Flash/Arrow Crossover Recap: Oliver Makes a Point, and [Spoiler] Returns!

Flash Recap Arrow Fight

Barry Allen and Oliver Queen may have become fast friends when the Central City CSI first appeared on The CW’s Arrow, but this week on The Flash — in the opener of a two-night crossover event — the brahs brutally clashed, under extenuating circumstances. Then, once the dust cleared, one of the superheroes got a blast from his past (though just how big, he has no idea).

Most simply (and easily) said, Part 1 of the crossover was expectedly superonce one accepted Oliver’s extra-prickly personality within the Central City town lines. (We were told that he was on edge about more people learning his secret identity as Felicity leaned on the S.T.A.R. Labs team to analyze the mysterious boomerang that figured into a Starling City murder. But even so, it seemed a bit much.)

Setting that aside, there is not one base the crossover didn’t touch — including the establishing of Dr. Wells and Joe West as Arrow skeptics, backed as they are by seeming evidence of the vigilante’s “dark reckoning” and “brutal, violent vision of justice”; Diggle’s gobsmacked witnessing of Barry’s speed (“You’re fast”); the amusing contrast of Dig and Cisco as super-friends; Felicity and Caitlin passing the Bechdel test while sharing smarts; Dr. Wells subtly sharing his deduction of the Arrow’s identity, and Oliver noting there’s “something off” about the scientist; and of course the showdown between Flash and Arrow, after the former got “whammied” by VOTW Ray Bivolo.

The actual throwdown was bigger and actually more “brutal” than I was anticipating, especially when Arrow would perforate The Flash with arrows and what have you — with the knowledge, of course, that his opponent healed quickly. And though fueled by a metahuman-manufactured rage, the brawl nonetheless packed storyline punch, underscoring as it did the lessons that Oliver labored to teach Barry, about employing precision versus just powers, about casing a situation before racing into it. The fight was very Rocky I-like, right down to the veritable draw.

And then you had the humor — so, so much wonderful humor, from all corners. Diggle’s ongoing awe of Barry’s speed (including what it might mean for his waste processing). Oliver’s reluctance to refer to “metahumans” and his similar distaste for the “silly code names” assigned to The Flash’s foes, only to have “Deathstroke” and “Huntress” thrown back in his face. The smack-talking inside S.T.A.R. Labs from both “team” benches as they watched the showdown like a PPV fight. Oliver’s juxtaposition of the “pipeline” with his less-sleek prison on Lian Yu.

As far as The Flash itself goes, there was storyline movement in the form of Eddie rallying for a task force to target the speedster, his wayward cause given the veneer of validation after Iris’ detective beau was targeted by Barry’s unorthodox rage-fest. That out-of-character outburst even disenfranchised Iris — and on the heels of The Flash making clear his crush on the blogger, no less! And though an end-of-episode encounter ‘tween the two paved the way for an eventual reconciliation, Oliver’s parting piece of advice for Barry was a somber one: Guys like us don’t get the girl.

Lastly, as the hourArrow Oliver Child drew to a close, there were “bonus” goodies for fans of each show: First, Oliver bumped into his conspicuously nameless ex-girlfriend (played again by Anna Hopkins aka Defiance‘s Berlin), the same lass that Moira paid to bolt Starling City after she got pregnant. Identified to Felicity only as “somebody that I used to know,” the young woman went on to place a phone call… to her and Oliver’s child, referred to by “mommy” only as “sweetheart.” Flash fans, meanwhile, got a glimpse of Caitlin’s fiance Ronnie (Robbie Amell), who had been presumed dead in the particle accelerator malfunction but in actuality is roaming the streets as the hothead to be known as Firestorm.

* Felicity stripping off her smoldering clothes (“I’m so glad I decided not to go braless”), then over-explaining to Caitlin how she and Barry are so not happening.
* Iris revealing that Oliver Queen is on her “three list” of guys she’s allowed to cheat on Eddie with.
* When The Flash meets with Iris, does he always stop to set up a semi-blinding floodlight over his shoulder?
* “Once super-thieves showed up, I went mattress.”
* “I’ve gotta run.” “I bet you say that to all the girls.” “What other girls?”
* “I have a cousin who got hit by lightning once. He just developed a stutter.”
* “This is you watching my back?”
* “Don’t you sleep?”
* “Since when do we have facial recognition software?” “Happy Hanukkah!”

What did you think of “The Flash Vs. Arrow”?

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  1. Sparky says:

    Love these shows and the cast!!!! Only 23 hrs till we do it all again!!!!!

    • Sparky says:

      Can a comic book expert enlighten the rest of us on what Wells long term goals are….he’s so shifty???

      • It’s really not clear who he is. Harrison Wells is assumed to be an alias (H. Wells after all, and he’s a time traveler or something, too easy), so there’s a bunch of speculation about what exactly his deal is. Vandal Savage (an immortal) and an existing character from the future (Barry, Eddie) were suggested, ditto Bart Allen.

        • Shelley says:

          I agree with your theory. H Wells, might be an alias, but it sure makes sense with his knowledge about everyone. I like it that Oliver has a bead on him where all others seem to look up to him. I think that since Wells knows so much about everyone, I think he knows about Oliver’s newest unknown future, a son. Welsh seems to have a hold on people. Anyhoo, it’s gonna be interesting when Oliver finds out. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode. And, now Oliver and Barry have the unwanted task to accept that they cannot have a serious relationship with their girls. Boo

      • louisalston4 says:

        I think wells was created specifaclly for the show but some people think he is a new god which is an alien race that has technology like gideon the face on the wall and i think time travel

      • sladewilson says:

        I’m going with the H (G) Wells theory for now, but he acts a lot like Rip Hunter to me…

      • Gail says:

        Nobody thinks he is the Reverse Flash and that he killed Barry’s mother?

        • CC says:

          I was thinking so, and I think others do, too. Grant Gustin said something in an interview about who he thought Reverse Flash was and that he was really surprised, which made me wonder whether they are going in a different direction just to keep some surprises in store.

        • KatsMom says:

          I think that’s the most logical explanation…a Hunter Zoloman type who wants to make Flash a better nemesis.

    • Hopefully Arrow manages to do this crossover better because I was not impressed with this episode.

  2. robinepowell says:

    I can’t wait for tomorrow night!

  3. Azerty says:

    Awesome as expected! Favorite scenes: the training sessions and the fight but it is hard to choose. I was almost expecting Barry to reveal his true identity to Iris in the last scene. And when Oliver shook hands with doctor Wells I was thinking come on you are better than that Ollie and just after he made that comment “there is something off with that guy” I was glad. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  4. Skittles&Bits says:

    Amazing episode. Arrow vs. Flash was really well done! I’m so, so, SO glad Oliver picked up on Wells’ shifty behavior. I was waiting all episode for him to say something! I’m a little (lot) disappointed in Iris. She goes to loving the Flash (and secretly having him as one of her three men she would cheat on Eddie with) to ditching him when he goes out of OOC especially when it was out of his control. Also, what justification (besides Eddie’s jealousy) does Eddie or the police have for this task force. So far, the Flash has only been dangerous ONCE–when he attacked Eddie and he’s saved citizens and officers alike multiple times. But I guess once is it all it takes for tax dollars to go shooting down the drain into unnecessary task force.

    • redmommy25 says:

      I was annoyed, too, because I love Eddie and was hoping they wouldn’t make him a villain, but it looks like they are heading in that direction.

      • Skittles&Bits says:

        Yeah, I was starting to like him too! Especially after he bonded with Barry during that workout scene. I get why he’s doing this (jealous is a beast) but I really wish the writers wouldn’t go there because they’re setting him up for failure and eventually revenge.

      • KatsMom says:

        Of course, they’re heading in that direction. They wouldn’t have given the character the name of a known Flash villain if they weren’t going to, at some point, make him a villain.

        • Briggs says:

          ^^This. Why anyone who knows the comics thought any different is beyond me.

          • kath says:

            Caitlin Snow is also the name of a comics villain but Andrew Kreisburg said that there are no plans right now to make her a villain.

            The TV show is not the comics. (In fact, the worst things on the two shows happen because they’re decreed by the comics rather than by organic story telling.)

          • Briggs says:

            Unlike Caitlin, the Reverse Flash has a fate entwined with both Barry and Iris. In a timey-wimey sort of way, they depend on each other for their existence. In fact, the Reverse Flash is the one who *killed Barry’s mother*. Unless Killer Frost has something like that with The Flash, it’s not comparable.

    • M says:

      Iris watched someone she idolized break her car window while driving, pull out her longtime boyfriend, and beat the crap out of him after she was the one who tipped the Flash off that her boyfriend was starting a taskforce against him. That entitles her to some disenfranchisement!

      • c121592 says:

        ANNNNNNDDDDD, he was threatening toward her as well. That’s the issue with anyone with super powers; if he or she goes bad, who can stop him/her?

      • Lena says:

        I agree. She doesn’t really know this man behind the mask and that is certainly not her problem. I think her reaction was natural.

      • Skittles&Bits says:

        While it’s true that she doesn’t truly know the Flash (which makes the Flash’s angry cry of: “you don’t know a thing about me” interesting and ominous), I would think after WEEKs of her insisting to the high heavens about how good he is and how he makes people believe in the impossible, she’d be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Especially after he stopped by to apologize. If the Flash never showed up, yeah I would’ve written him off as well but he did. He showed up to explain he wasn’t himself. Now if the Flash had seriously hurt/maimed or killed Eddie, that’s a different story. Eddie wasn’t seriously injured during the Flash’s rage!quit and it was, to Iris’ knowledge, one isolated incident. I would get it if she asked him to not come around anymore, but she straight up told him she thinks he’s a menace/danger to her and society. So much for “believing in the impossible”. Ironically, does this task force even know how they’ll catch AND contain the fastest man alive? They can’t even handle any of the metahumans. Speaking of, is no one questioning where these metahumans are disappearing off to?

        • Lena says:

          Good observation, however again, Iris does not know him. She doesn’t really know him, so I don’t blame her for jumping to any type of conclusion based on his behavior. She wanted the people to have someone to believe in, but I’m sure she started to question who this guy really is. This, as I stated before, is natural. She shouldn’t have to whole-heartedly accept what he does, because she is not committed to fully understanding his identity. All she can do is draw conclusions based on his behavior and since up to this point, it has been shrouded in mysterious meetings and sightings, she shouldn’t automatically assume this guy is all good after what she witnessed.

        • herman1959 says:

          1. The Flash didn’t seriously hurt Eddie because Arrow and the STARR Labs crew showed up to stop him. As far as Iris knew, the Flash would have killed Eddie.
          2. Those who are “in the know” are aware that the metahumans are locked up in STARR Labs; everyone else could care less, they just want the metahumans off the streets.

          • Skittles&Bits says:

            I would think the police would care where the metahumans are disappearing off to. If they’re committed to catching the one thing that is capable of stopping them (and willing to) then they should at least question where the metahumans are going. If they remove the thing that’s taking the metas off the street then wouldn’t that give free reign to the metas; metas the police are not equipped to handle?

    • kath says:

      I think it’s always scary when something as different as a super-fast person shows up and disrupts your town, even if he is catching bad guys. Eddie is right to be worried; Joe would be too if he didn’t know it was Barry.

    • Skyblaze77 says:

      Seriously though I was more frustrated about Iris having a “list of people she would cheat with” at all I mean prior to this ep, Eddie seemed like a great guy, and I get that Iris worships Flash but she has a boyfriend so, no. And to be fair it’s not like any of them knew that Flash was raging out of control at that point so of course both Eddie and Iris would have been pissed off.

      • kath says:

        I really don’t get the idea of “the list”. It’s never okay to cheat on your significant other and the idea that you can have a list of people with whom you’re okay cheating with just seems to cheapen your real relationship.

    • Brigid says:

      The Flash was not on her top 3 list, Oliver Queen was. Iris had every right to be upset with the Flash. He was about to kill the man she loves, totally legit reason to not want to see him. We all know it will turn around eventually.

  5. The phrase ‘balls to the wall’ comes to mind… Loved it.

  6. Fosho says:

    I’m always all about the Team Arrow and it was so nice to see in tonight’s epipsde of the Flash. I think this made me enjoy Team Flash more than usual which was great! Up until now I haven’t felt the emotional connection or comradery that I think the show assumes I should by episode 8. The comedy was nice to see as it allowed team arrow a breathe of fresh air. My only grip was Eddie who I’m just not feeling yet but maybe it’s because last week he nearly died and now he’s running around organizing task forces…go figure.

  7. Fosho says:

    I forgot to mention that the Oliver’s baby mama reveal and Robbie’s return have been so heavily spoiled and teased by cast and producers that I was completely underwhelmed. In this case less would have been more.

    • kath says:

      The baby mama stuff was completely underwhelming because they’re probably only going to use it to keep Oliver and Felicity apart for longer.

      I would rather have seen how they caught Bivolo in the end.

      • Briggs says:

        Did anyone else think this week’s villain had a name that sounded like a hobbit’s? No?

        • P Diddily says:

          It is a play on an old mnemonic trick to remember the color spectrum. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet(ROY G BIV). Considering his power, it makes sense.

          • Briggs says:

            I know about that. :) But I was referring to ‘Bivolo’ sounding a bit like ‘Biblo’. As in, Baggins.

      • CC says:

        Agreed. A thousand time yes.

      • KatsMom says:

        Agreed that I would have rather seen them catching Bivolo than some of the other stuff at the end. I actually rewound the DVR when he was being locked away because I thought I’d missed something. But the baby mama drama isn’t going to keep Oliver and Felicity apart. Oliver and Felicity are never going to happen. She’s Chloe to Oliver’s Clark. The drama serves its own purpose…establishing that Connor Hawke lives…

        • Briggs says:

          What people who keep insisting that Felicity is Chloe keep forgetting is that Chloe *MARRIED* Oliver Queen. So, on behalf of Olicity shippers, thank you for adding fuel to the ‘ship. :)

  8. Rick Katze says:

    Actually, your poll needed a grade above “Awesome.” There was so much in this one episode. Not going to repeat it. Your recap hit the highlights. I only hope tomorrow night can match it. It’s not going to be easy. And now I watch AgofSH with Forever yet to com. Definitely a wonderful night of TV.

  9. androme3 says:

    Let me just say that Grant Gustin was so damn good in this one.
    That scene in the precinct with that outburst left me breathless.
    That dude should get a nomination in something!!

    • QuasiWordNerd says:

      He left me breathless, too. But for some other (i.e., more aesthetic) reasons. Boy’s how-did-my-knickers-end-up-in-Central-City hot!

      But I digress. My Spidey sense tells me a nom ain’t far behind. Did you see him as Kurt’s gay über nemesis in Glee? He can pull off charming and dependable one minute AND cretinous d-bag and rogue the next. He’s got—to quote the character he now plays—“mad skills” in the acting department. That, coupled with his musical talent, makes GrantGust slated to go places faster than The Flash can.

    • herman1959 says:

      Yes, and the scene in the field where he tells Oliver off was even better because he had to switch (emotional) gears mid-scene. It was a truly awesome episode, and I’m looking forward to the Arrow episode tonight – hopefully seeing Oliver’s babymama arrive home with the hot cocoa for Arrow III!

  10. StephonJS says:

    one word to describe this episode: EPIC.
    Diggle had me laughing.
    Dr Wells for ever being shady and figuring out Oliver’s secret.
    Felicity and Caitlin: TeamSmartWomen!
    The Fight: my money was on Arrow winning. Arrow always wins!
    Oliver’s baby mama in Central City?! WHAT?!!! that was a surprise.
    Ronnie showing up at the end of episode. Welcome to the show Firestorm.
    This episode had everything. Action, Comedy, Drama, and Romance.
    This episode gets an A++++ across the board. I cant wait until Arrow tomorrow

  11. androme3 says:

    Also, Diggle was shocked by something. That made me laugh. Like hell.

  12. Nate says:

    Was it just me or did Wells say something about Batman? I checked twitter and others heard it to

  13. Dmac says:

    Seriously, Matt you need to chill on the anti-Oliver tirade you have been on as of late. Oliver wasn’t extra prickly he wasn’t on a vacation he was there because he had a job to do.

    • adri says:

      Actually, during the first half of the episode, to me at least, Oliver DID seem prickly… or at least more serious than he is on the show. Of course, as you said, he is on a mission, and it gets complicated, more people know his secret and he was jealous of barry and felicity before, so that might still affect him. Can’t wait to have the cast of the flash in tomorrow’s arrow!

      Another thing, I didn’t realize how much I liked the idea of Barry and Caitlin until Robbie showed up in the episode… I mean, I knew he was coming back and I know Barry and Iris are end game but when he showed up I felt sad.. I want barry and caitlin to happen… although I know it probably won’t….

      • Luli says:

        I feel ya! Team Snowbarry! Also when Barry told Caitlin to stop, that he was not Ronnie… It broke my heart, that comment was a low blow.

        • QuasiWordNerd says:

          YASSS. Cue the heartbreak. By the end of the hour, I wanted Barry to apologize to Caitlin almost as much as I wanted to see how the Flarrow abduction of Bivolo went down.

      • CC says:

        I’ve been wanting Barry/Caitlin since the premiere! I know Iris is endgame, but I am at best lukewarm about it so far.

        • Lena says:

          Yeah. I know what you mean. I’ve been lukewarm about Caitlin/Barry from the beginning.

        • kath says:

          Same here. I know Barry/Iris is endgame but I find Barry/Caitlin much more intriguing. I wonder if one of the reasons for bringing on Ronnie now is to deflect from the Barry/Caitlin chemistry.

          • skyblaze77 says:

            It’s getting amusing how both Arrow and Flash basically have female leads who work better with other guys than the male lead; I mean Tommy/Laurel clearly worked and was so much more functional than Laurel/Oliver in Arrow, and up till the writers’ attempt at character assassination today Eddie was actually a really likable guy and I rooted for him with Iris and Snowbarry too. Sighs hoping the Flash writers can find some way to make this work other than copying Arrow (i.e Eddie dying in a flash of glory a la Tommy) or having Eddie turn full-on bad.

      • Drew says:

        Careful. Some people don’t like when you declare a couple “endgame” just because they are. You might upset some Iricity fans or something.

    • redmommy25 says:

      Yeah, give the guy a break! He’s been prickly all season. He can’t have Felicity, Sara died, Merlyn is back in town, his sister is acting strange, and Laurel wants to be a crime fighter. He’s had a lot to deal with! :)

    • Oliver IS prickly. He isn’t always a nice, amiable guy, and his approach is rough to say the least. His outlook is different than Barry’s and it clashes a bit to see them in a side by side comparison.

    • herman1959 says:

      I think “tirade” is going a bit far, but since we’re here, I think that I’ve had enough Flash/Arrow crossovers featuring Oliver (as awesome as it was). His attitude is sort of a drag on The Flash…just saying.

  14. Sara K says:

    That episode was epic, I’ll be watching it again. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Oliver giving Barry love advice was soo out of left field, was he still mad at felicity for kissing Palmer?

  15. Dan says:

    “Happy Hanukkah!” was a cute line but the timing and off the cuff delivery of it genuinely made me laugh.

  16. bj says:

    I laughed so much during this first episode. It was terrific.

    Loved the fight scene between Arrow and Flash and the scene where Diggle first saw Flash. He was so funny. So was the scene where Flash brought Felicity to Star labs. lol She was so embarrassed.

    On the serious side, I think the fact that Ollie found Dr. Wells to be “a little off” is rather telling.

  17. Nick says:

    Question- I’m a year behind on Arrow so if I watch the Flash part of the crossover, will anything from late Season 2 through the current season be spoiled?

  18. sladewilson says:

    Couple of things: Digg was hilarious. Felicity was awesome as always but here’s Oliver telling Barry we never get the girl and Felicity strolls up with the coffee. LOL. Barry calling Oliver, “Ollie”, the seed of Eddie’s hate for the Flash (Reverse Flash anyone?), Ollie finding Wells “a bit off” – that’s gonna come back in a major way, I bet, and finally Ollie’s baby mama makes a cameo. Nice. Can’t wait for tomorrow….

  19. Joey Padron says:

    Great episode. Diggle being shocked and speechless about Barry’s speed powers was funny. Both casts were great. Training & fight scenes were great. Good to see Firestorm at the end.

  20. Briggs says:

    I think Oliver’s attitude has as much to do with what he saw in Felicity’s office as other people knowing his identity. He’s special like that.
    Joe and Wells in complete agreement had me wondering. Joe I understand, he’s the protective father. But Wells can see the future, at the very least. What doesn’t he like about that teamup that migh ruin his plans?
    Diggle being stunned by Barry was hilarious. Very funny Diggle moment. And his having that conversation with Cisco and Caitlin was great, even over Felicity’s objection.
    Cisco quoting Yoda made my inner Star Wars fan giggle. He was so close.
    The showdown between Oliver and Barry was great. I loved it. The fact that they’re going to revisit it makes me so happy. That and the training (which was hilarious) more than made this ep worth watching.
    Oh, yes, Felicity and Caitlin are now besties. I love it. This definitely has my approval.
    Speaking of which, I want to now thank Barry for voicing what I was saying last week (or sometime recently), that she sees him as a Ronnie-She-Can-Save. The fact that she’s looking at a picture of her with him before we *gasp* see him alive at the end of the ep merely helps prove my point. Thank you, Barry!
    Ugh, I hated the whole task force thing and them having Iris watch the Flash go nuts. Maybe because I’m a WestAllen shipper. This, of course, narrows it down. Far more likely, under the current circumstances, that Barry tells her he loves her (and always has) than telling her his identity.
    Every conversation between Barry and Oliver. All of them. Even the ‘silly codenames’ convo. Especially that one.
    The fact that they still refuse to name the ‘mommy’ just lets us know more and more that it has to be Sandra, and that her child is Connor. They just don’t want to give it away, yet. Predictably awkward, but they kept it friendly.
    “Guys like us don’t ge the girl.” Okay, so this part of the Barry/Oliver convos I didn’t like. but it just adds more delicious angst.
    So much in this episode, but I won’t comment on all of it. This is already long enough as is.

    • c121592 says:

      I was okay with Iris seeing Barry go off the deep end. No one like to think about the dark side of heroes. Even though that’s not the real Flash, she needs to realize, it can be dangerous being around him. She’ll get over it soon enough. I really expect her to find out he’s Flash before she figures out the love thing. I am very much anticipating THAT Barry/Iris moment. I am ready for her to start noticing him in a different light.

      I loved when Barry called out Oliver’s hypocrisy about villain names. If I took a shot every time Oliver was a hypocrite, I’d never be sober. For the first time in a long I liked the Oliver/Felicity interaction. He wasn’t whining/ being jerky, and she was confident and charming. No nervous chatter.

      I mentioned on another board that if people actually thought they were going to get a Caitlin/Barry thing, they were setting themselves up for disappointment. Barry is ALLLL about Iris, and I love it!!

      CISCO! I adore him. I love when he mentioned the freeze gun.

      • Lena says:

        Yep. There might be other women, but Iris is the love of Barry’s life. That is not going to change. She will always be his first choice.

      • herman1959 says:

        Yes, Cisco is really coming into his own now, not just the nerdy sidekick.

      • kath says:

        Oliver doesn’t name his villains. ARGUS named Deathstroke and Helena named herself the Huntress (as did Cupid) but I’ve never heard Oliver used that name, always Helena. So not really hypocritical on his part. Come to think of it, I don’t remember him called Slade Deathstroke either, always just Slade.

        • skyblaze77 says:

          Very true, I think everyone in Team Arrow tries NOT to refer to villains by their codenames. Other than Deadshot, I can’t even think of a single villain addressed by their codename by Team Arrow so while Oliver might be guilty of considerable hypocrisy, in this at least he’s not wrong.

  21. James D says:

    Holy epic crossover event Batman! that was awesome. the fight scene was so sweet. and Connor freaking Hawke too good, lets hope Arrow can last seven more season maybe we can get a father/son team up.

  22. Ross says:

    It was an awesome episode but I’m confused about something… Interviews and teases said there was something we’d find out about Oliver/Arrow during the crossover episode of The Flash that he wouldn’t find out for a bit and that would have effects on Arrow later on. I was under the impression it was the kind of thing we’d what it was when we saw it, and yet I have seen the episode and I’m still not actually sure what they were talking about. Can anyone shed any light on this?

  23. redmommy25 says:

    I loved the scene in the lab when both Cisco and Diggle had their arms crossed. Oliver’s arms may be twice the size of Barry’s, but Dig’s arms are about four times the size of Cisco’s.

    I’ve always enjoyed how close the casts of the shows seem, and it was obvious from tonight’s episode that they are all just having a blast. I watched with a smile on my face for most of the hour (only getting annoyed when the stupid CW locked up and I missed how they captured RB). I can’t wait for tomorrow night! And here’s hoping that, the next time Team Arrow visits Central City, Arsenal gets to tag along.

  24. TVPeong says:

    So many shows over-promise and don’t deliver. This episode of Flarrow was awesome!!! Definitely worth the hype.

  25. Sparky says:

    Anyone notice the Palmer Technologies sign at the start when the guy was painting the building?? So he needs to save Central City too so that he can use his powers as the Atom over there???

  26. Flaw says:

    Loved the mattress quote as well as “don’t you sleep?”
    My questions of the week: How exactly did Wells find out that Oliver was the arrow? Is that just explained by his super iq or does he know something we don’t, maybe about the future Ollie? And second one: Who is on the rest of Iris’ list? Was the flash on it until tonight?

    • ? says:

      It’s not hard to find out that Felicity travelled to Central City with Oliver Queen and Diggle, and he knows that a) Felicity works with the Arrow and b) the Arrow is in the city right now, too. ANYONE could figure it out really easily given knowledge of those three facts. No one else outside of the Star Labs crew would have put it together though, given that no one else knows Felicity works the Arrow.

  27. Oliver really needs to lay off giving people advice, especially since the reason he doesn’t have “the girl” is because he chose not to. Besides that though, I really enjoyed the teams interacting. John was precious and oh so funny. I loved that Felicity had scenes with both Caitlin and Iris, and her amusement while Iris was talking to Oliver was precious. I’m still not really feeling the Oliver has a kid storyline, but I am excited for Ronnie to return and his reunion with Caitlin.

    • Like Dr. Phil But Awesome says:

      The “Oliver has a kid” storyline isn’t the reason people are excited.

      The reason people are excited, is that the kid in question is CONNOR HAWKE!

    • Dmac says:

      I don’t think you feel anything for any
      storyline that includes Oliver/Arrow.

    • herman1959 says:

      There’s no way you could “feel” anything yet because the storyline hasn’t played out. It was only hinted at for those familiar with the comics…just wait.

  28. Paige says:

    The episode was awesome. Every beat was great. I loved the bit that Barry steal’s the captain’s burger, right after the captain complaining that his boyfriend is making him eat healthy at home. Definitely the reason why Eddie got his task force. Haha. On the other hand, the more Wells is seen, the more I think the s*&( is going to hit the fan by the end of the season.

  29. G. says:

    Yeah, this was pretty much a homerun. Was very glad to hear a lot of the dialogue: Caitlin calling Barry out on “ruining” Iris’ love life was welcome and overdue. I know the whole “don’t contact me anymore” will last as long as Iris’ current shade of lipstick, but … I’m still glad for some downtime on THAT ‘ship for a while.

    The plotting was awesome, hands down.

    • c121592 says:

      Downtime between Iris and Flash is the only negative to come out of this. It won’t last but, yeah. I can’t wait to see the interactions between them ,every episode.

  30. kath says:

    That was a whole lot of fun. I loved seeing the Arrow team lighten up again after a miserable season on their own show.

    The fight was epic. Well written, well staged, well directed. Thoroughly satisfying.

    I wish they would give David Ramsey more comedy to do because he’s so good at it. Carlos Valdez is too, in a different way.

    Can’t Caitlin and Felicity be BFFs? They both need someone to talk to. (Caitlin would have been especially usefor for Felicity in the last Arrow episode.

    Poor Eddie, good for Iris rejecting the Flash, and Joe and Wells were pitch perfect. Not a foot wrong all episode.

    It was also great to see Oliver and Felicity getting along so well. Their relationship is a core of the Arrow show and it weakens the show when they are constantly all angsty and Felicity is crying just for the sake of keeping them apart. Let’s have this relationship instead, where Felicity steps in when Oliver missteps instead of the cheap soap opera season 3 is.

    • K says:

      Yes, Oliver and Felicity were a highlight because they were unexpected. I want them back like this – flirty and friendly and acting like a couple. It just proved they can be so great together without the forced angst keeping them apart.

  31. Quinn Mallory says:

    The fight was even better than I had expected (long gone are the Smallville days when the action takes place in 15 seconds…you might say in a blur).

  32. justme says:

    Did they actually show Oliver and Barry catching Bivolo? My TV feed just cut straight to him being locked up. It seemed like a weird transition.

    • Sara says:

      No it just cut to the metahuman in the prison.

    • P Diddily says:

      To be fair, that scene would have been over VERY quickly anyway since as long as you don’t look him in the eyes, he cannot affect you. Plus it was Flash AND Arrow, so even if he was more formidable, it wouldn’t have taken much effort.

  33. murley says:

    the arrow and the flash play so well off of each other. i loved every back and forth between the two of them. and of course everything about diggle’s reaction to the flash. i am so glad it gets to continue tomorrow night!

  34. Alex says:

    The first part of the crossover was everything I wanted and more. I can’t wait for Arrow now XD It’s ridiculous how much I enjoy those characters.

  35. Andy says:

    The villain’s name was Roy G. Bivolo, not Ray. And though I had to look it up to make sure the Arrow/Flash writers weren’t being overly obvious in making up his name, based on the color spectrum, I was surprised that it was legitimately his name in the comics.

    • Donna MaMa says:

      ROY G. Bivolo. As in the acronym for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet–the colors in the visible spectrum which are related to his metahuman powers

    • herman1959 says:

      Thanks for the info, I wondered why the colored light sequence stopped Barry.

  36. S says:

    I find Iris so annoying!! She just gets on my last nerve with her over the top fangirling of the Flash. And Barry…..using the Flash to try and get with Iris…not cool.

  37. masterbuilder_jedi's mom says:

    Did anyone see “Palmer” at the beginning of the show?? Thoughts?

  38. brenna says:

    Pure magic. The writers, cast, and crew should be very proud. That was the best hour of tv I’ve seen in a while. And I enjoyed it every bit as much as any super hero movie I have seen, and it was better than many. Loved all the humor. There were too many laugh out loud moments to list. I like prickly Oliver; it makes the humor all the more humorous. The action was a blast. I love both shows, but seeing the Arrow and Flash together and those great casts together, it makes you wish you could see them together all the time. Yes, I would grade it higher than awesome!

  39. KMG says:

    OK, did anyone else’s cable feed screw up the last 10 minutes? I DVR’d the ep and watched it a bit later. But the last 10 minutes, the video was gone – just a frozen image of the CW logo – with weird-sounding dialogue that didn’t seem to fit where we were in the episode. The first 50 minutes were great, but I’d like to see the end!

    • Sara says:

      I am in Canada and was watching it via CTV but I did see on twitter a lot of people complaining that the episode cutoff in the last 10 minutes.

  40. Gunnalol says:

    I’ve only just jumped on The Flash-wagon and I binge watched all episodes last night to prepare for this one today haha. I’m not feeling Barry’s team as much as I did Oliver’s, but that isn’t to say they’re a bad group, I think I just got used to one dynamic and now there’s this new kid on the block and I’m struggling to cope. Likely doesn’t help that, given that I watched Flash in preparation for the crossover, I was expecting something more “Arrow-ey” from the show and it’s cast, but obviously that’s my flaw, not theirs.
    Now for episode-relevant text. Great episode, and I loved everything about it from the humour to the action to the character development EXCEEEEEPT one thing! Cisco claiming it was a tie. That just isn’t true buddy! Arrow went in with a plan to fix Flash. The plan succeeded. Arrow won that exchange in my humble opinion hahaha

    • John NYC says:

      “not feeling Barry’s team as much as I did Oliver’s”

      With the very problematic Wells at it’s head I can see why: I’ve the same issue. Nothing Wells does is anything I’ll take at face value, which casts a shadow over the team as a whole, IMHO. Which does make his knowledge of Oliver’s identity a potential problem, A lot more significant than Oliver running into his ex at a coffeeshop, I mean she knew he was alive, he knew she was around somewhere and viewers knew she went off to have their child: so I didn’t see that as a big reveal (though I’ll never complain about having Anna Hopkins on my screen).

  41. Ellinas1978 says:

    Felicity has some nice assets too. :)

  42. Jared says:

    The Flash/Arrow crossover was just a perfect hour of television. Love both shows and cant wait to see part 2!

  43. Sarah says:

    So much greatness in this episode! I love Arrow but The Flash is becoming my favorite thanks to its humor, Barry’s love of what he does and (don’t judge me) the power of Grant Gustin’s smile.

    But sadly Iris is beginning to bug me at least as much as Laurel. I mean aside from the obvious – she has the same exact expression/ demeanor every time she meets the Flash – the half smile-somewhat breathless- bemused look. But it wasn’t enough to overwhelm the rest of the awesomeness!!

    • Lena says:

      Laurel and Iris are not the same. Not even close. I think people are grasping at straws when you start comparing the two and state Iris is getting on your nerves just because of the way she reacts to the Flash. Should she be hostile perhaps? Or would people state she is even more like Laurel then? I don’t think Iris could respond in any way that would stop some people from not liking her. I’m sure some have their so-called legitimate reasons, but since tons of fans nitpicked over her before she made her first appearance on television, not everyone is delusional enough to think it is all about the writing. I also love your comment, because you stated how everything else was awesome, but Iris. Have you felt this way since the beginning? I’m sure you did. lol

      • herman1959 says:

        Note To Those Comparing The Flash with Arrow: This is a huge impediment to you enjoying The Flash…let it go!

      • Sarah says:

        Okay wow deep breath there. I think I’m allowed my opinion of the show and its characters. I am a huge fan of the show, and I also happen not to love the character of Iris so far. I am open to changing my opinion down the line but that’s where I stand right now. And as far as you nitpicking through the specifics of my comment – I chose not to post a rant of all the reasons I dislike Iris. Instead I posted one particular angle that I personally didn’t like in this episode. To each their own. Happy watching!

  44. B says:

    Arrow and The Flash are the best comic book based series on TV. These series have hooked me in a way neither Shield or Gotham have admittedly I haven’t seen Gotham since The Originals returned in the same timeslot Ill buy the season on dvd and make my decision then

    • Drew says:

      I’ve been very impressed with Gotham. Having three nights with three great comic book shows has made this a great season so far.

  45. K says:

    Loved the episode. Only thing I didn’t like was the intro to Oliver’s baby mama. I don’t want a kid on this show. It doesn’t work. Look what a kid has done to Digg. Sidelined the hell out of him. Not interested. Other than that this was so much fun and I’m actually looking forward to an Arrow episode tonight. First time all season. Arrow has been ruined by making it the Black Canary show so I’m hoping it’s a return to form tonight.

    • Briggs says:

      Uh, he was sidelined for all of one episode. I wasn’t aware that going to *Central City* instead of *Roy* (who has a job, not a child) means that he’s sidelined. He’s done the same job he always had. Just because people might want more Diggle (like they have from season 1, can’t blame them) doesn’t mean he’s sidelined.

      • herman1959 says:

        Also, remember that Oliver’s kid is not a baby, he’s about 8 or 9 years old. If the boy is going to be the new Arrow, at some point he needs to be acknowledged by Oliver and to begin training. This episode is just the set up for his backstory.

  46. Jose says:

    Am I the only one who thought it was NOT a Tie?….. Arrow Definitively beat The Flash

  47. Liz says:

    Iris is really pissing me off. She’s all over the place. She likes Eddie, she’s flirting with the Flash, she’s stringing Barry along too, and then Oliver walks in and she’s all bumbling in front of him and talking about how she’s aloud to cheat on Eddie with him because he’s on her list? I really hope Barry gets over his crush and steps away from her. She is just to wishy-washy. The rest of the episode was epic! Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

  48. ANNA says:

    I think Felicity losing her shirt was kind of gratuitous. I’m as obsessed with her as anybody. But she can keep her clothes on.The point has been driven home, she’s smart AND gorgeous.

    • Briggs says:

      You complain about Felicity losing her shirt (which was only for a few moments and purely for comedic effect), and yet I hear nothing from you about Oliver being shirtless and man-candy-ish almost every other episode. Me thinks I see a double standard.

      • ANNA says:

        Yeah, I don’t care for that either (I’m a big fat prude) but showing him and diggle and sarah working out shirtless during a training montage at least pertains to the show, ‘oops my shirt fell off’ doesn’t.

        • Briggs says:

          Her shirt is not cleared for high speeds. It’s not like they didn’t cover her up immediately, whereas the other examples lasted longer onscreen. I’m actually wondering how big of a collection of the sweatshirts they have, considering that they *arr* a lab, not a tourist trap, now that I think about it.

  49. This was a poor imitation of the Superman vs Batman feud that mainstream media thinks is on the mind of every nerd all the time, and only served to lessen the value of Flash’s heroics in this shared universe.

    • Briggs says:

      I predict we’ll see you again in a couple of days, having similar comments for Arrow. Good to see you again, Patrick.

  50. Lucy says:

    No mention of the sly comment Dr. Wells made about “Batman and his city”?