George Eads to Exit CSI

Nick Stokes is leaving the scene of the crime.

George Eads, who has long portrayed the forensic investigator on CSI, will exit the series at the end of the show’s current 15th season, TVLine has confirmed.

Though Eads has not made an official statement about his departure, — who was first to report the news — notes that Nick’s exit will be connected to the Gig Harbor Killer case.

Eads took a leave of absence from the procedural last season, after an on-set clash with a writer caused him to miss several episodes, including the series’ milestone 300th installment.

CSI‘s future is also unclear in the wake of Eads’ exit; Season 15’s episode count was recently trimmed from 22 to 18 episodes.

Are you surprised by Eads’ departure? Hit the comments and tell us.

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  1. So we’re down to one last regular cast member from the first season, then.

  2. He didn’t take the leave of absence, he was FORCED TO TAKE IT. He was suspended. We have the former showrunner and the writers to thank for this.

    • Kay says:

      That’s because he started a fight with a pregnant women!

      • Meghan says:

        Damn, what did he do?

        • DL says:

          He objected, quite vocally, and vehemently, to a script, and apparently raged out to the writer’s face (who happened to be a pregnant woman). Seemed like he certainly could’ve handled things better, but that’s not to say he shouldn’t have voiced his concerns about the writing, albeit in a more tempered way.

      • Who also happened to be a terrible writer.

      • Kat Lynn says:

        And if she hadn’t been pregnant, I sincerely doubt the fuss would have been so vocal.

        I mostly quit watching when they paired Gil with Sarah but Nick was always a fav.

      • Krazy_Kirby says:

        So? He argued with a writer big deal. I was just a verbal arguement so I shouldn’t matter that she was pregnant. Pretty sure he was more important to the show than she was

        • Surfing LA says:

          Said like a pig-headed man. Dude, yes, it does matter that she’s pregnant, triggering the protective instincts of all the other men around for a more-vulnerable woman (including, we infer, the executive producers), and she is quite possibly more sensitive and emotional due to the pregnancy …

          And let’s remember, he was being unprofessional in the beginning. Had he been more mature in the first, to either her (or better yet, the head writer or director or executive producer), it wouldn’t have mattered that she was pregnant or not.

  3. Kay says:

    Not surprised! He doesn’t act like he’s having any fun anymore and I don’t know, maybe not very social on set!

  4. Moment says:

    So.. budget cuts for a potential final season? Given the history of the show, and the low ratings, wouldn’t a final season be well, appropriate?

  5. Jenna says:

    Oh good lord, just end this show already.
    I’d like to see them all in something else…anything else!

  6. Tran says:

    If CSI gets renewed for Season 16, it should have a “final season”. CBS better do the right thing despite George Eads’ departure from the show which means the last original cast member whose been on CSI since the very beginning is of course Jorja Fox.

  7. maría says:

    Very sad with the news, but if I understand his decision, new writers have lost the essence of Nick empathy and charisma almost SIDIA is a minor player the same gue Sara and Greg. They have remained principaes DB and Finn actors and they are not. Nick, Sara, Greg not deserve this end.

  8. hello says:

    Why not just end it, it has had a good run and 15 is a nice round number to end it on

    • Moment says:

      Because it’s an iconic series that has made an absurd amount of money for CBS over the years, it also has a good syndication deal going. Giving it a final season would be a great way to end it.

  9. Jorja Fox won’t be the last. Robert David Hall and David Berman are both originals.

  10. pamela says:

    Noooo :(

  11. Jen says:

    This greatly saddens me because I love George & Nick Stokes. I will be so sad during his last episode :(

  12. Lori says:

    I think it’s time to put a fork in the show and call it done; starting to go down the path of ER…barely any original cast and stayed too long. CSI isn’t the powerhouse it was, TPTB already have cut episode order. Gracefully, finish the season and end it properly.

  13. Gail says:

    I would think after 15 years he would be bored and not want to continue playing the same role. I assume after all this time he has earned enough money not to have to work again if he so chooses. He can also afford to wait for a role he wants to play. He also will be receiving residuals for many years to come. Good luck to him.

    • Maria says:

      I was thinking the same thing about him 15 ys on the same show I guess he want to pursue other new projects and start new things.

  14. I’m sorry to see him leave but I do understand that maybe it is time to move on.

  15. This show’s been dying slowly and painfully pretty much since Season 10. Maybe it’s time to let it go?

    • Maria says:

      That is what I meant this show is dying slowly with all of these signs: George Eads exiting, season cut from 22 ep to 18, noone of he original members are there already. The end is very near for this show

  16. Missy Kelly says:

    stopped watching this show after he and the girl acted up a couple of years ago.

  17. Kris says:

    Won’t be watching CSI Las Vegas any longer. George Eads leaving has done it for me! Not the same with everyone that has left the show! This use to be one of my favorite shows! SO SAD!

  18. george says:

    Good. I’ve been looking for a convenient jumping-off point.

  19. Cheo Mentiras says:

    Jorja Fox appeared from the second episode forward. She is NOT an original. Mitch the cop is an original, although never in main credits.

  20. Maria says:

    All the original members of CSI are gone already and George is the last one to leave, there is no point of keeping CSI on the air anymore, after all the original members are out. I do not doubt Ted Danson and Elizabeth Shue dont do a good job but the show wont be the same with none original members anymore and also since CSI this season is cut from 22 to 18 that clearly means the show is not doing good anymore so the next step of this show is wither end the series this season or season 16 be the final one. This show unfortunately is near the end, it had run it course alreayd and all of these recent events are signs the end is near.

    • ChicagoDan says:

      I figured George would be gone last season, so I’m not surprised. It’s been an incredible run.
      ctually TVLine has it wrong the original order was 20 for this season so they could run straight through and then CSI:Cyber. The order was cut by two because they want to start Cyber sooner. (That happens a few days before CSI was pre-empted two weeks in a row because of late football – so they ended up with two more.) If they wanted final season – they would’ve announced it then. Mooves said that CSI will get a proper farewell as recognition for the fact that the franchise basically rebuilt the network.

      The irony about the ratings is that Stalker is running about 20-25% below what CSI did in that slot. Don’t know why CBS made that switch (and TAR) for wretched MS, which also runs about 20-25% what that series did.

  21. Jim J. says:

    I could presume that this is a bid to cut costs for a potential 16th and final season of “CSI” (likely another shortened one). The main cast can be cut down to eight from the 10 in the current season.

  22. Donna2712 says:

    Can’t say I am surprised. The show isn’t what it used to be. Used to be about civilian scientists but now it is just another guns blazing cop show. I have only continued watching (especially during the Ray Langston debacle) only out of loyalty to my favourite character, Nick Stokes. Now with him gone I won’t continue to watch even if it is renewed, which seems unlikely. Good luck George with any future endeavour and enjoy some time off with your lovely family. Hope to see you again soon on my TV screen.

    • Iona says:

      I completely agree that CSI has changed. The episodes used to have more simple cases like accidents and stuff and the team splitting up and investigating different cases. And Nick has changed. As he is my favourite character I can bare it!

  23. Ninoska says:

    THe other CSI *Miami and NY) that already are off the air,had all the original members to the end of their respective seasons, CSI Vegas is the only one who all the original members left thrhough the course of the seasons

    • Katie T says:

      New York didn’t actually. Melena Kanakaridis left 3 Seasons before the end and was replaced by Sela Ward.
      But I get your point, NY and Miami basically did have the majority of the core cast intact from start to finish.
      Don’t know if this will be Las Vegas’s lady season or it may get another to properly end it, but probably worth noting that the same thing happened with New York in that it was announced Hill Harper had been cast in Covert Affairs I think just before the cancellation was announced

  24. I am surprised that the show is still on. Ever since Grissom left it has been hit and miss if I even watch.

  25. kirads09 says:

    I feel this once great franchise has long since outlived itself. But if they want to save CSI – bring back Grissom! In person, full time, for reals (if I am not clear enough). For so many reasons.

  26. Ninoska says:

    The problem started when William Petersen left the show and also Marg Helgenberger.

  27. Naomi says:

    Nooooooooooo! Even though 15 years is a long time to be on the same show, I am surprised that George Eads is leaving. I can only hope that this means he has another show or movie in the works.

  28. Ruth says:

    It makes me sick. I love the show and it will just not be the same without him. I hope Jorja stays! Damn!

  29. WalterWhite says:

    Eads is in a movie with Steven Seagal.

  30. Dave says:

    Dancing with the Stars proved tonight the show is rigged in my opinion

  31. Wes says:

    Sorry to see him leave the show. I hope the best for him in the future. While I agree the Fishburne years were a dip in quality with more outrageous stories, the replacements of Danson and Shue have been great. Also, the greater involvement of the lab rats have been great. I hope the writers continue with themes like another “girls night out” or a fanzine/convention episode for next year like the battle star galactica/Star Trek from a few years ago.

  32. aph1976 says:

    I’m sad that George Eads is leaving but i’m wondering if depending on how his character departs past characters return to say goodbye to him.Plus if this is CSI’s last season that could be a good way to bring back characters.That way the show could end with the last original regular character leaving.

  33. Trerstumps says:

    I wish him well in his future endeavors, hopefully well see him land a lead roll on Law & Order: SVU, Supernatural , The Flash, Arrow or NCSI: New Orleans, but I’m not surprised to see him leave!!

  34. Nancy Hewson says:

    This show has lost its original charm. I love Nick Stokes, but find he is the only reason I even watch. Can’t stand Elizabeth Shue’s character Finn. It has just become the Finn and DB show. Gone are the days of Gil and Warrick, when things were good. Really, it has lost originality. Everyone has been kidnapped at least once it seems, and to me, when you keep repeating the same story over and over again (I liked the Gig Harbor killer more the first time, when it was the miniature freak. It lost me with the what was his name? The goof ball that Lawrence Fishburn’s character obsessed over?) I think the show has run its course. Love George Eads, but understand when it is time to move, and totally agree, it is time to dismount this dead horse.

  35. mary says:

    that will make me not watch the show because he is why i watch it i am maddly in love with george eads

  36. Ursula says:

    Wow. i cannot believe in all my years. of watching csi i would have never expected Nick to leave he is my favorite besides Catherine i will truly miss watching him he is a big inspiration to me goodbye and good luck Nick

  37. Crissy says:

    Wow …..have been watching this show for all 15 season. George Eads, being the last original cast member…. Wow don’t think I’ll be setting my DVR for season 16 unfortunately!

  38. Mary says:

    I mat not watch CSI again. He makes the show what it is and I don’t think the other actors can carry it without him. I hope someone offers him his own show!

  39. Dwight Arnold says:

    Only surprised he’s still trying to act. Worst I’ve ever seen.

  40. Ken says:

    This show has been amazing throughout its 15 seasons on CBS truly a giant success for thus the storied CBS franchise. I thought loosing Gil Grissom (William Peterson) was going to be the death of the show & it probably would have been had it not been for CBS sending Lawrence Fishbourne packing & replacing him with Ted Danson. What a brilllant move by the producers but losing Nick Stokes (George Eads) is truly the end of this show for me, as much as I like Ted Danson, Elizabeth Shu and a few others in the cast it will not be the same after losing Captain Brass and Nick Stokes in consecutive seasons this spells the END of CSI Las Vegas it’s been a great 15 years!

  41. Marion Steiman says:

    Nick adds a nice flavor to the show – I hope he doesn’t leave.

  42. If this is true I hope they handle it better than Brass’ exit and don’t have him looking suspiciously off camera before fading out! I think it would be a huge mistake cancelling the original CSI. Everyone knows it even if they don’t watch it! :(

  43. At first i was surprised, but after a short while, came to the conclusion that the departure of so many familiar characters, was ending the series in slow stages. it’s sad, like watching an old and dear friend slowly dying. Perhaps with Mr. Eads departure, it’s time to close down the CSI Labs. in LAS VEGAS, permanently.

  44. Sheila says:

    I’m sad to hear this. I have loved and still love this show despite the character changes. I do think that since George Eads suspension last season his screen time upon his return has been very limited. I have missed him on the show and think he deserves more than what he has been given. If this is the final season please do his send off right!

  45. Abby says:

    It a shame. I’m tired of casts members leaving. He’s one of the reasons I watch it. Peterson, Marg H. And now George. Take it off the air now. Replacements are never and I mean never the same!!

  46. Wanda says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO…….I hate to even think that he is leaving!!

  47. Ursula says:

    Nick. has been my favorite since the beginning i look up to him he will be missed all of the good ones are gone from CSI

  48. Yes i am very disturbed by his exit ,,,,

  49. Shikya says:

    I am highly upset and disappointed that the last original team is leaving. This was my favorite show. It hard to watch after grisom left but i was drawn back in for my love of the show. I lovrd Lawrence fishburn anx then he was gone. I love gregs character but it is not enough alone to keep me watching a whole new team. Bew cast is good but im left confusedby every tutn and change.

  50. Jana Payne says:

    If you lose George, you have no show. Pack it up. You have lost this longtime fan. Same goes for Jorga Fox.