Photos: Once Upon a Time's Winter Finale Lets Frozen Go, Lets It Go

Once Upon a Time will bid adieu to Elsa, Anna and Kristoff this Sunday in its winter finale — but if things get misty, remember: Conceal, don’t feel!

In the episode “Heroes and Villains,” Storybrooke picks up the pieces in the wake of the Snow Queen’s “visit,” leading Regina to make a difficult choice. Meanwhile, Hook’s fate hangs in the balance as Gold’s quest for power threatens everything he holds dearie.

Then, setting the stage for Season 4B, an Enchanted Forest flashback to an intrusion during Belle’s stay at Rumplestiltskin’s dark castle will wreak havoc in both the past and the future.

Check out the updated slideshow below, after you vote on the Frozen arc as a whole.

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  1. Missy Kelly says:

    It seemed more product placement than Storybrooke tale

    • Mara says:

      Thank you. It felt completely forced and the connections to the Storybrooke characters felt like serious reaching. I’m more than happy to see it end.

    • Mike Q says:

      Writing has never been the strong point of this show. But the Frozen arc was written by same manatees that write Family Guy. None of the characters’ actions were internally consistent, everything felt forced, and I couldn’t care less for any of the Frozen gang. Just awful.

    • lyria says:

      I completely agree. How much more interesting a storyline would this have been with just the Snow Queen trying to join her powers with Emma and Regina, forcing them to actually deal with their problems already, instead of just collecting blonde magic users? There’s been way too little focus on the main characters in favor of Anna and Elsa. I liked the movie, but this was way too much.

      • meresger says:

        This! And all of the above. Add in Fantasia and Lady and the Tramp and it’s basically an 11 episode Disney infomercial. All of the OUAT characters were altered in nonsensical ways to fit in with Frozen. Both David and Belle got terrible augmentations of their back-stories that contradicted Season 1 canon about David learning to use a sword and why Belle went with Rumple. Just terrible. And worst of all? Elsa only learns “self love” right before she had to save Emma? Um. No. The only way the obvious parallel between that episode and the movie makes any sense if Elsa learned that at end of the movie and THAT is how she got the immediate point of using magic for family fun times. The shows has contradicted itself AND Frozen for this bad fan fiction. I can’t for Frozen 2 to unmake this mess!

  2. Bruce_F says:

    Anna was fantastic, Elsa was okay, and Sven had more personality than Kristoff. It was an altogether decent arc. It was the B stories that needed more work.

    • Darla says:

      I wish we could keep Anna, she was a breath of fresh air in the series and made the whole Frozen arc/takeover bearable.

      • G. says:

        That’s true. Anna was written pretty spot-on and the actress’ portrayal was very enjoyable. I’d not mind if she stuck around … not sure how the same writers could write an equally interesting character — Kristoff — so blandly. He was pretty but yawn-inducing.

    • Marshall says:

      I didn’t know there was a movie so I enjoyed it. It was nice to get away from the same old nonsense and spinning wheels of the regular cast for awhile. Anna was a doll! Snow Queen was hot! Elsa was okay, a bit boring. I was impressed with the likenesses from what I have see of the movie stills. I think its time for the show to get dark and nasty from here on out.

      • I love the Once Upon A Time Winter Finale. I wish OUAT would tell what happened to Elsa/Anna when they return home. Did they got their country from the force of evil. I was so happy that Belle finally saw that Gold love only power and himself. I can’t wait to see what happened when the queen of darkness team-up with Gold when the OUAT return in March 1,2015.

  3. Heather says:

    I loved the Frozen arc and am bummed to see it end.

  4. Pia says:

    FINALLY. It added nothing to the show.

  5. Addie says:

    It’s sad that Emma is losing her friend though- it was nice that she had someone who didn’t end up being her mother, wasn’t already friends with her parents and understood her powers and whatnot.

  6. I’m not really sure it was enough to sustain the entire 11 episodes. It seemed stretched and yet the resolution felt rushed. The story built up to the Shattered Sight spell and hardly any payoff from it. A mini-arc would have suited the Frozen story better, IMO, and then have more room for the regular characters in the following episodes. 11 episodes on Frozen with soooo many characters from that franchise (and the Snow Queen) was just way too much. I felt like a few of the regular Once characters were like guests on their own show… especially Rumple, Belle, and Henry…

    • True. For all the potential awesomeness of the Shattered Sight curse, it was over way too fast, and amounted to about 8 extras and tertiary characters rolling around in the street — mostly the dwarves and Granny.

      • Mara says:

        It was just as abrupt and hard to believe as the entire story arc to be honest. Why couldn’t we get some juicy revelations via the curse from different characters? Things that could set up future storylines and conflicts? There was so much potential and it was an afterthought after the Snow Queen saw the letter and just like that, she dies happy. If you’re going to force a storyline, at least make it worth something to the rest of the show.

      • Jake says:

        LOL – accurate, but funny nonetheless

  7. Drew says:

    OUaT is just an infomercial, same as Agents of SHIELD. It started out interesting enough, but it fell apart pretty early on. Graham dying was the first sign of the end and then ending the curse and bringing fairy tales to the streets of our modern world just never worked for me. I preferred it when the show had modern world characters who were versions of their fairy tale selves without the actual memories and crazy magic. That should have been kept to the flashbacks.

    • Anesu says:

      AOS is becoming its own thing now, especially with the inhumans story , its a whole other show. Once has changed too but lm glad we already went through the awful parts of season 2 because l dont think the show will be that bad again, season 4 first half had issues but it was still far better than the neverland arc which stunk as an arc but had good episodes.
      The Snow Queens death made complete sense, it was sad.

  8. chaouad says:

    i think it was cool !

    i can’t wait for Maleficent !!!!!!

  9. Hayley says:

    Man, Once is gonna go back to being lame without the Frozen cast. They were so good, the actors, the plot, the chemistry: everything. So going to miss them :/

  10. Catarina says:

    I’m just about ready to let Once go altogether. Season 1 was great, although the ending felt rushed, but it just went downhill from there. The plot holes are swallowing the story. Some episodes I can’t stop rolling my eyes.

    • Paul says:

      ITA S1 was great. It fell apart for me when they brought Neal in and it went downhill from there. I hated the Pan arc and the Zelena arc [which was swiss cheese plot wise] and Frozen wasn’t awful, just boring. I’d like to see Ruby get a life and love of her own, more between Nova and Grumpy, Henry and Grace/Paige [he’s with grown ups all of the time]. Instead of hauling in yet another villain from outside [Storybrooke had better think about adding some housing] let us see more S1 characters. I want to see Geppetto and Pinocchio etc.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Finally, this stupid thing is over! I am so damn sick of all things “Frozen” and almost quit OUAT because of it. I hope to never have to listen to Elsa and the Ice Queen’s “oh, poor me” whining and pouting again. They are clearly related, they both only have one facial expression and every thing has been about them from day one. I have tried to like something about Elizabeth Mitchell on everything I’ve seen her in but I can’t, I do not see why every show on the planet wants her. Maybe it has something to do with that one singular seemingly botoxed facial expression. And don’t even get me started on how the show suddenly decided to wrap this Ice Queen mess up, with a letter? Seriously? Bring it on, Cruella!

    • Addie says:

      Wow Jennifer, I hope you don’t get fired for this!

    • Paul says:

      Right there with you, Jennifer. I don’t get the love for EM either. She has that same icy control aura as old Hollywood stars such as Joan Fontaine and Rhonda Fleming. I’m studying film, so have seen a lot of old films and EM has that same emotionless air as those stick figures from the 50s.

      • Jennifer says:

        She’s just so damn boring in anything I’ve ever seen her in. I used to dvr Revolution watch it in about 23 minutes or so depending on how much of it she was in. And even though I did watch last few episodes, thankfully I quit Lost before she appeared, Sawyer deserved so much better.

  12. Dylan says:

    I enjoyed the Frozen arc but, it seems a bit odd that no mention of “going home” (again) was mentioned. You you think that at least a few of the characters (the ones with reason to get home) would have mentioned this. It should be intresting to see how the next story arc begins…

  13. Tiffany says:

    I loved the Frozen arc. I especially loved the actresses playing Anna and Elsa. Elizabeth Lail and Georgina Haig did an amazing job. They going to be big stars. Elizabeth Lail should be voted Breakout Star of the Year. I hate my have to leave. I hope Disney Studio will let them use them again. PLEASE.

  14. JC1 says:

    I’m not necessarily sorry that this arc is over with, but I’ll be sorry to see the Frozen characters go, since I ended up liking them more than most of the regulars. This show is starting to strain my patience in a few areas. And nothing I’ve heard yet about Season 4B has me all that excited. :(

  15. Ginger Snap says:

    I want to see Rumple, Regina, Snow, and Charming break out in their very best rendition of Let It Go.

    Let it go. Let it go.

    Now can we get back to OUAT?

  16. EJ386 says:

    Does anyone know where SMF will show up next? Is he going back to Chasing Life?

  17. Luli says:

    I’m going to miss the Frozen characters, especially Anna, she is hilarious and the actor’s portrayal is spot on…. Maybe they can come back one day? Sad they have to leave.

  18. James says:

    Yay. I hated this Frozen arc. It made me long for the days of Peter Pan.

  19. Gail says:

    I read that Robin will make his choice between Marion and Regina on this week’s episode.
    Perhaps Regina will find two versions of the storybook page about what Robin does and Regina decides to put the version where he stays with Marian in the book. That would show growth on Regina’s part and be a good end to this story line.

  20. gloria says:

    hook and emme need to be in MORE scene’s together

  21. gloria says:

    i want to know where Emma got her last name from

  22. I got a feeling that Gold will lose everything that he wanted. It will be interested to see how Gold will try to used the queen of darkness for his own used.

  23. Renato says:

    As a Disney Fan, I enjoyed the storyline of OUAT it was like a part 2 of Frozen, but it left me wanting more, but I’m still hoping the B stories will be exciting.

  24. Hans-Christian says:

    The Frozen-arc was fantastic! Easily and without a doubt the best season ever of OUAT! I cried so much for all the misfortune that was upon Anna and Elsa and their family! I really enjoyed every second of this Frozen-season, and I really don’t want it to end! They have to reintroduce the amazing world of Arendelle otherwise I don’t know what I’ll do! <3