Arrow Recap: Love Hurts

This week on The CW’s Arrow, the titular vigilante found himself in the sights of a most ardent admirer, while Oliver himself was led to wonder if he missed the mark with Felicity.

First and foremost — and maybe I say this as a man who loves women (and can at times have a proclivity for redheads) — welcome to the Arrowverse, Carrie “Crazy Pants” “Cupid” Cutter. Supernatural mom Amy Gumenick had a fine showing in her debut, to the point that, well, I was rooting for the Arrow to, you know, “indulge” her fantasy for a couple of weeks. Lord knows, the onetime bad boy playboy could use the occasional good… decompression.

As an adversary to incite rousing action sequences, Cupid was a bit soft, admittedly; even the climactic fight scene lacked significant punch, save for when she kicked free the grating and sent them tumbling to the subway tracks below. Maybe her stint with the Suicide Squad will help up her game?

But many of you did not come here to talk about Cupid. No, there was a heaping serving of Oliver/Felicity angst in this episode, primarily on his part, as his No. 1 gal’s increased devotion to Queen Consolidated Palmer Technologies :-P boss man Ray rubbed him the wrong way. Diggle, for lack of anything else to do this week, had his buddy’s “six” in a whole other way, first dropping in on Felicity to ensure that she was aware of Oliver’s conflicted emotions (“We both know it was the wrong choice”), and then confronting Oliver himself toward episode’s end.

“I just want her to be happy,” Oliver said, on the heels of a sequence in which he reiterated his feelings/position to Felicity through a confrontation with Cupid. “If that were true,” Dig countered, “You’d be with her.”

Oliver apparently came around to that POV and went to tell Felicity how he feels “before it’s too late” as Diggle warned… only to enter her office just as Ray consummated their “platonic”/couture dress night out with a well-received kiss. (Some might even say it was… super.) After Oliver slinks away (stealth can be handy in love, too!), Ray pulls himself away, fearing he crossed a line — though the homina-homina look on Felicity’s post-pucker punim indicated she was all in. Later, Ray privately surveys the schematics for an “Atom Exosuit”….

Elsewhere in the episode: A mop-topped, cocksure DJ named Chase (Carrie Diaries‘ Austin Butler) saved Thea’s grand-opening bacon, then planted a not-rebuffed kiss on the club boss at the end of the lucrative night; in flashbacks, Oliver and Tatsu bonded some (and the latter busted out her mad katana skillz) when Maseo was feared dead; and the final scene threw Captain Boomerang at us, setting the stage for the two-night crossover event airing Dec. 2 and 3 (see the first photos below).

* Palmer Technologies has a swirling “atom” logo. Subtle!
* “Oh God. I have a type.”
* “There is nothing platonic about couture.”
* “You could use a little therapy yourself.” “What gives you that impression?”
* Cupid: “So, you’re asking me out?” Seriously, isn’t she the cutest??
* “Lyla said Cutter is nuttier than the last woman they had on the Suicide Squad.” Aww, another Harley Quinn nod.

What did you think of “Draw Back Your Bow”?

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  1. Dj says:

    My favorite part of the episode was Rila Fukushima beating dudes down with the Katanas.

  2. I want Felicity to be happy, and I know Oliver chose to end things between them (for stupid reasons, like seriously aren’t we over this trope) and she has every right to move on, but this episode HURT something fierce.

  3. cody says:

    i hope oliver soon comes to his senses and realizes he needs to start working on a way to get out of financial troubles soon because oliver without the family business is not as fun as oliver with the family business, i think they need to write in queen industries with oliver starting it or another one of oliver from the comics business ventures after losing queen industries

    • cody says:

      plus can they stop with olicity already we know they are never going to actually be together considering the fact that laurel is will be the person that he marry’s in the end felicity is just lana to oliver’s, clark from smallville

      • albamin says:

        This isn’t Smallville. And it’s not the comics, either. Oliver and Laurel don’t work, they never have. Oliver and Felicity do, and the EPs know it, which is why we’re getting so much Olicity. That pairing and the core trio of Oliver, Diggle and Felicity are what makes this show great.

        • Briggs says:

          I keep saying, Arrow is not following canon. It never has. I give you Thea, a sister Oliver never had in the comics. Please, cody, explain why this one point of canon must be followed when *almost nothing else is”?

          • Drew says:

            Shado was great too, but had to die. Slade was like a brother to Oliver but had to become a villain. Sara was awesome, but had to make room for Laurel to become who she is meant to be. No matter how many times people want the show to deviate from the path we know it is on, it always stays the course.
            Even Speedy is training to fight now.

          • Briggs says:

            The EPs have said plans changed when Felicity sparked in what was supposed to be a one shot appearance. And it wasn’t the last time things changed. So again, I asked you, with everything that’s changed, why should this one thing stay the same, especially with so many fans that are against the pairing?

          • JC1 says:

            Shado was great too, but had to die.
            I’m not seeing how this proves your point. How does that make the show line up with the comics? AFAIK, Shado isn’t dead in the comics.

          • Drew says:

            Felicity changed things by becoming a vital part of the team. Olicity is not how this show will end. Even if Oliver doesn’t end up with Laurel, he will not be with Felicity. The only questions in my mind is how tragic her exit will be and how close to the series finale it will happen.

          • Briggs says:

            *snort* I love the non-answer. And if it was going to end badly (something that would cause the most avid shippers to storm the EPs homes with torches), why integrate the romance so thoroughly into the show? Especially when they have to know how fans will feel at such an ending?

          • albamin says:

            I find it hard to believe that a fan favorite like Felicity will meet a tragic end on this or any show. I suspect you’re going to be very surprised by how things end with Arrow.

          • Isobel says:

            Agree Shado and Oliver also have a kid if it did. Oliver was with both Lance sisters, it’s just weird. I don’t think Laurel was ever endgame, no matter how much she witters on about how well she knows Oliver, he cheated on her and got a girl pregnant, and then ran off on a cruise with her younger sister the first time laurel/Oliver was a thing

        • Hmm says:

          Please remember that your opinion is subjective and others don’t agree, dear. I for one am over “Olicity” and prefer their relationship remain what it’s been: a partnership in business and friendship and nothing else

          • Briggs says:

            Those may be components of the relationship, but there has always been more to it, as evidenced by their conversation when they had that date. Regardless of how you feel about it, they’ve always had unresolved sexual tension, and they will need to resolve it at some point. Yes, what I’m saying is an opinion, but it’s one a lot of people hold. And we’ve been told this season will have a lot of Olicity, even by Mr. Amell himself, so you’re going to have to get used to it.

          • cody says:

            i agree that is my opinion about wanting them to finish off with olicity sooner rather later i like oliver and felicty as just friends a whole lot more then them being in love with each other and yes they may deviate and no this isn’t smallville but all comic book shows following one superhero as a main character i.e. arrow, the flash(2014), the flash(original), and smallville are going to end up making the main relationship from the comics their main relationship at the end, and with laurel and oliver not working it’s because laurel lost her sister twice because of oliver and then was getting over tommy when sara came back last season so yes they didn’t work very well but when she becomes BC he will want her again because oliver even stated in season 2 episode 14 ‘that he has loved laurel for more then half of his life but he is tired of waiting’ but felicity he is able to be with so that’s why he ‘”loves” felicity right now but given a few seasons he will realize that he loves laurel way more and felicity deserves more than a man who is in love with someone else p.s. oliver and sara worked because they went through their big huge crucibles via the island and the league respectively with them both being on the island so they had a connection through the island but they didn’t have a lot of chemistry so they broke it off well with other stuff added on

          • Briggs says:

            You’re missing the point. Arrow is not canon. It has never been canon. It never will be canon. The EPs openly admit to plucking things from the comics, GA canon or not, and making them their own. The only reason the new Flash is following any kind of canon is because Iris’ fate was already entwined with Barry’s because of the Speed Force and the actions of the Reverse Flash. No such thing is tying Oliver to Laurel. As you pointed out, Oliver has already said that he’s done. What you suggested sounds very convoluted, and not something I imagine many people would watch, Laurel fans included.

        • Tpm says:

          Yes! I totally agree with you! I love OLICITY.. I watch Arrow because of them and nothing more..Way to go OLICITY

      • aunni says:

        if u r such a comic expert then tell, why there is no laurel in this episode, where cupid is villian of the week???

        olicity is the main romance (which is a slow burn)of arrow. to understand this don’t need to be comic reader bt a little bit inteligent.

        • Hmm says:

          Funny you speak of intelligence when it’s physically painful for me to decode your poor grammar.

          • aunni says:

            im proud that i hv the guts to write in english which is not my native language, u jackass. and im very sure u didn’t watch this episode. try to watch live at 5am.

      • Anne says:

        You do realize that Oliver and l also Divorce and that is the End of their story.

      • KatsMom says:

        I agree…although instead of Lana, I’d say Chloe. So many people thought the Clark/Chloe thing would work out. They came up with cockamamie scenarios in which Chloe would take on the name Lois Lane to convince themselves that they were right to ‘ship Clark/Chloe. In the end, of course, Clark wound up with Lois just as he was meant to. It’ll be the same here. Felicity and Oliver never pan out. Just as Chloe wound up with her own hero, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (whose canon could be more easily ignored in the Smallville world as he was not the focus of the show), I’m sure the writers will find a nice consolation prize for Felicity. The Atom’s not a bad choice really, so I’m kind of hoping she and Ray work out. But, it’s a foregone conclusions that Oliver and Laurel will find their way back to each other eventually.

        • Sara says:

          I feel like the problem with people making a Chloe/Felicity comparison is that those people are forgetting that Clark just wasn’t all that into Chloe. Yes, the fans came up with outrageous scenarios, but the show itself did not. Yes, Clark was momentarily intrigued by “what-if” but that was over quickly. The Arrow show runners, on the other hand, have firmly established that Oliver has deep feelings for Felicity. Will they work out in the long run? Who knows? I’m not a show runner, so I can’t answer that. However, as some people have pointed out, in the comics, Oliver and Black Canary don’t necessarily make it forever either.

          • murley says:

            Exactly. Chloe and Clark was not ever going to be the final coupling in Smallville because that story wasn’t being told in the show. Nevermind the comics. I find it hard to believe they would invest so much build up and angst and talk of “the one you love and want to be with” with Felicity while seeming to have totally dropped the love story with Laurel if their long term plan was to make laurel and Oliver the ultimate couple. It would certainly be VERY risky and maybe even stupid.

          • Briggs says:

            It doesn’t really make a lot of sense, right? It’s a lot of effort to go to just to ‘appease’ part of the fandom. Obviously, they’re going to follow this line, and maybe for a while.

        • fanoffelicity says:

          Personally, I like Oliver with Felicity a lot better than Oliver/Laurel. I know a lot of people have made the comparison with Smallville and how Clark had to end up with Lois Lane and thus Oliver has to end up with Laurel. But I think the “canon” of Green Arrow is not nearly as well known and therefore as sacrosanct as Superman’s “canon”. I don’t read comics and actually watched over 1/2 a season of Arrow before I even realized it was based on a comic book character. I’ve read elsewhere that the BC is supposed to be basically a good, light-hearted counter-balance to the Arrow’s darker more troubled character who can also more than hold her own when fighting along side him. I’m not sure it that assessment is accurate, but if so, it seems to me the writers have written Felicity with more of the traits associated with BC than Laurel (with the exception of the fighting). Though Felicity does fight in her way behind the scenes.

          My question for those who know and follow the canon is this: How much of Laurel’s story so far- betrayed by Oliver, losing her sister, getting Oliver back, sleeping with him again even though Tommy felt betrayed, getting her sister back, breaking up with Oliver then seeing Oliver get back together with her sister, losing Tommy, feeling like it was her fault and sliding into substance abuse, then losing her sister again is in keeping with the canon? It just seems like too much past relationship baggage for me to see Laurel and Oliver together again plus I think she has too many demons of her own to be a good balance for Oliver. I wish they hadn’t killed of Tommy- I think he would have been great with Laurel.

          • Suha says:

            How much of Laurel’s story line is canon… None of it… Pretty much the only real connection to canon she has is her name and Oliver…

      • Sheriff says:

        Cody, stick to your comics

      • James says:

        Got to agree with albamin and Briggs. You seem to forget that if the show was following canon, Oliver & Laurel WON’T be married “In the End”. They would be divorced and miserable “In the End”. Why bother with a thoroughly depressing story-line when you got another woman Oliver actually has chemistry with and a pairing that a crap load of fans like?

      • Um! Hello? I hate to be the one to inform you, but you must be watching another show, because you’re not watching Arrow! You’re absolutely wrong about your predictions on Oliver and Laurel’s relationship! They both said it themselves, to each other, what they had is all in the past now! In fact, Laurel even told Oliver, that there’s no going back! Of course they’re going to care for each other, because they have a history, but nothing more! You know, I do not understand why all Olicity haters keep on saying that Oliver and Felicity will never be together! What is being said is a bunch of bull! Why not? Because she’s considered as what we call, a computer genius geek, and Oliver is a nicely, well built, gorgeous, butt whooping guy? That is the most ridiculous, and idiotic assumption I’ve ever heard of! Oliver and Laurel’s relationship is like dehydrated fruit, there’s nothing there! No intimacy whatsoever between them! Now, Oliver and Felicity? They have chemistry, and a lot of it! A relationship is not all about sex, sex, and more sex, there’s a whole lot more to it than that! So, OLICITY ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Jill says:

          Not to mention, relationships on TV are about ratings and viewers, and Oliver/Felicity is a lot more popular than Oliver/Laurel was.

    • L says:

      Yea, how is Oliver paying for all his gadgets anyway? He needs to get a job or something…

    • Dan says:

      Could we see Oliver starting up Q-Core to fund his arrow business? Just a thought.

      Hopefully they don’t stick to canon religiously. They’ve deviated somewhat already at times so I see no reason they can’t do so again. I’m not into shipping but I prefer the Olicity romance as the scenes between Oliver and Laurel seem so tepid and forced.

    • Lena says:

      I agree. Oliver needs to spend some time working on his life, not chasing after Felicity. I don’t want this show to become all about Olicity. It’s ridiculous like a cheesy soap opera. Of course, that’s the CW.

      • Briggs says:

        It’s based on a comic book. For years, one of my favorite things to say was that the X-Men lived in one big soap opera, but that’s true for all comic books, I’ve come to realize. Trying to take the drama out of a comic property is like trying to take the white out of rice Only instead of returning dangerous ex-lovers (though there are plenty of those), we have recurring supervillains.

  4. Enri says:

    Loved it. Great episode!

    • Cody says:

      This episode is like a horrible fanfic. (Lots of Olicity angst, no Laurel, lovey-dovey villain)
      And I don’t know why, but I really hate Diggle being the “Olicity is end game!!” guy. I mean if it comes from Thea or even Laurel, it’s more believable. But Diggle, you’re a military badass, please stop giving love advice and take off your shipper google. Urgh!
      All this fan-service angsty-episode with Oliver walking in on the kiss and Diggle’s endless love advice is really bringing the show down.
      C’mon Arrow, please go back to your S2 kind of insanity. Like with Moira, Slade, good times.

  5. Drew says:

    That had to be the worst episode of this series ever. The flashback should have been the plot of the episode, because the rest of it sucked. The writing was horrible. Cupid shouldn’t have even been a challenge to Oliver, yet she kicked his butt. On top of that, she was just annoying as he!!. Why would they put her in the Suicide Squad? Then there’s the magic DJ who gets people dancing before he even starts his first song. Then there’s Ray… remember the first episode with him, how he was competing with Oliver for control of the company? Think he would have gotten the job if he opened with “I’m not here to make money for your failing company”? There were so many plot holes and examples of poor writing this week, it was hard to believe that this was an episode of Arrow. It was like a season 4 Smallville episode.

    • Briggs says:

      Clearly, we were watching different shows. i realize it was a tad Olicity-heavy, but it was one of the best eps this season, for me. But however you watn to feel…

      • Drew says:

        It was just weak. I can understand Roy going down easily. Especially if he tried doing one of those stupid flip kicks that really rarely works for him. But any crazy chick with a crush can put on a leather jacket and best Oliver in a fight? Really? Was she in Central City nine months ago or something?
        I guess I just expect more from the show at this point.

        • Briggs says:

          It was openly stated that Oliver’s head wasn’t in the game. Twice. Clearly, Oliver needs to figure out the solution to his problem. Doubtless, had Oliver not been so distracted, he could have taken her, just as you said.

          • Drew says:

            Which is bull. We have seen Oliver way more thrown off, with people he loves dying, and he couldn’t be bested by a F-class commoner then. Yet girl problems turn him to jelly? Is he in high school?

          • Briggs says:

            Moira told Isabel that Oliver’s judgement when it comes to women isn’t the best. I believed her then, I believe her now.

          • Drew says:

            Great. All he needs now is Lifehouse playing in the background and a barn to cry in.

          • Briggs says:

            *rolls eyes* And yet, he chose to socialize, instead.

        • Sara says:

          I believe they said in the episode that she was an elite member of the police force, so she wasn’t just some random crazy chick.

          • Drew says:

            Oliver fights members of the League of Assassins with more ease. How elite could she be on the police force of a city where criminals ruled the streets during her time on the force?

          • Sara says:

            Drew, I was simply giving you a reason (based on dialogue from the episode) why she had fighting skills that could give Oliver some trouble. It was also established that his head was clearly not in the game because of his distraction over Felicity. Sorry you don’t like that I used some show-based logic to explain the plot that you apparently don’t like.

          • Drew says:

            Sara, I am saying that the writing was weak. They could say that Oliver saw a kitten video on YouTube that threw him off, but that wouldn’t make it solid writing. He is a warrior who almost got killed by random crazy woman because Felicity went out with Ray. It is such weak writing. Sorry if that opinion offends you.

          • Sara says:

            A random crazy woman who had an established reason to have fighting skills. That isn’t weak writing. The fact that the writers had the foresight to plan out that she was formerly part of the SCPD in order to explain why she was able to fight with skill is actually an example of a well written plot point.
            You just seem to be nitpicking things to complain about while disregarding plot points that directly counter your complaints.

          • Briggs says:


          • Drew says:

            So you really and honestly believe that any member of that police force has the fighting skills of a member of the League of Assassins? For real? So five years of intense training for Oliver could have been spared by going to the academy for a couple of months?

          • Sara says:

            No Drew, as I said, I am pretty sure they episode said she was an elite member of the police force, like on a SWAT team (I believe they even said she was the first female member of it). That would mean she wasn’t just any member of the police straight out of the academy, but one with specialized training. She was able to take out Roy because it has been established for several episodes that his head hasn’t been in the right place. Same with Oliver this episode, coupled with the fact that Oliver, as Murley below me said, didn’t want to hurt her. All of these little details from the episode (I know, I know, those pesky episodic details!) combined together equals this chick being able to take on Oliver and Roy.

        • murley says:

          When I was watching my first thought was “how is she beating him” but then I remembered Oliver just said “I don’t want to hurt you” and realized he wasn’t trying to kick her ass. Plus the whole head not in the game thing that had been pre established and then the whole scene made perfect sense.

          • brenna says:

            I agree. She’s sick and he didn’t want to hurt her. I didn’t see that she beat him. She did trick him with the handcuffs, but Oliver actually dislocated his thumb to get out and saved them both. Wow is what I say!!

    • Dan says:

      Yeah, have to agree on many points here, there was a lot of holes in this episode. A few months training and she gets the better of the Arrow. That makes as much sense as Laurel becoming the BC after a few sparring sessions. Her obsession would surely make her a poor choice for the suicide squad, a fixation would compromise the mission.
      The DJ thing was almost laughable and don’t get me started on Ray. Felicity says he’s inspiring after working for him for a few weeks? And yeah, hell of a business plan that. Not sure what it is, but he’s definitely got an ulterior motive.

      If this is the direction the show is taking, I’ll feel pretty annoyed. The talk about the mid-season finale changing the show forever is hopefully hyperbolic but if not, then I’m concerned it will take away what made Arrow one of my favourite shows to watch during its first two seasons.

      • Alichat says:

        “Her obsession would surely make her a poor choice for the suicide squad, a fixation would compromise the mission.”

        Thank you!!! I thought the same thing! She needs to be in a mental institution. How will she be helpful to the suicide squad except to get the other team members killed faster?? And that dinner with Felicity and Ray. Oh my god! Listening to Felicity wax poetic about Ray and what he can do for a business and whatever other crap she said. Ugh….I just had to shut that out. It was the oddest character moment. She barely knows this guy, and she’s getting all flowery and intense as if she was talking about Oliver. So weird. And why weren’t the police pursuing Crazy Cupid as well? Every scene with Lance was him saying “Here’s the evidence we found. I think she’s obsessed with you. Let me know when you have caught her.”

        • Dan says:

          Yeah exactly. Her mind is warped and she’s obsessed with Oliver so much that she tries to kill him, but she’d do a great job with the suicide squad? Err, no….she’d still be obsessed with Oliver and thus be useless in the field IMO.

          Yeah, that whole dinner scene was very cringeworthy for me. He’s been borderline creepy anyways but Felicity’s gushing praise was a bit sickly considering. Felicity was out of character and seemed placated by a nice dress and pricey Jewellery. She looked amazing though and it was well acted throughout.

          Yeah another good point. I thought the city had calmed down somewhat, meaning there should be more police activity, not less. But hey ho, I’ll chalk it down as a strange, Frank episode for now.

          • Dan says:

            Freak, not Frank. Damn keys.

          • suzyque says:

            That speech struck me as weird too, but then I wondered if she was projecting a bit and speaking about Oliver instead of Ray? How he wasn’t a businessman, just someone trying to make the world a better place, etc.

            Also, I really, really wish Felicity was the one who broke off that kiss instead of Ray. Not because I think she should be with Oliver (not yet, anyway), but because I want her to start calling the shots in her relationships. It’s ridiculous that she’s now had two guys in a row kiss her and then walk away.. Girlfriend needs to stop getting played.

          • kath says:

            Three guys kiss her and walk away. Oliver’s walk was before he kissed her. At least with Barry it was mutually agreed.

            I totally agreed, Felicity needs to stop being played by the men she’s attracted to. Writers, it’s up to you.

        • kath says:

          I hated how they wrote Felicity in this episode just for Oliver’s manpain. She’s a good character but even she has to be destroyed for Oliver.

          And if Diggle is so keen on her and Oliver, why couldn’t he invite her to come over to his place too so she wouldn’t have to be alone?

          Between this and Laurel becoming Black Canary, there is nothing I like on this show.

          • albamin says:

            I have issues with how Felicity was written in this episode as well. The whole dress and necklace scene had a Pretty Woman vibe that I found disturbing. I get Felicity being angry with Oliver, but her sudden affection for Ray is mind boggling, especially considering his questionable behavior. And that speech at the restaurant? That was not the Felicity Smoak that I know and love.

          • Shelley says:

            Agreed. Felicity May be hurt by Oliver, but, is not the kind of character to change on a dime the way she was written. It’s just a weak plot point to have her introduce The Atom. To see through Ray’s exterior. I don’t follow the comics story line so this is new to me. So far, I’ve loved Arrow. Loved how he has come about in 2 seasons. But, this season’s core story line for most characters is identity development. Arrow/ Oliver is going through a martyr thing. He’s left the wealthy playboy girl chasing behind. He’s out of his known territory. He’s got to grow into a well adjusted, thinking superhero/ man who knows what he wants and has the means to get it. Whether it’s the bad guys or Felicity. Felicity deserves better. But, how she was written leaves little to be desired. I always loved Felicity, but, this one. I hope they don’t write characters to flaw them so badly then to show them that they made poor choices by not being with each other. Oliver’s there right . I’m anxious for next week. The Flash cross over.

          • kath says:

            I like character development in my TV shows. But on Arrow, it seems like Diggle last week (telling Oliver to ditch Roy) and Felicity here are both being written out of character for the sake of Oliver’s story. That’s nothing new on this show but I don’t like it when characters I like more than Oliver are brought down for him.

            I was looking forward to the Flash crossover but with Felicity and Oliver in such an uncomfortable place now I’m dreading it. It’s even worse than after they broke up in the season premier.

          • Shelley says:

            Also, I realize that the show is and has been successful because they brought a show to the comics fans. But, they are trying to cater to other fans like me. People who are new to this story aside from the comics known stories. Then the women who love the show watching it for the interpersonal relationships. Thusly, the Felicity and Oliver pairing is a big deal. This brought in more viewers. I hope they keep a balance between the couple dramas with jealousies and super hero action stories. I like a little of both, but, really? Felicity was out of character and so was Oliver. Come on Flash. This cross over episode Arrow needs badly.

          • Sara says:

            Felicity wasn’t alone. She was at a work dinner with Ray, as she told Diggle and Oliver several times. Yes, she was alone after the dinner, but why would she go to a second dinner? Especially when she had no idea what time her work commitment would have been done? I understand that you like Felicity, but she wasn’t being excluded for any other reason than that she told them she already had plans.

          • kath says:

            Diggle knew Felicity had a business dinner with Palmer but when Roy and Oliver went over to his place, it was very late and any business dinner would have been long over. And Diggle knew that it was over because Felicity left the dinner to join him in the lair to help Oliver and overhear Oliver reject her again. Even though she’d eaten already, she could have come over to share a drink and some friendly times.

            When Diggle went to see Felicity he told her “Oliver is off his game so please stop dating Palmer because it affects Oliver”. No “How are you feeling, Felicity?” No “I know Oliver is hurting you, are you okay?” Diggle was 100% in Oliver’s corner and not at all in Felicity’s.

            So now Oliver is being a douche for the manpain, Felicity is being shallow because she’s hurt and Diggle is being a douche because he doesn’t care at all about Felicity, only about Oliver. The show hit the trifecta of making me dislike the characters I liked the most.

          • Sara says:

            Kath, that is not what Diggle said! Not at all! Don’t make a direct quote of a character if you are going to make up the dialogue. Save that for your Olicity fanfiction (and this comes from someone who is a fan of the pairing). Also, I’m pretty sure that Felicity told Diggle to drop it with the Oliver stuff, so yet another reason why he didn’t invite her to dinner: he was respecting her wishes, like a good friend should do.

          • kath says:

            Sara, here’s the dialogue. Show me what I’m missing.
            Diggle: I was just in the neighborhood, thought I’d check out your new sign. That’s a nice dress.

            Felicity: Yeah, it’s a really really really nice dress. Ray lent it to me for a work dinner.

            Diggle: Yeah, some work dinner … you and Ray. It doesn’t seem that platonic. Actually it has Oliver twisted up in knots.

            Felicity: Oliver made his choice.

            Diggle: We both know that it was the wrong choice

            Felicity: Did Oliver say that?

            Diggle: Oh yeah because Oliver’s just great at expressing his emotions. We both know that he would rather go ten rounds with the League of Assassins than ever say that. But this thing with you and Palmer is messing with his head Felicity and we both know that’s really dangerous.

            Felicity: I told you there is no me and Palmer. But if there were and if Oliver had a problem with it, then Oliver should be the one to say something.
            Diggle: Okay. (Leaves. Felicity looks wistful/sad.)

            Later, after dinner is over, Felicity is with Diggle listening to Oliver tell Cupid he can’t be with anyone, he has to be alone. Felicity has tears in her eyes; Diggle says nothing.

            Where has Diggle expressed any concern for Felicity, or shown any interested in how she’s affected?. For Diggle, it’s all Oliver, Oliver, Oliver.

          • Sara says:

            Yes, so with the dialogue you posted, you made up a direct quote. You paraphrased and misinterpreted it. Thanks for proving my point. :-) You also do a disservice by not discussing the nonverbal dialogue that was going on with Diggle and Felicity. It wasn’t just all about Oliver, Oliver, Oliver for him. And even if it was, well, Oliver is basically Diggle’s best friend. So yeah, bros before…well, you get the point there. Felicity made her decision. She chose Ray in this episode. Diggle tried to sway her, but she made her position clear, so Diggle stopped pushing it, probably so as not to risk hurting their friendship.
            Again, I am a fan of Felicity and Oliver as a couple. I hope that they find their way to each other. However, I don’t think it was weak writing to show a woman who has been hurt making somewhat uncharacteristic choices in the wake of heartbreak and in an attempt to show she is moving on. What woman (or man) hasn’t behaved in the same manner?

        • Drew says:

          The Felicity stuff was weird this week. Even drooling over the dress was odd.

          I also want to point out how Cupid tracked down Oliver’s hideout. The dude tracks it to a general area, according to the dialogue. Yet the computer screen shows an exact address. All of this based on response time, even though Oliver usually responds to calls while already riding around on his motorcycle.

          • Dan says:

            Very odd. It seemed very out of character for her to seem materialistic. I’m not sure I want to go….I’ll buy you a new dress….okay then. Nah, didnt like that. I hope they aren’t changing her character, she was perfect as she was.

            Didn’t catch that first viewing, will watch it again..

          • kath says:

            Drooling over the dress seemed really out of character for Felicity. Yes, she likes clothes but she’s not shallow and that switch for a designer label was very shallow, as was the whole necklace thing. More trashy than classy, and Felicity’s always been a classy person even in jeans and sweater and panda flats.

          • Briggs says:

            It was *couture*. My head would be turned by couture, and I don’t care about clothes except to the point I’m presentable.

          • kath says:

            ‘Couture’ is a term people who wear those dresses never use, they use the designer’s name. And it’s never bought off the track (pret a porter), it’s made over for the individual person which is why it costs the $5000+ price tag so unless Ray has been combing through her clothes closet and taking pictures, how would he know?. Donna Smoak would have been thrilled; the Felicity I used to know, no. I thought it made her look shallow.

            I had a friend who used to buy clothes like that but they’re really no different than other well-made clothes except for the snob value and I hate that they brought Felicity down to that level.

          • Briggs says:

            You missed the memo that she’s hurt and vulnerable. I get it. But now I’ve told you. If you still refuse to accept that this does, in fact, have consequences, I don’t know what to do with you. Felicity is in a place where a guy being nice and wanting to give her the world is extremely tempting, and you want her to be something that she hasn’t been since Oliver broke her heart. I don’t know if you’ve ever had your heart broken, but it sucks, it hurts, and it takes a while to heal. She’s not even over the hump yet. Give it a rest. Please.

          • kath says:

            I get it, she’s hurt and vulnerable and she’s projecting so the speech she gave at dinner is about what she wants Oliver to be.and when she kisses Ray he walks away from her and she’s left alone while Oliver is with Diggle and Roy because apparently there is not enough punishment for Felicity for wanting to have a life of her own.
            Episode 15 would be okay if there was something I was enjoying on the show in the meantime. But i really don’t like the Laurel/BC storyline, I miss the storylines Sara and Moira could have had, and if they take Felicity away from me by making her OOC, there’s nothing left that I enjoy enough to watch the whole show for. The Diggle scenes I can get on youtube.

          • Briggs says:

            Oh, so you understand, but you still insist that Diggle should have invited her to dinner, despite the fact that she’s already had dinner, she’s at *work*, and being around Oliver would cause her more pain. Yeah, I can see how well you understand the current situation.

          • Drew says:

            This was why Smallville never made Chloe the main love interest despite a lot of fans wanting it. It would have ruined the dynamic of her relationship with Clark just like all of the romance drama is ruining the team dynamic that made this show great in the first place.

          • murley says:

            Felicity was weird this week. As far as the map thing goes if you looked closer there was a location dot randomly in the middle of the screen. The club name was on there like when you look at google maps and they show places of interest near by. There were a couple others too but obviously our attention was being drawn to the club because it is part of the narrative.

          • Guys, have you seen her shoes? The girl obviously likes clothes.

        • murley says:

          Well Harley Quinn, who is famously a part of the Suicide Squad and was reference in the episode, is crazy AND obsessed with the Joker. In fact her obsession with the Joker when she was his doctor is what drove her insane. So clearly that is not a prohibitive factor for Suicide Squad membership.

    • adam says:

      Cupid was a challenge because she was in the military and the police force.

    • Mell says:

      I have recently just started watching Arrow,I’m yet to watch s1 and 2.
      Is the suicide squad where cupid was taken and what is this squad about.

    • I think he was just trying not to hurt her.

    • Anne says:

      It was not one of the worst episodes, it was actually one of the best this season.

    • Boston2AZ says:

      How could any episode that didn’t have Laurel in it be the worst episode ever?

      • Briggs says:

        It made me forget people were missing, it was that good. Though I still await more Malcolm. :) I want to know what Daddy’s up to, now.

  6. Sam says:

    Oliver and Felicity are the real deal. Have we ever seen Oliver this passionate about a girl before? Hell no.

    • K says:

      That was the only good thing. We saw how much Oliver loves Felicity. Never seen him so into a woman ever. Not even with Laurel.

      • Hmm says:

        Poor soul. You must have blocked out all of season one and some of season two. Shame. Those were good seasons.

        • Briggs says:

          I actually think he took Laurel and Tommy dating rather well. Nothing really got wrecked in the Arrow Cave, though admittedly, there wasn’t much there at the time.

  7. lizzie says:

    as an olicity fan I loved it! agreed th fight scene could have been better

  8. Sparky says:

    Jealousy is a good look on Oliver…me likey!!!

  9. My Olicity heart is so happy and sad. Gah I enjoyed the episode. So much angst. If anyone was confused about Oliver’s feelings before, they were pretty clear this episode. Ahhh!!

  10. Briggs says:

    Carrie Cutter was *insane*… in all the very best ways. At least, unless you’re Arrow. I really hope Waller doesn’t put her on the Suicide Squad. That could be awkward. But wouldn’t that be a fun cosplay?
    Diggle was his usual self in this episode, which is a good thing. It’s only too bad that Oliver has terrible timing. But, at least Diggle could give him dinner. Lila appears to be the perfect hostess, even with one more unexpected guest.
    I fully expected Roy and Oliver to ‘train’ in an effort to burn off their frustration. Beat the crap out of each other. But dinner works, too. Hope Roy copes with his issues better than Oliver is.
    Felicity… oh, girl. Kissed by three guys. She walked away from one, another runs, and the last walks away from her. LOL I wonder what issues Ray has…
    As badly as Oliver is hurting, that was good quality angst, and I’ll take that. It looks like the payoff will be huge later.
    Loved Hong Kong. Finally, some action. Katana lives! And apparently, so does Maseo. Also, Oliver doing laundry. LOL
    An exosuit. Hmm. Ray is coming together. Maybe this is midseason finale fare…?
    Lastly, Thea and the DJ. Loved him. Want more of him. He did his job right… both on the tables and as an actor. Oh, and the kiss. Can’t forget the kiss. This was an episode for satisfying kisses.
    Loved this episode. More please!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yes, going over to Diggle’s for dinner was nice, and unexpected. (I too thought they were gonna go, like, beat up on some dock pilings or something.)

      • Briggs says:

        I’m glad Oliver has found a ‘better way’ to deal with angst, and is teaching Roy. Much healthier, this way.

        • brenna says:

          Yep, I loved that Oliver and Roy went over to Diggle’s. That was a nice moment!

          • kath says:

            It was a nice moment for Oliver and Roy, being there with Diggle and Lyla.
            What I didn’t like about it was that it was great Team Arrow bonding but without Felicity. Why didn’t Diggle invite her too if he’s so worried about the team dynamics? Instead, she’s stuck at Palmer Industries while the people she’s closest to have fun without her.

            It feels like Felicity is being punished this season for not waiting around for Oliver to decide what he wants from her. It’s not her fault he’s being an emotional idiot. He told her he wasn’t going to be with her, she accepted that and moved on but she’s the one being shut out of the Team.
            This is the bad writing that makes me give up on TV shows.

          • Briggs says:

            1. Diggle knew she was at work that night.
            2. She already had dinner.
            Perfectly valid reasons for him not to invite her.

          • Sara says:

            Briggs, look at you, using logic taken directly from the episode! Thank you for showing two very good reasons as to why Felicity wasn’t invited this time to dinner.

          • Briggs says:

            I employ logic whenever possible. :)

    • Dan says:

      Anyone else get the feeling there’s something nefarious with Ray? I know he’s the Atom and is a super hero, but I get the feeling he’s got something sinister planned? He’s coming on too strong to be legitimate IMO.

      • Briggs says:

        i think it’s a red herring, I really do. But I’m willing to wait and see what happens, since I don’t really *know*.

        • Dan says:

          You maybe right. He just seems too creepy to be on the level. It would be epic if they worked Felicity’s dad into this. That he made the Atom go to Starling and retrieve his daughter in return for something or someone. Wild speculation but that would be so cool.

          • Briggs says:

            It looks like he just finished designing the suit, though. But it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

      • fanoffelicity says:

        I am also suspicious of Ray! I can’t decide if I like him or not or if he is going to end being a good guy or not. I think Ray took advantage of Felicity’s eagerness to help people to get the company from Oliver but did he go to the computer store with that intent? It also seems like he is basically a sweet guy who is sympathetic and kind as in the scene where he tells Felicity “I can tell you’re angry but not really with me” and the scenes with Felicity’s mom. But then I question if that is genuine or just a front? Ditto for how he has been treating Felicity up to this point it with all the expensive stuff like the executive office with the personal assistant and of course the dress and diamonds were over the top. He is obviously wooing her and showing her quite ostentatiously how much he appreciates her abilities- but I get the impression that he is using the co-generation project to appeal to her desire to help people so she will be on board with him when in reality he needs the companies he is buying to build his atom-suit. last point- in the episode when Felicity first recovers the lost data for him was he looking at a weapons system at the very end?

    • kath says:

      Felicity’s been kissed by four guys, Oliver when he breaks up with her, Barry runs, Cooper tries to kill her, and Ray walks away.
      Poor girl, beauty and brains and she ends up losing every man she’s interested in. Good work, show.

      • Briggs says:

        Cooper doesn’t count, he’s from college. And she took him out without help, thank you very much. Besides, I’m still waiting to call this. I call nothing, *nothing*, before ep 15. And even then, I’d probably be in the wrong.

  11. Ess says:

    Such a big fan of Ray. Atom suit! I do like Felicity and Ray together too. It was a bit too soap opera-esque with Oliver walking in. Katanna finally!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I literally went, “Nooooooooo!” when Oliver walked in.

      • wonderwall says:

        Because it’s so unbelievably cliche or because it hurts to see him hurt? lol

      • Briggs says:

        I saw it coming when it was obvious Oliver was going to go talk to Felicity. I wasn’t alone, but I was going, ‘Nooooo!’ in my head.

      • Sparky says:

        I went NOOOOOOO but I was also very happy to see him react so jealous and bang the table and clear the table with such emotion. Its good to see SA stretching himself as an actor emotionally and he has done a good job imo with scenes like this!!

  12. rachel says:

    Love Arrow, although this season has been having it’s ups and downs. Are you ever going to cover the 100? So far this season is surpassing everything on the CW.

    • Alichat says:

      The 100 has gotten really good! Although, tonight’s ep…..I think they took Finn a tad too far. Last week’s grounder and the one accidental tonight would have been enough.

    • Alichat says:

      Also…..I was having ‘Serenity’ flashbacks! They need to give Joss Whedon a writing credit for Lincoln’s story arc.

  13. aunni says:

    god it hurts…. ;( . i was so prepared for olicity angst bt im douting. it was definitely way better than guilty. seriously, the atom storyline needs to happen fast.

  14. aw says:

    Cupid looks so much Poppy Montgomery in Unforgettable.

  15. aw says:

    Thea’s kissing the new guy – it doesn’t look real. I hope she and Arsenal get back 2gether soon!

  16. Goodbyenoway says:

    The best part of the show was Brandon Routh shirtless. Yummy.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Seconded; I’d take him any day over Stephen Amell(who I also like so no offense meant there).

      The actress playing Cupid was very good; I would typically say that type of villain may be a little too “comic booky” for the tone of this show but I found her wildly entertaining. As for Olicity, as someone who likes both characters I gotta say I’m just not feeling those two together(of course, I wouldn’t want Oliver with Laurel either due to lack of romantic chemistry). Even though I never liked the idea of them as a couple, he probably worked best with Sara.

  17. kath says:

    After two mediocre villains, I thought this one was great. It’s always good to have a real crazy villain on a comic book show, and it’s been too long since there was one. I hope she doesn’t mess the Suicide Squad up too much.
    I thought Katana was great too and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her. Best Hong Kong flashbacks all season.
    Ray is creepy, that’s all there is too it.
    I’m unimpressed with Thea’s DJ. I thought Thea was smarter than that.
    But I really hate what they are doing to Felicity so that Oliver can go all manpain again. She can’t win for losing, either she’s Oliver’s doormat waiting for crumbs or she’s shut out of the Team Arrow fun at Diggle’s house.
    Felicity is the reason I got into this show, and if they don’t do her right and keep Team Arrow apart, that’s why I may end up leaving.

    • aunni says:

      hi, kath be patient with felicity, she is going through a phase. im a greys anatomy fan since i was only 17. when derek decide to give his marriage a 2nd chance, left meredith heart broken. in that time meredith made few rush decision, one of them was sleeping with george. when derek questioned her abt her life style her response was …. she is trying to heal her broken heart.

      here felicity is trying to heal her broken heart by dresses n neckles. she will make few more in this phase. she is human, she is flawed. i never imagined her as perfect.

      • kath says:

        Thanks for trying to make me feel better, aunni.
        It’s not Felicity I’m upset with, it’s the tired stupid tropey writing that requires her to be out of character in order to fit the angst of keeping her and Oliver apart. The real Felicity would have told Oliver that Ray Palmer was re-naming his family’s company, not have him find out watching the TV while she’s grinning like a loon at how wonderful Ray is. With her speech at supper, it felt like Palmer bought her with the dress and temporary necklace.
        As for Oliver coming in just when Ray is kssing Felicity, there are fanfic writers who come up with better plotting and they don’t get paid big bucks like the show’s writers do.
        Just ugh.

    • Sara says:

      Kath, the only reason Felicity was shut out of the fun at Diggle’s was because she already had previously disclosed plans. I’m sure if she hadn’t been so adamant to Diggle and Oliver that she had a work dinner, she would have been invited. As it was though, she already had well established plans for dinner, so what would the point of inviting her be? So that she could say no?

      • kath says:

        Diggle knew Felicity had a business dinner with Palmer but when Roy and Oliver went over to his place, it was very late and any business dinner would have been long over. And Diggle knew that it was over because Felicity left the dinner to join him in the lair to help Oliver and overhear Oliver reject her again. Even though she’d eaten already, she could have come over to share a drink and some friendly times.

        When Diggle went to see Felicity he told her “Oliver is off his game so please stop dating Palmer because it affects Oliver”. No “How are you feeling, Felicity?” No “I know Oliver is hurting you, are you okay?” Diggle was 100% in Oliver’s corner and not at all in Felicity’s.

        So now Oliver is being a douche for the manpain, Felicity is being shallow because she’s hurt and Diggle is being a douche because he doesn’t care at all about Felicity, only about Oliver. The show hit the trifecta of making me dislike the characters I liked the most.

        • Sara says:

          As I said above, you are making up dialogue that did not happen, while disregarding other discussions. Diggle and Felicity DID at some point talk about Oliver and she said that she wanted to hear the things Diggle was saying Oliver felt, from Oliver himself. Diggle is clearly in both of their corners, otherwise he wouldn’t be trying to play matchmaker. However, Felicity made it clear to Diggle that she thinks she needs to move on since Oliver made it seem to her that he didn’t want to be with her. Diggle is being a good friend to her by trying to respect her wishes. I get it, you love Felicity. But you are just making stuff up at this point. I am a fan of Felicity and Oliver, but you seem to be one of those types that make the rest of us look bad.

  18. JAB says:

    So, Ray Palmer has to buy his women and Felicity Smoak, the show’s strongest women character in now a shallow material girl. Don’t even get me started on the fact that HE’S HER BOSS!!!

    Well done! Excellent!

    • Alex says:

      Yeah, the way Felicity acted when she saw the dress and necklace made me actually dislike her. I wish she’d told Ray “thanks, but NO, thanks” and got her own frickin’ dress and jewelry. A shame, because I kind of like the idea of Ray/Felicity, but that stuff was a real step backward.

    • K says:

      It was terrible. The ruined her tonight. I’m so sad about it.

    • L says:

      Those scenes were played for comic relief.. and it was not out of character for her… and dont forget Oliver is essentially also her boss.

    • kath says:

      That’s Marc Guggenheim saying he likes star-crossed lovers. Apparently to get there you have to ruin the show’s best female character to make her stupid enough to bring the angst.

  19. Carol says:

    I loved Cupid! She was such a good mix between psycho crazy and believer that love conquers all! I hope she comes back!

    I like Thea/Roy but the DJ guy is a nice change for now.

    Even if the circumstances leading to it sucked, that dinner scene with Oliver, Roy, Diggle and Lyla warmed my heart!

    I can’t believe I’m about to say this but Felicity bothered me a lot this episode. So much so that I caught myself wondering who was that on my screen. She was OOC and not in a good way.. It’s been happening for a couple episodes but tonight she was just too cold and OOC to ignore. That speech about Ray in the restaurant made me so uncomfortable that I had to hit pause.

    Btw, Ray Palmer is really tip toeing the line between social awkwardness and plain stalkerish behaviour.. Which is a shame cause I actually like him when he’s not being creepy with Felicity.

    That Ray/Felicity kiss felt off to me too.. I see chemistry but not the romantic kind.. And I still can’t buy how Felicity went from not liking him to thinking he’s so amazing in a couple weeks. This relationship feels forced in order to prop the olicity angst.

    I’m actually starting to get worried about the direction of the show.. This season is just kind of there with no real direction and OOC moments for almost every character. It just feels like in order to develop a character they have to mess up another one.. I miss the organic feel from season 2. I’ll give it until the midseason finale but I’m at a point that even my excitement for the crossover has declined after these last episodes.

  20. Alex says:

    I didn’t like Cupid. She was annoying, and the actress was way OTT. Ray/Felicity is okay with me, though I really didn’t like how she dived for that dress and drooled over the necklace. If some dude who was my boss bought me a super-expensive dress and tooled me up in a super-expensive necklace, I’d be majorly creeped out. I did not miss seeing lots of Laurel in this episode!

  21. Meredith says:

    The show is so much better without Laurel and she and oliver together are so dark and boring together. Felicity brings a necessary lightness to the show and to Oliver. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll end up together and that’s why they’re having Felicity push Oliver away.

  22. Jenny says:

    The reason why tonight was so enjoyable as we were back go typical arrow fashion is NO LAUREL. STOP WASTING time with her please

    • Jack says:

      Even when she’s not in an episode, you just wanna talk about Laurel? If she wasn’t on the show you’d have nothing to talk about. Seriously!

  23. Kate says:

    Great to have a break from Laurel and her tedious storyline but this episode was painful. It was good but painful. The Olicity angst was too much and I really don’t like Ray. He bought her with gifts and she accepted it which felt ooc. I thought she loved Oliver and would fight more but there was nothing. At least the kiss was awkward but the fact that she went back in for more killed me.

    • Marc says:

      While I find Ray’s interest in Felicity creepy and bordering on obsession and hated that she even thought to wear the dress and necklace he got for her, I don’t blame her for giving up on Oliver or wanting to move on. Even last night when Diggle went to see her, you could tell that she would have been Ray who? if Oliver was only brave enough to get over his manpain and go to her. But she’s waited long enough, she’s had to watch Oliver go through five women only for him to continually tell her, in the most painful way (last night) that he can’t be with her. This push and pull is upsetting and unfair to her. She’s got to be lonely after three-plus years. If anybody needs to fight, it’s Oliver, and he’s barely even started. Hopefully, we’ll begin to see that when his need for her is greater than his fear of whatever he seems to be afraid of, on that I’m not quite clear.

  24. K says:

    Forgot to add, Cupid was awesome and I hope we see her again.

  25. Arrowette says:

    The episode was that bad? I havent watch it but after reading all these comments it seems the episode really suc*ked and I better not even watch it. This season something is really missing in Arrow and I dont know what it is. but I may start believing that one of the flaws this season is to push for Olicity, I think it is not the right time for them to even build a relationship, things are very complicated specially in Oliver life in order for him to have something with felicity. IMaybe later in the season or even if there is a season 4, but now it seems is not working. The writers should let the relationship between Oliver and Felicity just the way they were back in Season 2, protective, caring, as 2 good friends who are there for each other and nothing more.

    Also Oliver seems he does nto care anymore for his company and he is letting Ray run the company, I know the company no longer belongs to oLiver but he can win the company back but it looks like he is not even making an effort to win it back. He no longers even visit the company. Oliver is now only focus on being Arrow rather then being Oliver for a while. In past seasosn he could mix both things now he seems only want to b e Arrow and save the city.

    The writers are not doing something good this season. I hope that will change soon.

    I want Suicide Squad back, more action and less drama , by drama I mean, Felicity and Oliver trying to be a couple or Laurel whining and always being a victim. I want the Oliver of Season 1 and 2, he is not the same this season.

  26. Arrowette says:

    I understand Oliver is protective all of her laides in his life (Thea, Laurel, , Felicity and Laurel) and he does not want any bad happening to them but I also believe Olliver needs to stop be so over protective of them so much that he does not want either them to grow independently, make mistakes on their own, is like Oliver wants them to like stay always secluded and just wait for his orders or something. Oliver needs to let go a little let them deal with life on their own a bit and if they need help from him Im sure he be there for them if they need him, but Oliver cant force them to do things only because he said so. Each one is individual, they do not depend on him

  27. LeDirector says:

    Felicity is overrated and annoying

    • Jack says:

      I don’t think she’s annoying but she’s definitely the weakest character on the show. Felicity lacks a real depth even with an origins episode there wasn’t anything different about her other than the colour of her hair. I think the writers have created such a lovable character that they’re scared to do anything with her that would develop/evolve her in fear of tarnishing what the fans love. It’s upsetting to me. I mean, you look at Thea or Laurel in the pilot and then look at them now and they’ve grown so much from their clean slate. Felicity has remained the same.

      • Steve says:

        Felicity does not need to grow she is okay as she is. Thea has grown on me but I still don’t like laurel. The writers didn’t write felicity well this week but I still like Felicity all the same. I think it has something to do with the actress. This episode was good but sad at the same time.

        • Poh says:

          Just because you don’t like Laurel, it doesn’t mean that her character has not grown. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

          • Jaymee says:

            It’s really ashame to read comments of blind hatred for Laurel. She wasn’t even on the episode and Felicity fans feel the need to poop on her character.

          • Alex says:

            No one in this thread expressed any “blind hatred” of Laurel. One person said, “I still don’t like laurel.” What is the world is objectionable about that? NOTHING, to sane people.

          • mandy says:

            I think everyone isentitled to their own opinions. Laurel for me is the weakest link. she may be growing as BC but that dosent mean she is growing on people. Happy they didnt include her in this episode. This episode was reallly sad tbh.

        • nicky. says:

          I agree. This episode was definately the best even though it was sad. I dont like Laurel either and not looking forward to the whole BC thing.

      • Jaymee says:

        Finally someone speaks the truth!!!!
        Felicity is written without flaws. She can hack thru anything and make medical diagnosis (such as doing an MRI scan on Sarah’s body so she can have some forensic evidence). It’s not very realistic. “No growth” is absolutely spot on!

    • Anne says:

      She is great and ll is annoying.

  28. Loving this fandom says:

    It’s nice to see a fandom that is treated as respectfully as this one is. I wish other CW show runners where like Arrow’s and the Flash. I think maybe I will have to get in on these 2 shows. At least I know that they listen to what fans fan and are still capable of telling a good story. Not that anyone would criticize this show, but if they did I am sure a EP wouldn’t tell them to go away and stop watching.

  29. Dustin_01 says:

    No matter how good or bad an episode is someone will always find something to hate on:/ oh well everyone’s got the right to their own opinions… I loved the episode and I loved the flash yesterday I just hope people could enjoy the shows as much as I do I think their awesome

  30. Sheldon W. says:

    Weakest episode of the season – at least the part in the present. Watching Rila Fukushima kick @$$ was pretty awesome. Cupid, though, was a pretty bargain basement villain/head case (and sorry, but there’s no way she’s crazier than Harley! That comment definitely hurts Lyla’s credibility).

    Loved the tag, though. The A.T.O.M. Exosuit and white dwarf matter! Boomerang! Very cool.

  31. Jessica says:

    My favorite parts were the nods to Robin Hood, specifically Sherwood Florists! That made me giggle.

    • Jack says:

      Sherwood Florist isn’t just a “reference” to Robin Hood. Its a flower shop run by Laurel with an apartment upstairs where she and Oliver live.

  32. CDJ says:

    You know what, good on Felicity for moving on. I love Oliver and Felicity together but as of right now, she deserves someone so much better. Until Oliver decides to man up, go for it Felicity. Don’t wait for a guy who can never ‘be with you’.

  33. reesa_ says:

    This was actually a really good Episode! Wanna know why? Cause there was no Laurel Drama in it ;-)

  34. Okay episode, but the DJ plot felt pointless (I get the feeling it’ll matter more later), and the action was not up to the usual snuff. Roy getting taken out off-screen was pretty lame, though nice to see them officially calling him Arsenal.

  35. Pat says:

    The flashback scene of Tasu using her Katana skills was the best part of this episode. I am not sure what is going on with Ray and that Atom suit he wants to make. I have never read the comics so can anyone tell me if his character will turn out to be a bad guy in this suit?

    • Luis says:

      In the comics, Ray Palmer develops technology that enables him to become a hero known as The Atom. While its not impossible that the writers could deviate enough from the comics to turn Ray here into a villain, I am doubting that will happen. Producers were cagey suggesting we wouldn’t see Ray do any shrinking on “Arrow,” but you don’t show off plans for an exoskeleton without showing us some shrinking . . .

      • Briggs says:

        I don’t know. Until they show the actual suit, I’m going to presume the EPs are telling the truth. Right now, all we have is the tease of the 3-D image.

  36. dancmh says:

    Needed more Barrowman. You don’t sign Barrowman to a series then don’t use him.

  37. brenna says:

    That was a fun episode, although it did break my Olicity loving heart. Cupid was a fun character and Felicity looked stunning. Oliver is always so in control of his emotions, that it was nice to see him lose his cool over Felicity and Ray. I’m getting invested in the Hong Kong story. Oliver is continually pushing Felicity away so I can see her being drawn to Ray who appreciates her and is great looking! The season is about finding identity for all the characters, so I think the way they are all acting kind of lost is part of that. Can’t wait for the crossover and I’m sure the last half of the season, they are all going to come together in a great way. I still love this show! I think the big action scenes are coming in the next couple of episodes. With their budget, I’m sure some episodes have to be lighter on the action!

  38. Foshi says:

    It really bothers me that people think that just because somebody watches the show and also ships Olicity it somehow makes them less of a fan. I see shaming from comic fans all the time belittling real life people for dislike a fake story. Just because someone like romance*gasps* doesn’t mean hey don’t also love action and suspense and awesome story telling. You’re blind adoration for comic canon is no less valid or invalid in my eyes if that’s how you choose to watch the show. You do you! I’ll do me! This show has millions of viewers and the writers write for the fans not just the 25,000 people who buy green arrow comics. Let’s all love Arrow for what we love and stop shaming each other for it. That being said I liked this episode for the character development, friendship, emotional vulnerability shown by Oliver and Diggle’s continued role as friend and confidant. The writers have said this season is about identity for all the characters and seeing Oliver go to dinner at the end of episode was one step closer to Oliver realizing he can be both the Arrow and Oliver Queen.

    • Jaymee says:

      I read on here 1 comment from a fan saying Oliver ends up with Laurel in the comics, and in retort, the Felicity/Olicity fans declare that Oliver and Laurel actually ends up in divorce (which is totally true).

      However, there are many more comments of “this episode was great because Laurel wasn’t on” or “God I can’t stand Laurel’s story!” I find that to be more hateful than a comic book fan stating what happened in comics and also without putting the character of Felicity down.

      This is a tv universe based on characters from a comic book. Not everything will be the same from the comics because it won’t teanslate well in TV. But I think the writers have done well writing these story arcs.

      • Alex says:

        Not liking a character or wanting to see her is not being “hateful.” It’s an opinion. Chill out! Not everyone has to like the same characters you like, you know.

        • Jaymee says:

          I’ve never said in my post that I liked a certain character. Just explaining in a “chill” manner the differences of reaction. Perhaps you need to chill and follow your own advice Alex.

    • brenna says:

      Well said Foshl.

  39. Sarah T. says:

    Loved last night’s episode. Thought Cupid was crazy (in a good way). I didn’t think she really took Arrow down too easily. I thought it was fairly clear that not only has she had previous training but that Oliver’s head wasn’t in the game because he was distracted by Felicity and he we was trying to not hurt Carrie. I also thought it was kind of understood that Cupid likely would have bumped up her training some to gain the Arrow’s attention and (in her twisted mind) to work along side him.
    As for Felicity/Ray-loved the build-up there. It seemed maybe a bit rushed but the fact that Ray apologized after the kiss showed somewhat that he wasn’t really planning on that happening. I think he and Felicity have a mutual attraction for each other that’s growing.
    One of my favorite parts of the episode was the Diggle/Felicity talk, not only because Felicity stood her ground and said that Oliver needed to talk to her directly but also because we haven’t seen as much Digg/Felicity bonding this season yet.

  40. Marc says:

    I’m sensing a vibe between Oliver and Tatsu, please tell me they won’t go down that road.

    • Donna MaMa says:

      mutual respect – she was hard on Ollie and wanted him gone, she sensed his feelings when they both thought her husband was dead, did you see the look on Ollie’s face when she asked him “how was she going to tell her son”

    • Jaymee says:

      I hope not! It was so weird seeing him with Shado. That was not a well written or developed romantic story.

  41. Michele says:

    I liked the episode overall but there were definitely parts of it that I was cringing over.

    Mostly the Oliver/Felicity storyline. We all knew the Oliver/Felicity thing from the 1st episode was going to have to come back at some point. They swept it under the rug for 5 episodes and using Cupid to facilitate exploring that further made sense. However, the way it all played out was ridiculous and clichéd. While I’m an Olicity fan, I’m not opposed to her being with someone else until Oliver gets his head out of his butt. But the whole interaction with Ray, laid everything on pretty thick. She didn’t fall all over herself when Oliver first started to come around her but it seemed like she just fell to his every whim. The scene with the dress could be explained because she definitely is in to fashion in some way but the necklace and when he came to take the necklace back. She sounded like a bit of an airhead when she asked if he has to take it back. Felicity is not an airhead! And having Ray do the salmon ladder was beyond ridiculous! Unless the show is trying to make it seem like Ray is a poor Oliver imitation and an excuse to have Brandon Routh shirtless The worst part of the episode was Oliver going to talk to Felicity and finding her and Ray kissing. It was so typical and expected for him to show up there, find that and then walk away. It had bad soap opera plot written all over it.

    In general, I haven’t really enjoyed aspects of Felicity this season and she’s usually one of my favorites. Even back to episode 2 and her accusing Oliver of not having any feelings after Sarah died. I feel like if they are supposed to be in love and have this connection then she should know him better than that and it doesn’t seem like she knows him at all this season.

    The best part of this episode was Oliver and Roy showing up at Diggle and Lyla’s for dinner. Such a cute way to end the episode.

  42. bkwrm says:

    There’s just something so insincere about Ray. The way he brushed off the kiss just seemed so staged and along with his singlemindedness towards this ATOM thing, it feels like his is using Felicity in some way. Something is just really off about him.

  43. Claire says:

    I loved this episode. It focused in the right characters and Cupid was fantastic! The fact that it was another weekly criminal was fine with me because a lot of time what these episode do is propel the personal stories of our team and I love that. Yes, Cupid was a treat and I hope she makes a return visit, but for me this episode was about finally getting some emotion from Oliver in regards to Felicity. This storyline is key to both Oliver and Felicity and their future development as a couple and as individuals. I think in the second half is when we see the tide turn and Oliver will begin to fight for his company and more importantly Felicity.

    I can’t express in words just how much I loved Oliver and Roy showing up at Diggle’s place for dinner. THIS is what the show is about, THIS TEAM. Now we just need to get Felicity there as well. Ahhh, please EPs READ THIS! We need MORE of this — TEAM ARROW — this makes the show work!

    oh! And Felicity is VP? Sweet! Did I somehow miss this title before? :D

  44. Maryann says:

    I am just devastated that Oliver finally went to Felicity and saw her kissing this other guy. I don’t like him as an intruder on the Arrow mythos. As the star of his own show, he would be fine, but I absolutely do NOT like him on Arrow or with Felicity.
    Loved the katana scene and would very much like to see more and see that character developed.
    PLEASE let this be the lastwe see of Cupid. She was just annoying.

  45. Rick Katze says:

    Olicity will eventually happen. But the road will be rocky, making for good stories. I’ll be shocked if there any serious commitments before Season 5. Now that we know Thea is trained to fight, eventually I expect Thea to be in that situation where she demonstrates her abilities with Oliver being present, resulting in a lot of soul-searching questions. there is also the possibility that it could be Roy and Thea instead of Oliver. I get the feeling that we won’t see Merlin again before the second half of the season unless they do an episode which is the cliffhanger for the winter break. I don’t read the comics but get the impression that the TV show is not constrained by what happens in the comics so those who complain that something is blasphemy according to the comic book mythology should just get over it. And, last but not least, the fight scene was awesome. Definitely a young lady not to mess with. I expect that we will see either see Oliver getting training from her in flashbacks or at least conversation to that point which will show why oliver is such a pain-in-the-butt when comes to fighting.

  46. Alison Tabour says:

    As a metaphor (of Oliver fighting with his emotions/feelings/identity) the episode worked.
    Personally, I want the show to STOP killing off the strong woman (Moira, Shado, Sara).
    It is beginning to annoy me. (Especially Sara’s death—growl.)
    The writers spent the ENTIRE second season setting Oliver and Felicity up as relationship destiny. Ergo, the writers now have an obligation to honor that destiny. Although the journey this season has been trite and pedantic for a show that has shown it can be super-duper cool.
    Why can’t Felicity just walk the hell up to Oliver and say: “I want you. Follow my lead. I will be strong enough for both of us. We’re doing this.”
    As a woman I personally don’t care for all Felicity’s crying and kissing of Ray and Barry when who she wants to kiss is Oliver.
    Show me some strong, powerful woman that come out of your writers room writers!!!

    • Star says:

      I agree! They have changed her personality a lot this season. She is more needy. Before it was all about the crusade not it is about falling in love (“wanting something different”). They better hurry up and bring Felicity back.

    • Shelley says:

      Absolutely! Agreeeeeeee! But, I have to say that I think Felicity is in position with her intelligence and abilities to initiate Ray and propel him into being The Atom. She’s also that bridge where Oliver can see and know the The Atom is an ally. Then, Ray has had the use of Queen Consolidated to mine the alloy needed for his suit, and whatever else he needed. Hopefully, Oliver has the opportunity to regain control of his company and then decides to make a move for Felicity.

      • kath says:

        I hope that now that they’ve used Ray to make Oliver feel jealous, they drop that after the winter break and concentrate on Felicity helping him make his suit functional and introducing him to the other vigilantes of Starling and Central City.

  47. redjane12 says:

    I loved the episode, even the flashback which is a first (go katana lady!). Sure more drama and angst than usual but Oliver’s reckoning was coming so no surprises there… I must say I found Felicity’s quick allegiance to Palmer Enterprises & Palmer himself felt a bit rushed? I think there should have been more build up to it but overall it worked esp. because as Felicity acknowledged… She has a type! So in a way, Ray Palmer slots nicely in the vacancy that Oliver has vacated (out of his own volition). And in all honesty, Oliver has been an awful boyfriend to most of his previous girlfriends/hookups (some of whom were total psychos like the Huntress and Isabelle…), so perhaps he needs a bit of time to mature emotionally? Or he could go on a lady-binge which could be fun if cringeworthy to watch…

  48. ANNA says:

    Great episode! Even though I’m a Felicity/Oliver fan I’m glad they’re going their separate ways for a while. Oliver throwing a fit was just adorable, I feel like an idiot for how quickly turned to mush when he did that. Those stainless steel tables look like they were made to absorb jealous rages. NICE. But the best part about this episode was no Laurel. Only negative was the dj, that was bizarre. No thanks.

  49. Liza says:

    Where the hell is austin butlers beautifull hair!!! bring back the sebastian kidd look!!! i think i’m gonna cry about his hair now. but great episode!

  50. Star says:

    I don’t like where they are taking Felicity’s character. To me it seems as though all those who whispered behind her back about her when she was Oliver’s EA are justified in what they were saying now that she works for Ray. The whole “Pretty Woman” scene (dress me and bling me out) is so out of character for her. She was portrayed as a strong independent woman who with everything that was in her had the determination to become everything her mother was not and here in this episode it seems like something her mother would have done. She is not as witty but I find her one liners to be forced and not natural this season.

    Yes, I understand that they are making Oliver and Felicity circle around each other before they get back to where they belong (with one another) but changing her personality should not have been a part of the deal. Ray and Felicity, in my opinion, do not have a strong chemistry. It almost seems like Oliver and Laurel. Something that they are trying to work but having to work harder than they should to make it work. Felicity also seems a bit detached from the team. The cohesiveness is not there and I am growing tired of the lacklustre communication in their relationship.

    • fanoffelicity says:

      I also don’t like Felicity being so enamored with Ray so fast- but I think I can understand it somewhat. She’s trying to move on from Oliver, but Barry didn’t work out and Ray is an attractive alternative and not just physically, he seems to want to help people and that is what drew her to Oliver in the first place. So I can kind of see her agreeing to work for Ray even after he used her to take the company from Oliver. But I didn’t buy her being so supportive of Ray during the press conference when she was trying so hard to help Oliver keep the company a few episodes ago.

      I actually didn’t mind the dress/diamond thing. The episode with her mom helped me see Felicity in a little different light in that regard. I had always thought that it was out of character for her (a geeky, socially awkward IT girl who seems to spend all her time with computers) to be so comfortable in super-tight mini dresses and high heels. But seeing her mom made me think that maybe Felicity got more from her mom than she realized including a great fashion sense. So I could see her falling in love with the dress and I could see it as a bit of comic-relief to be so over-the-top about it.

      What I really found OOC and cliché was the way she won over the tough businessman in just a few moments with her sappy speech about Ray. One thing I really like about Felicity is her awkwardness socially- her tendency to put her foot in mouth and say things that just shouldn’t be said or babble when she’s nervous- it makes her human and relatable. I compare how she babbled and said everything she wasn’t supposed to when she saw Moira Queen for the first time after the trial and I can’t see how she would be so polished and poised and say everything just right at her first big important business meeting. Maybe the writers were trying to show her growing appreciation of Ray, but it didn’t work for me.

      I miss Felicity’s little Freudian slips/ double-entendres with Oliver- I wish we would get a few more of those!