Mindy Project Recap: You Turn Me Write 'Round, Baby, Write 'Round

The Mindy Project Season 3 Recap

Remember the end of Bridget Jones’ Diary, when Mark Darcy finds Bridget’s journal and she thinks he’s left her, but he’s merely gone out to buy her a new blank book? Something very similar happens in this week’s Mindy Project; it’s too bad rom-com addict Mindy is completely unaware that anything of the sort is taking place.

During the episode, we learn that Mindy had a crush on Danny for quite some time, Jeremy’s a master calligrapher and Morgan provides excellent turn-down service.

Read on see what other treasures “Diary of a Mad Indian Woman” yields.

WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE? | Mindy — sporting some bangin’ bangs — and Danny bicker about how he never wants to spend the night at her place. After he inadvertently kicks her in the face, she sports a bedazzled pink eyepatch and guilts him into staying at her apartment that evening.

“Oh my God, it’s like Grey Gardens in here. I’m going to be smothered by a collapsing tower of tchotchkes,” he complains as he walks in, but he’s soon distracted by Mindy jumping him on her couch. However, a call from Dr. Fishman means Min’s got to run to the hospital (more on that in a minute), so she tells Danny to make himself at home.

So he does, and when a buzzing noise comes from Mindy’s bedside table, he opens the drawer to investigate. “Ah, Mindy’s got the same neck massager as Ma,” he says, turning off the buzzing offender, and GOOD GOD DANNY, YOU’RE A GYNECOLOGIST. FIGURE IT OUT. (Also, ha!) While he’s in there, he finds Mindy’s diary.

Of course he reads it.

SCENES FROM A COURTSHIP | For the most part, Danny likes what he sees in the pages. Mindy writes about how she had a crush on him when they were residents together (“his lips were like plump hot dogs”), had sex dreams about him even when he was a jerk to her (“Way to go, Danny Jr.,” Castellano says to his tush), and couldn’t believe it when he kissed her on the airplane (“It was the moment I had dreamed of for years”).

But Morgan’s surprise visit — there for the turn-down service mentioned earlier in the ep, perhaps? — jolts Danny so much that he accidentally knocks a glass of red wine onto the diary, staining the pages. Oops.

THOSE WHO CAN’T… | What’s Mindy up to while her man is snooping around her pad? She’s fulfilling her Dr. Fishman-mandated teaching rounds at the hospital, though she tries to get out of it by sending Tamra in her place. When Mindy eventually shows up, she tries to champion a shy female student by ignoring a brash male student… and winds up with sexism complaint against her.

Fishman demands that Mindy make things right, so she finds the male student in the hospital gym and — after a pretty funny sight gag that has them both flying off side-by-side treadmils — explains to him that he reminds her of her as a med student: smart, cocky and not too careful about other people’s feelings. “If you’re a doctor who doesn’t know how to get along with other people, then you’re a bad doctor,” she tells him… before drinking all of his sports drink.

THE WRITE STUFF | Meanwhile, Danny tries to cover his tracks by having noted forger Jeremy recreate Mindy’s diary so she won’t know Danny read it. “When I got my calligrapher’s license, I swore I would only use it for good,” Dr. Reed protests, but caves when he realizes how a Mindy-Danny break-up would incapacitate the practice for a very long time.

But as he’s copying the entries, Jeremy draws Danny’s attention to a recent one: After an evening where Mindy thought Danny was going to propose — he merely wanted to rail against new New York City Mayor DiBlasio — she wrote, “If he doesn’t propose by Christmas, I might have to move on.”

Danny says it’s too soon, because they’ve only been together seven months. But Morgan and Jeremy disagree. And when Danny fills his mother in on what’s happening, Annette says Mindy’s too old for Danny to mess around with: “If you know you’re not gonna propose,” Ma says, offering the most helpful advice she’s given since we’ve met her, “you’ve gotta end it.”

DANNY DECIDES | And when Mindy says she’s heading home unexpectedly, Danny does one of his all-out runs to her building, scales the fire escape and returns the forged diary to her bedroom before she realizes anything’s amiss. But when she asks him to stay, he freaks and reacts as though she’s talking about marriage. So when she says, “Do you wanna stay or do you wanna go?” and he replies with the latter, it seems like a big, heavy, this-will-lead-to-heartache thing.

But a moment after he leaves the apartment, he’s back, grousing about how she doesn’t lock her door and how she’s sleeping on his side. So much drama, Min, and this time you weren’t directly responsible for any of it! That’s gotta be a new world record, right?

Your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. JMFan says:

    Did Danny found Mindy’s vibrator?

  2. Amy says:

    I really thought we were at the beginning of the end. Huge sigh of relief when he walked back in. Danny and Mindy are so great together. I hope we see a proposal & wedding eventually. Mindy will be one crazy bride.

  3. Anna says:

    Women cannot be sexist! I was really disappointed in this story line tonight, Mindy Kaling should know better, stand up for womena little more Fox TV

    • mary says:

      Women can absolutely be sexist, especially in the work place which was what the guy thought. It isn’t as common but in a female dominated profession for the male to be requested by a patient and then not chosen for a female less qualified counterpart would be sexist.

      That isn’t what Mindy was doing and it was clearly explained in the episode but these issues aren’t black and white. Men can be victims of it too its just rarer.

    • Rad McAwesome says:

      Women can absolutely be sexist. I’d check that misplaced rage, buddy.

      • Anna says:

        In this society men still have privilege over women – in general they have better jobs, get paid more, and are called “players” when they cheat & are promiscuous vs. women being called “sluts” and worse. So NO, women CANNOT be sexist. Sexism (or any ism) by definition means discrimmination + power, and as a woman in this male-dominated world, its not the same at all. Thus my disappointment (not “rage”…is that bc im a woman so i must b an angry crazy feminist or something??) with the show

        • Meh says:

          Exactly. Discrimination and power = ism Soooo many people do not know this or brush it off. Nobody is saying a person cannot discriminate, but there is specific terminology for it.

        • dan says:

          Hunh, interesting. Thanks for pointing out the distinction. But are there some situations where a woman could still be sexist. For example, if a man went to a spa and a woman said, “Well, our clientele is primarily female so I I won’t hire you.” Assuming the boss in question is a woman, could that still be construed as sexism? Or is that still just discrimination.

          In any case, again, I appreciate your pointing out the distinction, very interesting.

          • GTS says:

            That is discrimination. When someone discriminates it’s because they’re sexist or racist or an -ist. People need a reason for discriminating- it’s because they think that gender or race can’t do something good enough.

            So, if the female spa owner didn’t hire the man because she didn’t think a man could be a good spa worker she would be sexist and discriminating.

        • GTS says:

          An -ism doesn’t have to do with power. Any person can be racist or sexist. Black people can be racist towards white people, and think that black people are superior. A short person could be tall-ist and think that tall people are less superior to short people. An -ism doesn’t have to be the most common belief (like how white people being better than black people once was). Any one person can have the belief that a category, like women, are better than another, like men.

  4. yoEaz says:

    Danny might have been dating Mindy for only 7 months, but he has known her for 8 years or so… I can see Mindy’s point.

  5. I.R.E. says:

    At least we see another appearance of Annette and yeah both she and Beverly sounded alike in rotten cranky tones. There is one problem that Jean is seriously trying to fix on Mindy, being “flexible” not being a “stay put” type of person.

  6. Kristine says:

    I really enjoy this show. It’s sweet.

  7. Betty says:

    Great episode, I loved the Ray Rice line!

  8. Allee says:

    Great episode! I was enjoying the last few episodes, which were mostly just Mindy and Danny hanging out. But I was also sort of missing the drama of last season. My stomach dropped when he left. Should be a good next few months until what I’m sure will be the winter finale.

    • S. says:

      Hey so the good news is that TMP got another 6 eps ordered so we’re at 21 for this year. Fingers crossed. Doing that many usually indicates they would wanna do a S4 for syndication purposes, otherwise you cut and save your money. It’s one reason TVLine’s renewal chances are listed as ‘a sure thing.’ I’m hoping that the advice from Danny’s mom to end it if he’s not gonna propose, followed by him returning at he end, means he knows he’s gonna propose to her. The question is when. If he proposes this year, we could get a half to full season of wedding prep. If the show only gets 4 seasons, ending with a wedding. Classic rom com with a Mindy twist. If we get to see the post-wedding, I’m sure that’ll be hilarious too. Love this show.