Castle Christmas Sneak Peek: Will Strippers Be Naughty or Nice to Rick?

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It’s beginning to look a lot like… pasties.

This Monday on Castle (ABC, 10/9c), death takes no holiday when a doctor is executed by a man in a Santa suit — and we’ve got a sneak peek at the naughty-but-nice place that the first clues lead Kate and Rick.

Probing into the vic’s background, it is discovered that he may have been a “mob doctor,” so Rick reaches out to a crime boss pal/onetime Derrick Storm consultant… who counts a strip club among his assets. Will newlywed Rick be able to maintain his focus in front of his detective-wife?

Press play above to watch the holly jolly proceedings.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Rick is A GUY. He is going to look but married to Kate he will never touch. Doesn’t mean Kate won’t call him to the carpet for looking. “This is my wife, Kate Beckett.” Nope, not used to that yet, but I love it.

  2. Matthew Weber says:

    Dog house.

  3. Tran says:

    I can pictured Kate Beckett going undercover as a stripper (wolf whistle). Remember that T.J. Hooker episode when Heather Locklear’s character went undercover as an exotic dancer?

    • John NYC says:

      There’s that episode where she went into that Russian joint to rescue Castle and to better fit in dropped her trousers and got rid of her blouse and walked in wearing mostly her jacket and high heels…

  4. Irina says:

    this is the most unnecessary thing ever. they keep putting castle with half dressed women for no reason and doing it right in front of beckett is just a waste of time. i actually hate this. so do a lot of other people. so far, no desire to watch this episode. what a bad choice.

    • Kourt says:

      Omg it was like a 10 second clip with the strippers. They were not on the screen all that long. Choosing not to watch an episode is ridiculous.

    • tam says:

      he isn’t doing anything with them, so don’t get the big deal. He is going to look, just like Kate often looks at other men.

      • Guest47 says:

        PREACH! Even Kate looks to other men but no one say anything! He’s the bad guy she is always the “saint” … Jesus, those “fans” who said they didn’t watch an episode for this have to grow up honestly!

        • tam says:

          Its there choice if they don’t want to watch. Not going to pass judgement on that. Just pointing out that both characters have done the same in the past so it isnt really anything new or a big deal

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          It’s a pretty good episode, too….

          • Guest47 says:

            Thank you, Matt! You know, people always have to complaing about something…
            It was a funny SP with Kate “Really!?” and I’m still not over the fact that they are married so everytime I heard something like “This is my wife, Kate Beckett” I’m going to melt on the ground! :D

          • Mary says:

            THAT is the only thing that matters to me, so thank you!:)

          • Fran says:

            Me too Mary :)

          • John NYC says:

            Noooo! Hey “spoiler alert”!

            Well, at least you didn’t say it was “mind blowing”, setting all of us up to go into the episode with our minds pre-blown. So thanks for that.

    • Terry says:

      Irinia, dont speak for me! Dont watch it if it offends YOU!

  5. Kourt says:

    Beckett’s ‘Really’ made the scene great. Rick is a man he is going to look. Castle has always had strippers on the show so I don’t see what the problem is.

    • S. says:

      He’s married now, for one, and it is gross to lust after people who you are not dating or married to, no matter if you are male or female. It diminishes the relationship because it’s a way of saying that your partner isn’t good enough for you, that you’re still shopping around and hoping for an upgrade. And when you ogle them right in front of that partner it’d rude and it says to your partner that they are so boring they can’t hold your attention. Because “just looking” is the first step on the road to cheat town. If you don’t look, you don’t start down that road.

      • Guest47 says:

        I have to disagree with that. He’s married not died : ) and if they were male strippers Kate would have do the same thing. Not a big deal, tbh.
        I think they were good together and they know that! They’re in love and in bed… well the hints that them sometimes give to us say that they are very good and pleased on that! So, why complaing about a married man who watch some girl strippers? I mean, he dind’t got laid with them or anything else, he was just looking!

      • Fran says:

        There’s a big difference between looking at an attractive person and actually lusting after them. I have no idea how you see this clip as Rick “shopping around or looking for an upgrade”. “Just looking” is not the first step to cheating. So when you get married you’re never allowed to look at another member of the opposite sex? That’s just silly and unrealistic, sorry. There’s a reason Kate isn’t bothered by this- she’s obviously secure enough in their relationship to know that it doesn’t mean a thing.

        • S. says:

          No, you’re not, not that way. You’re in a relationship, your attention needs to be for your partner. And the first step is always “I’m just looking,” and then it’s “I’m just talking, I’m just being nice, we’re just friends.” If you don’t look, you don’t start down that path.

          • Lyn says:

            My Aunt used to say “I don’t care what stimulates his appetite as long as he comes HOME for dinner”

          • KCC says:

            First: lust is a physical response not a conscience decision. The best you can do is it to hide it.
            Second: ogling someone in public is distasteful and disrespectful to them.
            Third: the one place it’s ok to ogle someone is in a strip club. In fact, it’s expected and would be insulting to the performers not to stare.
            Fourth: I bet more affairs start with: “my wife/husband doesn’t understand me and has stopped trying to excite me” not that someone attractive just walked by and you noticed them. If that were the case the infidelity rate would be near 100%.
            Finally: it’s a TV show and has a history of showing Castle reacting to a situation then realizing that reaction was inappropriate. It has been used for comic effect throughout the series’ run. Comedy is very subjective and I, for one, find it in character and funny, but you’re entitled to you opinion.

      • Mary says:

        I totally disagree with you. I don´t believe for a minute that “just looking” is a first step to cheating!
        Speaking for me, when I´m on a relationship I´m not dead. If I see someone I find attractive, I look around, and I never cheated.
        I´m sure there are people that don´t look around openly and yet cheated more than once…

    • John NYC says:

      Yes, the direction to have one of the dancers run her hand across his shoulders while he and Beckett were talking gave them a terrific opening for that line and it’s terrific delivery. Stana has been getting some lighter banter material and she’s handling it with ease.

      Fun show.

  6. Anna says:

    Castle writers need to understand the differences between comedy and bad taste: for every time Castle hug/kiss Beckett they counterbalance by letting Castle kiss or flirt with other women: Gates kiss, AU lady, that’s unnecessary. This ‘Castle can look, he is a man’ excuse was used too many times, but in front of your wife a cop??? And Beckett being so passive, really really???Does he even likes B anymore? How to ruin two characters in 10 episode: Watch Castle.

  7. Witsel says:

    I agree that it’s normal and human to look, just like Castle and Beckett do. The problem is that honestly, they often seem to find other people more attractive than their other half so doing scenes like that every 2 episodes is really annoying …

    • Guest47 says:

      That’s because we don’t see so much episode centered more on them (like 7×03 about the sexual tension)… I mean, it was a good episode! Even in the west, when she wears those outfits. The bad thing is that the show sometimes is center more in the case (and it’s normal seeing Castle is a crime drama) and let Caskett aside…

      • Witsel says:

        Yep, that’s exactly my point, we don’t see much about their relationship yet we see stuff like that a lot, so it can be frustrating.

    • tam says:

      I’d disagree with them not finding each other attractive. Season 7 are full of Castle jaw slacked moments when Kate appears.

      • Guest47 says:

        Yes! It’s a stupid thing to say they are not attracted for each others! -.-
        I wonder if they watch Castle because they are fans or just for watching something… Because people always see too much into something.

  8. emma says:

    What bothers me is not really the fact that he is looking at naked ladies, but we saw him being almost insensitive to Beckett,very childish and all excited to see that woman in last episode so a scene like this really wasn’t necessary here in my opinion.

  9. Witsel says:

    Hey, it could be worse, they could have promoted the episode with an “Esplanie” sneak peek :-)

    • Mary Anne says:

      I’d love that. The only complaint that I have about the show is that it doesn’t give enough attention to the supporting characters.

  10. Rich Abey says:

    Rick stop looking dude or you’re gonna get burned by Kate!

  11. LL624 says:

    Everyone saying Beckett looks too, it’s happened WAY more often with Castle. And he’s married now. He’s not the playboy we met in the beginning of the show. Ogling strippers with her standing right there and not hearing a word she’s saying is disrespectful to her. And I’m not saying that it upsets me every time they have Rick do this, but I understand why it upsets other fans.

    • Guest47 says:

      in season 5 they were together, she was there with Castle but she still ogling the male models, then don’t forget that milionaire, and also in 7×07 when they were already married she looks to the naked cowboy… : )
      It’s a normal thing! It didn’t mean anything… they are not going to cheat on each others…

  12. gretchen thad says:

    I can’t believe how ridiculous some “fans” are each and every time a sneak peak is released. “Does he even like B anymore?” can’t be from anyone who watches the show. Repeatedly, Rick is shown to be in awe of Kate. There are small and large demonstrations of his feelings for her and hers for him in almost every episode.

  13. ndixit says:

    I find the complaints so funny! Its ridiculous how sensitive Castle fans. My first thought when I was watching the clip was that he was probably picturing Kate in that outfit, doing what the stripper was doing. That’s why he had to be startled out of his imagination. But regardless, he was really doing nothing wrong.

    • tam says:

      lol nice one.

      It’s like some think people don’t look at people other than their SOs, be it strippers or hot celebrities. We all do it.

    • LL624 says:

      Lol. If this episode wasn’t ending with a cliffhanger, I’d say they could end it with Kate giving Rick a private show.

  14. Anna says:

    Now people are comparing how many times Castle looked at somebody else and for how long, and how many time Beckett did the same, especially since married, first; it’s hilarious that this is what fans are left to talk about instead of the actual development in the B/C relationship, the cases, the cliché fantastic mythology of Castle that they wanted us to buy so much (and just dropped because of reasons, for now).
    The show is basically about Beckett and Castle relationship: how they changed, how they have fallen in love with each other and how they are learning how to live this new chapter of their life.

    Second, the problem itself is that this is a trick used and abused by Castle writers way too much, the way is done isn’t comedy anymore, this kind of situations have been shown more than the actual B/C relationship, they is no balance for the viewers to be able to make it as a comedy act, instead it’s just frustrating and a bit insulting to fans and the characters as well and the whole show.
    if you don’t show the ‘inside’ of a relationship, you cannot show the ‘outside’ to the viewers, they have no intel in order to make it as fun as you want to, this approach it plays against the feelings of the two parts, it is counterproductive and ineffective, it plays against the comedy intent.

    About the ‘how they can look but they don’t touch’, sure, it’s true, when you play effectively both with the story and the acting, but when both are done not well as in the past episodes of Castle, it doesn’t look good and doesn’t make much sense. Why doing it? Why Now? What you want to tell us that we don’t know?

    I’m not saying that I’m not going to watch it, I love this show, that’s why I care so much that when something bother me I want to understand why they did it in such a cheap and nonsense way.

    I’m no writer, but I read, I watch TV, movies, I read and listen to other people opinions, as much as I can; and when a minute of video, can make me so upset even if I don’t have the full context of the episode, either ABC isn’t able to promote a show in the right way (it’s pretty obvious what fans and viewers from Castle want to watch) or TPTB has completely lost it.

    It’s better to be angry that not to care at all that’s for sure, but I’m very close to not care any longer if this is the kind of storytelling that I have to deal every Monday of the one show that used to be my favorite.

    Btw where’s Beckett in all of it, she’s been passive this season, last episode the fact that Castle basically insulted her old Loft wasn’t even addressed at the end, they keep splitting them apart with non sense reason, and probably (spoiler alert) they will split them even more since Castle is going solo for a while apparently, (leaving the precinct? big winter ending?).

    At least the only 5 minute of the show that B/C are written together in the episode, they should be seeing as a couple that face life and relationship in a constructive way.

    • Guest47 says:

      Split them didn’t mean they are going to break up or anything else tho.
      It’s okay have different opinion, but I’m seriously annoyed with people who said they aren’t in love anymore, or they aren’t attracted of each other! Beucase… seriously!? After everything they were through and the way they look at each other or the way he stop to talk/breathe when she’s wearing different outfits or nothing (7×03-7×07).
      You’re right about the fact writers don’t let us see the “inside” in the relationship. To be honest I was disappointed with last episode where Castle act like he doesn’t care when he always was careful about anything. That’s a thing I hated because it seems season 5 when they didn’t talk and they fight. They needed more talk and then it happened. But in the last episode she didn’t say anything and he didn’t notice anything and it was a little bit weird to me.
      Castle is my fav tv show, but writers make mistakes sometimes. I mean, I can’t blame her, anything is perfect in this world, but yeah, I hope they do a good job.
      But in that case, in that SP, I dind’t read too much into that! I was the first who get upset when they always put Castle with some woman but in this SP he act like other men would have act if they were in his position.

    • Lena says:

      Thank you. Totally agree !

    • ndixit says:

      I completely disagree. In what way have they not shown the ‘inside’ of the relationship. I mean in season 6 we spent so much time with them in their normal moments. Even in this season, we have spent plenty of time with them and their relationship. I can’t imagine what people possibly want more out of this relationship.

    • wesleydv09 says:

      I think people are overreacting so much.

      Especially about that comment from Castle about her appartment.

      The guy made a comment that was not meant insensitive or hurtfull at all, and Castle never realised that it did. Otherwise he would have apologized. I have heard Beckett making hurtfull comments to Castle too in the past or laughing at things he does or like. Funny enough people then say she is just teasing him. Double standards?

      Like with last episode. Beckett was kinda dismissive of the TV show that he liked, and made quite a few comments about how cheesy and bad it was. Now, I don’t see anything wrong with those comments. However, when Castle made the same comments about Nebula 9 people said he was being a jackass and insensitive? Yeah that makes sense. Remember Castle’s commercial that went wrong, she was kinda making fun of him together with Alexis and Martha. But then it is seen as funny. If Castle makes fun of her like that he is a jackass.

      Oh and the strippers. It is a few seconds in the episode and people say that they are not going to watch it. One advice, please don’t, because then we also don’t have to read the overreacting complaints afterwards. But apparently when Beckett is staring at a male stripper in front of Castle it is considered funny, but when Castle is staring at female strippers he is a jackass. Again double standards?

    • Harvey says:

      Castle said he didn’t like it, that’s his opinion. I also thought that it was weird, but then after a discussion on internet, I kind of think it’s alright. I mean, he doesn’t like it, okay, what’s the big deal in that to fight about. He’s entitled to his opinion about that.

  15. Alisa says:

    It’s a TV show not a documentary and it’s meant to entertain. There is extreme amount of over analysis for a few second promo and it is also strangely judgmental at that.

    • Fran says:

      Castle articles are ALWAYS like this. I’ve never seen a TV relationship so overanalyzed. Every look, every action, every split second is picked apart. To each their own, but it’s just strange to me.

      • T says:

        I completely agree that it is totally over-analyzed and picked apart. So I direct that statement to myself and then ask myself why I fall into that over-analysis trap. My conclusion is that Castle, the series, was originally written to force me to pay attention to those little looks, actions, words, body language, jewelry symbols, innuendo, reference to other TV shows and all of the other non-verbal clues required to understand the show. It was like a sophisticated game of Clue. A word today could be a hint for something to come in an episode 3 months later. The gold bracelet that Kate first wore late in season 5 was a symbol of the engagement ring (round, gold, left wrist) that would show up in the last 5 seconds of the finale several episodes later. Once I was drawn into this challenge every action was fair game for scrutiny. When the show has failed to play this game, or presented new stories that either contradicted or ignored details in the past, then it has become less interesting, if not downright annoying. I can’t be trained to look for and scrutinize these details only to find out that the rules of the game have changed and still be happy. However, it seems like the rules have been changing since season 5 and that is why my own over-analysis can turn into disappointment. One thing I have learned though is to not get worked up with sneak peeks. Sometimes they tell the exact opposite of the real story.

        • Fran says:

          Hi T. I get your point and that was really interesting to read :) I know what you mean about the sneek peaks too, they do often tell the exact opposite.

        • The bracelet you mean was Stana`s Jewell, not Kate`s .

          • T says:

            Sorry but I don’t know anything about Stana. The bracelet I referred to is very visible in the 100th episode, The Lives of Others. Look at the scene early in the episode when Kate answers her cell phone with her left hand after Castle calls asking when she will be home.

  16. mike says:

    Can’t wait…This looks good.

  17. aliceesposito says:

    To Alisa: I’m aware that Castle is a TV show not a documentary and it’s meant to entertain, but that doesn’t mean that cannot be as good as documentaries or as thoughtful. My extreme amount of over analysis is not for a few second promo, but for 7 years of product, TV Show, I don’t mean to be judgmental but just to express my opinions and ideas on how to me the show has grown, or what could be changed in order to make it better and more entertaining to me, TO ME, not to you or others, that’s just my point of view of things, But also, the ratings show what’s pretty much going on…

    • Alisa says:

      Ok. I’m sorry you’re so disappointed by a TV show. I guess it’s just a matter of perspective and I just enjoy the show.

  18. lame says:

    For all those who were offended that Castle ogled the girls, think back to the honeymoon episode when Rick found the naked cowboy in the bathroom, look at where Kate’s eyes are focused, these are adults and they’ve both been around the block more than once. This is funny as they work to figure out each others boundries. The Creasey seem to be the only writers that have this relationship down pat. If you don’t agree look at meme for murder and see a interesting case that was sanitized of everything Caskett. Creaseys rule.

    • LL624 says:

      If some strange naked guy pops up in your hotel room, you’re going to look out of shock. She wasn’t ogling or checking him out like Castle was here (or like she did with naked Colin Hunt in the Limey).

  19. lame says:

    What I’d like to see is a very dark storyline and have the Creaseys work the Caskett chemistry and banter into it. Dark and cleaver that would be gold. Terri Edda did something similar in the A/U episode until that unfortunate ending.

  20. lame says:

    The major disappointment with shooting the Hampton’s wedding to hell was that we were never give the opportunity to meet crazy aunt Theresa or cousin Sofia or Captain Gates husband or the fun it would have been to see Dr Burke question the man who had given Kate Beckett so much angst.

    • Guest47 says:

      Yeah, they would have invite the 3/4 of NY’s population too… *sarcasm*
      The wedding was the wedding I have always dreamed. Just me, the person I love and my family!
      The wedding is a moment about two person and their love. Nobody else. The rest is just a traditional thing. I appreciate the wedding even because it wasn’t like others. It was different and sweet. And I loved it!
      Their friends weren’t there… who cares!? They are the first one who didn’t believe in Castle in the premiere, especially Espo and Lanie.
      So I was really happy to see a wedding with them alone.
      The only thing people can complaing is that background but still… who cares when you fav couple are getting married!? Seriously.

    • Mary says:

      Well, I´m not even a bit interested in seeing aunt Teresa or cousin Sofia or Gates´s husband!! Please, those people were always just someone to be mentioned, not seen!

  21. I did read all the comments and I`m thinking I`m gonna wait till monday what will happen. All I want is they gonna have a wonderfull first Christmas as newlyweds.

  22. Harvey says:

    Hate the fact of looking at other women, don’t like the scene at all. I understand why he does it, even Beckett does it, but still, I don’t think it’s something worth showing anymore. What I hate more, though is when it’s like Beckett does nothing, I mean she not only looked, she practically kissed Eric Vaughn until coming to her senses again, that wasn’t wrong?

    • Morgane says:

      Yes it was. Just like Castle letting a woman straddle him or a geisha kissing him (yeah it was for the case, of course). It’s not funny and annoying, when it’s Castle just like when it’s Beckett who does it
      Now, the “looks” honestly don’t bother me, even if Castle’s writer tend to use this kind of thing a lot compared to moments between the two of them.

      • Harvey says:

        He was shown holding off the women for long time. He couldn’t have pushed her very hard. He couldn’t have told her. And that looked like he was forced. She had told she was with Castle, he hadn’t touched her. Could have pushed him, or hell could have turned away, gone away, and Eric wasn’t coming and coming, he came slowly, kissed, almost seemed as if Beckett wanted to kiss, before getting to senses. And nobody had taken Castle thing as funny, actually that was despised and he was called a jackass, even though that was much more forced than this.

  23. lkh says:

    It might be annoying to have your partner behave that way, especially while you’re standing there…but it’s pretty normal behavior. Just ask any advertising agency as to how they sell products. The key is to know when to stop looking, certainly don’t touch and try to minimize flirting. Since she was trying to talk to him and he appeared really distracted, that could warrant a comment later-privately-only if she thought it was warranted and it bugged her–she did seem a little irritated, don’t know. But repeatedly Castle has been portrayed as a teenage boy, isn’t this then expected to a certain degree? (and remember the cop from Britain who dropped his towel–I was pleased…:D) And Beckett seemed irritated with the dancer, saying really?, she doesn’t know they’re spouses. Castle, again always portrayed as immature, would have been the one to get it together. If Beckett is unhappy or this is common for them, discussion time! (which they aren’t good at)

    I agree, we should wait and see what the episode is about.