Arrow/Flash Crossover Recap: Things That Go Boomerang

Arrow Recap Diggle Engaged

This week on The CW’s Arrow, the crossover capers concluded with the Flash team giving Oliver an assist with his boomerang problem — one that specifically targeted Diggle’s wife girlfriend Lyla.

For a famously stunt-heavy show, you had to be impressed by how this episode took time here and there to not just breathe but delve into what I’ll call “superhero theory,” via several talky exchanges between Diggle/Cisco, Oliver/Lyla (“”Sometimes bravery isn’t enough; sometimes the world requires us to be bold”), Felicity, Roy, Caitlin and Cisco, and, in the end, Oliver and Barry themselves.

Because yes, what Oliver does is different from Barry’s M.O. over in sunny Central City. The hurt is sometimes put on people in the name of saving lives, without a speedy CSI handy to “work the evidence.” When Barry contends, “We are supposed to be better than [the bad guys],” Oliver lays out for him the nitty-gritty of Starling City, including how he even saw his own mother killed right in front of… oh, right. So did Barry. Oliver shrugs, “Sorry I’m not as emotionally healthy as you.” (And, factoring in five years of island isolation, Honk Kong servitude and whatever else, the fact is he probably isn’t.)

Somewhat echoing Oliver’s larger point, Cisco later suggests to his counterparts that because he and Caitlin are helping Barry battle empowered metahumans with cute code names, that perhaps makes it all “less real,” that they in a way have been glossing over the gravity of it all.

But it was the heart-to-heart with Barry that really did some nice character work for Oliver. He posits to his peer that his work in Starling “requires the will to do what is ugly” — and as such, he fears that he has been trading away pieces of himself, namely the pieces belonging to Oliver Queen. Barry though, bravely and boldy tells his superfriend, “You’re full of crap,” that it’s because of Oliver’s resilient humanity, because of “a light inside you,” that he has made it through all that he has.

Plot-wise, disgruntled A.R.G.U.S. agent-turned-rogue Suicide Squad member Digger Harkness delivered some nifty visuals — peppering the air in several skirmishes with his shiny, whirling-and-whizzing blades — as well as brought some drama to the Diggle/Lyla relationship. After nearly an hour’s worth of correcting people (or being himself reminded) that Lyla is not his wife, and on the heels of landing at the business end of a boomerang, Diggle tells his “sweetie” that yes, he does want something — to marry her.

Now, for the purely fun stuff…. Where to begin? Cisco beseeching Felicity to show him and Caitlin the “Arrowcave” and all its “toys” (Arrowmobile sold separately). The Flash racing to Starling City, speeding past an oblivious Thea. Barry working the salmon ladder in Flash-mode, making it almost look easy. Barry using his speed to employ the others in defusing five bombs at once. You had to kvell with Felicity as her team revealed a costume mannequin for The Flash’s next visit, while Cisco gifted Oliver with a lighter, higher-tech jacket. And topping it all off was the Rocky III-like tag, with Oliver and Barry privately and playfully settling “once and for all” who would kick whose ass, the camera cutting just as the clash begins.

* “You really don’t care about my marriage, do you?” “Well I would, if you were still married.”
* “What’s that [salmon ladder] for?” “Distracting me from work.”
* “Is that your ‘We Have It Handled’ alarm?”
* “I need to get some paperweights down here!”
* Cisco going to take an iPhone pic of Flash and Arrow together.
* “So ‘stay away’ is what you’re saying.” –Cisco, after eying Oliver’s sister/Roy’s ex
* “When I fight you, it’s literally like you’re standing still.”

What did you think of “The Brave and the Bold”?


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  1. Kaba says:

    Finally caught up, (well, I missed the first part of the crossover) but Arrow is simply fantastic and I’ve just started Flash so I’m curious as to what’ll happen with that.
    Great crossover.

    • herman1959 says:

      You’re in for a treat because (IMHO) part one was slightly more awesome than part two. I spent most of Arrow feeling sort of underwhelmed UNTIL Barry figured out how to “be in 5 places at once”…so cool. The Flash won!

      • B says:

        agreed, I haven’t gotten past the first season of arrow (the show just didnt grab me and I might be the minority but I think stephen amell is a poor actor) even with the flash people there, I felt underwhelmed until that moment as well

    • This episode was definitely a treat, especially when compared to the messy and boring episodes that have preceded it.

  2. Andy says:

    I wasn’t nearly as thrilled with this half of the crossover as I was with The Flash’s, but it was still great nonetheless.

  3. Azerty says:

    So much love I don’t even know where to begin…I like that Oliver pointed out the differences between sunny and fun Central City and dark Starling City. I loved the pairing between Cisco/Roy and Dig. When Felicity went to CC earlier, a lot of people said Felicity, due to the great chemistry with Barry’ should relocate to CC, I think if a character had to relocate it should be Diggle. When Well’s motiv will be revealed he will probably leave the team Flash and those kids will need an adult to keep them straight. And an adult with military exoerience is just a bonus. And Dig’s seriousness is hilarious when he is confronted to Cisco’s geek attitude. I also loved “the superhero theory” and I hope now Oliver will try to have the balance between Oliver Queen and the Arrow. Finally all the easter eggs (Quentin Lance “Hello Bart Allen”). Both parts were awesome but now back to business againt Reverse Flash and Ra’s Al Ghul. Can’t wait!

  4. Skittles&Bits says:

    Is it selfish that I want more. Now? The comic book/superhero fan in me is literally over the moon at the thought of more crossover episodes. Grant Gustin is becoming more and more like the Flash: dorky, a little cocky, funny and ultimately a good person. Arrow/Oliver needs more Barry in his life. Yes he does. And ohmygoodness that Bart Allen name drop had me nearly biting my tongue. Yes, yes, and YES! More please!

  5. robinepowell says:

    While this part of the crossover had a more serious tone, it was just as cool as the first last night.
    Can’t for another crossover in the future!!

  6. Robby Horine says:

    I’m shocked and pleasantly surprised that Capt. Boomerbutt was a credible threat and not the sniveling creep of the comic universe.

  7. chuckiechk says:

    Flash/Arrow writers need credit tonight for turning a campy rouge like Captain Boomerang and making him seem like legit badass threat,

  8. James D says:

    loved it. was it just me or did the Flash cgi look a lot better on Arrow than it does on Flash? that would be really weird if I’m not imagining it.

  9. “Screw You Captain Boomerang!” – Cisco

  10. Rick Katze says:

    While I rated this episode as awesome, it was slightly below the first part. Sort of surprised that Laurel was not there. It could just as easy have been 6 bombs, not five. And, as usual, where is Merlyn? In the credits but MIA.

    • Sara K says:

      she was there for a hot minute and I didn’t understand why she or Thea were even on the episode, they had no storyline for them.

      • aplwrites says:

        It is their show too. However they added 3 other characters who are much more immersed in the hero-dom than Thea,Laurel, or Quentin. Props that they found ways to include them in such a character heavy crossover. Thea was lacking in anything relevant, but her entire story line this season is mired with mystery, having even a shred of that in a crossover would have been irresponsible of the writers. Still, we want to see those character intermingle with the Flash as well. It was just the right amount based on where those characters are.

      • CC says:

        I felt like the small moments they worked Thea into were amusing but I honestly completely forgot Laurel existed until suddenly there she was on my screen. That’s how much I feel like her character is irrelevant to the dynamics on the show; I didn’t even notice she was missing.

    • eye says:

      Being in the credits as a series regular status means that he is under contract to be available when needed (wheras if he was recurring he wouldn’t have that obligation). It doesn’t guarantee that they will be needed in every episode. Chances are that once his storyline becomes more prominent again, he will be on weekly.

  11. StephonJS says:

    I’m am lost for words. Part 2 was just… EPIC!!!!!
    I loved every second of this episode. Part 1 was about learning to work as a team and Part 2 was working as a team.
    There were so much things I liked about this episode. From the two team acknowledging the difference between both cities to Barry bringing out the more human part of Oliver.
    At the end of the Arrow would have won. Hands down.
    A++++ work across the board.
    I cant wait until the next crossover episode. Maybe by the next we will have The Atom and Firestorm in full uniform… A Mini Justice League Event

  12. John NYC says:

    The Flash people brought the lightness nicely balanced episode.

    • Jaymee says:

      They did! Usually it’s Felicity bringing the lightness.

      • kath says:

        Arrow needs more lightness. It’s been a very depressing season.

        • CC says:

          Agreed. I love the show but I feel like it really shines when there is some well-executed lightness to counterbalance the dark.

      • Shelley says:

        That’s why Felicity and Diggle are 2 of my favs of the show. I love Oliver too, but, I love love this trio. The ying and yang of dark and light was delightful these past 2 episodes. They just brought out the differences of the 2 shows. Heavy drama with major badasses to fight against in Starling City. Vs Central City. Love Cisco.

  13. Drew says:

    I really enjoyed the crossovers and can’t even imagine how difficult that production schedule must have been. I like how it feels like the team has expanded, rather than have two separate worlds that only unite when they need ratings. I enjoyed the interaction, but did find Barry to be a bit naive when it came to handling bad guys. Everyone likes to criticize Oliver, but they still rely on him when they can’t get the job done themselves. I even don’t like the no kill policy. It seems… silly in the context of this show.
    Still don’t get how Palmer renamed the company and what happened to Oliver’s shares of the company. Did I forget him losing them somehow?
    I could nitpick a little but honestly, I thought the crossovers were really good. My geek brain is overloaded with awesomeness. The Marvel movies should take notes, because this is how it is done.

    • Alichat says:

      I was wondering the same thing about the company rename, and Oliver’s share’s in Queen Consolidated. Obviously, if the company has been bought out, he keeps his shares, and they convert to shares of the new company. So he has Palmer Whatever-the-hell-he-named-the-company shares, and if the company is doing well, then why all the comments about Oliver having no money? And why hasn’t the renaming come up in a conversation or argument between Oliver and Felicity?

      Otherwise, I loved the episode. We finally get to hear Roy say more than five words, AND he actually smiled!?! And the Felicity comments about the salmon ladder and land mines on the island were adorable.

      • herman1959 says:

        I’m only an infrequent Arrow viewer, The Flash is my show, but I remember something about papers that had to be signed by Oliver and Thea to retain their shares, but Thea was mad and refused to sign hers (and left town to train with Merlyn). Therefore, they lost their interest in the company and Oliver is broke. Thea is living in an expensive apartment paid for/rented by Merlyn, and Oliver agreed to move in with her.

  14. LEP says:

    Was I the only one thinking “Diggle” versus “Digger” and wondering were they really running that low on names? Fun 2 episodes my 16 year old son and I watched together. :)

  15. Ray says:

    I must be in the minority, but these cross over events annoy the hell out of me. I watch Arrow but haven’t yet started The Flash so now there’s all this trepidation about watching Arrow in case it spoils critical plot details from Flash. Ugh.

    • Jaymee says:

      I wasn’t as excited at first either, especially with all the superheroes going “versus” but after watching, the crossover episodes were great! Glad I watched :)

  16. Sparky says:

    Loved both episodes…total fangirl!! Weird how people liked the Flash episode better…I enjoyed tonight’s episode better!! Maybe I need to take another look at both!! Either way kudos to both shows for putting on 2 terrific episodes!! My biggest take away from both shows is that i love Cisco…the actor has brilliant timing and has even better one liners than Felicity and the fact that he acts like such a fangirl/guy is hilarious!!! Got a little misty when Barry realized that he has mannequin for his suit the next time he’s in town was great!! The 5 members of both teams working together to disable the bombs and Barry and Oliver’s talks!! All in all loved both episodes…both teams worked together seamlessly; they should definitely do these every season!!!

    • KatsMom says:

      Yay! Finally someone who agrees with me. I thought this episode was the better of the two also. And I adore Cisco too! He’s my favorite new character of the season. I’m a little giddy thinking about the day when he becomes Vibe. :)

    • jp says:

      I’m the same, I love both but enjoyed part 2 better.

  17. DarkDefender says:

    Not sure how I found the resolve to wait to watch The Flash until right before Arrow tonight… But I did and it was one long episode of awesomeness. I loved the title card action, the competition.. The “Arrow Cave”.. Upgrading the suits.. And that awesome preview of who is coming next week.

  18. Brandon says:

    Great episode! i thought lyla was going to die but goad she didnt. defintely still has a story arc left in her.

    • Jaymee says:

      I agree Brandon! I don’t read the spoilers as much so I had no idea what would happen Lyla’s arc. And having seen strong female characters go in the show, I held my breath and hoped she didn’t see the same fate.

    • John NYC says:

      True, but Diggle’s sweet love interest detonates bombs inside her agencies operatives heads, so a mixed feeling about her. I’d actually expected that lessening of humanity to lead to a crisis between her and Diggle.

  19. Briggs says:

    High points for me:
    *Any time Cisco put his own spin on the situation (up to and including his read on Thea’s availability)
    *Felicity’s great lines, starting and ending with the salmon ladder
    *Oliver and Barry’s interactions, both funny and serious
    *Caitlin announcing that she and Cisco hadn’t had permission to leave work
    *The new manniquin
    *And, of course, the final banter before the final banter.
    Both halves had me endlessly laughing, and I can’t wait until next week. :)

  20. Flaw says:

    “-How often does Oliver do that?
    -Almost every wednesday”

    quote of the week

  21. Jp says:

    I loved it😆

  22. This episode was the clear superior of the crossover, with development, or at least fun spotlights, for all the characters involved.

    • Briggs says:

      Not that dissimilar from The Flash, in it’s own way, but to each their own.

    • abz says:

      Agreed. While I enjoyed Part 1, Part 2 was WAY better and by the end I found myself kind of sad at the fact that The Flash characters were leaving to go back to their own show. They brought so much fun and lightness to the episode and they fit so well with the Arrow characters and allowed for a lot of development. I loved Arrow since the first season, but even I’ll say that this season so far has not been the greatest for me. This was my favourite episode all season. I hope The Flash characters left a mark on the show for the coming episodes and that there are more crossovers in the future.

  23. robinepoewell says:

    Two things I forgot earlier.

    I thought it was nice of Cisco to design Oliver a new jacket. Was waiting to see if he made one for Roy.

    When these shows come out DVD next year, I hope both both season right crossover epidemic are part of the other’s show’s bonus features. Like Murder, She Wrote and Magnum, Please. I. It would a shame if that didn’t happen.

  24. chris1 says:

    Good episode, but The Flash episode was definitely better, imo.

  25. These two episodes had more geekgasms than a Slave Leia look-a-like contest. The fight between Barry and Ollie in the Flash may be the best superhero battle yet filmed. It was frame after frame of these two showcasing their abilities while treating us to straight-from-the-page scenes, angles, and character-specific action(Barry creating a mini-cyclone(still waiting to see him do it with his arms) and Ollie’s subsequent draw and shot while falling backward.)
    I have to admit I had my doubts about Arrow when it started but the whole first season is an origin story. It took off in season 2 and never looked back. I was so pumped after seeing Barry get struck by lightning on last season’s Arrow that I was in love with the Flash before I saw a single set pic. And yet as high as my expectations were the Flash did not only not disappoint, it exceeded my hopes and is only getting better. They are doing a great job on both shows and the crossover really showed the potential that they have with this corner of DC’s television universe.

  26. Tom says:

    I feel the second part was better than the first part and that was great.

  27. Wow, Arrow and Flash really did a good job replicating the basic dynamics o the Batman and Superman dynamic, with your grim seeker of justice and your chipper symbol of hope. All they need now is someone who explores magic-related stuff and is the spirit of truth. Zatanna?

  28. Ozzy says:

    Watched both parts, but enjoyed Arrow’s arc much more. But both were great episodes. The CW is really stepping up. I can’t wait for the next x-over.

  29. jj says:

    Love the Flash team visiting the Arrow “cave”.

  30. GhostWolf says:

    Except for the flashbacks which I always FF, it was pretty good though I enjoyed part 1 more than part 2. Being in five places way wicked cool but wasn’t it supposed to be done within 90 seconds? It seemed to take longer than that to get all the ducks lined up.

    • Donna MaMa says:

      you do know that the flask backs are part of the story, they do tie in each week and it shows Ollie’s growth too

    • abz says:

      The flashbacks are important to understanding Oliver’s character and his development and gave a lot of insight into Oliver’s mentality in present day. They explained how he started to use torture as a means of getting information and how he came to have the mentality of fight the extreme with extreme measures. I agree that some of the flashbacks, particularly this season have been lackluster and boring at times compared to previous seasons, however, they do serve an important purpose in giving us more information on Oliver and how he’s come to be who he is and think the way he does..

      • Briggs says:

        Yeah, you are really missing an important part of the the story. You need to watch them to get the full effect of what’s going on now. Oliver’s time away has everything to do with what’s going on in the present.

  31. Joey Padron says:

    Great episode. Can’t wait for another crossover episodes for both shows to happen again in future.

  32. brenna says:

    Excellent!! I look forward to the next crossover event. They all work so well together. Loved them both! Part 1 was overall more humorous and had the epic battle and Part 2 had some great humor but was more intense! Showcased the differences in the shows. Something that puzzled me: I thought Barry was given the speed, but does he have superior strength too? He’s carrying grown men around the city and doing the salmon ladder like its nothing? I hope he’s not perfect. I cheer more for heros that are awesome but have some imperfections!!

  33. Sarah T. says:

    I thought both episodes did a huge service to their respective shows while keeping the tone and feel for each as well. I LOVED sassy Oliver last night. I wish we got a bit more of that on Arrow. I feel like S3 is finally starting to develop and come together more though I do wish they would wrap up the “Sara” plot sooner rather than later.
    Also, I liked how when Barry told Oliver that he still had light inside of him, in walked Felicity. :-)
    Loved Cisco’s comment to Roy about how his red suit was cooler than green. ;)
    Loved the comments by Felicity about the salmon ladder.
    Overall, great episode. Kudos to the writers, actors and special effects team. I feel like this show gets a bit overlooked since it’s on the CW but it’s one of my top 3 shows.
    I’m thinking since The Flash is working so well that they need to seriously consider getting The Atom his own spinoff as well. ;)

  34. TL says:

    #FLARROW was just incredible!!!!

  35. Donna MaMa says:

    those photos for the next episode – they have bare chests in the snow, and all of the swords, guessing Oliver is going to Ra’s house

  36. Luis says:

    RE: Oliver’s emotional health vs. Barry’s – Oliver grew up a spoiled rich kid who had his life torn away and endured five years of hellish experiences, the legacy of which was his father’s list and a GINORMOUS chip on his shoulder. Barry had two unimaginable tragedies to deal with, but he also had a stable, loving father figure on whom he could rely as he grew up. No particular surprise if Barry is at least closer to being emotionally healthy than Ollie, even if Ollie has made substantial strides over the past two and a half years.

    • kath says:

      You’re right, it’s understandable why Barry is more emotionally healthy.
      But sometimes, Oliver clings to his pain too much. It’s like the pain and the tragedy is what nourishes him instead of the friendships and love he could get now.

  37. B says:

    The Arrow/Flash crossover was epic!!! I hope they do more next season. Mmaybe one per season

  38. K says:

    This episode was fantastic and just shows how bad the show has been lately in trying to make Laurel BC. Everything hasn’t been working because they’re trying to make her fit in a role that was better off with Sara. I’m amazed how transparent this was last night. Everything was perfect and ran like a well oiled machine. It wasn’t as good as The Flash part but still great television. I didn’t think they’d make a crossover work but it really did because the right people were in it.

  39. michaelallenlong says:

    Both crossovers were great, but I actually enjoyed this one a bit more. No annoying IRIS/Eddie scenes to suck the air out of the room. Both these episodes show how crossovers should be done.

  40. Anthony says:

    I loved both halves of the crossover. These casts interact really well and clearly all comfortable with each other. However, on the topic of Barry’s “future visits,” while I love the idea he has his own mannequin in the Arrowcave, I do hope they won’t overdo the crossovers. Back in the day, the reason readers looked forward to the Justice League / Justice Society crossovers was because they happened once a year, so they were a mini-event worth looking forward to. I hope the Arrow/Flash producers take the same tactic. One mid-season crossover per year is probably enough to make most viewers happy without disrupting either show’s tone or plot progression. (In other words, let’s not have too much of a good thing…)

  41. Ninini says:

    See what happens when Laurel is not on the show or at least hardly? The episode turns out to be outstanding!! Laurel becoming the Black Canary is becoming dull. Sara was much better as a Black Canary she had more temple and character. Laurel lack of “a thing” to be a strong badass Black Canary. I see Laurel just as a good lawyer like she was in Season 1. Laurel was good in Season 1 why not make her like taht this season. Why fix it if aint broken. I think the reasdon Laurel had became like lame or dull is beause there are many personal situations that she wnet thru in S2 and almost all at once so she ended up being a very vulnerable person that still is dealing with those issues. The death of Tommy in S1, then she became an alcoholic, then her mother left them again after stopping by, her dad issues too that made her also weak then finding out about Oliver being the Arrow, and now Saras death. Many things at once. The writers need to make her a believable strong character so the viewers can really buys her as a Black Canary and not being the victim the whole time. Just saying.

  42. Mehvash says:

    I literally could watch a show called FLARROW and be content in my mundane life. both shows were just written so well with great character development. Both shows continue to bring it. Glad to see that ratings on both nights seem to be awesome. From everything i’ve read doing shows like this are a logistical nightmare but the teams really did just a great job of integrating each other. Looking forward to more crossovers in the future. Arrow could use a little more lightness now and again and it was great to see that the Flash team got a little bit of a wake up call when it comes to what they’ve been doing.

  43. Did anyone miss Cisco’s “It was like they were on a league of their own”

    C’mon, that’s gold right there.

  44. Arowette says:

    Great episode I like this better half than the Flash but both were good and I have never seen a Flash episode before. Good sense of humor of all members.. Arrow is always a bit darker than the Flash I assume.

    Boomerang and Slade locked up together? MM if they will eventually get out of prison maybe they could joing the Suiced Squad hehe!!

    Good crossover

  45. Arowette says:

    I want to ask something on nexrt wednesday episode iI recognize one of the members of the League of Assassins. Is it the same guy who trained Oliver 5 yrs back when he was in Hong Kong the one with a wife and the little boy?I think he is right?

  46. Arowette says:

    I must admit sicne I first watched Arrow, the pilot I never been so hooked up to a show in my life. This show is so great. Every story is well developed. Each episode is like the continuation of the next one or the one before. All stories are related sicne the pilot but explained in each episode with a differnt topic. Each episode is like a web, And I like how all or most the guest stars who had been on the show they all are related somehow with Arrow since he became Arrow 5 yrs back or even with Oliver family. the stories are well intertwined and still manag to keep the viewer guessing with unexpected twists and still each story takes their time to develop the writers do not hurry , the take their time.

    For instance the island flashbacks, in S1 and 2 it ws very important for the present day sotries as all were related to situations taking place in the present day now in S3 we got one step forward and the story continued but in Hong Kong and what happened in HK 5 yrs ago has something to do with the present day stories

    THere are some episodes that maybe they are not so darn outstanding but still they are ok.