Peter Pan Live!: The 22 Best, Worst and Whoops-iest Moments

There were highs (quite literally, Allison Williams’ aerial pirouette), lows (Christopher Walken searching for a line) and head-scratchers (that Mummenschanz-esque crocodile!). But no doubt about it, NBC’s Peter Pan Live! was an artistic upgrade from last year’s dubious Sound of Music.

Clocking in at a full three hours, though, there were plenty of peaks and valleys (not to mention snafus) during the course of the live broadcast — and Team TVLine tried to catch each and every one of ’em.

Wendy’s eyebrow-raising nightgown neckline, Hook’s eyebrow-raising eyebrows, and Minnie Driver’s last-act gravitas… we’re weighing in on all of ’em.

Click through the gallery below to get our take on the proceedings, then hit the comments and tell us where you agree, where your opinion diverges and which wacky moments we might’ve missed. (And don’t forget to grade the musical in our handy poll, too!)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. L says:

    I only got through the first half hour before turning it off .. it was awful… and i just couldnt get deal with her portrayal of Peter Pan… she looked way too old to be playing with kids and definitely feminine… they really should have cast someone younger for the role.. The girl playing Wendy at least looked like she could be a teenager… Peter did not.. some of the staging was weird too.

    • Kat says:

      it’s funny that you say that as allison williams is younger than mary martin and sandy duncan were when they each portrayed peter pan in their productions. i agree with you about wendy. i didn’t mind too much, though, as her performance was quite good.

    • ScottJ says:

      The role of Peter Pan has almost always been played by a somewhat older woman since it was first staged in 1904. Its part of the show’s tradition and theatricality.

      • L says:

        That may work on stage, but not on television.

        • Sara says:

          Ummm. Mary Martin won an Emmy for playing Peter Pan in this same role. On television. It works just fine.

          • L says:

            Different era. Doesnt work for me.

          • Nancy says:

            By your own admission, L, you didn’t actually watch the show. So really your opinion doesn’t matter and you are expending way too much energy on something you couldn’t bother to watch.

          • L says:

            I saw parts of it.. like when the girl that played Wendy is flirting with “Peter”.. who looks like a middle aged woman.. that was just creepy.

          • KCC says:

            When everyone was watching on 15″ black and white TV via over the air broadcast, not 52″ color HD flatscreens via cable. That being said, it’s a fantasy and I thought Allison Williams did a great job.

          • RUCookie says:

            I agree KCC and Nancy – Allison Williams was a fantastic Peter. I loved her energy – she really surprised me last night!

        • Tim says:

          You’re an idiot. Do some research before you make stupid and incorrect comments

          • David4 says:

            I emailed my mom last night going “you know some stupid b***h is going to complain that there are two girls flirting with each other on stage”.

            She didn’t believe me but there you have it.

      • Mary says:

        I don’t think it was Allison age that was off, it was because she was to tall for the part. Peter Pan was always played by Women because they had small petite frames that you could believe it was a boy. This Peter Pan looked like a late teenager not a small boy who never wanted to grow up.

        • BonnieW says:

          Mary Martin, Sandy Duncan and Cathy Rigsby were petite women and they looked and acted like a young boy. Allison wasn’t just too tall….she’s a lovely young woman and she played Peter like a lovely young woman. There was no young boy in her presentation.

          • Sherrill says:


          • Sherrill says:

            Maybe it was the costuming.. With the other “Peters”, I never even knew they were female; I may not have realized it this time either if I wasn’t continually made aware of her breasts by the fit of the tops she wore 😕
            Then the other things – her long skinny girly arms & legs, the soft features, the broad hips, NO muscles became painfully discordant & I had to turn it off, since I just can’t get into a lesbian/trans Peter Pan..

      • Ann Rollins says:

        Women were historically used due to a lack of young male talent and the fact that the wires couldn’t hold adult male weight. I wanted to love it, I did, but it felt like a strange lebianesque Shakespearean tale because the actress playing Wendy was 22 and Allison WIlliams looked like a girl of the same age. It was so bizarre. Also, the grown men playing the lost boys was indeed strange. I just couldn’t make sense f it. Tiger-Lily and her tribe were the highlight for me.

        • DMH says:

          That is not true. Wires have been holding up men in theatre since Shakespeare’s time. Pan played by a woman was a tradition started way before the musical. Frankly, I think it is an outdated tradition, and is actually sexist. You might as well bring back Shakepeare’s plays with men playing the girls. It is time Peter Pan is played by a boy.

    • Vanessa says:

      I VERY much disagree, I thought that they did a great job on making her look like Peter pan but yet that is my opinion. :) I also liked the staging.

    • Kathie Wilson says:

      Totally agree with Lsays:

  2. James says:

    TV Line complains about the “lack of clothes” and Wendy’s “short attire”, and I’m here hoping they do a Rent Live or a Rocky Horror Live. I guess I understand now why it’s never going to happen…

    • Danyelle says:

      I don’t see them complaint? They say that Peter (a boy!!) is showing boobs, and that Wendy’s neckline changed. Just jokes.

      • James says:

        They said something about Tiger Lily’s clan. And I’m also joking about TV Line complaining. Just wondering what would happen if they dared to do a more adult play.

        • KCC says:

          Maybe HBO or Showtime would do Hair or Oh Calcutta, but not broadcast networks. They’re looking to make it a family event. The late hour perplexed me and I don’t know if kids used to CGI would sit through a stage play on TV.

        • NB says:

          I saw they cleaned up one of the Indians’ songs (Uggama, Uggama, etc. ) But what was with Tiger Lily’s outfit? Like a bad Hula Skirt. What was she, an Indian from the South Seas?

  3. Sean says:

    C. It was ok. Allison did better than I expected but Walken was a bit disappointing.

    • S. says:

      I dunno, Christopher Walken playing Captain Hook as Christopher Walken was kinda awesome. It was so so wrong, but it was glorious.

    • CB2 says:

      That’s how I saw it too, Walken doing Hook as Walken. I thought it mostly worked as it Is a very campy role and his Pirate crew supported that direction as playing along rather than playing against him. Where it did not work Was when he forgot his lines. Thankfully no one else did. Borle was a real standout as Smee. Alison Williams was really good. Her voice was a great surprise.

  4. DavidJ says:

    I’m no musical expert, and realize it’s live TV, but from what I saw it just seemed really flat and lifeless. Williams is a decent singer but has no real screen charisma, which was a big problem I thought.

    • jo says:

      definitely agree. She was dull. My child didn’t like the production at all and he was Captain Hook for Halloween. We turned it off after an hour or so.

      • Bruce Gephart says:

        You guys must have been watching a different show than I was. I did not find Allison to be either uncharismatic or dull. She was not a realistic Pan because she is so pretty; I never thought about her as a boy any moment during the 3 hours. But I blame the casting personnel for that problem (perhaps they were all gay???).

        I think Allison gave evidence of a lot of talent in every area, and—unfortunately—I found her to be very charming, and that really creeped me out !!!!!!

  5. GuessWhat says:

    I watched ALL of Sound of Music last year and enjoyed it.
    By comparison, this was boring. The story didn’t hold my interest at all.
    I kept surfing channels after an hour and eventually just quit.
    I wonder what they’ll do next year!

  6. Sara says:

    I personally loved it. It brought back the magic of my childhood watching the Mary Martin version on tape over and over and over again, but enhanced it for a new generation. I loved the the sets and the colors and the costumes. It was very well done on a technical level (yes, even with the visible wires, which I loved for the nostalgia). When Peter Pan first came flying up to the window, I gasped and got a tear in my eye. The end was bittersweet perfection, as it should be. I don’t care about anything that Christopher Walken might have done wrong, because we got to see him tap dance.
    And Allison Williams was utterly fantastic! Bravo NBC!

    • RUCookie says:

      THANK YOU SASA – those feelings are exactly the ones I was relaying to others about the production… (and it is a production and not a show). The sets were fantastic. I loved that they did not lose that stage feeling. Bravo to NBC for taking this risk. Standing O to the cast and crew!

  7. Drew says:

    Are you smoking something? The Sound of Music was better by leaps and bounds. This was boring. Williams and Walken were horrible. The directing was horrible. The whole execution was wrong. Many cast members were good, but they were overshadowed by the embarrassingly bad ones.
    The Sound of Music was fun. Underwood was way better than Williams and the overall production was much better. This looked like a high school production, thrown together at the last moment.

    • kathyb1953 says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I enjoyed “Sound of Music@ last year, but this was awful.

      • Drew says:

        It seems like, for some reason, the media types don’t want to bash Allison Williams the way they did Carrie Underwood, despite a much more wooden, completely flat performance.

        • S. says:

          That’s because it wasn’t more wooden or flat. Carrie was a non-actor trying to act and failing. It was cringeworthy. Of course that role and that show are more cheesetastic than the Julie Andrews version and changes were made for a reason. You’re letting either your love for the film or for Carrie to cloud your assessment. Peter Pan the musical isn’t the best thing ever, but it’s got its merits. Allison did a great job for a tv actress taking on something she probably couldn’t pull off on stage. She wouldn’t have the vocal ability or dynamic performance to project to a whole theater, but it’s charming enough for television and she sold it with enthusiasm. The biggest issue (not counting Christopher Walken’s lines, and, well, Pan/Wendy/Lost Boys creepy sexual dynamics) was that this just wasn’t supposed to be 3 hrs. The pacing really dragged it down. God forbid they tried to do a live version of Les Mis. We’d have a 6 or 7 hr show to watch. Plus, you know, prostitutes.

          • Drew says:

            No. Carrie Underwood emoted. She comprehended what she was saying. Was her performance the best thing ever? No. But it was far better than Williams, who didn’t deliver one line with conviction and never once showed real emotion.
            sorry. Point goes to Underwood.

          • An actor says:

            Drew, you lost all credibility when you said that Carrie Underwood could act. The reason why Sound of Music was so panned was because she had no emotive skills whatsoever when she wasn’t singing and was very one dimensional, in a role that needed dimension. Further, she had no chemistry with ANY other characters. When you can’t even connect with the kids, that’s a problem.
            Was Allison Williams the best Peter Pan ever? No. But she did great work last night and this production was a great improvement over last year’s. Your argument that Allison never showed emotion is ridiculous as Peter Pan is a role that has a wide range of emotions needed to be played. He is a fun loving boy who grandstands most of the time. And besides, Allison showed great emotion with the added song about Peter being forgotten and replaced by his parents.

          • Drew says:

            I lost all credibility with someone who thought that Allison Williams was remotely passable in the role? I am okay with that.
            she was more focused on the accent than she was on the meaning of what she was saying. She never connected. She didn’t even seem to know where to look most of the time.
            Peter Pan needs to be played with wild abandon. This was anything but that.
            She got the role because Daddy pulled some strings and it showed.

          • Kate says:

            Drew, as opposed to Carrie Underwood who got the role simply because she would bring in millions of fans who wouldn’t care that she can’t act (like you, for example)? Give me Allison Williams any day. There is a reason why Carrie Underwood (and that production of Sound of Music) is pretty much across the board critically panned and that was all the little details you claim that Williams failed to do (not knowing where to look, not emoting, etc). Allison Williams captured the sweet, fun spirit of Peter Pan. And she is being praised by pretty much most critics because of her great portrayal. You’re clearly just bitter that she’s getting the praise Carrie Underwood didn’t get.

        • Tim says:

          That’s Because Williams acted and sang really well (and was much more loose) while underwood sang really well but acted poorly ( was much more stiff). That’s a fact not just the media types’ opinion.

          • Drew says:

            Are you joking? At no point during the entire show did it seem like Allison even knew what the words she spoke meant. Not once.

          • RUCookie says:

            Drew – you obviously went in with a preconceived opinion. I had never seen Allison before (don’t watch Girls)… I had nothing to go on AND I am glad I didn’t. I was pleasantly surprised. She was adorable in the role. And her voice handled the score just fine.

          • Drew says:

            No I didn’t.. I didn’t love the idea of using a grown woman for the role, but I enjoy the Mary Martin version. I went in pretty excited last night, but it was painful.
            Don’t try to psychoanalyze me. If you disagree, tell me why. Tell me the on moment that stood out for Peter where it *was* a little boy, fighting pirates.

    • BonnieW says:

      Agree absolutely! Also, bothersome was the casting of the Lost Boys….they should have been called the Lost Men.

    • Bruce Gephart says:


  8. analog says:

    This list is invalid since it made no mention of Kelli O’Hara.

  9. kathyb1953 says:

    I was embarrassed for the cast. Very disappointed.

  10. David4 says:

    I watched parts of it. It was funny, but at 3 hours was just too long. How long is the Disney cartoon? 70-80 minutes. Really should have been two hours.

    • RUCookie says:

      You do realize that the Disney cartoon is not the stage show. If you see a show on Broadway, it takes time. Add in commercials and I get how the production was 3 hours.

      • Bruce Gephart says:

        Don’t even try, Sara, Nancy, Kev,, Vanessa, Chloe, Cookie, and a few others posting on here. Too many people today are not satisfied if something doesn’t move along faster than their smartphones and computers. This generation wouldn’t recognize quality theater, because they are wired differently.

        After a busy day at work, I intentionally look for pleasant, slower-moving, intelligently- dramatic, light-musical, heartwarming, family-friendly ,etc., TV programs or movies .Obviously, for me, that does not include the non-stop noisy action, explosive, crashing, transforming or ghoulish , car and aircraft-chasing scenes ,filled with meaningless sex, gore and violence, etc. which permeate our culture today. (No, I am selective, but I do not just watch TLC or PBS either!).

        I’m afraid we have at least 2 generations of caffeinated, power-drinking, speeding, unconcerned-about-the feelings-and-needs of-others, juiced-up people who just do not belong in the same world as a lot of the rest of us. If you feel like people posting on here were watching two completely different programs last night, I guess we were in a sense.

        OK, critics, I’ve vented, so go ahead and vent on me now….

        • NB says:

          Uh, I’m a Baby Boomer, so tv was often live, and I used to see all the performances at ACT in San Francisco. I do agree that the performances were too long, someone brought up that by the time they had the “clap if you believe in fairies”, many of the younger children had gone to bed (although maybe their parents dvr’d it for them. However, it made me cry as usual.

  11. K2 says:

    Another best: Christian Borle’s guns!

  12. Tahonia says:

    I wanted to watch more, but Gracepoint came on. Williams has a lovely voice, but the words didn’t come alive. Listen to Mary Martin perform I Gotta Crow. And Walken was horrifying. When will they cast real theater performers in the leads in one of these productions? They cast the summer touring troupe….. And Walken was I guess trying for campy, and he was just, nope, I can’t think of the perfect adjective. Nope, he’s no Cyril Ritchard.

    • Nancy says:

      Actually, Christopher Walken has been performing in theater for well over 50 years. He is an acclaimed dancer and actor in the the theater world. I agree with you that they do need to hire more theater actors for these productions, but with Walken they got a theater actor who also had mega clout in the film world.

      • Becky Ann says:

        5 of the Lost Boys are Newsies Alum, many of them from the Original Broadway Cast. And they were perfect. My boys will be stars soon enough!!!

        • Nancy says:

          That they were! I was pretty excited about that, to be honest. There were actually quite a bit of theater actors involved in this production, which was a nice touch!

      • Becky Ann says:

        I adored the Lost Boys. My Newsies did amazing! It really was Peter Pan Live! Revenge of the Newsies. See, 5 of the Lost Boys were former Newsies, many of them from the Original Cast and they were perfect. They’ll be household names thanks to this.

  13. Kristina says:

    I didn’t even try. It looked awful from the previews and clips and nothing I’ve seen since has dissuaded me. Peter Pan is one of my favorite stories and I didn’t want to ruin it by watching this. I hope whatever they do next year is better.

  14. Gail says:

    Well I actually thought Walken’s non-acting was the best part of the show. I was at least interested in watching to see if he would flub his lines even more. The pirates seemed to be the only ones who were the least bit interesting to watch. Whoever was operating the flying boom did a terrible job – Williams was all over the place. I’m sure they had to have rehearsed this, but it didn’t look like it in many places. And, contrary to others, I hated Wendy. Last year’s The Sound of Music I thought at the time was equivalent to a pretty good Little Theater production, but not Broadway quality. This Peter Pan played like an amateur production also – too bad as it could have and should have been much better.

  15. I enjoyed this over The Sound of Music. I found Allison’s acting better than Carrie’s. I expected Walken to pull a Walken, and he did not disappoint (not a good thing…). Someone mentioned a live TRHPS on TV…while I would love that to happen, I don’t think it would based off the nature of TRHPS not being family friendly. They failed to do it justice on Glee.

  16. CK says:

    C+. Minnie Driver was the standout. Too bad, you had to sit through 3 hours to see her. I thought Kelli O’hara and the actress that played Wendy did well, as is usual of the broadway professionals in NBC’s annual musical mess. That song towards the end that they sang together was beautiful. William’s was better than Underwood, but I wouldn’t write home about it or ever see it for free. Walken was terrible. Worse than Underwood by a wide margin. If you’ve ever seen a drag show you will get this reference. Walken was acting like a tired old drag queen who has had too many vodka shots before starting her set. That Croc was ridiculous. I don’t understand how any one decided that was a good thing. That being said, it’s nice that NBC has decided to make hate-watching musicals a thing since they cancelled Smash, and gave us a new hate-watch show (The messy life of Laura) that is unwatchable. I’m ready to start brainstorming next year’s musical disaster now though. Finger’s crosses for Cats!.

    • TiVoMan says:

      I thought Minnie looked and sounded rather bored. (Of course, I never like her in anything). Then you seem to get super-critical of everyone/everything else.
      You and I will never agree on anything, I’ll bet.

    • Morisot says:

      CK !!! Cats is a brilliant choice!

    • NB says:

      Yes, but the younger Wendy didn’t get off the stage before Minnie made her entrance. I think in the Mary Martin version, didn’t the mother (grown up Wendy) at first beg Peter NOT to take her? When I was little, it used to make me cry that Wendy couldn’t go again, that Jane got to go!

  17. Bear75 says:

    You call it Peter Pan Live, but in the UK it’s called ‘pantomime’ – which is code for cringe-worthy kaka.
    Usually in the UK though, it’s Z-list celebs who can’t get other work… I’m really surprised they scored this line up!

  18. Linda says:

    I love, love Peter Pan the musical. With that being said I hated NBC version of it. I could tell all the numbers Peter Pan had played by Allison Williams were bought down by a couple of keys to a lower octave range for her to sing it. If you ever see Cathy Rigby live in on stage in Peter Pan (which I have) or seen the Mary Martin version (which I have) both ladies have a higher octave ranger to hit which made the songs sound better over all. What we had here was flat. Allison could not bring Peter Pan alive. She was dull in movement and in facial expression for example during I Gotta Crow. I personally would of loved to seen Evan Rachel Wood play Peter. Better over all actor and she can sing 10 times better and not top of that she is a fan of Peter Pan and would of made sure it wasn’t a fail. Christopher Walkin as Hook. Give me a break. He is a good actor but not for this role. Plus the fact that he wasn’t cast as Mr. Darling just irked me even more. Tradition with Peter Pan is that Mr. Darling and Hook are played by the same actor. Then when you have older Wendy she is played by the actress who plays Mrs. Darling. I think Hugh Laurie would of done a much better job. I’ve always seen him to be able to play Hook/Mr. Darling and I think he would live up to Cyril. Overall this was a horrible mess. NBC you should be ashamed considering the fact you were the network who originally aired Peter Pan back in the 50’s and 60’s with Mary Martin.

  19. Ann says:

    No mention at all to the outstanding Broadway actors? Christian Borle as Smee and Mr. Darling, and, even more, Kelli O’Hara took a difficult small role, Mrs. Darling, and showed the world how singing is supposed to be in a musical.

  20. NB says:

    OMG, Cyril Ritchard is turning in his grave. Although we Baby Boomers were raised on Mary Martin’s version, (with Cyril Ritchard as Hook), I thought Christopher Walken would be a hoot as Captain Hook, but what did he do? Did he Botox his entire face??? He had no expressions at all. WTF! And we could see all the wires when characters flew. And a BLUE Crock????
    And, of course, it wasn’t LIVE in California. Just like SNL, we got a taped version. I DID like this Tinkerbell, not just a light on the walls, you could see wings fluttering. Nice. However, sorry guys, bring back the Mary Martin version..

    • Marianne says:

      Unless you want some CGI action going on with the flying, the wires will always be a bit of an issue for live television, unfortunately.

    • RUCookie says:

      If you were raised on eariler productions of Peter Pan, then the wires should NOT have bothered you.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        I highly doubt that seeing wires actually bothered “NB.” S/he must be joking. Were the actors supposedly to actually fly??

  21. ninergrl6 says:

    I loved seeing so many Broadway performers that I’ve seen on stage in the cast, particularly the Newsies who were Lost Boys and Taylor Louderman as Wendy. Christopher Walken, on the other hand, was a mess.

  22. Cindy says:

    Allison Williams was awesome -and Classic always cool Christher Walken great interpretation.Grew up on this show and saw the orig with Mary Martin. Won’t compare to the past. I loved it-small flaws aren’t worth mentioning.. Congrats to the whole team and cast.

  23. Luli101 says:

    I loved the Darling boys so much!! I loved Christian Borle and the pirates. The Lost Boys were great, too. I really enjoyed being able to see such great singing and dancing, even if everything wasn’t perfect. We have only watched the first half so far, but my kids were really into this. We are probably never going to be able to go to New York to Broadway and see a musical, and I felt like this was as close as we’ll ever get. It was free and we didn’t even have to get dressed up! Thank you NBC!

  24. Julie Vallerand says:

    Boring!…the cartoon was a million times more enjoyable than this production….

  25. David says:

    I felt the overall production was boring-Allison Williams/Peter Pan sang well but needed to be more animated and the acting role -The children were the bright spots-“Wendy” did a great job-Christopher Walken was both good and bad-there were times where you could drive a truck through some pauses that made you wonder if he forgot his lines-overall I would give it a C-

  26. Lauren says:

    I think my favorite part was seeing Alex Wong from SYTYCD as one of the natives! And Mr. Smee was great.

  27. Tee says:

    Surprised about the Sound of Music remark… I didn’t see it but so many friends and coworkers seemed to rave about it.

    • Drew says:

      People enjoy giving it a hard time, but it had a lot that Peter Pan lacked. It seemed to be made with more care. It wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t insulting, as Peter Pan was. It wasn’t boring as hell. People complain about Underwood and while she wasn’t worthy of an Oscar, she was at least present. Allison Williams had dead fish eyes all night.

  28. Jason g says:

    How about the fact that this type of movie is for your typical white suburban egg nog drinking “Brady bunch” type. Go away with these stupid live specials. This country is weak.

    • Mary says:

      If you mean that to say Family time then yes that is what these are for, plus to give many who will never see a Broadway show the opportunity. The nice thing about this if you are not interested in watching I am sure there was several other channels you could of put on.

  29. Mary says:

    I will first say I never cared for Peter Pan when I was younger. On the whole I thought they did a good job but personally Allison was to tall for Peter Pan and Wendy did not look like a 12 year old that she was portraying. I think with all those Broadway stars they could of cast a more realistic Peter Pan and Wendy. I will say it did not grab my attention like last year SOM, maybe because I like that play better. I do hope NBC continues doing this because it really is good family entertainment but please cast according.

  30. KC says:

    If Allison Williams and Christopher Walken were not involved, it probably would have been better.
    I can’t imagine 3 hours of that junk

  31. Jess says:

    I find it interesting that the majority of people rated it either A or B, and yet most of the comments seem to be “it was the worst!! I couldn’t even watch it!”

  32. mandapants says:

    People are too cynical and “saavy” for their own good. Was watching Peter Pan Live the best 3 hours of my life? No. But it was fun and impressive and beautiful. I don’t care about the hiccups and snafus. I think the cast did a terrific job, they worked hard to bring us a 3 hour gift. Kudos to them. After they all sleep for a week to recover I hope they feel tremendously proud of their accomplishments.

  33. Kim R says:

    I PVR’d it & watched this morning. Zipping past the commercials helped with the flow. I thought it was okay. The singing was beautiful & I think most of the cast did a good job. I was embarrassed for Christopher Walken. I like him so chose to think of this as an SNL appearance for him. It made it easier to take. I did think a few of the musical numbers were a bit long but again, the PVR helped with that as well. I hope parents recorded this for their kids as well, so they can have that experience of Peter urging them to help Tink. I remember sitting in the movie theater with my mom as a child, desperately clapping & believing. :)

  34. Kev says:

    Reading these comments is equivalent to reading the newspaper the last few weeks. It’s unbelievably depressing how much negativity and cynical people there are in the world.
    I was entertained, my 5 year old daughter loved it and couldn’t wait to continue it this morning. Alison was fine, Walken was Walken, (awesome and yet he makes you wonder…..). It’s an outright challenge to do a LIVE show and at least NBC embraces that challenge with SNL, 30 Rock and these productions. I’m not drawing comparisons to people in the past or Sound of Music last year. It was well done and it could’ve been better but it could’ve been much worse. The bit players like Smee and the kids should be noticed in the future as they were great!

  35. Kev says:

    Reading these comments is equivalent to reading the newspaper the last few weeks. It’s unbelievably depressing how much negativity and cynical people there are in the world.
    I was entertained, my 5 year old daughter loved it and couldn’t wait to continue it this morning. Alison was fine, Walken was Walken, (awesome and yet he makes you wonder…..). It’s an outright challenge to do a LIVE show and at least NBC embraces that challenge with SNL, 30 Rock and these productions. I’m not drawing comparisons to people in the past or Sound of Music last year. It was well done and it could’ve been better but it could’ve been much worse. The bit players like Smee and the kids should be noticed in the future as they were great!!!!

  36. Dianne Ferrell says:

    Why did they have the orchestra so loud that it drowned out the singing and dialogue? Most people I have spoken with, turned it off after the first half hour because they couldn’t hear the actors well enough. And, no…we are not all oldies with bad hearing!

  37. Kathie Wilson says:

    I know actors spent endless time rehearsing, but it fell really flat with me. The timing was off, the sword scenes were terribly choreographed with too many pauses in between movements. Obvious brain freeze with certain lines. Tiger Lilly and Peter Pan was very poorly cast. I’ve actually seen far more professional community theater performances than this one. Totally shocked. Peter Pan is one of my all-time favorite children’s story and I’ve seen so many performances. This has to go down as one of the worst considering all the hype it was given. Peter Pan was far too old for the part and looked and acted like a girl…not a boy. She has a good singing voice and fairly decent acting for community theater level…not professional. At least , not yet. I’d say she has lots of potential, but still needs some training. The kids were pretty convincing overall. However, the technical aspect of the show was very unprofessional and many mistakes were obvious to some of us seasoned theater buffs. The crocodile…who in the world came up with that lame creature? The dance troupe was very good and in sync. It ended up being very painful to watch and I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed for the performers.

  38. Merano says:

    Williams is a lightweight, lacking the charisma and talent of someone like Mary Martin. I found her totally unbelievable in the role. While she could carry a tune, she sure couldn’t deliver it. Walken OTOH was delightfully camp, and Hook & the pirates were what saved the whole production for me. Hey, NBC, why don’t you digitally re-master the Mary Martin performance?

  39. Geoff says:

    I loved the original with Mary Martin . In the late 70s or early 80’s I was a musician in the pit for Peter pan with Sandy duncan. She was great.
    I was bored to death watching this remake. Walken was horrible as hook and I usually love him. Allison as Peter totally failed. She was just not believable and it kept looking like a girl on girl thing with her and Wendy . The only saving part were the original songs, but they killed it with adding new songs that were awful.
    Tinker bells raspberry , which happens twice I. The show sounded like a dolce aria.
    Very disappointed …

  40. robin says:

    The dancing was amazing. But the pirate stuff went on too long even when cw wasn’t involved. It really dragged toward the end. I think editing would have helped. The flying was fun, even if you are are expert you might get close. I love how she settled on the mantel so easily. At least everyone could act. Smee couldn’t keep his accent, surprising. Cw had moments but I think he got tired.

  41. W says:

    Walken was dreadful. He seemed like he was phoning it in, tired, or high the entire time.

  42. giselle says:

    In comparing this version of Peter Pan, there were too many things I missed from the original. I missed the shadow scene from Mary Martin’s Peter Pan. I missed Cyril Richard as Captain Hook. This year’s Hook looked anemic and moved as if he were about to drop dead before the croc. got him. I even liked the person-in-dog costume better than the real dog. (Never thought I’d say that.) Worst of all, it was too long. I couldn’t wait for it to be over, and I didn’t feel that way about “The Sound of Music.”

  43. Liz Mc. says:

    I wasn’t HORRIBLE, but what I don’t understand is WHY are they not utilizing proper Broadway actors and actresses???

    Williams is not even comparable to Mary Martin. I had a difficult time listening to her forced and one-dimensional vocal performance. And Walken was WALKEN. I felt that it was very flat…and not even comparable to the 1960 version.