Post Mortems

Chasing Life's Italia Ricci on Leo's Fate, Natalie's Reveal & More Holiday Twists

Chasing Life Christmas Special

It was a merry, scary and hairy Christmas for April Carver on Tuesday’s Chasing Life holiday special. Needless to say, we’ve got a lot to talk about.

Below, star Italia Ricci touches on some of the bigger moments from tonight’s episode, including April’s “deeper” connection with Leo and that major Natalie twist.

THE BALD AND THE BEAUTIFUL | April shaving her head was, arguably, the biggest moment of the episode. Ricci tells TVLine that the three-hour process was “uncomfortable,” but it was vital to her portrayal of April in that moment. ” It made me feel so much more than I had to try and feel,” she says. “Just looking in the mirror, you feel it in your heart. I get to go home and take this off, but a lot of people don’t, so I offered to let ABC Family shave my head if that needed to happen again — but I don’t think they’re going to let me.” As for the blonde “Marilyn” wig, Ricci says she kept it.

Chasing Life Christmas Special#LAPRIL | Though Ricci can neither confirm nor deny Leo’s fate moving forward — yes, he flatlined during that operation — she’s thrilled about the direction in which their relationship appears to be going. “You can see how much they mean to each other, and how much deeper their connection is than we’ve previously seen,” she says. “I could not stop laughing during that montage in the kids’ room when he’s behind the bus. I was ruining takes because I was, like, snorting!”

#DAPRIL | And then there’s the other guy in the picture. Ricci acknowledges Dominic is “mighty selfish” for worrying that people will look down on him for dumping the girl with cancer, but she also knows the whole mess is sort of April’s fault. “She knows she jeopardized what she had with him by not telling him about her cancer earlier,” she admits. “He was justified in leaving her — especially after she slept with Leo — but if he wants to get back with her, he shouldn’t do it because he thinks people are going to think he’s a jerk. April regrets making that mistake, but she’s also found a different companionship, and maybe more, with Leo.”

#MUNCLE? | Sara and George briefly discussed their future this week, but Ricci thinks it might be best for them to cool their jets. “I think they’re good for each other, but I don’t know if that necessarily means it would be a good decision,” she admits.

SISTERLY SURPRISE | As for the Natalie reveal — apparently everyone knew about her existence, including April’s grandparents — Ricci says that storyline is leading “nowhere good.” Seriously, direct quote. “She’s around for a while, so you guys are going to love her and hate her, then love her and hate her again,” Ricci warns. “I’m not sure where I am currently.”

OK, let’s get your thoughts on Chasing Life‘s Christmas special: Do you think Leo is really dead? Do you share Ricci’s take on her mom and uncle’s relationship? Grade the episode below, then drop your full review in a comment below.

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  1. Sonia says:

    Great episode!! Loved how real they made the hair transition. As a hairstylist, I know how important hair is to people and how much of their identity is their hair. Also absolutely loved the Leo and April connection and the kidnapping scenes!! Hope Leo pulls through and we get to see their relationship grow in the new season. So excited it’s only a month away!!!

    • Nancy says:

      Not sure that will happen. this season is supposed to focus on April and Dominic and from what I read I think Leo dies. They made a comment about her feelings for Leo and they referred to them in the past tense. Sorry guys.

  2. Lauren says:

    I loved it! I didn’t realise how much I missed it until I was watching the episode. I haaaated Dom in this ep. What a selfish d-bag. He gave absolutely no thought to April. I don’t care if she didn’t tell him, the way he reacted was despicable. Comparing that to Leo, who spent the whole ep trying to cheer April up, even though he had a risky surgery coming up (that he was doing for her). C’mon. No competition. Anyway, can’t wait for it to be back in January. Hope Greer is back then, I missed her!

    • Nancy says:

      Seriously? How DARE you judge him. Just because YOU would not react that way? Shame on you. Even Italia said he was right to be angry and right to dump her. Do you realize that this about MORE then the cancer? Do you NOT remember that he came back and was willing to work on things until he saw her with Leo and then realized they had slept together? Please stop acting like Leo is a saint. It’s pathetic.

    • Nancy says:

      You on’t know WHY he acted the way he did. We are going to find that out in the next part of the season. she LIED to him twice. What is he supposed to do? Please Leo is only doing it because he knows it is what she needs. Not because he actually cares. And please like you have NEVER gotten upset when you found out someone lied to you? Please.

  3. DMCo says:

    I thought the episode was really good. The only problem I have is that ABC family puts in too many commercial breaks. Just as you start getting engrossed in the story line, there’s a commercial. To

  4. Jared says:

    I kind of forgot how much I loved Chasing Life. Its been a minute but last night’s Xmas episode was great. Cant wait for the new season.

  5. smartysenior says:

    Dom started out being a good time guy who said in plain english that he didn’t want a girl with drama. Let him be that guy, it’s a typical type that we all have known. He’s shown us a bit more depth and real feelings, I say let him grow up slowly to be the man he will become, what a great storyline for him. For now he can be young and flakey while still being worthwhile.

    • Nancy says:

      Um WOAH! he didn’t mean that. If he did? Then WHY would he come back to her as soon as he found out that she was sick? Would a guy who “hates drama” really have done that? Um NO. He LEFT because she LIED to him and then slept with Leo to boot.

  6. Daniela says:

    I love the show especially this episode it was nice to see April transition, and to see April and Leo playing as children in the play room was funny and cute. I really do hope see in the new season Leo pulling through and recovery; I really love April and Leo relationship and hope to see more of it. Hope they do not kill off Leo’s character.