Nashville Recap: And the Loser Is...

Nashville Season 3 Recap

It is neither polite nor karmically prudent to delight in others’ misfortunes, so even though Rayna and Luke spend most of this week’s Nashville greasing their sleds for the inevitable luge ride to their breakup, let’s focus on other things, shall we?

Aren’t all the dresses lovely? Isn’t it nice to see Juliette and Avery getting along? Isn’t Teddy a giant idiot for doing what he does, where he does? Aren’t —

I’m sorry, I tried to be good, but I can’t! Rayna and Luke have a terrible night at the CMA Awards — y’know, aside from her bringing home trophies like it’s her job — and the relationship cracks we saw in last week’s episode become giant chasms separating the First Lady of Country Music from her petulant, drunk, petty fiancé. And it makes me so happy!

Forget caring about who made Rayna’s gown; I’m more interested in the look of sad realization she wears throughout the evening — and what it’ll mean for the episodes ahead. We’ll get into the particulars as we review what happened in “You’re Lookin’ at Country.”

HOLLER ‘LUKE WANT PRE-NUP!’| As Rayna and Luke get ready for the ceremony, there are three things you need to know. 1) Her dress is absolutely beautiful and would make a much better wedding gown than the number she tried on at the store a few weeks back. 2) Rayna is up for six statuettes that evening; her betrothed is up for five. 3) While helping Luke search for his acceptance speeches, Rayna stumbles upon a pre-nup in his bag.

“I figured it was a given,” he says, but she’s of a different mind. Still, in the limo on the way to the event, she says she’s fine with the agreement — good thing you didn’t go out for a role in the Patsy Cline movie, Rayna, with acting skills like that — and he explains that his ex-wife took half of everything he’d made his entire life. They sort of table their talk, but you can tell it’s not far from the redhead’s mind.

CAN’T UN-RING THAT BELL | Once the awards start, though, Ray’s got bigger problems: Every time she goes up on stage to accept, she thanks other guys (Deacon for co-writing “This Time,” Liam for producing her album) instead of Luke. And the male half of “Ruke” certainly notices.CONNIE BRITTON, WILL CHASE

So he drinks a lot and makes faces and generally is a giant boor. He does pull it together for a moment, though, to reassure a shaky Sadie that even though her ex — who’s been texting her that evening — claims he’s responsible for her success, she got to the awards show on her own merits. (P.S. Sadie eventually plays an awesome song and wins the new artist award, so suck it, Pete!)

But when “Ball and Chain” picks up an award, Luke crowds Rayna out of the acceptance speech. She later follows him into the men’s room (side note: who else thought for a moment that Rayna was going to bust in on Teddy making his hooker hook-up, AKA Ol’ Leopard Panties, purr?) to ask what the frilly heck he’s doing. Their argument goes nuclear when Luke drops this bomb: “The only reason your album went gold was because I proposed on the day you released it.”

I give Rayna a lot of credit for not shoving a urinal cake down his throat for that one. I give her even more credit for presenting him with Male Entertainer of the Year like she actually gives a damn, and the most credit for making a big deal out of thanking him when she eventually wins Entertainer of the Year.

At home, a sober Luke sheepishly apologizes. “I wanna feel like we’re in this together,” she tells him, and he assures her they are. While he’s in the shower before bed, Rayna gets a congratulatory text from Deacon, who watched the awards at home with Scarlett. Rayna’s face as she peers at her phone? It is conflicted.

MEET THE PARENTS | Juliette and her bump look gorgeous in a black-and-nude, long-sleeved number, but when she’s introduced to Avery’s parents on the red carpet (as you do), all his father can see is a trainwreck of a person who’s going to fail at raising his grandchild.

His disdain, coupled with the fact that it’s about a year since Jolene’s death, causes Ju to have several flashbacks to her mother’s shoddy parenting. Just as she starts to believe that maybe she will be a bad mom, Avery stands up to his judgmental, unforgiving father (and kinda realizes that maybe he’s been acting the same way to Juliette) for the both of them. Then Juliette accidentally lets it slip that their baby is a girl — “I had to peek. I peeked!” — and they hold hands. “We got this,” he promises her.JONATHAN JACKSON, HAYDEN PANETTIERE

Later that night, Avery’s hand lingers a little too long as he helps Juliette unzip her dress, and he eventually leaves but WE’RE BACK ON THE PATH, PEOPLE!

ELSEWHERE IN THE AUDITORIUM | Layla is even more unhappy than normal when she realizes, during a duet with Will at the show, that the reality show has turned him into a sex symbol who’s far more popular than she is. (Side note: Layla, honey, this is news?) She tries to stand up for herself by announcing, as she and Will present, that she deferred Harvard, but no one cares. (Anyone else think that she was going to out Will during the live telecast?)

Zoey and Gunnar bring Micah to the ceremony, with Zoey seething about being a forced faux mom the entire time. It’s unfortunate, then, that while Gunnar’s taking a call and she’s happily entertaining Jeff Fordham’s request to hear her demo, Micah goes missing. Gunny freaks when he finds out, and the pair spend the rest of the evening yelling at each other and running around the venue in search of Gunnarspawn.

The boy is eventually found — he went to the bathroom and got lost on the way back — but this is the end for two-thirds of the ZAG Band: Zoe tearfully tells Gunnar that she can’t pursue her dreams the way things are now between them, and winds up crying, “I didn’t know where else to go” on Scarlett and Deacon’s doorstep.

Now it’s your turn. Didn’t you love how quickly Deke’s head spun when Scarlett said Rayna looked pretty? Wasn’t it beyond time for Gunnar and Zoey to part ways? Are you as assured of a Juliette-Avery reunion as I am? Thoughts on Luke’s extended tantrum? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Rosy says:

    I really loved this episode and especially that Rayna/Juliette scene. But JFC Luke is such a jerk….he needs to go away for good.

  2. steven says:

    Did anybody notice that Avery’s mom kinda looked like Rayna?

  3. Teleia21 says:

    Luke is such a jerk. Loved rayna’s reaction to Deacons text. Overall A decent episode.

  4. Amy H says:

    Well glory be we’re back on the inevitable road to Deacon. This was one of the better episodes this season. Foresee a Sadie/Luke coupling down the road. Did you see the looks he gave her? Never bought the Rayna/Luke romance. Why the writers have kept it up this long is mindboggling. “Shoving a urinal cake down his throat”? I was thinking more along the lines of one of her statues. Love your reviews as always, Kim!

  5. Zataar says:

    Anyone else find it odd that Rayna’s music business crazy girls were not at the award show that their mother was up for 6 awards but their father’s random escort was?

    • Saabgirlatx says:

      I did find it weird that Teddy was at the show-Escort lady was hired to be arm candy for another top-notch fella! How dumb of Teddy to do that there, btw… Who doesn’t expect some security footage to surface sometime soon???

    • MC says:

      I was wondering the same thing.

  6. aw says:

    lol, thanks for writing that! Very excited about this developement.
    Also I am very excited about all the sled-greasing to the end of Ruke. Still, I have they will get hitched – maybe to prove that this very greatest of soap operas is not totally predictable.

    By the way: Is it possible that the writers want to show us that Teddy hates his job and purposely tries to get kicked out of office or is he just the dumbest divorced widower to ever be elected?

  7. Jill says:

    I liked how they highlighted the huge difference between the way Luke and Deacon feel about Rayna in this episode. Luke was so insecure about Rayna’s success and despite the fact she’s with Luke, Deacon still couldn’t have been happier for her. She was definitely happy to get his text at the end of the night. So simple, but so supportive.

    I’m so glad Avery finally stood up for Juliette. It was so cute when she revealed she peeked and saw it was a girl. Adorable!

    Everything else I could have lived without. Teddy is such a moron. The Micah is missing thing went on way too long, and the Will/Layla thing didn’t grab my interest, but overall a decent episode.

    • Normandy says:

      When they decided the political stuff wasn’t working and removed Rayna’s dad and Deacon’s sponsor to go full blown music industry melodrama, they ran out of stuff for Teddy to do but can’t exactly get rid of him since he’s the father. So how soon before Teddy suddenly discovers he has musical talent?

  8. amy says:

    Bahaha I think we all wanted to shove a urinal cake down Luke’s throat and then bash him on the head with one of those pointy statues….

  9. MiaB says:

    Yes, I think we’re back on the path to both Juliette and Avery and Rayna and Deacon. So happy Luke is showing himself as an a-hat. Does anybody else think that Luke is going to have an affair with Sadie?

    • sladewilson says:

      I hope not about the affair because I like Sadie and her friendship with Rayna. I’m also hoping that Gunnar doesn’t hook up with Micah’s mom because I’d much rather see Zoey with Gunnar than her. I like Zoey but not with Gunnar.

    • MA says:

      I also hope Luke and Sadie have an affair. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll make a move, but she’ll turn him down in spectacular fashion. I like Sadie and Laura Benanti. I don’t want them to be a baddie.

    • Looch says:

      It certainly looked that way when he was checking her out when she was on stage
      Here s hoping that Rayna plays the “The Runaway Bride” and dumps him at the alter
      This guy really bores m to tears! And we all know she belongs with Deacon! :)

  10. izzieb says:

    I just love this show. Great recap, too – loved the urinal cake idea. Loved seeing Avery and Juliette heading back on track. Rayna was becoming a little more likeable last night – good to finally see some emotion on her face about Luke being an a**. Still, she had to turn around and glorify him during her biggest award – yuck.

    I’m really hoping for some happiness for Deacon and Rayna before the writers go throwing them into more trauma and drama.

    Goodbye, Zoey!! Please don’t hang around bugging Scarlett for long – just go sign with Jeff and leave Nashville.

    • Normandy says:

      This show seems to only want one black character in the forefront at a time. They removed Deacon’s sponsor/Teddy’s political rival and brought in Zoe, now they have Mykelti Williamson so Zoe can go.

    • Abby says:

      If she signs with Jeff she won’t leave Nashville. Edgehill is headquartered in Nashville. Also, I think Zoe’s choices have been beyond justified all season long. The only thing she did wrong was fall for and begin a relationship with Gunnar before having at least a conversation about it with her lifelong best friend and his almost-fiancee.

  11. eric says:

    Does anyone else think that the pair that’s gonna hook up as per prior scoop is Luke and Sadie. Some of those lingering looks to each other were abit questionable… #justsayin’

  12. Ellie says:

    Luke was so smug & shallow, just as we’d all been expecting. Can now see clearly why he can work with someone like Jeff Fordham– ’cause he’s all about the bling. Rayna let him off the hook too easily after the show. I loved Avery & Javery and I did like seeing Layla & Will workin as a team. Oh, poor Teddy, never really choosing the right women….

  13. Iakovos says:

    Loved this episode because it was all about Nashville and its cottage industry… music! Sopay, dramatic, entertaining… excellent all around. More please?

  14. John says:

    Rayna did not consciously use Luke but if we are being honest Ruke probably did help her album and her CMA wins. Rayna and Deacon will end up together and the only people that don’t know it is Rayna and Luke, also I don’t think Deacon’s text was just purely to be supportive, he saw how unhappy they looked together and realized he still had a chance. The Juliette/ Avery stuff was gold the end where he unzipped her I almost thought something more would happen but thought it was good that he walked away they still have some issues to work thru before they get back together. Did anyone think Zoey and Gunnar were going to last there was no communication, I felt for Zoey, which I never do, motherhood thrust upon her without a conversation. Can someone shove Will out of the closet already or is the Will/Layla story going the way of Will and Grace, shes not mad anymore she is more jealous.

    • MA says:

      I think yes and no about Deacon’s text. Deacon’s always been Rayna’s biggest supporter and ally, so I’d expect that he’d be thrilled for her success and tell her so. But yeah, he was clearly also pleased that they looked so miserable. Then again, who wasn’t?

    • Abby says:

      If Will didn’t sing country music, the character would be publicly out by now. Three seasons is SO long to drag that out, I completely agree, but he doesn’t sing pop or rock and doesn’t live in L.A or New York. The snail’s pace that reveal is clicking along at is completely and totally realistic for the character’s situation, IMO…

  15. Tedi says:

    Love that Juliette and Avery are back on track! At this rate, by the time the baby gets here they’ll be together again =)
    Avery’s mama was super nice, I would have liked to see Avery and Juliette field questions from the press though, so awkward and so funny.
    Glad Avery realizes that he’s turning into his dad the more he lords over,judges and shuts out Juliette
    Sadie would hate to betray her hero and boss Rayna but Luke puts bigger stars in her eyes so she might be convinced.
    I would kinda love if Jeff and Zoey hooked up, I don’t know why but I think it would be cool, I can imagine Zoey getting too big for her britches because of the boost he would give her and going full diva, like fully worse than Avery season 1.
    I kinda love Layla and Will now, they are both trapped and pretending to be something they are not.

    • MP says:

      For me, Rayna’s chemistry with Deacon jumped off the screen. I feel that Rayna has no chemistry with Luke and I feel the same way about Zoey and Gunnar. I love Nashville, but I’m disappointed that Rayna and Deacon have zero scenes together because they’re such a pleasure to watch.

  16. Kevin says:

    I know I am in the minority here I don’t want Rayna and Deacon back together. Their characters have zero chemistry. I think Connie Britton and Charles Esten do a great job but don’t carry the story well opposite one another.

    • Siobhan G. says:

      Not sure what you’re watching, but, the chemistry between Chip and Connie, is what’s kept most fans rooting for them as a couple, despite their lack of compelling storyline, for a long time, now.

      Their screen chemistry absolutely sizzles, in even the tiniest of scenes.

      Now, Connie and Will Chase, they define, “no chemistry”.

      • Josie Z. says:

        Everyone has a right to their own opinion (even the Luke fans, I guess, LOL) but, I honestly can’t see anyone thinking that Connie and Chip, don’t have chemisty.

        I think they have some of the best chemistry on prime time TV, and have since their first scenes in the First Episode.

        Not a Will Chase fan. He’s probably a very nice man, but, as an actor, he’s just never
        impressed me . And Luke, I have disliked from day one.

    • JJ says:

      Are you kidding me? They have amazing chemistry, which you’d see if the writers ever put them in scenes together anymore.

      • Luli101 says:

        I think the chemistry really came across in the first season when they were singing together and making music together. I want to see more of that!

  17. i only started watching nashville recently (thanks to hulu for allowing me to power through the first few seasons like nothing) . i was interested to watch because i would always read these hilarious recaps, and not gonna lie reading them is still one of my favorite parts of being a fan of the show. Well that and staring at Deacon always and forever. DEYNA FOREVER!!!

  18. MA says:

    Kimberly, You give Rayna credit for sucking up to Luke and his whiny ways by thanking him for an award she won on her own merits after he told her just minutes before that the only reason she was succeeding was because he had the charity to offer to marry her? You give her CREDIT for that?? Good lord.
    Deacon and Scarlett watching the show together was great, and Juliette/Avery are always lovely.

  19. aw says:

    … is it possible that Avery’s Mom is the first normal, non-abusive mother we’ve seen on this show that is not Rayna?
    Her husband sure seems horrible. Most of these characters have (a) horrible parent(s), right? Scarlett, Rayna, Deacon, Juliette, Will, Layla…
    Don’t know about Teddy but this is a story I really don’t want to hear…

    • RUCookie says:

      I dont know, if it stops that horrible traffic accident of him and the escort I might be okay with it… I can’t believe he is THAT stupid and I can’t look away!

  20. Cant PlayNice says:

    My prediction: Luke & Rayna will get married, but because Rayna balked at getting a prenup, Luke will go after half of Highway 65 when they inevitably split.

  21. Bron says:

    I’m surprised that the freaky flashback CGI teenage Juliette didn’t make the recap — that was interesting!!

  22. Luli101 says:

    Ok. I don’t know what urinal cake is but I’m pretty sure I’m going to throw up thinking about it. :)

  23. RUCookie says:

    After his disgusting comments, Luke needed a verbal smack down, not Rayna’s “killing him with kindness” move. He was right, he was petty, jealous and ugly at the show… but his behavior on the Red Carpet was just as ugly. Deacon was right, the cracks are shining brightly.

    I, like our illustrous recapped, squeeled with possibility at the Avery/Julles moment. Please please please let that night with his Dad keep him on a path of reconciliation. Avery was getting horribily judgey for a while – and he shouldnt throw stones, he hasnt been a saint either.

    As for Lalya and Will – I was relieved that she didn’t out him, I felt for her with the “stupid” jokes, and I was happy to see them close at the end. She brought the reality TV monster upon them both and we all know its going to continue to grow. I just hopethat she takes the high road for once. She has a solid voice and they both sounded great at the show.

    Teddy – oh Teddy. (that is all I got)

    Gunner, Zoey and kid… he missed his award! Zoey is getting a contract!?!? Gunner is going to be a single Dad (Deacon is right, he owes his sucess to Scarlett) and oh yeah – they broke up – woohoo!

    Deacon and Scarlett – love them together. Scarlett is on a path back to the stage – Deacon will help her. And Deacon – well, he and Rayna (swoon)

  24. Lerbert says:

    Enjoyed the recap! Good episode…except for the pre-nup moment. Is there anyone out there who really believes that a smart business woman like Rayna with a record label and children who are minors would really not have started those negotiations right away herself? Wish they would have skipped this one…I like a good classic soap opera moment but there are some devices which are too outdated. Yay for Juliette and Avary! Poor Zoe and Layla…maybe they could start a duo and outsell everyone on the pop charts! :)

    • catherine says:

      Add Scarlett to that girl group. They can be a trio. Scarlett felt lonely on stage. Maybe having a friend up there will help.

    • cogilviesmith says:

      I got her being upset – not about them having a pre-nip but about him going ahead and having one drawn up without even discussing it with her?!?!? Controlling much?

  25. catherine says:

    i really wish Avery and Juliette had won

    • Lucia says:

      Me too!! Who else thinks Juliette did the zipper thing on purpose?ja
      My theory is something goes wrong with Ju after the birth, she starts bleeding or something and we get Avery’s don’t die I love you speech, is a soap after all

      • Tedi says:

        I wish they had won too, but the moment she tells him that they are going to have a little girl is pretty epic,that was their true winning moment of the night.
        Ju is prob biding her time, slowing edging towards Avery like a long con of sorts because he obvi still loves her and he has warmed up to her. She sees an in and she is def gonna take it.
        I agree with you, there might be a point when she is giving birth where something will go wrong or they have to choose between her and the baby.
        I would kinda love if his I love you speech came without the threat of death, but hey I will take it anyway I can get it at this point.

  26. Abby says:

    Three words hit me, and I cringe: Luke and Sadie. I just know they’re going to pair her with someone since one of her very first lines was about how she’s given up on love. At first I really did think the show would pair her with Teddy, but he’s obviously on a journey to an impeachment trial or something for his escort loving, and last night Luke and Sadie bonded. I cringe because Luke was introduced purely to date Rayna, and I dislike him greatly, so I was hoping the character would leave the show after the fall finale. Sorry Will Chase, but Luke Wheeler is a knob. I understand the dramatic tension Luke and Sadie would create with Rayna, but I don’t know that I’m gonna care about that, either. Once the wedding’s off, I want Rayna’s romantic drama to be with Deacon again.

    I know, I’m probably salivating TOO much at the demise of Ruke, , but I just want their ride to be over, its making me Puke.

    • JJ says:

      Me too. I was hoping he’d leave the show. The character of Luke is beyond uninteresting. I’d much rather see Sadie interact with the other main characters.

  27. SP says:

    I love Deacon as much as the next person, but seriously, Luke is not that bad. Even after tonight’s stupid behavior, he still has a better track record than Deacon in regards to how he has treated Rayna. I feel bad for him. He’s in for a heart break for sure.

    • Abby says:

      I would say yes and no to this. Deacon absolutely has his terrible demons, but in all of those demons the one thing that’s never changed is how much he loves and respects Rayna as a person – he was just too far gone to properly show it too many times. I have never gotten that same sense of respect from Luke, who I always felt was first interested in Rayna the Country Queen and he saw publicity opportunities, not Rayna Wyatt (James) the person with whom he could live a quiet life under the radar (which is, if he cared to know, the life she wants despite the fact she knows she can’t have it and still be a singer). Luke cares first and foremost about Luke, and Deacon has pretty much always shown that he barely cares about himself at all (especially when he starts using again). It’s all Rayna (and now Maddie) in Deacon’s world, for better or for worse.

      • SP says:

        I don’t know. I can think of several behaviors from Deacon that would imply a lack of respect for Rayna. I just think we all like him and are rooting for him, so we’re willing to look at his issues as “demons” and cheer him on as he overcomes them. If I look it at objectively, I think that Luke (outside of his Country star persona,which is obnoxious) is just a man with a different set of demons. I think he loves Rayna enough to scare him. I think Deacon battles anger and addiction. I think Luke battles insecurity. He is insecure about whether Rayna loves him as much as he does her. He is also insecure about not being the most wealthy or famous person in the relationship, and he is insecure about coming from a poor family. I feel like we were meant to think he got angry at the awards show b/c his fiance was thanking every man she had slept with in the past 2 seasons apart form him, not so much b/c she was beating him. He always apologizes and tries to make things right. Also, no one ever mentions that Rayna is not always treating either of those men all that well either.

        • Amy says:

          Great points SP. I’ve been as big a Deacon “rooter” here as anyone, and still love him, but I agree with every single point you made about Luke, from last week’s show and in general. And it’s how I felt watching it too. I totally get where his jealousy was coming from and saw it the way you did, ie. his justified insecurities with Rayna, and his own background he brings to this relationship, the macho/male/achiever type, he’s only known how to be before having to share the spotlight with her. Every couple needs to work those things out, and that’s what they’d at least be trying to do if he wasn’t fighting the uphill battle of Rayna’s true feelings. She’s not as “all-in” as he is and he knows this at some level. I really don’t dislike him as much as I thought I did last season, and it’s because I see all these layers now…kudos to the writers and the actor who plays him. You could see the way he felt in the way he played it last week, it wasn’t just obnoxious arrogance, but struggling with feelings he’d rather not have himself…and not processing it well “in the moment”…c’mon…we’ve all been there.
          I think he’s a “personality” that still has a place in the show, the hot, male country star who has to play the game to stay on TOP, and the actor is good-looking and appealing in the way he plays “that guy.” Again…I was not a Luke fan, and I LOVE Deacon but I agree with your points on Deacon, and also that last line about Rayna not treating either one of these men well. I loved Connie Britton’s performance last week too…but Rayna has some cleaning up of her personal demons act to clean up herself. Good business woman, and I love watching her blossom there, but personally she hasn’t worked it out yet either.

          • Amy says:

            To clarify, I meant every couple needs to work out personality differences and the history they bring to the relationship…obviously not sharing the spotlight of fame.

  28. Was a great episode. Can’t wait for Luke to hit the road.

  29. Ray says:

    Good lord. How many more weeks will Rayna stay with the insufferable asshat Luke Wheeler?

  30. Isobel says:

    I liked Avery talking to his dad, like Scarlett he seems to have a narcissistic parent

  31. Isobel says:

    Micah is 9 and a half not 4, he’s too old to not tell Zoey where he’s going

  32. Tonya says:

    I’m sorry, but how is Rayna completely ok with Luke being drunk and angry? The supposed whole reason she can’t be with Deacon is because she wanted a clean slate and not the past resentments of him being drunk and angry. Then Luke turns around and does the same thing and she has hardly no reaction to it and she’s ok with it. She lived through this once before why would she even consider putting up with it again? Also why would she diminish herself to make him feel good? Her acceptance speech for entertainer of the year was basically an apology to him for being better than he is. It says something when the first genuine smile that’s been on her face in weeks came from reading a text from Deacon, who despite her ripping his heart out and stomping on it once again was genuinely happy for her and proud of her. It says something about Luke that he had to throw a tantrum worthy of any toddler and down probably a fifth of whiskey before he could be happy for her and congratulate her. I honestly can not wait for these two to be done they have no chemistry and he just strikes me as the type of man who would have no problem hitting a woman in the heat of passion. Rayna really needs to think long and hard about being with him and the person it has turned her into. I really miss the old Rayna. I understand that yeah she has to change a little bit, but the way she is now is nothing like her at all. I hope that they don’t make a thing out of Luke and Sadie, because she could do way better than him. He’s got too much ego for there to be room for any woman in his life. And his sob story about his ex-wife taking half his money, well she was there by his side supporting him and she’s the mother of his children, I’d say that entitles her to it. It takes a special woman to put up with him and the ego that gigantic cowboy hat is covering up.

    • Jan says:

      Your comments are perfect, Tonya!

      • Tonya says:

        Thank you, it’s like the writers forgot all about the fact that she lived with an alcoholic for years so she isn’t going to want to put up with that behavior from someone else especially when she’s supposed to be getting a clean slate.

  33. ShariaLynn says:

    I think it was unfair of Gunnar to force motherhood on Zoe. WATCH YOUR OWN KID! i hate tht Luke and Rayna are going to break up but it seems like its going to happen. Honestly, Rayna is selfish and needs to be alone.

  34. MyExBFF says:

    this whole Gunnar “surprise” child is such a forced storyline…ala Luke’s “surprise” child on Gilmore Girls. The series is much better than this.

  35. Alicia says:

    Is anyone else totally sick of nashville writers attempt to string out the will they won’t they Rayna/Deacon stuff? i wanted them together from the 1st ep we are still waiting omg please can we just have them together like now and Luke can bore off. Juliette and Avery baby drama love how they are getting closer again.

    • Tonya says:

      It’s like I keep saying it’s not a matter of when but if Rayna and Deacon get back together. They have to be endgame with the way the writers keep teasing us with them at this point it would actually be cruel not to let them get back together. It’s coming, I mean she chose Luke way too early in the season and way too easily.

    • PTF says:

      The writers think it’s more interesting and dramatic to stall on the inevitable, but it’s not: it’s deathly dull. They save up all of their storyline up on one hand, and then drag everything out far past the point of any interest on the other. There’s a lot of potential drama in watching Rayna and Deacon navigate an actual relationship, something not just based in whatever fantasies they’ve both had over the years. It’s not like if they got together it would be the end of the show. I’d be slightly more interested in watching the Rayna and Luke relationship play out towards it’s demise if Rayna EVER had a moment of reflection or introspection. Season 3 Rayna is so far away from season 1 Rayna it’s crazy, and there’s nothing up on screen about any of her motivations. Luke is revealing all kinds of ugly aspects of his personality (which let’s face it, wasn’t great in the first place) and she has NO reaction to any of it, except to allow a moment of confusion to flicker across her face. I haven’t been able to stand his character since he wandered into the show at the beginning of season 2, and I’m getting so fed up that he’s still with Rayna half-way into season 3. It’s so tedious.
      There have been, what, a whole 2 episodes of Rayna and Deacon together? Nuts.
      Thank god for Juliette and Avery who keep everything watchable, or else I would have given up by now.

      • NF says:

        So agree and well said. They blew up R/D in two shows and we rarely see them interact in S2 and 3 when supposedly they’re the show’s signature couple. Seems like all these show runners seem to think that having the couples the fans want together actually together is boring- yet so much better drama could be mined from exactly that. Like you said, is way worse to watch Rayna fake her way in a relationship with Luke. Seems like many viewers are getting a bit bored and frustrated with Rayna in general.

        Am also now mainly in it for Juliette and Avery. Am assuming/hoping they reconcile (which I also think they’ve dragged out way too long). When they do, am assuming the show will have something awful happen to them and/or they’ll start having problems in their relationship 2 or 3 shows after they get back together–is the Nashville way. But in any case I’ll watch them– the two of them for me are the best part of the show.

  36. K says:

    It’s not that Rayna really wants the spotlight and stardom she has been appearing to want this season, it’s that she needs Highway 65 to succeed so she can make the music she wants, and allow other artists to do the same. She has always been in the industry for the music, which is what she has in common with Deacon, not Luke. Soon she will see this! Luke likes being the winner and the best, even though he knows Rayna needs to do well to keep her label going. If he loved her like Deacon does he would be happy for her winning. She really needs these awards, and he doesn’t. How selfish is he to want to win over Rayna at the risk of her losing her home and label and everything that is so important to her?
    I love how Deacon is always supportive and encouraging of her, not bitter and angry and wanting her to fail, like many people are who have been dumped. His love for her never wavers, and it’s like he said, he isn’t the same man he used to be. The question is- how will Rayna get back to him??? Rayna and Deacon are the reason I watch this show. Will and Layla and Zoey can all leave. They are taking up too much screen time.

    • PTF says:

      Luke would justify wanting to win over Rayna as: “Don’t worry, if you fail I can take care of you, as my ‘brand’ makes loads of money.” – completely overlooking the fact that she doesn’t want that from any man. I do think he’s very controlling, and slightly sexist to boot.
      I do think Rayna’s still more about the music than the fame, but she’s gone about it the wrong way this season, without ever admitting there’s a more cynical edge to why she’s gone along with the whole Ruke freight train.
      It would be nice of the writers to reference the fact that at the beginning of season 1 Rayna’s career really was on the slide – she couldn’t sell tickets for her tour, and her album was dropping out of the charts. It’s been a massive turn-around, starting with writing Wrong Song with Juliette, and working with Liam, through to what’s happened since she got together with Luke. She’s not wrong to want to take it as far as she can, but viewers see nothing from her onscreen – a lot of the time she’s kind of like an emotionless robot who is set up never to fail.
      It doesn’t help that Luke is so unlikeable, it’s been a long season and a bit watching their ‘relationship’ – can’t wait for him to be elsewhere.