Golden Globes 2015: The 40 Biggest Snubs — Amy Poehler, Matt Czuchry, Hannibal, Mindy and More!

For every delightful surprise of Thursday morning’s 2015 Golden Globe nominations, there was a painful counterpunch — the shard of glass in the Caesar salad, so to speak.

So, while we’re certainly stoked about some fresh blood in the list of TV contenders — Gina Rodriguez! Clive Owen! Transparent! — there are still some omissions that left us shaking a fist in the direction of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and screaming “Whyyyyy?!”

(Yes, the Globes finally gaveth to Tatiana Maslany last year, and now they’ve takethed away. Sigh.)

We’ve collected 40 of the biggest snubs in the gallery below — so click through to help work through your complicated Globes-related emotions.

When you’re done, tell us where we got it right, where we misfired and which names you’d add to the list!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jon88 says:

    Folks, you’ve got to make up your mind. If the GGs aren’t to be taken seriously (as demonstrated in practically all critical coverage), then why waste the energy getting upset about the “snubs”?

    • DW says:

      You make a good point. While it’s good to see deserving people recognized for their work these nominations can be crazy. The biggest “snub” here has to be not nominating Matt Czuchry. His story arc has carried The Good Wife so far this year and he has been beyond amazing and praised by viewers and critics alike. I think Alan Cumming deserves all the awards he can get but his character has not had the impact of Czuchry’s this year. Czuchry should have been a no-brainer but as we see over again people and shows like Downton Abbey get nominated over and over again for no apparent reason.

      • Lucy says:

        I’ve nothing against Alan Cumming, but there’s now way he deserved that nom “more” than Matt Czuchry. Not this year. Awards should reward performance and in that case they just chose an “awards veteran” over a newbie just because their names not because their performances or storyarcs. Matt Czuchry is not part of the “club”. That’s all. And in that sense those awards are a joke.

  2. Megan says:

    How about Outlander? Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are great in their roles!

  3. Amanda says:

    I don’t watch 90% of the shows that have either been snubbed, or that feature actors that have been snubbed. Plus, some of these people, like the guy from Big Bang-(which I do like), and Mindy actress, I have seen win rewards year after year and I am sick of not seeing fresh blood. So I am fine with the list, considering my favorite shows, and actors are hardly ever recognized: Criminal Minds,(the show & the cast), Castle, The Originals, (the show & the cast), Forever,Gotham, The Blacklist-(my all time favorite show), and Penny Dreadful-one of the best new shows ever. Thanks for putting that on the list.

    • DL says:

      James Spader did receive a nom for The Blacklist though (deservedly so).

    • Veronica says:

      Far from winning “year after year,” Mindy Kaling has never been nominated for a major acting award, if that’s who you mean, only things like Television Critics Association, Image Award, etc. That’s why her non-nomination is discussed. That said, I agree there is too much discussion of “snubs.” Obviously, with only 5 slots per category, some good performances will go unrecognized.

    • S.Orms says:

      TV Guide voted Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic favorite couple. What happened? They aren’t even on GG’s list. Same with some other favorites too.

      • S. says:

        The Golden Globes are a small group of foreign “journalists” who get wined and dined and who keep out of their little club people from media outlets you’ve actually heard of as opposed to, I dunno, the Pamplona Penny Saver. It’s an opportunity for a drunken, glamorous party that occasionally gets it right and so the charade of taking it seriously continues. TV Guide’s thing is fan voted and Fillion/Katic are on a show which isn’t taken seriously as something arty so there’s snobbery even in the face of moving performances (both actors can work up a good cry with the best of them but it’s a crime procedural with a sense of humor, not The Wire). Castle also isn’t firmly enough a comedy or drama to stack up against shows like Breaking Bad or Modern Family. At least they got Emmy noms back in the day, but they probably won’t now unless it’s a tech category. The GGs are probably a no go.

    • Abby says:

      I’m curious where and when Mindy Kaling is winning awards year after year?

    • I honestly don’t think we can call Jim Parsons a snub at this point. He’s got enough gold for Scrooge McDuck to swim in already and it’s not like what he was already rewarded for has changed or brought us anything new that we haven’t already seen every year. He’s great, but there are many that are far more deserving (especially when he gets put in the lead category instead of supporting).

  4. Pam says:

    Matt Czuchry was snubbed by the show for 5 ys so no surprise those people think they are entitled to do the same. It’s completely unfair.

  5. dragons3 says:

    You left out Matthew McConaughey for “True Detective”.

  6. Veronica says:

    I really don’t think it is possible for there to be 40 “snubs.” These are simply good performances that weren’t recognized this year. With 40, even if all the spots were filled with snubbed people, there would still be snubs.

    • Donnarie2 says:

      My thoughts exactly. If these are snubs, tell us who on the list is nominees is undeserving. I’m sure there’s a few. But 40 that you can take off and replace with these? Don’t think so. There’s only so many slots available.

  7. Alicia says:

    I don’t watch as many cable shows as I do network. I know many of those are great, but I think many of the network shows & actors don’t get the recognition they deserve. I don’t know how they could make that happen without making the awards shows way too long…maybe just double the nominations? I believe some of the writing & acting is top notch even with network versus cable limitations. Clearly they see it in The Good Wife & wow to Jane! I’m just not sure why they don’t recognize it in shows like Parenthood & such. I watch a mix but still haven’t seen many of the nominated shows. I still watch & love shows like Grey’s, Scandal, HTGAWM, Chicago Fire & PD, Nashville, About a Boy, Modern Family & OUAT. I think Tea Leoni has been awesome in Madam Secretary. I do love The Americans, Bates Motel, OITNB & House of Cards though. It’s all just my opinion & preference though. :)

  8. TVPeong says:

    John Cho is so good in Selfie

  9. Courtney says:

    Masters of Sex, Lizzy Caplan & Michael Sheen. I liked that you included Annaleigh Ashford! I cannot understand how there wasn’t one nomination for this show. The acting is fantastic, just look at the episode Fight to know that!

  10. Amber says:

    Yeah, there were definitely a few snubs. That said, there are some snubs that are over-looked by everyone because they aren’t part of the “in” crowd. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Downton Abbey and actually feel it deserves the nominations. BUT, I also think Call the Midwife deserves some recognition. Some of the performances on that show deserve nominations, but they’ll never get any…Oh and where’s Outlander? That’s the most obvious, biggest snub of all!

  11. kd83954 says:

    Two that stand out: Brooklyn Nine Nine and The Mindy Project. The former especially since it won the GG last year.

    • Mary says:

      I’m shocked about both of those. They have been beyond brilliant this year. And like you said brooklyn won last year. I would also say veep is surprising too.

  12. Morgan says:

    A nomination for Sons of Anarchy would have been a “well you’re over and you lasted seven years and for a lot of that you were excellent” nomination. This year, it simply wasn’t good.

  13. In seven years Sons of Anarchy has never been nominated (except for stunt work… really???) I know this show is not for everyone but it was a very well written, dynamically portrayed show and totally deserves recognition!!!!! This has been the biggest snub for the past seven years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • buttercupp85 says:

      Agreed. I can’t think of another quality show that has been snubbed as much (pretty much completely). At least all these other shows, the show has been recognized before. It probably is in my top 5 shows ever. But am I right that we have one year to stupidly hope for it to get recognized? Doesn’t golden globes only cover through season 6? I know this past season has not been as popular (I’m chalking that up to a really dark and tragic season), but you cannot deny that the acting this season has been some of the best ever. So still hoping it gets some recognition.

      • Christian says:

        Unlike the Emmys, who go by June 1 – May 31, the GG go by calendar so this is for s7 and since SoA won’t air any episodes in 2015, this was their last shot.

  14. Iakovos says:

    With so many more movies, shows, and performances to consider, you are going to have more disappointments or snubs (though really do not think ‘snub’ it the best word as there surely is no intentional slight or malice aforethought). And people… it’s the Golden globes! Who made this small body of foreign journalists the chief arbiter of awards?

  15. angelwings1 says:

    It is exceedingly sad that Charlie Hunnam wax once again snubbed by the Golden Globes. He turned in a consistently exceptional performance throughout the entire final season of Sons Of Anarchy. But his work in the final four episodes was nothing short of phenomenal.

  16. Lore says:

    The big bang theory??? really??? REALLY???

  17. First of all its all political. The Walking Dead has 15 million viewers! Bones never gets any awards. I think they will get the hint when people stop watching. There is no one really up for an award I care to see.

    • EJ386 says:

      Bones is an okay show, but nowhere near as good as many others. It is however easy to watch and doesn’t require that you keep up with a storyline…

  18. Charlotte Hannah Wilkinson says:

    Parenthood has never been nominated for anything, except once Monica Potter got nominated. Its some of the best writing and acting on TV — and its about to be done for good in January. They deserve some recognition before its too late. Ive only seen a few eps of The Good Wife this season, but definitely agree about Matt Czuchry’s “snub”.

  19. Lucy says:

    Alan Cumming over Matt Czuchry? That wasn’t a snub. More a slap on the face for Matt Czuchry. Their way to say “Hey, boy, no matter how good you did, NAME always wins over merits”.

  20. Et al says:

    Enough with Claire Danes and that Juliana Marguwhatever. They’ve had enough recognition.

  21. Bonesfan47 says:

    I’m so tired of seeing the same people win year in and year out I would really love to see other people who work just as hard and deserve the recognition just as much if not more than the ones who always win. How a show can have so many seasons and not once get a nomination I will never understand yet that happens all the time to a lot of shows. I also dislike that procedural shows aren’t seen in the same way as other shows are when the actors and writers are just as good and sometimes even better than the ones in the non procedural shows that always get nominations. Emily Deschanel has made laugh and cry way more times than the people who are always nominated and winning the awards same can be said with Stana Katic. Would really love to see these shows get at least nominated.

  22. Court says:

    1. The actors from Sons of Anarchy, yes. The show its self? Absolutely not.
    2. No to Parenthood, in my opinion.
    3. YES(!) to Walton Goggins.
    4. Yes to Tatiana Maslany.
    5. The Middle & it’s cast should be on this list.

  23. Luli says:

    Tatiana Maslany. Every damn time. She and the show don’t get enough credit, they deserve so much more.

  24. Lana says:

    Please stop with the Bellamy Young outrage. She doesn’t get nominated because teeth gritting, deep voice, and big hair are only great on RuPaul’s Drag Race. It isn’t the awards TV Line…it’s you.

  25. Kaylie says:

    I whole heartedly agree with Bellamy Young from Scandal. She has literally put in one heck of a performance over the last 3 seasons and so far this season as First Lady Mellie Grant and she continues to be my one of my favourite characters on tv because you can love her and hate her all in one scene and that has to be a huge credit to Bellamy on her acting. There are not too many other characters who i have this feeling towards. I think she for sure should have been nominated along with the show itself. Shonda Rhimes continues to create these amazing shows that dont seem to get recognized (except obviously Viola Davis has been nominated and so she should be shes amazing as Annalise Keating on HTGAWM).

  26. Christine says:

    The same damn names every year..Homeland, Girls and TGW need to take a break, they are not that great much more deserving shows out there, SoA, Blacklist, Masters of Sex, Shameless.
    Jane the Virgin really??? over TBBT and Brooklyn 99
    Allison Janney and Louie CK are so overrated..

  27. schu says:

    Parenthood! :( Except when I look at all these it’s literally impossible to narrow any of the categories down, when you look at the big scope that’s on TV these days it’s pretty remarkable. I take this years noms with a grain of salt, there’s just so much good TV out there now.

  28. JM says:

    I agree with so many of the snubs mentioned, but I will single out one.

    Walton Goggins. Brilliant in The Shield, Sons of Anarchy, and Justified and yet, no recognitions whatsoever. I don’t know what more he can do. Simply mystifying.

  29. Laura Markl says:

    Do not watch any of the shows you mentitioned. So they are not snubs to me.

  30. Erica says:

    Absolutely agree, Bellamy Young was snubbed!

  31. Mare says:

    Jensen Ackles in Supernatural. He’s consistently amazing. And this season he’s actually had a story of his own to star in as Dean struggles with the Mark of Cain.

  32. Connie says:

    Emmy Rossum rocked last season! Definitely deserved a nomination.

  33. Theresa says:

    Bellamy Young Kerry Washinton got robbed..No Modern Family or Walking Dead,Julia Roberts decor the Normel heart

  34. Cherry says:

    The only Awards worthy performance on Hannibal is Mads Mikkelsen. Hugh Dancy hasn’t been snobbed, he’s just a terrible actor who overact every single scene, it was even more blatant in Season 2. Acting against Mads Mikkelsen doesn’t help either.