Vampire Diaries Midseason Finale Recap: Now You See Me...

Vampire Diaries Recap

‘Twas a bittersweet Christmas on Thursday’s Vampire Diaries midseason finale, full of backstabbing, arm stabbing and a devastating reveal that will change one fan-favorite character’s world forever.

Christmas came early for Kai, who was finally granted a face-to-face with his literal other half. And just as you’d expect from a reunion party planned by the “sociopathic Ryan Reynolds,” there were lots of fun party games, including Melt Liv’s Brain and Pin the Knife Into Jo’s Arm. It eventually became too much for Jo to handle, so Alaric’s girlfriend — yes, they DTR’d this week — was forced to reclaim her magic.

And while Damon and Alaric were able to restrain Kai for a hot minute, the skinny-jeaned monster figured out a way to suck up all the magic from the Travelers’ spell. Even worse, he put a cloaking spell on Elena, so when she tried to go over to Damon’s house and reveal that she still has feelings for him — my assumption, of course, based on their flirty phone talk — Damon couldn’t even see her!

Kai’s entering some dangerous territory. You’d think a guy who just joined Twitter would know that nothing good can come from messing with #Delena!

Vampire Diaries RecapHOLIDAY HEARTBREAK | As per usual, Stefan and Caroline began the hour at odds (“Why are you here?” she asked him… multiple times), but the mood quickly shifted when Sheriff Forbes was admitted to the hospital. It turns out she never told Caroline about her glioblastoma, which the doctors believe has now spread to her brain stem. The news was obviously devastating for Caroline to hear, sending her straight into Stefan’s arms for comfort. This wasn’t a romantic moment for Steroline, but she’s letting him be there for her as a friend, which is exactly what she needs right now.

TURNING TABLES | Matt and Jeremy spent the hour dealing with Enzo, though Jeremy’s beginning to worry that Matt’s letting his anger get the better of him. “It’ll get you killed,” Jeremy said, which is never something I want someone to ever say to Matt. Ever. Naturally, Jeremy’s little premonition started coming true when Enzo got the upper hand during and threw Matt in the back of his own van. Enzo claimed he’s going to use Matt to destroy Stefan’s happiness, but Stefan’s so not the person I’m worried about right now. #PrayersForMatt

Vampire Diaries RecapLET IT BURN | Meanwhile, back 1994, Bonnie had herself a crappy little Christmas, complete with a Charlie Brown-esque scene in which she dragged a lonely tree across an abandoned parking lot. It was beyond sad, but not as much as the follow-up scene, in which she and Jeremy pined for each other from a distance — an 18-year distance, to be more specific. That said, watching Bonnie walk away from the burning Christmas tree got me all kinds of excited for the “badass” she’s about to become.

DELENA’S DETOUR | On the #Delena front, the exes “spent the night” going over Alaric’s books to find anything they could about the Ascendant, and when Elena relayed the evening’s events to Caroline, she insisted it was purely platonic. But by the end of the hour, especially after watching the Forbes family fall to pieces, she had a change of heart. Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, Damon and Elena’s long-awaited romantic reunion will have to wait. (Damn you, Kai!)

TVD-ers, let’s get your thoughts on the midseason finale: Are you crushed over the news about Sheriff Forbes? Annoyed we didn’t get the Damon-Elena dinner? And on a scale of one to 10, how worried are you about Matt? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. D says:

    Is there a rule on TVD that no parents or parental figures are allowed? I get that it is a show about young adults but Tyler is an orphan, Elena/Jeremy double orphans, Matt/Bonnie essentially orphans, and now Caroline is on her way toward complete orphanhood. Obviously sheriff Forbes isn’t dead yet so there is still hope, but it does seem to be leaning towards the ridiculous.

    • Andy Swift says:

      It’s true… Caroline’s mom and Matt’s parents are the only “adults” left.

      • AnnieM says:

        Have we ever even seen Matt’s parents? I remember his Mom is a drunk or something.

      • Ari says:

        Pretty sure Matt’s dad has been MIA his entire life. I don’t remember him every mentioning a father. His mom is a drunk who basically disowned him. Matty was essentially an orphan long before any of the others.

        • DonnaMaMa says:

          yes it was always Matt and Vicki (she is in vampire heaven!), Mom came back for a bit but was useless, and yes she is a drunk

    • Skittles&Bits says:

      The lack of strong, capable adult figures is a staple of YA entertainment. “Special abilities” + no parental figure = oodles and oodles of drama and angst for the kiddies to go nuts about.

      • Guest says:

        Problem is: it renders it stale. The only real challenge young adults have is a strong patent figure, either to live up to or to be challenged by, without a parent figure (forget strong, the show just has no parents) there’s no obstacle for the characters to overcome

        • Pedro says:

          I disagree. If the parentes were there, they would protect the children. Imagine harry Potter had his parents never died.

    • anonomousaurus says:

      It happens in all cw shows. Every single one the parents of the main cast either die or leave and don’t com back

      • TVPeong says:

        I’m worried about Joe West in Flash. He is so good and helps to ground Barry, that I worry that they’re going to kill him soon.

        • Sasha says:

          Same, look what they did with Moira? The “adult” left is Malcom Merlin

          • BBussey says:

            Unlike the other CW shows, the protagonist in Arrow is not considered a “young adult” and the huge majority of the regular/recurring cast is of post-college age. Oliver, Laurel, Diggle, Lyla, Ray, Sara, Nyssa, Ted, Shado, Helena, McKenna, Carly are/were all in their late-20s or their 30s, and Felicity is 25. Only Roy and Thea are of college-age. Same for Flash, where all the regulars are 25 or older. Also, both parents of Laurel, Sara and Felicity are alive. Barry’s father and foster-father are alive, and Iris’ father is alive. The only college-age orphans on Arrow/Flash are Thea and Roy. Of note is that these are by far the top two CW shows this season.

    • Cas says:

      Well considering they really aren’t part of the story and the kids are in college to me it makes sense the parents aren’t around. I didn’t spend all my free time with my parents in college.

    • 221bsam says:

      What about Alaric, he came back & is human again too, presumably Matt’s Mum is out there somewhere as well..?

    • Mikey says:

      They’re all over 18 though they’re in college so why would they need adults and Elena is old enough to care for Jeremy so what’s the point of this comment. Matt has been taken care of himself for so long his mom used to just come and go whenever so that’s why he’s been independently living ever since the show started…

  2. Fran says:

    Is a Delena romantic reunion really long-awaited? I find both characters so much more enjoyable when they’re not together. Enzo’s obsession with Stefan is just bizarre and weird. I don’t get what his point is.

  3. christine says:

    This season has really turned around. It was beginning to look like we were going to get another retread of the Ol’ Damon-Elena-Stefan triangle which did not interest me at this point. I am glad to say the new directions and characters have paid off.

  4. Jane says:

    This was probably the worst episode of the series. I’m not sure any of these characters could get any dumber.

  5. Emily says:

    I find it funny that you felt compelled to say that the Steroline moment wasn’t a romantic one. Almost as if it’s obvious that Liz’s death is being manufactured purely to promote the Steroline relationship.
    I can’t believe that Caroline can’t even have her own mother die without it being all about her love life. Ridiculous.

    • morgan says:

      I know its ridic, the whole episode wasn´t about liz or caroline it was about stefan this and stefan that MAKES ME SICK having julie japper on about how this is carolines non romance storyline but when you break it down even her own mothers death is about stefan and his feelings!

  6. Holly says:

    I am not a fan of Delena or Steroline. Bring back Stelena. Damon is so freaking boring when he is in love. At the very least I would prefer him with Bonnie. Or Alaric, they have better chemistry.

    • Indie says:

      Wow Stelena shippers still exist?

      • Jessica says:

        Yes, we still exist. And we are many. A lot of us have stopped watching the show hence the severe dive in ratings. Dullena made this show crap.

      • 221bsam says:

        I think we need some people need to accept Stelena is dead & buried! Stefan was her high school boyfriend. Caroline Dries has even said very plainly, in clear English, human Elena was meant for Stefan, vampire Elena for Damon. If they turned Elena back into a human I guess they might go there but I don’t see it.

  7. suzie says:

    I CANNOT believe people are still talking about Stelena…WTF!?!? That ship sailed LONG time ago and it’s NEVER, EVER, EVER coming back. Puhleazze, stop the stupidity already! This episode was somewhat boring. I knew they will make the Delena reunion drag on for a few more episodes. It’d happen but this is getting boring…zzzz. Steroline? Hell no. Caroline deserves better than dumb ass Stefan who didn’t have a clue about her feelings. C’mon one has to be freaking blind!!! Enzo, Enzo, Enzo…dude you gotta find another hobby. That Stefan obsession doesn’t look good on you because it’s utterly unwarranted and ridiculous. I’m wishing you a new year full of better storylibes , cause that one is sucking ass. :-[

    • Lisa says:

      You know what other ship is about to sail away? TVD and I wish it would take all of you Delena fans with it. Bon voyage!

    • T. Hughes says:

      How rude. Who are you to tell viewers who they should and shouldn’t ship and that they are stupid because they have a shipper preference different from yours. According to ratings it appears not everyone is a Delena fan.

    • Dmac says:

      I can not believe you are so utterly rude. People ship who they ship and who are you to pass judgement. I agree they probably won’t get back together; but, if you think Elena and Damon are end game than you are sadly mistaken. How long do you think the network is going to let Dries continue with the Damon/Delena obsession. Ratings are in the tank, DVR’s are down and their ad buys are getting smaller every year. Someone at some point will step in and than it is bye bye Delena.

  8. M3rc Nate says:

    This episode was the epitome of Y.A. television. Starting in the biggest way with both bad guys being kept alive (to create “drama” and “tension” for a mid season finale). It makes NO sense that out of no where the blonde idiot guy wants to torture Enzo to death instead of just staking him, having years of experience telling him to never underestimate a enemy/vampire.

    Also, as i said last week, it is really ridiculous and unbelievable that Kai and Enzo are so hard to beat/kill. Per usual they are wearing STRONG plot armor (aka all the writing does create situations no matter how unrealistic or lucky to keep them alive until they actually want them dead). I got why Klaus was so hard to kill and his siblings, and why Silas was so hard to kill, and why Stefan and Daemon were unable to kill each other (back when they were enemies), but these two lame boring uncompelling bad guys? Please. If the writers were writing how things would REALLY happen, meaning they arent writing to keep Kai and Enzo alive for later episodes, in one or two episodes the entire group of good guys would hatch plans to kill them both. (Hell did you see how easy it was in this episode? They beat them both in minutes, but like my first paragraph says, plot armor protected them both from death).

    This is what happens when you pull the trigger too soon on the most powerful beings in the history of your universe on your show. Silas and the Originals are the biggest baddies of all and now we are left to these table scrap bad guys who are just lame uncompelling pretty-boys with mega plot armor.

    • J.B. says:

      ↑ this ↑

    • Josh says:

      The problem is the writers love their bad boys. Enzo will be good by end of season save for the occasional murder that will be forgiven cause he’s dreamy

    • Ari says:

      I will never ever get over the waste that was Silas. EVER. That whole storyline had all of the potential to be great instead they made it about an “epic” love triangle that was boring and over done seasons before it started.

  9. jerrired says:

    I definitely love to complain about TVD, but I was actually, sort of, kind of starting to like season 6. It was a huge improvement from season 4 and 5, which were horrible seasons. It has less Delena, the Bonnie storyline was pretty interesting, and Kai has just given me something to look forward to on this show. But I think this episode, and the next episode (from the promos) took a major step back…like 50 steps. Tyler and Liv were completely being selfish idiots, Bonnie was barely in it, Delena is basically reunited but who cares? And it looks like Liz will die to make Steroline happen. Endless eye rolls. And it also looks like Jo will “beat” Kai and absorb his powers, which makes no sense. I do like Jo, but I rather Kai stick around and terrorize people. I’m actually fine with Kai dying eventually (like the season finale/hopefully series one) because Klaus was really great and cool until he stuck around too long. Don’t want to see that happen to Kai. But at least let him die in a more epic, interesting way. He deserves a better death than this weird twin absorbtion thing.

    Also him hitting Elena at the end was the highlight of the whole episode.

  10. K. says:

    This season was going so well until this episode. Really a mom dying from a brain tumor…I wonder where they got that story from *cough* Buffy *cough* TVD writers you were finally coming into your own but you just had to rip off Buffy again.

  11. Jammy says:

    Please tell me “badass” includes growing her hair back…

  12. MommyCC says:

    Okay the whole Liz dying thing does not make any sense because didn’t Elena recently feed her blood to someone who was dying and her 10 second boyfriend was all paranoid because he didn’t no how she survived and that she had a medical condition that was now gone? But Caroline can’t give her mom blood and it wouldnt heal her? Just doesn’t make much sense. I swear they don’t think the past story lines threw when they write a episode. Like how they have vampire hearing and can hear for miles but yet Stephen can block Enzo’s hearing him with a milkshake being made! So stupid

    • AnnieM says:

      Exactly. Well, we knew the Continuity Train was derailed when Elena’s compelled memories didn’t return after Alaric was revamped; plus, she’s crossed the border on 2 separate occasions (granted, only for a minute, but still), and nada.

      • AnnieM says:

        Er, DEvamped. Stupid auto correct.

      • Baileigh says:

        If memory serves me correctly, they explained the absense of Elena’s memories returning following Ric’s “death” as he did not die as a vampire. When he crossed the border into Mystic Falls he literally reverted back into his last human state and even though he was near death and (subsquently saved by medical intervention) for all intents and purposes he was human. For the compulsion to wear off, Ric would have had to die as a vampire.

    • Baileigh says:

      I am not sure if this is an error in continuity where Sherriff Forbes’s cancer is concerned or if they are approaching it as her cancer is so widespread throughout her body that in a cellular level that vampire blood won’t be able to reach it let alone heal it. Now, if Sherriff Forbes were to die with vampire blood in her system would she come back as a vampire? Would she even want to complete the transition if Caroline forced her own blood down her mother’s throat? I am having a very difficult time beleiving that after what happened to her father, Caroline did not have the discussion with her mother about what she would want in the end. if she had the choice.

  13. g2-d1461c2f87dfb8efa443be782d3e6771 says:

    It seems like Stefan has been demoted to Matt Status which is the supporting friend role. Nina looks bored every scene. The Liv, Tyler and Jo show is boring and quite frankly I wish Kai would kill all three off of the show and than jump off a bridge and die. Alaric and Enzo only purpose is to look pretty and take up space. Jeremy has done nothing but drink, have sex and feel sorry for himself so he’s a bore as well. Damon showed growth but as soon as Delena is back on he will become annoying and obsessive and selfish. Poor Bonnie always gets the short end of the stick she’s always willing to give her life for these sorry people who are never willing to risk it all for her, if she only had a brain instead of being all heart. The only person who seems to truly care about her is Damon and Caroline when she’s not consumed with feeling sorry for herself because Stefan hasn’t returned her feelings. I get that this type of show targets a certain demographic but for the past couple of seasons it truly has started to feel like a teen show where the plot does not have to make any sense at all. At least in the beginning their was an actual story line and their was a degree of depth and emotion but now the show is flat. People who ship Delena want to blame their bad chemistry on the writers but truthfully its not just the writers they really have no on screen chemistry. Delena will continue to twist the knife until TVD is gasping for air its practically on life support as it is. The pairing is all wrong Carolina + Stefan romantically = wrong and better off as friends, Damon + Elena romantically = wrong and boring. Liv and Tyler romantically = wrong and snoring. Jo + Alaric = wrong and predictable. Jeremy + Bonnie = wrong and tried that already. I miss when the show was entertaining and their was actually a believable love story like Caroline and Tyler or Caroline and Klaus and Stefan and Elena. Just my opinion!

    • J.B. says:

      Though I agree with a lot of what you said, I have no problem with having Matt Davis stand around and be pretty. Yes it would be awesome if they would give Alaric a real storyline but I’ll take my moments where I can get them.

    • Cannot agree with you more, in my opinion no relationship build up on this show compares to Season 2 Caroline and Tyler, and then they ruined it as soon as season 3 happened! Tbh right now i kinda want Caroline with Enzo, its cute, in a weird crazy way, that he wants to hurt Stefan for hurting Caroline’s feelings!

    • Vampie says:

      You could not have said it better I agree with you. Although I do like Damon and Elena. I would hav eliked Caroline and Enzo or Carolien and Tyler like you mentioned it. But yes TVD had became a teen soap opera. The stories had became flat and lame. I miss the days where Tyler mom was there and even Klaus and Co. those days were goodwith character development, drama and even a bit action. Now is all about whining and yes I cant understand why Kat Graham still want to play Bonnie in the circusnmtances she has been since last season and this one . She really does not ahve a story, her story is always sacrificing for others and the person who has died many times. Why Kat like to still play that part under those conditions???

    • Lilly says:


  14. blessing sarah says:

    I really love 2 c delena. nd seroline 2geda nd good work guys

  15. Indie says:

    Damn you Kai for real..I was really waiting for the delena reunion. Its been long awaited and I love how they keep teasing their reunion, when it happens it is going to be epic.
    OK I find it really disgusting that they have to give Liz a terminal illness so as to bring Steroline closer.
    Ok I’m all for DE reunion BUT there better be a good reason why Kai attacked and kidnapped Elena, and hopefully it’s not to portray her as a victim who needs to be rescued yet again.
    I can’t get enough of Enzo, and if it comes down to Matt vs Enzo, for me it will be Enzo all the way, BUT i just don’t understand his feud with Stefan, is this all about Caroline or the fact that Stefan kinda had a ‘hand’ in Enzo’s earlier demise.
    Then come the witches…Liv is so selfish and annoying. Bless Lucas’ good heart, he is willing to merge so as to save the coven and other innocents. The only intriguing thing about this storyline is Kai.

    • I think its a bit of both, it started off he hated Stefan for killing him, and then he kinda seemed to get feelings for caroline and hes like why does she like this sap, wait hes hurting her now i want to hurt him more, its quite funny really

    • Baileigh says:

      Enzo’s fued with Stefan comes down to one man…Damon. Enzo sees himself as Damon’s true brother and I am begining to wonder if he isn’t becoming emotional unstable enough to actually cross that line and attempt to kill Stefan to accomplish his goal and take Stefan’s place in Damon’s life. Enzo can use Caroline as an excuse to hide his true feelings, but he has to know that hurting Stefan in any way will not grant him favor with Caroline. Obviously, TPTB are building up to some sort of confrontation between Enzo and Stefan and I’ll be curious to see which side Damon supports, if any.

      • DonnaMaMa says:

        Isn’t Paul’s contract up at the end of this season, maybe he wants off and they are keeping Enzo around to accomplish this??

  16. May10 says:

    Finally not everything is about elena! It’s a christmas miracle! Btw, they should just forget about the whole delena thing. Damon is so much better on his own. Elena just turns people into her own little groupies, it’s so annoying

  17. R says:

    What a shock…the writers create yet another way to keep Elena and Damon apart. It is so freaking dumb and yawn-worthy. This is what it’s going to be like. They don’t know what else to do with these two. Enough of them already!! And on the flip side….Bonnie is given the shaft, yet again.

  18. Letti says:

    The only way to save TVD is to turn it into a horror show and murder all main characters (maybe except Stefan and Bonnie. But I guess poor mistreated Paul and Kat would love a proper death scene. xD)

  19. Vampie says:

    Like someone said TVD had become a teen soap opera between Damon and Elena, Caroline and Stefan, Bonnie always being the victim. Enzo on a killing spree and had been under used this season after all the big buzz that he will become a regular and now the only thing he has done so far is murdering people and that is all he has done.

    I ask myself why Kat Graham signed to keep playing a character that always end up being the victim and it is alwyas dying please relieve her from that already, she always sacrifices herlserf for others how the actress can put up with that character Then Jeremy performacen this season so far had been terrible, just a grieving guy since Ep 1. Stop with that. too. Make him like the Jeremy we used to know in previous seasons.

    I mean I like Delena I cant deny that but I dont know why the pressure of getting Damon and Elena back together so soon. Whats up with that? Make time for that to happen, easy on that. Damon needs to win Elena back. Put htem in difficult situation where their love is really tested.

    Caroline and Stefan I dont like that. It is obvious Caroline always like Stefan since like 2 seasons ago but Stefan care for her as a friend never as a woman but enough with Carolien and his problems with guys she needs a different storyline and forget about boys once and for all. Why cant she be single is that not allowed in TVD? I wonder
    I just like Ric and Kai so far and a bit of Tyler/

    TVD i fell in love with is gone. I believe ti started like that the moment Klaus and Co. left the show.

    Now evertything is abotu saving Elena or Bonnie or Stefan etc etc. I bet this season will be the last one or the next one is the last one.

  20. DonnaMaMa says:

    there is no mention of Alaric becoming a vampire again, is this true? I have not seen this episode yet

  21. ca says:

    The storyline is a repeat of the past season. Damon and Stephen rescuing elena. It is now going backward!

  22. Daisy says:

    This show is clearly going backwards on their stories and characters. Everything is silly, dumb, not realistic and there is not action anymore .The show is like slowly going to their doomsday, maybe next season? If the writers or JP does not know what to do with the stories and characters anymore, CW better cancel the show. I mean everyhing is so lame this season and last seson was awful. WHat is going on? TVD was not a show like that. What happened? But of coruse if you ask this question ot he actors themselves they will say totally the opposite and they will say ohh this season is just been great and wonderful. Dont they see or read that the show is no fun anymore and viewers are saying that?

  23. Jess says:

    I hated that they essentially made Liz’s cancer revelation about Stefan and (not so subtly) about Steroline. As someone else mentioned, this is a devastating moment for both Liz and Caroline and both characters felt like distant focal points, with Stefan and his desire to “fix” his relationship with Caroline featuring more heavily. That, along with the shot of Caroline holding her mother’s hand in one hand and that random snow globe in the other, truly and honestly skeeved me out. I don’t think it was intentional to make this look so cheap, but this storyline doesn’t seem to have been thought out very well. It’s like…I understand that they badly want Steroline and okay, whatever. I’m not a fan, but I could have dealt with it eventually, but to hit us in the face with it using a storyline that should rightfully revolve around Liz and Caroline? No. That’s just WHACK.

  24. 221bsam says:

    Just throwing this out there, I’m not the only person who’s an ‘adult’ who watches & loves TVD am I? starting to get a complex ;)
    Can I just say, some of you are really smart, the whole episode I was thinking; why can’t Caroline just cure her Mum? but yes, you’re right, the vampire blood gets metabolised/absorbed by humans & so, of course disease wouldn’t be helped by it. Do we think Caroline will want to turn her Mum? that would be really harsh for her if her Mum decided rather to die too when her Dad wouldn’t complete his transition & chose death. I read somewhere that Caroline will turn off her humanity this season, I could see Sherriff Forbes’ death as the catalyst, I wonder if (no humanity) Caroline would hook up with Damon again, not that I want it, I love Delena but, if they’re determined to keep them apart, stranger things have happened in Mystic Falls. I’m so relieved to read today about Bonnie & Damon being a red herring (IGN) I didn’t see that being at all popular with the majority of fans plus, it made no sense! Damon has loved one woman in 173 years also; not exactly a nun ;) he’s hardly just going to get with Bonnie. Not to mention, Bonnie has listened to Damon talk about Elena for four months (his own admission) so if they “hookup” as you Americans like to put it, she’s going to know she’s just being used, I think Bonnie’s smarter then that, even traumatised Bonnie. I actually don’t mind this Delena story line, this to me feels like really falling in love, season 4 they found each other but was it a lot of lust & not much else? him telling her he’s listening & offering to cook her dinner, those are boyfriend qualities right there. Can we just mention how bloody evil the people who edited that promo are? talk about false optimism, I somehow knew it wasn’t going to be plain sailing, as much as I’d love a miseltoe kiss. What I do hope is, the rumours aren’t true & Ian & Nina don’t want to do romantic scenes together anymore, I know they split up a while ago & they are both professionals but, if she is feeling regrets, can you imagine how hard that would be to see him every day? I don’t care about their personal lives persé I just hate to think two people who seem to be as kind & awesome as the two of them are being miserable on set. Feeling trapped & hating your job sucks! I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I’m not really that invested in the Steroline either way, Bonnie either I’m afraid, don’t hate me but to me she’s just been ‘the witch’ they use whenever they need to cast a spell (sorry Bon Bon) I’m very curious as to why Enzo has decided he hates Stefan so much, if he goes for him he’ll lose Damon, he must know that. The two brothers are more solid then ever, does that mean Damon is going to have to kill Enzo? someone has said it here as well, I kinda wish they’d given Liz something other then a brain tumour (BTVS) but I was surprised how much I felt for Caroline, her crying in Stefan’s arms was really quite sad. To see a human die (possibly even stay dead) a human death though is a change of pace.

    • 221bsam says:

      PS points to the writers for Kai absorbing the magic from the traveler’s spell, I did not see that coming at all, that was clever!

  25. Lilly says:

    sigh am i the only one that remembers the perfectness that was Klaroline ???? i mean that was great and now he’s in new orleans with some dumb show with a replacement caroline (aka cami) seriously the originals were THE BEST thing to happen to this show, come on, Kai??? He is just annoying and there is no way any character development like there was for Klaus, Elijah, Finn, Kol, Rebekah. anyway klaroline was amazing and the only interesting thing really since elena FINALLY stopped being so dramatic (for like 1/2 an episode) also why is that no one is single except for matt??? stefan and caroline are better as friends, honestly their going to be a couple so theres no point, but its just gonna cause drama and not interesting drama.

    the thing with caroline’s mom was interesting, I can’t decide if she’s gonna flip the switch or not. i feel like if she does it could go two ways: ripper caroline (predictable but also cool to see caroline killing people bc lets be honest, thats what we all want right? innocent people murdered by teenage girls in dresses??) or some sort of mean girl/depressed caroline who goes around kissing people (fingers crossed for a originals crossover with KLAUS) and that basically kicks stefan around and becomes a bad ass who doesn’t kill people still which would make her even more amazing

    whatever, caroline is the only interesting character left besides Enzo, which is obviously going to be killed soon. elena has never been the slightest bit interesting (hmm boys magically fall in love with her??? stefan, damon, that one human kid that was an intern, matt) and also is a dead end because what can she do thats interesting anymore (flipped the switch? check. fallen in and out of love with brothers? check. became a vampire? check. erased memories of her love? check. become a drug addict, albeit a brief one? check. parents died? check. brother tried to kill her? check.)

    ok, im done but hmu if you remeber klaroline and how perfect they were

  26. zed says:

    It was priceless seeing Damon slamming the door on Elena! So symbolic!

  27. stella says:

    Vampire diaries is getting sooooo boring it’s just the same story, god forbid they should actually kill a character off or Eleana make up her mind about who she wants to be with without putting us through the same old stupid dance…i was once a big fan too but honestly it feels like the writers cant be bothered