Revenge Midseason Finale Recap: Death Takes a Hamptonite


Revenge has been promoting the heck out of its devastating midseason finale death, and as we finally saw Sunday, the highly anticipated offing was well worth the wait.

A brutal — and brilliantly choreographed — scuffle between Emily and Agent Taylor (aka Malcolm Black’s daughter!) led the whole gang, including Jack and Daniel, to Chez Thorne, where a barrage of bullets ended the life of a Hamptons staple. And a damn good looking staple at that.

Ladies and gentlemen, Daniel Grayson has left the building…

Daniel’s death really couldn’t have come at a more devastating time — or a more perfect one. His desperate plea to be included in his child’s life (“There’s only one person running, Margaux, and it’s not me”) came through loud and clear at the top of the hour, sending Ms. LeMarchal straight to Victoria, hoping to be reassured that Daniel isn’t destined to become Conrad 2.0.

Of course, Margaux could have saved herself some time by jumping into Daniel’s flashbacks, which featured surprise (and welcome) appearances from Henry Czerny! Conrad’s speech about how any non-Graysons should be viewed as mere “ants” was pretty unsettling, but it was good to see him back in the Hamptons — not to mention alive — nonetheless.

We learned that Daniel intended to commit social suicide back in 2008, even going so far as to pen a note for Conrad. But instead of “offing” himself, Daniel chose to adopt the Grayson philosophy, thus beginning his gradual evolution into the god-like man Conrad had always pressured him to become. Saving Emily’s life as his final act seemed to absolve Daniel of his past sins — and don’t even get me started on Emily’s speech about how it “wasn’t all a lie” with him. My heart simply cannot deal with that right now.

Meanwhile, in non-Daniel’s death news…

DRINK UP | David hasn’t been the most stable individual since his return from not-the-dead, but his actions on Sunday’s episode even took me by surprise. (Not the part about him dressing in black and whispering to Emily, though. That was to be expected.) The truly erratic behavior began during his would-be-last date with Victoria, as he sprinkled a little somethin’ somethin’ — more specifically, a fatal plant he picked up from an old prison pal — into her wine, ironically toasting to their “future” together. But when Victoria ‘fessed up to handing David’s computer over to Conrad, sealing his fate all those years ago, he didn’t force the death-wine down her throat like you’d expect him to. In fact, before Daniel’s death cut their conversation short, it looked like David was about to forgive her.

WONDER TWINS ACTIVATE! | Speaking of questionable plans, Nolan craftily maneuvered his way back into Louise’s good graces by asking her to co-host the grand opening of his new club. But is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship, or the start of a twisted game of snarky-cat-and-crazy-mouse? (Oh, God, I hope it’s the latter!)

OH… | I forgot to mention that Jack killed Kate. That was also a thing that happened.

Revenge-rs, were you surprised to see Daniel hit the floor tonight? Grade the midseason finale below, then drop a comment with your reaction to Mr. Grayson’s death.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Doo Bee Doo says:

    I give it a D, purely on the principle that Revenge killed off a character I was just beginning to love again. Well, poop.

    • Jimmy says:

      That was probably the idea. The foreshadowing has been rather heavy-handed in the last few episodes. Margaux being pregnant in the previous episode was kind of the last nail in the coffin.

      • Doo Bee Doo says:

        You’re right. There was a point in the episode where it seemed like they could’ve killed any supporting character off and there could’ve been a rationale for it (which makes the whole poison storyline seem like nothing but an out-of-character red herring).

        I’m thinking more about it now and I’m beginning to like how this death is really Victoria’s self-preservation plan coming back to bite her in the butt.

    • babysteps4health says:

      It’s just sad that Daniel was killed off not for the art of the story, but simply a personnel decision, as Josh Bowman just wanted off the show :(

      • Sara says:

        I would say it was still for the art of the story, seeing as how Josh Bowman has been asking since Season 2 or so to be let off the show. They kept him well past when he wanted to go.

        • Kathy says:

          Josh said in an article last year that he was ready to go and he wanted Daniel to go out in a “hail of bullets” so I figured he would go that way sometime this season. He’s been dating EVC since 2011. He said he was just tired of playing a character that flip flopped so much.

          • Dude says:

            Well to be fair, he asked them to turn him into a full-on villain in season three and they did and he didn’t seem to like that much either. I think he was tired of playing a character he knew long outlived his purpose (and he did) so this was a worthy way to go. I’m sure he would have preferred to have died in the culmination of a great character arc instead of just happening by Emily’s and getting shot for no real reason but at least he died a hero’s death.

      • Craig Riley says:

        Aren’t he and Emily Vancamp dating? Why would he want off the show if that’s so…

        • Tee says:

          Yes that’s what I heard. They’re a couple…

          • kiwirevengefan says:

            Yes, they are a couple but that doesn’t mean they always have to work together. Josh felt that Daniels character was all over the place and he wasn’t happy with it. I think maybe he just wants work on a better show.

          • Patrick says:

            Emily has a history of dating co-stars, and then having it fizzle out. She’s never been with a co star this long because the shows have never lasted this long. I wouldn’t be surprised if her relationship peters out over the next few months. Nor would I be shocked if she doesn’t sort of want this outcome.

      • Ann says:

        For a character who wasn’t supposed to make it past the first season, I think it’s pretty artist in the way they killed him…He actually became the Daniel he was originally. I never liked the big-time, “in charge” Daniel. I liked the sweet, madly in love Daniel of seasons past. So, it was sad to see him finally go.

      • Angie says:

        I agree. I hated seeing him go;-(

    • SAME HERE!! OMG … THIS IS TERRIBLE, how is the show going to go on without Daniel??? =(

      • Jennifer says:

        Well … since Malcom’s Daughter killed Daniel (who I believe that Emily DID love, in her own way), this is going to reinvigorate her revenge against the mysterious Malcom Black. Although I really am sad … I was just beginning to like Daniel again.

    • GUSTAVO ALCALA says:

      SHOCKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Revenge is the story of Emily Vs. Victoria. Just like Alexis vs. Krystle DYNASTY. FINAL REVENGE EPISODE WILL FEATURE CLIFFHANGER DEATH FIGHT OF EMILY/ VICTORIA AND SCREEN FADES TO BLACK !!!!!!!!!!!

    • jay says:

      Yup, the lift scene made Daniel and Emily interesting again, then snuffed out by the baby and then death. That margot outlives daniel is a tragedy.

  2. aa says:

    This season took awhile to get going but, oh, it’s GOING. I hope they don’t lose this excellent momentum when they come back from the break.

  3. Man, even after the whole episode pretty much told you it was going to be Daniel, I still yelled “no!” at my tv and cried when it happened.

  4. diane says:

    Had a feeling it would be him. Victoria had a huge hand in that.

  5. Sarah says:

    As soon as they started to redeem him, I knew Daniel was a goner. I’ve really disliked him for as long as I can remember, but it was still sad to watch. Also, I saw Conrad on-screen and got mega excited that he was back. Good fall finale

    • Lizzie says:

      Yeah we should have known he was next when he had become my favriote part. So sad
      :( and a pretty freakin awesome way to die. Got to say they gave him a good send off like a hero.

  6. Amber says:

    I saw it coming. Josh Bowman said last year that he was “pitching” the death of Daniel.

  7. CaliLouise says:

    I loved the episode but I am pissed and shaking that Daniel died. Why? This sucks.

  8. Tahonia says:

    Totally stinks–I’d rather use a different word– I’m finished with this show. Let me know how the season goes.

    • laura says:

      If you were really finished, you Wouldn’t be asking about the rest of the season! 😄

    • Ashley says:

      Please. No true fan is “done” with a show when a character does. If you want to know know how it goes it means you still care. Daniel was an ass anyways, at least he redeed himself in the end. Sort of. Emily is still barren because of him.

      • Gus T.T. Showbiz says:

        Done can have a couple connotations. I haven’t watched this show the entire season but, I spend five minutes on Monday reading the recap. I am “done” wasting an hour watching the show but, I am not “done” with the story. I still want to know what happens and have decided that the show is worth five minutes of my time, not 60.

        • Exactly! I have no desire to watch anymore after tonight but I’ll still want my mom to tell me about anything significant, or maybe I, too will look at the recap. If you haven’t been watching this season though you really need to see the encounters Emily and Daniel have had with each other the last few weeks that everybody keeps talking about, especially the one in the elevator. None of them are long and the two have great chemistry. You need to see them!

  9. Lauren says:

    Curse the writers for making Daniel somewhat likeable again, only to kill him off. I get that was the point, but still lol. It will be interesting to see how this impacts Victoria and David’s relationship, but again, Victoria has no one to blame but herself for sending crazy faux FBI chick after Ems.

    • schu says:

      Totally true! Ditto on all points. Solid fall finale though, hope when it returns in January it keeps up.

    • Azerty says:

      Agree but still she will blame someone else. I know Victoria is the main villain but I am sick of her blaming someone else for her actions like when she blamed David tonight for his lies about Emily’s mother. I yelled “seriously?” at the TV. Now for sure she will blame Emily for Daniel’s death.

  10. Nick says:

    Even though it was obviously gonna be him or Jack I’m still surprised especially since he’s gotten a lot of amazing scenes with Emily. But hopefully this brings Victoria out of her “funk”- she’s been doing absolutely nothing, she used to be so badass now she’s just boring.

  11. Brilliant! Even with the Daniel flashbacks it was a great mid season– gonna miss Daniel, though!!!!!!

  12. Azerty says:

    At the first flashback I knew it would be Dani. That was great to see Conrad again by the way! I missed him. Anyway this is kinda sad, at the end of season 3 I was hoping he would die but since he found out Emily was Amanda he was more interesting, and more human in thia episode. As everybody I loved the scenes between him and Emily in the last couple of episodes. Like the recap says it was well choreographed.

  13. N says:

    So glad it wasn’t NOLAN!

  14. Alyse says:

    Well all of Emily’s love interests but Jack have now been killed. They were starting to redeem Daniel, and I loved his scenes with Emily. I guess his redemption should have been a sign of his demise but I was hoping it wouldn’t be him.

  15. alistaircrane says:

    Daniel should have died halfway through Season 1 like the pilot suggested and not Tyler.

  16. analog says:

    Hopefully Jack is next.

  17. Kelley says:

    Furious!!!! Daniel was an awesome character and had so much potential!!! I loved his and Emily’s budding friendship.

    • Amy says:

      Ditto! And why kill off every male Grayson in the show? Daniel’s character was just now showing some depth & compassion. Ugh…

  18. Steph says:

    As soon as the flashbacks with Conrad started, I knew it was Daniel. So mad, because I was really loving Daniel again. Should have been Jack.

    • Lalalala says:

      When you think about it, if it had been Jack then his son would have gone to Emily since she’s the God mother. Then the show would get REALLY annoying if she had to constantly be worried about the kid. Daniel was my fav character though T_T

      • kiwirevengefan says:

        I can’t really see Emily as god mother material somehow. A baby would cramp her style. Mind you she could just do what Jack does and farm him off to child care all the time!

      • russian vine says:

        No, Carl would have gone to Stevie Grayson — his grandmother, Jack’s biological mother.

  19. Pam says:

    Loved the episode, but hated that it had to be Daniel. He was one of my favorite characters despite the wrong turn they took with him in season 3. Why does every guy in Emily’s life that’s not Jack have to die? First Aiden and now Daniel? They keep shoving Jack/Emily down our throats. Yes, I know they haven’t officially been a couple yet but you just know the show will end up with them. How can it not when they kill off every other potential love interest? So angry. I’m really worried for this show. The shows’ ratings this season haven’t been good at all and they really can’t afford to lose any more viewers. If I didn’t expect the show to get cancelled in May, I sure do now. I’ll still watch, but very disappointed.

    • Sara says:

      I so agree!!!

    • H says:

      If the show ends this season this would really bum me out, as it would mean Josh Bowman would have only needed to hang around half a season longer (I guess one reason for killing Daniel now is since Josh wanted out). I can’t believe Daniel’s gone but Charlotte’s still alive. I love this show but it has a habit of killing off good characters and letting the meh ones live.

    • Lynn says:

      you forgot the idiot cop of all times Ben they introduced him as new love intreset for emily which is even more annoying than jack himself. Im soooo pissed off at revenge

  20. Neda says:

    I wish he would have apologized for taking Emily’s chance at motherhood before he left.

    • CaliLouise says:

      I agree with that. Even when he met Victoria at the bar, if he would have just felt guilty about the fact that Margaux was pregnant and he took away Emily’s chance to have children.

      • joy1013 says:

        I agree. I hope victoria just said that and emily really cam have children. Maybe she will end up with jack and Carl will be her child since she can’t have any.

    • Gabrielle Eash says:

      That’s what I was thinking too!!!

      • Trevor A. says:

        Wasn’t it really Victoria that set it up where Emily couldn’t have kids anymore. I know he shot her but I think Victoria did something too about that.

  21. Jen says:

    I don’t feel like this was nearly as surprising as they thought it would be. I feel like killing Daniel was the easy choice. At least we got a good Daniel/Emily moment at the end. Wonder if Victoria and Margaux will blame Emily or David, even though it was Daniel’s choice to go to the beach, to go in the house, and to try to protect Emily. At least Jack finally has some relevancy.

  22. kn1231 says:

    Yeah I guess with the way they were redeeming Daniel, his personality change was too good to be true. Was really hoping for more Daniel and Emily interactions. WHY COULDN’T THIS HAVE BEEN MARGAUX??? She serves absolutely no purpose now. With that being said, I love that David is starting to turn on Victoria. Time to take her out.

  23. Davey says:

    I thought when Conrad was talking about Daniel’s suicide he meant career suicide.

  24. So I suppose the next “Revengenda” will be Charlotte avenging her brother’s death? Dun dun dun! I am so done with this show…or not. Haha

  25. I knew it! All those Daniel flashbacks with Conrad..and he died protecting Emily. It all came full circle. p.s: great suspense in the last five munutes. Revenge always has epic death scenes!

  26. ty oakes says:

    I love revenge from day 1. Every episode is a thriller. I yelled at the tv when Daniel got killed. Right when his life was gonna turn around. Sad to see u go josh. Wishing u the best of luck

  27. CaliLouise says:

    I don’t think Daniel ever considered suicide. When Daniel was approaching the courthouse to testify for the college girl who was taken advantage of by his frat brother, Conrad pulled up and referred to Daniel’s letter as a “suicide note” because Daniel would be handing over his future as a “God” if he stuck up for the “ant”.

  28. Tash says:

    The only joy in Daniel’s death will be watching Victoria go crazy.

  29. ngirl says:

    Oh crap. I was so looking forward to a Demily reunion. Awe. Well, at least he went out like a good guy. I was glad that she finally admitted her true feelings to him at the end. Peace out, Daniel. I was so hoping that it would be Margo (sorry, I don’t know how else to spell her name).

    But ultimately, Victoria is to blame for this. If she hadn’t revealed Emily as a potential cash machine to Malcolm Black, then none of this would’ve happened.

  30. Tina says:

    Angry that you killed off Daniel. He was my favorite charator. I won’t be watching this series in the future. Very disappointed.

  31. Mae says:

    Honestly, I am hoping that the death referred to in the promo was Kate and somehow Daniel survives. I have been softening up to Daniel this season. Season 3 Daniel was filled with so much rage. Season 4 Daniel has been going through such a journey of trials and self-discovery, at some points this season you could see glimmers of season 1 Daniel return. I am eagerly awaiting the return of Revenge in 2015 hoping that Daniel survived.

  32. Christina says:

    So upset Daniel died tonight. I thought Margaux should’ve died to draw Daniel closer to Emily so they both can have thier revenge.

  33. Gayle Mufale says:

    I am upset they killed Daniel off the show. I am upset about that

  34. Gayle Mufale says:

    I am so upset that they killed Daniel off the show

  35. Jaime says:

    ughhh just ughhh that it was Daniel…i was liking him again…and he was starting to be likable too…daggone it…not surprised but in denial…cant be dead..David came back why not Daniel??!!!

  36. Janet says:

    This is the only TV series that I watch. It’s the best I will be sad went its gone but so glad it lasted this long I love Emily she is a great actress she so good of all her emotions

  37. Susi Belle says:

    Daniel died saving Emily! How crazy is that? Two Grayson’s down. Two to go?

    • Sandy says:

      Daniel shot Emily and then ironically Daniel saved Emily, redeeming himself, it went full circle. I guess if he had to die, by how his character was evolving the last few episodes, it was in a way that made me really like Daniel again. I really was hoping that Daniel and Emily would get back together. They way he rushed to help Emily though shows that he still cared about her.

      • Angelique says:

        So sad about daniel’s death :( im really hoping that emely and daniel will get back together they have a lot of potential together:( i really hope he will survive and not be dead…

      • joy1013 says:

        I agree. The way daniel went off was genius since he shot emily and then died saving her. Idk if he necessary saved her though. He just ran in to make sure she was okay and then got shot. I’ve got a feeling this will be the last season because the story line is making it seem almost obvious. I am sad to see daniel go. I was starting to like him again, but he went off as a good guy and not a grayson. I really hope to see jack and emily together by the finale. I’ve rooted for them since the first season! WI’ll revenge be on next week or not because i read that it will be back in January? My husband and I are obsessed haha we are currently watching seasons 1 and 2 to get our revenge fix during the week haha its my second time watching everything but my husband’s first and he can’t get enough:)

  38. Daniela says:

    I am devastasted!!! Why Daniel? I am so done with this show…done!

  39. Antwon303 says:

    I’m pissed. So let me get this straight…Daniel is dead and we are stuck with Charlotte? It should have been here. She’s such a dud of a character. They could have at least had Emily tell him she did love him or that she was sorry. I always liked Daniel and I’ll miss him and “the pretty.”

    • Antwon303 says:

      Oh yeah…Jack’s dumb ass didn’t even attempt to call for help.

    • Cheryl says:

      I think Charlotte might have been unofficially written off the show. The actress tweeted that “Charlotte is gone for good.”

      • Ray says:

        Then this has to be the final season. This show has become such a disappointment. I’ll watch mainly to see how it ends, but I don’t think I will be purchasing this season.

      • joy1013 says:

        Really? That will be dumb if she is gone for good and it didn’t show her and emily finally becoming close. Where is Carl this season? We know jack had a baby and we haven’t seen him except when David saw him. Who watches him? Lol guess he judt hangs out at home alone”p

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      Emily did tell Daniel as he was dying that “It wasn’t all lies” about their relationship. In other words, she did have feelings for him.

  40. Mika02 says:

    Great episode RIP Daniel I lay all the blame on for this on Victoria and Conrad’s heads.

  41. C. says:

    The Revenge writers have made if really easy for you Jack. If you still can’t get Emily/Amanda, then I just don’t think it was meant to be.

    • Jen says:

      Haha! Yeah, all her other loves have been killed off so that Jack can win by default. Hope Ben is taking notes. (Not that I care much about him yet, but Emily’s scenes with him last week had more chemistry than she’s had with Jack in a few years.)

  42. aa says:

    I don’t think Daniel was actually planning to kill himself in 2008. Conrad referred to it as a “suicide note” because it would be, to quote Mean Girls, social suicide to side with the girl in the court case.

  43. Candice says:

    What are the writers of Revenge thinking? Taking off all the originals and leaving us with a bunch of new characters no one cares about. Are they trying to get this show cancelled?

  44. babysteps4health says:

    Who else was jumping up and down and cheering when David finally got a clue and tried to kill Victoria! I knew she wouldn’t be the one dying as it was obvious early on that it was Daniel, but I was thrilled that he was ready to be done with her….. And then she cries puppy dog tears and it’s back to stupid man again, oh well, the 2 min of joy was worth it!

    • Garrett says:

      I was thinking the same thing! Fingers-crossing the entire time for David to knock down Victoria and drown her on the beach, but alas…no

      • joy1013 says:

        Haha me too! I was happy that he was playing her until she told him that story. You would think he would want to continue with trying to kill her instead of looking like he was going to forgive her. After all, the show opening in season 1 said this wasnt a story about forgiveness… It was a story about revenge.

    • Jen says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who thought it looked like he was going to forgive her. I think Malcolm ordered him to kill Victoria bc of her threats of exposure to Kate. Maybe David thought Emily would be safe if he took out Victoria on Malcolm’s orders. Or we will find out that he only gave her enough to cause a scene, not actually kill her.

  45. Beth says:

    Daniel was not the right character to kill. So many loved him even if he was a bad guy. The tension and drama between him and Emily were perfect.

  46. valeriedefillotornal says:

    I was deeply disappointed in Daniel’s death. I was starting to like him again, and he was redeeming himself as a quite decent guy! DAMNIT. DAMNIT, REVENGE WRITERS. YOU COULD’VE TAKEN VICTORIA, FOR CHRISSAKES!

  47. endora says:

    what a bummer…losing conrad and aiden was bad enough…wanted to see margo go and david clark..along with charlotte…josh bowman was great as daniel… had also hoped that daniel and emily would have begun a friendship and teamed up to go against victoria or that conrad would somehow come back and seek his revenge against victoria with either daniel or emily…

    alas..another key character gone…i just cannot stand david clark…it was better when he was out of the picture….

    oh well in the end it’s just a TV show..hopefully jack and nolan will not be going anywhere anytime soon…

  48. Cheryl STone says:

    With Conrad AND Daniel gone, now what? Bad choice. Jack, Margeaux or David would not be missed.

    • lorna says:

      Jack would be missed by a lot of fans, including me.

      • joy1013 says:

        Me too! Jack and Nolan must stay!

      • joy1013 says:

        This is the best show on tv! We are addicted and will watch no matter what twists and turns the show takes until the finale! If a character we like is gone, who cares, we are fans and couldn’t watch it from season 1 all the way to season 4 and just stop watching if we don’t like something. I thought this episode was amazing! I’m sad to see daniel go, but the way he died was very well thought out. He died a changed man and victoria will read that letter he gave to emily and it will destroy her. She took amanda away from David as a little girl and now her son was taken away from her and she played a huge role in it since it wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t tell the FB I agent to go after emily. At least daniel died a good guy and not a grayson. I feel bad for margo. I was hoping she wold be the one to go or crazy louise. As long as jack doesn’t go, david or nolan, I will be happy. I can’t wait for jack and emily to end up together in the finale! It never showed charolete changed from drug addiction or close to emily. It would be a shame to have her not be back at all to put some type of closure to her character. Where is carl? Is he at home by himself every day? Lol

        • debbie19 says:

          I agree with u about everything u said! I was thinking the same thing about carl. This show is too good to be cancelled. If people were true fans, they would watch it until the end regardless if it goes their way or not. I personally love the direction the show is going

        • Sandy says:

          I agree and they do need to bring Charlotte back for some closure. I think Victoria and Margo both will blame Emily. David will need to step up and defend her.

  49. Juan says:

    Loved the episode and Daniel dying was very sad. He was clearly changing but I guess the only thing that gets your soul back from the devil is sacrifice. Also love Emily and her confrontation with kate.

  50. August says:

    Poor Jack, another relationship ending in disaster!