NCIS: Los Angeles Recap: All In

NCIS Los Angeles Deeks Kensi Kiss

NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Christmas-themed winter finale was teeming with good cheer — in the final moments, at least, and after much anxiety for Callen.

The Case of the Week involved a thumbdrive loaded with stolen super-malware, which the team realizes had been hastily dropped inside a handbag belonging to Callen’s girlfriend Joelle, as the Santa-dressed thief made his escape.

Fearing the baddies might track down and come gunning for Jo, Callen kept a close eye on her. And though Kensi and Deeks were able to subdue one of the killers who eventually came a-knocking, two others stormed Joelle’s home, forcing Callen to break cover (as a mild-mannered, suit-wearing “securities trader”) and spirit her to safety, as he fended off the thugs with gunplay and, ultimately, some hand-to-hand.

Jo was understandably shaken by Callen’s revealed ruse, but by episode’s end she accepted his invite to meet up at the skating rink — though she declined to meet his NCIS “family,” yet. “I want to meet you first,” she said, and starting with his first name. Callen laughed, “That’s a bit complicated….”

Elsewhere: With a “personal yet practical” joint ski trip looming on their holiday itineraries, Kensi pulled Deeks aside at the ice rink to get serious about… something. She observes that separately, they are bold. But together, they tend to be safe. But no, this isn’t some pragmatic kiss-off. Rather, she declares — while taking his hand — “I want to be bold… with you.” “No more games?” Deeks confirms. “Chips on the table?” “All in,” she says, and as they begin to plan out their very immediate future, Deeks pulls Kensi in for a kiss.

Also, Nell broke off her plans to attend a holiday-themed horror movie-thon with Eric, when she was given the opportunity to fly home early. Unless… he wants to come home with her? And as a final tree-topper for the very merry hour, Sam’s wife Michelle finds just the right gift for the former SEAL who has everything — a surprise visit from his recently promoted cadet sergeant son, Aiden.

What was your favorite moment from the episode “Humbug”?

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  1. Oh thank God. Someone was finally talking about it. I’ve been holding it in! I think my friends in Canada could hear my squeal during the Densi conversation! All around, it was a great episode. Callen & Joelle left things in a good place, Sam is happy and we finally met his son, Granger & Hetty shared a sweet (for them. lol) moment, Nell & Eric are going to meet her family, and of course Kensi & Deeks. After the LONG episodes of Kensi being in Afghanistan, this was by far the best Christmas present the show runners could have given me. *sigh*

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. That was the best Christmas present NCIS LA could have given their viewers. My heart was beating so fast when Jolie showed up at the ice rink. But when she first started talking to Callen i thought she was going to say something like: You lied to me and i can’t trust you anymore and then walks away. That was a depressing moment for me. When she said she doesn’t want to meet his NCIS LA family that was when my heart dropped… until she said not until i meet the real you.( I’m not sure of the propper wording.) Love is in the air at the right time of the year.

  2. diane says:

    Finally, is all I have to say! That Kensi and Deeks kiss was hot. Also I loved the Joelle referred to the team as Callen’s family. Loved the ending, as well. Of course Jo asks the one question that Callen can’t answer. The plot was easy to follow too. NCISLA usually does great Christmas episodes.

    • Hunter says:

      Nothing hotter than passionately kissing your brother in law… I love the characters and they have great chemistry but that’s got to be all kinds of awkward for them. Professionalism aside, Tonging your sister in law is weird. Although if you are of the psudo incestuous proclivity i suppose it could add something… ok I’m going to stop talking now.

      • Um, you do realize this is a TV Show and these people know how to separate fiction from reality! Obviously if the spouses have no problems with this, than why should we?

        • Me says:

          I think OP knows this, but knowing the background of the actors can make this all sorts of weird. I Get that they are actors, and this is their job, still weird.

          That said still a great tv couple.

      • Ange says:

        Your first sentence was my exact thought but then again maybe for that scene since his brother is his stunt double, they inserted him there. They did it for the final scene in the second Thor movie where his wife did the kissing scene because the actress that plays his opposite was not available. I know its not completely the same but I’m sure you get the drift. I know they are actors and all but it just seems strange when the blood line is so intertwined where they are in laws and all of that.

        • Alison M says:

          I actuall think kissing your husband in front of a whole team of cameramen, sound men lighting men and a director would be more awkward. I think you have to remember that they were Kensi and Deeks and have been playing out this on-screen romance long before they became brother and sister-in-law. I think Eric Christian Olsen actually played cupid to get his co-star and brother together so she was kinda ‘his’ before she was his brothers anyway.

  3. This was a very good and heart warming episode because of the personal stories. I get it, CBS loves their guys all macho and un attached but they let go of the ‘lone wolf’ issue and gave these guys some love. I almost feared Joelle wouldn’t make it but I was relieved when she showed up. I was so glad to see Sam’s family especially the daughter and ofcourse Kensi and Deeks. Great episode.

  4. ndixit says:

    An NCIS: Los Angeles recap! Never seen this before. Anyways, it was nice to have a cheerful christmas ep after Castle’s turned out to be bittersweet. Tomorrow’s NCIS one seems to be more likely to sad from what I have read about the ep. Nice to see Densi together because it was starting to get painful the way they were dragging it out. More interestingly, it was pretty unexpected. I read Ruah in an interview recently where she said that she didn’t expect them to get together anytime soon. I guess that was a purposeful mislead.

    • GhostWolf says:

      Surprises still can happen – an actual recap for NCIS:LA. I don’t remember seeing one ever but a good episode to start with. Haven’t really been watching the show too much this season but this episode showed some good Densi scenes and Callen may still have a girlfriend after all that transpired (though, of course, she had to start with asking what his first name is of all things, one of those expected to be simple but an actually complicated thing).

  5. Rick Katze says:

    A perfect Christmas episode for the fans. After Nell/Eric and Kensi/Deeks, Callen/Jo had to come together and Sam’s gift was perfect.

    They teased these relationships for so long.

    In the past, Callen’s female friends seemed to be in the trade. It will be curious to see how this develops. I expect slowly. And, clearly, the first question was the logical one although one would have thought she would have previously asked it.

  6. 4theloveoffilm says:

    EVERYTHING. Everything about this episode was my favorite. Happy holidays all around for the characters. Romance blossoming (finally) for three couples to send my dorky little heart soaring. Interesting case. Some nice action. Some Hetty intimidation. Introduction to Sam’s son. Owen on the mend.

    I’M SO HAPPY! I don’t know what crazy shenanigans the writers will dream up for the second half of the season, but I shall at least savor this for a few weeks.

  7. op says:

    Yes. Even though this took forever deeks and kensi are finally together. I got all excited when they kissed. Get it get it deeks. Haha but that episode was awsome . Finally yes

    • M3rc Nate says:

      This took forever? No, forever is what happened on JAG, and whats still happening on NCIS. This was definitely a slow burn but they had the chemistry to pull it off, and im really happy the actually finally pulled the trigger. I was afraid this show would be like NCIS and JAG and never pull the trigger until the last episode or forced to cause the actor/actress was leaving.

      • ndixit says:

        There’s nothing still happening on NCIS. And I am really glad about that. The Tiva romance thing was just massively toxic from my pov. Densi is a lot easier to swallow because they don’t act like they hate each other half the time. I just hope Brennan knows how to handle it without going over the top.

    • Katherine215 says:

      It was what, 4 and a half seasons approximately? And technically they probably did get together last season and would have worked a lot of this stuff out then, if Daniela Ruah hadn’t gotten pregnant. I think they’ve moved pretty quickly for TV, since these things tend to drag out for eons on television.

  8. Kira says:

    LOVED this episode!!!! So glad Callen is finally getting some love. He’s had so many bad things happen to him. He definitely deserves some good in his life. Keeping my fingers crossed it works out!!! Seeing the whole Hanna family together was so sweet. Sam’s little girl gets cuter every time we see her. Hopefully we’ll get to know his son better. Granger is finally on his feet and his verbal sparring with Hetty didn’t miss a beat lol Those two never fail to keep me entertained. Did not expect Nell to invite Eric home but glad she did. Those two are adorable together!!! But the best part by far was Kensi and Deeks!!!! I have always been a fan of those two. Ecstatic they finally pulled the trigger :) Wish it would have happened sooner but between their torture experiences and Daniela Ruah’s pregnancy it made sense for them to wait. Both characters needed time to recover and deal with everything they had been through. Their conversation and kisses tonight were perfection!!! I may have rewound their scene once or twice lol Can’t wait to see what the rest of the season holds for all of them!!!!
    Thank you for the recap :) You guys are the best!!!

  9. M3rc Nate says:

    I really loved this episode. The case was a throw away (like most episodic cases are on 99% of episodic case shows IMO) but the interaction between all the characters (especially the romantic interactions) were FANTASTIC!

    I am so happy the NCIS: LA is pulling the trigger on their tease romances (Densi and Erik+Nell) and seeing Callen with his girlfriend was really quite awesome. I get this show isnt really about all that really, this isnt exactly the show to follow them home and show their regular life unless a case is somehow involved, but still, this episode was great. Was so afraid they would only ever tease like NCIS and JAG.

    I’m really curious to see how Densi is done from here on out…i hope they dont back peddle or have them break up in the finale or some thing like that. I get they will probably go through hard times and stuff be iffy but i really hope they realize they teased them for 6 seasons, and just got them officially together, they need to keep them together for the rest of the series. I’m curious to see if they have to officially say they are romantically involved to Hetty/NCIS, if there are consequences, how fast or slow their relationship goes etc.

  10. Ally says:

    Loved every minute of it. A Dollop of nice and cheery for Christmas with a pinch of action. Great to see a recap for NCISLA…next step trying to make it on the Hot Shows list

  11. Ashleigh says:

    the densi kiss!!! ahh

  12. bj says:

    This was definitely a cup of good cheer for me and one that satisfied all the shippers, I’m sure. I’ve actually watched it a few times already.

    I was so glad to finally meet Callen’s girlfriend. As someone else has already said, this poor guy deserves to be happy once in a while. Why should Sam be the only one to have it all.

    I also like the character of Jolene. I think she’ll fit in nicely (mainly in the background, but at least there’s a face to the name now.) Have fun explaining that name Callen. lol Maybe TPTB will let us all find it out soon.

    And thanks for the review, Matt. I was waiting anxiously to see if I could comment on this one too.

  13. Can’t decide which was my favorite moment…but glad this episode left me feeling all warm! Deeks and Kensi, all in, and kissed! Sam and his whole family together for Christmas. Callen gets a chance to know Joelle for real this time. Thank you, Shane Brennan and co. for this episode. Now bring on the 2nd half of the season. :-)

  14. ZivaSofia says:

    I was FREAKING OUT yesterday this is my OTP and i was screaming and i started to jump up and down then my friends started to yell at me to shut up but i just yelled ‘Densi came true Densi came true’ over and over again till i fell over.

  15. Katherine215 says:

    So glad there’s a recap! Thanks, TVLine. Great episode and lots of happy times for all the characters. I love when shows give fans episodes like this, where you get to see the characters all be happy for a few minutes, especially around the holidays. So happy Kensi and Deeks are finally giving it an official go! And Eric’s responses to Nell were super cute. Glad Callen is getting a chance for love and Sam seeing his son…awww.

  16. Jr Cole says:

    long waited with kensi and deeks but well worth the wait

    • perci owens says:

      What’s up with the ‘cancel reply’? You talking to me? I don’t use bad language and I don’t h Ave a sister in law. Did you mistake my comment for someone else, because I happen to feel the same way about trash talk? So, if you were talking to me, please reread any comments I’ve posted. If I’m mistaking, please excuse me. Thanks.

  17. Mike says:

    thanks for ncis la recap it was awesome but what happen to Scorpian recap it was on their best episode

  18. d says:

    Once again we see a strong female character diminished by pairing her romantically with the type of guy she can’t stand – but make her “powerless” to resist the jerk/player/bad boy/skirt chaser/etc. (pick the adjective) over any number of good, decent guys she comes across during the course of her travels. How many of us (both male and female) have heard women complain about “why do I always fall for the wrong type of guy?” Even in our entertainment (which is supposed to be a mini escape from life) a goofball could-get-laid-in-a-convent dude like the Dekes character with just the “right” amount of scruffy beard, surfer mentality, assumption (because there’s enough truth in it to bug the average guy) that all women will come around until he gets to “tap” them gets the great gal. Remember CSI Miami and the beautiful, bright & no nonsense lady who had no tolerance for half-a####, slacker, incompetents fell for a bad boy and then hooked up with the team screwup? I never watched that show again (even reruns) and the only reason I started to watch NCIS LA again (I quit last year when they hooked up) was because I found out they broke up the “romance.”

    Count me as a former viewer. I’m done with that show.

    • ndixit says:

      The fact that you group Deeks in the “incompetent, slacker, bad boy” category just tells me that you have no idea what you are talking about. You don’t like Deeks, fine! But don’t miscategorize him just for the sake of your argument. Kensi is no more competent than Deeks based on their actual accomplishments in the cases.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I agree. There has been nothing shown in any episode to make it correct to describe Deeks as a “jerk” or “player” or “bad boy” or even a “skirt chaser”…yes hes a ladys man but they’ve only ever implied hes one when under cover and how can he be those things and turn down Talia? Talia went after him hard and he was a great guy and turned her down (twice) because he loves Kensi.

        Deeks has been shown as nothing less than a jokester who uses his sense of humor as a guard, because of the bad stuff that has happened to him (his bad childhood, whatever happened with his last female partner, etc). He is a ladies man but its never implied he sleeps around or anything. Since day one he has been loyal and a great guy to Kensi, being there for her, it has in fact been her that has kept him at arms length.

        As for the “strong female character diminished by pairing her romantically with the bad guy”….WHAT?! lol. First off it doesn’t become sexist to show whatever they want to show, especially the very realistic scenario of a great woman falling for a “bad boy”…cause it happens in real life a LOT more than it should. However thats not the case here. They are both fairly broken characters, both have family issues (her father, his father, etc) and they are both strong but have guards up (his is comedy and hers is the classic shutting down). They are obviously good for each other, when she finally opens up and he opens up they are true partners in every sense of the word. You also must not have much experience with romantic connections because playing like you dont like someone when you really do is quite common. What Kensi has done up to Deeks for years is a classic defense mechanism and what she felt she needed to do to not fall for him and to not get with him. Remember she might seem strong, but shes actually quite broken, remember her fiancee walking out on her and disappearing? Dont you think that would shut her off to allowing to fall for a guy? Ummm ya

        Lastly, good riddance. If you think the extremely lovable and likable Deeks character is a “bad guy/jerk/player” then i have no idea how your brain works and you’re not right for this show.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I actually think it *improves* Kensi’s character that she is allowing herself to finally open up and love Deeks. Being strong isn’t shutting yourself off from people; it’s allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Really, M3rc Nate explains it wonderfully above.
      Sounds like you just got shot down by a hot girl and haven’t gotten over it yet.

    • that is truely a choice you can make. but i think you will be missing out on alot.everyone needs someone and it took them so many seasons befor they decided to do this. It is a great show on it’s own don’t throw away a chance to see it do so.

  19. Jamilla says:

    My favorite moment of episode “Himbug” was at the end where everybody got together and the moment between Deeks & Kensi

  20. kelly k says:

    Loved kensi & deeks moment, well worth the wait for the perfect couple

  21. perci owens says:

    Yes, I’ve been waiting an tire year for Kensi and Deeks to get this whole bold idea put together. I’m thinking that the show is going to be cancelled…what about you? I sure don’t get that. There’s so many good relationships going on. Hmmph.

  22. perci owens says:

    So many comments, can’t read them all now. (I’m very busy, you know.) But, it’s great that we all feel and believe in the same thing. Luvvvvv! More later as I’m able to take the time to read more comments.

  23. Marci says:

    The entire episode was great, and what a nice change to have a finale end on a high note for everyone, instead of a cliched and annoying cliffhanger.

  24. perci owens says:

    I can’t believe you have to ask.

    Hey, I didn’t catch Castle. What happened?

  25. The Daily Llama says:

    Best NCIS – Los Angeles episode – ever!

  26. DK says:

    Ok, 2 questions: 1) what happened to the teacher Sam & Michelle introduced Callen to at the end of last season? She had curly auburn hair. Is ths the same character but different actress? 2) didnt we go thru the Kensi & Deeks romance last season, & they broke it off cause Owen was on to them, warning if it were true, they could no longer work together?

  27. Steph Lunday says:

    i love Densi, for sure, but i was most happy with Nell and Eric and cant wait to see where that ends up. Plus Hetty grinning as the two walked out was great.

  28. that was the best episode ever. I can’t blieve they fnally had us believing that they are all going to be happy for a change. But we all know that might not happen. So for nw we are all in a happy place for the hollidays. MERRY CHISTMAS-HAPPY NEW YEAR& HAPPY HANECHA to all. Sorry if i miselled it but i do wish all a great holiday season

  29. evahannah4 says:

    All of it lol but especially the densi kiss I’ve waited five years for that moment and at my age five years is a long time

  30. Kensi&Deeks moments, Sam and Michele, with the family.glad of Nelly and Eric, also called and his future on NCIS LA

    • That was the best i have seen. I was so happy for the way it turned out and it was great to see Callen in hand to hand combat. I was really good to watch him in action more than just a second or two. I love NCIS LA and ARROW. I love action i guess. Good job everyone you didn’t let me down on the action and even threw in a little love sneak previews. THANK YOU

      • themasterjellybean says:

        If you like action, comedy and long, drawn-out relationships, you should try “Chuck.” It’s the perfect mix of all of them

  31. Irene Conaghan says:

    why have I not seen the last 2 episodes on sky tv

  32. I am hooked on 2 main shows. CBS-NCIS LA and CW- ARROW. Both had the best finale i have seed on tv. Both can keep the action going, as well as the human side of all the charactors. The only gripe i have on ARROW is that it isn’t in HD. And some areas aren’t able to view it. I even called the New York office one day to see if it would be in more areas and in HD and i was treated very rudely by whoever i was talking to with a very firm NO and they hung up. Must have been a bad day…lol. We all have them but it wasn’t very profesional for sure. But that won’t stop me from watching. I also love the new FLASH show that ARROW introduced. More for the younger people maybe more on the comedy side but very good.

  33. My favorite moment of the episode ” Humbug ” is when Kensi gives Deeks a speech about their thing and they decided to make it official and Deeks kiss her on the ice rink.

    • I liked the way the writers coupled everyone at the end. My favorite was when jo came to meet Callen and it was so hard to see Callen’s face drop when she said no and then so heartwarming when she said not until i meet you first.

  34. My favorite moment of the episode ” Humbug ” when Deeks kiss Kensi in the ice rink and they make their thing official.

  35. BW says:

    Can not believe that I am the only one to think Joelle is completely wrong for Callen and their being together is actually so out of character!

  36. Wilma Levine says:

    Kensi and Deeks, the BEST!!!