How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Where There's a Kill, There's a Way

If all work and no play sent Jack Torrance crashing through his bathroom door with an axe, is it possible the same dismal formula drove How to Get Away With Murder‘s Annalise Keating to bash in her husband’s head with a Scales of Justice trophy?

After all, since Detective Nate got down on his knees and “worshiped at her altar” in the season premiere, our high-powered defense attorney/professor seems to be the only member of her extended team who’s not relieving her considerable work stress with intermittent sexytimes.

More importantly, though, if it turns out “Annie” — anyone else hate when Sam calls her that? — actually was the one who treated her cheating spouse’s noggin like a watermelon at a Gallagher concert, I’m not sure any jury would convict.

For starters, Prof. Keating would discredit the witnesses, introduce a plausible alternate suspect and finally bury the evidence with so much information that the jury members’ heads would spin in unison, like a chorus of Linda Blairs in The Exorcist: The Musical.

At this point in the season, who could really blame her anyway? As Annalise outlined to Sam in this week’s opening scene, “You lied when you said you didn’t sleep with [Lila]. You lied when you said you were at Yale the night she was killed.” And by the end of the hour, she’s learned that he’d lied when she asked if he’d known that his crazy-in-love student was pregnant at the time of her death. [If I were Annalise’s bestie, I’d suggest she bookmark the following 3-second YouTube video and press PLAY every time Sam opened his mouth.]

But here’s the thing: We’ve been trained by years and years of TV crime dramas to eliminate the most obvious explanations when trying to guess “whodunit?” So, wouldn’t it be a neat — and yes, even shocking — twist if it turns out Sam killed Lila, and Annalise, in turn, offed Sam? Their motives seem to be the best motives — unless maybe Wes’ mom committed suicide after being used and discarded by Sam or Rebecca got hooked on drugs by some slimeball former client of Annalise’s.

“WHAT ABOUT LURKY McCHURCHMOUSE?!” you’re shouting at your computer. And I hear you. Bonnie puts the “eep” in “creepy” — and her motives remain as unknowable as ABC’s decision not to change Selfie‘s title before its fall 2014 debut. [Fun fact: Annalise will be serving as defense attorney for the network in a spring 2015 installment when its execs stand accused in the serial deaths-by-bad-titles of Cougar Town, Trophy Wife and Selfie.]

Would the fine folks at Shondaland really make Bonnie so overtly off-kilter, though, if she was ultimately the guilty party? It seems doubtful. And what’s more, tonight’s installment, “He Has a Wife,” put nearly every major character into a potentially murderous emotional tailspin on Bonfire Night/Sam’s Murder Night/The Night of the Endlessly Twirling Cheerleader (or whatever you want to call it).

Before you post your own theories, let’s recap the highlights:

CASE OF THE WEEK | Annalise defends a woman accused of killing the family’s nanny in the midst of a pharmaceutical-fueled state of sleepwalking. The courthouse proceedings are just OK — it’s sort of a middling HTGAWM case — but provide two critical moments. The first involves Annalise decimating Bonnie when it turns out one of their witnesses was hiding a huge secret — a scold that concludes with this doozy: “You can’t do your one simple job — tell me what’s coming my way. That’s all I ask. And in return I tolerate your pitiful, mousy, pathetic presence in my house!” The second comes when the defendant rages against Annalise for destroying her family and sending her cheating, murderous hubby to the clink in the midst of proving her innocence. “That burn you feel right now is not because of what I did, it’s because of what he did,” Annalise tells the woman calmly, almost as if she’s processing the words for herself at the same time. “He lied to you, betrayed you, took advantage of your loyalty and trust — and that’s unforgivable. You’ll thank me one day.” Could we have witnessed the moment where Annalise decides that Sam needs to pay The Ultimate Price for his sins?

THE ODD COUPLE | We get plenty of flashbacks to Lila and Rebecca’s friendship — conducted mostly on rooftops and with the help of the latter chica’s drug stash. Rebecca proves to be a good listener for the naive co-ed, who spills all the details (and racy pics) of her fledgling romance/eventual affair/painful breakup with a married man whose name she never shares. The final glimpse of the unlikely pair finds a distraught, heartbroken Lila declaring that “bad things happen when you have sex” — but she stops short of revealing she’s got a professorial bun in the oven. Perhaps most surprising of all, however, is that when Lila declares her desire to contact “Mr. Darcy’s” wife and tell her all about the affair, Rebecca discourages the bridge-burning strategy. Instead, she takes Lila’s hand and offers her silent support — one of the few seemingly selfless acts we’ve seen from Rebecca ever, no? I mean, just when you think our drug dealer will choose mischief and destruction, she opts for… caution and quietude?

TOM VERICATHE FINAL BALLAD OF ANNALISE AND SAM | I’ve gotta be honest: This week’s opening scene, where Annalise learns of Lila’s pregnancy and insists Bonnie stay in the bedroom for the subsequent grilling of Sam…utter ridiculousness! “I need a witness here to make sure you don’t lie to me again,” Annie grumbles — as if Sam can only fib to one person at a time. Uff da.

Nevertheless, what follows is verrrry verrrry innnteresting. Annalise rushes off and tells Wes the pregnancy findings — and then implores him not to tell Rebecca. He’s smart enough to ask why his boss bothered to tell him at all, if she truly wanted the information kept buried. “I learned my lesson about keeping secrets from you,” Keating smiles at her puppy, and I honestly can’t tell if she’s being condescending or genuine. Whatever the case, the woman who’s been trying so hard to get pregnant with Sam is secretly reeling from the fact that he knocked up his young (and now dead) mistress after only seven (or so) rolls in the hay. “This is what happens when you screw somebody else’s husband — you become sad, barren,” Annalise says, tears streaming down her face as she reminds us how she began as Sam’s mistress, too, before becoming his wife. “And even a dead girl is more of a woman than you.” Whether Annalise truly feels broken by her inability to conceive or whether she’s just playing mind games to keep Sam on his leash during Rebecca’s trial, it’s a startling confession and a rare moment of vulnerability for our protagonist.

Meanwhile, now that Bonnie knows Sam wasn’t at Yale the night of Lila’s death, she’s got some confessing to do of her own. She reveals to Sam that she met his mistress hours before her murder – when Lila showed up at the Keating residence looking for Annalise and pretty much inferring Sam already knew she was knocked-up. Bonnie is clearly torn about her next move, so Sam does his best lobbying job. “We both know how much this would devastate Annie,” Sam coos, trying to make sure that Bonnie doesn’t blow his cover about foreknowledge of Lila’s fetus. And then, he strokes Bonnie’s face, tells her he needs her “now more than ever” and plants a whopper of a kiss on her tremulous lips RIGHT ON THE FRONT PORCH WHERE ALL OF PHILADELPHIA CAN SEE HIM. (Cue “He Had It Comin'” from the Chicago soundtrack.) But Sam’s calculations about Bonnie are off: He can’t make it his goal to protect Annalise and to cheat on her with Bonnie. What a dumbass. And so Lurky McC goes right to Annalise, gets down on her knees like a chihuahua deferring to a doberman and tells her EVERYTHING — including the fact that she’d kept Lila’s visit to the Keating house to herself for months on end. “He’s not a good man, Annalise,” Bonnie weeps. But with the breech of trust, it’s as if Annalise has been slapped by her own right hand. “You’re fired,” she says flatly. And then, because no one ever wants to be accused of copping a Donald Trump catch phrase, she adds a pointed, “Leave and don’t come back.”

When Sam gets back home, Annalise is waiting on the steps — which, as we all know, means he’s in troooooouble. Yep, she just got off the phone with the police — and she’s suggested that to figure out who knocked up the dead, pregnant sorority girl, they should collect DNA from all the men in her life — including her professors. Little does Sam know, however, he’s got bigger problems: In the next few hours, somebody’s going to collect some DNA from his skull onto a blunt object!

ALFRED ENOCHDISGRACED COP + DRUG-DEALING MURDER SUSPECT = UPSET PUPPY | In a nutshell, Nate asks Rebecca to score a hair sample from Sam’s bathroom that he can get a friend to test against Lila’s fetus — but our gal proves less than slick showing up while Annalise is at court and lying to Sam that she lost her gloves. (He does take a moment to check out her backside, though, before asking her to leave — anyone else catch that?) When Rebecca mentions to Nate how much texting-sexting and general cellular hoo-hah went on between Sam and Lila, he thinks up a different strategy: Download backed-up data off Sam’s computer onto an external drive. The only problem is, Wes spies her in Nate’s car across the street, and it leads to a blowout argument. Wes is all, “That’s Annalise’s cop lover!” And Rebecca’s all, “I didn’t know — and I was just doing this to help!” And he’s all, “Harumph!” But as Connor and Laurel show up for study group, Rebecca bolts — and takes the drive with her. Looks like she’s going through with the plan whether Wes likes it or not. And Laurel, Wes and Connor are hot on her heels, heading for the Keating residence, on Murder Night.

MONSTER IN LAW | Michaela has some rich interactions with her rich-bitch future mother-in-law (Lynn Whitfield, #flawless), who comes bearing the unwelcome gift of that blasted pre-nup. “You sign, or I will make sure you go back to that nasty backwood bayou swamp you came from, you stubborn little bitch,” says this truly vile specimen (who I’m instantly hoping will become a recurring player in Season 2). When Michaela’s hand flies up to strike the evil bag, Aiden’s mama proves even faster, grabbing the girl’s wrist as casually as she’d dab the corners of her mouth with a napkin, and gleefully asking, “Oh, you wanna play? Let’s go.” Her suspicions confirmed that Michaela’s not the bespoke-buying princess she projects to the world, Mrs. Walker flees the scene — and Michaela (looking insane in the membrane) goes to Asher’s and steals the Keating Trophy she feels she deserves for helping win the week’s case. Since we know said trophy is about to become a blood-covered murder weapon, we can guess girlfriend is about to journey to Keating HQ, too, yes? Oh, and is it a moment of foreshadowing or just a red herring when Michaela, at the top of the hour, says this to a cocky Asher: “Mention the trophy again and I’ll bash your face with it.” Dun-dun-DUNNN.

IN OTHER NEWS | Frank and Laurel get freaky in a car, over the phone and then in his apartment… ’til the significant other he conveniently forgot to mention strolls into the room and introduces herself: “Sasha, his girlfriend. And you must be — the student of the month?” Suddenly, Laurel’s in tears and her equilibrium is off — but I’m not sure she’s so distraught that she’s going to fly into a homicidal rage in the next three hours, is she? Asher, meanwhile, invites Bonnie to his Bonfire Night party — and smack-talks Annalise for that “pathetic, mousy” insult she’d hurled at the courthouse. Is he being genuine, or just macking on a chickadee? Oh, and Connor has sex with no one. #ThisBetterNotBeATrend

Finally, we conclude with this PSA — from Annalise to her husband, but applicable in many other scenarios, as well:

What did you think of this week’s HTGAWM? Any new theories on who killed Lila and/or Sam? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Absurdist says:

    You forgot “Don’t Trust the B—…”

  2. Absurdist says:

    Oh, and my official theory: Annalise may do a lot to punish Sam, but, even knowing that she could successfully get away with murder using her own rules, she probably won’t go there. My money’s on Rebecca in self-defense, like we saw her claim two episodes ago. Sam is just unhinged enough at this point to try killing Rebecca just as payback for knowing anything at all.

    Also, how was that thing with Bonnie practically kissing Annalise’s ring? I LIVED.

    • Angela says:

      Good point. I initially had thought that Sam would’ve killed Lila, and then Annalise killed Sam. Heck, at the very start of the show, I also thought maybe Sam and Annalise were both involved somehow in Lila’s death and then Annalise killed Sam to cover tracks so he wouldn’t blab.
      But Sam’s been such a complete and total moron (I totally had that song from ‘Chicago’ in my head this episode as well!) and it’s pretty darn clear the more Annalise found out about him the less she’d be willing to want to try and protect him or do anything for him, so there went that theory a long time ago. I do agree with you, though, that while she most certainly has MORE than enough reasons stacked up to be the one to kill him, I think at this point she’s way too obvious a suspect, and way too smart and calculating to do the dirty deed herself.
      Right now, my money’s on possibly Bonnie, or, now that Michaela has hold of the trophy, and has that whole threat about bashing someone with it, it could well be her, too (that would certainly explain her massive freakout in the flashbacks we’ve been seeing, too-someone like her suddenly murdering someone AND being forced to be part of the coverup, too? Yeah, that’d be cause for one hell of a breakdown and panicked reaction).

      • TigerLIL says:

        Angela it highly unlikely you gonna commit the Murder then bail out on the cover-up she said she didn’t agree to do the cover up at one point and the whole time she been stand offish but it might be a red herring like so many other clues they have dropped on who could have done it . One of them in the house is the culprit. It might be a combination of two people too. Besides Wes, Rebecca had leveraged information on both Laurel and Michaela days before the murder so they had a tie in. In next weeks highlights Sam was chasing Rebecca up the stairs then he was choking the life out of her near the same spot he got clocked at. But then he was chocking Annalise too but when is not clear. Michaela had been on the steps near the bottom when she was calling Wes about what ever was going on there then she let out a blood curling scream. The blood spatter on Rebecca is consistent with her being on her back and the blow coming from the side of the head. I don’t know is Michaela drop the trophy and Rebecca picked it up and stunned Sam then finished the job or whether Wes stepped in and finished the job or Laurel stepped in and finished him off because she was on the stair case near the light when she put her hand to her mouth stunned. I don’t think it happened the hit happened in one blow. I believe Rebecca is involved in both murders. Lila’s murder before the fact and Sam’s murder after the fact, but I don’t think she killed either person. Sam knew Rebecca was trying to get something on him and maybe they had something both knew they didn’t want getting back to Wes and Annalise oh my goodness….stay tuned

    • That was the most ridiculous and annoying scene of the episode, these people switch emotions at the drop of the hat like it’s nothing!

  3. Absurdist says:

    “‘Leave and don’t come back.'”

    And the next thing you know (at least, two episodes ago), the rug is missing and she’s calling Bonnie on the phone…

    • TigerLIL says:

      Yeah after finding out that Sam had been in a lip lock with the poor girl she bout thought that Bonnie had initiated the kiss and was going for the kill shot of bedding Sam on down in retaliation for being dismissed which I though really sucked I like the stealth sneaky she keeps the place all the way live…LOL

    • That is the exact reason I think Annalise was only trying to gain as much of an alibi as she could, therefore why the show will most go with the most basic suspect: Annalise.

  4. Kait says:

    I’m not a landmark expert, but isn’t the skyline view of Philadelphia that they showed from Lila’s sorority actually in New Jersey?

    • Kait says:

      …meaning the view from the sorority coming from NJ, obviously it’s Philly

    • Absurdist says:

      It’s all green-screen anyway, we’re not supposed to notice that they’re on the soundstage in Los Angeles. They could have put up the Parisian skyline for all they care.

      • Kait says:

        What is this green screen magic that you speak of? You mean not everything on tv is real? I think I need to lie down, this is just too much information for me to handle.

    • the girl says:

      I’m fairly certain that there are places in Philly where you can see directly into Jersey across the river, just like there are places in Jersey where you can see the Philly skyline. I’m no expert but I think that’s true.

      • Kait says:

        Yeah there are, that’s what I’m saying. I mean the view of the Philly skyline that they used as the background seemed to have been one that would be seen from Jersey. I figure I’d encounter someone from the area to tell me if I’m right (I’m from PA, I’ve been there a few times, just not specifics)

  5. Absurdist says:

    “Laurel’s in tears and her equilibrium is off — but I’m not sure she’s so distraught that she’s going to fly into a homicidal rage in the next three hours, is she?”

    Probably not, but remember, his ongoing boner for Laurel will prove useful to the Keating five in a few hours (or was it three episodes ago?)/

  6. ninamags says:

    When Annalise mentioned screwing somebody else’s husband, I thought she was talking about the married cop she had the affair with.

    • Absurdist says:

      Nope. Annalise was one of Sam’s students at one point, if I recall. In any case, she wasn’t his first wife, and Annalise wasn’t the first woman Sam cheated on a wife with.

      • Ange says:

        That being said…how old are they??? Technically it seems Annalise is older than Sam or they are at least the same age.

        • TigerLIL says:

          They bout the same age late forty or so but dam dude act like he got too much testosterone banging young girls out every freshmen class and looks like he targets girls he can control cause his wife he can’t do anything with so maybe he seeks out young girls for more than the sexual thrill who knows. They seem to stay together for appearances more than anything else. I really did not like him being flat-line the first season I though he had great value to the show…JMO

          • Angela says:

            I am seriously mystified as to how this man has nabbed so many women. My god, the more we learn about him the more I’m sitting here going, “What. The hell. Is wrong with you?”, both to him and to the women who get involved with him.

      • the girl says:

        Annalise wasn’t a student of Sam’s but she was a mistress.

    • Bri says:

      I didn’t think she was talking about her affair with Nate but I did think about how hypocritical it was of her to get all upset about Sam having an affair when she was doing the same thing even more recently

  7. Absurdist says:

    Also: I can hardly wait to see Michaela’s face when Aiden decides that he would prefer staying single to being disinherited. ‘Cause you know that’s where it’s headed. Fits right in with Andrew Fitch thinking that being Vice-President is preferable to being with Mellie. Of course now being President and banging Lizzie is more important than being with Mellie.

    Men. They’re just hateful.

    • Marco says:

      Oh, but Michaela fully deserves it. She’s the worst bitch on the whole effing show. She needs to go DOWN.

      • jazzcolfer says:

        keep hating on Michaela while she keeps being awesome and solving cases working hard :) she doesn’t lie and cheat, but she is the bitch lol sure. So glad to have this strong female character who won’t bow down to any men and let her fiancé’s ex hook up bully her. I love what she said to him this episode btw. Aiden, mama’s boy, doesn’t deserve such a beautiful, independent woman, so I hope there is no wedding :) aiden needs to go down, along with all the terrible men who are huge assholes who think they can get away with all the crap they keep pulling of (wes might be the only decent guy though :/)

        • ChrisGa says:

          Although a lot don’t seem to realize, you can have a strong female character that’s also not a bitch. In Michaela’s case, she’s just a flat out bitch.

          • jazzcolfer says:

            why is she a bitch? What did she wrong? How does she deserve slur on this show? What did she do that make her a bitch ? People on this show do ten times worse tnad they aren’t call anything, others cheats, lies, etc. But michaela is a bitch why? Because she is competitive? because she teases someone who keeps taunting her, because she doesn’t cheat on her boyfriend unlike some? What did she do that’s so terrible she deserves go down? Please enlighten me. I mean, to each their own of course, but don’t say she is the biggest bitch on the show when she’s done nothing as reprehensible as other characters there. I don’t want to put the other female characters down, so I’ll just point you towards the guys who cheats, lies, hurt people purposely, cannot be trusted, etc. Keep calling her the biggest bitch all you want, you know she’s only doing her job damn well and she is harsh because she is in an unforgiving competitive environment where she will never get anything handed to her and where she has to be perfect to get half the praise other people will get.

          • Rand says:

            jazzcolfer, I totally agree with what you said. Michaela is my favorite female character on the show because she’s like the most realistic “student” portrayed on the show. Fierce, competitive but yet vulnerable. She reminded me of my school life when I was sooo competitive, and sometimes may come off as a jerk..
            But really I still don’t get her true intention. Is it about money? Top Of the Class? Aiden? Or All the above?
            p.s. : Aja Naomi King played her to perfection.

        • TigerLIL says:

          Jazzcolfer, I got to agree with you on that a bitchy demeanor doesn’t make one a bitch, she just got game and has the confidence to use it. Poverty is no joke and regardless of what people think no one who been there desires to stay there. I give her props on enough game to use the only tool available to everyone to escape poverty in this country and that’s education to claw her way out that hell hole. Attitude or not she is using her aptitude to create the life she thinks she deserves and hats off if you can pull the trigger on that one. She acts like the person she wants to be and got game enough to put herself in the position just like the stock broker who rose from cleaning desk to become a self-made millionaire in a dominate man field. I would not have swung on mama Aiden but I would have been quick to let her know her little man has been known to bend over backwards to get what he wants. Truth be told Michaela is no different from the guy’s moma who is arrogant and self loafing too. i like all the characters they have dynamic human traits like we all come with baggage…..

          • jazzcolfer says:

            yes, exactly :) It is clear that she needs to trust herself more and stop putting so much pressure on herself. It’s not easy in such environment though. But, yeah, I love the fact that she is three dimensional and realistic :)

        • vallikat says:

          She doesn’t lie except that time she tried to steal Laurel’s notes out of her purse and made up some bs on the fly to cover her tracks. Oh and except the time she lied that she had interviewed at that law firm, even after she found out that it was about the pre-nup. And the time she lied to Asher about wanting to be at his party when actually she was only there to steal the trophy. I’m sure there are other times too. Michela is hardly a paragon of virtue and she is a bitch.

          • TigerLIL says:

            Well valllkat lets put it to the definition Bitch is a slang pejorative for a person, commonly a woman, who is belligerent, unreasonable, malicious, a control freak, rudely intrusive or aggressive. Only one I see she may have a little too much of is aggressive…JMO

          • jazzcolfer says:

            I would’ve never loved the character if she was perfect, and I thank god her fandom tank god her fandom loves her for that reason a well. It’s not a disney movie, it’s supposed to be a bit realistic and in real life people do silly things sometimes. You perfectly understood me the first time, I said compared to other characters, especially the guys, she hasn’t done anything bad enough to be called a bitch. She deserved the trophy when Asher got it only because his daddy was involved, and she told some white lies; because she knew connor would’ve started harassing her again about her fiancé. i would’ve done the same things. She is in a competitive environment, where people would do anything to destroy her confidence that’s why she felt pressure to take laurel’s note, but I doubt she would’ve kept them forever. Still, again, she didn’t cheat and lie and purposely hurt somebody unlike some. Keep calling her a bitch, that’s so original. To me that’s the only way certain people can only define a complex woman, when they would never be half as harsh with men no matter how terribly they behave. I mean some gets so many pass and so much empathy even though they hurt good people, when she gets hate over what some white lies she told perfect strangers ? Please.

          • Angela says:

            It’s not a disney movie, it’s supposed to be a bit realistic and in real life people do silly things sometimes.
            This. Thank you. I think it’s been pretty well established with this show that ALL the characters on it are effed up and imperfect/bitchy/arrogant/liars/etc., so if you’re going to have a problem with her for any of that, well, then you’re going to have to start going off on EVERYONE on here. Sure, you can find their actions insane and questionable and strange, but seeing how these people deal with their hypocrisies or snotty moments or arrogance or whatever is part of the fun and fascination, I think. I’ve seen many examples of people like Michaela in real life, trying so hard to put on this perfect act and being so driven to the point of not allowing for even the slightest misstep, and I always find people like that incredibly interesting. And seeing how she goes from that to the panicked, horrified girl we see in those flashbacks from the night of the murder, well, I think it’s a contrast worth exploring much more. I find it very hard to hate her-quite the contrary, I feel bad for her, because I think she means well with everything she says and does, and unfortunately life is not working out to her well-organized plans.
            Add in the fact that I’m pretty sure she’s getting pressure from her family to “make something of herself” to make their family look good or whatever, and it makes me sympathize with her even more. And while I certainly understand her mother-in-law’s reasoning for a prenup, the way she kept hassling Michaela about it at the dinner was obnoxious and way out of line, so I don’t blame Michaela for reacting as she did (though when she said she wasn’t marrying her fiancé for his money…yeah, sorry, sweetie, not quite buying that one). That, and I think prenups are a strange setup as it is-even if I understand the point of them, I still think it just makes what should be a happy occasion way too complicated and potentially messy-if you feel you need that kind of legal protection before you even walk down the aisle with your intended, to me, that doesn’t say much for one’s ability to trust their future spouse. But I’ve never been in a situation where I’d need to consider such a thing, so I dunno, maybe I’d change my tune if I were. *Shrugs*
            Tl;dr; anyway, to each their own regarding Michaela, but I don’t get the dislike, either.

      • Winnie says:

        I disagree. Each character on this show has had “doucheworthy”/bitch moments, and most of them are Type A personalities – I don’t see what makes her “the worst.” The most consistent? Perhaps. Reminds you of someone in real life that “got your goat”? Perhaps. Her middle name is Britta? Perhaps. Another reason that would start an unnecessary debate? Perhaps.

  8. Ram510 says:

    Asher is the most useless character and I don’t understand why he’s on the show

    • TBA says:

      I agree. He’s ridiculous and annoying.

    • Cody says:

      He’s there for eyecandy, erm…or meatloaf should I say….
      Kidding, if you want to point useless, I’d say Connor is the most useless character, I mean he could be gone and nothing will change (well less sex scenes and “screwing evidence out of someone”)
      But both Asher and Connor are my favorites and I hope they get major storylines in season 1B.

      • anonomousaurus says:

        Oh Connor… I don’t care if they cut his lines completely as long as he is still there to look at… man he’s gorgeous.

  9. Anna says:

    I called it last week (or the week before?), Bonnie is totally in love with Annalise. And that’s motive! That being said, it’s still probable that Annalise is the killer… though that might be too obvious?
    What we know is that all of the students (except for Asher) will be at the house because Rebecca goes there to get the info off of Sam’s laptop. SO everyone of them has opportunity. And judging by the promo for next week, Sam’s not happy that all of them are there so it’s probably not gonna be premeditated murder but something more boring like self-defense? Which tbh woul be a huge letdown for me.

    • Sam says:

      Ooh, I can see it now. When they cart Bonnie off to jail she’ll tell Annalise, “That burn you feel is because of what he did and not what I did. You’ll thank me one day…”

    • TigerLIL says:

      I don’t think Bonnie was in love with her like in love like that but I think she is in love with her strength, her boldness and the way she thinks Annalise is an independent thinker. Its like Annalise is educated and not trained she is not one dimensional in thought. I think Bonnie just admires her in that sense and maybe wish that she had that kind of confidence from the outside appearance or to other people on the outside you know like a front . Bonnie knows behind closed doors the girl is unhinged. It the same kind of adoration people use to have with guys who live the mobster life you think they are bold enough to take what they want in life and go get it. JMO I think Bonnie saw that in her and wished she was that forward….

    • herman1959 says:

      The fact that the students are so on board with hiding the crime also tells me that it was self-defense or an accident. Either way, I can’t wait until next week.

    • Lisa says:

      I would think that Annalise can’t be the guilty one. Otherwise there would be no show.

  10. lkk12 says:

    Yeah self-defense will be a huge letdown for me too.

    • TigerLIL says:

      Truth be told I think Rebecca was lying in wait for a chance to clock or bring down Sam. I still got a feeling she was no fan of Lila I mean you don’t sleep with your friends boyfriend. I still like Rebbeca for the killing of Lila as an accessory before the fact and she either teamed up with the football player to put her in the tank or she teamed up with Sam to put her in the tank. She convinced the football player or Sam that they were going to be fingered for the murder to get them to help her achieve her goal of hating on Lila in a fit of hidden jealousy. I can’t rule her out at all I know this, she was no friend of Lila, that girl was a pawn in Rebecca’s game. I still got a feeling she knew Sam and yeah had to kill him to keep that mouth shut. I think she use to have Wes apartment where she was tricking with Mr. Darcey herself, just a theory, she is a con artist and a blackmailer who deals in the trading of information…lol

  11. Aidan says:

    Great recap! I kept laughing out loud reading this one! Look out Blood wedding there is a new infamous night of murder and it shall be known as “the night of the endlessly twirling cheerleader” lol. Also I kept playing “he had it coming” in my head during every Sam scene last night. Coincidence? Definitely not “he’s not a good man”

  12. Aidan says:

    There also needs to be a Asher/Connor funny lines of the night section. We got gems like this last night from Connor

    “Dude you should have told me you live in the ghetto”

    “Bitches be crazy”

  13. Dylan says:

    Wow, thought I never getting throuhg this recap, that Michael Slezak for sure likes to take detours.

  14. TigerLIL says:

    I got to tell you that was a funny recap, Mr. Slezak and good night what drama. Poor Bonnie didn’t see that one coming but I think she will be back she knows too much to keep Annalise out the jail house and from being dis barred so you got to keep her in the fold. The crack up of the night had to be Mrs. Lynn Whitefield stepping on up in the place and flat-lining Michaela which I knew was coming just didn’t know who was coming but hey can’t chastise someone from coming from down in the bayou I guess that the southern backwoods I mean the girl got ambition, although she tried to play the upper crust southern bell I hope that is going to be ongoing I mean her and Annalise in a tangle would be to die for. Sam kinda shady boy using his poker to do his bidding and got a nasty little temper too. I got to handicap this one my money on the long shot is still on stealth sneaky for the clocking. I mean Rebecca is being chased trying to get the info off Sam’s computer, and Sam Michaela done run up on the scene on the phone calling Wes in a state of panic and Annalise after being chocked by hubby who she done sold out done ran off running to the boyfriend Nate hoping he plug up the broken heart with some body work. Guess Rebecca had to kill him but self-defense no way that is a payback blow to the head. This gonna be interesting I hope everyone comes back because that’s how you get away with murder…LOL

  15. Erica says:

    I love Viola Davis and everything Shonda Rhimes does but this show. I am trying hard to like this show but I can’t get there. I don’t find anything likable about Annalise or pretty much anyone on this show. It seems the only thing they give us to like is the knowledge that at least one of the creeps on the show is dead.

  16. Lisa says:

    Ok, let me throw a theory out there, just for the heck of it.

    I don’t think Annalise did it. I do however think the kids think she did. I do think it’s quite possible that Bonnie killed him. Yes, she’s creepy, but the question is why? Bonnie appears to be (somewhat secretly) in love with Sam. As was mentioned above “Annalise decimated Bonnie”. Ya gotta watch those quiet, McChurchmousy ones.

    So, I think that Bonnie killed Sam, because she was jealous of Lila, and now Lila was carrying his baby? Not to mention that we know this isn’t the first time she put Ms. Lurky McC in her place. Two birds one stone. Sam’s dead and frame Annalise.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

    • Lisa says:

      I have a theory that Bonnie was San’s 1st wife. Bonnie and Sam were married when he had the affair with Annalise. Annalise keeps her because of guilt.

      • Angela says:

        *Nods* Yep. This is my theory as well. Obviously, though, this last episode shattered any of that warped bond, so it’ll be interesting to see where those two go from here.

  17. ronnie says:

    So, here’s how I think they are all involved in the murder. Sam and Annaleise fight and he knocks her out. Rebecca sneaks in during the fight and Sam catches her and start to attack her. Wes and company come in to break it up, but Sam puts the smackdown on all of them and Michela comes in as he is attacking Laurel and hits him with the statue. When they think he’s out, he gets back up and is struck again by one of the guys. They all decide to cover for one another because all of them could have their DNA on him. But the big twist will be that Sam will not be the father and it will send everyone into a spiral as to who killed her. I still think Nate or Bonnie. However, I will still be pleasantly surprised if I’m wrong about all of it.

    • TigerLIL says:

      hmmm interesting theory but I think all the students assume it was Rebecca. I think three people were in the house, Bonnie, Rebecca and Michaela. I don’t think Michaela caught the action but I think Bonnie and Rebecca did. Then I thought about Nate too, especially since he is running behind Rebecca who he is likely following trying to get the info to justify tracking Sam which caused him to lose his job but who knows. I do think that Nate will be arrested for the Murder which will upset Annalise bring Nate’s wife into play and cause 7 more episodes of OMG and cause it to be high profile. I can’t imagine a woman could crack that guys head with one blow but Nate could. If a chick hit him it had to be several time like a rage killing I’m sorry Sam is gone he know he had the funniest looks when he was busted. We shall see….

      • Lisa says:

        I’ve also thought about the possibility it was Nate that killed him. Especially during last night’s episode. Mainly because he wants the hair to run Sam’s DNA. I think it’s possible that Nate was involved with Lila also, and he is trying to find out if Sam’s the father, because it will keep suspicion off him. Running his own DNA would make him look like a suspect, but running Sam’s would look like good police work. He also could have killed her to because he found out about Lila and Sam. If that is the case, it’s possible that Nate is really Mr. Darcy, not Sam.

  18. Raymond says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Annalise should stop wearing that awful wig? I think she is a striking woman when her natural beauty is allowed to shine.

  19. herman1959 says:

    LIES! It’s the theme of the entire series! Seriously though, I’m looking forward to seeing Bonnie’s ENTIRE backstory because that scene with Annalise was so strange. It was good to see Lyn Whitfield go toe-to-toe with Michaela, and I’m thinking that she’ll turn up on the show again. I can’t believe the producers hired an actress of her caliber for a one-off.

  20. My guess is Michayla is going to walk in on Sam attacking Rebecca, and whack him with the trophy.

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    television. To this day 1,605 people are confirmed dead in Fukushima and 204 are still missing.

  22. ADDICTED says:

    Does anyone share my gut feeling that Bonnie is the killer? Or am I way off base?

    • Lisa says:

      Yes. She’s the first one that comes to my mind. I have a couple of theories, but I think Bonnie is in love with Sam, and her tears last night, were really because it was the first time SHE realized that Sam may have gotten Lila pregnant. Of course, there’s a part of me that thinks Sam being the father is too obvious. So, I still have a secondary theory of Nate being the father, and Lila’s killer.

  23. Tanner says:

    My vote for murderer has been Michaela ever since her focus episode and then solidified during the episode where it said “it’s always the one you least suspect.” She is who I would have chosen for least suspect. They way she is acting hysterical during the clean up just makes me think it’s her. She prob kills him while he is strangling Rebecca therefore she gets blood splatter on her. The other 3 will come in either as it’s happening or right after… Which may make them think it was Rebecca who did it

  24. Bri says:

    I for one am glad I didn’t have to see Connor hook up with another rando. It was becoming totally cliche.

  25. Hayes says:

    Pretty lengthy recap, and I only have one comment about it: The song from Chicago is actually called “Cell Block Tango.”

  26. Mika02 says:

    My theory is Bonnie is in love with Annalise. Bonnie is trying to get Sam out the way so she can get the boss.

  27. van mar says:

    I really wanted to like How to get away with Murder, being a black viewer I like seeing shows which demonstrate great acting and plot lines have nothing to do with ethnicity. If it is real you will watch. This show seems to be following in the way of Scandal of the last two seasons. If you don’t have a great plot line fall into bed with someone for shock value. I have seen the leading actress in HTGAWM in many films and have admire her work. I thought she’s a great choice for this lead. I admire Shonda for thinking outside the box. I love Olivia in the beginning of Scandal although many may have and did in fact judge her for sleeping with the President. Kerry Washington’s acting is the same one note and rarely varies. While the other actress in Murder tends to overact. If the plots do not make you care about the characters or even the outcome of the characters why spend 2 hours watching. So I don’t, I now occasionally look at the recaps and read the frustration of other viewers. Love, Love, Love Madam Secretary withTea Leoni as well as The Good Wife. These two shows have strong female leads which demonstrate if you have a good plot line and great acting, you don’t always have to be taking your clothes off.

    • anonomousaurus says:

      I don’t mind the sex because the is a VERY big part of college. Sex and rumours of sex. I think they are being real about the prescence of sex in modern day college. And it better the Grey’s Anatomy which is completely unbelievable sex wise.

  28. rachelle says:

    Sam is such a scuzzbucket! His “apologies” are totally worthless. He’s unforgivable and unbelievable. I felt bad that he got hella murdered at the beginning of the series, but at this point, I’m just so sick of his selfish, self-serving, manipulative behind that I don’t feel bad anymore.

  29. Kara says:

    I have a totally different theory re who killed Lila. I think she committed suicide after talking to Bonnie. Remember the scene with Lila and Rebecca on the roof? The water tower was in the background.

    • TigerLIL says:

      I initially thought of that possibility as well but it was ruled a homicide and I think they have a way of telling the difference based on how the water enters your lungs. I still like Rebecca for involvement in both murders but not sure how. I don’t think Sam would be killed because he was the father either what would it matter at this point the girl is dead. There was only a couple of reasons for killing Sam. Accidental I kinda doubt, to keep a secret which I kinda believe or to protect Annalise which is viable. We shall see…lol

  30. anonomousaurus says:

    Given that the show is called How to get Away with Murder I really want Lila’s killer to be someone we can’t see coming or else they wouldn’t have gotten away with it thus defeating the entire name and premise of the show.

  31. Winnie says:

    Obviously the trophy killed Sam. He was on his way to mass text his penis to myriad dead girls’ phones and tripped over it. #goodthinkinginanimateobject

    What if an obviously grade-obsessed and post-future-Mother-in-Law smackdown distraught Michaela went by to show Annalise she has the trophy so her professor/boss knows she doesn’t have to study for the final. I could see her wanting to take that stress off, and being that Bonnie/Frank pegged her “Shooting Star,” it stands to reason she’d take intense measures. We saw that in her moves with Asher (a character I love for the comic relief his overall approach as well as many of his lines bring) that night. If Sam was there to intercept her and was stupid enough to think, “ooh, look – a gorgeous ‘Damsel in Distress’ – I need to try to reel her in,” I could see her attacking him in her current state of mind.

    The other classmates might not be so inclined to “save” Michaela, so maybe she does it, walks out, then comes back in like she’s part of the study group and no one knows who actually did it, but each thinks they’re protecting either their boss or someone else. Similarly, if Annalise, Bonnie, Rebecca, or Wes showed up as Sam was going after Michaela, they could’ve done so as well under the “defense of others” or “one less scumbag to worry about” line of thought. [/convoluted plot that is unlikely] #thisiswhyicouldntwriteforShondaland

  32. Ricardo Crockett says:

    Sam was married and Annalise had an affair with him. Sam has also had at least one affair since they’ve been together. Annalise eluded to that when explaining to Wes why he walked on her with Nate’s head between her legs.

    I suspect that Sam was married to Bonnie. It would explain the “pathetic, mousy” comment. She hangs around as the go-fer for the woman who stole her husband, not someone who Annalise would a lot of respect for, regardless of how much she hates herself for what she’s done.

    Annalise also made a comment once about Bonnie looking out for only one person in the house and it wasn’t her, it was Sam.

    I think Rebecca hit him, he was still alive, Bonnie found him after the crew left, finished the job then went to Asher’s for an alibi. We’ll see on Thursday.

  33. Nate is my official guess because Annalise is just way too basic, but hell look at the show I’m talking about right now!