CBS Back on Dish Network, Programs Now Immune to AutoHop Feature

Dish Network customers tuning into The Amazing Race or Blue Bloods on Friday night saw a whole lot of nothing — but by morning had CBS back on their dial.

At 7pm ET/4 pm PT on Friday, subscribers to the satellite service lost programming from CBS-owned stations.
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The move came after six months of failed negotiations — and two contract extensions — between the network and Dish to reach a new carriage deal.

UPDATE: Per our sister site Deadline, CBS was back on Dish by Saturday morning, after the two companies arrived at a multi-year agreement that, among other terms, will make CBS programs immune to the satellite service’s “AutoHop” feature (which fast-forwards through commercials) for the first seven days of DVR playback.

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  1. Moment says:

    What a terrible situation, and ultimately Dish customers are the ones who lose. They will lose customers over this.

    • KevyB says:

      And yet it’s Dish who is looking out for its customers by not allowing CBS to jack up its price. And all the morons out there will blame Dish and still watch crap like NCIS religiously.

      • Moment says:

        I wasn’t taking sides, It’s just ultimately when disputes like this occur the customer is always the one to lose. People pay good money for their service and should get the channels they enjoy. Well in my opinion.

  2. arial2 says:

    So Dish thinks it’s more important than CBS? It’s the most watched network anywhere. Sometimes I’m thankful I have Comcast. Can’t imagine tv without CBS; my first tv memories as a little kid are of CBS programs.

  3. Wtactualf says:

    I’m thankful for Hulu plus

    • S. says:

      Hate Hulu Plus. Their programming interferes with my computer and crashes it. I tried to get help from customer service, never got it. And I hate the fact of paying for something they were giving away for free.

      • wgsecretary says:

        I don’t have cable and also love Hulu. If you have Hulu Plus, you should be able to stream to devices other than your computer. Though, I watch on my laptop often, I’ve never had any problems with it causing crashes. I pay for Netflix and Hulu because I can watch them on my TV and it’s cheaper than cable. I’m sorry you had trouble with it. But, it sounds like it’s actually an issue with your PC rather than Hulu. I’ve always had good luck with their customer service when needed.

  4. Dijea Coplin says:

    CBS is not the most watched station in my house, In fact other than the mentalist I don’t watch anything on CBS. I did without CNN for what a month. I am kind of sick of this whole network-provider fight making the consumer miss out on TV. It actually just gives me a bigger push toward giving up TV.

  5. Pamela says:

    As soon as my commitment to Dish is over, I’m outta here. Too many things advertised that don’t turn out to be true, now they have a power struggle with CBS. I’m not a CBS person, but there are enough shows on it I watch that it’s a poor business decision.

    • outofhere says:

      I also will be breaking my contract. I am going with my local cable provider.

      • As much as it pained me to go back to Comcast, I bailed from Dish last month. The customer service had declined at free-fall pace over the past year. Between that and losing channels galore (yet prices kept going up), I bailed out of my contract three months before it ended. They were also a total pain about sending me the box to return my equipment. It is really a shame, as they were awesome to deal with until last year.

  6. ninamags says:

    Does that include the CW?

  7. nas says:

    I am furious. Both parties are to blame. I was all ready to watch Amazing Race and the Grammy show. Mentalist is Sunday, which I love. Dish has had too many of these power struggles. Don’t tell me you’re trying to keep my bill low when you can’t even deliver a basic broadcast network. I called Dish and said if it’s not back Sunday, I’m cancelling and going with someone else.


    • wgsecretary says:

      I gave up cable to save some money, but I had Uverse while I did have it. I had Time Warner before that. I don’t recommend Time Warner. their customer service sucked.. But, Uverse never seemed to have these power struggles and they have EXCELLENT customer service. I could even go online to check out promotions and apply them to my account myself. They take care of current customers. Their deals are not just for new customers. When I did want to give up my cable, they did everything they could to lower my bill first. Then, when I decided to cut the cord, it was very easy to cancel and return my boxes. There is no contract. You can cancel whenever you want. And, all I had to to was take my equipment to a UPS store. They boxed it up and shipped it for free. I just had to print out some information from the cancellation confirmation from Uverse and take it with me. I highly recommend them.

  8. Alicia says:

    We still have CBS right now. I’m on CST.

    • Cruciatus says:

      Here too, in northwestern PA. I think this is only affecting major cities.

      • Karen Evans says:

        I live in Northeast PA and we lost CBS, ours comes out of Philly but we live in a small town so it’s not just major cities.

        • Cruciatus says:

          But if your CBS affiliate is out of a major city it doesn’t really matter where you’re watching it so I wasn’t exactly wrong. But no matter, it’s back now anyway.

      • S. says:

        I’m in Vegas, we still have CBS here, so I’m not quite sure what is going on. It’s 11:10 on Friday and I’m watching the news right now.

        • Gail says:

          It was just CBS owned and operated stations that were affected. If your local station carries CBS programming but is not owned by CBS, ie they are an affiliate, you did not lose your CBS programming on Dish.,

  9. Beth Rodgers says:

    Every needs to call and drop Dish now I am currently on hold and will be dropping them they voided their contract with me. I will pay some other company double that is more interested in keeping their customers satisfied. Any customer who is okay with this crap is crazy Dish needs to know that WE ARE UNSATISFIED WITH THEIR SERVICE. And again they voided your contract with this-when you signed up your packaged included CBS. Don’t just sit and not do anything about this! What channel will it be next Dish??? DONE WITH DISH!!!!

    • Beth Rodgers says:

      Just wanted to update — Dish is not answering their calls – another sign of their terrific service! Seriously people if everyone doesn’t sound off about this — it will be just like a lot of other services that we have that have gone down the tubes such as health service, etc. You pay more and get less–I can’t believe more people are not upset with this. I am reading several different comment sites and most comments are so wishy washy! That is why service is sooo bad-people just accept it-WAKE UP!! You are paying money for nothing!

    • Fran says:

      I definitely understand you’re upset because Ive had problems with this before with my cable provider too… But Dish didn’t void your contract. Their terms and conditions state that stations and programming can change without advance notice and aren’t guaranteed. So losing CBS doesnt void your contract. It sucks I know, but yeah, both parties always share the blame in these negotiations.

  10. there are no good guy in these infantile fights
    networks don’t need the money the companies can give some up
    in the old days they probably had these contracts knocked out in a couple of hours
    but then some idiot had the idea of turning the pubic in their favor to get a better deal & it’s been all down hill from there. both sides need to pull their collective head out of their own butts & get a deal done

  11. ProfessorPreis says:

    For CBS itself, if you have a digital tuner, either built in your TV or in a converter box, you can still watch CBS.

  12. Sunny6 says:

    You can watch all your CBS shows online. If I can’t record for some odd reason that something else is recording I just go and watch online. We have the internet for a reason. They usually post the full episodes within the day or night.

  13. robinepowell says:

    Blue Bloods was a repeat from last season, so no one missed anything there.

  14. DAS says:

    In Puerto Rico, Direct TV droped CBS in Oct 2013 and still hiked their prices. None of these companies care about their clients.

  15. Et al says:

    Fortunately every episode of every CBS show is identical, so nobody is missing a thing.

  16. Amber says:

    I’m so sick of all these greedy pigs

  17. Bought myself an HD antenna. Didn’t miss Amazing Race. As for others switching to another provider, you’re not immune. I went through the same crap with Comcast and Directv. This is it by the way. As soon as my contract is up with Dish, I’m cutting the cord. Screw cable and satellite.

  18. cuius says:

    Another boost for “alternative sources”

  19. Jerry Palson says:

    Have you geniuses at Dish failed to realize who is reponsible for keeping your lights on? Please, let me help….It’s us!! The paying customer! The part of the business equation that gives you revenue. And when you feed us the sewage leftover from yet another one of your failed negotiations….we want to throw you up! Like a hairball being hacked up from a cat. The worst thing for you though…is that you have a mirror image competitor thats willing to give us the same horrible service as you….but for a low introductory rate. They’re begging us to join them….and when you pull this type of stunt… make the decision not only easier….but revengeful. Stockholers Beware!! Idiots run your company!! Lastly…If you morons don’t re-air tonights episode of the Amazing Race…after you’ve finally realized what level of mistake you made…I’m going to lead a viral campaign of organization and unity…and costs you thousands of customers. Sleep well!

  20. Jerry Palson says:

    We Must Unite!!

  21. KevyB says:

    It ends up being an inconvenience, but the truth of the matter is that most of these networks jack up their prices every time negotiations start. Which is why cable costs so freakin’ much! And why exactly does CBS think it deserves more money? It’s ratings have dropped the last two years AND it hasn’t been the #1 demo network the past two years. Anyone that complains about Dish trying to fight this DESERVES to pay $200 a month!

  22. Mel says:

    Wow , I think that Dish and cable Directv having problems with most drop so many channel.. And now they want drop CBS? Oh boy! Dish and DirecTV will lose their business! Bye bye.. I keep Comcast has no problem.. My favorite CBS channel u know why? U crazy..
    NCIS, NCIS: LA, NCIS: New Orleans, Hawaii 5-0, Blue Blood, Stalker, Criminal Mind, and Scorpion.. Cool!

    Well, u guys losing watch football game, and some sports .. Smh!!

    • Jonathan says:

      Comcast has the same issues, every 5 years. Use an old fashioned antennae and your CBS is right back on line. CBS, ABC, etc are the greedy jerks that keep taking these stations away from us.

  23. Marybeth says:

    We’ll switch to another option if thi isn’t restored right away.

  24. Jonathan says:

    Dish and CBS Fight? I’m sick of these networks putting me on the negotiating table. CBS,you are a free network. All I need to do is use an old fashion external antenae and BOOM you are back on my TV at no charge! You are not a cable network that doesn’t show commercials. Get rid of the commercials and I’d be happy to pay Dish more for your services, but you’re not! Hey, I have Dish and I’m still watching CBS!! Get over yourselves and Negotiate fairly!

  25. Mark says:

    Oops, I think I got the acronym for this network’s stupid line of cop shows wrong. Oh well, they’re all interchangeable, since I’m not a retired old white guy.

  26. Cam says:

    I switched to a high def antenna and I haven’t regretted not paying a dime for something I should get for free.

  27. “CBS programs immune to the satellite service’s “AutoHop” feature (which fast-forwards through commercials)” what you do then is take out the old VCR, hook it up to the TV, record the shows on tape, and fast forward through the commercials as you damn well please. Just for the fun of it, you can fast forward and rewind as a taunt at CBS.

  28. Alex says:

    That is what this was all about? Are you kidding me? How petty! These companies or pathetic and so greedy!

  29. robinepowell says:

    Like I said before, Blue Bloods was a repeat from last season.

  30. Ennie says:

    I got tired of dish and all the high prices and all the “reality” shows and dumped them. Got a couple of good HD antennas and I get all my local programming for free. Plus the picture is actually better than it was with dish. I have a roku which gives me Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. I’m glad to be done with dish

  31. Tori says:

    This is strange. I have Dish and I watched The Amazing Race last night. Then L L Cool J came on to announce that the Holiday Grammies were going to announce the last Grammy category. I didn’t care and switched over to Grimm.

    • Ro says:

      This only impacted markets that have CBS O&Os… it didn’t impact CBS affiliates in all markets. I bought an HD antenna as well, but haven’t hooked it up yet.

      If you get a roku stick and get streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, etc), can you still watch cable shows? In other words, will I be able to watch Bates Motel, Suits, Mad Men live (or within 24 hours) when they return next year?

  32. Gail says:

    There are two types of negotiations that cable and satellite companies engage in. One is for retransmission of local stations on the cable/satellite company’s service. This is a negotiation between the station owners and the cable/satellite company. That was the situation here where TV stations owned by CBS did have have a new agreement and so programming on those stations was removed on Dish. This situation can effect a station group, whose stations carry a variety of networks in different parts of the country. All stations in the group would be removed, no matter what network programs they broadcast if a retransmission agreement is not in place with the station group.

    The other negotiation is between the cable/satellite provider and content providers such as Disney for ESPN and ABC Family etc, Turner for TBS and TNT, etc . When these negotiations fail the programming is removed from all homes who receive these services.

  33. Jannette says:

    I’m very upset right now because CBS has blocked their station and I won’t be able to watch Big Bang Theory tonight. Very mad! This is a bunch of crap. All about greed. It better be back on soon or I will switch providers.

  34. hugh burns says:

    Hello what channel is CBS and how can I go back and see the last few episodes I missed.

  35. Maria says:

    I live in Puerto Rico and have Direct TV and don’t get CBS which I miss. Any chance it will be back?????

  36. Lorene nunn says:

    I Pay more than a person should pay for the 4 major channels I watch on Dish when Dish was down on Wed 2/24 all I wanted was to see Survivor now CBS wants me to pay a monthly fee and give them all kinds of pertinent info. If there was someplace I and many others like me on Social Security could get TV without all the channels we have no use for I would do it in a heart beat. Dish gets 1/3 of what I pay for my mortgage. Let us pick the channels we want and not all this other stuff we have no use for.