Vampire Diaries Photos: Bonnie's Blue Christmas, Stefan's Big Reveal & More

Vampire Diaries Christmas

Prepare yourselves for a bittersweet Christmas, Vampire Diaries fans.

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While new photos from the Dec. 11 holiday episode (The CW, 8/7c) feature flashbacks from happier times — yes, that’s Bon-Bon with the long hair — they also reveal a much sadder present-day Christmas for Mystic Falls’ finest.

It’s just like Felicity; the shorter the hair, the sadder the Christmas.

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This little tease from The CW also has us worried: “Stefan is forced to break some devastating news to Caroline.” We’re just hoping it has nothing to do with a certain sheriff getting… you know.

Browse photos from the Christmas episode below, then drop a comment: What devastating news will Stefan have for Caroline?

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  1. morgan says:

    ofcourse liz is gonna be sick that way stefan can pity romance caroline! ugh but trio looks cute miss old school tvd

  2. Yunuem says:

    I think the sheriff will be killed when she visits Caroline for Christmas and then there’s also a rumor that Caroline will turn off her humanity so maybe its because of this

  3. Emily says:

    Whatever it is, I hope this plot for Caroline in the spring has nothing to do with Stefan or her unrequited feelings. She deserves a plot of her own, not centered around a man. Something to really sink her teeth into (pun intended). If they use a family tragedy to make Steroline romantic, I might pull my hair out. Once again making a plot that should be about Caroline as a person into a plot about which boy she is kissing.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      This is a young adult show….if you expect plot not centered around a man (or a woman for that matter) you are going to be disappointed for as long as you watch the show. Every male character is centered around a female, and the ones that arent dont have much story and are BORING (looking at you Matt). Stefan was all about Elena then his new GF, Daemon is all about a bunch of chicks then Elena, Jeremy is all about Bonnie, Caroline was all about Tyler then Klaus and now Stefan, Bonnie was all about a few guys then Jeremy, Alaric was all about a few women and now the current witch… please, this is a YA tv show about vampires, werewolves, and magic set in a sweet little town full of GORGEOUS eternally young 17 year old’s who have basically all banged each other….get your head ready, cause you’re gonna be pulling your hair out, and im gonna love it cause i think it makes 100% sense that Caroline would be into Stefan and its totally possible Stefan could realize “wait, she is pretty amazing, and gorgeous, and we are such amazing friends…i am into you” like people do sometimes.

      • marge says:

        I think Caroline has been into Stefan for awhile. Now that it has been mentioned to Stefan he will probably start thinking about her in a new way. It might take him some time but he will come around. My personal opinion is the two will be good together.

      • Taylor says:

        I totally agree. and seriously I need Stefan to just profess his love for Caroline

  4. Netty says:

    These bloody writers better not use Sheriff Forbes’ dying to bring Stefan and Caroline together. OMG can they just drop the Steroline plot already, its so forced. Caroline should date Enzo, maybe some of her ‘goodness’ may rub off on him and Enzo will definitely not tolerate her controlling bitchy attitude, he’ll straighten her out. Those two deserve each other. Unlike poor gentle Stefan, he can never tell her off.

    • zed says:

      Yeah, Caroline and Enzo would be absolutely fun and interesting. Caroline and Stefan are only good as friends- if they go in the romantic zone with them it would be soo boring.
      Talking about TVD bleak Christmas- what can top off Klaus killing Tyler’s mum?! and that song in the background ‘have yourself a merry little christmas’

  5. Letti says:

    Wow, these photos remind me of the time I actually liked TVD.

  6. Ari says:

    I personally think Stefan and Caroline would be great together. To me, it never seemed forced considering its been building up since the end of season 4.
    But I really don’t want them to happen because of Caroline’s mom death. That would definitely make it seemed forced.

    Oh, and face it guys, Klaus isn’t coming back. And he’s getting a new love interest.

  7. No Elena is not all consumed with her love for Damon. She is possessed be the evil which is Damon. Stefan is very much Elena’s love. All that’s good, kind, caring and loving about her is Stefan. The new season 6 poster shows a more mature, stronger woman who knows what she wants now “Stefan”. And Stefan too shows a stronger more in control man. Holding tightly to the woman he truly loves.

  8. name says:

    pls elena n stephen should come back.

  9. eurysha says:

    Nobody wants Caroline for a girlfriend she is to annoying and jealous of Elena and Bonnie relationships

  10. Ashley says:

    Not only because im a steroline fan….but I hope the big bad news isnt that he’s still in love with elena. I say this because it would set up the show to try “bamon” n give the “stelana”(as I previously was apart of before elena became damon obsessed and very annoying) fans a little time especailly seeing how alot of ppl(including me) feel like delana has run dry. P.s read in these comments that caroline might be flipping the switch,as tired as I am of that happening I am here for seeing bad ass caroline!!!!