Syfy to Air Continuum's Fourth, Final and Shortened Season

Continuum Renewed Season 4

Continuum‘s future has been revealed: The Rachel Nichols-led time-travel drama will return for a fourth and final season.

The final six episodes, which will debut on Canada’s Showcase network in 2015, will air stateside on Syfy.

Nichols took to Twitter on Monday to confirm the news for fans:

Set in Vancouver, Continuum stars Nichols as Kiera Cameron, a cop from 2077 who is transported to the present day and attempts to stop a terrorist organization as she finds her way back to the future.

Your thoughts on Continuum‘s big news? Drop ’em in the comments section below.

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  1. thisismenow says:

    Now if we could just get an air date for Haven 5B

  2. There goes the seven year plan.

  3. Unfortunate, but not surprising. The show betrayed itself this last season. It lost its direction.

    • nabocane says:

      I have to agree. What a waste of a unique, fantastic concept.

    • I couldn’t disagree more. I felt like last season was when Continuum finally lived up to its premise.

      • The show was about this woman from the future who wanted to go back to her family. This last season she just gave up on her goal and surrendered to the idea of letting the future change. She basically killed the son she was driven to reunite with for the previous two seasons. It didn’t make any sense to me.

        • Quinn Mallory says:

          I thought that did make sense, but I do understand why some fans may feel betrayed by that development. Season 3 was kind of a mess overall, but I thought the problem was that they accelerated how different the two Alecs were becoming.

          • Kiera did a reversal in terms of her goals and her motivations. Her change seemed to come from nowhere. And she didn’t seem to care much about it.

          • Jim Eagleson says:

            ‘Kiera did a reversal in terms of her goals’ according to Michael. Sounds to me to be a bit like real life where things often keep getting harder and harder sometimes forcing us to take a reality break. It doesn’t mean Kiera won’t reverse herself again.

        • Elaniel says:

          It became so much more than the original premise. Kiera was seeing the past and how wrong the future had become. You thought she was the hero of the story, but there were frequent amounts of questioning if Liberate were the good guys. Not to mention the episode where they find out they haven’t changed anything, the actors all played it fantastically (look closely at the scene). It became so much deeper last season. Granted, some people didn’t like the timeline shift, but I think season 3 was amazing in its own.

          Hopefully the final season rocks as much as NIkita’s final 6 did.

          • murphworld says:

            Couldn’t agree more! Of course her motivations changed, they SHOULD have. She wasn’t abandoning her son, she was making an effort to save him and the world from a terrible oppressive future. (Unfortunately, they (due largely to Kellogg) ended up making an even worse future, but that’s beside the point)

          • Sam says:

            I watched all three seasons in Netflix. I noted a huge change in the show for season 3, new introduction, a different storyline, and dealing with the Freelancers. It worked but I can see how it lost some people when Kiera’s specific future was abandoned. The show was changed so much because the ratings after season 2 in Canada (where it is sponsored and produced as Syfy is only a secondary sponsor and broadcaster in the USA) were not doing well – about a million were watching. Season 3 did not help, only 800,000 were watching. For the fans, the Canadian network is giving us (and the producers) 6 more episodes to end the story in a decent manner. For that I am grateful, few shows get that kind of reprieve anymore – glad the Canadian company is willing to do it.

          • Jim Eagleson says:

            I agree with Elaniel and also Sam’s response. I’m glad there will be a final season to tie some ribbons on this series.

          • Cornelius says:

            I totally agree, Kiera finally understood she was fighting for the wrong side. I don’t think she’s completely given up on seeing her son again. I rather think she wants to see him live in a better future. If the writers aren’t too afraid about paradoxes, season 4 could rock. Unfortunately, only 6 episodes, are you kidding me?!!

          • I agree with these ideas too!

          • bring it back says:


        • murphworld says:

          Showing her at odds with her superiors and officials in numerous flashbacks (flash forwards?), coupled with how Alec and Kellogg were advancing corporate control – she had been on the fence for a while about the state of things where she came from, it was a nice parallel her realizing that the chances of her making it back were diminishing as she saw more and more that her future shouldn’t come to pass and that liber8 wasn’t all bad

        • Steve says:

          Season 3 was about how no matter what someone does in a time travel situation there is no way to guarantee the outcome. Because of the events that both sides interfered with, the time line they both knew was unraveling to become something neither side could predict or control.

          Or the being from further in the future then any of them seemed to know what was happening meaning that he was already aware of it which would imply that he traveled back from the already altered future and would have all the answers.

        • Jon Byley says:

          She couldn’t do anything about it; preventing her time frame from being changed. The mere fact that she interacted with the past in anyway, changed the life she left behind. Unless she was able to return back to her time to prevent the whole scenario from happening in the first place, things will always go the opposite of what she’d hoped.

        • If you think the premise of this show is simply a woman from the future trying to get back to her family, you are the reason most shows are written for 6th graders.

          • Archie says:

            I think you have something here Mr. Hamilton.

          • Ariel says:

            Haha, totally loved this comment.

          • A bit harshly put, but yes, the show was only marginally about time travel and much more about the dangers and ruined lives brought on by greed and corruption, especially within mega-corporations and lobbyist-controlled politicos.

            I no longer believe we have a system of checks and balances and haven’t since tearfully watching Al Gore accept defeat after the FL chad ballot fiasco and the Supreme Court’s wrong decision. We are still having voting districts reconfigured to favor Rebugnican racists, so whatever tiny strides Obama has made will likely be reversed in the next administration.

        • bob says:

          The reason she gave up was if you remembrr she and alex went to a different timeline by traveling back in time whrre the other guy from the future time of 2037 said how things were diffrrengtnen ehat shd knew of her future so she knew she fidnt have a husband or son to return to cause she couldnt get bsck to thag timeline

        • Bob says:

          I found this on Netflix and binge watched it. Season 3 was the logical conclusion to being stuck on in a different time. Was Kiera supposed to bang her head on the proverbial time travel door like a brain damaged dog for 3 seasons straight? Big Yawn! Think not, she’s a flesh and blood woman that has to eat, sleep, and earn a living in a different time not a different county.

        • Leroy says:

          anyone watching the show should’ve known by that point that the future is not set in stone! season 3 did have some problems, mostly from a storytelling standpoint and just sort of a general lack of direction but no single plot point ruined the show, certainly not Kiera supposedly “giving up.”

          • She did give up, then in the last season she turned around and decided to try again.

            Even she failed to realize that changes in the past would change the future, btw.

      • Benington says:

        I agree a hundred percent. Last season was spectacular…it was richer and more complex. It finally grew into itself. Oh well…I would have preferred at least 8 final episodes but based on a public that thinks Z Nation is wonderful GARBAGE), what can you expect!!!

        • JW says:

          And sigh Helix (trash).

        • James says:

          Syfy doesn’t even own, nor produced nor have any other stake towards Continuum except for being a foreign broadcaster that airs it outside the show’s originating country.

          Them getting an abbreviated final does not have to do with neither Z Nation nor Helix.

      • M says:

        I could not agree more with your disagreement! The final season is indeed when Continuum hit its stride–time travel concepts were revealed alongside the moral grey areas and Kierra’s true role in all this. I think it has really brought new depths to the characters. And to be honest, the “I can’t change the past because I have a family” is a bit overdoneis it not. She’s grown connections here, even a maternal connection to Alec, the timelines are fraying (meaning something needs to be done to restore them and get her future back), and she’s tired of being a cliche.
        Yeah, maybe this was destined to be the final season, but… Six episodes is a little disappointing. I hope they can bring all the tension and all the closure they planned to end this series with. No mistake, Continuum will go out with a bang.

      • It’s a shame that the last season is so short. Spoiler guess: Rachel agrees with Liber8’s ideology but not their tactics, and scrambles to bring down the (already existing) corporation-run world, but through peaceful & ultimately ineffectual means. I wish her a happier timeline!

    • Aaron Nelson says:

      I would also disagree. She made a decision that many people have to in real life, albeit, without the time travel element. Many times in life, people set impossible goals for themselves upon which they focus all their energies and hinge all their happiness. When the realization finally comes that what they are aiming for is not ever going to happen, some people make a painful shift while others simply shut down and refuse to accept reality. Kiera accepted the reality of the situation and tried to make the best of it. She lost her son. Many people lose children. Again, time travel is not involved but there comes a time when you lose someone you love that you have to either pick yourself up and move on, or stay where you are and die a little more inside each day. Kiera chose the former and i think that’s what makes her such a strong character. She also came to the realization that the corporation she worked for was not the benevolent overseer she had been told it was and that rebellion was necessary.

    • Dan Lemay says:

      I also was not so thrilled with S3. I just rewatched all three seasons and enjoyed S3 a lot more after the repeat. Glad we get 6 more episodes. What are they going to do with it?

    • Ronnie Holliday says:

      What are you talking about.. the whole point was for her to see that she was supporting a police state and that it was wrong and she has the power to change the outcome. . Wake up.. we are already being controlled by the corporations… it’s a message to us

  4. jc says:

    Very disappointing news.

  5. Jimmy says:

    Not a surprise. The show was really floundering in season 3. Hopefully, that means a real ending for the series.

  6. travis says:

    I love this show so much and last season felt different than the first 2 but that wasn’t bad to me at least they’ll get to end it right. Syfy loves to get rid of the good. Ones

  7. Michael says:

    Great news, now if syfy can just agree to carry that final season of Lost Girl all would be right

  8. wrstlgirl says:

    Six episodes to finish it up. That’s fair. Season 3 was really hard to stick with.

  9. greysfan says:

    Only 6 episodes? I was expecting more. At least we will get a sense of closure though. Something you don’t get with some shows but wasn’t expecting another great Sci-Fi show to end :(

  10. justsomeguy says:

    Whaaaaaaaat? This show hit a creative high in season 3. I didn’t see this coming at all, and that’s really disappointing that there will only be 6 episodes. Such a great show.

  11. M3rc Nate says:

    Another creative and well written show bites the dust before its time….so sad. If you watch reality TV, if you torrent shows and dont watch/DVR them or buy the DVDs/Blurays, if you watch reality TV instead of these quality shows…you’re the reason shows like these (and Fringe and many many more) are being cancelled and networks are replacing them with hyper cheap reality shows and very cheap scripted shows that are soapy, full of melodrama and scandal…lowest common denominator garbage.

    I hope 6 episodes is enough for them to tell the rest of their story. Given the complexity of the future/past/now and timelines, given the complexity of the stories…i hope they dont have to leave a bunch of things un-answered to have time to answer the bigger stuff. Given that this show had a 7 season plan? I really hope we get a really good summary + good detail in the final 6 episodes.

    • Juke Early says:

      Agreed — because you are 100% correct.

      • James Jr says:

        Agreed. I am sad to see there were supposed to be 7 seasons. I really enjoyed this show, and like someone said earlier, season 3 got complex, and I loved seeing the acting. I thought they displayed adaptation well and I enjoyed the twists and turns. Kiera is fine as f..too.

    • carl says:

      Don’t blame the fans for tuning out, blame Barry and his team of writers for the awful 3rd season. They should be happy they get a proper closure, which many shows, unfortunately, do not get.

      • Riley says:

        The third season was great. It finally stopped pretending to be a procedural, embraced serialised storylines and championed the cause of anti-Corporatocracy while making all of its characters far more compelling and complex. Just cause you wanted CSI crossed with Quantum Leap, don’t blame the writers for giving us complex and great sci-fi.

    • Steve says:

      maybe we will get lucky and netflix or amazon will decide to pick it up

      • Audrey says:

        I didn’t think about that! That’s an awesome idea. If someone starts a kickstarter campaign or something that’s actually really in the realm of possibility. Both Netflix and Amazon seem to appreciate good television.

      • polarbear4 says:

        from your lips….. Yes, yes, please Netflix, keep Continuum going and Fringe, too!

  12. Kate Sullivan says:

    I’m glad. It did lose its way until the end there. I just hope they can sort out how it happened.

  13. Drew says:

    I had to stop watching with this past season.

  14. Ben says:

    Sad :( I really like Continuum. Admittedly, I haven’t got to see Season 3 yet, but when a show has a seven year plan I really want to see it through.

    I just hope we at least get to find out what the seven year plan was. DVD extra, anyone?

  15. haylbass says:

    this is so sad. one of my all time favorite shows. I understand why as season 3 is where the show lost itself but 6 episodes is nothing. At least a 13 episode order and the series could have gotten to say goodbye.

  16. drhenning says:

    I have to agree with those who found Season 3 a tough watch which is one reason ratings on SYFY tanked… The PR release said its ratings were great but were they really??? My guess is the cost to produce wasn’t worth much more… Six episode final seasons seem to be a trend… See White Collar and Newsroom… I also wonder if they couldn’t get some of the cast for more than 6 episodes… Looking at Twitter, it seems the star has put her career on hold and enjoying being married…

  17. drhenning says:

    The cable renewal page needs to be updated and trimmed to get rid of shows that ended a year and a half ago… How about it TVLINE????

  18. Coal. says:

    6 episodes is not a season, no matter how much you try to justify it, and the whole “its better than nothing” phrase just annoys me. What I always loved about Continuum is that they never tried to make Carlos and Kiara a couple, so we could concentrate on the mythology of the show. However at the end of last season it was beginning to move from a Sci-fi show and taking a supernatural angle and I don’t like supernatural shows.

    • Dys says:

      The phrase may annoy you, but when so many shows don’t get actual endings, having 6 episodes and a conclusion sounds a heck of a lot better and more respectable than having absolutely no conclusion.

    • JW says:

      There’s been a number of very successful shows with less than six episodes that have lasted several seasons. They just aren’t American.

      A season isn’t about the number of episodes but about the wuality of what is done, if that’s two episodes a season, so be it,

      • Patrick says:

        Honestly, trying to create 20ish episodes is hard. Unless the writing is top notch (and the writing on cont isn’t, at all), then there are a ton of filler episodes or plots that don’t make sense.
        And don’t worry about 7 year plans. These always change as the writers see what the viewers like, don’t like, etc. Its also dependent on actor availability.
        This show fell prey to what gets a lot of genre shows. Death didn’t mean anything. Its a good ploy to up the emotional stakes, but it can only be used 1-2 times over the course of a series. If deaths stop sticking, then the emotional investment in the show dies. This one also fell prey to shifting morality/goals. It is very hard to portray ambiguous leads. What is good and evil need to be pretty obvious. Again, top notch writing can over come this, but the writing on Cont wasn’t top notch. It wasn’t bad, at all, but it wasn’t great (Breaking Bad, House, Mad Men, etc being great and having bad guy heroes or them being morally ambivalent).

  19. Derek117 says:

    Continuum is good sci-fi…although it was much better in the first two years. Once the “reveal” that the Future wasn’t worth saving played out, the writers didn’t seem to have a good feel for what to do next. Still, the Season 3 wrap up was very good–and season 4 (with only six episodes) could turn out to be anti-climatic. The six episode final season of “Nikita” on the CW is an example of a show that stayed too long (In the case of Nikita, season 2 ended very strong).

    Continuum has a strong cult following, and these fans will tune into anything the producers put in the can. So, it’s a good move on the part of Showcase and SyFy to fill some available air time–and it doesn’t hurt NOT to piss off super-zealous fans.

  20. Well as always syfy manage to kill yet another sci fi show!

  21. Rick Katze says:

    6 episodes is better than no episodes. Hopefully we will get closure although whether it will be a happy ending, I’m not prepared to say.

  22. johnhelvete says:

    6 episodes is not “nothing” it is 6 episodes. According to the Emmys, 6 episodes does constitute a season of TV, so saying things like 6 episodes is not a season of TV is more of an opinion than fact.

  23. Felicity says:

    I hope it will be great!Looking forward to it..though I had hoped for a longer series like 24 episodes

  24. James says:

    Fringe got double the episodes for it’s final season and the two shows have a similar following. Real reason for the six episodes is likely that the contracts of the main stars had concluded and other projects beckoned, if so fans should be grateful that the actors are willing to provide some closure.

    • murphworld says:

      Fringe didn’t get double the episodes for its final season, it got half.

    • barnyet says:

      Showcase is closer both in quality of writing/production to the BBC, which rarely has a season (series) longer than 6–8 episodes, though a show may run as many as 10 years (Spooks, or MI-5 as it was known here).

      Kick-ass acting appears to have travelled nicely to Canada, which is astonishing when you think that—by comparison—24 (aka The Kiefer Sutherland Show) is what we get instead of Spooks out of the broadcast TV industry here! No comparison . We’re forced to pay extra for cable-quality writing here and even that is far more uneven than it’s worth, with some notable exceptions. Get used to it. Fringe was amazing and it was my understanding that Anna Torv chose to wrap it up. Too many shows here are absolute garbage, and that saddens me.

      I am glad that Netflix has become a creative power and I hope more of their pilot efforts get the green light. As far as I am concerned our cable stations have given us a few outstanding gems (The Wire, Deadwood, Black Sails. John From Cincinnati, a few seasons of TruBlood, the same in regard to Dexter and even a season or two of Weeds, but not much else. CBS and NBC can always be counted upon to kill their best shows.

      I propose that the entire Neilsen Ratings System be dismantled given its antiquity and failure to address the needs of viewers with higher than a 6th grade comprehension level and that commercial-driven decision making be tossed out as well.

  25. Moment says:

    Kieras future was pretty much dominated by the corporations. She was clearly struggling between allowing this future come to pass and doing the right thing. Season 3 never betrayed the concept of the show, but it did shove the corporation stuff down their viewers throats to a point some may have stopped watching. However 6 episodes are better than none.

    • Riley says:

      Really, people stopped watching cause a TV show said mean things about their favourite super-benevolent uber-friendly freedom-loving multinational corporations?

      • Moment says:

        The tone shifted significantly in the third season. Also I’m not sure what you’re implying but I didn’t imply that with my post.

  26. kirads09 says:

    Only 6 episodes. :’-( Sad – love everything about this show. At least they have the opportunity to wrap it up proper – hopefully.

  27. “‘Continuum’s award-winning success on Showcase is a testament to the quality of our Canadian original productions,” said Christine Shipton, Senior Vice-President, Content, Shaw Media. “With Executive Producer Simon Barry at its helm, the fourth and final season of ‘Continuum’ is bound to deliver a heroic conclusion to the futuristic series.”

    Yeah? Then why is it getting a micro-season? Because they wouldn’t acquiesce to your demands for massive financial concessions, perhaps? They wanted CBC-like cutbacks, no doubt, in terms of the budget and cast/crew salaries. This was a cancellation announcement for a show that’s been nominated for 60 or so awards from various N. American TV arts organizations with 19 wins? Nice way of treating your flagship show, Shaw and Showcase.

  28. dman6015 says:

    SyFy must have lost faith, as they usually dump shows after Season 5.

  29. Brian Reed says:

    This sucks, but at least there will be a conclusion. They get a great show and basically keep it dangling and then oh well here is a 6 episode miniseries and promos for there next worthless reality show.

  30. Maryann says:

    I was bothered from the beginning by Kiera’s blind support of the corporations. I’m glad she moved toward seeing the greater good. I’m just sorry we won’t get to see her story arc played out in its originally planned length. To accept that her son was gone and move on was a huge thing for her to do.

  31. Luis says:

    Unfortunate, as I felt like last season the writers were beginning to really explore the implications of the time travel concept.

  32. Joanna Wagner says:

    I wish it were going to continue longer. It is so relevant in the world we have today. I’m seeing so many things in our world that remind me of Halo.

  33. Thanh says:

    Glad it’s renewed, but too bad it’s only for 6 episodes. Still, I’m grateful that Continuum’s getting a chance to resolve the major storylines, and give resolution to fans.

  34. charmed1indc says:

    Continuum is such an awesome show!!! So this is both great news and horrible news. Continuum definitely deserves to come back. But only 6 episodes? That’s nuts. That’s not enough. What’s up with all the GOOD sci fi shows not lasting on SYFY? Why does SYFY channel sink much of the channel’s time, money, and effort into lackluster shows and awful B movies?

  35. Karen Jaker Napack says:

    I enjoyed Continuum. I was hoping the story would return to the original focus of the main character’s drive to return to het family while revealing all the mysteries behind why she was sent back in time. Since the show has been cancelled I am hoping these areas are addressed and that there is story closure.

  36. wfloyd8039 says:

    While I applaud Syfy for bringing us closure for Continuum, I am once again dismayed at Syfy cancelling another series before it’s time.

    They cheated the viewers the same way, with great shows like Eureka, Warehouse 13, Stargate U, and Caprica. This network is unable to commit and compete with other networks. Such a shame.

    • archillies says:

      Please work on comprehension. SyFy was directly involved with Warehouse and SGU.
      NBC/Universal were related under the GE umbrella.

      Production: NBC Universal Television, Universal Cable Productions
      Warehouse 13
      Production: Universal Cable Productions, Syfy
      SGU Stargate Universe
      Production: MGM Television, Syfy
      Production: David Eick Productions, Universal Media Studios (UMS)

      Production: Reunion Pictures, Shaw Media

  37. Raul says:

    I’ve always thought they had a solid plan for the story from day one. I rather suspect that the show runners knew they’d get the renewal back when season three ended. Let’s be honest, if they cut out the Kellog takeover of Sadtech and the future soldiers, the end of that season would have ended the series.
    I suspect the big unknown was how many episodes they’d get in the season four order. I’m looking forward to see them wrap this up with as much class as they’ve done most of the series.

  38. Bella Sorella says:

    Great but six episodes? That is so lame. The cast and fans deserve better.

  39. Deirdre Brown says:

    S3 especially was smart, relevant TV. Why do shows that touch on important issues like how bad “Corporate Congress” is or how good “Great Journalism” is end suddenly with only 6 episodes. I guess I should be grateful for closure.

  40. Eric says:

    I really wish that they continue with the series. I have thoroughly enjoyed all 3 seasons. It’s such a great show, I love how it expanded from Kiera’s single goal to the twists and turns and multiple goals of the characters. The character development really came along well compared to the first season. The show can keep going! But alas, all great things must come to an end.

  41. DevAuto says:

    This is the best series I have watched in a long time, I am very sorry to see it end. I hope that the writers will all work together to come up with another spell binding and captivating show that will fill the void this one leaves behind.

  42. Barry says:

    Its a bittersweet result for us fans of Continuum. While we do get some closure, its a shame that one of the smartest sci-fi shows to come along in a long time is ending. This is a series that I would willingly subscribe to any network for. I know there are more people watching than the ratings reveal. Everyone in my office talks about Continuum. I work for a US aerospace company … And all of us computer and sci-fi nutsbat work live this show. I wish Netflix or some other group would pick this show up for another 10 seasons!

    • vinnilibassi says:

      I’m watching the whole series for the third time. The acting is solid, the script is not cheesy, the cause is relevant and I’m a sucker for time travel. Hey Barry, is Matt Kellogg not the most brilliant character anywhere, anytime?

  43. vinnilibassi says:

    I wanted to see Cameron join the liberators and spark a new timeline that offered a solution to the problem WE can’t seem to solve… How does our species prosper without greed and self-destruction? Maybe they planned a happy ending but those damn corporations canceled the series!

  44. Pennie Stone says:

    Glad to see a fourth season. Sad to see it’s only 6 episodes. Really enjoy this series!

  45. Charles says:

    What else does syfy have to play that is getting better rating??? Stupid movies like Ice quake or rage of the yeti must really be bringing in the money. I wasn’t in love with continuum, but it was better than most of the crap they play.

  46. J Donsante says:

    Happy that Continuum is getting a final wrap up! Love show and all the actors.

  47. mikey v. says:

    once again the idiots at the syfy network display their clear hatred for quality sci fi. bad enough these jerks of off put wrestling on their crappy network now another really good show bites the dust. they are to sci fi fans what the inquisitors were to free religious expression.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Syfy has no say in the renewal/episode count. The show belongs to Canada. Syfy simply airs it.

    • Raul says:

      Ok, folks. Don’t blame SyFy on the short season. It’s not their decision. They don’t own or produce Contimuum. The show was long done with season one before it even came to SyFy.

      It is owned by the Canadiian cable channel Showcase. They are the ones who made the call. If you want to complain to someone, it should be them.

  48. croberts says:

    The show got away from the great technology effects and the glimpses of her future memories conjuring up into her present problems. The sparks stopped flying with her partner and she was sorta freelancing on her own throughout the whole season. Was way too much killing going on meaning that the future was always being changed. The concept of the show is brilliant but there are alot of rules for sci-fi time travel.

  49. Warrior says:

    Be great if somehow Kierra is able to get back home in 2077 and discover a new-er timeline where her son is grown up and is about to become the President…wooot?

  50. chris says:

    I don’t understand why they didn’t do everything they could to insure six to eight full seasons of this show. Then if they got more great. I am not the biggest fan, but it was their best shot and produced show. It more then anything else could have the best chance and life to rake in syndication $$$$$$$. But five shortened seasons. They just take money out of their pockets. Is there some sort of collusion to keep good shows from syndicated deals to keep the big boy stations happy?