Arrow First Look: Felicity & Ray's Fancy Date — and Its Shirtless Prologue!

By now, Arrow fans have probably seen the promo hinting at a smooch between Felicity and Ray.

But did you know when the blonde’s boss asks her to be his date to a work dinner, he also picks out a dress and some fancy jewels for her? At least that appears to be the case in the following photos from next Wednesday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c), which also features Arrow-obsessed stalker Carrie Cutter, aka Cupid (played by Supernatural‘s Amy Gumenick).

So will the professional evening out lead to something more?

“We couldn’t do a Cupid episode without doing something romantic,” executive producer Greg Berlanti told TVLine after his Film Independent panel on Wednesday night.

Click through the gallery to see Ray in all his shirtless glory, Cupid setting her sights on the Arrow and more.

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  1. Candice says:

    I like them together.

  2. le sigh says:

    Felicity deserves a guy who isn’t going to change his mind. So go for it Felicity.

    • S. says:

      They got blown up because someone had a grudge against the Arrow. He doesn’t want her dead or maimed. He didn’t change his mind on a whim, he loves her and doesn’t want her hurt.

    • S. says:

      And it’s always a bad sign when a guy starts picking out your clothes. Jewelry, okay. Paying for the clothes, fine. Actually buying the clothes without any input from the person who is actually going to wear them, then it becomes more about what a guy thinks you are and less with who you actually are.
      Felicity can dress herself, we’ve seen that time and time again. No one needs to dress her like some Barbie doll.

      • le sigh says:

        Reminder that it’s said that Oliver bought Felicity the dress from The Dodger episode.

        he also filled her apartment with flowers in the season one comics which we are supposed to take as canon.

        You can’t say one is creepy but love the other one.

        • wonderwall says:

          I don’t remember it ever being said in canon that Oliver bought that dress for Felicity? If it’s not in any deleted scenes/comic/episode then I don’t really consider it canon… Also about the flowers thing, I thought it was sweet considering the circumstance. If it wasn’t for that then yeah, that totally would’ve been creepy lol

        • Teresa Rhoda says:

          I don’t recall Oliver buying Felicity a dress. He may have given her money to buy something suitable for the mission they were going on About the flowers, I can’t say as I don’t read comics. In any event buying flowers is a nice gesture and acceptable.

      • Teresa Rhoda says:

        It is bad enough when a guy you have only known for a short time buys you clothes but it is worse if it is your boss. A man buying you clothes so quickly when you are not in a relationship is quite controlling and could indicate that he wants a woman to dress (and behave) in a way that suits him and and actually devalues a woman. It is quite controlling behaviour. Buying jewelry??? Something expensive so soon? Bit off.

        • Amber2 says:

          I agree that it is “off”. I think/hope that is the case -lol. Ray is über-cute and we are in be led in a dance where we don’t know what his intentions are. Good/bad/mixed? He has been nice to Felicity in giving her time off but he also wants something from her. I suspect that she will end up finding out the truth and will want to run but then Oliver will (against all of his better judgement and desire to get her away from Ray) agree that Felicity should stay with Ray to find out more about his plans. Lol – could be totally wrong about this but it would be fun.

  3. phuong says:

    Brandon Routh is so hot i know i am on team olicity but i dont mind felicity with Ray EBR has chemistry with everyone i even like her with Barry

    • brenna says:

      Agreed. Team Olicity all the way. However, Felicity has cute chemistry with Ray and Barry. I would rather her genuinely love only Oliver!

  4. Arrow fan says:

    No no no no no! Nothing Cupid like about this Ray and Felixity crap. I’ve no use for it and don’t want to see it. Even if it means shirtless Ray. Shoot shirtless arrow is all a girl needs! #olicity

  5. Uhmmm says:

    I’m not sure how you can profess love for someone one week ,for like 2 yrs, and date and kiss someone you just met a week later. I’m not a fan of the bait and switch and I’m not a fan of triangles. The writers could do better

    • mupp says:

      I’m sure that that’s not what they are doing, read some interviews/twitter feeds. This is adult stuff not flimsy triangle drama crap. They can do better and they do, all the time.

    • le sigh says:

      When did Felicity EVER profess her love for Oliver weekly for two seasons? I’m a shipper… and I’ve never seen that. Yes she cares about Oliver, but Felicity is a caring person.

    • anon says:

      She may not have said those exact words (ILY) yet but her actions speak pretty loud. Girl is definitely in love with Oliver. Also I’m not entirely convinced that Felicity is all that into Ray. Just because he seems kind of obsessed with her doesn’t mean she’s interested in dating him. She may give him a chance after all he’s a handsome seemingly nice guy billionaire who doesn’t have anything holding him back from being in a relationship. But at the end of the day, I don’t see it becoming some full blown love affair. She’s going to be drawn back to Oliver and O/F are going to have to deal with all these unspoken feelings they have. But again not convinced they are taking R/F very far romantically. In that one maybe kiss pic she looks kind of upset and not that interested in kissing him.

    • Whether she loves him or no, technically, she didn’t say that. However, what she did say was “we’re over” after Oliver put them on an indefinitely not now, maybe never track. Felicity chose to move on and chose to react to Sara’s death by firmly deciding to not wait around in the Arrow Cave for Oliver to die. The show has been very clear in her walking away, looking for more to life. First with Barry who would rather be with a girl who doesn’t give him the time of day and now with Ray who has been pursuing her. She has every right to move on, and try for more even if she still likes Oliver.

      Plus, it’s Oliver’s story and they have to have Felicity go out with the Oliver Queen foil, Ray, to show the character growth.

      • Teresa Rhoda says:

        Actually it was “Once you talk, It will be over.” (being nit picky I know,, sorry for that). Oliver and Felicity have not actually been in a relationship. What they have are feelings for each other and they had reached the point of voicing (Well Oliver in roundabout words and Felicity in actions) those feelings when Oliver put the lid back on them. Am imagining F is engaging with another man to try and work through her feelings for Oliver. Ray is pretty much Rebound Man for her.

  6. Hi guys, olicitys fern here. I see in the promo I make a special appearance!! Hope Dad doesn’t break me apart because my mom is breaking his heart! Pray for me! ~olictysverybeautifullovechild

  7. DS says:

    Why does it look like raw chicken breasts are spouting out of Superman’s armpits? Majorly freaked out.

  8. Georgia Madman says:

    Felicity rocks that dress! But if were a girl, I’d be majorly freaked by some guy picking out my dress.

    • Brigid says:

      I don’t think it’s creepy for your rich boss who invites you to an event with him buys something nice for you to wear to said event. Why is that a big deal? He has seen the clothes she wears and knows what she likes. I find it the gentlemenly thing to do.

      • Alex says:

        It’s creepy and controlling. A gentleman would not do that. Not saying anything about Ray the character, I like him, but the premise of a boss buying garments for a woman in such a way is majorly icky and a big warning sign.

      • Briggs says:

        I think the creep factor is that he knows her size. And again, she looks a bit unsettled by the gesture, so I’d say even Felicity is wondering what’s up with him. I mean, he *did* show up at her place unannounced, and didn’t wait to be invited in. I can see the creep factor, is all I’m saying.

    • ANNA says:

      I think it’s great them spending time together. If he invited her to a work function it’s plenty acceptable for him to buy her an outfit. They are just trying to emphasize the difference between Ray and Oliver- Ray is outgoing and Oliver is extremely guarded. Boundaries v. no boundaries. We know why Oliver is the way he is but we still don’t know what motivates Ray. I’m looking forward to finding out! I am happy Felicity is finally getting the attention she deserves- she has three super heroes beating down her door! It seems like more recognition for Felicity was what everyone was asking for and now that it’s here we should all just roll with it. If Felicity isn’t creeped out then neither am I. In fact, anyone remember that movie “two-weeks notice” with Hugh Grant and Saundra Bullock? I see their relationship a little like that.

  9. Lupe says:

    Can Ray Palmer just walk around shirtless thru the whole episode, please?

  10. Eliza says:

    While there are things that give me pause – Ray is the epitome of tall, dark and handsome.
    Plus, he’s throwing around some charm. As well as showing some support and understanding.
    So, um, Felicity should give it a whirl :)

    • Alichat says:

      Hmm…..I still find him smarmy. And the dress and jewelry bit is creepy…..although not as creepy as buying an entire retail chain just to be able to say you are that person’s boss.

      On another note, is that Roy laid out on the ground in pic 16??

  11. CM says:

    Ray going on a date with Roy would make more sense.

  12. Wordsmith says:

    I’m kind of hoping that they pull a “just kidding” gag with the salmon ladder rather than having it be Ray’s exercise of choice as well. I get that it’s the show’s signature thing, but at some point you have to draw the line.

    • georgiamadman says:

      Maybe Felicity could organize a “ladder competition” between Oliver, Ray, Roy, Diggle and the boxer. She, Thea and Laurel could bond over that!

    • anonymous says:

      Yeah the salmon ladder is Oliver’s thing. They seriously couldn’t think of another exercise for BR to do to show off his body? Or is there a reason he’s doing the same exercise Oliver does?

    • anzo says:

      Come on, the salmon ladder is hilarious. I love how they’re actually making it a decent triangle — anything Oliver can do Ray can do better. Or at least can do. It cracked me up.

      Even as an Olicity person, I’m liking Ray a little more than Oliver these days. Please don’t make Ray evil.

  13. Drew says:

    Felicity is like superhero catnip.

  14. Ross says:

    Since the episode features “Arrow-obsessed stalker” Cupid, I sincerely hope they mean to draw a parallel with the Ray/Felicity date, because he’s been behaving very stalkerishly, and I’d be really disappointed to see that portrayed in a positive light.

    • Speedy says:

      Oh thank YOU for finally mentioning it. I wanted to like Ray. I did. But here is what we’ve learned about him: he pings her cellphone to find out where she is, calls/texts/emails constantly even without getting a reply, spends $2 billion to get her to work for him, shows up at her apartment first thing in the morning without calling first, and NOW they have him buying her a dress/necklace for a date? Please don’t tell me THAT is supposed to be considered romantic. That’s the very definition of creepy and stalkerish. Anyone can see Felicity can dress herself VERY well, and has style. If he did it while they were already dating, maybe I’d feel differently about it, but right now, I just think the chances of me ever liking Ray Palmer just went from maybe to never.

      • Nicole says:

        That Russian guy did it for Carrie in Sex and the City and we all swooned ;) Oliver stalked Laurel through more or less all of season 1 and we all swooned. I personally love Ray because his actions come off as funny and socially awkward rather than stalker-ish. He’s a good guy and the chemistry there is spectacular. It’s very natural, much less forced that Olicity.

        • anon says:

          Oliver didn’t stalk Laurel. What show were you watching?

          • Blah says:

            Oliver sort of stalked laurel in season 1 but he had a legitimate excuse (then)

            He had been stuck on an island for 5 years with no/ little human contact and she was one of the few people he knew well in the city. While she was also his best friends gf there was lots of social overlap

          • brenna says:

            I agree with you Anon. Oliver never stalked Laurel. I also really disagree when someone says Olicity is forced. It is happening for the very reason that they naturally have chemistry and they have worked closely together for 2 years. Nothing forced about it. If someone doesn’t like them, fine, but to say it is forced doesn’t make sense.

        • Speedy says:

          Let’s not use “we” all forced seeing as I didn’t watch Sex and the City and have no idea who the Russian guy is, but I don’t think it would have made me swoon. Also, I NEVER EVER swooned with anything Oliver did for Laurel. Mostly, I just couldn’t figure out why the show was trying to convince me those two belonged together. I’ve never seen less chemistry on any show between two romantic leads, plus that awful backstory. I was much more a Laurel-Tommy fan, and don’t care who Oliver ends up with so long as it isn’t Laurel. So I’m going to stick my opinion of Ray being creepy–as much as I love Brandon Routh and think he’s doing the best with the material he’s given. It’s not the acting that I have an issue with–it’s the way they’ve written him.

        • ANNA says:

          He definitely “stalked” laurel. Both as the hood and Oliver. He was constantly inserting himself into her life in season 1 and did other things that could be considered stalking like watching her from rooftops & fire escapes ETC. We just didn’t think it was creepy because he’s a super hero.

      • Guest says:

        OMG you can just say you want Olicity together and not try and label Ray with all these ugly labels. Oliver does not want to be with Felicity so she should move on & Ray is lovely and sweet to Felicity, so why the H not!

        • Speedy says:

          Look, I liked Barry and Felicity together because I like that relationship/friendship and if they had done a cross-show love story, I’d have been on board. I’ve had an experience with a guy who spent a lot of money after meeting me once, called and texted constantly despite me not replying to his messages until I had to lie and tell him I got back together with an ex-boyfriend to get it to stop. So when I say I find Ray creepy, it’s because I FIND RAY CREEPY AND STALKERISH, not because I want Oliver and Felicity together

    • anon says:

      Omigosh, glad I’m not the only one feeling like Ray needs to rein it in a bit. Stalker might be a bit strong of a word just yet but he’s getting there. Dude has like no boundaries with Felicity. There’s wanting to be In someone’s life and then there is forcing your way into someone’s life and Ray is forcing. He’s allowed to like Felicity and he can be charming but usually he’s just way too in her face and up in her business. And now he’s buying her a dress and jewelry for a business dinner date? If they were already dating that would be one thing, but this seems like either he doesn’t trust her to be capable of dressing appropriately for a business thing or it’s a way of controlling her. He really is walking a fine line between charming and creepy.

  15. kath says:

    This looks like it’s going to be a fun episode.

    And Brandon Routh sure does look good.

  16. Eli says:

    Felicity has joined Sookie Stackhouse in the “I’m surrounded by numerous good-looking men who care for me club.”
    Not a bad club to be in.

    • Malia says:

      I agree. She deserves some love too. We all know what will happen eventually with O/F but for now let’s enjoy shirtless yummy Ray. Hope he’s still a good guy.

    • Sookie’s guys were like “I’ll die for you.” Felicity’s guys are like, “I know you traveled hundreds of miles to see me and the last time we talked I did ask you out, but I’d rather pine after this other girl.”

  17. Briggs says:

    it looks set to at least provide some laughs. The discomfort on her face when Ray presents her with the dress says it all. I would not be surprised if this really is a parallel to the whole Cupid thing. How it wraps up for both ‘couples’… is a good question. Can’t wait for next week.

  18. Tex Mike says:

    I’m still waiting for Ray to turn into Superman and save Arrow’s life.

  19. Ella says:

    Oh, I am LOVING this pairing. They have so much chemistry, I almost don’t miss Barricity. Please let’s stay on this route and not deviate to please the Olicity fangirls again. Thanks for maintaining your integrity writers and good job.

    • Briggs says:

      Felicity was brought back in the first place because Stephen and others who *work on the show* saw the chemistry she had with Oliver. And since the show has *never* followed canon, I’d love to know what you think they’re ‘deviating’ from.

      • floacist says:

        They said Felicity was brought back because they liked the character. Why is this story being rewritten every time I see it?

    • K says:

      I don’t think the writers consider Oliver/Felicity ‘pleasing Olicity fangirls’ (sic). It’s pretty clear to me from their interviews that they’re writing Oliver/Felicity as a long term romantic couple with starts and stops.

      It’s not fan service or just fangirls who love the dynamic of Oliver/Felicity, either. Unless you consider critics like Alan Sepinwall and Maureen Ryan fangirls, and obviously the network – since they tease Oliver/Felicity and Felicity even in weeks where she’s not major.

      Ray’s a step on Felicity’s journey. He’s Oliver without the angst and looking forward – which is what Felicity thinks she wants. Let’s see how happy she is when she gets it. I’m guessing she’s not going to be any happier

  20. anonymous says:

    Do they have to call Felicity the blonde when referring to her in this article? She is way more than the blonde. That’s kind of insulting. Just saying.

  21. Blah says:

    Felicity might need to call Sarah walker about tips to ditch on dating Daniel shaw oops I mean ray palmer. Maybe laurel “jeffster” Lance could help

  22. Alve says:

    They belong together

  23. Guest says:

    I like Felicity and Superman together

  24. winter says:

    I just don’t get it, it’s just so unrealistic that he would fall for her.

  25. Sarah T. says:

    Holy cow does this look good! As much as I like Oliver/Felicity together, I do agree that it’s nice for Felicity to get some other male attention since Oliver seems pretty firmly in the “not going to act on my feelings because I need to be the Arrow” category right now. And I actually really like Ray. He’s nice, he clearly likes Felicity, doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking and he takes time to be there for her.
    Also, since we haven’t seen the episode yet, we don’t know for sure that he bought her the dress (or the context of why he did it, IF he did) so let’s hold off on assuming that he’s controlling. I’ve never really gotten that vibe from him. Determined? Yes. I think he’s used to getting what he wants but honestly, Felicity does that (in some ways) with Oliver too. The buying of the bed and the fern so Oliver would feel more at home in the Foundry. I get that Felicity has known Oliver longer than Ray has known Felicity BUT I think she’s the type that’s used to figuring out what other people like/need/want and making that happen and Ray is kind of the same way. I’m thinking Ray is to Felicity what Felicity is to everyone else, a caring person that puts effort into her relationships.
    As for the salmon ladder, I’m sure that was done so we can a witty quip out of our girl about how the men in her life feel compelled to strip down and work out in front of her (or something like that).

  26. Gerri says:

    I’m happy Ray is shirtless and he looks good, but Really? The Salmon Ladder? That is Oliver’s thing. Let Ray get his own work out routine.

  27. Luis says:

    She couldn’t wear that dress she wore to Trivia Night with Barry in Central City. Yikes and gadzooks!!

  28. Caroline says:

    That’s a very intimate thing for someone to d on a first date. I mean they haven’t known each other for that long. I would expect that from Oliver because he cares for her and have known each other for two years. but Ray is very mysterious. I be like….eeeeewwww! NO WAY!!

  29. Caroline says:

    So basically….what Berlanti said the kiss doesn’t mean anything and we have nothing to worry about?? and wait, is that his Salmon Ladder? or is that the Arrow’s?