Once Upon a Time Photos: Kissing, Cuddling and Blackbeard Vs.... Anna?

A robust round-up of photos from this Sunday’s Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8/7c) feature ‘ships of the romantic and pirate variety.

In the episode “Fall,” as the Spell of Shattered Sight cast by the Snow Queen approaches Storybrooke, Gold — with Hook as his reluctant servant — sets about an exit strategy, while Regina and Robin Hood ready themselves for the worst and Emma and Elsa, with the help of a locator spell, search for Anna.

Elsewhere in Arendelle flashbacks, Anna and Kristoff awaken to find that their kingdom is once again in danger — of pirates? Charles Mesure reprises his Season 3 role of Blackbeard as ye shall see, aye.

So, with a nasty new curse looming, is all this CaptainSwan and OutlawQueen canoodling all in the name of “Good luck”? Flip through the slideshow and weigh in.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Heather says:

    Pumped for Outlaw Queen!

  2. Wilson says:

    Absurdly happy there’s gonna be a scene with Regina and Robin and both their sons. It’s been driving me crazy that the show didn’t have a scene where Henry and Roland met or just generally a scene with both of them in it so far.

    • Daisy says:

      Agree. I wanted to see a scene like that too.
      But I really want to see a scene with Rumbelle!
      The show really hasn’t shown a lot of scenes with Rumbelle
      ever sense the honeymoon. So I would like to see more of Rumbelle please!!!

  3. Cece says:

    Can we have a scene with Snow Queen and Blackbeard? I’m missing Elizabeth Mitchell and Charles Mesure from ‘V.’ Otherwise, I hope this episode is at least faster than the last one. It seems like the story is just dragging this season.

  4. Bianca says:

    SO excited for this ep! And so happy it looks like Regina may be bringing Henry to RH camp for safety? She truly doesn’t want him to see her at her worst. Happy for a scene of all four of them!!

  5. Eleanore says:

    It’s always funny to me that Blackbeard on OUAT looks much more like the classic Captain Hook than the guy they have for their OUAT Captain Hook does. To be honest I hope that this will be the last flashback with the Frozen characters. I miss the old FTL flashbacks with Rumple, the Evil Queen, Snow and Charming, etc.
    Wow. The scenes at the Merry Men camp look epic. Regina’s one of those who’d be hit hard by that shattered sight curse. Rips away all her progress and turns her back into the Evil Queen, I bet. I wonder what it will do to Robin Hood and his Merry Men. What it will bring out in them. Robin Hood said he has a dark past… But maybe TLK can break that curse too and Regina and Robin kissing is a hint? I’m happy to see Will Scarlet back with the Merry Men.

  6. Whats gonna happen to Regina and Robin???? Oh my god!!! I cant see her cry;( they can t be happy for more than an episode:):) But I m super excited!!! and Henry and Roland:)

  7. Quen says:

    I wonder if they want to turn the camp into a safe haven of sorts. It looks like Regina wants Henry to stay there, but she is not going to stay with them and she and Robin Hood are saying ‘goodbye’ before the Snow Queen’s magic hits them.

    • Thor652 says:

      Imo the adults are doing something to protect the children before the shattered sight spell takes effect. Henry, Roland, Emma is seen with baby Neal….

  8. Ginger Snap says:

    Rumple, please crush Hooks beady little heart.

  9. Meleah says:

    Hook can still love Emma without his heart. I’ m about to die because Hook is so sweet no matter what happens to him or Emma.

  10. rachelle says:

    Outlaw Queen! Their little family! Heart eyes emoji x5!

  11. Jack says:

    I’d enjoy outlaw queen a LOT more if the show runners didn’t romanticize cheating and affairs so much. Its just gross and makes me sad that now their scenes are tainted, regardless of their chemistry. I can’t root for them, the ship is ruined for me:(

    • sunberry says:

      Oh please, I keep seeing comments like this pop up across here and EW. It’s not like this is a new concept to this show… David was technically having an affair when he and Mary Margaret were getting together, as he was married to Kathryn at the time! It’s also not as if they are rewarding either of these characters in the long term; we don’t know that. This could come back to bite them hard in the future, especially Robin Hood. We’re also to assume that it’s not so easy to undo Ingrid’s magic, so Robin can try and try but it’s likely all wasted energy. Finally, I think most people, if put in his place, would act similarly. When you love someone, it’s not easy to repress those feelings, and it’s much easier to give into them and act on that temptation. Nobody’s romanticizing their relationship at all.

      • Michelle says:

        David was not married to Kathryn. They were promised to each other but never actually wed.

        • sunberry says:

          During the first curse in Storybrooke, they were married. Her last name was Nolan, his last name is Nolan.

          • Meghan says:

            They even had a pregnancy scare. Haters are doing their most to discredit this arc, to be able to hate more on Regina/Robin. The big difference is that Robin isn’t sleeping with 2 women at the same time. It actually makes him the more noble guy, and I have no doubt that he’d tell Marian if he actually could.

        • sunberry says:

          But even if your argument were true, it doesn’t make what David and Mary Margaret were doing any more moral. Infidelity is infidelity, why does it matter whether they’re married or not?

  12. LNS1 says:

    So good to see Blackbeard again. I so want to see Davy Jones connection here and maybe the locker ;)

    Emma/Hook is gonna be heartbreaking… another curse tearing Emma apart from her family and Hook again it seems. And i hope she find about his heart sometime soon

  13. Vari says:

    Looking forward to Emma/Hook scenes. Just how Emma takes in the news that maybe another curse is here.
    Blackbeard is another surprise – i like him

  14. kirads09 says:

    Sorry. Love Robert Carlyle and Lana – always will. But I have given up on this show completely. The Disney princesses baby play date is my personal “jump the shark” moment. OUAT has completely lost its way from the incredible show it started out to be.

    • Larry says:

      Your giving up because princesses were having a real life situation of attending a class for their baby’s?

      It was just a cute moment and showed them doing something realistic in modern times, compared to other things this show does, that was actually pretty normal

  15. Joseph says:

    Anna vs. Blackbeard sounds like an Epic Rap Battles of History episode.