Arrow Brings Back [Spoiler] — To Take the Rap for Sara's Murder?

Arrow Slade Returns

A major Arrow baddie is making a return.

Manu Bennett — who over the CW hit’s first two seasons played Oliver’s frenemy-turned-foe Slade Wilson — will reprise his role in Season 3, Episode 14, MTV News reports.

It’s not clear in what capacity — or timeline — Slade will make an appearance.

He who is also known as Deathstroke was last seen during the Season 2 finale, in a supermax prison located on the island of Lian Yu. But perhaps he escaped long enough to play a part in Sara Lance’s murder, as many have speculated?

Arrow fans, hit the comments with your theories on Slade’s return!

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  1. The Kaibosh says:

    Another red herring. I’m telling you it was Thea.

    • David says:

      Thea. 100%

    • justtobesane says:

      What exactly is her motivation? She seems to be solely focused on Merlyn’s teachings and Merlyn had no reason to kill Sara. They would have to work really hard to justify why Thea would kill Sara and turn into a cold-blooded killer within a few months.

      • A says:

        I agree with you, but who knows WTF the writers will do. Arrow’s plots don’t always make sense…

        • justtobesane says:

          True. I don’t think the idea is necessarily wrong, I’m just concerned with it how the writers would make that work. If she is going to become Speedy then her killing Sara would not fit. Ra’s al Ghul is an obvious suspect but at least if he were responsible for Sara’s death, it would work into him being the “big bad” for the rest of the season.

      • The Kaibosh says:

        Slade killed her mother in front of her because of the choice he says Oliver made choosing Sara over Shado to die on the island. If Oliver hadn’t chosen Sara, Slade wouldn’t have killed Moira. That’s what Thea believes. Its not rational but neither is she. As for Merlyn’s teachings: he’s training her how to be an assassin. It totally fits that she would use what she learns to enact what she feels is justice. Again, she’s not thinking clearly. She’s really little more than an angry little girl that has lost her mother and feels betrayed by everybody. Sounds like motivation to me. Also, Merlyn’s efforts have to be for a reason. Thea will become Laurel’s nemesis when its revealed that it was Thea that killed her sister. Either way Oliver can’t win. That’s where this is going. Mark my words.

        • A says:

          You might be completely right, but I personally think Thea’s stronger than that. I don’t think that she’s being as manipulated by Malcolm as most people seem to think.

        • justtobesane says:

          1. We don’t know if Thea knows that Oliver picked Sara over Shado, resulting in Slade’s hatred of Oliver. All Thea knows, that we have seen, is that Slade was on the island with Oliver. We don’t know if she knows who Shado is and I find it unlikely that Oliver told her about that since he doesn’t really tell anyone anything about his time on the island. 2. Merlyn is teaching Thea how to fight, not necessarily to be an assassin. He has made no mention of Thea being an assassin or that her training includes killing people. 3. And yes, she’s an angry young woman, upset about her family but how does killing Sara make that any better? She was friendly with Sara throughout since two and seemed glad she was alive. We have no reason to think she wished Sara any harm. 4. Until we are given a reason to think otherwise, both Merlyn and Thea were in Corto Maltese when Sara was killed. Sure, Merlyn must have a plan/reason for his actions but his actions thus far seem to be about survival and not provoking Ra’s and Nyssa by having Sara killed. 5. It is much more likely that Thea will eventually become Speedy, a superhero sidekick to the Green Arrow, than Laurel’s nemesis. It’s Roy originally in the comics but since they used the name Arsenal for him, Thea will likely have her transformation into a superhero eventually too.

          • Harvey says:

            Actually in the last ep of Arrow, Lyla asks Olivers anything going on with speedy and he says Roy’s fine, she meant Barry, but considering Oliver thought it was Roy, it’s probable he is Speedy.

      • Derek117 says:

        Thea killing Sara makes the most sense to me, and I’ve said it several times. Thea is being trained as a Baddie by her Evil Father, Malcolm. And killing someone with Sara’s skills is a “graduation”–also proving to her dad that she is heartlessness. Killing Sara says that Thea has turned her back on her previous “fake” life as a Queen. Also, as has been speculated, Malcolm may want to either: (a) get the League of Assassins’ death warrant lifted, and hopes that killing Sara, who Ra’s dislikes, will do it; or (b) Killing Sara is taking out a member of League, who are all enemies of Malcolm.

        Finally, the show’s producers say that finding out the killer will cause major conflict among Team Arrow, AND make the viewers sad. Again, Thea fits this perfectly: Laurel will want revenge, while Roy & Oliver still love Thea, and will be reluctant to harm her. Diggle and Felicity will be totally conflicted.

        Slade and Sin are both red-herrings in the Who Killed Sara arc. Thea did it!

      • Theena says:

        Merlyn has every reason to want to kill Sara, she was obviously sent back to Starling City by the League of Assassins to kill him (after Moira told Ras Al Gul he was still alive in season 2) and having Thea do it for him is brilliant because by doing she proves to him that she’s dedicated to him and his training.
        That’s my reasoning about this particular theory. I’m still not 100% convinced it was actually Thea who killed Sara but if it was her I bet that’s why.

    • Briggs says:

      I’m still waiting for your rebuttal in the Sin comments section, btw. You never told my why I was wrong.

      • The Kaibosh says:

        Because there is no rebuttal effective enough for someone who has drunk the koolaid so much that they can justify to themselves that there is ANY argument that can justify in ANY way genocide…”BTW, who the heck said Malcolm is evil? He did what he thought was best for the city. True, he was completely in the wrong, but he wasn’t just slaughtering over 500 people because he loves death and destruction. He wanted to purge the city of the ‘plague’ coming out of the Glades.”… Malcolm Merlyn is a sociopath and he’s teaching his daughter how to be one too. But if you can’t see that Briggs, then I can’t help you. But if you want to continue to try having the last word then have at.

        • Briggs says:

          If you don’t like my logic, that’s your problem, but at least have the guts to say it before I call you on a non-response. I’d say I’ll see you when you’re proven wrong, but I don’t plan on that happening. People like you never show up to own up.

          • The Kaibosh says:

            Not true. If I’m wrong I’m wrong. Won’t be the end of the world that’s for sure. Now are you prepared to do the same if it turns out Thea is the killer?

          • Briggs says:

            I look forward to it. And as being wrong when it comes to either Arrow or Flash is a common enough occurrence for… well, anyone, I’ll be sure to give my mea culpa in the event that it’s teeny tiny Thea.
            That being said, my theory is that it’s someone who was also hunting Malcolm and wanted him worse than Sara did. Who? Good question.

  2. sophia7470 says:

    He does keep his promises…

  3. justtobesane says:

    Marc Guggenheim said we will find out who killed Sara by the mid season finale so I doubt it was Slade or that they would try to pin it on him.

    • Zorkel says:

      Except we’re not going to know by then. Sin doesn’t appear until 3.12, and she is confirmed to be important to solving Sara’s murder.

      • justtobesane says:

        They said she plays a part in the investigation, not necessary in identifying who did it. Even if we find out who killed Sara, that doesn’t mean we know everything about the situation. And if we find out who did it, it doesn’t mean all the characters in the show will know.

    • Kk says:

      How it cold be slade as oliver and brry both went to lian yu prision in the last episode to put the bummerang killer….

  4. Kate says:


  5. There’s no way Slade killed Sara. He //could// have had a hand in it, I guess, but I think Oliver would have heard by now if Slade escaped. I’m still thinking it’s Ra’s who killed Sara (or had her killed).

    • Lisa gallagher says:

      Maybe Ray Palmer killed Sara remember Ray is the mystery guy and MG said who ever takes over QC is not the good guy and maybe Ra’s hire him to do it ?
      What do u think ?
      Plus if Felicity finds out there will be more OLICITY scenes

      • Wheel says:

        Ray is a hero in the comics — arguably one bigger than Oliver/Arrow. There’s no way they’ll make him a bad guy in the show.

      • Theena says:

        Ray Palmer is The Atom, I highly doubt they would turn the Comic’s superhero into a super villain in the TV show. He never does anything actually bad in the show, he does take QC from Oliver but that makes business sense, it’s obvious he likes Felicity and that’s fair game since her and Oliver are not currently an item (that just irks us because we all want Olicity to happen so badly – I know I do!), etc… My point is he’s not actually a bad guy, we (the fans) just don’t like him so much because he seems to be in Oliver’s way both in business and in his personal life, and probably soon in his superhero life also (with the teasing of the Atom suit happening in the last few episodes and all).
        The writers/producers are also being very careful to not make us completely hate him as I suspect they’re hoping for another spin-off series (DC has so many in the works, launching some of them off of their most popular one is easy). But that is just pure speculation on my part ;-)

  6. tsukikomew89 says:

    Um suicide squad maybe?

  7. Rick Katze says:

    Maybe we find out that Slade escaped and that is what the Producer was saying; not that the killer would be identified by name. Just don’t see Thea as the killer. While it would make for an interesting Merlin/Thea combination, it closes too many other doors unless, of course, she does not survive this season which I don’t feel is likely.

  8. SonOfCoul says:

    Sara would not have just casually said “What are you doing here?” If it were somehow Slade on that roof. Besides the fact that he has always used his signature swords, and also guns and has never been shown using a bow whatsoever. Another ridiculous crackpot theory to add to the list. I’m banking on it being someone who has not been introduced yet.

    • A says:

      I think the EPs said the killer was someone who has already been introduced. So I don’t think that they’re just going to introduce the killer at the last moment.

      • SonOfCoul says:

        I don’t remember reading that anywhere…..and I’m pretty obsessed with this show….I dunno I could be wrong. I still think it’s going to end up being a new character, someone who Sara worked with in the league but is loyal to Ra’s and was acting on his orders. There are several different league member characters they could use in this role.

        • A says:

          I’m more obsessed than you are ;)

          From a TVLine article dated 11/12: “Who killed Sara?” is a mystery where there’s only so many suspects, mainly because were not going to be jerks and introduce some day player character at the last moment. When the ultimate reveal happens, it will be someone who you know.”

      • Tara says:

        mabey its the guy from the flash backs? honestly i feel like i’m grasping at straws at this point. there is another spoiler clip that shows olivers dna was on the arrow. I dont think it was him, but how would his dna get on the arrow if it wasn’t? Baah!!!! I hate mysteries

  9. reboot2099 says:

    Slade can’t have killed Sara, at least not by himself. The one who did it was clearly not a threat to her. She was surprised that person was there, but not afraid of him/her. She only asked “What are you doing here?” If it was Slade, she would have been much more nervous! He still could have played a role in it by hiring/convincing that other person to do it though. But by himself? No.

  10. kath says:

    It will be good to see Slade back

    But they going to tie Sara’s murder into every character who was ever on the show? Worst. mystery. ever.

  11. Azerty says:

    I am definitely not on board with the Thea theory but I don’t think it is Slade either. I mean his plan last year was to make Oliver suffer and know with he was suffering. If he had killed Sara he would have claimed it by now, he didn’t hide when he killed Moira…

  12. Moment says:

    Slade has no reason to kill Sara, his mind was warped by the Mirakuru and he did some crazy things prior, but he’s just normal Slade now, the same Slade that dislikes Oliver.

  13. ggny says:

    He is Deathstroke of course he was gonna return at some point

  14. Riana says:

    It was probably someone from the league. Ra’s is the villain of the season so he probably had her killed.

    • Briggs says:

      I think it’s someone who wanted Malcolm worse than she did. Ra’s didn’t seem to care enough about Sara to want her dead.

  15. Briggs says:

    Interesting thought: the 14th eps so far have had Felicity playing a pivotal role in them.
    1.14 – She saves Oliver’s life and finds out his identity.
    2.14 – She beats the Clock King and takes a bullet for Sara.
    3.14 – Will be interesting.

  16. kervin says:

    Not on board with Thea being Sara’s the killer.

    1. If it was Thea who Sara saw, she would have showed some sign of relief or happiness or something to signal that it was a familiar face. She wouldn’t have looked all apprehensive and ask ‘what are you doing here?’

    2. Thea wanted Merlyn to train her to be strong, not become a killer.

    3. Before Sara

  17. kervin says:

    Not on board with Thea being Sara’s the killer.

    1. If it was Thea who Sara saw, she would have showed some sign or signal that it was a familiar face. She wouldn’t have looked all apprehensive and ask ‘what are you doing here?’ Thea had been MIA for several months after all. (though I do realise this POV of mine is a little weak, as Sara could have just asked that because she was surprised to see whoever it was standing there, even if it is Thea.)

    2. Thea wanted Merlyn to train her to be strong, not become a killer.

    3. Thea coming back from Corto Maltese just to kill Sara and then vanish back? Hmm. Sounds more like a mercenary. Doubt Thea had gone to that extent in a matter of several months.

    4. Before Sara turned around to face her killer, he/she said ‘hello Sara’. It was a male voice. I doubt Thea would mask her voice to such an extent to swap genders as well. Unless someone is suggesting there were two people on that rooftop – Thea and another male.

    Anyways, just my POV.

  18. Hmm says:

    Legit don’t care why he’s coming back; just thrilled he is. Love Manu, love Slade. REALLY excited.

  19. Stephen S. says:

    I seriously doubt it was Slade who killed Sara. Your forgetting that she saw her killer right before she was killed and if it were Slade I think her reaction would be much more shocked and scared. She didn’t seem scared or even terribly surprised by whoever it was that killed her. I also seriously doubt it was Thea. I mean Thea was in a completely different country at the time of Sara’s death. Same Malcolm. I think it’s somebody who has something to do with the League of Assassins. I thought Rhas Al Guhl was suppose to be the big bad of the season?

  20. K says:

    Thrilled he’s coming back! Season 3 has been so depressing and Ra’s al Ghul as the big bad has fallen flat. I don’t even care who killed Sara, there’s no urgency or threat but Slade was such a great villain and you felt like he was always looming somewhere, ready to kill. I don’t think he killed Sara but my guess is Waller was never going to keep him in that prison when he has all those skills to use. Suicide Squad anyone?

  21. Luis says:


  22. Brian Reed says:

    It seems to me that Ras al Gul was Sara’s killer as espoused by Merlin who had no reason to kill her.

  23. Lpuglielli says:

    It obviously wasn’t Slade. When Oliver brought Captain Boomerang to the island, he would have noticed if Slade was gone.

  24. AbiIbnalkhofash says:

    Play the REAL “Hello Sara” from s3e01 ending, while giving it a higher pitch. if you dont know how, go to