The Queen Latifah Show Cancelled; Host Thanks Fans on Facebook

Queen Latifah Show Cancelled

Queen Latifah‘s reign over daytime television has come to an abrupt end.

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The host of The Queen Latifah Show posted a message to her Facebook page Friday, confirming that her syndicated talk show — currently in its second season — will not be continuing. The note, addressed both to fans and to herself, reads as follows:

Production on Season 2 is coming to an immediate halt, according to TMZ.

Are you sad to see The Queen Latifah Show go, or was it never really on your radar? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Pat Mosey says:

    I didn’t watch her all the time, but I did enjoy the show when I saw it. She had some wonderful guests and the show was done with a great deal of class. Good luck with any future projects, girl!

  2. I am surprised that the Queen Latifah Show got the axes. I thought that the show would give Lives with Kelly/Michael a run for their money. Good luck to her next program.

  3. Jan says:

    Surprised and disappointed by this news. I’ve enjoyed her show.

  4. I only watched a handful of episodes but I really liked the show.

    “Production on Season 2 is coming to an immediate halt…” wow. that sucks. at least let it play out the rest of the season.

  5. Bonnie McCorkle says:

    I didn’t watch her show very often, but when I did…it and she were really good.
    She was the best of the single female talkers. – especially great for African American.
    I think she appealed to men also. I think this is a huge mistake. same as the cancellation of two really excellent and time honored soap operas….All My Children and One Life to Live.
    You have another think comin’ if you think i’ll watch another infomercial or cooking show…they’re all disgusting.

    Best of Luck to Latifah…she deserved better treatment!

  6. Kenneth Byrd says:

    This is certainly a surprise and shock. I thought she was doing great and had great ratings.

  7. Karmen says:

    It really is sad that such a wonderful empowering show has been cancelled. Especially considering the garbage that remains on season after season. Queen Latifa is a true pioneer who will continue to soar. Long live the Queen!!! Thank you thank you thank you for making a difference! Much love and RESPECT!

  8. Kim says:

    She is a lovely woman and I’m sorry to see this happen–it seems there may be more to this story IMHO.

  9. disonba3 says:


  10. Loretta Hinton says:

    watched her daily, one of the few shows that entertained and didn’t rely on gossip and slanderous statements. Thanks for the daily laughs, entertainments and especially the fashion. Will miss you much

  11. Jamel lee says:

    Damn It was A Good Show Now I Have to Deal with Maury Reruns Smh

    • shirley allen says:

      You are so right, Maury and Jerry Springer shows are terrible. Women fighting women over a men. Why get the man’s ASS after all it take two.. Don’t bring their dirty laundry on T,V. Kick that bastard Ass at home

  12. Sarah says:

    Wow. Okay. Was not expecting that. Sad.

    • says:

      Good? Amen to that

    • jon says:

      The only such stupid f ing comment
      Red neck?

      • Rich says:

        And white right?

        • Matt Colson says:

          Why does the guy have to be white to feel like her show was bad??? Racism runs both ways.

          • Dee Knottsinwind Seneca says:

            Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I personally think she had a lot of class, and caring spirit. she was not out to exploit others misfortune, or ran sex topics… yhea I get it they sell…. but once you seen one such talk show it looses its flavor. Racism is a hard thing to define … I don’t think your stat statement was geared towards that…. as said it runs both ways.

          • Joanne Marron says:

            Good for you Matt Colson. I agree with you wholeheartedly! RACISM does run both ways. If someone had a negative comment it was automatically assumed that this person was white-and a red neck. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion(s). Don’t feel that if someone says good that it has anything to do with race. The times I watched the show I really liked it. I feel badly for Queen Latifah but i guess that’s “show-biz”. Best of luck to her in the future.

        • Georgene says:

          Oh here we go with race card. I like queen but the show was boring. Why is color always brought up?

    • Skinner says:

      I agree , useless show.

    • Cheryl Conley says:

      Lol, I know right Billy Norris!

  13. padraicjacob says:

    Isn’t it kind of unusual to halt immediately? Thought for talk shows they let them finish the season?

  14. Amanda says:

    Never seen it. She has never been a favorite in this arena, but her music is fantastic. Love “Trav’lin Light” album…..

  15. Amanda says:

    P.S. Any clue as to why the abrupt cancellation?

    • Jared says:

      From what I understand CBS picked up the show for 2 seasons initially( like NBC did this season with the Meredith Viera Show & ABC with Katie Couric) but reports have said Queens ratings have been down significantly compared to S1 when it launched.

      • Jerome says:

        That what she get for dissing Bill Cosby

        • zena says:

          WOW!!! Bil Cosby is as guilty as they come… Yeah, a bazillion women just decided to accuse him of bla bla out of the blue? Nothing coming to them PERIOD! Not to mention he had a child years ago out of marriage etc.. The guy is a bastard. Thank you Dana for being honest & not standing up for him because he’s BLACK!

          • zena says:

            Jerome, shame on you! You think she deserves to be cancelled because she gave her opinion? Perhaps you should move to another country, like the MIDDLE EAST where you can’t give your opinion..

          • Cheryl Conley says:

            I agree, I am black and I never liked Bill……and I knew everything wasn’t peachy keen for him neither!!!!

    • Barbara says:

      I am disappointed, love her, loved her Guests. The show had a bad time slot, people at work or school, etc. I wish her love, luck and stamina on her next project, btw, Loved her Movies like Taxi w Jimmy Fallon, and Beauty shop with Alfre woodard, Alicia Siverstone, Dela Reese, Andie McDowell, Wow

  16. Jackie Stephenson says:

    I thought it was a good show and enjoyed all the guests and news about movies and TV Programs.

  17. Keith Flemming says:

    So sad but see will land on her feet she always does

  18. Will miss you! They keep on the crap and cancel the good one. Best to yo in the future and Happy Holidays.:)

  19. David4 says:

    This seems VERY weird to me. I understand going “We don’t want you back next season”, but to halt production in the middle of a season, just very weird to me.

  20. SANDY says:

    as usual a good show gets cancelled and the View is still on omg.

  21. Donna Ferriola says:

    Sad to read this because I watched it everyday and it was never boring. She was very entertaining and had good guests on all time. I will miss this show.

  22. Gregory Greene says:

    Take some of these so called “Reality Shows” off , the Queen had a very nice show, i hope BET picks it up, they let Wendy Williams stay on she’s terrible!!

  23. Ann Wang says:

    I really like the show and I am very sorry to see her go. I hope she will come back in another capacity as I think she is a great talent.

  24. behzadbyhimself says:

    Truly surprised.She had a fantastic season 1 although season 2 did seem underwhelming for some reason. But I loved the set & lighting, and loved how classy she always looked. Most importantly, unlike a lot of American talk show hosts (daytime and late night both) she actually let her guests talk more than her! I know she has stuff in development like that HBO movie by Dee Rees so good luck to her with that!

  25. para says:

    she has a talk show?

  26. Lori says:

    I really enjoyed her show and I am sadden by this news :(

  27. bernie says:

    I really enjoyed her show when I was saw it. Disappointed.

  28. Deb says:

    I really enjoyed Latifah. I didn’t think I would when it first aired but the more I watched the more she won me over such that I actually couldn’t wait for S2 to begin. I find Dana a real class act, she had great rapport w. her guests and a nice variety of entertanment to her show. I am so underwhelmed with ALL of the other stations’ morning offerings – Dana was breath of fresh air. Ratings aren’t everything – how about appealing to intelligence? If a Dr. Phil franchise comes on it will explain everything, though…

  29. Marci says:

    I’m very sorry to see this show canceled. It was one of the talk shows I would check on to see if there were guests on I was interested in, and always enjoyed it when I watched. Best wishes, Queen and thank you.

  30. Joel says:

    Yay! Get that cow off tv

  31. Judi's says:

    I’m very disappointed in the Network and their decision makers. This show was smart, interesting, informative and also contained good humor. QL will go on and triumph!

  32. Jewana Cook says:

    I luv Queen Latifah, but I never got around to watch her talk show.

  33. Nancy says:

    I was thoroughly entertained watching your show. You helped so many and delivered the stars we wanted to see. I hope to see you again, you’re awesome.

  34. Delphinia says:

    Im truly sad. I’ve been a Queen fan for years. I’m fifty nine and very unhappy. She is a talk show host that promote laughter and innocent fun. I hate shows like Wendy Williams full of gossip. I will miss coming home watching a show that I record. Look forward to true entertainment and her beautiful smile and wit. Queen I will truly miss you.

  35. Diane Miller says:

    I am really going to miss her show. I don’t watch any talk shows, but hers. She has done so much to help people. She had some great guests, but her personality is fantastic. She is so down to earth. She is able to relate to anyone. I just wish she would get to remain on tv. I’m really going to miss her. Here’s to you, Queen Latifah, you are one special lady…

  36. julie says:

    she’s awesome and that sucks!!!!

  37. Mother Love says:

    We @ Team MOTHER LOVE

  38. julie white says:

    Why take off something positive. We need to keep positivity on for kids.

  39. Miss Hatlady says:

    I loved this show. Light comedy and good spirit. So sad to see her go. Will miss you Queen.

  40. nicole says:

    i thought the show was great. alot of shows need to be cancelled but hers is not one of them. love you QUEEN

  41. I love the show watch every day .

  42. david ellison says:

    Love you your so sexy

  43. heather ponce says:


  44. Chris Wallace says:

    Queen L

    I loved your music and you have a great show happy holidays and Have Faith !!!

  45. Kerry says:

    I loved the show and the Queen reigns. I am sad and troubled to see such a wonderful show get dropped.

  46. Bernadette says:

    She has a strong personality with enormous talent.She will find another venue… but I will miss sharing my mornings with her.


  48. Milton says:

    Why couldn’t it have been that awful Wendy Williams crap?