Bones Episode 200 Video: Booth and Brennan Get a '50s Makeover

2014 Fall TV Show Finales

You’ve heard the buzz, you’ve seen the photo, now watch the first footage from Bones‘ milestone 200th episode.

The following promo offers a brief glimpse of the Hitchcockian-themed installment, airing on Dec. 11. As we previously reported, the out-there hour finds Booth (now a jewel thief), Brennan (now an LAPD officer) & Co. rerouted to the ’50s for reasons that are not yet clear.

“We’re examining the beginnings of Booth and Brennan in another situation,” exec producer Stephen Nathan recently explained. “Their jobs might be different, but their characters are the same to a large extent.”

Press PLAY below and then hit the comments with your snappy judgements. 

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  1. July Lark says:

    The costumes for the 200th look fantastic, Booth and Brennan in evening clothes. Nice!!!

  2. kmw says:

    Looks great . Very disappointed we have to wait so long for it to come back after this episode

  3. Marie says:

    Even though i haven’t watched Bones for the past 4 years, this is the episode i have been waiting for since they announced back in season 5. I was so upset when they decided not to do back then, but now i am glad they are doing it now. I for one will be coming back to watch this episode and it will defently will the finale episode i will watch.

  4. LuLu says:

    I LOVE this show. Brennan a LAPD officer and Booth a Jewel thief can’t wait to see the 200th. Also disappointed with FOX that we have to wait so long to get new episodes.

  5. Jo says:

    I love this show. Episode 200 looks like it will be fun. I’m looking forward to it.

  6. Pat Buckley says:

    I’m in this episode. Boreanaz did an awesome job directing. Costumes are great, locations/sets were on point. Should be a extravagant episode. Can’t wait!!!

  7. ljd213 says:

    They have a tough standard to match, Castle’s “The Blue Butterfly” is hard to beat.

    • Lyn says:

      ITA And IMO ED never does well in these departure episodes. She was awful in the one where she was trying to sound Jersey Shore,stunk to high heaven when they joined the dance competition etc. Over the years I’ve watched for the rest of the ensemble and tried my best to ignore Brennan.

      • Linda says:

        You are mistaking the character of Brennan for the actor Emily. In the two episodes you cite, the point is that Brennan does not realize how bad she is. She does not always see her own limitations. Since she has been with Booth she is more open to understanding her limits, but even then she is a very literal person and a lot goes “over her head”, genius though she is intellectually. Emily plays those moments very well.

    • Not really. They’re two different scenarios. And a much better female lead, acting-wise.

  8. Jake says:

    Meh – tired of these special episodes, it’s really getting overdone, seems a lot of shows do this to liven things up because the shows are starting to get a little dull – Bones, Castle, etc…

  9. aa says:

    I am really looking forward to this so much. But you know what the sad thing is that this ep, not even in the real bones world, is prolly the most we get to see B&B together for more than 5 scenes together…. Yep you read it right B&B barely get 5 scenes together anymore, Brennan isn’t Booth’s partner, they dont even discuss anything about the case until the last few scenes…Stephen Nathan has flushed B&B dynmics, their partnership down the toilet for the most overused, overbearing new character I have ever had the misforune of watching called Aubrey….its like watching a Bones spinoff…Stephen Nathan must be on the magic mushrooms or hit his head why else would he destroy the very reason of Bones sucess: B&B partnership….he has ran Bones into the ground and stomped on it. :(

    • 1mars says:

      Booth and Aubrey have the chemistry of a rock, never thought I would say it, but even Booth bores me now, Bones is now just another boring procedural and not a well written one either. *sigh* Like others I am looking forward to this ep and the finale, which will prolly be the series finale, please, Hart Hanson, write that one, dont let Stephan Nathan near it.

    • Joyce M Smith says:

      I totaly agree. Is he TRYING to get the show cancelled because he has a new one ?

  10. anon says:

    Dear Michael Ausiello, if you ever get a chance to speak to Stephen Nathan SOON could you ask him why the frak does he think we want to watch the Aubrey show?…We want to watch B&B solve the case together throughout the ep like they have done for the last NINE years….why the frak has he reduced B&B scenes to a pathetic 5 scenes per ep, actually last night ep they had 3 scenes together! THREE!….So when Hart left the show did he take the BRAIN & HEART too of the operation? Does Stephen need to visit the Wizard of Oz to regain them back?…This could be Bones last season and is this how he wants to leave the show: no B&B partnership, no B&B storylines, practically no B&B scenes? … Seriously, what is wrong with him? I dont mind that he killed Sweets, I do mind that his replacement the most OVERUSED new character ever aka Aubrey has basically destroyed B&B partnership dynamics of nine yrs in the space of 6eps….you know the saying about the Emperor has no clothes, well I am calling it: Stephen Nathan you Sir are butt naked….ball is your court now….thanks for reading or not :)

  11. Diane says:

    Okay, so far Season 10 has just been sad. I am a proud Sweets fan.. And he is gone. Killed with so much left unexplored. His death wasn’t integral to the plot..just tossed in. Replaced by a pathetic imitation. Why did they make Aubrey (like Sweets)? And they keep pushing a Booth&Aubrey bromance. Ugh! Gave him a sad back story, too! B&B don’t need Aubrey. Sweets role was developed over a few seasons. He was the one person who understood both B&B POV. He was the guy caught in the middle. Which led to humor. Unlike many Bones fans I loved the team dynamic as a whole, how they interacted like a family. That feeling is gone, they can say it all they want but it’s gone. B&B do not have many mysteries left, we know each ones past, family issues & basic beliefs. I was hoping to see some revelations about Sweets, Angela even Cam. They still had pasts left unexplored. But no all I got was Sweets destroyed and the Booth&Aubrey hour. And Brennen seems different, like she has regressed, socially. Just sad…

  12. Sharon Swirsky says:

    Oh my goodness…those two have such chemistry! Looking forward to episode 200!

  13. Sally M says:

    Looks like very good programming. My absolute favorite program on television. The only one I make sure that I watch each week. I love the interaction between the characters. Booth and Brennan work so very well together. Just exquisite!!!

  14. June Wiggins says:

    I enjoyed the nightclub episode because it was connected to the book Brennan was writing when Booth was recovering from brain surgery, Castle did the Blue Butterfly episode and I was in two minds about that, didn’t find it pertained to the show. However, with David directing the 200th I will watch with an open mind and hope they all do it proud. Love all the cast and the plots.

  15. Vonnie Miller says:

    David Boreanaz is an amazing director can’t wait to see what magic he gives us #ProudBonehead

  16. joe.sciacca2@gmaIL.COM says:

    Best show on TV Ever & Don” t Forget it is ( BONES )

  17. Was that Daisy and Aubrey together?! They should’ve brought Sweets back for that! I loved Sweetie-iespecially wth Daisy.

  18. Susie says:

    I watch Bones every time I can find it on, been watching since the onset and really looking forward to the 200th episode. I can’t get enough of bones!

  19. June Wiggins says:

    I began watching Bones as a fan of Kathy Reichs, having read all of her books from the very 1st to the most recent. With and interest in forensics and how criminals are caught I appreciate the technical terms etc used in this show. Of course the plots and cast make it all the more interesting with humour and emotion thrown in for good measure. Back in 1935 here in Australia we had a crime which was called the’ Shark Arm Murder ‘ (Google it and read about it),in 2003 CSI Miama showed an episode based on this crime. What if this murder was committed in this day and age, would it have been solved and the killer brought to justice?

  20. Lynn Rinehart says:

    I really miss sweets, I don’t think the new guy is working out.

  21. I love it when they do period pieces. Can’t wait.

  22. Michelle. Ballard says:

    I remember the 100th Episode watched it over and over again so I know for a fact that this one is going to be even better you go “Bones”

  23. Jackie A says:

    They are always GREAT!!

  24. Grace T says:

    Dang I’m excited about Bones 200th!!!

  25. Jenny says:

    Well as you all have heard “sweets” has other obligations ( A MOVIE ) that prevent him from being in bones …. sad but the fact remains and who can blaim him. i mean noone knew if the show was going for season 10 or end so he made a choise to move on … As for “aubrey” sure his character is new and no match for “sweets”. thats the good thing about bones how they are able to add new characters to gradually make us forget the pain of a beloved characters loss. Aubrey is not trying to become “sweets ” he is trying to make the fans see Aubrey a new guy who wants to fit in the “gang” so to speak. Diferent personality diferent behavior. Sure he has a sad background story but that’s one way the directors found to make the character easier to like and make the transmision of his entrance smoother …. i love bones from the first episode and that love has never stoped … Ths episode is going to be one of their best after the 100 th. can’t wait to see it

  26. betty says:

    So looking forward to the 200th episode!!!!!!

  27. Tammy Cione says:

    Are booth and brennan married in the 200th Episode with diffrent carriers, love this show soooo much. Very Enjoyable! Miss you Sweets💓💓💓💓💓

  28. Tammy Cione says:

    Have another baby now Booth and Brennan! Its time……kidding. get a dog tho okay!!!😀

  29. Tammy Cione says:


  30. Luzia says:

    i hate Albrey. I want B&B.

  31. MOLLIE says:

    Can’t wait, am excited!! Wonder if they could have added the “characters” that are no longer with us as cameos. Sorta like “They look familiar, or Do we know them”, or just plain in the show as extras… And see which one of the die-hard fans would/did spot them… Do I hear a prize if they do???

  32. Linda Dunkin says:

    I can’t wait for the 200th show! Would love to see Hodgins get his money back! Linda Dunkin

  33. kristina says:

    SOOOO EXCITED!!!! I love the 50s decade & Bones!! It’s going to be EPIC!!

  34. Mary Smith says:

    Leave the crap out. If there is a good reason to go back to the 50’s ok, if not, let’s keep it in the present. Love the show! Miss Sweets

  35. Viggie4 says:

    Watching football on Fox have not seen ONE commercial for #Bones200 Show!