Matador Cancelled by El Rey Network

Matador Cancelled

It’s game over for El Rey Network’s Matador.

The action-drama series, which starred Gabriel Luna as Tony Bravo, a soccer player and CIA mole, has been cancelled after one season, our sister site Deadline is reporting.

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This decision will likely come as a surprise to Matador fans, as the series was picked up for a second season before it premiered in July. According to Deadline, Matador performed well in the U.S., but the network had hoped for more international success.

“Ultimately, it was a business decision, but to be clear, we were very proud of the series on every level,” the network said in a statement. “Creatively, it hit the mark, and we are gratified that it celebrated diversity in front of the cameras and behind the scenes. We want to thank everyone involved, from the extraordinarily talented cast and crew to the amazing production team. We appreciate all that they have done and look forward to the opportunity to work with them in the future.”

Matador‘s finale aired Oct. 7, 2014, just one week before the death of Elizabeth Peña, who played Tony’s mother.

Are you bummed about Matador‘s cancellation? Drop a comment with your reaction(s) below.

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  1. Chris says:

    As a fan of this show i am dissapointed that it is canceled. Loved watching the show and aussie actress Nicky Whelan in the show. I think its a real shame it was canceled and i wish all the cast and crew best of luck in the future.

  2. Sokratis Lakrindis says:

    This is frustrating news. The only reason I watched it was because I knew it had been renewed and therefore could afford to get comfortable watching it. I feel like this will be a new trend for networks to renew casually to get people thinking ‘hey this might be good if they have faith in it’

    • Network says:

      There is no new trend. A renewal has always just been a way to ensure that if a network wants to keep a show and its stars it can bind them in a contract that the network can back out of usually fairly easily. Just like actor contacts, the actor may commit to several seasons at a time but unless they are a huge star you better believe the network can get out of it should they choose. There is usually compensation but it’s most likely negligible compared to keeping something or someone around they don’t want.

  3. Aww, the show was amazing! A DEA turned CIA operative working undercover for an LA professional soccer team discovers an ancient organization dedicated to achieving immortality and global domination? I wanted to see how much more insane it could get!

  4. SUSO says:

    Network ran out of money.

  5. Since says:

    The show was kinda ridiculous, but a good watch when you just want to open a bottle and watch something without thinking. Sad to see it go. Also, what kind of jackass you have to be to renew the series and then cancel it afterall?

  6. christopher bee says:

    So Rodriguez canceled himself? Seems the money runs out at El Rey. I liked the show, it was just fun to watch.

  7. Jason g says:

    Oh noooo. A Spanish geared show is cancelled. A dos mio? Are people gonna riot ? Is it racism that no one wants to watch ?

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  9. Będzie nowy urząd i setki nowych miejsc pracy dla nowych urzędasów,
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  10. Tania says:

    This is very sad news for me. I loved this show so much, not only because my sister was in it, but also because it was really good.

  11. Wszystko OK. Tylko jedno małe zastrzeżenie – księża płacą ZUS-y i podatki.

  12. ninamags says:

    It was a suspenseful show. I liked it a lot. So Rodriguez didn’t have money to keep it going?
    I’m disappointed. I watched precisely because it was a show about a Latino family and a self made Mexican billionaire. Its a shame we couldn’t see what else would happen.

  13. Martoukian says:

    If I had ever heard of the show or the network, I might have been disappointed at the news.

    • thevictor99 says:

      Excellent comment. Thanks for putting your zero cents in. Maybe next you can tell us how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour.

  14. Zorro says:

    I have never heard of this show, or even this Network… Sorry to all those that lost another show they liked, but as someone who watches WAY TOO MUCH TV, I’d never even heard mention of it, much less seen any advertisement of it.

    Way to fail marketing campaign.

  15. Sheldon W. says:

    I’m sure the loss of Elizabeth Pena played a part in this since Tony’s family was a key part of the show.

    It’s too bad. Matador was a lot of fun. Kind of like a Latin Man From U.N.C.L.E. I’ll miss it.

  16. Abe Froman says:

    There’s an El Rey network?

  17. Ruf says:

    Not really

  18. Bóg wiedział, że Izrael widzi na co idą jego podatki.

  19. Jim miller says:

    I’m really disappointed – it was a fantastic show – I watched every episode with my 23 year old son

  20. ward says:

    Watched the marathon yesterday and enjoyed it all over again. Was looking forward to new season.

  21. ben says:

    you should b more creative than that… a good creativity and ends just like that?? a big dissapointment wish i knew.

  22. randym says:

    Really sorry they cancelled this show. I hate getting invested in a show that seems to have good ratings only to have it cancelled. Leaves us hanging but I guess that’s the way it goes…lol

  23. Jim Thompson says:

    I am bummed out, totally. Please bring back ‘Matador.’ The show was a pleasant surprise. It offered something completely different, a great cure for ennui.

  24. Jim lewis says:

    It’s a shame it was an excellant series well plotted and great acting. This is again where political correctness crosses the line

  25. Scott says:

    I heard it had been renewed and now I was thinking it was about due for the premiere and I find this bad news. It was a good show… sometimes people don’t catch on right away…. It took years before NCIS caught on… So sorry to hear this El Rey, this could have eventually helped yogurt a bigger dot on the map !

  26. Daniel Guajardo says:

    My dad, uncle and me are bum we where very hook on that show.. we even started watching it together. Just today 3/26/2015 they were asking me when season 2 starts…

  27. The Show was awesome, what a shame.

  28. Scott says:

    Yeah another bummer… You spend time watching shows and then they get cancelled. I had seen it was picked up so I patiently waited…and I started looking only to find this news… It is like the comedy show Cristela getting cancelled…. These shows are good, but they don’t get enough time or advertisement to be discovered by people…

  29. AMK says:

    Best show ever to watch. Keep me guessing all the time. Loved it. Even my 7 & 8th graders watched it. We talked about it all the time. “course” they all love soccer.

  30. Ileene McDonald says:

    I love the Matador ,you have to bring it back,the show had everything you need,flavor, action, sex, cute guys, and danger, so bring my so back please.

  31. carol slink says:

    What was the secret Tony found out????

    • Daisy Paxton says:

      That he has the DNA/genes of his Inca ancestors with the possibility of a long lived life through his father. Just watched the series on Presto here in Australia and am very disappointed that it was only a one season wonder because I loved it even though it had serious flaws at times!!

  32. Gra Full says:

    Only shown in Australia on the Foxtel Box sets channel in October 2015. Well after it was cancelled due to lack of international response. Such a shame as this would have been very popular had it have been picked up by a free to air channel.


  34. jennasmiles says:

    I loved this show and I’m hard to please. Short attention span. I’m disappointed after watching all of season one 3 years late but it was amazing with a dynamic cast who are phenomenal! Thanks for the diversion from a boring life!!! ❤️💙❤️