Grey's Anatomy Winter Finale Recap: Critical Conditions

Grey's Anatomy Winter Finale

Hope your healthcare provider covers primetime drama-related heartache, because it certainly seems a likely side effect of having watched this week’s winter finale of Grey’s Anatomy. Not only did Derek and Meredith have a blowout that made their recent arguments seem like mere tiffs by comparison, but Stephanie — as if it wasn’t awkward enough for her to be performing an ultrasound on the woman for whom her boyfriend dumped her! — discovered that April and Jackson’s unborn baby wasn’t long for this world. And those were just the tragic highlights. Read on, and we’ll do a fuller assessment of “Risk”…

AT ODDS | Well, it had to happen. After weeks of Derek and Mer fighting off and on (and on and on… ) — not to mention his admission to Amelia last week that he was utterly miserable — the fit finally hit the shan. It all started when Maggie paged Mer rather than Richard to weigh in on a patient-care dispute with Derek, and Grey sided with her half sister rather than her husband. To make matters worse, Derek then called in Richard for a second (fourth?) opinion and tried to pull rank on Maggie, prompting Mer to stick up for her sister. (Finally!) While the sibs performed the surgery that they felt was right – it went fine, by the way – Derek and Richard commiserated and even went so far as to liken them to Ellis. (Really, guys?) As the hour came to a close, Richard’s disagreement with Maggie actually seemed to have brought them closer by giving them medicine to discuss. On the other hand, the differing opinions about the case sparked a battle royal between Derek and Mer. Eventually, he reminded her that he “gave up everything” for her. And, when he revealed that an emissary from the White House had come by that day to RE-offer him the position that he vacated, Mer said, “You should take it.” Which he did, angrily picking up the phone right that second to do so. In the end, they were both so pissed that they didn’t even go home together.

PLAYING DETECTIVE | Though Herman tried to eat her way through every Ben & Jerry’s flavor before she croaked, it hardly sweetened her disposition. In fact, when Arizona pushed her for more information about her condition, Herman dumped her from a surgery. Undaunted, Arizona went behind her mentor’s back and had her medical records sent over… to an unwitting Amelia! When Amelia found out, rather than run right to Herman, she discussed possible side effects with Arizona (who lied that everyone who needed to know about Herman’s diagnosis did know). Off that discussion, Arizona went looking for Herman and found her getting it on with Dr. Ethan Haas from Masters of Sex! Arizona suspected that it was a symptom of the tumor, but Herman corrected her: “It was a symptom of dying soon.” But get this: She wasn’t necessarily dying soon! Since Amelia had access to Herman’s records, she studied them and, as the episode neared its conclusion, told Arizona that she thought she could remove the tumor!

KID STUFF | At first, it seemed like the scene in which Stephanie practiced giving ultrasounds on April was going to be kinda uncomfy and cute — especially after the resident accidentally revealed to the mom-to-be that the baby was a boy. (And then April fibbed to Jackson so that he could still be surprised on labor day.) But then Stephanie noticed something amiss and took her concerns to Arizona, who, in turn, took them to Herman. Sadly, it appeared that the fetus had a very rare condition that meant, if it was born, it wouldn’t live for very long. All Arizona could do, Herman said, was be there for her friends. Later, Stephanie again approached Herman, hoping to get a different prognosis. Instead, Herman just repeated the bad news… within earshot of Jackson. What was that all about? he asked Stephanie, leaving her in possibly the most awful position imaginable.

BLAME GAME | When Callie let one of her veterans push himself too hard – against Owen’s wishes – the young man wound up taking a devastating fall that left him in a coma. Understandably angry, Owen lashed out at Callie for not realizing that guys who are used to defusing bombs don’t – can’t – see the danger in something as seemingly safe as doing physical therapy. Even the patient’s buddy took her to task. (On the plus side, in the middle of this crappy, crappy day, she and Arizona shared a nice-ish moment. Callie even admitted that she missed her wife. “Just not enough,” Arizona noted.) In the end, Callie told Owen that she wanted to step back from the program, but Owen wouldn’t let her.

ELSEWHERE | After nearly being demoted last week, Amelia bonded with Owen by telling him the whole story of her past addiction. In turn, he offered his support, should she ever need it. (Cue the romance in 3, 2… ) Jo complained to Alex that, with Mer always in his bed and Arizona in the shower, “I actually feel like I’m part of a commune.” But she mellowed out after he explained the significance of the house and its open-door policy. And, throughout the episode, Bailey stuck with her health kick, drinking kale shakes and keeping herself moving.

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you upset or relieved that Derek finally accepted the D.C. offer? And, if you were Stephanie, would you be able to tell Jackson the truth? Grade the episode below, then hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kermit says:

    Nice try, Dr. Haas, but you’ll always be Hunter to me.

  2. kn1231 says:

    That Callie and Arizona scene was everything! Miss those two together, and they could both really use each other right now.

    I also hope Mer stays strong and doesn’t crack. LISTEN TO YANG, MER! Derek has really sucked lately, and I usually like his character. But I will always be Team Meredith.

    I know a lot of people do not like the idea of Amelia and Owen, but I think it could work. I’m interested to see how the relationship progresses.

    I am still hoping we might see Addison make an appearance since Bad Judge has ended. She will always be one of my favorite characters. I would much rather have her around than Herman.

    Hard to feel sad for Jackson and April because I really can’t see this baby dying. So I am going to continue to have positive thoughts about it.

    • JJM says:

      It’s not about disliking Amelia and Owen as a couple, bur rather the fact Shonda herself has stated Cristina and Owen are “soulmates”. Though that couple got backed into a corner and there was no way to bring them out of it, to simply give Owen two love interests (Emma and now Amelia) so soon after what he and Cristina had is literally a slap in the face. Even their last scene together in the season 10 finale of him in surgery and her behind the glass was a touching moment because you could see it both in their eyes how much they’re still in love. Honestly, I know this is Grey’s and realism isn’t exactly topnotch, but at least be true to the characters.

      • kn1231 says:

        I really liked Cristina and Owen as well, but since Yang is gone they have to do something with him. And I don’t think anything between Amelia and Owen should be rushed, but I think it could work if they move slowly with the storyline. I can’t see Owen and Cristina’s relationship moving any further unless Yang was to come back or Owen is written off the show and heads of to Switzerland. Again, he’s got to move on at some point.

        • Grey's Fan says:

          The problem with Amelia/Owen in the long run is she broke off her engagement to a guy (don’t remember his name) because she didn’t want the whole marriage/family thing – remember when she tried a practice run with Zola and baby Bailey last season – so why would Owen get invested in another relationship with a woman who doesn’t share his desire for kids?

          • kn1231 says:

            Now that is an argument I see as valid. If the writers have no plans to change Amelia’s mind on that, then obviously it would be pointless to put them together. But I think it would be easier to change Amelia’s mind on that. And honestly, when she said those things last season, I thought it was more about her not wanting that life with that other guy (don’t remember his name either), not that she didn’t want it. Again, I really don’t care what the writers do with these two as long as Owen stays away from Callie. I would love to see Callie and Arizona back together, with their writing going back to the way it was earlier in their relationship.

          • Ella says:

            I don’t think the reason she stayed in Seattle was because she doesn’t want kids, is because she grow out of love for James. At the end of her character ark in PP she admitted herself that even with all that had happened to her she still wanted kids, but she and James where really different, I don’t think they would have worked at the long run. I don’t know if I shipped Amelia and Owen yet, but I’m open to the possibility, They both need someone and they have gone thought so much. I think they can be good for each other, even if is not for the marriage+kids package.

  3. AmyP says:

    Sometimes I wish Shonda would just take the lighter route. I would have really enjoyed the storylines from April and Jackson floundering through the birth of their baby. Birth/raising a child is dramatic enough, and Mer, Bailey and Callie had unorthodox birthing experiences already- can’t one baby be born on this show without it being insane? Been there done that. Also having someone else die on this show is just kind of meh at this point.

    Overall, not a bad episode. But there was certainly enough going on without the baby needing to be doomed (although who knows, maybe there’s some miracle that Herman can perform…).

    • Joy Ann Inn says:

      I agree. Wish the baby could be healthy and the parents thrilled for their new family. This is the first episode in a long time I have been disappointed in an episode.

    • Jan says:

      YES! Thank you! Is it absolutely necessary to kill off this baby? Couldn’t it just be miraculously cured by Dr. Mean and Arizona? Loved the “moment” between Arizona and Callie.

  4. Alma says:

    Why they have to kill the baby? Just in case somebody didn’t watch Amelia suffer? Shonda keeps recicling stories. Since the moment the tumor come out I knew some Sheppar will remove it.

  5. ? says:

    Are we sure about April and Jackson’s baby? It was stated that blurred vision is a symptom of Herman’s tumor and it seemed like that was made clear on purpose. Then Arizona basically told Herman what she thought it was when she first examined the ultrasound so Herman could cover by just agreeing with Arizona, who was unclear from the start about what it meant. In fact, I was like 95% sure that Stephanie was suspicious of the whole situation around the diagnosis, and that was why she was asking Herman to look at it again at the end of the episode: the ultrasound she was showing her wasn’t even the same one, so she could confirm that Herman couldn’t even read it. Am I crazy?

    • JJM says:

      Sounds like something that is plausible. This is Grey’s Anatomy after all…

    • Walter Freeman says:

      I watched both scenes again after reading your post. Herman was wearing her scrub cap in the first scene as she walked through the door with Arizona before running into Stephanie. Presumably, they were both in surgery, and if Herman was having that much trouble seeing things, then I can’t imagine how she’d survive an operation. In the second scene, she mentioned how the baby was “so cute sitting like a Buddha,” which is why Jackson became concerned. However, Herman would had to have heard that phrase off-camera because she wasn’t in the room when Stephanie said the same to April during the ultrasound. Presumably, it was an independent and coincidental observation by Herman, meaning she can see just fine. So I’d say you’re not crazy, bcause your theory was good enough to make me think twice about what I saw earlier, but it’s unlikely.

    • Grey's Fan says:

      In the initial scene between Arizona and Stephanie – Arizona commented that it looked like Type 2 or Type 3.
      Later on with Herman, they talked about it being Type 2 only.
      A google search basically says that Type 2 is always fatal and is usually detected via ultrasound. The baby would die at birth or shortly after.
      Type 3 is not fatal, but the child would be severely physically handicapped throughout its life. So there is that sliver of hope for those who want it.
      I do believe the baby will be born, but will die after a couple of weeks or so. I’ve never seen Jackson/April as a long term couple and think the baby’s short, but sweet life, will be a metaphor for their relationship. It will also help both characters balance out their belief systems with Jackson learning to have more faith, while April finds a way to balance the “rules” she was raised with and the life she has carved out for herself.
      I knew from the moment April announced her pregnancy that either the baby was doomed or something was likely to happen to Jackson or April. I’m excited to see this story play out.

  6. JJM says:

    I’m taking the soon-to-be dead baby storyline as a reason for Amelia and April to bond.

    • Grey's Fan says:

      I think it’s a way for Owen to admire and bond with April – who will be steadfast in continuing the pregnancy and giving birth so her son can have the best, short life possible. Makes perfect sense for Owen to admire and respect April after what he went through with Cristina’s desire to never have children.

      • JJM says:

        But April wouldn’t abort her child based on religious beliefs. I know that this will put Jackson and April through a tough time, because he’ll say it’s science that caused this baby to have this disorder, while she’ll say it’s a sign from God and that it happens for a reason. There’s nothing to admire in this situation. What Amelia did in Private Practice was admirable, but April carrying a baby on religious beliefs stems from her faith. Saying that, I don’t see any reason for Owen and April to bond over this. They have their mentor-mentee relationship as trauma surgeons, but not much else.

        • Grey's Fan says:

          Who said anything about April aborting? I said April will be determined to give her son the best life he can possibly have for the days/weeks he’s meant to be on the planet. Jackson will likely have a difficult time bonding with April since he will want to terminate the pregnancy and start again, while April will believe there’s a reason why this baby needs to be born into the world… Everything in live happens for a reason… There is a reason why April was meant to become pregnant and have this baby. I really believe after mourning initially April will look on the bright side and be determined to care her baby to term and give birth (who knows perhaps its organs can be donated to others or its brain can be donated to science for researchers to find out the causes and preventions of illnesses. April’s Christian beliefs would want her to donate her son’s organs to others or to science.)
          Owen/April have more than a mentor-mentee relationship, it just hasn’t been expressed in words or overtly – see when Owen insisted everyone in the hospital attend April and Matthew’s wedding and the moment April/Owen shared at the door to the bridal room as one example.
          The only Amelia I know is on Grey’s Anatomy. Didn’t watch PP and have no interest in it. I know Amelia had a drug addiction and relapsed a couple years ago and her boyfriend died. I do wonder if her relationship with the dead boyfriend was more significant then the ex-fiance, but I’m sure GA will let us know if/when it’s relevant.

          • Ella says:

            When they said that is a way for April and Amelia to bond is because when she relapsed she became pregnant and gave birth to an anencephalic baby who died shortly after being born.

      • Sara says:

        Why would it be a reason for Owen and April to bond? I’m honestly curious, because that just doesn’t make sense to me. I mean, they seem to be friends, but are you suggesting it will make them closer so that they might one day have a romantic relationship?

  7. JJM says:

    “Rare disorder”, only ever on Grey’s Anatomy.

  8. JJM says:

    How does Derek have the right to compare Meredith to Ellis? He knew her, what? 10 months? McDreamy is once again becoming a McAss.

    • Grey's Fan says:

      Richard and Derek were comparing Maggie and Meredith to Ellis for their surgical skills, which was stating both women share their mother’s awesome abilities in the OR and a fierceness in fighting for what they want. This is a good thing and the good pare of Ellis’ character.

    • AD says:

      it’s interesting because my grandfather, uncle, and 3 brothers have this disease. My grandfather lived to be 80 years old my uncle is 50 something and still going, 1 of my brothers is 25 and 1 is 24, and the other 1 died in a car accident. the one who died in a car accident at age 21 had the least severe OI of the three boys. Japrils baby can most certainly survive.

      • martina says:

        it depends of the mutation that you have, there are 4 forms of osteogenesis imperfecta, 1 3 and 4 are compatible with life, type 2 not. i think in your family you have one of the form 1,3 or 4, the problem is the penetrance of this desease, that means you have the mutation but it could be less or more expressed and it means that you show the desease, or not or a little bit. it is complicated to explain for me because i had genetics at med school really a long time ago and english is not my language, i’m italian :)

  9. Para Lin says:

    How unlikeable do they want to make Meredeth and Derek!!! I almost think this is how Derek and Addison went down.. And addison is a lot more classy!!

    • Grey's Fan says:

      And what’s the common denominator in the Derek/Addison marriage and Derek/Meredith marriage?
      Answer: Derek.
      I love the fact that we are likely seeing in the Derek/Meredith story what went down in Derek/Addison’s marriage BEFORE Addison cheated and Derek ran off to Seattle.
      Question: Will Derek realize this and deal with it before he faces another divorce?
      It’s a very realistic situation that I bet happens in real life with people who have multiple divorces – they repeat the same mistakes.
      I’d love to see a story arc where Addison returns for a few episodes and they actually deal with the similarities in the two marriages – it could be what gets Derek/Meredith to fight for their marriage. Or, Derek could just be TV’s new Ross Geller and be the “divorcing guy”.

      • tyranthraxus says:

        The issue with these guys is that they dont seem to … see people outside of their small spheres. Ie the work/life balance isnt there. Derek was probably better off with a teacher or accountant or .. someone not in a highly stressful job making life and death decisions.

    • dancingzebra says:

      Lmao! Yeah she’s classy. Screwing her husband’s bfff/bro in home and bed she shares with said husband. Continuing to screw him and then aborting his baby because it wasn’t Derek’s. Lmao yeah she’s a real class act. Also the married husband of patient she was treating that she made out with in her office? Sure she’s all class.

    • Joy Ann Inn says:

      Meredith used to be classy and still is. She is tarnished now. Hope she bounces back and she and Derek stay together.

  10. Danielle says:

    Why can’t a pregnancy go smoothly on this show just once? I understand it’s a drama but this is too much. This show is way past it’s prime. Their first mistake was killing off Lexie and Mark and now Jackson and April’s baby? Everyone is praising Shonda for her writing when it actually sucks. Sure, she can get a show up and going just fine and keep it going for a few seasons but it’s like once she passes that 7 season mark, she just screws everything up royally. This show is just becoming way too unrealistic anymore.

  11. Babygate says:

    So, I was underwhelmed by this episode. Derek is such an a$$ that I wanted him to go, so him taking the job wasn’t traumatic or shocking, it was very much welcomed. I think that Shonda uses the writing to reflect real life and I can see Patrick being as much of a jerk as Derek. He’s been saying he wants to leave for years and he repeated it recently and I wouldn’t mind if he does. I’ve loved Geena this season, but sleeping with Mr. Pinkscrubs was too much. That was a horrible visual. Poor Arizona. The 30 second conversation Calzona had was a joke. Arizona wants a time out to talk and they just complain to each other and move on. That wasn’t a conversation, it was a drive by. And as much as I love Callie her expression when Arizona told her “but not enough” was really cold. I hope these two do not get together anytime soon. Together they are exhausting. Besides, it would be nice to hear the rationale for the break up instead of always having to work so hard to fill in the blanks. Lastly, this buddha baby story is rehashed. After seeing Amelia go through it this it’s hard to get invested in this one. And why is Stephanie running around without telling the parents about their baby? One last thing, no Owen and Amelia. His new love interest should be off-screen since that person would only be second best. That’s not what i want for Amelia.

    • Joy Ann Inn says:

      I was proud of Derek for choosing his family before his own success. What is wrong with a man deciding to stay with his wife and family? This should of been celebrated not berated. I am very disappointed in Meredith for driving him away. What is wrong with her?

      • Tricksy says:

        I so agree with this. I don’t understand why everybody sees Derek as the bad guy after last night’s episode. I thought he did exactly the right thing and she just pushed him away-

        • DoctorWhoFanatic says:

          because he made very clear that he stayed because he felt obligated. It’s ALWAYS about Derek. He even found a way to make how he treated Amelia about HIS problems instead of apologizing to her.

      • Babygate says:

        It is commendable and worthy of admiration for any person to commit to such a selfless act as choosing family first. Except, that Derek didn’t. Not really. Meredith knew this from the moment he said ‘ I chose you and the kids’ in the bar. She knew he wouldn’t be happy and would come to resent her and she was right. He made the decision begrudgingly because Meredith refused to go to D.C. And he confirmed it when he said last night that he gave up ‘everything’. The message was very clear. Everything to him wasn’t his family, it was the D.C. gig. So you see, there’s nothing noble about his actions. He even tried to take his own sister’s job. The man has sunk to new lows this season.

        • Julian says:

          Everything to Derek has always been about his family. He’s always though about Meredith first before his career. He was going to move to Boston so she could take the job at the Brigham. He chose the Alzheimer’s trial and let her work with him on it. And guess who ruined that?

          He gets a once in a lifetime job offer from the President, and the moment he tries putting his career first for a change, he’s made to be the bad guy. Is he supposed to turn down every major opportunity that comes his way if it takes him away from Seattle?

          And really he was right. Meredith never did have his back about the job. That’s what he was pissed at. She never once supported him on it, while he has supported her numerous times. She had no problems berating Derek constantly for choosing his family over the job. She forced his hand in the end.

      • Julian says:

        And that’s exactly what Derek hammered home. Meredith never did have his back. She never supported him on the opportunity, and she never supported him when he chose to stay because she and the kids were more important. She was always saying, “You should go.” “You should take the job.” She never once showed any appreciation for Derek choosing to stay. She just wanted to prove that he made the wrong choice. She drove him to finally take the job, not because he wanted to, but because he needed to.

        • Monica4185 says:

          Meredith didn’t show appreciation for Derek staying because she never asked him to. Derek is refusing to see that because all he wanted was a pat on the back telling him what a good guy he is. When she said she wanted to stay in seattle she didn’t mean him staying too and giving up his job.. It amazes me how people (especially women) are okay with Meredith compromising who she is for Derek but are not okay with Derek doing the same. The funny thing is that Meredith is pushing Derek to do what he wants to do, not what he thinks is right. It may be right to staying in Seattle with his family, but is not what he wants. He want to go to DC ideally with his family and his wife but that is not possible. Since is not possible then he should go by himself and try to make it work that way and if doesn’t work then you start giving up things.

          By the way Derek didn’t take the job in Boston because of Meredith got job there, she didn’t want that job either, he convince her to accept it because he was offered one there too, then the plane crash happened and Derek’s hand got mangled and they didn’t get to go.

  12. ejdax37 says:

    The whole baby thing is horrible! I mean no one on this show can have a normal pregnancy. I forgot for a second why it was awkward for Stephanie to be giving April a check up, then when Jackson walked in it hit me and it was funny, but then we get dying baby so all humor is sucked out of it.

  13. Allison says:

    I was glad (relieved) to see Derek go. It is about time! He has been all moody and broody so good riddance! I hate that he was a jerk about it and made the call right in Meredith’s face and was all bratty about it. I do love that Meredith told him to go and go now!! The possibility of April and Jackson’s baby dying was heartbreaking. All I can see is this being a catalyst that pits April’s religious beliefs against Jackson’s non-religious beliefs. April might view it as a punishment for leaving Matthew at the altar and running off and marrying Jackson. April has never been a fan of logic and reason and usually jumps to hysterics so this will prove to be interesting; sad, but interesting. If Stephanie tells Jackson the truth, he will probably accuse her of lying or being jealous or vindictive or something petty like that. Who knows, cliffhangers are no viewer’s friend. I don’t like the idea (at all) of Amelia and Owen, but they have to do something with the characters. I just wish it wasn’t romance. Kevin McKidd and Caterina Scorsone are so talented and brilliant as actors so they will pull off their roles no matter what. Bailey was funny walking up and down those stairs and drinking those kale shakes all the while given Richard the what for concerning his daughter. I have always loved Bailey and Richard and enjoy their scenes together very much. Alex, there was not enough Alex!! Well, at least when he was on he shined!! January 29 is way too long, but by the time Thanksgiving and Christmas is over, the time will have flown by so fast and the show will be back before we know it!

  14. Matthius says:

    Everyone seems to have entirely sided with Meredith. However, she has drove Derek to distraction. There is a significant amount of culpability on both sides. Relationships are all about compromises, and she (as well as Derek, yes) has been continually hostile for the last few episodes. She pushes, and pushes, and then assumes the moral high ground when Derek gives in to her demands. That said, I think the whole storyline is contrived and lazy. This isn’t representative of a real married couple going through troubles; it’s just unnecessary drama that we have seen again and again throughout the series. Yes, every couple fights, and occasionally splits temporarily, but we have seen this too many times with Meredith and Derek. A sophisticated, and real marriage is so much more than splits and endless back and forths. Don’t even get me started on April and Jackson. The storyline is disappointingly predictable: Jackson shall want to prevent the suffering of his unborn child; April, on the other hand, will be vehemently opposed to any such intervention. They will fight, probably split for a little while, and then all of this will be brought up and rehashed again in future seasons, just in a slightly different form. One word: LAZY.

    • Sara says:

      I agree about Meredith and Derek sharing in culpability in regards to their problems. Meredith is doing to Derek the same thing she did to Cristina last season. It is getting old fast. God forbid Meredith be happy that someone she loves finds success. And Derek is equally as bad. They need to stop taking time outs to have sex and actually sit down and talk about their troubles.

      • kn1231 says:

        See I completely understand why Meredith is pissed. She didn’t ask Derek to stay and was prepared to work long distance. But Derek decided to stay for his family, which was very noble IF he wasn’t being such a cry baby about it. Now Meredith has to feel like crap because Derek is blaming her for him not being in Washington, when really Meredith didn’t make that decision. And Derek has been completely undermining Meredith’s abilities as work as well, which is another slap in the face. I think its super easy to understand why people are taking Meredith’s side. With that being said, the are both acting completely immature. Derek should have talked to Meredith the same way he did with Amelia last week, and Meredith should have tried to help Derek find a solution for his depression. But really, that wouldn’t be as dramatic as them screaming at each other all the time and this is a drama. And they both really should be keeping their problems at home but everything always has to spill into the hospital.

        • Sara says:

          Yes, but if you go back to when Derek made the decision to stay, he seemed at peace with it, but Meredith immediately shot him down and seemed to decide to go to war with him, which made him start to get mad about it. Yes, now he’s being whiny about it, but when he first decided, he seemed fine with the choice until Meredith decided to get pissy. And Meredith is undermining Derek just as much at work.
          As I said, they are equally at fault, but really, I think Meredith started this whole problem by being so unsupportive last season when he was first offered the position and then when he finally made the choice she seemed to have wanted from the first time it was brought up, she made a 180 and claims she wanted him to go. Typical Meredith. Typical Derek.

          • kn1231 says:

            See I guess where we differ is that I never really got them impression that Derek was ever happy with the decision he made, and always made it seem like he wanted to be seen as a hero for staying. But we both agree that they have both not handled the situation well. Regardless I can’t see these two staying apart for too long (if it even happens) but they are the main couple/dynamic of the show. And people might disagree with me on that, but Greys is Meredith’s show therefore her and Derek are pretty much the central couple.

          • tvaditmom says:

            I sure hope Derek doesn’t walk into a bar in Washington meet a girl ……..

  15. RG says:

    GA really needs to stop trying to make Amelia-Owen happen…

  16. Fano Sua says:

    Why does Derek and Meredith have to break up? They have the two kids and they are the star couple. I don’t see them break. I hope April does not lose that baby. I hope Mer and Derek would make up before Christmas. What’s up with Derek’s hair anyways? I love this show but if Meredith and Derek are not going to reunite. I don’t know if the show will be the same.

  17. ann676 says:

    GA is getting too unrealistic. All the bad things in the world have to happen to these set of doctors.killing of characters almost every season and making every pregnancy horrible. For god sakes they are just doctors. Atleast one storyline should have a decent and happy conclusion. The writing is getting too predictable and sloppy. Grey’s used to be exciting. Now its just watching every character be miserable for some stupid thing

  18. Sara says:

    I’m kinda hoping that the show is going to go the route of playing on a story that has gone viral via social media in regards to the baby story line. There was a couple who were told that their baby had some sort of really rare genetic disorder and would not live long once born, if it even made it that far. But when it came time, the baby ended up being fine and they talked about how it was their miracle.
    I’m not religious at all, but I would so much rather the show go that route than go with another rough pregnancy/dead baby story. I know people have been mentioning that there hasn’t been much this season for April and Jackson, but this is an awful way to give them a story.

  19. Lauren says:

    Umm. Andy Patrick, Idk how much of this show you have watched, but I didn’t consider for a moment that when Webber said mer and maggie are like ellis he was paying them a compliment.He was referring to the kind of surgeons they are, not generally as people. Webber is probably the only person who thinks of Ellis as her best person. He looked into that OR and saw the two girls who’s father he could have been.

  20. AD says:

    The baby can survive with OI. My grandfather, uncle, and 3 of my brothers have Osteogenisis Imperfecta. My grandfather lived to 80, my uncle is 50ish and going strong, and only one of my brothers has passed away; in a car accident at age 22. His OI was the least severe out of all of them, but he is the one that died. My other brothers are 26 and 23 and still going strong. furthermore, you cannot give an exact diagnosis on what specific type of OI on the womb. they thought one of my brothers was typed too, but it turns out he was type 2 /3. That was enough for him to still be surviving at age 23.

  21. Alia says:

    Kill the character’s baby when the actress is actually pregnant … no me gusta, I don’t like it. Why Shonda, Why kill off your character make you happy????. And, ¡Derek!, ¿Where are you????.

    • Babygate says:

      I thought the same thing! How cruel to have Sarah play this arc. But then I remembered that Shonda did the same thing to Caterina who was pregnant during the whole ‘unicorn baby’ arc. I think its sick and twisted. ..

  22. Diane says:

    Stephanie is a Better person than both Jackson and April. Why she cares I have no idea. her interaction with those characters does no one any favors— I wasn’t sad because I was so irritated about the shade April through at Edwards. Girl. Just bye.

  23. tahina says:

    Arizona will save April’s baby, she’s awesome after all! Funny we get to see some of the best sex scenes yet in season 11 at 8pm, and such taboo words like orgasm and vagina. It’s family time slot, gimme more!

  24. Dil says:

    I am really really excited about the prospect of owen getting a friend in amelia…eventually and over the seasons maybe even something more..mostly because owen has not had anyone to bond with on this show after teddy left….we hardly see him getting a drink with someone or sharing a light hearted conversation over a meal at the cafeteria.. Both owen n Amelia really do need a person..

  25. allise says:

    But did anyone here the chimes at the end? The same chimes we heard during the plane crash?!?!

  26. Zenobia Jackson says:

    I am glad they are finally making Stephanie a little more likeable. I know I am in the minority, but, I am glad Callie & Arizona aren’t together…their relationship was (and is) exhausting and frustrating. I love Sara Ramirez and want more for her as an actress and as the Callie character than to be saddled with Arizona.

    I feel like Grey’s Lite (The Next Generation) of Amelia and Maggie are being crammed down our throats. Really miss Yang and I still miss Lexie.

  27. Pat says:

    I am not happy with how they have handled Derek and Meredith this season. Also, I am upset with what they have done to April and Jackson’s baby.

  28. tvaditmom says:

    I think they might be setting the stage for Callie and Owen. They’ve brought up a few times that Callie is bisexual and both really want kids! Maybe they’ll do a triangle with Amy/Owen/Calley

  29. nikole says:

    Don’t like the Owen and Amelia idea, both have to much baggage and he wants a family she doesn’t’t. Wish Callie
    And Arizona would work out! April and Jackson baby news is horrible but everything has been to perfect for them and horrible elsewhere. Meredith and Derek sorry but Derek has bent over backwards for her and she is ungreatful and stubborn. Doesn’t realize what she has and not fair to their kids. Their lives have been to screwed up due to Meredith mostly so she needs him.

  30. Mike says:

    I like how Derek is turning into a douchbag. He is usually the level headed nicer one, but now he is missing his power, being a jerk to his sister and wife. Nice to mix it up a bit.

  31. esoz says:

    this season is all about mer and der. I miss april and Jackson. I didn’t like the winter finale. there was a little japril scene!!!

  32. esoz says:

    derek was so supportive when meredith was offered a job from Boston. He was ready to move and leave his job behind. But now meredith doesn’t want to go and thinks he is not the sun!! I think the writers should find another reason to break up them it’s not convincing!!!