Sullivan & Son Cancelled at TBS

Sullivan & Son Cancelled

It’s last call for Sullivan & Son.

The TBS comedy has been cancelled after three seasons, our sister site Deadline reports.

The series, which starred Dan Lauria and Steve Byrne as a father-son duo running a Pittsburgh bar, wrapped its third season on Sept. 9. Sullivan & Son joins fellow fallen comedy Men At Work, which was cancelled by the cabler in May.

TVLine’s Cable Renewal Scorecard has been updated with the news.

Will you miss Sullivan & Son? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Sheila says:

    Genuinely surprised that it lasted this long

  2. Missy Kelly says:

    Is this Kevin Reilly’s doing? Hmmmm all the cancellations at TBS & TNT doesn’t give me much hope for the new series they’re launching since they aren’t Reilly’s work he probably hates that he has to honor contracts, etc. Well, I guess I’ll have to say good-bye to the shows I watch Rizzoli & Isles, Major Crimes, Transporter, Falling Skies,and the Librarians before it even airs. Perception & Franklin & Bash are already gone.

  3. LKE says:

    What the heck, TBS. Sullivan & Son and Men at Work were two of my favorite comedies. Meanwhile, Ground Floor is just meh.

  4. Trent Martin says:


  5. Get Better says:

    Come on TBS! This is a well scripted show with a cast of comedy superstars that have great chemistry as a group.

    Another network should pick this up.

    What a shame.

    Get Better

  6. Get Better says:

    What a crime!

    This is well scripted with a cast of comedy superstars .

    Another network should pick this up.

    Get Better

  7. Ellis Toscano says:

    Will miss Sullivan and Son. Very funny and cannot say that about much on TV. Not a zombie lover so much of TV is ignorable. Always the British stuff.

  8. Denise says:

    I am very disappointed that TBS cancelled Sullivan and Son! I enjoyed watching it and thought it was a good and funny show. Why take the good shows off and keep mind numbing shows. This is why I watch Hockey and don’t bother with regular TV shows.

  9. Al says:

    Loved the show ! Now I’m glad I got rid of cable!

  10. Tom says:

    Why do I bother watching TV anymore. Everything I enjoy egts canned so early on. Continuum, Dallas, Sulivan, Revolution. With so many channels and shows to choose from, how dare they use soomething as menaingless as ratings to cancel good shows. I laughed so much at this show. RIP.

  11. CDB says:

    Both Sullivan& son & men @ work should be renewed they were great why would TBS cancel these great shows why does it fell that truly funny show get cancelled but the ones that are stupid stay for ever not right bring them back

  12. Justin says:

    Literally ridiculous that they cancelled one of the funniest shows on TV. Sure ground floor is good but it’s roughly the same as men at work? Which I loved men at work and it got cancelled. But neither are as funny as sullivan and son. Terrible decision I will be boycotting TBS personally. And considering FOX owns TBS it makes me want to boycott fox too that terrible network. Keeping all this awful stupid crime shows that are the same as the other 50 crime shows on tv. Theyre lucky I watch Gotham/The Simpsons/Family Guy otherwise I’d have no reason to ever watch FOX again

    • Justin says:

      And it wasn’t even just that Sullivan and Son was funny. It was just such a well made put together show from the cast to the writers and everything. Ugh pisses me off so much I wish I didn’t even start watching the damn show. They fkin like got her and him together and then just end it? Like wtf. The ratings weren’t even that bad it averaged like 7 mill viewers

  13. b hafer says:

    Another good show gets cancelled. Just don’t understand why others are kept that are so totally rediculous.

  14. melissa mercer says:

    I really enjoyed this show… sucks they cancelled it

  15. charlie says:

    just finished watching the third season, I had it on the dvr and saved it for a rainy day or snowy one. after finishing, I checked to see when it would return and what do you know, another great show dies by the hands of the network weasels. great job guys, keep the junk on and can the really good ones.

  16. Chris Harmon says:

    Why does anyone bother to watch television? Everything that’s any good gets cancelled. It happens every time. I hate television. I only watch DVD, Netflix and Hulu and STILL the cancellations catch up with me. I was watching a show, got into it and couldn’t wait for the second season. Well guess what! Television struck again. There was no second season. So screw TV if it airs on any of the networks I’m not watching.

  17. Russ Ritson says:

    It’s a shame cause the cast was a great blend of cultures and ages.It was a fun comedy like “Three’s Company” always had a nice moral message because they all did what was right in the end! Hope it gets a “second life”!!!

  18. Steven says:

    Wish I could cancel tbs but it’s part of my cable package. Sullivan and son was one of the better comedy shows on sick haven’t a clue to what your viewers want to watch!you should fire the idiots who made this decision!!!

  19. Yulo says:

    Sullivan and son is a great show let’s hope that Netflix or Amazon or HBO Or Showtime will pick it up its really good show

  20. LO BOTTI says:


  21. Chase says:

    I am so pissed they cancelled Sullivan and sons it was the funniest show on TV what the he’ll is wrong with The they are dum

  22. Lynsee says:

    Sullivan and Son, Men at Work, Franklin and Bash all great shows cancelled! Sad!!!

  23. Yvonne Wilkens says:

    This was a great show. I’m very disappointed that it has been cancelled.

  24. Nancy Ray says:

    Loved this show, so very disappointed

  25. Jay says:

    They canceled my favorite show. This was a day I wound never forget. Sullivan fans united but they didn’t listen for season 4. We still have hope for Netflix,amazon or Hulu to pick up the show yet. It happened with arrested development so why can’t the funniest comedy on earth Sullivan and sons. It’s a Pittsburgh thing so most don’t get it but I do because it’s my favorite show next to always sunny