Revenge Recap: Emily Thorne and the Chamber of Secrets

Revenge Recap

While Victoria “Sleeping Beauty” Grayson rested sweetly in her hospital bed on Sunday’s Revenge, Emily and Papa Clarke played a riveting game of Two Truths and a Lie.

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Truth No. 1: David will always love Emily! Despite the fact that he “didn’t ask” her to seek revenge and clear his name, David assured Emily — actually, make that Amanda — that she’ll always be his daughter. Granted, he was in a pretty thankful mood after she saved him from a pair of thugs who tried to kidnap him from the hospital. (Speaking of which, did I miss him asking what Emily was doing under Victoria’s bed in the first place? That was crazy.)

Truth No. 2: It was, allegedly, a powerful rival of Conrad’s who faked David’s death and held him captive all those years. He also had his men take those photos of Amanda, promising to kill her if David didn’t follow his every command. David didn’t give Emily the man’s name, but methinks that TVLine’s latest casting scoop might be able to shed some light on the situation.

And now for the lie: Emily promised her father she wouldn’t pry into those missing years, but seriously, when’s the last time Emily told the truth? Like, about anything? In the episode’s final moments, we were introduced to a kinky torture chamber where Em already has a person of interest in custody — and a flaming hot fire poker with his name on it.

DEMILY 2.0? | Am I crazy, or is the (admittedly deceitful) spark between Emily and Daniel beginning to heat up again? This is the second week in a row they’ve engaged in close-quarter chit-chat, rather than completely avoiding each other. I can’t seriously be the only one who expects to see those two back in bed together this season, right?

GABRIEL MANN, ELENA SATINEPHOTOSHOP FAIL | Louise was once again visited by the ghost of her mother — think Blanche Devereaux on crack — who had a very specific mission for her nutty little girl: Get that Grayson baby in your uterus ASAP! And get it she tried, tricking Daniel into a steamy shower in his hotel room, though it didn’t take long for him to call her a “lunatic” and expel her from his man-cave.

The Southern-fried psycho drowned her sorrows at Nolan’s “new” bar, where she found herself bonding with him — but once again, it didn’t take long for him to see through her charade. More specifically, Nolan got a hold of her tablet, where she stored her (hysterical) collection of Photoshopped Victoria pictures. This was all the encouragement Nolan needed to help Margaux look into Louise’s sealed criminal record, in exchange for some good PR, of course.

BEN OUT OF SHAPE | The FBI has officially taken over the Conrad Grayson murder investigation, and when the agent in charge (True Blood‘s Courtney Ford) was given one local cop to assist her, she went straight to Jack. Ben was predictably butthurt about the whole thing, but let’s look at the silver lining here: Maybe Ben will finally take a hint and begin to pursue a more realistic career… like working at Chippendales.

All right, Revenge-rs, do you think David is telling the truth about Conrad’s “rival”? Which Hamptonite will end up in Daniel’s bed next? And would you buy a coffee table book full of Louise’s freaky Photoshops? (Because I totally would.) Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Just watched it… don`t know what else to expect from Revenge…. I for some reason believe that COnrad knows that Victoria knows something about everything whatever happened to him… not like she was mastermind behind everything… There is something more there… oh man… I need to wait another week…. not sure if I can handle it

  2. ab says:

    I always likes Emily and Aiden but Daniel would always be my second choice for her. Last week he was looking at their wedding pictures and I have the feeling they will get them together.

    • chris says:

      So you’re okay with Emily having a romantic relationship with someone who tried to murder her? Interesting and quite disturbing.

      • TJ says:

        While I don’t care to see Emily and Daniel reunite, to be fair, she’s not exactly innocent in all of this either.

      • Kayla says:

        I have to agree with TJ, she did fake a pregnancy to trick him into marrying her. And he did think Sara tried to kill herself over their marriage. And he had been drinking all day! ;)

        • Melissa says:

          I still don’t think that is an excuse to shoot her. I will agree that neither of them are innocent, which is why I think they have done too much damage to each other to ever really be together. I mean the fact he gloated about sterilizing her…last season that was supposedly devastating to Emily based on her own childhood experiences. If they were true to that plot from last year, I don’t think she would be able to get over it. Although I do see the chemistry between Daniel and Emily, and I am pretty sure that is where the show is heading.

          • H says:

            I think it’s pretty obvious that the “happily ever after” will be Emily and Jack, but it would be awesome to see Daniel somehow teaming with Emily on a Revenge-y way.

  3. nikki says:

    Wow. That was a really boring episode.

  4. Sarah says:

    Totally feeling the Demily vibe. It wasn’t just you! I could somehow picture our dear Daniel ditching his momma dearest to ally with the Clarke regime, but that is just me.

    • Andy Swift says:

      OK, phew! Thought I might be going crazy… :P

      • Alina says:

        Not you’re not!! I would looove them getting back together :D Sure, lot of bad things happened, but hey that just means they already survived a lot^^ I think their chemistry is unique and sure Jack and Amanda are supposed to be the endgame, but right now there is absolutely nothing happening between them!

  5. metekaan2013 says:

    How can Revenge continue being bad and good at the same time? It’s just so ‘meh’.

  6. Can they just get rid off Ben. He is so so annoying…. He can mosy on to criminal minds for all I care…

    • metekaan2013 says:

      You are so right about Ben. But he and Emily are so getting together. Don’t you feel the romance? My guess is it will turn dark.

      • kiwirevengefan says:

        Ben and Emily? You’re joking right? It’s hard to tell!

        • metekaan2013 says:

          Wow…So original. Do you need help coming up with a comeback? Your lack of wit seems to say so.

          • kiwirevengefan says:

            I usually find that when someone is losing an argument they resort to personal attacks. I was only using your own attack back at yourself. Not so much fun, is it? Try to keep to the topic next time and leave the personal attacks in the school yard.

          • metekaan2013 says:

            Oh, I thought I was merely stating the obvious.

            It’s not my fault your writing is as trashy as your attitude is toxic. (There, personal attack.)

            Also, you can bitch and moan like its nobody’s business. So, for next time, why don’t you go back to whatever hole you crawled out of, because, if you are going to do something, do it without the stupidity…

    • Ash says:

      Hate Ben here, but on no No No he can not come into criminal minds Jennifer Love Hewitt is already killin a great show, having both of them in would be a nail in the coffin. Maybe ben can be locked up in a jail, coz this guy is sooooooo boring.

  7. metekaan2013 says:

    Emily and Daniel are so going to get together. It’s just a matter of time.

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      Together they can get revenge on both Victoria and David.

      • metekaan2013 says:

        Don’t be ridiculous. (I can’t tell if you are joking. You should probably work on that.)

        • kiwirevengefan says:

          Well I can see Emily and Daniel happening far more than I can see Emily and Ben happening.

          • joy1013 says:

            Or emI’ll and Jack!

          • joy1013 says:

            Emily/amanda and Jack

          • Gail says:

            joy1013 I so agree about Emily/Amanda and Jack. When Emily and Jack finally opened up about their feelings for each other (seems so long ago) fake Amanda came along and I have been waiting for the real Amanda and Jack to get back to where they once were. This season I thought for sure it would happen since Daniel who I can’t stand was with Margo and Aiden had been killed. Now it looks like FBI lady might like Jack and Ben or Daniel will be with Emily/Amanda. Just frustrating.

  8. Lexy says:

    Don’t worry Andy, been feeling those Demily vibes myself.
    Not a shipper, but I really don’t wanna see Emily end up with Jack. Aiden was her best option IMO, but a second one would be Daniel. Granted, he did horrible things to her and of course, she did horrible things to him, which is why they make more sense than her and goody, goody Jack. He loves Amanda, not Emily.
    Episode was pretty boring, but one filler episode here and there doesn’t hurt I suppose.

    • joy1013 says:

      Do you think Emily will become that girl Jack loves when she has closure and revenge victoria, gets close to David and she has no more need for revenge? She has always been amanda in her heart but emily is the broken girl that lost her father and revenged his death. With David in picture, she could end up with Jack and be done with revenge as the show comes to a close. Or, she could end up with Daniel. He never loved the real emily either and has feelings still for margo. He is interested, but he was interested in his ex for a brief moment while about to marry emily too. Maybe the show wants us to think she will end up with Daniel but she will really end up with jack. It’s hard to tell with the show’s twists. I am addicted for sure! Lol

      • Gail says:

        joy1013 I so agree about Emily/Amanda and Jack. When Emily and Jack finally opened up about their feelings for each other (seems so long ago) fake Amanda came along and I have been waiting for the real Amanda and Jack to get back to where they once were. This season I thought for sure it would happen since Daniel who I can’t stand was with Margo and Aiden had been killed. Now it looks like FBI lady might like Jack and Ben or Daniel will be with Emily/Amanda. I like your thought process and hope that it ends up with Jack and the real Amanda. They were so close as children and this would be a full circle sort of ending. Like you I am addicted! lol

        • kiwirevengefan says:

          Gall, the fact that they were so close as children does not mean that they would make a good couple as adults, quite the reverse actually. Also the Adult Amanda is quite a different person to the child Amanda. I think that Jack is sort-of in love with the Child Amanda (or thinks he is) but is a little bit afraid of the Adult Amanda. Not a good basis for love. And Amanda, do you think that if she really wanted Jack she would have had him by now? She managed to find time for a romantic relationship with Aiden while still revenging but she is just not interested in Jack as a lover.

          • Gail says:

            kiwirevengefan I somehow lost my post so will try again. I’ll try to remember what I said. I think the timing has been off regarding both Jack and Emily. Emily and Jack professed their feelings for each other and then fake Amanda came back to tell Jack she was pregnant. Emily was heartbroken, but knew Jack had to be with fake Amanda. When she fell in love with Aiden, they shared the same life style being trained together so it worked. They were very much like each other. After fake Amanda was killed Jack was furious with Emily for the longest time and Jack became involved with the Margaux while Emily was with Aiden. This season Jack was already a cop and Emily was in Victoria’s house. Kind of vague as far as what was going on between them or if they had even seen each other. Jack did ask Emily if she had ever killed someone and she said no. I have no idea what the writers have in store for Emily/Amanda, but I can’t stand Daniel and again just how I feel since many do like the two of them together. They as well have lived very different lives. Daniel was brought up in a very wealthy home while Emily/Amanda were locked away in an institution. Regardless I still would like for the two of them to end up together, but that’s just me and how I feel.

      • Gail says:

        joy I like the way you think and hope that the real Amanda and Jack get back together. They have been so close since they were children and it would be a full circle kind of ending. I know I would be happy if the writers go in that direction. Like you I am addicted and just don’t want this show to end. lol

  9. Demily is totally in motion here– I kinda like the frenemy thing they have going, too. But am I being naive hoping Jack and Emily still have a chance , even with the revegenda and that FBI agent around???

    • Maryann says:

      I am still rooting for Emily and Jack. One of the reasons that he married his dead wife was that he thought she was the real Amanda.

      • kiwirevengefan says:

        Jack may have married fauxamanda thinking she was the real Amanda but Emily has always known who Jack is. If Emily really wanted Jack she has had plenty of opportunities to go for it but doesn’t. Also since Aiden died Jack has had plenty of opportunities to go after Emily but hasn’t.

        They care about each other for sure, but they are not in love. If they were, nothing would stand in their way.

        • Jen W says:

          Emily can’t focus on true love until after she is satisfied with her Revenge. She put her whole life on pause until her mission is complete. When she is completed and can finally come out as Amanda Clarke she will look to restart her life. I think they are both waiting for the right time. In the meantime, go ahead and pass the time with Daniel!!

        • joy1013 says:

          She couldn’t go for jack. She was out to revenge her father. She didn’t marry Daniel for love. She was going to run away with aiden. Remember in season 1 how upset emily was after jack told her his feelings? She cant be with jack until her revenge is over. Who knows though…Daniel might end up with her.

          • kiwirevengefan says:

            Funny how you think Emily can’t be with Jack until she has finished her revenge. She managed to find the time for a love affair with Aiden while still revenging. And when she thought it was all done (Conrad dead and Victoria locked up) and Aiden dead, did she turn to Jack for comfort????? No! She tried to get revenge for other people even when they didn’t want it (S4 E1).

          • Gail says:

            kiwirevengefan I agree with joy and jen as well. I somehow lost my post so will try again. I’ll try to remember what I said. I think the timing has been off regarding both Jack and Emily. Emily and Jack professed their feelings for each other and then fake Amanda came back to tell Jack she was pregnant. Emily was heartbroken, but knew Jack had to be with fake Amanda. When she fell in love with Aiden, they shared the same life style being trained together so it worked. They were very much like each other. After fake Amanda was killed Jack was furious with Emily for the longest time and Jack became involved with the Margaux while Emily was with Aiden. This season Jack was already a cop and Emily was in Victoria’s house. Kind of vague as far as what was going on between them or if they had even seen each other. Jack did ask Emily if she had ever killed someone and she said no. I have no idea what the writers have in store for Emily/Amanda, but I can’t stand Daniel and again just how I feel since many do like the two of them together. They as well have lived very different lives. Daniel was brought up in a very wealthy home while Emily/Amanda were locked away in an institution. Regardless I still would like for the two of them to end up together, but that’s just me and how I feel.

    • joy1013 says:

      I really don’t think she will end up with ben. I’m with u about jack.

    • H says:

      I think the “Demily 2.0” thing should totally be a hot and heavy hate-sex thing. No love there and it’s pretty awesome, two people so scorned they’re totally incapable of really opening their hearts. I’d love for this to go towards a weird friendship mixed with cooperation on a mutual revengeda.

      • Kayla says:

        Nail on the head. This is exactly what needs to happen. Add in a little Greyson bun in Emily’s oven because Victoria lied about Emily’s inability to have children. TV magic.

        • H says:

          I’ve read the idea of having Emily preggers a few times in this very comment section. Awesome on a good-TV level but this probably won’t fit with the happy ending they probably plan for Emily and Jack.

  10. Alichat says:

    Demily 2.0? More like Demily please just no. When David blew up at Emily upon learning she’d cleared him and gone on this revenge quest for her, I don’t understand why she didn’t just write his sorry ass off. Seriously. His obsession with Victoria is gross. Why wasn’t he asking Emily loads and loads of questions about what happened her to after he was arrested? Where was she? Why didn’t she come to see him? Where did she go after he “died’? Who else knows she’s Amanda? Why didn’t he call Nolan to try and get answers? Why does he think Victoria’s explanation for trying to get him to kill his daughter is just a-ok? And that exchange between him and Emily by the car…….am I the only one who felt no emotion there? I’ve felt more love between two rocks on the side of the road. The only bit that interests me is seeing what Nolan will do with Louise’s craycray. Oh speaking of craycray….Ben needs to leave. His character has worn out his welcome.

    • lizzieB says:

      Preach. Yes to everything that you said. That scene by the car left me totally disappointed. I was expecting that the revelation would at least bring Emily’s walls down a bit because this is David we’re talking about. But she’s still pretty much a robot to me (as Nolan would put it). But let’s not start on David and emotions. That guy’s got it all backwards.

    • Rose says:

      Just a tiny note, but the term “Demily” is actually in reference to Daniel and Emily, not David and Emily … It’s a shipper fraise, i.e. the idea of Daniel and Emily as a couple …

      • Alichat says:

        Thanks, but I am aware of what Demily stood for and the whole concept of shippers. Just because I followed my opinion of Demily with a thought about David and Emily didn’t mean I was confusing the two. Can’t do paragraph breaks on this site.

    • Marlene says:

      I agree with you! Why didn’t he asked questions, why doesn’t he want to know what happened with her, what kind of youth his daughter had? And indeed, there was no emotion at all with the car scene. I am wondering if his story is true, i doubt it. I don’t understand David at all, his attitude, his unconditional love for Victoria, what he said to Emily….its all wrong!

    • grtm says:

      Perfect!! I thought was just me wondering about it… This obsession for Victoria is unbelievable. He spent all this years without see his daughter and now is he more interested in what happened with his ex lover?? What kind of infinite – infinite love is that??? In any moment he made questions for Amanda, about her life and stuff, why?? Looks like he felt more for the love he lost whereby for his daughter, it doesn’t make sense at all!!

  11. Klo says:

    I bet Ben will end up being the son of Conrad’s enemy

  12. the girl says:

    I am stuck watching this show until Tommy Flanagan finishes his arc, because I am not ready to live in a world without Chibs. Also, I feel better that David knows about Amanda/Emily but this episode was not all I hoped it would be. I must admit to being glad that someone discovered that girl’s cray obsession. Bitches be loco.

  13. lizzieB says:

    Best part of that episode was Nolan’s reaction to Louise’s photoshopped pics. It was like a shock of a laugh in the middle of a pretty meh, verging on frustrating, episode.

    So we hoped they wouldn’t drag out the reunion so it doesn’t get even more nonsensical, but we also hoped they’d be able to deliver beyond the reunion. It doesn’t seem like it would’ve made a difference if they had dragged it out, when this is the kind of follow-up episode after that. I hated how the father-daughter conversations were broken into several scenes, the impact was diluted down and a bit inauthentic to me. We all knew David was gonna bring up the ‘forgiveness’ crap but I just wanted to sit him down and give a blow by blow recap of the journey to Calvary that Emily’s had. Seriously he was just getting too serious about avenging Amanda moments ago and when he discovers the real one, he can’t even put off taking Vicky to the freakin’ MRI?!?!?

    • Alichat says:

      This!! This so much! Not only does he have to go to the MRI, but then he has to spend the night at the hospital. Not go back the few miles home to have a one-on-one with his daughter while Victoria is knocked out on meds.

  14. Raymond says:

    Me thinks that the part of everything that emily doesn’t know is that David’s playing Victoria for some revenge of his own.

    • goldilocksloves says:

      I was totally thinking the same thing, I think and hope that getting close to Victoria is all part of a plan and is not genuine.

  15. jerrired says:

    It definitely seems like the show is heading for a Daniel and Emily reunion, especially since they just introduced a new love interest for Jack. I’ve never been a fan of Demily, but the last two weeks Josh and Emily V.’s real life chemistry has been shinning through in cute ways. However, I’m still against Daniel and Emily, especially with all their history. Way too toxic and out of character for Emily. But I fully expect them to hook up now that they’re both single, but Daniel is still the worst to me, so I hope it’s temporary.

    It’s going to be fun seeing Nolan launch Lousie on Victoria. Still hoping for “Nolan dates someone crazy part 3′ I loved his line after seeing her pictures, “can’t I ever have a normal friend.”

    And Ben is just so irrelevant, but I guess he will tie into it all somehow…

  16. Allison says:

    Yeah, not feeling David right about now. When he chose to ride in the ambulance with Victoria instead of staying and talking to his daughter, I hated him at that moment and my heart broke for Emily. I kept asking why did she even bother to clear this guy’s name? He’s so not worth it. Then the scene at the end with them by the car talking and I guess settling things, albeit temporarily and not even, just left me feeling like “the what now?” On the plus side, Louise and Nolan made this episode enjoyable to me. Nolan always does regardless and Louise kept me entertained the whole time she was in a scene. I did have a visual treat with Margaux’s dress. Totally loved it! Also could Ben get any more annoying?! What is his deal? Somebody please give him a piece of pie. Then Daniel, sigh. Remember in season one when he was lovable and likable and fans were all butt hurt when it was believed he was the one lying dead on the beach, but it was Tyler. I think they really did kill Daniel and he did die on that beach because that lovable likable guy is long gone, smh. Oh well nothing good lasts forever…

  17. Someone says:

    I liked this episode. It was refreshing not to totally despise or be tired of any of the characters’ storylines (except Ben. Seriously, dude, get that stick out of your butt). Even more pleasantly surprising is how much I’m beginning to love Daniel again – a few weeks ago I thought he was useless but these last two episodes he has had some great moments with Emily.

    I wasn’t sold on the David Clarke thing for a while, but now I am. Just because I love how everything has changed since his return, and how everyone else has reacted.

  18. Dan says:

    Conrad is SO alive.

  19. Dan says:

    And I am loving the Daniel and Emily moments…and Louise is SO much fun to watch!!

  20. ngirl says:

    Okay, how did I know that Emily had one of those guys in the house? How did I know that? Dude, Emily is my girl. BTW, I noticed Daniel checking out Emily again. What’s up? (Wink wink).

  21. JJ says:

    Revenge is getting really good!! David was soo annoying this episode, obsessing over Victoria!! And no to Demily, I want Jack & Emily to finally get together. But this being Revenge, they had to throw another obstacle in their way in the form of boring Kate. I also liked the scene between Victoria & Daniel in the hospital. I’ve always loved their mother-son relationship. I think that relationship should be mended by the end of the series. Ah. So many answers, yet so many questions unanswered.

  22. Matt says:

    You’re totally right! I was sensing some chemistry between Emily and Daniel too. Am I crazy in wanting them to reunite or at least join forces against Victoria?

  23. will says:

    Yep…I see Emily and Daniel back together…er, I mean Amanda and Daniel.

  24. Netty says:

    Loving Daniel and Emily scenes, could this be love ?
    I hope so, they can have a true, honest r/ship and forgive each other of the past.
    David Clarke is useless and so infuriating, he’s not convincing at all as a father who’s just been reunited with his daughter after not having seen her in decades and also thinking she was dead. He has not shed a single tear, how heartless is he!! He’s more worried about the witch Victoria!!
    I really hope Conrad is alive and he can kill ’em both(Victoria & David).
    Louise is beyond cray cray…she’s got serous mummy issues

  25. Netty says:

    David should have stayed ‘Dead’!

  26. Anna says:

    Why couldn’t Emily take a second to say something like “You owe an apology to Nolan because he gave me all the moneys” to David? That would solve so many problems. It would also show that she, y’know, cares about Nolan. This seemed weird to me. Are his problems not real to her, because she has bigger ones? Seriously it would’ve taken, like, 30 seconds. Oh well, whatever, now I’m gonna see him clearing his own name whilst being super awesome, as always.

    • Jen W says:

      We all love Nolan, but I think her first two conversations with her dad who she devoted her ENTIRE life to would be about way more important things then, “Be nice to my best buddy”. I am pretty sure David could tell that his daughter got the cash after all, seeing he was at her mansion. It doesn’t need to be spoken.

  27. Anne says:

    Guys, he said sterilizing you was my gift to the universe! Demily NO!

  28. Stacey boone says:

    I loved it. Daniel and emily do have chemistry and should try again unless they are ready to put her and jack together finally. I loved Nolan asking ” can’t I have a normal friend?” Haha classic

  29. AnaKL says:

    I definitely sensed some Demily flirting in these two last episodes… Last episode we saw Daniel looking at their wedding photos, “ambushing” Em/Amanda on the elevator for a chit-chat about them & whether or not it was real… if he didn’t love her still why would he bother?? And now anoher chit-chat without Ems breaking him in half… I wonder… Is this the writers way of redeeming Daniel for his wrongdoings? And if they will end up together in bed, does that mean we’re back at the beginning trio (Jack/ Ems/ Daniel)? At first I just wanted Ems to smack his face but after seeing them on an going flirtation (I hate you/ I love you moment) I actually liked that…

  30. Roxie says:

    Why must we have to wait 2 weeks for a new episode, when Revenge is finally awesome again? Winter break is especially going to be torture! Revenge is a show that I think of like being a trainwreck, you can’t help but watch it no matter how bad it gets, and it has hit some real lows during the past year. I’ve thought of quitting the show on more than one ocassion, Emily’s amnesia in Season 3 almost caused me to pull the plug, and Aiden’s murder almost made me stop watching too, the return of David Clarke in Season 3’s finale made me think I might not want to watch Season 4, but I just couldn’t pull myself away from the show and now I am glad that I didn’t because I’ve really enjoyed the past few episodes, especially the most recent one, and can’t wait to see what happens next!

    I also think there is some Demily foreshadowing going on and I hope they hook up! I can explain how Emily could justify hooking up with Daniel even though he did horrible things and shot her. Emily isn’t exactly a sane or rational person, if she can forgive Charlotte for attempting to kill her, then she can probably forgive Daniel the same. And wasn’t it Victoria who told her she was infertile? Emily should seek a 2nd or even a 3rd opinion before she accepts anything Victoria said regarding her ability to have kids.

    I was all for Aiden and Emily as end game, but now that that has been ruined, I am surprisingly finding Daniel and Emily fun to watch together (and I wasn’t really a fan of that ‘ship in the past), and way more fun than her scenes with Jack. Jack will probably still be end game, but some hate sex between Daniel and her could be fun to watch, especially if Victoria finds out about it and gets upset. Maybe Emily isn’t really infertile and could even have a real Greyson bun in her oven this time if she hooks up with Daniel again, which could have some really amusing results.

  31. Ella J. Wade says:

    They should have left David dead. Do we really need Ben and Louise? Find a good storyline!!

  32. Tennisnsun says:

    I definitely think the plan is to re-unite Em and Dan which is a smart move. I like the idea that she becomes pregnant by him (in spite of Vics fake medical report) and that opens up a whole new can of worms. They are more fun to watch as we probably all have read they are “together” in real life and more chemistry would exude from them because of their personal relationship.

  33. Kelly Deeny says:

    First off, I would totally buy a book of Louise’s freaky Photoshops! What a topic of dinner conversation that would be. (Haha!)

    Before the start of Season 4, I was expecting and anticipating a Jack and Emily romance. So, my interest is piqued by the new Emily/Daniel dynamic. I still think Jack and Emily have lots of talking left to do and unresolved feelings on both sides that need to be addressed.

    I can see Emily helping Daniel and Margaux with the Louise situation, and I like the idea of Ems actually being fertile and ending up the Mama to a Grayson heir.

    But…the only thing that bugged me about last night’s Emily/Daniel conversation was this: He accused her of giving up and she didn’t yell back “Says the man who shot me” or something to that effect. He talked about how she ruined his life, yet he tried to take hers. Before anything romantic or physical happens between them, I hope that part of their history gets addressed.

  34. N says:

    Still love Nemily the most!

  35. Christine says:

    I thought I was the only person who still shipped Demily. I’m not alone!!!

  36. Jen W says:

    I can’t decide what the better line of the night was:
    Nolan: “Can’t I have one normal friend?” Or
    Daniel: “Are you crying because my mom survived?”

    I am liking the new storylines this year. It’s about time they find a new Revengenda the Emily vs the Grayson’s plot could only go so far. Just be patient, I have faith that they can revive this show with a 10 year backstory into David’s wrongdoings to exploit. Anyone catch the fact that David said he escaped after he heard of Fauxmanda’s death, but “not before making them pay”? Is someone out for Revenge on David?
    I do think that the writers need to capitalize on what made their 1st season so successful: 1. Emily’s monologue intros captivated you- bring them back! And 2. She got a win almost every show. Everyone gets irritated seeing the good guy down, but loves when the wicked gets what’s coming to them.

  37. I was wondering how Revenge will keep the fan back to the show at 10 pm every sunday. I can’t wait to meet the new villain next year.

  38. Delante says:

    Totally feeling those Demily vibes! As soon as I saw it was him walking onto the porch, I was like wow dude really is enamored by her again. So badass when Emily just whipped out from underneath the bed and took care of business! The look on David’s face was priceless! David, meet the new Amanda! And then the end, my silly behind thought oh Emily is just chillin by the fire roasting marshmallows or something. Nope I should have known better!

  39. anyone else think this show could still go on more? I think conrad could come back in the finale and lead into a new season. I still don’t think he’s dead? maybe it’s because i’ve watched soap operas almost my whole life and no one ever dies. haha

  40. Rachel McDonnell says:

    I know the whole demily thing got really twisted towards the end but at the beginning I loved them together and would lile to see them back together, they are two people that have been messed up completely by there parents, and I’m guessing Victoria paid the drs to lie about Emily not being able to have kids….Daniel and Emily sleep together again = Demily Baby!!

  41. Iakovos says:

    Best line: Nolan to Jack… “Don’t cry for me, Sargentina.”

    Not sure where REVENGE is going but I will follow to see. Invested too much since the beginning to walk away. End game has to be Emily and Jack. With so much backstabbing and plotting, I worry the show has lost some sense of sunlit fun. I miss those early days.

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      I agree with your best line, “don’t cry for me, Sargentina” had me cracking up!

      But why do you think end game is Emily and Jack? Emily may as well just get a new Labrador puppy, it would be more fun and less hassle!

  42. kokoniasta says:

    Oh Yes! Emily 2.0! Maybe it’s because of relationship between Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman but I think they had some true connection I mean Daniel and Emily so Andy you’re not crazy at all :D

  43. joy1013 says:

    My husband and I are so addicted to this show! Loved Nolan’s lime about why he can’t have just one normal friend haha we can’t get enough of revenge! Watchang from season 1 over again to get our revenge fix while waiting for the new episodes lol

  44. “Butthurt”? Really, Andy?

  45. azu says:

    David Clark must be the dumbest human being on earth to believe victoria’s lies. Wow!!! He’s definitely not worth risking emily’s for

  46. Hung up on revenge says:

    Chemistry IS back between Daniel and Emily and I could see them having an oops baby after realizing they’ve lead their lives around their parents crazy lies (always wondered about the accident that caused her to never have kids again). I could see Daniel redeeming himself by saving Emily from the nefarious new enemy (probably Chibs).

  47. Brian Reed says:

    I just want more Ninja Emily. And as for Demily perhaps you all forgot that he shot her and now she can’t have children.. Seems a bit of a problem there.

  48. Mari says:

    Either all Amanda, all Emily or Amanda/Emily. One sentence it was Emily, the Amanda, then back to Emily… make a decision!:*)

  49. Lyssa says:

    Yes to Demily! They’ve both done terrible things, so they can more than start fresh. Well as fresh as they could possibly be with things as twisted as it is. Make it happen show even if it’s just one hook up!

  50. Shannon says:

    In my opinion, I don’t think anyone should be Emily/Amanda’s love interest. Her feelings for Aiden were very strong and I find it would be weak to have her succumb to anyone’s charms at all for this entire season as she copes with that while helping her father. In fact, I’d love it if the writers didn’t even think of love interests for Emily until she could properly mourn aiden. I’d love to see her make a trip to see Aiden’s mother. I think Daniel is reminiscing, but I think that Emily and him will likely turn out to be friends rather than lovers. Not part of Team Revenge, but a friend non the less that understands her. I don’t thin Margaux would join Team Revenge, she is a gabby goose dying to spill beans. I think she’ll be used for whatever connections she can provide. What I see is an “Enemy of my Enemy is my friend” scenario. I think Emily and Victoria will be teaming up and working together to protect and liberate David from his tormentors. That is what I am waiting to see. That truce is tenuous at best and could snap as soon as things settle, but I am an optimist.