Walking Dead Companion Series Casts First Two Actors

Walking Dead Spinoff Casting

The Walking Dead‘s companion series has started building its cast.

British actor Frank Dillane (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince‘s Tom Riddle) and Aussie actress Alycia Debnam Carey (McLeod’s Daughters, of course) are the first to board the AMC project, which is set during the same “zombie” apocalypse that Rick, Daryl et al are dealing with, but in a different geographical location.

The as-yet-untitled series revolves around a male teacher and a female guidance counselor; per our sister site Deadline, Dillane and Debnam Carey will play the latter’s drug-abusing son and ambitious daughter.

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  1. James says:

    WHAT?! No Americans?!?!

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I think Brits and Aussies are appealing choices to casting people because they have the résumé (films/TV episodes) to show what they can do, but that same film/TV reel hasn’t been seen by 99.9% of Americans so they are total new faces. Where as an American new face is probably only a new face because they have done insignificant work or no work at all yet.

    • Wordsmith says:

      Slow down – this is two roles out of (presumably) at least eight or ten. It’s a little early to get worried.
      Also, remember that two of the most prominent surviving cast members of the flagship show are Brits, and everybody seems to be fine with that by this point.

      • Moment says:

        You mean how Andrew Lincoln and Lennie James(Morgan) are British? They were great choices too.

        • Wordsmith says:

          I was actually thinking of Lauren Cohan, though I suppose technically she’s as much American as British.

          • Moment says:

            Ah you mean the dual citizenship thing? I just went with those born in the country. She was born in America, though she lived in England for a time.

  2. Dr. Opossum says:

    It is admittedly unfair to judge ahead of the show airing, but just from the photo and description I bet that presumably teenaged son will be annoying as hell. Oh well, viewers love surly teen boys! I bet he will also have a grudge against his long-suffering father.

    • Dr. Opossum says:

      To edit that, I meant mother, not father.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Lol i agree, I see a picture of a emo dark moody looking long haired “hot” guy (in a boy band type of way) and mix that with “drug abusing son of a female guidance counselor” character description and i think recipe for melodrama and teen angst and all those tropes that it seems you and i agree on (they are horribly annoying).

  3. M3rc Nate says:

    I have to admit, i’m very excited about this show. The idea of our Walking Dead creator and showrunner and writers having free reign to create new characters, to tell completely fresh new stories and to kill off anyone they want at any time (where as on TWD what are the odds they kill off Rick/Carl/Daryl for example)….i’m very excited.

    The casting seems fine, almost every pretty aussie actress seems to make it big here (for good reason, they are good actresses, smokin hot, have sexy accents lol) but i do worry about two kids on a show, and this “drug-abusing son and ambitious daughter”….i just dont want melodrama. Dont make this a soap opera, the main show (TWD) has been pretty solid at having unique but fantastic characters who have issues but are very realistic and fairly easy to watch….we dont need annoying characters in their 20’s like every other show.

    My biggest hope is in this show they incorporate a military man. Specifically a SEAL or a Marine or something…it would be great to watch these normal civilians do their Walking Dead thing (as we have seen on TWD) but then in comes a SEAL/Marine who has survived alone…kinda like this shows Michonne. On his own, in his military gear, with his suppressed rifle, suppressed pistol and dual Gurkha Kukri’s. I dont need him to be this flawless Superman or anything, but i’ve been wanting to see what a REAL badass/soldier would be like in TWD world…not a Sergeant who plays like a Vietnam vet or small town cops.

    • Rook says:

      I get what you’re saying about not being able to kill off people. But if this show becomes popular it’ll just turn into the same thing. They won’t be able to kill of the big characters so they’ll just cycle through secondary character when new ones pop up.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I somewhat agree and somewhat dont…i believe the death of some huge characters will happen on TWD, specifically Maggie or Glenn, i dont think the core group is safe, i do think however that Rick/Carl and Daryl are pretty damn safe.

        But my main point of disagreeing with you is that we feel even more attachment to these characters because they are in the comics, but these new characters are brand new, they arent in the comics, we dont have this preconceived notion about when they will die and when they shouldn’t…Rick seems so insanely important for two reasons, the show started out on his POV and he has been in every ep, and the same reason but in the graphic novel’s. When you dont have that graphic novel kinda anchoring your creative decisions, you can make more wild decisions, like killing off someone that feels like the “Rick” of the new show.

        TL, DR: TWD puts you in a box, you can only do so much creatively because of the comics and not wanting to majorly piss off fans, where as a brand new show with brand new characters is a chance for the creator/writers to do whatever they want, no box, not handcuffed to the comics.

        • Shonda Fontenot says:

          Rick has not been in every episode since the beginning….remember when the Governor met Tara & her family? Or when the group were separated leaving the prison after the Governor attacked??

  4. chris says:

    I just hope the cast is diverse and decent looking.

  5. Pat says:

    Whiny teenage angst with zombies, yippeee! If Andrea wasn’t whiny enough.

  6. Hey Matt have you heard anything about the rumored “casting call” for filming this month in Pennsylvania? Probably a hoax but it would be nice to confirm.

  7. NCoastHum says:

    I know it’s wishful thinking but I’d love to see Emily Kinney cast as a new character on the new show.

    Robert Kirkman appeared to be interested in working with her again on Sundays Talking Dead.

  8. ed says:

    this show is gonna hurt the walking dead…. has anyone ever heard of the word fatigue?

  9. Fran says:

    Holy crap, I loved McLeod’s Daughters… At least the first few seasons. Looking forward to this though.

  10. kd86953 says:

    Why not have the companion show take place in a different country, like the UK? Surely people all over the world are going through the same fights that our TWD gang are?