Revenge's 11 Potential Midseason Finale Victims: Who's Dying Next?

Revenge Death Spoilers

“Nobody does death like Revenge,” the promo for Sunday’s midseason finale (ABC, 10/9c) boldly declares. But who’s to be on the receiving end of that not-so-idle threat?

The possibilities are endless. No, wait, that’s actually a huge overstatement. The victim pool can be safely narrowed down to the following 11 individuals, all key players (to varying degrees) in Season 4:

1. Emily
2. Nolan
3. Victoria
4. David
5. Daniel
6. Jack
7. Charlotte
8. Margaux
9. Louise
10. Ben
11. Agent Taylor

Obviously, a few of those Hamptonites are guaranteed immunity — unless ABC decides to off Emily and introduce a compelling revenge story for Officer Ben — but we won’t be sure of anything until Sunday.

Browse our gallery of potential victims below, then drop a comment with your best guess: Who’s next?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Deion says:

    Smart money is on Margaux or Louise. The “Go ahead and publish” scene seems kind of like something that left us hanging. And Louise is crazy boots.

  2. LOL says:

    Emily will be killed off so that ABC can completely 100% reboot the show and make it about something else entirely.

    • Moment says:

      I’m not a fan personally, but the show is doing so poorly in terms of ratings that a reboot simply won’t happen. Even a short final season is the longest of longshots, if anything they’ll wrap everything up this season.

      • Wordsmith says:

        I think you may be overstating things a little bit. As TVLine itself maintains, Revenge is teetering on the “could go either way” line at the moment.

        • Moment says:

          Not really no, and I don’t personally pay much attention to those predictions, they’ve been proven incorrect for some shows already and can be a bit misleading. I prefer to judge from the ratings among other things, and the numbers this season, especially the 4 million, 1 18-49 pulled by the latest ep suggest no future.

  3. Letti says:

    I bet it will be Daniel. It would suck because after two seasons of hating him, I started liking him again. He is really interesting especially in Demily scenes… but I’m unfortunately sure he’ll die.

  4. Zenobia Jackson says:

    Margaux or Louise would be welcome exits. I have heard that the actor portraying Daniel wanted to leave after season 2…so who knows?

  5. Johana says:

    Lost and TVD are the shows that killed almost every character that I actually liked. Revenge only killed off Conrad and Aiden.

  6. Jake says:

    Margeaux seems to be the character with the least interesting storyline possibilities going forward, although i thought that last year and they kept her around.

  7. Goodbyenoway says:

    Please kill off Josh Bowman. Worst actor who ever lived.

  8. abz says:

    Margaux , Louise, Charlotte, Victoria, David, Daniel, Jack. Any one of them honestly I couldn’t really care anymore. As long as it isn’t Nolan or Emily. The show is just no longer good any more. They’re basically recycling the terrible season 2 Initiative storyline with this whole Malcolm Black thing. They’re running out of ideas so they keep bringing in these awful characters like Louise, Ben, Margaux, Fake FBI lady because they don’t have enough material to fill up 40 minutes each week. Why can’t Nolan get a storyline of his own that lasts more than 2 minutes an episode and doesn’t revolve around Emily? Jack becoming a cop in 6 months? Ridiculous. They’ve been trying for almost two seasons now to make Margaux work and she still doesn’t and never will. She’s BORING and whiny and has like one facial expression. David needs to not have returned from the dead. He’s terrible. The way he treats Emily, putting Victoria over her, etc. They ruined him the second he killed Conrad and he was no longer the innocent man that the entire show was about bringing justice for him. The only good thing about Daniel have been his interactions with Emily this season, but other than that NOPE! Over him, And Victoria. Terrible character. There was a small bit of sympathy for her before this season when she was forced to be chained to Conrad, but ever since this season started, I’m over her and her fake tears and emotions are getting old.
    Clearly, I’m no longer enjoying this show so I don’t know why I continue to watch. I was just thinking that this was probably going to be the final season and it probably will be so I just wanted see how it all ends.

    • the girl says:

      You have just said everything I wanted to say. I wish they had been smart enough to make Jack a cop AFTER the Stowaway burned down which would have made WAY more sense. I wish they had been smart enough to give Nolan a new love interest, someone stable and NOT CRAZY. I wish they had been smart enough to NOT have Jack dating someone who is pretending to be someone she’s not, AGAIN. I wish they had been smart enough to do SOMETHING BETTER with Victoria who is becoming a serious waste of space. I wish Margaux wasn’t pregnant because now it will not be as satisfying if she is the one who dies on Sunday. I wish Margaux wasn’t pregnant so I wouldn’t have these creepy thoughts about Daniel being a father. *insert awful face here*

      I am still watching because Chibs is playing Malcolm Black. CHIBS!! But I probably should just take a break from the show and come back after he’s properly introduced.

  9. Chris says:

    Margaux and Louise are not dying.

  10. Summer says:

    Margaux. Between running that story on Louise’s family, being pregnant with Victoria’s grandbaby (because that’s how Louise would see it) and the fact that Revenge seems to be setting up another Daniel and Emily thing (despite that last scene with Daniel and Margaux)…she just seems like the most likely choice.

    Having said that, I hope it’s Ben instead.

  11. mfarris70 says:

    My money is on Josh Bowman’s Daniel. He was very vocal last year about his boredom with the role and asking the producers to kill Daniel so he could leave.

  12. Nico says:

    On their Facebook page, they posted a photo asking who’s next with the photos of Margaux, Emily, Jack, Victoria, David, Daniel and Nolan, which probably means that it’s only one of these. My bet is on either Jack (dating the rogue fed), Margaux (expendable character), or David (massive shocker).

    • Susan says:

      I think it will be Daniel. I love this show and all it’s subplots. Daniel’s storyline has pretty must run it’s course. I think Louise’s politician brother will show up and take a shot at Margaux and hit Daniel. the late time slot has hurt the show,but I hope it continues.

    • La La Lu says:

      If those are the choices. I would definitely say it’s going to be Margaux. They won’t get rid of anyone else on that list. Reasons. Emily- Main character. Jack- Whether anyone likes it or not, they’re setting him and Emily up as endgame. Victoria- Too much of a baddy to kill off. They already killed Conrad, I don’t see her going too. David- I just don’t see it happening. Why bring him back from the dead, just to kill him mid-season? Daniel- I guess it’s possible, but don’t see it happening. Plus, Margaux dying would give the possibility for a worthwhile storyline. Nolan- Well, if they wanted to piss everyone off and lose their remaining viewers. Then sure. I guess it could happen.

  13. Dave says:

    The adversarial relationship between Emily & Daniel is the best thing about this season. So much more chemistry than when they were a couple. It won’t be him – not yet. Smart money is on Margaux – she’s exhausted her usefulness – but man, would I ever love for it to be Jack.

    • Stop says:

      I just don’t see why they make her pregnant if they were going to kill her.

      • kn1231 says:

        Motive. If she dies, her pregnancy can point to more suspects. Daniel because maybe he doesn’t want the child, Lousie because she wanted to be pregnant with Victoria’s grand child, Emily because she doesn’t want Victoria’s family to expand, etc.

  14. N says:

    It CAN’T be Nolan!!!!!!

  15. Jen says:

    It will be Daniel. His scenes with Emily have been great and people are starting to like him again – I think a lot of fans like him more than Jack now, which means that to the writers, it’s time for him to go. It would be so much better to kill Jack off though – give Emily a new reason/drive for revenge AND get rid of the “love interest” that she has the least chemistry with. But it’s going to be Daniel. Even without that video that Madeline Stowe posted, I’d say Daniel.

    • Weezy says:

      I agree with Jen. It’s definitely Daniel. If you pay close enough attention, TV shows typically foreshadow major cast deaths. This is usually portrayed by an actor/actress acting out of character almost as if they are trying to make the character redeemable so the viewer actually cares when the character is killed off.

  16. alyssa says:

    My money is on Margaux. She’s playing with fire and has no clue how to protect herself from getting burned.

    Obviously Emily, David and Nolan are safe.
    Dear TV gods, please don’t kill Daniel or Jack. Last season I would have been fine with a Daniel death but he’s FINALLY interesting. Don’t take that away from me.

  17. sammyfinbar says:

    Daniel seems too obvious. People have been talking about his death for a while now. Unless David or Emily directly kill him off, I can’t imagine his death would add much to the plot.
    My money is on Jack. They’ve more or less removed any “poor people” storyline so this would be a good way to bring it back to he elite, fancy world of the Hamptons. The only reason he is sticking around is to be Emily’s end game and I think the series has moved to a place where that’s not important any more.
    If this is indeed the final season, Emily would be a really interesting choice. Particularly if it’s done in a way that gives her posthumous revenge.

  18. ChrisGa says:

    I think we can pretty much rule out Emily, Victoria and Nolan. My first thought is Margaux, which seems a little ironic since they upped Karine Vanasse to a full cast member this season. Still, I’d say it’s her, Louise or Daniel.

  19. ChaCha Fance says:

    I hope it’s Margaux or Charlotte. Both are irrelevant.

  20. SJ says:

    Since the actor who plays Ben has just been made regular, there is no way they’re killing him off this fast. Too bad, because I’d really like it to be him!

    My money is on Agent Taylor. They just want to drum up the ratings with the dramatic promo but I’m betting on the character dying being completely irrelevant to the overall story of the show. If, however, they really do mean business, then it’s Daniel. It’s not Margaux because Karine Vanasse also just got promoted to regular status recently. Why do that it you’re only planning on keeping her on for just a few more episodes?

  21. Lauren says:

    David. Kill David.

  22. Fred says:

    Apparently nobody noticed that Ben silently has been upgraded to a series regular, after Charlotte left. There hasn’t been an article about it anywhere, but if you look at the credits, you see he’s listed with the main cast.
    Not happy about it by the way, it means they’re extending this filler which keeps Emily and Jack from ending up together…

  23. kate says:

    I wish it was Jack. I’d hate it if they kill Daniel. I like him again, and strangely enough I like him and Emily more than before, there is real chemistry between these two.

    • Johana says:

      Jack is so annoying. I know he was supposed to end up with Emily but he’ so boring and I just want him gone. The moment Amanda died he became useless.

      • kiwirevengefan says:

        Yep, so agree. I hope it will be Jack that dies but unfortunately he seems to survive everything, unlike all the other people in his life. But my gut says he lives and Daniel dies.

  24. dsrbroadway says:

    Please be Charlotte. Or Margaux. Or Charlotte. Or Charlotte.

  25. kn1231 says:

    Its got to be Margaux, everyone else on the show currently has a purpose. Charlotte has been gone the last few episodes, and I don’t think they will bring her back just to kill her. Also when all is said and done, I really feel like the show is going to end with Emily, David & Charlotte being a family, with Victoria left on her own.

  26. Bianca says:

    8!! Like I said on Twitter earlier this week, Mar-goes!

  27. Alex says:

    This whole show could die for all I care.. BORING!

  28. Kelly Deeny says:

    I’ll preface my response by stating that my guesses tend to be incorrect when it comes to REVENGE. That said, if Margeaux died, it gives Daniel added motivation. He’d be on his own course of revenge. Plus, it’d be an interesting twist since he tried to kill the last woman who told him she was pregnant. (Granted, it was a lie…but still) Would he turn to Emily for help? in seeking retribution? Emily has already had to grieve for Amanda and Aiden. I can’t imagine them killing off Nolan or Jack so soon. She’d really lose it!

  29. Anna says:

    I’ll happily say what I’ve said after the last episode: please kill Jack. Him looking good shirtless is not really a reason for me to keep him on the show, there’s other eyecandy around, sooo… Plus, I still think Jack’s death would be FAR more interesting than ANY of his storylines that involved him being alive have ever been. Think of what it will do to Emily! And Nolan! And Charlotte! It could actually make Charlotte interesting! Now think about that! What are the chances of that happening, EVER? So, pleeeaaase, KILL JACK. (I know it won’t happen though. They’re gonna have him end up with Emily which is awful for so. many. reasons.)

  30. Candace says:

    There are exactly 4 characters I care about living: Emily, Victoria, Nolan and Jack. Anyone else can die, for all I care.

  31. Kynn says:

    If daniel dies revenge has no reason to be watched!!! Dont kill off daniel :((

  32. Lana says:

    kill Jack. It will be more interesting than a happy end with Emily.

  33. H says:

    My god, you are hilarious.

  34. J. Richards says:

    While it makes for a great shock factor, Victoria nor Emily or David moms Dad die, but to drop Daniel?

    He has a role that could have taken the Greyson name to a new 180 and with it, a few spin offs, I think its terrible and hope that they revive him as he never knew he married his 1/2 non blooded, sister or step sister! C’on, get some good writer in their NOW and bring him back, I would lie to see him Jack, nNolan and Emmm’s = all work together and keep facades when needed! PS Having revolution cancelled was a bad idea, with net speeds reach almost 100MB per second, (we get about 65-70) TV is going down JUST lie music, or at least the networks are. Replying on Neilson when Millions use torrents or watch online at a non network site are not counted and they far outweigh the Nelson Rating system of the 1950;s.

  35. fanlb says:

    bring Daniel Back. What were they thinking. Many people were waiting to see if they would get back together.

  36. Diana says:

    Daniel better not die. They should of killed off Charlotte. I do hope they knock off Louise, and somehow makes it look like Daniel dies in the next season. I mean come on man that is total BS to kill him off. Him and Emily made their peace, he put himself between Kate and Emily to save her. That right there redeems him. You writers suck. You always kill off the good ones and bring in idiots. Make it some other tragedy like Daniel lives and Magaux dies, and the baby lives or whatever, but make it a tear jerker and fans will be happy. I watch this show because of ALL the main characters (except Charlotte). They brought in Aiden for a temp, and gave it a tear jerker twist, and that’s what I like, with the main cast staying a live, bringing in temps to give the store turns.