The Originals Scoop: Will the Holidays Bring Hayley and Elijah Back Together?

Hayley Elijah The Originals

A little eggnog and mistletoe might be exactly what Hayley and Elijah need to patch things up on The Originals.

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“I wouldn’t go writing off Hayley and Elijah anytime soon,” executive producer Julie Plec told reporters during a recent set visit. “Along with the holidays often come some joy and cheer in that area, too.”

Elijah has been keeping Hayley at a distance in Season 2 because, as Plec explained, “He genuinely believes that if he loves too deeply, he will hurt the person that he cares for.” Ironically, though, he has been hurting Hayley by avoiding her; in the final two episodes of the year, “she’ll finally get to confront him about that.”

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And while you shouldn’t expect things to be all “flowers and rainbows” between the couple, Plec said that by the end of the show’s 2014 run, we’ll have “a sense of where everybody stands in that relationship.”

The Originals airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.

Are you putting “Haylijah reunion” on your Christmas wish list? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the potential couple’s future below. 

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  1. Nicole says:

    It’s about time! Let the loving and healing begin. #Haylijah is a story that should be told! They have amazing chemistry together, amazing on-screen presence and ease! There is so many unspoken and unresolved feelings there. A deep love and bond. I’ve been rooting for them since their first scene. Thank you writers/TpTb! Keep writing these excellent stories for them and the show.

  2. Mare says:

    I kind of like the idea of Elijah and Gia…

  3. Lola says:

    Yay! Anything to make my Elijah happy.I want Rebekah happy too(miss her terribly)…who am I kidding here, I love all of the originals including their wacked out parents.LOL! But on the flip side I really hate Davina and Camille.I can at least deal with Camille but no offense to the actress playing Davina, but she is terrible.It’s hard to deal with a character you don’t like but it becomes even harder when the acting leaves a lot to be desired.She is not even a character I love to hate.But I’m m probably the only one.hehe!

    • Ally Oop says:

      I hated Camille last year but this year she’s been okay. And I really like Davina although I wish she’d quit with going after Klaus. I’ve been really liking the scenes between her and Cole. Right now the only character I want written off the show is Finn–he is so pathetic

  4. Naz says:

    Haylijah!!! Yassssss

  5. Ally Oop says:

    I did like Hayley and Elijah together but at the end of Season 1 I really started liking the idea of Klaus and Hayley. At the same time I don’t like the idea of another cliche triangle. I think it would be better for Hayley to go for the guy behind Door #3–Jackson. Ultimately, I see Jackson getting killed off but he’s a good temporary solution to keeping the story going. It’s important to me that Hayley doesn’t become another Elena (who is mine and several others’ least favourite character in the VD universe).

    • Escarlata says:

      Damn the time Hayley DECIDED to Join with Elijah, no history, no sense, in two days they fallen in love ???? What a way to force esta couple.

      I laugh When people do not want a triangle, When Already Formed in the time They put Hayley With Elijah, I think it’s better hayley this little time with Jackson to start the epic story of Klaus and Hayley thats the couple of this show.

      • Ally Oop says:

        I’m not opposed to a temporary love triangle but I hate it when things get drawn out and one person refuses to move on to someone else. I really like the chemistry between Klaus and Hayley but if Hayley and Elijah get together then we will have the same old story. What I hope is that Elijah, though he clearly has feelings for Hayley, move onto someone else as he sees the potential for Klaus to find love with Hayley–it would really fit his character too as that’s what he did with Marcel back in those flashbacks–Elijah always has to be the noble one, it’s who he is plus I would hope he’s learned in 1000 years that a person can have many soul mates.

    • Karen says:

      I thought it was me.

  6. tripitaka says:

    No, Haylijah it’s boring.

  7. Daenerys says:

    No nooo we don’t care of Haylijah !

    • Hope says:

      I disagree Elijah and Haley are meant to be and they are not boring. For me Jackson and Haley are boring. And she does not need to be with Klaus. Dont want a love triangle. And its time for Elijjah to be happy and Klaus can find someone else

    • Hope says:

      And there are a lot of fans of Elijah and Haley. And they have amazing chemistry. You can have your opinions and I will have mine

  8. Kar says:

    I like her with Jackson better

    • Ally Oop says:

      The advantage with having Hayley getting together with Jackson would be to see more scenes of Hayley building her relationships with both Klaus and Elijah without muddying things with a romance. I am enjoying seeing Hayley as part of The Original Family. And I like Jackson well enough. The direction I would like to see the writers go in (for now) is to have Klaus with Camille,Elijah with Gia (or someone else) and Hayley with Jackson. Eventually though, I would like to see Klaus and Hayley together as endgame.

    • fancy says:

      Me too. They are really cute together. I’d like Hayley more with the wolves.

  9. panka98 says:

    Yaaay!They have such a good chemistry and they need to be together.I totally love them :3 <3

  10. April says:

    Yeahhhhh….I really want Hayley and Elijah back,,just as bad as I want Finn dead and gone!!

    • Ally Oop says:

      LOL, I’m glad I’m not the only one wanting Finn gone. I was so perturbed when I saw the actor get made a regular.

      • erin says:

        Remember Vincent Griffith is a witch of the French Quarter who is Possessing into Finn i think you meant I’m glad I’m not the only one wanting Vincent gone. I was so perturbed when I saw the actor get made a regular.

  11. Melanie says:

    Killing Esther without her changing body? Turning her into a vampire a la Abby Bennet

  12. Daenerys says:

    Klaus and Hayley are way better together ! KLAYLEY !

  13. JFrangipani says:

    The Originals need some loving! I need some Haylijah fix to last me for the break. There’s only so much re-runs you can watch!

  14. Hope says:

    Elijah and Haley all the way! She does not need to be with Klaus, they can be friends. Don’t like Jackson. I want Haley and Elijah to be slowburn and no love triangles between brothers. And Elijah and Haley are not boring they are hot together. Gia and Marcel for me.

  15. Escarlata says:

    Plec, Please, insist With Haylijah relationship ??? Those Forced couple again ???? God, more boredom couple, Give us more Klayley, These Two Have More chemistry than Haylijah, Their relationship grows every day, are to each other, Klayley all the way.

  16. jc says:

    Hopefully Elijah and Hayley finally happen.

  17. Vicki says:

    Absolutely Haylijah!!! “Will they or won’t they” is a big reason I watch (along with great storylines and amazing acting!!) I like Gia with Marcel and maybe find someone new for Klaus? I really don’t care for Cami’s character at all. I think it would be quite hilarious is Klaus ended up with Davina though…in a few years after she graduates high school! :)

  18. Letti says:

    I’m ok with Haylijah as long as it isn’t forced on its Plec way (cough, Delena). But I prefer Klayley (and Eligia?).I hoped the Haylijah romance would disappear and I could get Klayley without a triangle but oh well. Just don’t force it.

  19. Bobbie says:

    The guy gay thing is just not happen. Im not against gays, it just dosnt work on this show

  20. Kay says:

    I want Hayley and Elijah to be the endgame! I think Elijah needs a happy ending and for Klaus with the way his life is I don’t see him settling for one woman any time soon!

  21. Penn says:

    I love these two together and I’m glad to hear something good is going to happen! I am very unhappy with the Haley/Jackson marriage storyline and want it over soon!

    • Hope says:

      Thank you, I feel the same way. I am a huge Elijah and Haley fan and I want to believe they are end game at the end. Haley and Klaus getting married I dont think so. Klaus married??? Not going to happen. And Daniel Gillies already said no romance with Gia. I feel that Elijah and Haley are amazing together. I find Haley and Jackson boring. The originals need to be different in the vampire diaries and have Elijah have a happy ending and they get married and Klaus can find someone else. To me of Haley is stupid enough not to be with Elijah she does not deserve him. Elijah is going thru so much right now and now the marriage. I know I should not let people comments bother me but some people get on my nervers

  22. Hillary says:

    The Jayley wedding just practically proves that Klaus and Hayley are going to end up together in the end and get married. They are both royals, immortal, great chemistry together, have a miracle baby together and everything they could want to have a family together.

    Klaus and Hayley are the ENDGAME of The Originals, not Haylijah and not Klamille.

    • escarlata says:

      I think in the marriage will not effected With Jackson, I have not seen the episode yet with subtitles, I speak another language and not quite understand, but I think Hayley look at the diary of the father of Klaus, no ?? Clearer water. Klayley is coming.
      Remember Davina´swords:
      Hayley, KLaus´s wife

    • SZ says:

      I disagree. Klaus and Hayley are very clearly not in love with each other. Haylijah and Klamille are way better suited and have way more chemistry. I don’t see any evidence to support Klayley being endgame and frankly I hope it doesn’t happen because THAT, in my opinion, would be forced.

      • Dany says:

        LOL lmaoo and Haylijah isn’t forced maybe ?! All those moon eyes for nothing ! They are boring together I don’t see any chemistry plus their relationship is immoral ! Sorry not sorry

      • Laura says:

        Klamille is quite honestly the most boring most annoying pairing on the show. Even more than Haylijah, and coming from me that’s saying a lot.

  23. Orla says:

    Save it! Hayley will never have with Elijah the chemistry, understanding and connection she has with Klaus. I am sure the Queen and King are going to realize that they are meant to be together.

  24. Amanda says:

    Haley and Elijah are by far my favorite tv couple! The rift between them in season two is killing me but I will never stop cheering for them as a couple!!

  25. zed says:

    Elijah is on rebound from Katerina and Hayley happened to be there to make him feel better again. He has loved Kat for 500 years, ie. he loved Tatia for thousand years, and since Elena is in her mad limbo – he is just indulging in yet another butterfly.
    I can’t shake Klaus’ look as he was reading ‘A poison Tree’ – Hayley means so much more to Klaus than he wants to admit. They are the alphas!! And they have the epicness!
    Loved Rebekah so much in the last episode- really miss this character!

    • gene says:

      Elijah said he only loved two women and according the storylines here it’s Tatia and Celeste. And these are the only two women Esther mentioned to him too. Katherine is being ignored on this show

  26. Amanda says:

    Bring on Haley and Elijah! They are by far my favorite tv couple..

  27. Ivy says:

    Patiently waiting for my Haylijah reunion.

  28. Alberta Ituen says:

    Team Haylijah all the way !

  29. Hope says:

    I am a huge Elijah and Haley fan and I believe they are end game and I want them to be slow burn. I dont know why Haley has to be with Klaus and why we have to repeat the vampire Diaries. LIke Joseph said he gets jeoulous when he is not the center of attention, so he does not like when Elijah pays her attention. I also think that Klaus has changed a lot from the first season. Remember he said what is going on with you to. I do think that Klaus cares for Haley I dont think that Klaus will be tied down to one person. So no I dont want Klaus and Haley to be endgame he can find someone else. Elijah and Haley have so much chemistry and anyone that does not think so is nuts. The promo where she touches his face is going to be sad. I just think there is going to be more problems and then this fake wedding with Jackson and Haley. I find Jackson boring. I want Elijah to be happy and I love Elijah and Haley together. Going the same as the vampire diaries is the wrong thing to do no repeats. No love triangles with brothers and no lettting Elijah getting hurt and dont ruin the relationship between the brothers. Elijah and Haley are endgame. I dont comment to much but I believe in this couple and at the end they will be endgame.

  30. escarlata says:

    Hayley inspired by the words of the father of Klaus.
    Hayley asks Jackson a ring, remember the daddy ring Klaus, it found Elijah and Rebekah and gave it to Klaus.
    Ansel was an alpha then Klaus is an alpha now .
    According to the magical rite spoilers do not get to perform for some reason, which makes me think that Jackson is not a true alpha.

    My conclusions lead to the first words, Klaus’s wife, Klaus will marry her, now I see it.

  31. Hope says:

    Gia and Marcel

  32. Amber says:

    This whole Haylijah is pretty ridiculous their relationship seems more like an obsession than anything I mean who falls head over heals over someone in just 2 days? I think the actor who plays Elijah has way more chemistry with the actress who plays Gia their scenes together were really good. Klaus and Hayley should be the end game because they have a baby together and they seem to have better chemistry together. Julie plec is just doing this to keep ratings and keep people hoping something will happen.

  33. Leslie says:

    It’s time for a #Haylijah reconciliation! They need to admit how they feel and finally be together.

  34. Amber says:

    Ugh really again? I thought it was over. This whole Haylijah thing is ridiculous. Their whole relationship seems more like an obsession than true love. I mean who falls head over heels for someone in what 2 days? Seriously? Especially with a girl who is pregnate with your brothers baby! That was super creepy, and it just made me think of Elijah as a creeper. I think The actor has better chemistry with the actress who plays Gia than Hayley. Hayley and Klaus should be the end game because they have better chemistry and a baby together. This is just Julies way of fooling viewers into watching. She is just doing this to keep people watching the show and hoping that something would happen. It’s her gimmick she did it with TVD and now she is doing it with the originals she has no creativity at all and is always writing love triangles.

    • Hope says:

      I dont think so. I love Elijah he is not a creeper

      • 5654funny says:

        This is driving me crazy can people please stop talking about Elijah and Haley ROMANCE and Klaus And Haley ROMANCE the demos ratings to the originals Is getting to 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 and it’s almost leading to a cancellation side

  35. Emilie says:

    I’m all Haylijah. They are so amazing together and I feel like they can really understand each other! And I mean that’s a little complicated so it makes it really excited. They both think they’re bad for each other but you can tell that they’re miserable without each other. I’m Haylijah until the end. #HaylijahFamily

  36. fancy says:

    I prefer Hayley & Jackson. There is more chemistry there.
    Elijah and Gia would be nice. I saw more chemistry in their fight and banter than in all of Elijah’s scenes with other women.

  37. Hrvatiica says:

    I would be so happy if Elijah and Hayley finally happen some sort of. I mean, I don’t need them to be a happy Rosa rainbow couple right now. If wish they would start by talking about their feelings. Telling each other how they feel and maybe talk about their kisses and staff like that. So yeah, #Haylijah is on my Christmas list ;)

  38. Mary says:

    All I want for Christmas is Haylijah!!

  39. Shanna says:

    I really hope that Elijah and hayley reunite amd finally come together and soon. They are one of the strongest reasons I keep tuned into the show. Elijah is so wonderful. He deserves to be with someone he loves and to be happy.

  40. Fahiya says:

    Can please have a kayley.I don’t think that Hayley should get married to that wolf. I want the parents to die soon then later. I went to see more Rebekah. You can have the originals without Rebekah.

  41. Fahiya says:

    Kayley 👍🙏🙏🙏❤️💞

  42. zed says:

    Just a thought… according to what Rebekah said in season 3 about their enhanced traits- Eljah is supposed to be very moral- and he is a very selfless person/vampire (at least he sort of was on TVD)- and it is about family above all- so I think that he will give up on Hayley in the long run as he would want Hayley, Hope and Klaus to be a family. He would do it for Hope, so she has a real family. But, since this is a vampire show, and there is never bliss and rainbows entirely, maybe it will continue with the dysfunctional thing even when it comes to endgame. I think that Elijah will do the noble thing, I would like to see him that way, but I keep forgetting that they abandoned this trait about Elijah.

  43. Amke says:

    Honestly Hayley & Elijah have freaking hot chemistry. And the way they feel about each other is just really cute. all I want for christmas is haylijah, Kolvina, Klamille and jaiden; cuz Jaiden omgad *___*

    • Hope says:

      I am happy that you agree with me, I am so tired of people saying that Elijah and Haley dont have chemistry and they are amazing together. I have to believe they are end game. For me Klaus and Haley are forced and I don’t want them together. Some Kaley fans seem to think that Klaus is the alpha and him and Haley will get married I sure hope not and they better not ruin my couple. Elijah deserves to be happy and just because Haley and Klaus have a kid together does not mean they have to be together- and we dont need any love triangles between brothers. And Haley and Elijah have foundation. And there is build up least they did not have a one night stand and tossed her away. This whole married thing is so boring. Peoples opinion should not bother me—

      • Adriana says:


        • 5654funny says:

          CW Network wants us to keep on watching their programing shows
          We need to watch The Originals so the raitings are high for more renewals and when the orirginals ends at 9pm then people can talk about the show and the romance

          JTV is on at 9pm and people want to watch the show and after its ends at 10pm and we talk about the show and we can post and leave comments on TV LINE

  44. eurysha says:

    I need Harley and elijah together we the fans miss them the show needs them

  45. 5654funny says:

    i am so upset that not enough people are watching the orginals if people watch all the episodes on the orginals and only then the raitings will get alot higher for more renewals for the orginals

  46. Laura says:

    Screw Haylijah. Give me Klayley. They are endgame

  47. Lia Solime says:

    I don’t like Haylijah. They keep forcing this couple down our throats every season and its annoying. There was no build up, no foundation, no development, no nothing to this couple. It was just moon eyes from the start and it really made no sense at all. I personally can’t see them lasting. I think Elijah will end up with Cami and Hayley with Klaus in the end.

    • 5654funny says:

      Lia i disagree I like Haylijah if people dont watch the originals it might get canceled and will get Juile Plec and the cast and crew upset what shows to you like do you like the originals

  48. Hope says:

    Thats your opinion. I dont think so, what show have you been watching? Season 1 was all about build up. And romance is when you have a one night stand to me Haley and Klaus are forced. There are a lot of people that like Haley and Elijah together. They may not happen right away but it will happen. And they have foundation. Elijah was the one that was there for her and saved her life so many times. So what if they have a kid together that does not mean that they belong together. For me Elijah and Haley are endgame. Klaus can be with someone else. We dont need any love triangles. But I guess everyone is entitled to their opinions. For me Haley and Klaus together are boring and Elijah and Haley have chemistry. Klaus will never stay with one woman and Elijah should not have to give up on the love he has for her. If Haley is stupid enough to give up on him she does not deserve him.

    • 5654funny says:


      what i was saying is that people commenting on tybythenumbers are saying that they don’t like it what TVWatchUS is saying is the originals i Likely canceled we will have to see what’s gonna happen to jain the virgin and regin those shows may be in danger

      These are the only shows i watch
      The Orginals
      Jane The Virgin raitings are really bad
      The Flash
      The 100
      Regin,Regin raitings are really bad

  49. escarlata says:

    I laugh when people say that Klaus and Hayley are forced, when the Haylijah couple from the first chapter were falling in love without any foundation, Example,the important scene dress zipper to force more this couple.., , the Klayley relationship is developing, every scene of them is immense, have chemistry, so much common and I hope that eventually they fall in love, this is development, is what I like to see in a television partner. Klayley all the way.

    • Hope says:

      that is your opinion. Haley and Elijah are not forced. They had many great scenes in season 1- At least Elijah never slept with her one day and dumped her to the side. Elijah was the one that has been there for her since day one so I have no ideal what you are talking about. Just because they have a kid together does not mean that they should be together and we dont need another love triangle. I still believe that Elijah and Haley are end game. Klaus will never be happy with one woman. And it is forced it has been forced since day one. Elijah and Haley are endgame. But if she is stupid enough not to choose Elijah she does not deserve him.

    • zed says:

      Elijah and Hayley are so forced that it killed Elijah’s character. Plus he falls for the girl who is pregnant with his brother’s baby, which doesn’t make sense at all. The bit of morality he had went down the drain. I could understand him protecting her and that’s about it. Klayley has a really good story to be told. Their story is so complex. They were attracted to one another in more ways than one- the alpha inside them. They both know how it feels to be rejected by your family. She understood the twisted side of him immediately. The best love stories on TVD and TO are those where the writers don’t force anything with big dramatic scenes, like one rain kiss, but little things like Klaus calling Hayley- ‘little wolf’.

      • Hope says:

        hat is your opinion. Haley and Elijah are not forced. They had many great scenes in season 1- At least Elijah never slept with her one day and dumped her to the side. Elijah was the one that has been there for her since day one so I have no ideal what you are talking about. Just because they have a kid together does not mean that they should be together and we dont need another love triangle. I still believe that Elijah and Haley are end game. Klaus will never be happy with one woman. And it is forced it has been forced since day one. Elijah and Haley are endgame. But if she is stupid enough not to choose Elijah she does not deserve him.