The Fosters Sneak Peek: The Holidays Deliver a Harsh Truth for Jude

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Jude gets a not-so-pleasant surprise in his holiday stocking, courtesy of a disagreement between his moms, during The Fosters‘ Christmas special (airing Monday at 8/7c on ABC Family).

TVLine’s exclusive video finds Jude’s eavesdropping unearthing a family secret during his first December with the clan. After Stef points out that her wife sounds petty over the fact that her mother is spending Christmas with her (surprise!) brother, Lena corrects her, “Half-brother.”

And yes, apparently, it matters. “You can’t say that it doesn’t, but half is not full,” Lena adds, as a vulnerable Jude — a half-brother to Callie — overhears from the stairs.

Fosters fans, how badly do you feel for the kid? And is Lena in the wrong?

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  1. Ian says:

    Poor Jude. He’ll for more alone and isolated than he’s ever felt before, because these people aren’t his blood, and amidst that, now even Callie, who he’s always at least had, isn’t even fully with him it feels anymore. He’s got only a half claim to her, and someone made up of less of the same mix of stuff he is anymore.

    I just hope this means feeling like that will make him want to be even closer to Connor. I know they’re both little-ish kids, but at that age I had what felt like strong feelings for a boy I found out had the same ones for me. So I think it’s okay for them to explore something like that. Have them admit to liking each other in THAT way.

  2. Jan says:

    The look on his face breaks my heart!!

  3. 'A' Has Spoken says:

    Now we see why he’s so down during the “present” episodes (since the Christmas episode is set before the events in season 2). After hearing Lena say that and then a few months later finding out Callie has a different dad then him, no wonder he shut everyone out. Although she didn’t know Jude was there, Lena is still wrong for saying something like that. :\

  4. Anna says:

    Hmm, it doesn’t really make any sense why Lena would think that way. All of her children are adopted/fostered, and she has never cared that they weren’t genetically related. Why would she care if she had a sibling that wasn’t 100% genetically related to her? I hope they explain where this is coming from.

  5. Tasha says:

    Half in my opinion doesn’t matter I have no siblings that are from the same dad but there still all by brothers and I love them to death. There has to be a reason she’s saying that because shes always saying you don’t need blodd to be a family …

  6. Melanie says:

    This seems really out of character for Lena. She isn’t biologically related to any of the kids so why would that upset her?

  7. S says:

    I agree with everyone that it seems odd for Lena to say. But she did specify that they don’t have the same mother. Remember that Lena and her mother seem to have a lot of issues that are tied up in race and black culture. If her half-brother is white, their experiences would be quite different. I imagine that’s the root of it, but I do hope the show explains.

  8. Robert says:

    I am sure there is a emotional reason for Lena’s response to her “half brother” She has shown herself to be a very loving and supportive person, I think her issues with him will prove to be more about family drama then genetics.

  9. Michelle says:

    There is no easy answer to that question. It really depends on the circumstances of the existence of the half-sibling and the role they play in your life. Ten years ago I found out that my father had a child before he met my mother and he never told anyone except his brother. I only found out because she sought him out. I held nothing against her, she was the innocent victim of a bad choice that my father made. Callie and Jude grew up together, are the only siblings each other ever knew until recently. That changes a lot of things. We don’t know what Lena’s situation is with her half-brother. Hard for Jude to hear, I’m sure. But it will all wash out in the end, it always does.

  10. Tory says:

    honestly I don’t think she really meant it she’s bitter and angry about something that happened in the past so she said something which you probably did not mean if we ever problem there may be between them had been solved. FurthermoreI don’t think it matters I have a “half sister” I don’t even refer to her as a sister she’s my sister even my brothers and sisters by marriage are my brothers and sisters not half and not step brothers and sisters they’re my brothers and sisters. Family is family blood doesn’t make you any more related then love does in my eyes. :-)

  11. abigail says:

    jude lena is wrong love makes a family not DNA

  12. Vanessa Mach says:

    That’s was so cold!! Lena should watch what she’s says and when she says it. I feel so bad for Jude, it’s not true about what she said

  13. Nicole says:

    Obviously Lena needs to reevaluate her thoughts…step back n look at her family situation… Halves n steps don’t matter its about the love for one another!!!

  14. jade borges says:

    I love Lena and her mom character in the fosters along with stef but honestly I think she was wrong for saying that. I think she was wrong for saying this because they believe adopted or not there still your family 100 % but even if your a half brother which Jude is is your half brother I think that they should still just as much be consider family.

  15. Marilyn says:

    Poor Jude.

  16. Mary Reed says:

    As an adoptee myself, I am acqitely aware of comments like, I won’t adopt, I want my OWN child. Or introducing a child as ” my adopted daughter. I feel for Jude. Lena’s true feelings come out about what she considers her REAL family. She has a lot of issues to deal with in therapy.

  17. Sofia Wray says:

    What happen to Sophia? anyone know

  18. Mary Morris says:

    I am reading this after the telecast. I like the way Lena explained things to Jude and how she rolemodeled her behaviour by speaking to her brother. I am getting tired of the romance between Callie and Brandon. Also the adoption thing with the dad. In REAL life Callie is old enough to chose her family. But getting back to TV land perhaps Rosie O’Donnel’s character can open the eyes of this dad who is really only thinking of himself. Good show look forward to it