The Voice Top 10 Performance Recap: Truth Detectives

You can’t believe everything you hear on TV — not even (or perhaps especially) when it’s packaged in flannel-shirt wrapping paper, a folksy Oklahoma-accent and a corporate edict to keep the 18-49 demo rating above 3 million.

Which is why I didn’t let myself get angry or dismayed by Blake Shelton’s ridiculous exaggeration during The Voice‘s Top 10 performance episode on Monday: “This is the best live show I have ever seen in seven seasons.”

Dude, seriously?

I don’t believe for a second that the country coach believes such ridiculousness — not after an evening marked by incredibly insipid song selection, botched glory notes and whatever term you’d use to convey the opposite of charisma.

But as NBC’s reality singing juggernaut grapples with the problem of having its most inspired quartet of coaches cook up its least inspiring set of finalists ever, the need for hyperbole and snake-oil sales pitches becomes understandable, although still inexcusable.

After all, with a good month of performances still on the horizon, perhaps some brutal honesty — or at least Christina Aguilera-style underhandedness — might be just what’s needed to help a promising-but-underperforming crop of contestants to raise their games.

Until that tough feedback begins to happen, however, it’s up to us Voice obsessives to keep putting the “real” in “reality.” To that end, here are my letter grades and reviews for the night’s performances:

Matt McAndrew (Team Adam) — Coldplay’s “Fix You” — Grade: C+ | Why didn’t Adam and guest mentor Patrick Stump advise Matt to use his hesitant falsetto sparingly? It’s simply not his sweet spot. Making matters worse, his attempts at “connecting” with the audience — hugging a stranger in the stands, holding a random SwayBot’s hand way longer than necessary — felt more awkward than authentic. I know, I know… he’s one of this season’s presumed front-runners, but I can’t help feeling like he’s destined for a Matthew Schuler-esque collapse.

Anita Antoinette (Team Gwen) — Passenger’s “Let Her Go” — Grade: B | There were a handful of notes during Anita’s performance that were more suspect than Gwen’s decision to style her like a Janelle Monae impersonator. That said, the reggae rhythms and philosopher’s-eye-view of the lyrics brought an unexpected element of surprise to a song that’s been covered on this show four times in the last three seasons (see Cole Vosbury, Kristen Merlin and Justin Johnes).

Damien (Team Adam) — Stevie Wonder’s “You and I” — Grade: C- | The problem with Damien is he only brings us notes and words — void of any specific intent and/or emotion. It’s like having Superman-level strength, then using it for nothing more than rearranging logs in a lumberyard. Impressive? Sure, at times, it can be. Meaningful? Nope, not usually. Oh, and while the four-coach Standing O indicated otherwise, dude’s pitch was all over the place tonight — at least in spots where his over-the-top riffing didn’t render the melody unrecognizable.

Reagan James (Team Blake) — Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” — Grade: D+ | Look, there’s no denying that by the end of her number, Reagan sounded gaspier than Betty White completing an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course. But while her execution failed to match her ambition, it also has to be noted that she was on the receiving end of one of the hinkiest backing tracks in show history. Seriously, what happened to the bass? And was the Voice band playing at all? Because to my ears, the music pumping in behind this budding-star teen had all the depth and energy of a cheap karaoke track above a Korean restaurant in midtown Manhattan. (Yeah, I know, that’s a really specific reference — but I know of what I speak!)

Luke Wade (Team Pharrell) — Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness” — Grade: C+ | I usually love Luke, but tonight, his attempt to bring out the deep yearning and effortless sensuality of an oft-sung soul classic played out like an unexpected “card declined” at the end of a fancy meal. This ditty should’ve fit squarely in Luke’s wheelhouse, but the vocal arrangement leaned too hard on him to sell the ad-libbed whoops and hollers of the final chorus, rather than the melody being carried by the background singers — and it exposed some possible artistic limitations in the process. Here’s hoping this misstep will help Coach Pharrell learn that “hey, he covered Otis Redding well once before, so let’s repeat the formula,” is not a formula for good television, nor a solid building block for a post-Voice career.

Craig Wayne Boyd (Team Blake) — Johnny Cash’s “I Walk the Line” — Grade: A- | I won’t lie: I felt a slight twinge of skepticism as Craig Wayne’s intro package informed us he’d be reinventing a country classic — even as the reality singing competition junkie in me remembered how cool it was when Adam Lambert twisted “Ring of Fire” to fit his needs on Season 8 of Idol. Yet while Craig’s reimagining of the Man in Black couldn’t have been more different than that rascally Glambert’s approach, it was nevertheless a stunner in its own way. By mining the verses for the maximum vulnerability and tenderness, and heightening the drama of the chorus with a slower, strings-heavy twist, Craig made me believe his intent of making this a song about better life choices on behalf of his adorable son. By the time the southern soulster’s voice opened up on the final chorus, it was like a shock paddle to the chest of what had been a telecast in desperate need of a pulse.

Ryan Sill (Team Gwen) — Muse’s “Starlight” — Grade: C+ | He sang mostly in tune this time around — a noticable improvement from last week’s bludgeoining of Duran Duran — but there’s something insipid about the way Gwen’s pet contestant performs, like he’s a wide-eyed puppy fetching a newspaper to get his master’s approval. There’s no real heat or heart or urgency to Ryan’s phrasing, no rough edges to his notes, which is why it’s so odd when the coaches prattle on about his rock credibility. I mean, Gwen and Adam and Blake and Pharrell do realize Ryan’s not competing in some parallell race to win an unaired season of The Glee Project, yes?

DaNica Shirey (Team Pharrell) — Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” — Grade: B+ | I cannot punish DaNica simply because her coach forced her to sing the most done-to-death ditty in the history of reality singing competitions. (Has no one ever heard Whitney’s “Heartbreak Hotel” or “My Love Is Your Love” or heck even “My Name Is Not Susan” or “Exhale” or “Didn’t We Almost Have It All”?) Again, though, Pharrell took the startlingly uninventive approach of “Oh, DaNica was great on ‘Saving All My Love for You,’ so let’s try to carbon-copy her into the Top 8.” Dude, no. Seriously, no. True, DaNica sang the paint right off the walls on this one, but I did detect a couple instances where she seemed hesitant at the start of a phrase or verse. Those niggling imperfections left DaNica a few steps off the pace of Season 6’s Tessanne Chin — perhaps the only contestant ever to upgrade “I Have Nothing” past even Ms. Houston in her prime. (Blasphemous, but true!)

Taylor John Williams (Team Gwen) — The Beatles’ “Come Together” — Grade: C- | “Come Together” requires a trip to the swamp, a sense of playfulness and definitely some inherent oomph — all of which were missing from Taylor’s straightlaced, super-serious approach. Combined with a final chorus that found him getting drowned out by the Voice band and a last note that put the ‘gory’ in ‘glory,’ this was, at least to my ears, one of the night’s lowest points. But hey, so what? Gwen’s 15-year-old self loves that Taylor doesn’t wear socks and wants to post his pictures all over her locker. (I’m not being sarcastic, people, she actually said that out loud.)

Chris Jamison (Team Adam) — Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” — Grade: B+ | Nobody’s going to touch Bruno Mars in his prime (aka Bruno Mars right this second). But dagnabit (one of Blake’s favorite words, btw), the hottie who needed Adam’s Live Playoffs savesure did bring a sense of unabashed swagger and sexiness to one of the night’s rare upbeat selections (not to mention a choice so compltely current, half the audience probably got introduced to it via Chris’s cover). Could it be the dude who lamented in his intro package about not getting a role in his high-school musical is transforming before our eyes into a viable pop star? I’m not ruling out the possibility!

Should Be Bottom 3: Reagan, Taylor, Damien (Taylor and Damien going home — only because Reagan has shown more promise)
Will Be Bottom 3: Reagan, Ryan, Damien (Reagan and Ryan going home)

What did you think of this week’s Voice installment? Who were your faves? Who deserves to get the boot? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. analythinker says:

    Oh well, Pharrell.
    – Not sure how Matt’s song will do on iTunes… but it might be strategic on Adam’s part, given that Chris still needs more moment and Matt already has a following.
    – Was Anita off-key on some parts?
    – Liked the second half of Damien’s song more than the first. I think he deserves more than a C-, Michael.
    – I’ve come to a conclusion that Reagan is NOT The Voice (heh).
    – I just don’t understand Pharrell, why the constant need of “crowded” arrangement? But Luke was better than last week.
    – Craig: wow.
    – Now I don’t get why Gwen thinks Ryan could pull off rock songs. His voice is too soft for that.
    – A Whitney song for DaNica? Has Pharrell been getting song suggestions from an ancient dream??!!
    – I’m always bored whenever TJW sings.
    – Chris sang well, just couldn’t really feel it bc I don’t know the song…

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      oh wow, you and I said many of the same things. We have very similar aesthetic sensibilities, my friend.

      • analythinker says:

        So I’ve noticed, heh.

        • Floetica says:

          My grades:

          Craig Wayne Boyd…A-
          Luke Wade…B+
          Chris Jamison…B+
          Matt McAndrew….B
          DaNica Shirey….B
          Taylor John Williams….B
          Anita Antoinette…..C+
          Ryan Sill…..C
          Reagan James…..D+

          Bottom 3: Anita, Ryan, and Reagan
          Going Home: Ryan and Reagan

      • Jason says:

        You are dumb.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Thanks, sweetie. I love you too! [sloppy wet smooch]

          • Floetica says:

            iTunes update
            7…Craig Wayne Boyd “I Walk the Line”
            29…Taylor John Williams “Come Together”
            34…Matt McAndrew “Fix You”
            46…Chris Jamison “Uptown Funk”
            50…Danica Shirey “I Have Nothing”
            59…Luke Wade “Try a Little Tenderness”
            65…Damien “You and I”
            74…Matt McAndrew “Take Me To Church”
            151…Reagan James “Fancy”
            164…Anita Antoinette “Let Her Go”
            172…Craig Wayne Boyd “You Look So Good in Love”
            —–…Ryan Sill “Starlight”

    • Scout says:

      So on point. I think Anita needs to start focusing on her voice again. I get that she has personality and all that *and* I like it. But if can’t do both – she needs to err on the side of actually singing well *for the entire song.* Seriously, Pharrell’s song choices will be the reason DaNica will not win the voice – aside from her being like watching paint dry. She is just so sweet and equally boring. I love Craig. Love. him. That boy can sang.

      • analythinker says:


      • Tyler says:

        ITA. What drew me to Anita in the first place was her voice. She reminded me of Tracy Chapman with her guitar and all. That’s what she needs to do–a Tracy Chapman song. Maybe Talkin’ About a Revolution.

      • Sharon says:

        Agreed. Not only did Anita not sing it well, it was a repetitive song. And I found her outfit to be an odd combo of 50s flight attendant, 60s biker chick and 80s workout video…just distracting!

    • Sara says:

      Matt’s song is the second most downloaded of the contestants at the moment (after Craig Wayne Boyd, who is blowing away the competition currently in sales tonight), so it is doing pretty well, actually. Chris is about 100 behind Matt at the moment (Matt is in the 80’s, Chris in the 180’s).

      • analythinker says:

        So my observation was right. I think Adam chose that overdone song bc he knew it would still do well (Matt has rabid fans). He picked a new song for Chris with hope it would do well.

        • Sara says:

          That might be backfiring a bit then, as Chris is trailing behind about 5 others. I believe it is Craig, Matt, Taylor, DaNica, Luke, Damien, then Chris, if I am remembering the order correctly (I literally just closed my iTunes and it takes forever to reopen since I don’t use an Apple product, hahaha). Of course, there are others who aren’t even in the Top 200 yet.

          • analythinker says:

            Chris is #4 now (among the contestants, that is). I use LivePopBars to monitor charts so I won’t have to open iTunes :)

          • Sara says:

            Ooo, I’ll have to look up that LivePopBars. ITunes slows my computer down so much, but I like to try to keep track of where the contestants are, you know?
            Glad to see people saying that Chris is moving up on the charts, I really like him. I really want to know who is voting for Taylor though. UGH.

          • analythinker says:

            Exactly, he (TJW) has surpassed Matt now. Ugh. Why.

      • Adake says:

        Update: Craig 23, Matt 62, Taylor 72, DaNica 93, Chris 96, Luke 120, Damien 131. Who’s not doing well: Anita, Reagan and Ryan – no surprise. I am shocked people are buying Danica’s song – done so many times before.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Who in tarnation is paying money to download Taylor’s song?

          • analythinker says:

            Not me, I swear.

          • Andres says:

            People who like nap time

          • JM says:

            The tone-deaf?

          • Scout says:

            *people who like headbands
            *people don’t like socks
            *my Grandma
            *people whose Ambien isn’t working

            I am really stumped. Honestly.

          • Allison says:

            wow, totally disagree with you. I think this season is one of the best. I would have to say one of my favorites is Taylor. He is probably the most naturally gifted. Sooo good. Soulful. Reminds me of Amos Lee. LOVE Chris. But I’m also female. He is the entire package and has tons of sex appeal. I think Matt is a true rock star. Incredibly gifted. Love his style. DaNika is boring and seems all over the place. Nothing special. Go home. Damien is too theatrical for me. He belongs in a choir. Luke is so interesting to me. Very talented. Needs to stay. Reagan sounds way too breathy. I like her sound but she needs practice. Anita is a great reggae singer but I didn’t like her performance tonight. Don’t really understand Craig’s appeal except that he is definitely attractive. I do like his Travis Tritt sound tho. Ryan surprised me. But he will probably go home. Overall, loving the performances!! Excited to see more.

          • That would be me. And a few other people apparently.

          • LOL I love that word tarnation! Who in sam hell is buying his stuff on I tunes?

        • Tyler says:

          Let’s face it–Gwen is a terrible coach. She doesn’t know what to do with Anita, Ryan–even TJW. Why is she having Anita dance around the stage like Lady Gaga or Madonna?! Anita is more like Tracy Chapman. I bet she would sell more songs if she drove in that lane instead. And Ryan. Stop giving Ryan all these rock songs that he can’t sing. He doesn’t have the angst to pull them off. He should be doing songs like JT or Bruno Mars.

          • Scout says:

            Not to worry, Ryan is going home. I agree though… I think Gwen’s coaching is lacking. I understood her trying to get Anita to loosen up – and that did work – but now, she just needs to sing. I feel she is loosing ground. Too bad, but not too late. Hopefully.

      • Yes Craig Wayne Boyd at Number 1 country charts and 14 pop charts and the voice is not even over yet, here on the west coast. Its 9:15 and the voice is over at ten! So excited for him. Seems like such a nice humble guy, besides being a great singer!

      • lindy says:

        Just don’t understand Matt’s appeal. He’s like margarine is to butter.

    • Adake says:

      Especially agree with your comments on DaNica’s song, just has been done to death. And while I like Anita – wasn’t one of my favorite performances tonight. You really have to step it up to compete with Matt, Craig, Luke, etc.

      • Scout says:

        Yes, Anita… Personality alone is not gonna win this thing.

      • Sara says:

        I like Anita, I really do, but she just was not vocally up to par tonight. She needs to stop focusing so much on pushing the Jamaican personality and focus more on doing a good vocal. I listened to the sample of the recording of the song tonight and it had a lot less of the Jamaican accent than what Anita did live. I love her fun attitude and her personality, but this is a singing competition and she can do better than what she did tonight.

        • Scout says:

          Agree 100%. I *know* she can sing. She needs to get back to it, pronto. Hope she gets another chance. I don’t see her ranking on iTunes yet….

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            I can’t believe everyone is focusing on Danica’s attempt at a Whitney song but passing right over the fact that for the second time in 3 weeks Luke attempted to cover a song by an icon of soul and failed miserably. I’m sorry but his cover of the Otis Redding classic, along with Pharrell’s hokey arrangement, was cringe worthy. It was a Justin meets Otis moment. I haven’t been in the Craig Wayne Boyd camp until tonight, I thought he was miles better than anyone else tonight with the clever and powerful arrangement of the Johnny Cash classic. Although he is not my cup of tea musically I think Chris has grown the most since the live performances started, I believed him tonight. Damien? meh. One more soft slow ballad from him and I’m going to Elvis Presley my TV set.

          • JM1 says:

            Plus1! And the judges need to stop praising her for “coming out of her shell” (was she ever truly in her shell?”) and guide her back to singing well. They are not doing her any favors.

        • lindy says:

          I think it’s Gwen who keeps telling her to push the reggae-inflected style. … I like it but I’m not sure that it helps her stay popular w/voters.

    • Lloyd says:

      And not just any Whitney song, but “I have nothing”. It’s almost a sabotage.

    • JM says:

      Agree with a lot of your comments. I stated below that Anita sounded and looked awkward on the stairs. We should call them ‘death stairs’ – they do so many reality show singers in.
      And Pharrell’s song choice for DaNica was beyond ridiculous. Just wrong on so many levels.

      • analythinker says:

        Maybe bc Clive was scheduled to be there, Pharrell chose that song. Obviously among the female contestants left, she’s the only one who could pull it off, but she was hesitant from what I heard of Pharrell’s comments.

        • Adrian says:

          I share the same feeling too. Clive Davis is here to promote Whitney’s latest collection album and it makes sense to have a contestant singing a Whitney’s song. DeNica will make the most sense among the female vocalists. Although it might be a potential big song for one of the male vocalists to take the challenge, Whitney is not easy. DeNica did a respectable job, but Tessanne Chin was just flawless when she sang this song in the finale. There are so many great Whitney’s songs and I wish they would have picked another song. However something Gwen said tonight was sort of telling. Gwen had to push for Ryan to sing “Starlight” and somehow convinced Mark Burnett & Co that Ryan could pull it off. Song choice is not that simple in this show!

          • analythinker says:

            If I’m not mistaken, I heard Ryan saying that he emailed Gwen back and forth about song choices and that the contestants can make a list of 20 songs to choose from. That’s interesting.

      • safado says:

        Song choices boggle my mind. Of all the songs in the Stevie Wonder songbook, for instance, why choose the least melodic? Damien should have looked at Al Green or Sam Cooke. And Danica’s voice doesn’t suit a power ballad–every time she sings, I hear Patsy Cline.
        I don’t know how much input the contestants have, but the clear frontrunner picked a song that perfectly relected his strengths, and then put his own stamp on it. (It also helps tgat he’s stopped dressing like a country bumpkin.)

        • Sharon says:

          Damien…Sam Cooke….YES!

        • Sharon says:

          Though I can’t agree with you on the DaNica and Patsy connection, Safado. Patsy was raw emotion channeled through a haunting voice. My issue with DaNica is that I don’t feel her emotions when she sings. Technically she is very good (though last night’s song showed some vocal weaknesses…but after all, it was THAT song).

    • NotSo says:

      Lordy, Regan was just astoundingly whitebread terrible tonight. And god, that outfit and sparkle makeup, was that from the dynasty 80’s collection? And Anita’s adoption of personal sass and mugging over actual singing is a disturbing turn of events. Luke, who I have liked in the past, was just done in by a stingingly bad arrangement. I’m sure the choice of a Whitney song for DaNica had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact they were pushing the Whitney collection (insert eyeroll here) The rest were as forgettable as they always are.

      IMO, this whole this is Craig’s to lose, he took a classic and made it his own. This is something the others can only dream of doing half as well. Whether he wins or not, he’s the one most likely to have a career boost after this is over

      • Scout says:

        Love Craig so much. No one is even close to him right now. In fact, I think some early contenders are losing ground. Done in by their coaches song choices. Oh well…

        • Thats right! These song choices are brutal! Gwens song choices are not good at all. It will be the contestants demise. I remember season 3. Every dang song and performance were epic songs! Nicholas David did Bill Withers “Lean On Me” and “Somewhere Over The Rainbow, and Terry Mcdermot did “Maybe Im amazed, Trevon Hunt did “And Im telling you Im Not Going, and so forth. Every night of the voice was enjoyable because the song picks were soooo good.

    • Kira says:

      Singing period Damien voice is the best on the show not much on performance.. Tjw just perform so natural u can tell it’s just not for the show .. Luke had a great night as well but for the rest the songs were to big for the plan walks back and forward on the stage .. Needed more rhythm with the soul

    • JM1 says:

      Agree with you almost across the board, analytic. Couple of thoughts:
      – judges seem more interested in personalities than singing. Anita’s leading the pack in that regard.
      – as bad as the “singing” was, I’m more disturbed by the fact that Reagan would want to emulate Iggy Azalea in any way
      – what is UP with Pharrell’s song choices and arrangements???
      – I adore Luke’s voice, it’s probably the most distinctive this season. But what was that performance tonight?
      – I’ve been eagerly waiting to bid adieu to Taylor Lame Williams’ Amish hat. Little did I know he’d trade it in for a Karate Kid look. Ugh. His grandma’s cute and all but can he please just go away now?

      • JM1 hahahahah Amish hat for karate kid! How in the heck did they let Taylor on stage in that ridiculous headband? I was waiting for him to break out and sing “Lets get Physical” by Olivia Newton John! In that video they are all wearing headbands! Does he not like his hair? He is always trying to partly cover it? Also did they give him some happy pills tonight? LOL He was acting completely different. Or spike his red bull? LOL WTH

      • analythinker says:

        I’m wondering what the whole band is thinking with every arrangement Pharrell insists upon. Is he trying to drown his artists?

    • Arthur says:

      I agree with everything you said 100%. Anita stinks and was definitely off key. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SEND HER HOME AMERICA!

  2. seriously says:

    Michael you’re being way too harsh. Taylor and Luke were great tonight. Even Ryan was pretty good.

    • Tiff says:

      Agreed! I can’t believe how much I disagree with Slezak tonight. Luke was fantastic. Matt was fantastic. Taylor was strong. Ryan was on every note. Even Reagan did something really different and amazing. In fact, the only person who was a mess tonight was Anita, who could barely hit her notes.

      Also, I might be the only one, but I absolutely HATED CWB’s “version” of I Walk The Line. To me, he completely forewent the spirit of the song for schmaltz. Don’t get me wrong, he sang it really well, but I was so horrified by what he did to the song. He took out all the key changes! The song completely lost its edge. Ugh.

      • Laura says:

        Agreed re. Craig. He’s my favorite this season, and it was great vocally, but I stopped listening halfway through because it was so different from a classic. Meh. People seem to be buying it though.

        • Timmah says:

          Craig totally bores me. So does Danica. I know they’re both good singers, but I start to space out halfway through their performances.

        • wendy says:

          What was great about CWB’s version is that it made it a new song …new versions bring back old songs so it can’t be bad…keeps them current, alive and enjoyed…you shouldn’t have stopped listening- you only got half the ‘lotto’ numbers-your loss!

    • Timmah says:

      Agreed. Taylor is the only one with star quality. I’m more and more impressed with how he totally owns the stage. And Luke, who I normally don’t care for, was pretty good too.

  3. Adake says:

    Overall, really great performances tonight – from Matt thru Chris. Craig and Matt already charting. I agree with Blake – one of the better “live” shows ever. The two that surprised me the most in a positive way were Taylor and Chris.” Thought Ryan was at least better this week but kinda got damning praise. Wasn’t as keen on Reagan’s performance. They may be part of the bottom three – not sure of the other. Christina looked terrific tonight – looking forward to her being back next season. She and Gwen are good female presences for this show.

    • Scott says:

      I just don’t see how it was one of the best live shows ever, I have been watching since day one, and nothing got me very excited tonight at all. CWB was really great. No one is necessarily bad, it’s just a lot of meh to me.

  4. Angie_Overrated says:

    Bottom three:
    Anita: Poor thing. She was my favorite from last week, and man did that suck tonight. Sharp, flat, off the beat, wardrobe didn’t work, looked uncomfortable on stage. I can’t think of anything positive to say unfortunately. :( I guess the nicest thing I can say is at least she’s not Reagan.
    Reagan: good god. She sounds like a middle-aged hippopotamus in the final moments of her reproductive capabilities letting out a primal “last call” of sorts. She’s become a joke contestant at this point.
    TJW: Why?! Huh? No. Gosh. Just no. So wrong. No.

    Top three:
    Craig: Pretty good stuff. I think I like the sound of his voice more than I like his actual delivery, but I’m ok with that.
    DaNica: Vocally it was a very solid B+/A-. She still doesn’t sell me, but credit for a well above average vocal tonight.
    Chris: Just hand him the title already. It wasn’t vocally perfect, but he’s one of the few who actually feels current AND has talent.
    Honorable mention: Damien. First half of the song was a disaster, but those money notes were exciting in the second half.

    • There was SO MUCH happening on stage during Chris’ performance but he still managed to be the focus. That’s charisma, and the boy’s got a big ol’ serving of it.

    • analythinker says:

      Yes, yes, yes, and yes to everything you said :D

    • JM says:

      Agree about TJW and Reagan. Torn about Anita. I think I would put Chris in the bottom three–just below Anita.

    • John Anthony says:

      Hi Angie, I hate to fully agree with Mr Slezak but he hit the nail right on the head. This bunch is going nowhere after the show concludes. I agree with you regarding Reagan but you took it a little to far showing your dislike for a performer over their ability. I really disliked her performance but I didn’t see anyone take the lead tonight! Giving anyone an A was like giving a rat in a pack the cheese. You have to pick somebody. Craig and DaNica were the best of the pack but they surely didn’t make you forget Diana Ross or Johnny Cash by far! I said this before, if your going to take on an iconic song you better make sure your ability at least comes close to being equal to the original. Give me your honest opinion, who do you think is going to win this thing or are you still waiting for somebody to step forward? Since a true star is so hard to find for these talent shows, taking into consideration of the facts that very few stars have been produced to date by all of them combined, is there a star here? It seems a clear favorite just isn’t there and we all know all of them certainly aren’t good enough to be future starts. Does this alone confirm that this group lacks a star? Have a really good evening Angie.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        No favorite, John. I’m just waiting for the season to end so that this can be over. Not to say that there aren’t talented folks in this group, but I’m not crazy for anyone, which would mark the first season ever that this has happened. As long as Reagan or TJW don’t win, I’ll be happy.

        • John Anthony says:

          I can’t see Reagan winning and I never thought I would say this but Craig even has a chance. The country vote will not be split and that might make the difference. I know some performers have success later in their life but I just can’t see him going on to be the star The Voice is looking for. It’s also amazing that so many viewers say the same thing. No one seems to have a favorite this season and that in itself looms like a black cloud over this top ten. I have to say I’m with you on this season. Best to get it over with, By the way, what do you think of this new idea to bring back one of the top twelve performers already voted off? kind of a waste of time don’t you think? I mean, the voters are not going to change their minds after the top three are voted in, right?

    • Katrina says:

      Dude. What’s all the hate for reagan? I mean she didn’t perform well this week but there’s no need to be so rude about it. It’s like you have a personal vendetta against her or something.

      • Arthur says:

        I agree with the Reagan hate and have been saying for weeks that she is horrible and does not belong this far on The Voice. What a joke she is.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I don’t hate Reagan. I hate her complete and utter lack of talent. I’m sure she’s a wonderful girl, but she has no business being in this competition.

        • Katrina says:

          I disagree about the part that she has no talent. She may lack breath control but you honestly can’t say she has ZERO talent after listening to her performances like Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!), Give Me Love etc. As for the “I don’t hate Reagan”, what a laugh. You have been doing personal attacks for the past few weeks.

          • Christian C says:

            I definitely agree with you Katrina. Angie_Overrated is definitely overrated in these comment sections. Angie you have attacked Reagan forever and for you to say you don’t hate her is a joke. Sure Fancy and I’m like a bird where not good , and you could see where she lacked breathe control but you don’t have to have a rude comment about herevery week.In the comments above you were really hateful calling her “a middle aged hippopotamus” and “a joke contestant” I would love to see you attempt to get up their and make it to where she did. And you have the nerve to say you don’t hate her. Regan does have talent that you wished you possessed. Like you said Katrina performances like Give me Love and Try and especially Hit Em Up Style(which has been played over 300 times ony iTunes) where amazing. And yes Katrina I will laugh with you about Angie who really is overrated, not hating Reagan

  5. Andres says:

    These song choices are killing the singers. Craig was awesome, that was a good song choice but what made Blake chose Fancy for poor Reagan. John “Come Together,” was really boring. Luke could have done a lot more with try a little tenderness. Damien was boring as well. (I still wonder ow much better this season would be if we had Troy and Toia.) Also I want DaNica to sing something a little more upbeat like she did in her battle, and not just slow songs and Whitney Houston ballads.

  6. Kaba says:

    Pretty much agree with your grades. Espeically Reagan. Her voice sounds uglier by the performance, she needed to be advised by Christina on breath control or something.
    I get this funny feeling that Matt peaked last week, it won’t surprise me.
    I have nothing bad to say about Granny, but I refuse to say anything good about her -.-
    Craig was just great.
    Chris was awesome, could’ve grooved a bit more, but very good.
    Luke….idk I’d say it was better than a good chunk of tonight, but still…
    Ryan was…wasn’t bad as I expected.
    Anyone I didn’t mention was pretty…meh to me…okay at the best.
    Reagan was God awful though.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      True. Ryan was… not terrible!

      • Kaba says:

        Can we just spend the entire night complaining about Reagan?
        I’m tempted to clean out my ears with q tips dipped in bleach and baking soda.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Ha! I like the way you think. I’m afraid that doing so will just get Rick Santorum’s people to work harder to save her. I’d prefer she go quietly into the night, never to be thought of again. She is indisputably the worst finalist this show has ever had. Ever. Like, seriously. Ever.

          • Kaba says:

            Wow…someone call Kat Robichaud and tell her she’s been promoted on your hate list.
            Oh man she was awful.
            The way Tessanne was the undisputed winner finale night, Reagan is the undisputed loser of tonight.
            So, sooooooo bad.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Yuppers. Mr. Robichaud has been dethroned. The suckitude that is Reagan is too compelling to ignore. I feel badly for her because she does seem like a nice girl, but she’s so out of her element here. For her benefit, her time on this show should be over tomorrow night at 9:00 pm EST.

          • analythinker says:

            What gives me hope is that she hasn’t cracked Top 10 on iTunes, so I’m thinking Blake’s fans (aka the voters) are still lukewarm. They obviously put the energy towards voting for Craig.

      • JM says:

        Oh, please don’t say that–I want him gone! But I guess if I had to choose, Reagan and TJW would go tomorrow night, not Ryan. But he was still terrible!

    • Sue B says:

      Reagan is no Iggy, that’s for sure.

  7. Mike says:


  8. Bob says:

    Missed a lot of the show because of news breaks. But I remain amused that Taylor continues to go to the American Idol Season 8 well. And remains lacking in comparison.

    • analythinker says:

      He only extracted the water, not the flavors.

      • Bob says:

        That’s a great way to put it. It’s just funny to me at this point. And transparent. That was arguably the last good season of Idol from a creativity standpoint. I hope people aren’t calling him original in any way, shape or form.

  9. Sue B says:

    I think this is Craig Wayne Boyd’s to lose. Amazing.

  10. Scout says:

    Michael, you are so wrong about Luke. Unless he faints onstage – he is awesome. Repeat after me… Luke Wade is awesome ;) Matt and Damien can easily be bumped up one letter grade to “B.” America please stop voting for Reagan. I can’t take her anymore. It’s torture. I want her voice to match her personality and it will not, at least not in the next month. Vote her off – and she can take Ryan and John Taylor Snorefest with her. Those are my bottom 3. If there were a bottom 4, I’d add Danica.

  11. Good Gravy says:

    I really liked Luke this week. But I always love reading these recaps anyways. Craig was awesome too, of course.

  12. Kim Moores says:

    Dear Blake,
    How dare you allow Reagan to carry on with that God awful song choice. The girl who can’t employ proper breathing techniques performs a rap? What kind of cruel humor…
    Seriously, out of breath doesn’t even describe that performance.

    Someone make her play band instrument for 2 years so she can get at least that right.

  13. Kathryn says:

    Seriously? Matt was way better than a C+.

  14. vladmission says:

    Wow, were we watching the same show? Even before Blake said so, I was already thinking that tonight’s love show was one of the very best if not the best. In my opinion, every single person killed it, with the last few performers literally being rock stars (Luke, craig, taylor, etc). I’ve had my few favorites, but tonight I voted in some capacity for every single contestant — a first for me. So I would disagree with you and say it was an awesome night!

    • Kim Moores says:

      I can’t even be nice about this, so I’ll apologize in advance. Sorry.
      It’s people like you who ought not to have opinions. Tonight was pretty damned bad. And the best night this show has ever had? Oh boy, I can name 3 that were better than this night.

    • vladmission says:

      Haha I meant *live

    • Davey says:

      I really enjoyed tonight’s show, too. Don’t listen to the naysayers.

    • Bob says:

      Not mad at you for enjoying the show. But if you literally voted for everyone, you wasted your time. Vote for the few that moved you the most. If you split your votes amongst all the contestants, you might as well not vote at all because all your votes cancel each other out.

      • vladmission says:

        I only gave a 10 to the very best. But I was quite impressed by some of others who are not usually my favorites, and I had to give them a few votes (but not 10). I was actually impressed (relatively) by Ryan. He did a lot better than I imagined he could.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Or do what I just did and give 10 votes to everyone except TJW and Reagan.

    • Scott says:

      I’m just going to have to say I reapecfully and STRONGLY disagree with you Vlad. Tonight, the only one I might say “killed it” would be CWB. It was not a great night of performances. Now im not saying everyone sucked, but it was just very mediocre.

  15. Davey says:

    I’m surprised how much I disagree with Michael this season on The Voice. I’ve read his recaps on Idol and The Voice for years but I really don’t seem on the same page this season.

    I find Chris a wannabe and feel Adam is trying to force us to like someone who isn’t even halfway there yet. All the props he was given tonight did not convince me. I haven’t voted for him once.

    I thought Craig was fine tonight. I liked what he did with I Walk the Line a lot. But he still strikes me as sounding like every other other country singer I’ve heard on ABC country specials. He should be hired to sing on Nashville. He’s certainly attractive, though.

    Danica would have impressed me more if her song choice weren’t so boring. I think she can sing but every song she has sung on the Voice has been uninspired.

    Very disappointed with Anita tonight and I like her a lot.

    I thought Taylor was fine tonight. Not only did he not wear the same hat his arrangement and moves were surprisingly cool. Come Together can be boring but he made me listen to the lyrics and I really enjoyed his performance.

    I also though Luke was a live wire tonight. Liked all his energy.

    Matt’s vocal on iTunes sounds better than what he did on the show but I can see why Adam had him jumping around tonight.
    The song works slow when you’re just listening to it but as a performance it needs to move.

    My votes went to Luke, Taylor and Matt tonight. I liked Craig but he’s probably going to make the top 10 tonight so he doesn’t need my votes.

  16. Hope says:

    I seriously think Luke’s performance tonight was amazing. I loved every second of it. A C+ is a seriously low grade.

    • Davey says:

      i agree with you. Luke was very on tonight. I voted for him. Plus he sang a good song.

      • bobsaccamanna says:

        He sang a great song very badly, Michael’s grade was actually a little too high. Poor Otis Redding, unless he did a 360 he is now lying face down in his grave. You can’t continue to cover icons of soul if it really isn’t in your DNA to do so and I’m sorry, Luke can call himself a soul singer all he wants, but he isn’t. All the busyness around him on that stage couldn’t disguise the fact that he couldn’t deliver any of the power of conviction this song requires. Anyone who thought so needs to go back and listen to the original.

        • Hope says:

          I completely disagree with you. I am an Otis Redding fan, and I have been all my life. Luke has the DNA for soul, Luke has the conviction to sing that song well. I believed every second of his performance. I was drawn into it. Both myself and my husband were silent during his performance, as compared to every other one where we had something to comment about or found our attention drifting. Luke commanded attention during that performance.

          I took your advice and listened to the original again, then listened to Luke’s performance again. My opinion has not changed.

    • Scout says:

      Michael, really meant to type A+. I know he did :) Right, Michael? There is no way that Luke is *only* one letter grade above Reagan. They are not even on the same planet. They are not even in the same alphabet. She has no alphabet yet. This is madness! ;)

    • Timmah says:

      He certainly was much better than Anita, who got a B. I guess that stands for Bad?

  17. David H says:

    1) I haven’t seen such a bad costume (Gwen) since Bjork wore a goose. 2) Between Ryan and Taylor, I’d have to go with Taylor tonight. He managed to amuse me with his performance. Ryan bored me to tears. 3) I hope that Danica has got Whitney out of her system. She needs to go more current from now on. 4) My only criticism of Damien is that he needs to work on his breath support.

  18. kelly says:

    OK, what’s up with singing shows trying to make Let Her Go a happy song? Idol did it last year, too. Is it just me, or do the lyrics of that song just not work as a smiling jam?

  19. NotVirgin Mary says:

    No one this season is impressive to me. There’s not one performance this season I’m gonna replay later and say, “Wow” to. Agh.

  20. slestak says:

    Top tier:

    Middle packers:

    Hanging On:

    Needs to go:

    • Timmah says:

      I mostly agree with your rankings, but I didn’t think Matt was that bad. He was just saddled with an awful song choice. Swap him with Anita and I think you’ve got it just about right.

  21. Greg says:

    For the love of God, can Reagan James go home already? She has royally sucked each and every time she’s hit the stage. I thought the stars of the night were Craig and DaNica personally. Ryan was surprisingly good on a very difficult song. Matt, Luke and some of the others were pretty solid. Chris was just OK. If he weren’t put in the pimp spot with such a bombastic production no one would think twice about his mediocre vocals.

  22. Harris says:

    The best voice is missing….James David Carter.

    • Greg says:

      Hardly the best voice. Craig can sing circles around him in the country genre, plus he is far more versatile. James David was rightfully sent packing.

  23. JM says:

    Matt: Just good, nothing special.
    Anita: She looked and sang so awkward while descending those stairs! Why oh why do they make inexperienced singers climb up and down stairs?
    Damien: Slow start, boring middle, good ending.
    Reagan: Interesting arrangement, but her voice failed her.
    Luke: I loved it and think Michael is being a bit harsh. Pharrell, why the old song choices?
    Craig: A+ – best of the night.
    Ryan: Oh Pharrell (and Gwen), boy bander Ryan is NOT alternative.
    DaNica: She sang it well, but this song has been done to death. I’m so sick of it I wouldn’t buy it even if she sang BETTER than Whitney, which she did not. I think this will hurt her in itunes sales.
    Taylor: Another overdone song. I really don’t get the appeal of this song; it’s definitely NOT one of my fav Beatles songs.
    Chris: 2nd best of the night. This guy is really starting to shine.

    • Greg says:

      ‘Come Together’ is a terrible song with moronic lyrics. There are hundreds of better songs from The Beatles people could do and they choose this one repeatedly. I don’t get it.

  24. trickster88 says:

    Hey Michael, I think you accidentally put a minus sign (-) on Craig’s score, just so you know.

  25. Angie_Overrated says:

    Worst advice of the evening:
    Christina Aguilera recommends to “push [the vocal] to find that little rasp in your voice.” In other words, slam your vocal cords together to create an unnatural sound no one wants to hear anyways that may potentially blow out your voice for days if not weeks. Great advice!

    • JM says:

      I like to think that she made this recommendation as a last resort to try and squeeze some character into his voice. Didn’t work.

    • Scott says:

      I was thinking the same thing, Angie. It’s definitely obvious you have a background in music. I remember someone trying to discredit you a few weeks ago in your musical/singing knowledge, so just wanted to give us shout out.

  26. Timmah says:

    This is why I miss Simon Cowell. It offended my sensibilities to hear to all of those awful performances getting praise heaped upon them.

    • Scott says:

      yup, totally agree, I miss Simon. Which is why I watch the X factor U.K. on the Internet.

    • Robert says:

      I miss Simon as well, but The Voice has coaches, not judges. So while I think they should be more critical, it is a different position they are in because they get attached to these kids.

      • SashaVB says:

        In the X factor they are coaches to, they call them mentors, but they all had a category they coach jus like the voice, but Simon and the other judges (except for maybe Louie) are able to be critical and constructive when they need to be.

  27. Mike says:

    Ok seriously…SERIOUSLY…how has no one figured out yet that nobody gives a crap about the contestants on this show? The producers don’t, the network doesn’t, the marketing people don’t, hell, they based the whole show around trying not to look at them for too long…
    As long as the judges get most of the attention the show stays popular. If the judges (as you claim) are inspired picks then ratings stay up. Simon Cowell started the trend (somewhat by accident) and this is the result – the most counterfactual TV show title on air…(sigh).

  28. Big fan of Anita! She has a star quality voice.. The fact that she sounds similar to Lauryn Hill Tells it so! But Gwen is fricking Sabotaging her!! WHY ARE YOU PUTTING HER IN A DAM BOX GWEN??! She’ll be in the bottom 3 sadly iTunes never failed at predicting the bottom 3. If my miracle she doesn’t go, and Gwen have her do another reggae I swear I’ll put my hands through the screen and choke both her and Gwen.. OMG!!! I’m really pissed.. with that said, let me continuing voting for Anita.. haha

    • Fran says:

      I agree. I think Anita has the potential to be the most marketable. She has an incredible voice and great stage presence.I actually prefer her style to Tessanne, to who she gets compared to all the time, I don’t think the coaches deliberately sabotage their singers. They just have a tendency to pidgeonhole their artists especially if they’re singing in a genre that they don’t understand. It so frustrating to watch some of these contestants with so much potential getting screwed over by bad song choices. Aside form Anita, I would love to see Anita, Craig, Matt and Chris in the finale.

    • Arthur says:

      Anita sounds similar to Lauryn Hill? Are you a retard? What did Lauryn Hill ever do to you to deserve a comparison that harsh? Lauryn Hill was singing better than Anita while she was sucking on her mothers tit.

  29. Carola says:

    Chris Jamison! Yes, it wasn´t perfect but it did what it needed to be done!
    That kid keeps impressing me every week! He has zoo much potential to become a big star!
    That Bruno song is so hard to sing, high energy pitch the whole way through and he still 95% of the time nailed it! Plus his falsetto is to die for! Hope he wins or gets to the finals!

  30. You’re REALLLLLLY grading on a curve this season. You need Melinda Doolittle to argue you into being reasonable. Lol :)

  31. Esther says:

    Danika, Luke and Anita were good…..older songs but they had a good performance. Love the Voice!

  32. NotSo says:

    Taylor John Williams – Here’s the deal, John Lennon is DEAD and yet, could still sing that song better now….

    But thank you Blake, for calling the Swaybots out for their crappy interference.

  33. SashaVB says:

    Are yall crazy?!? Reagan was so good tonight! I honestly liked that so much better than the original, but I’m not really a rap fan so maybe that’s why. Reagan is amazing! I downloaded the song and have been listening non-stop on repeat. Let’s give her some credit and get her in the top 8!!

  34. Scott says:

    I’m not trying to be negative, and I love coming on here and reading y’all’s thoughts and discussing, but I’m just feeling done with this season. Just a lot of meh for me, although I will say my favorite right now is CWB probably, but this season as a whole is super disappointing. I don’t really care at this point what happens. I’m have more fun on here reading these comments than watching the actual show. Oh well, maybe next season.

    • Rachel says:

      You’re not alone! I feel the same way. Just wish some of the others who got eliminated earlier were here instead of some of these. I would love to see Amanda Lee Peers, Toia, Troy, Jean, Ricky, and maybe Elyjuh over a lot of these.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I know, Scott. Ditto. It’s really not an exciting group this go around.

    • nurul says:

      Same. I’m not interested anymore. I just read Michael’s review to get updates. I don’t even watch it. At first, they were interesting but during the knockouts, I honestly gave up

  35. Brian says:

    Wow, as an Anita fan I hope you are right, but if twitter retweets of who people are voting for from the Voice twitter feed, Anita is gone…her and Reagan were by far the lowest and twitter usually likes Reagan more than itunes. If I had to guess I would bet the bottom three is Reagan, Anita, and Ryan. But I hope I’m wrong.

  36. Angie_Overrated says:

    I’m not on the Luke Wade love train. Dude is clearly talented. No question. But this is the season directly after Josh Kaufmann won, who is a very similar type of singer to Luke. It’s hard not to compare the two, and I feel like Luke is a poor man’s Josh. Luke makes impressive sounds with his voice that come from years of practice and training, but Josh does the same yet makes music. I find myself being 100% emotionally underwhelmed after every one of Luke’s performances, which isn’t to say he’s not talented. I just wish it would all come together. I’m willing to reassess if and when that happens.

    • Kate says:

      For me, Luke is a better Josh. Luke is everything I wanted Josh to be, but Josh wasn’t, if that makes any sort of sense. I just could not connect with Josh for some reason and ended up being very underwhelmed. I can’t say I was disappointed with his win, because I honestly didn’t care who won last year, but he did not reach the high hopes I had for him based on his style and genre, which I love.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I can’t say that I agree with you at all, but it’s interesting that we have the exact opposite reactions to the pair of singers. Is there anything specific you love about Luke that you felt Josh lacked? For me the reason Josh > Luke is the vocal phrases for Josh felt fluid and he was telling a story with the lyrics, whereas I feel like Luke is making impressive isolated sounds that don’t connect to a vocal phrase and don’t at all connect to the lyrics, which leave me feeling cold.

        • Kate says:

          For me, I feel like Luke connects more the lyrics and the songs; I feel more emotion from him. I can’t pinpoint anything really about Josh that was bad, but again, I just could not connect to him. He left ME feeling cold, as it were. Logically, I know that Josh is a great singer, but sometimes, for me, he came off as too mechanical. Luke really seems to feel the songs. But yes, it is kind of hilarious that we have such exact opposite reactions to this particular pair of singers.

        • Sharon says:

          That’s my objection to Luke. He has such an interesting voice and can do good things with it. But it doesn’t ever feel heartfelt to me. Part of it, for me, is his phrasing, which seems too deliberate. I’d like to just hear him sing something in a natural cadence, maybe a capella, so I could just hear that cool tone and see if I FEEL some emotion for a change.

  37. Adrian says:

    I think this might not be the best season of the Voice, but is truly exciting for me. The song choices are cool and there is more variety compared to previous seasons. Gwen and Pharell are still struggling with song choices, but at least this week was not as bad as previous weeks. They are new to the show and picking the right song is not as easy as we all think. It takes visions. I think this top 10 has all developed his or her styles, and it is really up to our personal taste. Matt, despite giving the death spot, was good with “Fix you,” and he is so passionate. I am glad that the opening of the show is stronger now. Damien was fine with “You and I” but can he sing something more up to date? It is time to try something else. Luke is still my personal favorite and watching him perform makes me smile. His voice is so signature, but the fact that Josh won last season will hurt his chance. He really needs a breakout moment soon and Pharell really needs to find either a contemporary hit or a classic song that Luke can lukify it. Taylor John Williams is really good tonight and is obviously less nervous. He really brings his own unique vision to a really classic well-known song. He is a real artist and in my mind, he is a front runner along with Matt and Craig, who is just amazing tonight. Craig is just an amazing singer and as Clive said, you have to connect to the lyrics, and he deserves that ovations from all four coaches.

  38. Adam says:

    My Rankings for Tonight:
    1. Craig Wayne Boyd
    2. Luke Wade
    3. Chris Jamison
    4. DaNica Shirey
    5. Matt McAndrew
    6. Damien
    7. Anita Antoinette
    8. Ryan Sill
    9. Taylor John Williams
    10. Reagan James

    Results: Reagan and Taylor John should probably go home based on tonight, and this is coming from someone who was astonished that Ryan Sill even made the Top 20. However, I’m thinking that Reagan and Ryan will be shown the door because America has this weird thing for TJW. And Anita and Damien aren’t going anywhere, even though both would benefit from less affected vocals in future performances.

  39. colton says:

    tough night? why such a low grades? i know you dont like matt but come on

  40. Sara says:

    Does anyone else remember Javiar’s brilliant version of “Fix You” from season 1? I just couldn’t help but compare Matt’s to it, and Matt’s just fell short for me. I can’t believe that Adam let a contestant cover the same song that, let’s be real, seriously helped his former contestant win the first season.

  41. Tess says:

    Craig performance and the Song “I walk the line” was great. I used to listen to Johnny Cash when I was little girl.

  42. Daw Johnson says:

    How do you review this show and not address Chris Jamison messing up the words to Uptown Funk?

  43. lynnellaj says:

    Just a thought. Ryan Sill’s wardrobe choice for Starlight weirdly resembled a Trekky NG costume.

  44. patdamico says:

    Taylor is like The King KopyKat of every reality singing competition since the beginning of time. I swear, the guy has not had one original song choice in his entire time on this show. (Neither has Danica, but at least she can sing.) It’s like he reviewed every.single.past.episode of American Idol, picked the most frequently done songs, averaged out their YouTube hits, and picked the ones most viewed. Plus, he’s about as personable as a wax dummy. Gwen is trying sooooo hard to make him happen, and I guess her fans are buying into it, because, hooboy, he is nowhere near the class of the top 4 (Craig – definitely had a moment tonight, Chris – keeps getting better and better, Matt – hated that song choice, but I like him, Danica – girl has GOT to start singing current songs).

    I have no idea how Michael can be so down on this show and so high on the farce that is American Idol. There. I said it.

  45. christopher bee says:

    Oh my, that was a mediocre night, only Craig had me emotionally going.

    The rest of the flock had tonally issues (Anita a lot, Damien and Reigan sometimes), bad arrangements (Luke, Reagan) or just a technical hearing problem (studiomix).

    And the Groupsong was one of the worst not in tune Openings i´ver ever seen.

  46. Mary says:

    Michael why are you so anti-Damien. He gave 2 heartfelt emotional performances two weeks in a row and you blasted him both times. Stop the hate!

  47. Fran says:

    My favorites were Craig, Matt and Chris.
    Taylor was also good. I thought he had an interesting arrangement. He just seemed a little awkward performing
    Luke was OK. Not great. Just OK
    Damien sounded very good but that song was just too boring and too old.
    DaNica sounded pitchy to me. Plus, I’m sick of people performing that song
    Reagan had her moments, but overall, the performance was very uneven
    Ryan did better than usual, but he still needs to go (Gwen should have kept Ricky)
    Anita, who is one of my favorites, gave her worst performance to date. Reaggaefying that song just did not work. I really hope she gets saved, because her performances prior to last night have been stellar.

    i tunes to p6 results so far:
    7. Craig
    31. Taylor
    46. Chris
    51. Danica
    59. Luke
    64. Damien

  48. Davey says:

    Well for all the negativity here, several of the maligned top 10 are doing OK on the charts. Craig is in the top 10 of iTunes and will probably stay there. Taylor, who inspired hatred here, is on the top of the rock charts. Bottom 3 seem to be Anita (who was hurt by the song choice and maybe the stylist), Reagan and Ryan.

    • Craig is actually on 2 charts. Number 1 on country charts and number 7 on pop charts! So wait, does that mean he gets 10x votes on both charts? Does anyone Know?

      • analythinker says:

        I think it only counts if he’s Top 10 on the Top 200 (overall).

        • Analythinker Thank you, I wasnt sure about if they counted that on both charts or not! I just looked and Craig is at number 6. That is great because i think it is unusual that a country song is so high on the pop charts! Im usually not a country fan,but I think he is great!

    • Scott says:

      Actually they are not doing very well on the charts, it only takes about 10,000 to make the top 10 om iTunes these days, that is about 1% of all viewers bought your song. It should be easier to chart higher om iTunes than previous season because download sales have decreased about 7-8% every year for the past three years. Yet overall the songs this year have been charting worse overall than previous season. Ryan has not even come close to the top 100 this season (I do not even remember him cracking the top 150 yet), that is just embarrassing for the show, sure you can blame Gwen and Twitter for that because Ricky and Jessie would have done significantly better on the charts, but the show should be embarrassed that Ryan is still on the show and should rig the Twitter vote tonight to make sure all the teenage girls who are voting for The Face instead of The Voice magically disappear and he he is rightfully sent home, something that should have happened way back in the Battle Round

      Caleb: The genre charts are meaningless. You only get the iTunes bonus if you are in the top 10 on the Overall Chart.

  49. Jeff Marley says:

    Even Though I love DaNica to death, I would Absolutley love if she sang these songs:

    Only Love Can Hurt Like This – Paloma Faith
    Decode – Paramore
    Lady Marmalade – Christina, mya, pink, lil kim
    Ghost – Ella Henderson
    Love And War – Tamar Braxton
    Pearls – Sade
    Mamma Knows Best – Jessie J
    Please comment and let me know what you think DaNica should sing.

    • analythinker says:

      Not a diva song again, please. Too predictable. And Ella just performed that song, so no. Mamma Knows Best also had been done on the show, and she’d already done Jessie J. Just wait… Pharrell will pick Adele or Beyonce for her next week, heh.

      I personally would pick less obvious songs:
      Break Me – Jewel
      Have You Ever – Brandy
      I Know You Won’t – Carrie Underwood
      I Choose You – Sara Bareilles
      One Heart Missing – Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
      Take It Easy – Jetta
      If It Makes You Happy – Sheryl Crow

      • Davey says:

        Yes, I agree, Danica needs to get away from conventional diva songs. But it also has to something the general public knows.

        • analythinker says:

          I’m waiting for that shock effect like Amanda did with Stars. Back then, Grace Potter had just released that as a single, so people barely knew the song. Same like Chris’ Uptown Funk. So yeah, if the songs are not known, she just needs to kill the performance.

      • Jeff Marley says:

        Wow, these are the exact song choices I just saw from someone else, I think the best two from this list is the jewel and brandy songs. 😃

  50. Yo says:

    I agree entirely with the negative review of Luke Wade and I generally like him a lot. It was very imitative, unnatural. This competition seems Craig’s to lose, because he has such a solid knowledge of what he is good at, while others are apparently being pushed by the mentors.

    • Davey says:

      Yes, Craig is peaking now. I like him a lot. But he’s such a predictable choice for the winner. And he’s so much like other country singers we’ve heard.

      • Carola says:

        Agreed! That´s why I hope he does´t win! Not another country singer winning, please no.
        That´w why I am praying for Chris to continue to impress people and move up to the finals. That kid is special and has potential to become the first viable pop winner for The Voice. Adam better not screwed it up!