Sons of Anarchy Recap: This, That and the Mother Thing

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 11

“If you gave a s—t about Tara, maybe you’d spend a little less time being a thug, and a little more time being a dad.”

That brutal honesty, delivered to Jax via Unser on Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy, is a criticism that many of you have offered in TVLine’s comments section this season for SAMCRO’s tortured president.

Throughout the past 10 episodes, Jax has concealed his heartache about Tara’s death with violence, blindly retaliating against the Chinese and August Marks after Gemma pinned her crime on someone else. He hasn’t visited his wife’s grave or spent much time with his children, one of whom is silently unraveling in a way that’s terrifying for a 5-year-old.

So, if Unser’s remark to Jax has also crossed your mind at some point during Sons‘ final season, I can’t say I blame you.

All of that said? By the end of this week’s episode, it’s hard to feel anything but sympathy for Jax, as the world he knows begins to crumble around him. Here’s what goes down in the tense, breathtaking hour:

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YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH | We pick up where last week’s hour left off, the morning after Abel revealed the truth about Tara’s murder. Taking his son’s devastating inquiry to heart, Jax quickly pursues anyone else who can confirm that Gemma did, in fact, kill her daughter-in-law. And after Wendy confesses that she, Gemma and Unser were protecting Juice for the last few weeks, Jax becomes exponentially more suspicious. The million-dollar question: Why did Juice run to Gemma for protection in the first place?

To get the answer, Jax first tracks down Unser, who can only offer scarce details about the night Tara was killed: Gemma called Unser soon after she found Tara’s body, and even though she was an emotional wreck, she made no mention of any Chinese gang members skulking around the house. Plus, Unser reveals to Jax that Chris Dunn — the man who’s been blamed for the entire ordeal, whose head Jax impaled in the season premiere — wasn’t even in the state at the time Tara was attacked. Needless to say, Jax’s fears reach their crescendo with this new information, and he uses Unser and Ron Tully to secure a face-to-face meeting with Juice at Stockton’s prison — a meeting that won’t be recorded on video.

The pow-wow takes place later that afternoon — after Juice has made good on his promise to (1) find out who ratted the location of Lin’s stolen guns (it was Barosky who spilled the beans, not the dearly departed Jury), and (2) kill Lin after getting his confession on video. With his part of the bargain upheld, Juice faces a distraught Jax and learns that Jax wants the truth about Tara’s murder. And just like that — after we’ve spent 10 episodes wondering if Jax will ever learn the real story — Juice confesses what really went down the night Tara died.

Forgive me if I’m gushing — oh, who am I kidding, I’m definitely gushing — but the scene that takes place between Jax and Juice ranks as one of the most gripping in Sons history. Charlie Hunnam is spectacular here as Jax falls apart, hearing the exact news he’d feared he would, and Theo Rossi is also terrific as he tells Jax the story using careful, measured words. (Confession: I watched this scene three times, and each time found myself involuntarily holding my breath. So good!) Jax then informs Juice of the damage that’s been caused by the Chinese lie he spun with Gemma. “Thank you for telling me the truth,” he says to his former brother, before adding, “I’ll make sure it’s quick.” (And before the episode is over, Juice’s fate is essentially sealed as two prison guards beat him senseless in his cell.)

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS GEMMA TELLER? | On the other side of this ordeal, there’s Gemma, who begins to realize she’s in hot water upon arriving at Teller-Morrow that morning. Unser, fresh off his suspicious conversation with Jax, grills Gemma about the circumstances that led her to protect Juice these last few weeks. Gemma can’t come up with a believable lie fast enough, and she hurries out of the auto shop when she learns Jax and Juice are about to speak in person.

Things get even more dire for Mama Teller when Juice informs her that he’s told Jax the truth. She packs a getaway bag and, with the help of Chuckie, is able to scoot out of her house before any SAMCRO members can find her. From there, Gemma flits around Charming for the rest of the afternoon, managing to elude Jax and the club. She pays Abel a final visit at school, offering him the same SAMCRO ring she gave Jax when he became a member of the club. She also stops by the church where her father preached back in the day. It’s there that she meets up with Nero, who quickly realizes her fond childhood reminiscences sound more like a Dear John letter than happy memories. And when Jax calls Nero, demanding to know where Gemma is, Nero finally learns the truth of what his old lady did to Tara all those weeks ago. “Is that true?” Nero asks, and Gemma solemnly replies that it is. And so ends that love affair.

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 11‘HOW COULD SHE DO THIS?’ | After learning that Juice killed Lin in prison that morning, Unser believes that Jax double-crossed him — an act that Unser swore would break his loyalty from SAMCRO forever. The two men quickly get heated, and after Jax punches Unser in the face, the former police chief orders Jarry to put out an APB on Jax. (Which always goes well in Charming.) The cops track down Jax at Stockton later that afternoon, and before Jax can get any face time with Barosky, he’s sent running from the cops in a frantic car chase (that has a hilarious score, might I add).

Jax ultimately avoids the police department’s clutches for now, settling down at the Mayan headquarters graciously offered by Alvarez. The rest of SAMCRO catches up in time, and Jax gathers his brothers around the table for what is probably their most tense club meeting ever — and that’s really saying something. “The Chinese didn’t kill Tara. Gemma did,” Jax tells them, before taking full responsibility for all the lives that have been lost during his blind quest for vengeance. Despite Chibs’ protests, Jax decides he’ll meet with the other Sons of Anarchy presidents and come clean about how Jury was murdered. And considering the organization isn’t thrilled about Jax’s leadership to begin with, SAMCRO’s president could be dangerously close to leaving the club behind for good.

Before the hour is over, Jax is once again forced to confront the horrible crime his mother has committed. Nero visits Jax at the Mayan offices and — in a scene that features more stellar performances from Hunnam and Jimmy Smits — tells Jax that killing his mother would be “a wound that’s too deep to heal. That’s going to swallow you up. That’s going to destroy you, man.”

Jax sheepishly confesses that, despite the enormous mess Gemma has made, she’s still his mom and he still loves her. In the episode’s final moments — before we see Gemma driving far, far away from Charming, that is — Jax buries his face in his hands and sobs, “How could she do this to Tara? How could she do this?”

And with that, I’m simultaneously blinking back tears and applauding this roller-coaster ride of an episode. But what did you think? Hit the comments with your thoughts on the episode.

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  1. PolishGalore says:

    Nero Dance for the win.

  2. rachelle says:

    My god. My heart was beating out of my chest during Juice’s whole reveal! I really think I stopped breathing. Charlie Hunnam killed tonight! His performance was just amazing. I was bawling my eyes out every time he cried. That scene at the end with Jax and Nero was so depressing. I couldn’t stop crying. Seeing Jax’s reaction just brought back everything from the scene where Gemma murdered Tara. Poor Jax. To know your mother brutally murdered your beloved wife and then lied about it and sat back silent while you wrecked havoc on everyone around you. I can’t freaking imagine! What a great freaking show. I hope Gemma gets what she deserves. I have no sympathy for her still! Evil b****.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Nero is right, though — if Jax kills his mother it will destroy him. Just hope the b*tch dies in a car crash.

      • rachelle says:

        I totally agree. But I need a face to face between Jax and Gemma. I want her to see how she’s destroyed her son. He is supposedly who she loves the most. I want her to see how badly she’s hurt the most important person in her life. I think that alone will kill her and if that’s all we can get in order to keep Jax from falling apart any more than he already has, I’m okay with that. As long as someone else freaking kills her! Ugh. And I don’t want her to go out easy. Tara didn’t go out easy and neither should Gemma’s psycho behind.

      • AJ says:

        This is where I struggle. His love for his mother is unquestionable. But his love for Tara – I always felt was even more deep than the love he had for his mother. It’s a different kind of love, of course but isn’t that part of the reason why Gemma resented Tara so much? Tara’s reach, her ties, her bond with Jax was so much deeper than anyone or anything. That includes Gemma. And even in the season 7 premiere, Gemma tells DA Patterson “[My son] found the woman he loved dead. The woman he loved more than anything.” I always felt like Jax loved Tara more than anything, including his own mother. The show certainly pushed this view. So, if Gemma killed the woman he loved more than anything… is it really the worst possible thing for him to kill her in retaliation?

        • DC says:

          I completely agree with you! Jax and Tara had something no-one could touch. He was willing to cut his mother out for Tara numerous times… Will be interesting to see how it all plays out. That statement from Nero could be a ploy to put us off though? Kurt Sutter is brilliant at throwing us curve balls.

        • Stormie says:

          I absolutely agree. Gemma has been threatened by Tara’s bond with Jax since they were 16. You don’t throw around words like love of his life for no reason.

        • rachelle says:

          That’s what I thought before Jax’s breakdown in this past episode. I really thought he loved Tara more than anything, even his mother. In fact, I was surprised he still loved Gemma at all, to be honest. I knew he loved her before, but I didn’t expect him to still love her after the reveal. Knowing what Gemma has done, brutally murdering Tara and orchestrating a lie that led to such a decimating war, I thought Jax’s feelings for her would change. Gemma was nothing short of a monster in her actions and who can love a monster? I’m happy that he still loves her because that shows that the darkness hasn’t swallowed him as whole as we thought. But Gemma doesn’t deserve Jax’s love, his loyalty or him being unsure about whether or not to retaliate against her for what she’s done. I want him to consider Gemma for what she is– a monster who violently murdered his innocent wife and mother of his children and caused the death of many other innocent people (R.I.P. Bobby Elvis!), the burning of countless bridges and the destruction of Jax as a human being. A blood relation shouldn’t make such a monster exempt from justice or retaliation. I hate Gemma and I hate that there’s such a big possibility that Jax will let her get away with what she’s done. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out.

          • Sara says:

            They are two separate kinds of love, though. The love you have for your mother is a kind of love that is arguably untouched by any other relationship. It’s deep and it’s from birth. Your mother is your guardian, your protector, the person who cares about you from 9 months before you even come out of her tummy. His love for Tara is different. He is IN love with Tara. He has feelings for her. He loves her in a very romantic way. So, while I would argue that Jax loves Tara more than anyone (and I agree that the show certainly pushed this view, using lines like “the only woman he has ever loved”), it’s not the same kind of love. I think that is what makes the decision to kill Gemma SO difficult for Jax. It’s his mother! It’s the only family he has had since he was a baby. But she killed the woman he was starting a family with – the woman he has loved since he was 16. How do you reconcile something so catastrophic?

          • I’m reading these things & wondering what show was everbody watching???? Everybody on this show was either a snitch, a liar, a killer, manipulative, judgmental, etc…or all of the above. Tara was no exception! She lied, killed, & set Gemma up for crimes she didn’t commit! I loved to watch this show because you never knew what was gonna happen or who was gonna do it. The only ones who were halfway decent people were Opie, Bobby, & Nero. I liked Happy because he didn’t talk, just a man of action. If you watched from the beginning you would have seen over time Jax turning into Clay & Gemme teaching & turning Tara into another her (Gemma). The grasshopper just happen to turn on her teacher & got taught the ultimate lesson! Lol. Oh & for everyone who says Jax should kill his mother, here’s a question;
            “Would you kill or cut your parents or children off for wrongdoings??????Could you just cut off your love for them like that?”

        • I have my moments about what i want to happen to Gemma: On one hand I want Gemma to die but then I think that is too easy for her! I would love to see her all by herself after every thing she loves in life is gone and she has to sit with what she has done to everyone around her! It will make her crazier then she is already.

    • Caitlin says:

      Jax and Gemma need to have a face to face and then Gemma needs to kill herself.

  3. Stormie says:

    I didn’t cry but Charlie did a beautiful job tonight. Damn Gemma to hell for giving Abel that ring telling him to go into the club.

  4. Bwhit says:

    Wow. I just want the epic face off with Gemma and Jax. I may be reaching but Chuckie was fixing JT’s bike, is that a clue Jax will go out like his dad? He didn’t break the cycle so he will have the same fate.

  5. Casto says:

    One of the best acted episodes of television ever. Amazing performances.

  6. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    WOW…….another great ep. everybody knows the truth except Unser’s dumbass. Jax better kill Gemma before he ends up meeting Mr. Mayhem himself after all that sh*t that went down w/Jury. Juicy Juice is going to die since he FINALLY tells Jax his side of what happened………well it’s time for Nero to go get his kid, Wendy, Abel and Thomas and head out to his uncle’s farm!!!!

    • the girl says:

      Unser has suspected for a few episodes, he just doesn’t have any proof or anything solid. But he knew the whole while that things didn’t line up.

      • Cas says:

        Yeah except Unser is so stupid that there is no way why he doesn’t know already. And the fact that after jax talked to him he still went and ran his mouth to Gemma. This is why nobody tells him anything because he won’t keep his mouth shut.

        • bigguy3080 says:

          Its because Unser is totally in love with Gemma.

        • CBWBDK1 says:

          Unser is to blame for all this sh#t.

          • TOOLATE says:

            Unser? That’s wrong. He loves Gemma, he’s always been on her side, and he keeps trying to lead her off the bad path she’s on. She’s created most off the damage. Jax , too.

        • Bree says:

          He didn’t run his mouth to her, he was probing her for info. He still didn’t know, but he most certainly does suspect. He was watching her reactions very closely. You don’t get him. @ the end, he seems to know in that last scene w/ Chuckie.

    • bigguy3080 says:

      Juice got put in the infirmary I by Gemma and Jarry, I suspect. Juice will ultimately live.

  7. Cheyenne says:

    They hit it out of the ballpark tonight. I’m about to watch it all over again.

  8. katedfw says:

    OMG! What an episode. The moment Nero hears and his world crashing around him was so heartbreaking as the final scene with Jax. I was crying with them. Great performance by all tonight! I can’t believe only 2 more episodes! I can’t even guess how it will all end but I am enjoying the ride.

  9. That was an amazing episode! I did not cry, I got emotional but nothing will affect me the way that last season’s finale did. Jax,Nero and the club all know the truth finally!

  10. B.g. Willis says:

    The performances in this episode were the most amazing ever for SOA. And the writing…stellar. It’s just one brilliant scene after another, building and building until it’s all there. How has this show never been recognized for the work of these actors and this writer. The next two episodes are going to break my heart.

  11. Rebecca says:

    Question, is Barofsky the rat they keep referring to or is there still another rat that hasn’t been discovered yet? Cause I read somewhere people thought it might be Tig.

    • the girl says:

      Barofsky is the one. I don’t know why they let him off the hook in the first place.

      • bigguy3080 says:

        Because Barosky(the snake that he is) covered his own ass that night. Remember he killed that one cop(who got the call to stay away from that warehouse)in the shop? He knew the club was going to come to him asking where he was. And Barosky knew if he told that cop directly what to do, that he would ultimately spill the beans to the club about him. I guess that was good enough for the club at that point. I was never fooled, but one thing about Jax is that he trusts too easily.

    • Bree says:

      Who cares what other people thought, and wrote, because it’s not what was in the show. It is very clearly stated that it’s Barosky! Did you watch it at all? I’m sorry, but I am constantly baffled by people who claim to love this show, but can’t seem to keep up with it!

  12. Ma says:

    I have to admit that I’ve been a tough critic of this season, but not with this episode. It was amazing. From the writing, to the cinematography, to the acting. Superb all around, EVERYONE brought their A game and it did redeem an otherwise lackluster final season in a way. If this is any indication of what the last two episodes will be like, then I have a feeling I will be satisfied with the end. Bravo to Charlie and Jimmy for bringing out the more raw emotions and bravo to Theo and Katey for bringing out more nuanced performances, but still powerful. Excellent episode, I’m in awe.

    • bigguy3080 says:

      I feel the same, EXCEPT for that TERRIBLE choice of music for the chase scene. I imagine they wanted it to seem like it was the owner’s music playing in the car. Other than that, yeah it was good.

      • Valerie says:

        That was a homage to the movie “Bullitt” which had one of the most infamous car chases EVER!!! Apparently the same kind of music was played during the car chase scene in the movie.

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  14. wrstlgirl says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen meet your Performer of the Week, Charlie Hunnam.

  15. the girl says:

    I continue to be blown away by this show and both anticipating and dreading the ending of a tremendous, stellar, incomparable show. My only solace is that the final two episodes are bound to be like two hours long each so it’s really like getting four more episodes. What a show.

  16. That scene…the scene between Jax and Juice where Juice tells the truth. It felt like an elephant was sitting my chest. The acting between these 2 was phenomenal.

  17. Jax is finally human again. Bravo Sutter.

  18. Kait says:

    Fantastic episode and amazing performances, especially by Charlie Hunnam. I wonder if Tully is going to allow Juice to be killed.

  19. B says:

    The Juice/Jax scene in the prison = the best scene of the entire series. Hands down. What a phenomenal episode. Just…wow.

  20. Jason g says:

    Amazing episode. Great writing and acting. One of the best episodes ever!!!

  21. tuigirl says:

    This is my first time visit at here and i am genuinely impressed to read all
    at one place.

  22. mel says:

    Best acting ever from Charlie. My heart is still beating hard. I feel so bad for both Jax and Nero. They both love a very twisted woman. The chase scene music reminded me of the Dirty Harry films. These last 2 episodes should be wild.

  23. Michael says:

    I wonder if Alvarez a.k.a (The Mayans) will betray Jax and Samcro.

  24. Jonah says:

    I wonder if Alvarez and the Mayans will betray Jax and Samcro.

  25. auntiemm says:

    Will Jax find out about Gemma and Clay killing Jax’s father??

  26. Netty says:

    My heart bleeds for Jax. How is he going to recover from this? I have been very critical of Jax’s retaliation this season but this episode has pulled me back to him. I don’t see him surviving this. I hope Gemma dies but not at Jax’s hands, Nero is right, Jax will not recover from killing his mom. This episode has really messed me up, this is “Red Wedding” all over again.

  27. Stacey says:

    Best episode of the season – and the scene with Jax and Jury was phenomenal acting – I literally was yelling at the screen “Say it, say it!”. The writing overall of the episode was excellent….through the course of the season I was disappointed because Jax’s quest for vengeance had taken away any humanity in him but tonight’s episode finally brought it back and the arc that Kurt Sutter created became clear and was just brilliant. He took you to the edge of almost writing off Jax to pulling you back in to his anguish in that one scene – excellent!

  28. Eliza says:

    I haven’t been a huge fan of this season but I now know these last few episodes will bring it. The scene with Jax and Juice had my heart pounding. But Charlie Hunnam really nailed that last scene with Jimmy Smits (who also was amazing). When Jax spoke about still loving his mother and then went on to question how could she brutally murder Tara….wow, my eyes filled with tears right along with him. He’s so broken and facing some really tough & horrible situations.

  29. The Wise Wino says:

    The scene between Juice and Jaz!?!? Vato seriously? Jimmy “Nero” Smits stole the entire episode. We’ve seen the tortured Jax played out on more than one occasion, although I do have to give Theo “Juice” Rossi huge props for his acting in the scene with Jax and even better his scene with Wayne and Jarry… but Smits’ performance during and after the call of Jax… the best work that I have ever seen him do or acted on Sons

    • TOOLATE says:

      YOU ARE RIGHT! Smits killed it. The best. Rossi also really excellent.

    • Joelle says:

      I thought the same thing! He is really an amazing actor. He really looked like someone whose future was completely pulled out from under him. And his last scene with Jax you can see how sad he feels about losing Jax as well as Gemma.

  30. bigguy3080 says:

    It was sooo obvious from the get go that Barosky was the snitch. That guy is about one thing: Money. Gemma ultimately living, I predicted that as well and still think it will hold truth. Same thing with Juice. Nero may STILL want her on his farm and that may be a reason not to kill her…I got a few other theories, so who knows. On another note, I thought that was the WORST choice of music during that police chase with the Challenger. Looks like It’s going to be Mr. Mayhem or exile for Jax. I’m moving more towards the latter. You can also tell that he is already half-way there in his whole mind. He’s realizing that he should of gotten out long before this with Tara. His Dad’s vision and suicide. Realizing he’s not a fit for SAMCRO, walking away might be in his best interests.

    • Valerie says:

      That was a homage to the movie “Bullitt” which had one of the most infamous car chases EVER!!! Apparently the same kind of music was played during the car chase scene in the movie.

  31. Cas says:

    It was finally nice that Jax learned the truth. Personally I still think that he should kill Gemma but I could see how it could mess him up.

  32. cacucs98 says:

    Amazing episode. Charlie Hunnam for TV Line Performer of the Week!

  33. Ken Lee says:

    Best acting in the 7 year history of this show the last 2 weeks………last week it was Kim Coates/Walton Goggins….this week it was Charlie Hunnam, Theo Rossi and Jimmy Smits. They have really raised the bar this season. Outstanding

  34. ldv says:

    I don’t feel bad for Jax. This man who supposedly loves Tara so much was sleeping with a whore days before her murder, and then again days after . Jax has had no problem killing anyone and everyone in the name of the ones he loves regardless of who it hurt. Gemma only did the same. She felt she was protecting Jax and her family, and Tara WAS going to rat. Tara knew what Jax was from day one, yet she always tried to make him something he will never be. Jaxs true love has always been his club, Tara tried to compete and couldnt. I couldnt stand Tara, Tara became quite the little villian herself. Again, Gemma didnt make Tara become manipulative, nor did Jax, she had that breed into her already. People like to blame Gemma for Jaxs actions, you have to be pretty evil already to do some of the awful things Jax Teller has done . quite frankly he is the most demented evil of them all. How can he justify killing his own mother for killing his wife, didn’t he shoot down his mother’s husband right in front of her like it was nothing. If you hate Gemma, then you must also hate Jax, he is far worse and certainly no different. To me Gemma is the ONLY character who has remained consistent and true to herself. I’m rooting for her!!!

    • Bree says:

      We can’t “curse” on here, but man, if I could you’d get an earfull! How dare you? I mean really? Taras the most demented? Are you insane? And, no, I don’t think Jax and Gemma are really all that different at all! He’s mommys son for sure! But, Tara….she just learned how to try to win in that environment, and survive. All of these people are criminals. Just because we watch the show, and love it doesn’t change that. So Gemmas consistent, yes consistently narcissistic, so what? I think your way of thinking is messed up! Beyond words.

    • 84Shovelhead says:

      I agree totally Idv. Hope Jax gets the Mayhem vote. Meanwhile if Gemma lives I’m fine with that. Worst punishment she could receive is to be kept “from her boys” (kids and Jax) .. not to mention the club. The only life she’s ever known. And that’s already a reality for her. I predict she will dissolve into mental illness like her Father did (he got Alzheimers and died in S3). There would be a kind of poetry in Gemma forgetting all the horrid things she’s done and that she’s lost everything… to forget she even HAS boys… not only would their presence be taken away, but her *memories* of them. That is a fate worse than death for Gemma and would be a fitting ending to her legacy. And she’s already headed that way, talking out loud to Tara. I think Gemma is cracking up, and will just keep cracking. I can see her last scene being sitting in a home somewhere where no one knows who she is… just some mentally ill woman.

    • Courtney says:

      When I first read your comment, I got (somewhat irrationally) upset. Anyone who defends Gemma has to possess a crazy amount of selective amnesia. The woman is perfectly inconsistent – one minute doing the most heinous things in the name of her family (like butchering her daughter in law) and the other minute trying to talk big about loyalty and how bad betrayal is when she couldn’t tell you the difference between the two (again, see: butchering your daughter in law and then lying about it). That being said, the cheating with the whore in S6 REALLY pissed me off. I didn’t think I could hate Jax more than I did in S6. The way he treated Tara – betraying their love while she was in jail (for HELPING him) and then barely acting concerned about the fact that she was facing major jail time and lost her entire career/future. He was obsessed with the club and completely checked out of that relationship, only to play victim at the very end. Yes, Tara went about it wrong – the fake baby, filing for divorce behind his back, etc but I never really was upset with her (even though she wasn’t my favorite character). I understand her motivations. I never understood Jax’s pure selfishness. His deep love for Tara was apparent but the fact that he ALWAYS put her and their family second (from Season 5 onwards) baffled me. Being with him would never be easy and he never deserved Tara. He ruined their love and he ruined her. I’m glad that at the end of Ep 11 he said “how could [Gemma] do this to Tara?” – remembering that TARA is the victim here. Not Jax, not Abel, not his stupid club. HIS DEAD WIFE.

  35. Walkie says:

    “Hard to feel anything but sympathy for Jax”. Are you kidding?

    He’s a mass murdering sociopath who excuses his behavior because of his biker club.

    Everything that is happening to him, he’s deserved. And I am hoping that Sutter is smart enough not to “redeem” Jax in the last two episodes. He’s way past that.

    • TOOLATE says:

      Yup. All he can do is minimize some of the damage he’s caused. Get his kids out. Take the heat.

    • Isaac Hunt says:

      I totally agree. Jax had the choice a few seasons back to be more like his Dad or more like Clay. Since then he has become more and more like Clay. His actions have destroyed the relationships the Club had, and a lot of inter-club relationships like Indian Hills. The fact that they appear to be fixing his Dad’s bike makes me think that Jax is going to follow in his dad’s footsteps and kill himself. This will allow the kids to leave with Wendy and have a normal life, and could also help smooth the transition for the remnants of the club. One president’s death for another’s.

  36. Brougham says:

    Where is Jema going…Portento, Fortuna, or could it be Eureka? The ending begs the question.


    • Katy says:

      Good question! I’ve scrolled down this entire forum searching for the answer to that… My question is, was this the same sign that Gemma and Juice passed by, the one that clearly made it obvious to Juice that they weren’t headed to Gemma’s dad’s place? If so, it makes me think that maybe she is actually going out to the middle of no where, to kill herself.

      • Chaz says:

        She always lives with what she did (or in her mind – what she justifies as having to do ). That is what makes her another of the sociopaths. Kill herself – NEVER.

  37. TOOLATE says:

    The extreme violence actually tipped over the series for me, so Jax is not my fav. More feels for Juice who keeps trying to do the right thing and Nero, and these 2 had my favorite scenes. Liking Unser for speaking and showing he’s still no pushover. Wondering if the show will go formula and not let Nero settle down on that farm, REALLY hoping it’ll be less predictable than that.

  38. lainiejay says:

    I don’t want Gemma to die. I want her to live with the knowledge that she has destroyed everything that means anything to her. To live with the knowledge that she has lost her relationships with her son, grandsons, Nero, and SAMCRO. And to live with the knowledge of the brutal murder she committed against someone she also loved. Let her live out her days suffering with that burden.

  39. Anyone else thinks that the reference to Jaxs dad and the motorcycle is foreshadowing a future bike crash from Jax? Just like his dad died.

    • Isaac Hunt says:

      I think you’re right. Seems a bit weird for them to be repairing the bike otherwise, I mean JT died years ago, so it seems a bit odd that they have finally decided that now is the time to rebuild his bike.

  40. EJ386 says:

    This episode was so extremely awesome. I’ve been a fan of Charlie Hunnam for a very long tume, he was the reason I started watching the show, and he still delivers awesome work!

  41. Television says:

    This show has kind of lost its way. First seasons were better, when you could actually like some of the characters, now everyone is just evil.

    • 84Shovelhead says:

      Agreed. I also think they ruined the characters by making them too violent without an iota of redeeming qualities. It says something when Tig — the biggest sociopath of them all in the early seasons — ends up being the most empathetic club member… b/c at least he shows tenderness and humanity towards Venus and has an admitted soft spot for underdogs. Jax has no soft spot for anything. Not Tara and not his children, as he never paid any of them any mind when they were around… except when the writers tried to humanize him after he’d go on a murderous rampage. People feel an obligation towards family, even if they aren’t loving. That’s all I saw in Jax. Tig, OTOH has no obligation towards Venus but wants to love her for love’s own sake. That’s making someone human. Too bad they missed the mark with Jax and the rest of the crew. And ironic that they’d get it right with the hardest of equation, too!

  42. sidgirl says:

    Everyone seems to forget why Gemma killed Tara… was brutel, yes, but she did it bc she thought Tara was betraying her son and the club…..she thought she was turning Jax in and was going to take the kids away for ever… was Jaxs fault for not letting her in on what they were doing!!!! If he did, it wld have never happened!!!

    • Bree says:

      Excuses, excuses. Who kills the mother of their grandchildren with any knowledge they had? If they were losing their father, it would be far worse to also lose their mother, no matter what. What is wrong w/ anyone who thinks that murder is an appropriate form of action for something you just plain don’t like.

    • Netty says:

      There is no acceptable reason whatsoever for what Gemma did to Tara. As a strong woman & mother in this Biker world she should have known how Killing Tara would mess the boys up. She as very selfish and thought only of protecting Jax but did not think of the consequences of her grandchildren. And I really hate her speeches when she talks to “Tara” and anyone else who can listen how much she loves those boys. Because clearly she does not! I do not Blame Jax for how he has turned out, its all Gemma’s fault. All the mess caused by Jax’s retaliation this season is all on Gemma. Jax is far too messed up and grief stricken to be blamed for all that went down this season. I’m hoping to see more of his redemption in the next episodes.
      Unser needs to die and Gemma needs to survive and live with the knowledge that Jax and everyone she cares about want nothing to do with her anymore, and then later in life Abel shots her!

  43. Sally says:

    This episode was epic!! Loved everything about it..Jax, Juice and Nero killed it!!!

  44. Sasha says:

    Something tells me that bitch won’t be dead anytime soon. Se’ll be the one surviving the show because Sutter won’t kill his beloved wife. Meh… Tell, when she’s finally dead and I’ll start watching. For now I’ve stopped.

    • 84Shovelhead says:

      Gemma killed Tara thinking she was going to turn on Jax and the club. It was inexcusable and horrid, but not an iota as bad as what Jax has done. They totally ruined his character imo by making him a relentlessly stupid, mass-murdering, one-dimensional thug. You can’t make someone that unsympathetic then remind everyone he is a father and expect that to keep him sympathetic. So what if he’s a father. So was Gary Ridgeway. I hope Jax dies, killed by the club he loved — and ruined. He deserves it way more than Juice.

  45. H.Houston says:

    My prediction is that Unser is the one that kills Gemma.
    At this point, I am surprised he hasn’t figured it out. But his absolute blind love of her made him never look in her direction. He truly believes Juice did it or had a hand in it. So in the preview when he is sitting there telling Gemma that Jax is on his way… I think that is foreshadowing to the unknown – Jax won’t have to kill Gemma, Unser is going to because she betrayed him so very much.
    Juice delivering the truth to Jax was heartbreaking in its simplicity. I keep wondering, if Juice had just talked to Jax, told him what went down….
    Nero’s anguish when he hangs up the phone with Jax. Gemma absolutely destroyed his love for her.
    The scene between Jax and Nero was so real and genuine….

  46. 84Shovelhead says:

    The scene between Juice and Jax was one of the best in TV history, AFAIC, but the show wrung any residual empathy for Jax out of me long ago, and that was made doubly-so this season. The only one I felt sorry for in that scene was Juice. And when Jax finally sat down with the club and confessed the truth, and said the same thing he always says after creating a sh–storm: “It was all my fault. I love you brothas,” Really? That’s it? Bobby’s dead along with 60 other people, and he’s “taking full responsibility” like that makes it all ok. It’s a line we’ve heard 50 times before. Writers can’t please everyone, and I get that, and I don’t expect the ending of this series to please me. Because to do that Jax would have to die. A Mayhem vote. And not a quick, easy death. I loved this show in it’s first season, and the second… but it’s gone steadily downhill making the lead characters totally despicable. That said, having invested so many years in watching it, I want to know how it ends for better or for worse. And the scene between Juice and Jax… the scene with Tig and Venus a couple ep’s back… they’ve been what’s allowed me to hang on. But I wish the series would have kept the lead characters a little more empathetic so that I would have given a damn what happened to them.

  47. XYZ says:

    Viewers have become very accustomed to seeing situations play-out in this show. Prepare yourselves for a series finale that provides no sense of closure. There will no doubt be a huge uproar over how Sons of Anarchy ends.

  48. John Moshier says:

    remember gemma killed tara because she thought she turned in jax but then after that the lies just started yumbling in one after another

  49. H.Houston says:

    …And another thought
    Nero’s comment to Jax: “Maybe it’s time to honor Tara’s wishes”
    I absolutely think that is foreshadowing… I think Jax sends the boys and Wendy to the ranch. Nero already has his out. His “relationship” with Gemma is done. He was the supporting shoulder for Jax. I can see Nero, Wendy, and all three boys heading out and being saved…. and then the rest of the bodies hitting the floor.

    • The Carpooler says:

      Let the bodies hit the floor. GREAT song (Bodies, Drowning Pool)! Would be a nice musical piece to close out the show. :)

      You get extra respect points from me (they have no value) for putting together articulate thoughts in an organized manner.

  50. Danica says:

    I thought last week was a good episode, but it pales in comparison to last night’s episode. Will the Awards Committee stop playing this stupid game and give Charlie Hunnam and SOA an Emmy, Golden Globe, SOMETHING!!! Charlie gave it to us last night. I couldn’t hold it together when he broke down in Nero’s arms at the end. I’m anxious and sad for the end of this show!

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Now that the Tara issue is out I seriously hope that in the next ep. when Jax hunts down Gemma there’s one more BIG REVEAL…..that has to come to light and that is…..Gemma being the ”Master Mind” behind JT’s death! Jax has the right to know that as well. She can’t get away with that either. Also Jax needs to go and visit Tara’s grave it’s quite a while and it’s time.