Jane the Virgin's 'Shocking' Sin Rostro Reveal — Who's the Bad Guy?

Jane the Virgin Season 1 Spoilers

The upside of Michael’s broken heart on Jane the Virgin? He has more time to focus on his work, which means the Sin Rostro mystery is heating up — and everyone’s a suspect!

“There’s some pretty intense detective stuff going on,” Michael’s portrayer Brett Dier previews. “It’s pretty insane. I can’t give away much, but they go pretty intense into that investigation and some crazy things happen.”

But perhaps nothing as nuts as the “shocking” reveal of the Man Without a Face’s identity, which will be unmasked by Episode 13.

When viewers finally do learn who Sin Rostro is, it will be someone they already know. But don’t expect that fact to lessen the blow of the twist.

“You’re going to be super surprised,” Jaime Camil says. “[At the table read], we were like, ‘What?! Oh my God, holy sh-t.'”

Adds Dier: “I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t see it coming. You never really can in this show. I’m excited for people to see it.”

Who do you think the baddie is? Hit the comments with your theories!

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  1. Crystal says:

    Wait… So it’s not Petra’s mom? Because that wouldn’t be shocking at all.

    • Muffy says:

      I still believe it’s her or Rafael’s father. Unless it’s the Stepmother? That would be shocking. Or Michael’s partner Nadina. Michael’s brother isn’t a smart enough or on the show enough to be Sin R. It’s not Jane, Rafael’s sister, Michael, Xo, Rafael, Rogelio or Alba. I just cannot be one of them. I know it’s based on a telenovela, but that would too far out there for even a telenovela.

  2. LaPiquante says:

    My money’s on Petra’s mom, who clearly doesn’t need the wheelchair. But if it’s Rafael, I might eat my hat. Here’s hoping it’s just Rafael’s dad….

  3. Jen says:

    It’d be a huge twist if it’s Rogelio!

  4. conundrumwriter says:

    Be it anyone but Rafael !
    I have developed soft corner for the guy and his smile. Can’t take this blow ! :/

  5. dude says:

    Let it be Raphael! Let it be Raphael!

  6. Amy H says:

    Maybe Rafael’s dad’s wife?

  7. Drew says:

    Rachael’s step-mom her, because we’ve seen Bridget Regan play bad on White Collar and she’s soooo good at it. Also adds complications for Rachael’s father and sister.

  8. Lily says:

    Maybe “Sin Rostro” is the Abuelita??
    That Will be a big stock

  9. Mike says:

    It’s got to be Jane’s father. The stupid has to be just an act.

  10. My bets on the step-mother OR the step-mothers evil twin sister ;)

  11. mela says:

    No votes for Rogelio’s ex-wife? (My real money is on Raphael’s stepmom, I think. Although his dad would also make sense.)

  12. jm says:

    It will be so fun, that is the angelical nun… :D that will be a surprise…
    Sin Rostro = Without Face, therefore Petra´s mom who has no face is a suitable candidate.
    Any of Jane´s colleagues may be a option though. The guy who was killed knew him… so it should be someone from the hotel

  13. It is most likely Rogello. It would be cool if it was Michael, but I think it is Rogello.

  14. KC says:

    Rose the stepmother has been my main suspect since the whistling in episode 3 which was so random it was supicious. She was also with Raphael when the bellboy got killed in an episode where she didnt really do anything else but be there when they found him.

    I mean, I dont really want it to be her so i’d gladly be wrong but that’d be a fairly unexpected though not totally random twist.

  15. Wordsmith says:

    OOOOOHHH, how awesome would it be if it’s the Narrator of the show, i.e. the character with NO FACE.

  16. Jenny says:

    It’s either her father or baby daddy!

  17. Fiona says:

    Raphael’s nemises whose name I can never remember aka the dude he stupidly stole Petra from.

  18. Lee Fowler says:

    What if it was Jane’s grandmother……I’m trying to think of the person I would least suspect….

  19. demoda says:

    My money’s on Sin Rostro being Rogelio. His clueless behavior is a definite contrast to a drug lord. How will Michael proceed with his case if Sin Rostro turns out to be Rogelio? He still loves Jane but what will happen to getting her back if he arrests her father?

  20. analog says:

    I’m not too invested in this storyline. I hope they drop this by this season.

    And if it’s going to be Rogelio, that’s going to be some messed up family.

  21. my two cents says:

    What if it is Luisa? Rafael´s sister? I’m hoping it’s not Rafael himself. Then again Petra said she had information that would ruin Rafael which she shared with Lachlan…I wonder what it is.

  22. Netty says:

    The name for this show makes me cringe, can I be convinced to start watching it.

    • murley says:

      I had zero interest in watching this show base off of the title and the premise but I decided to check it out based on the super positive reception. I am hooked! The Ugly Betty comparison is apt but the show also reminds me A LOT of Pushing Dasies (which I loved, much more than Ugly Betty).

    • TL says:

      What’s wrong with the title? For such a “Christian” nation we have you’d think people would be thrilled. It’s not like it’s JANE THE SL&T. Such a land of hypocrites we have…

  23. damien says:

    Hoping it’s rafi cause he and jane sorta deserve it after moving so fast at the end of 6 after she had just broken up

  24. Rb says:

    Why has nobody mentioned Jane’s friend who also works as a waitress at the hotel? It seems to me that she should be a prime suspect.

    • Show says:

      Because she’s around the same age as Jane so it won’t make any sense. Sin Rostro was already absent for 4 years and before that he was a big name for some time. Don’t think a middle schooler could pull it off.

  25. Sarah says:

    Funny how Jane is giving up on Mike because he didn’t tell her about Petra cheating on Raf . Yet, who else knew, but didn’t tell her and probably for the same reasons – Raf so I hope it is him

  26. Kelsey says:

    I’m thinkin it could b Rafael sister since they said she would start drinkin and disappear on a binge..hmm

  27. Amy says:

    I sincerely don’t think it is Rafael but I would be incredibly shocked if he was. I think it is his sister or Michael’s brother. Or Jane’s dad. So many crazy options.

  28. Sarah says:

    Can I put my money on michael’s brother? Because otherwise what is the point of that character?? (The brother with a shady past, not Michael himself)

  29. xc says:

    I think its lachlan, since he hates rafael and just seems the evil type.

  30. Guest says:

    For 3 weeks now I’ve been saying Rogelio! It is him I’m almost positive! He told Jane he was on drugs when he was younger, sin Rostro’s disappearance correlating with when Rogelio became a famous actor, and like another person stated already no one can be that stupid! It’s an act! Actors put on different faces (characters) many times in there lives as well so the alias fits! Also that threat to Rafael it might have been in one of the funniest scenes this show has done yet but that threat was 1) the “what doesn’t fit here” part of that entire scene and 2) just flat out sinister! It’s him :) I will be super sad when it happens since he’s one of my favorites but it makes the most sense to me.
    I will also allow Michaels partner as a possibility! We know nothing about Nadine (sp?) but so far she’s been also a little shady. Just with her wanting to pin zaz’s murder on Petra, her finding the shipping company number in disgusting tom’s locker (totally could have put that there herself), and not wanting to get the DEA involved when Michael and her made the bust because she doesn’t want them to “take all the credit” yeah more like you don’t want Michael to have backup when it turns out to be you!
    My bet is still on Rogelio though it would be the most dramatic and heartbreaking.

    • CB2 says:

      I have to agree, but I really hope it is not Rogelio, since he is so much fun on the show and it would be terrible for Jane. I picked up on the timing of when Rogelio became famous and the amount of time that Sin Rostro has been underground. Although not sure how “the man without a face” can be applied to him.

  31. JVP says:

    I bet it’s jane’s dad

  32. sundahem says:

    Zas brother. Had been gone 10 years. ithink its zas brother.

  33. Belle says:

    Maybe it will be like “The Usual Suspects” and it’s Michael!? Or Rafael… it’s anyone at this point… If not for the obvious ones like Petra’s mother or Rafael’s father.

  34. Charlie Chaplin 2 says:

    Easy. It’s michael himself.

    Everything he’s done has essentially been a cover for leads which could point to him – Zazzo was supposed to meet Sin Rostropovich at some point and he was getting in the way of Jane giving up the baby. Disgusting Tom was NOT on the interview list until Jane noticed. To cover himself Michael then had to put Tom on the list, especially since he talks to Jane at work (risk of exposing any lies/deception to Jane), but Disgusting Tom was meant to meet Sin Rostro – if Michael is Sin Rostro, you can see why Tom had to go…

    All the people who were going to meet with Sin Rostro or could reveal who he is while Michael has been in the hotel investigating, have ended up dead. He has all these leads which are so close but end up getting nowhere or people narrowly escaping. And when clues are found, he conveniently is ALWAYS there/the one who finds them (remember when they found the name in Tom’s locker? Michael was RIGHT NEXT to the locker moments before! Hitting it in ‘anger’).

    According to Michael’s brother he has a dodgy past, so the potential dark side exists. And it IS there, remember how quick he was to threaten Petra with exposure? He couldn’t kill her, because then Jane would keep the baby, but he had no qualms about blackmailing her.

    Michael has the perfect cover: a cop investigating Sin Rostro. It rules him out completely.

    And when he invited Jane onto that patrol boat (what an odd thing to do considering the show has NEVER shown any indication that Jane or Michael care about boating or the sea. Plus, you would have thought that considering Michael was trying to win her back, he would have asked Jane to a place more meaningful to them – especially since he’s a traditional romantic) having their date on the patrol boat was a perfect opportunity to use it as an excuse to ‘realise’ the clue was actually a shipping company. Two birds, one stone. If people wonder why he would act depressed and then ‘surprised’ when the truth about the shipping company hit him, bear in mind that he is probably deeply in love and devoted to Jane, that state of upset he was in was likely real, and the surprise was probably for effect on the phone when he called his partner.

    Think about it. This is a show which prides itself on its twists. They have said themselves it is the biggest. Mind blowing twist. It’s Michael. Who else?

  35. Lori Huntley says:

    I wonder if it’s the female cop. She was quick to want Petra arrested for murder. She goes against all Michael’s ideas.

  36. I think it’s Michael. There are several references to him not being what we think he is and the narrator always is negative about him.

  37. CS0214 says:

    What about Michaels partner/ side action?

  38. tkeith says:

    I really doubt it’s Raf. What would they do with jane and the baby? I would hate to think she’s gone through this “mishap” just to end up a single mom raising her child by herself while her baby daddy is sitting in prison. Not to mention Raf is too obvious. Michael is trying way too hard to get him convicted. If you ask me Michael isn’t starting to get a little crazy about jane. Team Raf all the way!!!