promo makes me even more excited for Glee! I can’t wait to hear the full version of Lea’s “Let it Go”. I also spy Blaine Warbler!! I won’t put any major spoilers that we have in case people want to be surprised, but this final season is going to be epic! My one hope is that they pay tribute to Finn (Cory Monteith). I’m sure they will work it into some episodes. I’m positive by episode 13 that every fan will be happy where their favorite characters end up.

    • Finn says:

      Actually this is kinda the worst post ever. You probably think S5 was great as well and its ratings are still good and the show is relevant.

      • Brian says:

        Who peed in your cornflakes, Finn? You have no right to bully KC. KC has every right to enjoy the show and be excited about it. Why don’t you share with us your favorite show so we can make you feel bad about watching it.

        • Finn says:

          He was the one who said I had the worst post ever without arguing or saying exactly why. And of course he has every right to enjoy the show just like you or me. I’ll still watch despite, in my opinion, the show isn’t that good anymore. But I think we have every right to post what we want as well. My apologies, Brian and KC.

        • dcl33 says:

          Pot meet kettle. As KC started this pissing match to begin with. So dunno why you are talking about bullying.

    • dcl33 says:

      JFC enough with Finn tribute! I am sorry Cory died but can we stop with tributes. Let him be. And lets not pretend that its not about him but about Finn cause lets be honest, Finn was a pretty bad character. He was not the hero that Glee tried to make him be. So can be stop glorifying him?

      • Shazzer says:

        Yes!! Thank you! They’ve paid tribute to him, I dont know what else people want from that now. They’re crashing and burning, its fine to mention him here and there, but dont make the show one gigantic Finn tribute, let it try to end with grace. I feel terrible, but enough is enough. If anything, they should pay tribute to the viewers in the final season for sticking it out for 6 seasons that were progressively bad.

  6. I.R.E. says:

    I know Sue Sylvester successfully disband the glee club, but I don’t think she’s finished with her evil stuff because she might go after Rachel. But the only way to stop Sue is make sure a fisherman spots a gun in accident, reports it to the police, makes the gun’s ID with Sue and finally arrest Sue.

    I wish this season has 12 episodes rather than 13 because 13 seems like an extremely too imbalanced number to me.

    I hope we see Emma, Marley and Unique back!

  7. ScottJ says:

    Why do people who have no intention of watching the show feel they have to comment? I get really sick of the continual negatively on this site.

    • Sara says:

      It isn’t just this site. You should see some of the stuff that gets tweeted to the actors who play the characters (Max Adler for example). It is absolutely horrifying that the alleged die-hard fans of this show have failed to embrace one of the show’s core ideals about anti-bullying.

      • dcl33 says:

        Oh that’s a specific fandom thats been harassing actors, whole crew and their families. Don’t sweep everyone under the same rug.

        • Kate says:

          How about the people on this very comment section calling other fans morons, idiots, and douches? Sara used one specific example of one subset, but there are many others. I just don’t understand how people who claim to love a show that claims its number one priority is to spread tolerance and acceptance can be so hateful to each other.
          Also, Sara didn’t sweep everyone under the same rug, she clearly was calling out the”alleged die-hard fans” who harass cast members.

    • Nency says:

      You’re an idiot. So by your logic all comments about shows YOU like should ALWAYS be positive comments? Clearly you’re not a real fan of the show. I have watched every episode, and as a viewer i DESERVE to be able to critique a show that I LOVED. I know what I loved about the show from the very start, and I can tell how downhill it went. Wake up!!
      This comments section is a place we are ALL FREE to discuss our shows, without having to worry about MORONS whining about negative comments that make them feel sad for characters and actors that they dont know, and that dont know them. Get a grip!!

      • Kate says:

        There’s a difference between making a critique and calling people “MORONS.” You clearly also did not get the show’s (which you claim to love) memo about tolerance.

  8. Anne says:

    I read all these comments and it just makes me so sad because I remember when this show was so promising. It seems like ages ago, and now it’s nothing but a magnet for lazy writing, random covers, and a ton of hatred from viewers. I really, really miss what it used to be.

  9. Kay says:

    Nothing against Glee but please can we just Let it Go…GOOOO……..

  10. Bree says:

    Blaine’s no “teenage dream” he’s shacked up with the bully who threatened to kill his so called “soulmate”. What a total screw you to fans.

  11. K says:

    Lea’s voice is so-Disney anyway, I would’ve loved Naya/Santana to sing “let it go” – would’ve sounded more interesting and a departure from the original

  12. Tracy says:

    I hate Rachel coming back to McKinley as a failure and living out Finn’s dream while giving up on her own! Rachel would never have quit Fanny and especially not to fast! And for Kurt and Blaine to quit NYADA after how hard it was to get in? Terrible plotlines! Ryan and Brad should give courses on how to ruin a good TV show! Josh Safran from season 2 of SMASH can help them!

  13. Tracy says:

    Sick of Sue and all the idiotic Sue rants and fighting!

  14. nini says:

    For everyone that is hating on the show, does anyone remember the tragedy that happens in the 5th season that made them drastically change the plot for the series. Rachel was going to come back to Lima at the end of the show. They just had to make her come back a different way then originally planned.

  15. Char ;) says:

    When did Kurt and Blaine ever broke up at the end song of season 5 Blaine moves into Kurt’s apartment ?!?!?

  16. Barbara says:

    My question is what school hired not one but 2 people who are college drop outs to teach. Finn then it appears to be Rachael? The show was on its last leg awhile ago…let it go.