Real World's Ryan Knight Dead at 29

Ryan Knight Dies The Real World

Real World alum Ryan Knight — who appeared in the 2010 New Orleans edition — has died, TMZ reports. He was 29.

A cause of death is not yet known, but his body was reportedly discovered Thursday morning at a friend’s house.

This is the second tragedy to befall MTV’s Real World franchise in as many weeks. Earlier this month, fellow Challenge vet Diem Brown died after a long battle with cancer. She was 32.

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  1. Kayla says:

    Sad month for the Real World/Challenge family… :(

  2. Demarcus says:

    This really breaks my heart. Knight was one of my favorites on Real World. So funny and witty.

  3. pam says:

    Rest in peace.

  4. M3rc Nate says:

    Drugs and Alcohol do that to you, no pity for those that kill themselves.

    • David4 says:

      Wow. I’ll make sure to throw a party when you die you inhuman asshole.

    • Reggiewatson says:

      Seriously dude? Show some sort of couth. Bad form you monster.

    • kates2424 says:

      It’s a disease and possibly a self-medication for various forms of mental issues like depression, bipolar and others. Judging someone’s actions without knowing the background is ignorant.

      Happy Thanksgiving buddy.

      • David4 says:


        Mental diseases are still diseases, people really need to see that!

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Or, considering you dont know him at all either, its just as likely he was just like so many people are in America (and around the world), a partier who got drunk and popped pills…you dont get to list every medical reason as excuses….some (its possible he had) like full blown addiction do need help, but others are just Dbags who killed themselves by recklessly drinking and taking drugs cause its “fun” or “cool” or w/e.

        Would you guys be this amazingly compassionate if he had done what he did (take pills, drink most likely) and get in a car and hit your husband/wife’s car and killed them? Would you argue in court “Judge, drugs and alcohol abuse most likely stems from self medicating and mental issues, i want him to get rehab treatment or go free!” or would you much more likely be like 99% of humans and say “He is a adult human being, he made the CHOICE to get high, and then took my wife/husband from me…put him in jail for 25 years!”?

        • Tim says:

          But he didn’t kill anybody, he killed himself. We all make mistakes and have regrets. I was raised by two alcoholic parents and can’t stand to be around alcoholics, but I’m still an empathetic person.

        • JEst says:

          Or maybe they do know him considering that people who know the subjects or articles are capable of using the internet like the rest of us. That may or not apply here, but regardless there’s nothing wrong with forming an opinion based on given info but forming a full fledged judgment as you have chosen to do, is pointless.

    • bluefairy says:

      I am not gonna comment on this guy’s death, since the cause of death is still unknown and it’s pointless to speculate, but I do agree with M3rc Nate that those rich kids who drink/drug/party themselves to death because they think it’s “cool” deserve no pity. They know the risks and yet they willingly do something stupid, sometimes even endangering others, just because they want to have “fun”. That is selfish and irresponsible and I do not empathize with them, political correctness be damned. I save my pity for people who actually are in a difficult situation and need help, not for careless, spoiled brats.

      • eye says:

        I agree that it can be irresponsible to party all of the time but you called him rich and I’m just wondering if he is rich and also spoiled as you mentioned? I ask because appearing on the shows doesn’t necessarily make him rich by itself and if you’re speculating and assuming, then it contradicts you saying that it’s pointless to speculate? Or is it only pointless to speculate about his death and not pointless in general?

        • bluefairy says:

          I wasn’t talking about Ryan Knight, honestly I had never even heard of him before reading this article and I know nothing about his life or his death. I was merely commenting on what the previous posters said.

    • Sookiemannny says:

      Uh yeah, the article didn’t even mention how he died so stop acting like you know everything.

  5. ghutch70 says:

    I have not watched the Real World I think since Hawaii with Tek… But that was kind of the turning point for that show which went from thoughtful, social experiment to drunken shenanigans and made people famous for that.

  6. Moment says:

    R.I.P, gone before his time.

  7. The lack of compassion I have seen this week from so many American’s is sickening. On Thanksgiving it sure makes it hard to be thankful for much.

    • Moment says:

      Seriously, you’d think it was CSI or something with the way some people are debating his death. It doesn’t matter how he died, fact really is that a guy died before his time, if people don’t at least want to show a bit of respect towards the dead they shouldn’t comment at all.