The Voice Playoffs Results Recap: Slaughterhouse Liiiiiive!

The Voice, despite its rep as a feel-good, even-the-losers-win kinda party, is essentially the slasher film of the reality singing-competition genre.

Indeed, you don’t want to get too attached too quickly to any of the young pretties who make their way to the red-chair zone. After all, in the last month alone, Season 7’s Top 48 has been sliced, hacked, garotted and bludgeoned down to a lean, mean dozen finalists.

Oh sure, Gwen Stefani had a point tonight when she insisted — in a moment of startling candor — that “it doesn’t even matter who the winner is: They still have to put in the work after the show, and this is just a platform to learn.”

But despite the fact that “first place” is not necessarily synonymous with “greatest post-show success,” let’s be honest: Each and every one of the 20 vocalists who participated in this week’s Live Playoffs would’ve sawed off Carson Daly’s left arm for another week of performances in front of 15 million viewers.

But the format is what it is — and the format is still straight-up killing it in the 18-49 demo — so let’s recap how each coach’s team culled their ranks tonight.

Saved by America: Reagan James, Craig Wayne Boyd
Saved by Blake: Jessie Pitts
Eliminated: Taylor Brashears, James David Carter
Snap judgment: Blake said his decision was made “solely based on who I think can thrive in this environment.” Which I’d translate as, “Sorry, I usually go the country route, but the iTunes singles chart tells me there’s something about Jessie…” Which is why Blake remains the smartest strategist in the Voice coaching stable.

Saved by America: Luke Wade, DaNica Shirey
Saved by Pharrell: Sugar Joans
Eliminated: Jean Kelley, Elyjuh René
Snap judgment: Pharrell’s inspiring speech to his artists — “it’s up to you to maximize this incredible NBC airtime,” he declared, before encouraging them all to stay in L.A. and beat down label chiefs’ doors — was nevertheless a time-killer leading to the inevitable. He loves Elyjuh, after all, but he practically worships Sugar. And when America wisely gave a thumbs up to DaNica, the result was a foregone conclusion, and one with which I begrudgingly agree. I mean, I wish Elyjuh got the third spot on Team Gwen, but I don’t think there’s any way he was ever gonna win this thing.

Saved by America: Taylor John Williams, Anita Antoinette
Saved by Gwen: Ryan Sill
Eliminated: Bryana Salaz, Ricky Manning
Snap judgment: Gwen told the audience she was still nursing her youngest — and therefore in an emotional way. But short of a frying pan to the head — or a warning from producers that the show needs to appeal to the One Direction-loving demographic — there is simply no excuse for her decision to save Ryan, the weakest member of the entire Top 20, as far as I’m concerned. Well, girlfriend will learn her lesson when America nixes the perky-but-not-ready-for-this-jelly fella next week.

Saved by America: Damien, Matt McAndrew
Saved by Adam: Chris Jamison
Eliminated: Mia Pfirrman, Taylor Phelan
Snap judgment: I’m shocked, but not upset, that Adam saved Chris — a contestant who was saddled with an almost impossible song choice on Monday. Is it possible Chris will wind up an 11th-place footnote by this time next week? Yeah, sure. But I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s still with us come Thanksgiving, either.

What did you think of this week’s Voice results? Take our poll below and tell us who you’ll miss most, then continue the discussion in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Adake says:

    Wow, the coaches choices tonight were huge surprises. Blake saving Jessie over James and Taylor (two of his country stars gone). Pharrell saving Sugar over Elyjuh (almost saw that coming with his infatuation for Sugar). Gwen saving Ryan over Ricky and Bryanna – yikes. Finally, Adam shockingly saved Chris over Mia and Taylor. America I think did a better job than the coaches tonight. Bummer that Taylor Phelan is gone.

    • Adake says:

      Michael, Adam saved Chris, not Ryan saved Chris.

      • Michael Slezak says:

        Good catch. My head was spinning from SO MUCH CRAZINESS.

        • Adake says:

          That was one wild night. Now it’s up to voters to save the remaining best.

          • I think they eliminate too many people in one night! So lots of good talent goes home too soon!Also there are way more guys than girls this season.

          • Tyler says:

            I still don’t understand why America saved Taylor John Williams? I’m just wondering if a lot of the so-called same contestants split votes thereby leaving only one or no save. Maybe Ricky and Ryan split votes. Maybe DaNica and Jean split votes. Maybe James David Carter and Craig Wayne Boyd split votes. That’s what happens when there’s too many contestants to choose from. I have a feeling TJW got lucky and snuck in.

          • JM says:

            Tyler – Presumably, Taylor John Williams (even the name is pretentious) has a lock on the Amish vote. That hat. Those suspenders. I just can’t.

          • JM You crack me up! The amish vote! Get the horse and cart and send him packing back to where he came from. Issaiha and Jedidiah are waiting for him!

        • analythinker says:

          Also, Elyjuh was Team Pharrell, not Gwen.

          • Luiz says:

            That wasn’t a mistake. I believe Slezak wisely stated that the three Team Gwen members who weren’t picked by viewers should have been eliminated so the third Team Gwen spot could go to somebody who deserved it. In the improbable possibility that it was indeed a mistake, I believe the universe used Slezak’s hands to give us the truth. =D

          • analythinker says:

            @Luiz: Well, he put in under Team Pharrell’s section, so… ;)

        • Michael, you pegged it. Last week you said that after Craigs makeover and great performances, he was starting to look like a better choice than James David! I was hoping you were going to be right! Good Call!

    • Timmah says:

      I think Gwen made the right choice. Ricky was good but forgettable, and Bryana clearly isn’t ready for prime time yet. Ryan has a certain aw-shucks charm that people find appealing.

      • They’re looking at who’s already in the saved group, Gwen and Adam got an advantage to fill a “niche” where there wasn’t anyone…. no cutie boy band dude, and then no rocker type. Smart moves on both their parts.

        • Scott says:

          Wait, did you just call Chris a “rocker type” (I am assuming that Ryan is the boy band dude)? Craig is much more a rocker type (of the Southern rock variety) than Chris. I think Chris occupies the same lane as Matt this season, you can even throw Taylor (thankfully he is they only one left so I do not have to type his two other names anymore) and even Ryan into that group. But utterly I do not think it matters who Gwen picked because whoever that was going to be is gone next week anyway, Chris probably will not be far behind, other Taylor probably would have gone much farther.

          • JBT says:

            LOL! I know. How can people’s comments be even legit if they don’t even know what the artist’s genre is? Chris Jamison a rocker? SMH! Taylor Phelan definitely would have gone much farther than Chris. For some reason, Adam is in love with Chris despite the very poor showing on iTunes.

          • Tyler says:

            I don’t think you should go by iTunes regarding Chris. He probably would’ve gone a lot higher if he had a better song.

          • JBT says:

            Maybe…but that’s all speculation. All the bottom dwellers could have ranked higher if they have chosen a better song but Adam will never keep a contestant he stole over someone who chose him as their mentor in the first place whether they ranked higher on iTunes or not. That being said, Chris didn’t do very well in the polls either that’s why this poll thinks that Taylor Phelan was a shocking elimination. Just hope that next week the 2 eliminated will be Sugar and Ryan to justify that Chris deserved to move on.

          • Kate says:

            JBT, Adam kept Amanda Brown over someone who had chosen him as a mentor at the get-go. She was, after all, a steal from the Battles.

          • Inmypjs says:

            Tyler, except for Danica, iTunes pretty much nailed the top 8. 95% accuracy

      • JBT says:

        How is Ryan appealing when he hardly made a blip in the iTunes charts. Not even the tweens want to buy his songs. He’s not even very popular in the polls as he’s always at the bottom. Ricky and Bryana at least were hitting the iTunes charts.

      • Carson says:

        I respect your view, and I see it differently. I would have saved Ricky.

    • JBT says:

      Blake’s save wasn’t a surprise. Everyone knows he’s very strategic. He knows he can’t have CWB and JDC on the same team or they will just split the country votes being very similar. After knowing that America prefers CWB, it was time to cut JDC. Taylor B. was dead in the water, she didn’t even chart on iTunes (the only one that didn’t) at all. Jessie was the right choice. She charted very well on iTunes (Blake knew it), plus she’s unique and doesn’t sound anywhere close to anyone else. Among the mentors, only Blake made the right save.

      As many observed, Pharrell’s obsession with Sugar is undeserving. Her tone is not even very pleasant. Actually screechy and kinda grating on the nerves especially when she growls. She and Elyjuh were at least neck and neck in iTunes charts but I would have gone with Elyjuh who Pharrell also liked a lot but not as obsessed with as Sugar.

      I think Adam was feeling guilty that he chose a really difficult song for Chris. It was a bad song choice that didn’t really showcase his voice. Very wordy on the verge of rapping. He did not even make the top 200. Taylor P. charted a lot higher than Chris on iTunes so he would have been the strategic choice. So it comes as a surprise for Adam to choose Chris when Taylor P. is more popular than him and has more potential to advance further.

      Then we come to the travesty of the night. Team Gwen really only has two deserving contestants to make the top 12. Slezak was right, we could have given her 3rd spot to Elyjuh or Taylor P. but of all the 3 she had left, she chose her weakest artist (and weakest voice of the top 20). Ryan didn’t deserve to be in the top 12. Ricky should have been in his place. Both Ricky and Bryana charted much higher than Ryan and were beating him in the polls so this is a very idiotic choice by Gwen. Definitely a rookie mistake, not thinking of who was more capable of moving further but just choosing her favorite. Ok…well maybe Toia or Troy should have taken his place.

      • I agree with most of your commentary but for me the travesty of the night was Mia. Her song was so good I bought it and her voice was extraordinary and she charted to 112 on ITunes but the voice is only about the voice until the viewers vote. She was not popular for some reason but I hope she will record music because I love her voice. BTW Adam is pretty smart in that he has had experience with female singers who have voices like angels yet don’t go far like Sarah Simmons for one. I bought every one of her songs and she sang perfectly but lost the Voice. In my humble opinion the public is very critical about a girls appearance. If she is a little overweight like Sarah or doesn’t have the pop star look like Mia, they don’t vote or call her annoying etc. I was hoping he would pick Mia anyway but I like Chris too. He is appealing but Mia had the voice I like

        • James Mullen says:

          I have to say, I was shocked that Adam chose Chris. I too, liked Mia. It really shouldn’t be about personality and you would think that’s what cost her. But then you look at Taylor and this guy not only sings better & has a better voice than Chris, IMO, and probably got a bigger reaction from the crowd than anyone else on Adam’s team. Well personality oozes out of this guy, so it’s kind of strange because personality didn’t seem to work for him. I’m a Blake fan, have been since I started watching during the 2nd season. And when I heard Mia sing, I thought she gave Adam a shot at winning. Thank you Adam. I figured Gwen was going with Ricky or Bryana, thanks Gwen. And Jean, way over dramatic & I thought Sugar was pitchy & could not believe that she got so much praise from the judges. So I figured Elyjuh was the no-brainer for Pharrell. Thank you Pharrell. And by the way, I thought Reagan James killed it and she’s going to be hard to beat.

        • JBT says:

          I don’t know about Mia. She was good but she doesn’t have the look for the genre she’s representing that’s why she’s not very popular. Now if she’s alternative like Michelle Chamuel, then she may have gotten more votes. Taylor Phelan charted much higher that’s why he’s the expected logical choice for Adam. Adam sometimes screws his contestants like that time when he chose Tony Lucca over Katrina Parker when clearly Katrina was more popular. And that one time when he chose Nicole Nelson (a 4-chair turn) over Loren Allred (1-chair turn).

          • JBT says:

            Sorry….i meant he chose Loren over Nicole…and then cut her before the live rounds.

          • Kate says:

            The Tony Lucca comment is rewriting history a bit. Adam had saved Katrina twice from elimination by public vote, where as Tony had always been deemed safe. The time his vote ended up saving Tony Lucca, Katrina and Tony were very close via the public vote and it was the first time Tony was below her. Katrina was not clearly more popular. And Tony Lucca has a far more successful career than Katrina. However, the Nicole Nelson elimination was complete garbage.

          • Tyler says:

            Adam goes with his gut. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t. I was surprised when he picked Will Champlin in Season 5. But look at what happened–he was the last guy standing and finished in 3rd place.

          • Jaszy says:

            I thought Mia was GORGEOUS. She was extremely beautiful to me. I thought her look suited her musical genre really well. She doesn’t seem like the alternative type to me…at all.

          • Meri says:

            The Tony/Katrina and Taylor/Chris situations are totally different. As Kate said, Katrina had to always be saved by Adam in every other round whereas Tony was getting voted in safely (he even had the highest on the team in the previous week). Katrina’s “popularity” was very 11th hour and therefore suspicious. I saw a lot of message boards where Christina’s die-hards were saying they were going to vote for her just to get him out, and I’m guessing Adam did his due diligence on this too. Adam was justified when you see it from that point of view. Taylor Phelan had been a popular contestant from day 1 whereas Chris has been very under the radar.

          • JBT says:

            @Kate and Meri — That’s the irony of it. As soon as Tony’s popularity has reached its peak and was already declining relative to Katrina’s, Adam cuts Katrina. The viewing public has warmed up to her and wanted her to represent Adam but Adam was stubborn. He wanted to spite Xtina by keeping Tony all the way. Some people were actually voting for Tony as a vote against Xtina because a lot of people hated Xtina for dissing on Tony.

          • Kate says:

            JBT, and some people were voting, as Merl said, for Katrina as a way to spite Adam for Christina, so what is your point? Tony’s popularity was not necessarily declining, especially since Tony and Katrina’s public votes that night were REALLY close. He was still popular on Itunes. And furthermore, from what I remember, the mentors made their votes right after the performances and were revealed with the public vote. Adam had no way of knowing how the public would vote (especially since on all previous votes, Katrina was not in the safe area and had to be saved), but as he was entitled by the rules, he was allowed to handicap, as it were, who he felt had a better performance/his favorite. Adam did not screw Katrina, any more than he had screwed the contestants he got rid of to save her every single other time she was subject to the public vote.

      • Ricky was terrible. His falsettos were PAINFUL…during the his Sam Smith rendition and during the team effort last night. In addition, his ambition far exceeds his talent. The travesty of the night is that Taylor Phelan, an utterly consistent voice throughout this entire competition, was let go for Channing Tatum-lite Chris Jamison.

        • Tyler says:

          I think Adam didn’t choose Taylor because he’s sorta in the same wheelhouse with Matt. (To me they both seem like indie rockers.) Chris seems more R&B/rock–sorta like Will Champlin. I think that’s why Adam went with Chris over Taylor.

          And do you really think Chris looks like Channing Tatum?! I’d say more like Jake Gyllenhaal.

      • Jaszy says:

        “As many observed, Pharrell’s obsession with Sugar is undeserving. Her tone is not even very pleasant. Actually screechy and kinda grating on the nerves especially when she growls. She and Elyjuh were at least neck and neck in iTunes charts but I would have gone with Elyjuh who Pharrell also liked a lot but not as obsessed with as Sugar. ”

        Sugar Joans was amazing. She is amazing. She will be amazing even if she gets eliminated.
        I’m obsessed with her too. I love the fact that Pharrell is obsessed with her too.
        I think her tone is extremely pleasant. I love her vibrato. She doesn’t screech or howl. She occasionally growls but that’s part of her style and I love it.
        I just love her chill personality too.

        • Indygirl says:

          You have go to be kidding. Elyjuh could sing rings around Sugar. She is overdramatic and more importantly off pitch.

        • Inmypjs says:

          Are we really hearing the same person? Sugar’s tone is like nails on a chalkboard. I can guarantee you, she’s going to be bottom 3 and America will not save her. In fact this week she was the only one that didn’t chart in the top 200 on iTunes. Huge mistake by Pharrell being so enthralled by her. She is way overrated.

    • Blake pays a lot of attention to iTunes and social media and youtube hits (which given they are part of staying in the game shouldn’t surprise but somehow the rest don’t). Jesse’s iTunes were better than most.

    • I loved both Taylor and Mia. But Mia’s song was so good it charted on ITunes and I bought it; the only song I bought. I think they both have a chance to be stars. Aloha

    • issa says:


      • Jessica says:

        Taylor Phelan could of won the voice!!! He had the voice, style, looks, and the personality for it. He could of gone far. Adam you made a huge mistake letting him go. America chose correctly on who too save but Adam saved the wrong person. Chris is a good singer but that’s it. Taylor is amazing.!!! Come on Adam!! Chris will probably get eliminated next week!! See it comin!!!

    • Constance says:

      I have a feeling that both Taylor and James both have opportunity for record deals. That is the only reason I could see for Blake not to pick either of them, especially Taylor.

    • And wouldnt that be great if the Voting was like the other talent shows. Just Americas votes! The results would have been very different!

    • Jaszy says:

      Sugar needed to be save. she’s tooooooo good! I’m so happy for her!

  2. Angie_Overrated says:

    I was happy to see Pharrell give the save to Sugar, but not at Elyjuh’s expense. At least Elyjuh went out on a high note, literally and figuratively. His last performance was awesome.

    • analythinker says:

      Yes. Hope he continues to grow and find his artistry. (Boy, did I sound cheesy.)

    • John Anthony says:

      Something is wrong Angie. I agree with you once again. Elyjuh, in my opinion, didn’t out perform his rivals in two rounds and Pharrell kept him anyway. His live round performance should have kept him on the show but Pharrell must have seen a weakness somewhere. I was very surprised he took Sugar over Elyjuh. I was wrong on two performers tonight but got the rest correct.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I don’t remember: do we typically disagree? lol
        Ive mentioned before I have a soft spot for Elyjuh, but agreed he didn’t beat that Maia lady. Honestly last night I thought he beat DaNica and Luke, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be for him. Something tells me Pharrell is going to bend over backwards to help him.

        • John Anthony says:

          Hi again Angie. We do not disagree but simply have different choices on some of the contestants from time to time. Nothing wrong with that. I like your critic and that’s why I chose you to exchange with the most. I’m waiting for one more exchange between this season’s performers before picking my winner. Right now it’s between Matt and Reagan that I’m leaning. Have you got what you feel is the strongest contender to date?

    • Adrian says:

      I think Elyjuh just needs a bit more time to develop his confidence. His craft is good but what is stopping him is his confidence level. The live shows are intensive, as you really have to go nonstop for six weeks. You are supposedly allowed to return to the show, as long as you did not make it to the Top 12. It will be tougher the next time around, as he has progressed really far this time. However, if he is able to develop his confidence further within the next year, he can come back for season 9. He might be more ready to handle the criticism and pressure!

  3. Kaba says:

    Second verse, same as the first:
    “Jesus Christ this season sucks”
    I actually have a headache from witnessing this visual and verbal torture.

    • Jules says:

      Then Jesus Christ, for the sake of your health, please stop watching!!!

      • Kaba says:

        I’ll stop watching on my own terms. Not yours.

        • Jules says:

          Right, because continuously bitc$!ng on comment boards about how much you hate the show and how much it’s torturing you isn’t reason enough. You must be a real joy to be around. An absolute treat.

          • lil says:

            Give it a rest! Who died and made your opinion the only one that matters

          • Angie_Overrated says:


          • Kaba says:

            Oh shut up. Are you upset? Well im doing just fine so that’s all that matters.

          • Lee says:

            Thank you, Jules. I’m glad someone finally had the balls to put Kaba in her place.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Jules, Lee, Tom: Give me a break. It’s a community message board. If you can’t deal with opinions that don’t agree with yours, you have no business being here. What you’re describing is a fan board, not a community message board. There are more than plenty of those around.
            So sorry to have offended your delicate sensibilities. Yes, that was sarcasm.

      • Tom22 says:

        yeah stop watching or stop commenting .. what kind of nutcase would join a fan discussion of show they’re not a fan of? I think all the kids are far more talented than a typical wedding singer.. so they’re all good performances. Are they star worthy? some more than others …but if you put stars on in this format many of them wouldn’t do too well themselves.

        That doesn’t make you like the music.. but if you don’t like the music change the channel and don’t comment on what you don’t try hard to listen and watch.

        • Crickets in the background! and then silence! LOL

        • Ana Andrade says:

          This!!! I completely agree with you!

        • Voice Fan says:

          Totally agree! Change the channel and just move along already! There are 3 or 4 people on here who constantly comment and all they are doing is complaining about how the show and contestants are awful. They also seem to think their’s are the only opinions that matter. It makes me not even want to bother commenting because eventually they’ll tell you how wrong you are to like certain contestants and judges. These contestants are all talented and worked hard to get here.

        • Lee says:

          This. Angie and Kaba are the biggest complainers. Wish they’d go away.

          • Jules says:

            They’d both be bored out of their minds with nothing to complain about or over-analyze!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            If you don’t like me, please click the X in the upper right corner of your browser. Pretty easy solution, no? I promise I won’t cry if you make that same promise to me. I’m fragile, but I give you my word that I’ll stay strong. We can get through these trials and tribulations together, Lee. :)

  4. Davey says:

    Taylor Phelan’s elimination was the biggest mistake tonight. I hope he gets a break elsewhere. He sold better than Chris and some others left on iTunes.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I liked Taylor, but I can understand why Adam let him go. Chris has more raw ability and versatility. Not saying he sucks, not by any means, but I personally think Adam made the right choice.

      • analythinker says:

        I’m still surprised at how much I agree with you.

      • jag says:

        You have a point. It’s not as if Adam choose an obvious roadkill in the live-shows like Gwen. I cannot comprehend Gwen at all, sure Ryan has the face and the voice but his inexperience both in performance and believability is just depressing compared to Ricky. Ryan hasn’t performed any compelling performance and the kid is eager to learn but his phasing is like a turtle. While Ricky is not that great of a voice including falsetto but he is compelling in all the right places. Gwen was not thinking when she made that decision.

        • analythinker says:

          When Ryan said “I miss you so much” to Gwen during rehearsal, I knew he was going to be saved.

          • Mike says:

            It’s almost as if our new coaches have crushes on their proteges. And I’m pretty sure Christina’s screaming watching this show right now…no pop divas at all? Either Mia or Bryana deserved a shot. I can’t wait to see Ryan go home next week.

          • Tom22 says:

            @ Mike .. Liking to work with someone and finding their attitude inspiring to their own personal careers might be a bit selfish but it has a ton more relation to choosing who to keep working with on a singing show than a “crush” . But, you do have a fair point about a different judge, Christina focusing on pop diva’s and really doubtful and suspicious of qualification of singers who don’t have huge vocal control as a key tool.
            Personally I give less weight to that huge note tool as it isn’t needed for all songs… however a stronger voice is needed to some degree. Blake can sing a big note.. as can Adam (adam’s rock needs it more). The don’t need to be super duper big notes as Christina sings though.
            You do have Danica with a big voice and Jessie Pitts with a strong voice, and Reagan with a strong range and breath control but a bit less matured tone. Sugar tries to sing big although I think the song she was given was just beyond her area of competance vocally. It’s not like 25% of the female singers won’t sing some big songs and a few of the guys can sing pop diva-esque songs too.. Damien, Ryan Sill, and Luke Wade (he has the voice to hit big notes doesn’t he?) . Music just isn’t pop diva the last few years so having more than a couple songs each night go that direction.

        • IC says:

          Sure, Ricky’s got more experience and a great voice, but I doubt he’ll catch the attention of teens and young women who will set the phone lines, social media and all other voting methods afire. Ryan is cute, coachable, works hard and has a nice voice. Plus, I believe that the newer coaches are vying for fresh, talented artists who are moldable. (Notice the comments about ‘He/she is listening, working, wants this’, etc.

          To the point someone made about Pharrell working with Elyjuh Rene, I believe you’re right. Because America weighed in on Elyjuh, after Pharrell continued choosing him. Plus, perhaps Pharrell also saw Elyjuh’s packages, designed to endear us to him and his struggle. Instead, every time he was featured, I swore I was getting a modern glimpse of Little Richard or something (and I’m not of that era). I get that he’s only 18, and that he may not yet be comfortable with who he is, but ER will need serious and lengthy media training. But he does have a great voice.

          Finally, from Adam’s team…. sad to see Taylor go, but glad he got the exposure.

          • JBT says:

            LOL! The irony of it is that if he was supposed to “catch the attention of teens and young women who will set the phone lines, social media and all other voting methods afire” then how do you explain him barely making the iTunes charts (lowest on Team Gwen) and landing in the bottom of the pack among polls on the internet. Like, someone else said, he’s an obvious roadkill for the next round. If Taylor Phelan was the shocking elimination, Ryan was the shocking save.

      • The Beach says:

        Totally agree.

        • The Beach says:

          LOL Since this fell so far down the postings list, let me clarify that I was agreeing with Angie_O’s post regarding Adam choosing Chris over Taylor.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            He’s not bad, right? Stupid song this week, but I think Adam recognizes that that was his own fault, not Chris’.

      • Adam picked Chris solely for the girl-vote for this Channing Tatum wannabe. He will fall and be eliminated before the final 4 are picked.

      • Jessica says:

        I think your absolutely wrong, Taylor Phelan had raw ability. Even though since the start he was already amazing, he kept on improving. He could be a huge star. Chris has a beautiful tone of voice but that’s it. He is a good singer and that’s all. Adam made the wrong choice in choosing a weak contestant over a strong one. He needs a winner to be the voice not someone who has a weak voice.

    • Gail says:

      I agree, I thought Taylor Phelan should of won The Voice!

  5. Kim Moores says:

    Grandma (do you have to guess who?) and the Crier got voted in by America….
    Sorry, this season ought to be renamed “This is The Hell!”

    • KIM MOORE, Good Call! LOL Grandma, The Crier, the Mime or Circus juggler, Wierd Als son, and Eung FuFu and dont forget Polly Perfect! Jesus im not quite sure if it is as bad as AI last season or worse?!!! We could rename it “this is the hell” like you said OR “THIS IS THE VOID” Sing it, This is the Void!!!!!!

      • Michael says:

        Eung FuFu–racist comment.

        • No No No Im not racist at all. When Eddie Murphy said that name on his live comedian show, i just about died! It wouldnt matter if Eung FuFu was purple or white or brown or yellow! And Eung fufu isnt the contestant you think when I said It! Its just a dorky name that I think is hilarious! Just like Winifred Or Mortimer. Sorry you thought that! I happen to be very liberal! Some of my best friends are African American! One fair question though! Isnt the saying White Guys With Guitars kinda bad? I hear that a lot when AI is on season! lol

          • Also one of my most favorites ever, ever, ever is Astro from x factor! I was constantly defending him, cause lots of people didnt like him! He is on some series now and did the movie “A Walk in The Tombstone” with Liam Neeson! He is really good at acting. I wish I could remember the name of the series he is on!

          • Its Red Band Society, that Astro is an actor on the series!

    • TC says:

      “Grandma” as you call her probably has the best voice of all the contestants and “the crier” is not too far behind. Perhaps American finally gets it this season and are voting for “the voice” and not on some shallow qualifications that you apparently deem a requirement

      • I actually agree that Danica is one of the best singers this season, but thats not sayng much compared to like season 3 when EVERY contestant was stellar and then when past seasons have a musical genious like Will Champlin and then I start to compare, it looks pretty sad. But because of Craig Wayne Boyd I will continue to watch this season!

  6. Gailer says:

    Loved Adam’s choice, Gwen, no, Pherell, no, Blake, don’t care

    • The Beach says:

      I enjoyed Adam choosing Chris as well, as shocked as I was. I was sure he would pick Taylor but IMO Chris has the better voice and (bested only by Craig) the second best stage presence. Mia was never in the running.

      • @the beach, Just curious why Mia was never in the running when her song did so well on ITunes and her voice is glorious. The cover of the song was unique. I’m thinking I know the answer but I would appreciate your opinion. Aloha,

        • btp248 says:

          Honestly I found her voice to be very grating. She could belt it out, but the quality and sound of her voice just made me cringe- I know that’s mean :/ Sorry. My boyfriend doesn’t watch the show but was walking around while I was listening to it and heard her and couldn’t help telling me he thought she was awful. Then when Damien sang he was like “Oh someone good finally.” Haha it’s weird how non-fans react I guess.

        • The Beach says:

          Hi Marilyn. In answer to your question I guess I should have clarified my post more. What I meant was that Mia was never in the running as far as Adam was concerned. I really don’t think he would have kept her no matter which other teammate ended up in the bottom along with her.

  7. Taylor says:

    Swap Ricky for Ryan and it’s the exact twelve I would have put through. Solid results.

  8. Kaba says:

    After next week I’ll probably be fleeing from this season faster than the refugees from Syria.
    Guess this season will be my s3

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      It’s a lot of non-singer “artists.” I like a lot of non-singer artists when I like their actual music, but in a competition where they’re singing covers and you have zero idea what their actual music would sound like, I don’t understand why they would exist in a competition like this. Maybe if they were singing original music? I love the ditty Melanie Martinez wrote for the American Horror Story: Freak Show trailers, but I hated her on the show for the same reasons I just discussed.

      • Kaba says:

        Agreed on Melanie, watched her performances…the girl was pretty awful all season.
        It’d be cool if they were on the show and had strong voices, but it seems like they never go for trying to perfect their voice to the best of their ability.

      • MC says:

        I think the “non-singer artists” will have more sustainable careers once the season is over. I would rather listen to them because they are more interesting and unique to me. The naturally gifted belters often struggle to find their musical identities and quickly fade from memory. People are quick to dismiss Melanie Martinez on social media, but we’re all still talking about her a few years later. She made an impact on people and I enjoyed her performances, although she clearly didn’t have a voice for belting. Think of all the belters who have come and gone on these shows; the vast majority of them have been forgotten.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Think of all the no-singer “artists” who have come and gone on this show too. Really the only ones who made any sort of a mark in popular music from this show were all people who could sing: Vicci Martinez, Cassadee (spelling?) Pope, and the cute little blond country chick whose name is escaping me. I’d hardly say Melanie Martinez is much of a success story relative to the three I named.

          • MC says:

            You’re thinking of Danielle, who is one of my favorites. Danielle, however, is a great country singer and not a pop singing belter. If you ask the average person to name ten people they remember from The Voice (all seasons), Melanie is going to be on a very high percentage of those lists.

          • Mary says:

            Didn’t you say yourself that she sings some song for American Horror Story? That is HUGE exposure! I’d say that’s a success story.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I wasn’t limiting my definition simply to pop singers. I was limiting the definition to folks who actually know how to sing properly regardless of genre. When you really break it down, the technique it takes to sing pop or country or broadway or opera or r&b is more or less identical with a few tweaks. FWIW, Melanie would not be on my list if I had to name 100 of my favorites because I simply wouldn’t remember her. But I’m glad you liked her! I personally like Sugar and Damien whom everyone seems to loathe, but luckily we’re all entitled to our opinions.

        • Guest says:

          I agree, MC. The “non-singer artists” from this show seem to have a better grasp of performing and of reworking music. They seem to understand music more than the “singers.” They will be,and are, the ones who will be writing songs, not just writing lyrics, but writing full songs. They have more opportunities because of their gifts and talents. The “singers” are simply more limited in where they can possibly go from when the show is over. The “non-singer artists” are the ones I have seen who are making EPs and touring.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            That would be all well and good if it were actually true.

          • Guest says:

            @Angie_Overrated. What is wrong about my statement? The “non-singer artists” are the ones really trying to use their exposure to further their careers, as far as I’ve seen. Tony Lucca is one of the most successful touring indie artists out there. He constantly sells out his tours. Melanie Martinez, who you brought into the discussion all while claiming you’d never remember her, by your own statement had a song featured for American Horror Story, which gives her lots of exposure. James Wolpert and Jonny Gray are both working on albums and Jonny Gray has been touring so much he’s had to push back recording it. Please, tell me, what have some of your “singers” been up to? Actually, don’t bother. I’m done discussing this with you, since you are not open to anything but your OPINION of skill sets. You have a good night.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Nighty nite!

          • MC says:

            Melanie is an indie-folk artist and her approach was much different than the typical cookie-cutter covers on these shows. I’m always looking for someone bold and different, someone who marches to the beat of a different drummer. I also grew up with James Taylor, Peter, Paul & Mary and singers who aren’t obsessed with belting the next glory note. There are singers who can switch between genres, but Rihanna (for example) singing country or folk would probably sound inauthentic (at best) and just plain terrible at worst. Country and folk singers would similarly have a hard time sounding like authentic hip hop (or r & b singers). The great thing about Danielle is she won without ever oversinging or doing runs. She always showed some restraint and that’s partly because the genre of classic country tunes lends itself to that type of singing. Blake did a great job of choosing songs for her.

          • Non-singers and singers! Whats interesting is if you put like maybe Rod Stewart or Bob Dylan or Alanis Morrisette on the voice today would the chairs have turned? But yet someone like Chris Cornell who has one of the best voices and an incredible range is not rich and a millionaire like Katy Perry! But he is definitely a better singer. Jimmy Hendrix! Was he a good singer? No not really! But he is a legend! Madonna wasnt ever a great singer. She wasnt a “belter”. But her style and performance helped make her iconic!

        • H says:

          Agreed, and they’re usually the ones whose studio version I enjoy listening to the most, because it’s different and interesting and not just vocal gymnastics. The show gives a stage to these artist but the viewers don’t really back them for the long run on the show, or at least don’t honor them with the crown (I’m thinking Germain or what’s his name over Juliette Sims, Tessanne over Will or James and so on). Unfortunately, it seems that the actual voice matters more than artistry on this show, which sucks, because it’s my favorite out of all the singing shows out there, but when it comes down to the line, they always disappoint. I’m an overseas watcher who keeps up with the show in ways other than watching it on TV, and I can’t recall the last finale I bothered to watch.

          • Nobody mentions the season with Nicholas David and Terry Mcdermot! and Trevon Hunt! It was so amazing that year! Oh Well and Cassidy Pope won that season although she was not my fav! Nicholas David cracked me up, but yet was so talented and I loved Terry McDermot! But when Trevon Hunt did “I Am Telling You Im Not Going, I just about died it was Sooooo Good! Thats when Cristina said she would take him on her tour regardless if he won or not! Lots of artists have done that song on these talent shows, but his was the best! And he was only 17 or 18 I believe!

          • Guest says:

            Calebswackofan, I loved that season (3) with Nicholas and Terry! There were so many innovative singers/musicians that year! Nicholas, Terry, Amanda Brown (who many people forget was only a 1 chair turn by CeeLo, who then eliminated her before she was stolen by Adam), Cody Belew, De’Borah, Trevin, and yes Melanie Martinez (she did some really interesting reworkings of the music, not always successfully, but really cool). Oh man, just too many to mention! Such a great season filled with great artists!

        • MC I saw you were writing about Melanie! I also like someone who is a little different. I remember she made her own dresses and hair bows. She was great and Yes I loved Danielle for her natural ability to just sing and not overdue it! Very happy for Melanie, I went and looked at the video for American Horror Story. Over 2 million views! I am watching that show and have been for 4 weeks and havent heard the song on the show yet! Well I wonder if there is a connection, because Adam Levine was on Season 2 American Horror Story! And he was Melanies coach! Adam just did one scene though!

      • Mary says:

        I wouldn’t call them “non-singer ‘artists,'” as you phrased it. They are still singing, but they use a different skill set than the perhaps more traditional ones you seem to prefer. It comes off as a little insulting to call them “non-singers.”

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Singing is a skill, like playing the piano, throwing a football, or learning a language. There are some rather objective ways to measure all of those. You might prefer Katy Perry to Whitney Houston, but can you possibly argue Katy Perry is a singer? Not trying to insult anyone… just stating the facts.

          • Cheeps says:

            I may not agree with you all the time (see: Damien and Sugar) but I love how well-put this is! <3

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Don’t overestimate my love for Sugar and Damien. :o) I like them relative to this season. If they were on any other season I’m not sure I would have much to say about them.

          • Mary says:

            So perhaps there are the musicians on the show (the “non-singers” as you call them) and the singers? You discredit their skills and musicality by calling them non-singers, whether you mean to insult them or not. And for the record, I prefer Whitney, but would also say that yes, Katy Perry is a singer.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            @Mary: I’m not discrediting their skills at all. I’m saying with the artist types who aren’t good singers on a stand-alone basis without their original music, I have no basis for judgment on a show like this one because they’re singing covers, not original music. You’re more than welcome to put Jessie Pitts and Amanda Brown in the same camp of vocal ability, but I think you’d get laughed out of any room with that one. Not to say Jessie Pitt’s original music might be amazing, but they’re not doing original music so it’s moot.

          • Guest says:

            That’s not stating a fact, that is stating your opinion.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I guess I could also state the opinion that I’m a better quarterback than Brett Favre, but that would be a silly opinion, no? There are measurable ways to discredit that statement.

          • Guest says:

            @Angie_Overrated. You are stating your opinion based on however you measure the skill of a singer. There are many ways to measure the skills and qualities of singers, as evidenced by the broad range of music genres. Again, that is not a fact.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I don’t agree with your statement, Guest. Pretty much every western type of music uses the same vocal technique. The only exception I can think of would be jazz where they deliberately use a much smaller part of their voice intentionally. I absolutely believe you can measure vocal ability across genres.

          • Lloyd says:

            Saying they are not singers is dismissive and elitist. It would be like saying Shannen Doherty and Sarah Michelle Gellar are not actresses just because they never won an Oscar and mostly did light TV series and movies.
            Is Katy Perry less skilled than Whitney Houston? Absolutely. But is she a singer? She sings as a career, so, yes, she is.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I guess calling me a non-quarterback is also dismissive and elitist then too. I love to throw a football but I can’t throw it more than 10 yards, never with a spiral, and I have zero accuracy. I’m a quarterback, dammit! Give me some quarterback respect! To not call me a quarterback is racist!
            Do you see what I’m doing here?

          • Ana Andrade says:

            You are taking what Lloyd said out of proportion. I agree with him. You are being extremely prejudicial. While people like Katy Perry are making millions and have lots of fans, you are at home complaining. You may not like current pop music, but to say they are not singers is insulting. I’m starting to think Taylor Swift’s song “Mean” is about you. I am 19 and I like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, but even I know there are tons of other singers more vocally talented than them.

          • Lloyd says:

            If you actually play professionally for a football team, then you are a quarterback. A bad one, but a quarterback.
            If you don’t, then you are not. A tennis player who is #300 on the ATP is a tennis player, even though he is nowhere near Roger Federer’s level. It’s simple semantics.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I think you’re confusing the terms “entertainer” and “singer”.

          • Lloyd says:

            OK, if you type “define: singer” into google search engine, you get this:
            noun: singer; plural noun: singers
            a person who sings, especially professionally.
            “a pop singer”

            Google bases its definition on dictionary definitions. So, according to that, you don’t even have to do it professionally. Your personal perception of what being a singer means is well and fine, but you can’t promote it as the universal meaning of the word.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I’m not sure what your goal is here, Lloyd. We have a simple difference of opinions, which is ok. Are you trying to school me? Ain’t gonna happen. Are you trying to change my mind? Also ain’t gonna happen. I respect your right to believe whatever you choose to believe. I’m not so sure you feel the same.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            @Ana Andrade – This is not the first time you’ve come at me with an ad hominem attack. I find it curious that you would personally attack me yet you call me the “mean” one. Luckily I don’t care, so I’ll just go back to ignoring you like I usually do.

          • Guest says:

            But Angie, you weren’t stating an opinion, you were stating a fact, remember?

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Hey, Guest! Why not use your regular screenname? It’s not as though I don’t know who you are.

          • Guest says:

            LOL, what? Who do you think I am? Showing some paranoia there, Angie. But again, I repeat, you said you weren’t stating an opinion, but rather a fact. Don’t contradict yourself.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            That’s very interesting, “Guest.” :)
            I find it infinitely amusing that you believe you’re cornering me. I’m so rattled! Please do carry on.

          • Lloyd says:

            OK, just this and then I’m exiting this particular discussion – earlier you said I’m confusing the terms singer and entertainer. Rather, I think you’re narrowing down the meaning of “singer” to “technically skilled singer”, which basically means you’re changing the meaning of the word.
            Peace. :)

  9. Ana Andrade says:

    Team Blake: Went exactly like I expected
    Team Pharrell: Not surprised he saved Sugar, but I’m pleasantly surprised America saved DaNica.Wish Elyjuh was still in though.
    Team Gwen: OK with the ones America saved but Gwen should have saved Bryana instead.
    Team Adam: America should have saved Taylor P instead of Damien. Happy with Adam saving Chris though.

  10. alistaircrane says:

    I dunno. There is no real stand-out this year, so none of the eliminations really sting.

  11. analythinker says:

    After rewatching the live playoffs, I’m not at all surprised by the coaches’ decision. A bit surprised that DaNica was saved by America as I thought iTunes placement was spot on, but that means people voted for her outside of iTunes.

    • Jeff Marley says:

      I guess her fan base was in full throttle and voted their butts off. I’m very happy that DaNica made it, but she and Pharrel need to find better songs that are current. She could pull off a florence and the machine song. What I’m mostly confused was how did taylor not make it through? He was serious top 3!!!

      • analythinker says:

        With her chops, she could pull off any song, really. Jewel’s, Sheryl Crow’s (if Pharrell insists on giving her songs from past decades, that is). And Taylor P… well, Damien is the only male Afro-American left, so it makes sense he got those votes. Having 3 WGWGs (idk if Chris plays, but it’s beside the point) is bound for split votes.

      • @Jeff. Your comment on the Florence and the Machine song for DaNica is brilliant. I noticed that no one mentioned how pretty her dress was last night and that all the other females were complemented on their looks. Is that why some people were surprised she got in? Aloha

    • H says:

      I’m not a big fan of her either – fabulous voice but just not interesting or compelling – but lots of people seem to mark her as a possible winner. Just as I was going around commenting about earlier – The Voice seems to mostly be about good voices and technique and not overall artistry or “star potential”.

  12. Tori says:

    What hardcore stay at home mom’s knitting club voted for DaNica? I wan’t their phone lines and cables cut immediately.

  13. Samantha says:

    I am absolutely devastated that Taylor is no longer in the competition. I think Adam made a huge mistake. Also very disappointed about Ricky an Bryana not making it through.

    • MC says:

      I would have preferred Taylor to Chris based on this week, but Chris had an impossible assignment on Monday. Chris definitely has talent, but it was difficult to fairly judge him based on this week alone. Taylor must be dismayed after all the compliments he has received from Adam. Cutting Toia was Adams biggest mistake, though. I thought that was an unforgiveable decision. Bryana poured her entire heart and soul into “Amnesia.” She certainly had my sympathy tonight.

  14. QC Carson says:

    LOL I hate to vote for Troy Ritchie for the most upsetting elimination.

  15. abz says:

    Hate Adam Levine right now so much! And you know what pissed with America too. How can Taylor Phelan be gone? I just knew Adam would screw Taylor over. I knew it. And really America, Damien? The man is beyond boring, nothing special and I’m so over his crying each episode. I’m so over The Voice right now. EIGHT singers eliminated in one night is beyond ridiculous. I don’t even know if there’s a point of continuing. I hate Adam/voters so much right now.

    • Scott says:

      I feel ya

    • John Anthony says:

      I agree about the crying bit from Damien as well. America will get tired of it to if he continues on this way. As for eliminating eight in one night, I agree again. NBC keeps saying The Voice is there top hit, as does the ratings. Why the rush?????

    • nurul says:

      Adam should just be gone. I knew Taylor should have gone with Blake because Adam is fake. He said that he kept fighting for Taylor but when Taylor is in his team, I knew this was going to happen. No one should ever go to Adam’s team. I just wish people would remember that ugh

      • abz says:

        I completely agree. He’s so fake and a liar on this show. I can’t believe these contestants keep falling for it each week. Maybe they haven’t seen many seasons of it or are only casual viewers.
        All that fawning over Taylor P. and the lies about fighting for him being on his team and how he has the best team now and blah blah blah, ugh he’s so aggravating.

      • Inmypjs says:

        Taylor P. Should have selected Gwen or Blake when they tried to steal him because team Adam was already stacked with great singers most of them 3 or 4 chair turns

    • I don’t hate Adam’s voters. I’m used to it by now after them letting Sarah Simmons go. I liked Taylor but Mia’s voice and her song was one of the best of the night

      • abz says:

        I found her voice nasally and to me she doesn’t really stand out. I definitely did not see her having a chance of winning. She’s like most of the high note belters that come and go each season. They’re almost always the same. Everything has to be high notes and shouting with those singers.
        I wish Damien and Mia were the one’s eliminated from Adam’s team. Should’ve been Taylor and Chris and then Matt saved (even though he’s pretty meh; I was so bored during his performance a few nights ago).

    • In response to ABZ, I think we would all be curious to see how Americas votes tallied when the judges picked their 1 out of the 3. I would almost guarantee the ones the judges picked were not the one with the most votes! I bet James David had more votes, and I bet Taylor Phelan had most votes and so on and so on. But because they get to pick their choice, it screws up Americas vote!

      • abz says:

        Yeah, I hate how they have to have all the coaches lose two contestants. Why? It’s the lives. Some coaches have better contestants than others plain and simple. The one’s saved by America should be the ones who got the most votes and the bottom 1 or 2 contestants eliminated each week. If one judge ends up losing all their contestants faster than the others, then tough luck. I wish it were that way. It’d be more fair I think and it’d leave it up to the voters rather than some of the terrible decisions by some of the coaches. I guarantee Taylor P. would still be in the competition if that were the format.

        • ABZ Yes they just have to much control and it really is not Americas decision. Well Maybe now it is, but its too late. Lots of favorites have gone home now! Do you think they “on purpose” keep one bad singer on each of their teams so that they know who will be going home? It could be like a strategy? Like Adam, Im almost sure every year he has a fav and gives the fav the best song choices and the others get crap song choices? And also, it keeps being unfair with “Americas Vote”, because now there will be the “Live Tweet” to save one contestant. Now why do they do that, when Americas results have already picked by voting and calling over and over? So all the work it takes to vote means nothing because they have a live tweet to save no matter who we voted for! I dont get it!

          • nurul says:

            True. The Voice’s format is becoming weirder in each season. If I wasn’t so interested in seeing new artists perform, then I won’t watch it anymore. I just don’t want The Voice to become like American Idol ugh

        • Inmypjs says:

          They should have just let America save 3 per team and coaches get to save 1 from the two that were left out. I mean what’s one more week? If that happened, Elyjuh and Taylor P would still be around

  16. abz says:

    Seriously Adam needs a break from the show! I’m so over him constantly screwing over his contestants year after year. Taylor had HUGE amount of potential.

  17. Not shocked Adam picked Chris over Taylor. He picked Chris’ song last nite while Taylor picked his own. Must be feeling guilty. But still WTF??? Chris is just boring.

    I am very GUTTED though that Gwen did not pick Rickey Manning. His performance last nite was really really good. Ryan is just boring.

    So for next week, prepare for these 2 to get booted off. Or Danica and Damien lol.

    • Scott says:

      You think Ricky was really really good last night? I thought it was pretty bad. He lowered the key and he still couldn’t handle the song properly. I will give it to him for trying becasue that is a hard song, but he shouldn’t have tried that. Or gwen shouldn’t have given him that, not sure who picked it.

    • H says:

      Who says Taylor chose his own song? Seemed like Adam said he picked it because it has a similar vibe to Sweater Weather. I think that if it had been Taylor’s choice he would have been wise enough to steer away from what he’s done so far. I keep thinking back to season 5’s 1st week lives with Adam giving James Wolpert “A Case of You” which was original and haunting and charted 2nd on iTunes. Where is the originality now? No wonder no one charted high on iTunes (and the highest was Matt’s “God Only Knows”)…

  18. Scott says:

    I just don’t get Pharrell’s obsession with Sugar. It makes me really want to like her voice, but I just don’t. Also, this week was like sponsored by Sam Smith. Like him a lot, not necessarily other people trying to do his music though.

    • Jaszy says:

      Scott, I totally get his obsession because I’m obsessed with her too.
      Sugar is just incredible!

      I really need to listen to that Sam Smith album on Spotify already.
      The only song I sort of know of his is Stay With Me, which has already been overdone on singing shows.

      • Scott says:

        I really want to enjoy her, not hating on her, I want to see what you see (or hear I guess) so I’m keeping open ears, interested to see her next week.

  19. analythinker says:

    Btw, had to share, while rewatching, I noticed Luke singing “let’s get it on…. sugar” and I laughed so hard.

    • Jaszy says:

      That’s awesome! I too caught that and I was like “Luke has a crush on Sugar Joans.” I too was laughing when he sang that.
      Sugar has people crushing on her from Pharrell to Luke Wade.
      But seriously, I love Sugar Joans. Her voice…is just it for me.

  20. lynn B. says:

    Stunning coach choices. Maybe they pick the worst to preserve the best by floating votes upwards as a strategy.

  21. zack williams says:

    Taylor had so much potential and reminded me so much of ryan tedder. he could have won. screw adam! i’m not watching the voice anymore.

  22. Ben says:

    Sugar is in my top 5 voice contestant of all time, maybe even the best of all time. She is amazing!!!!

  23. Spycigal says:

    I agree with Blake’s team, thought America would save Elyjuh but not mad DaNica was saved instead, Gwen should’ve saved Ricky and in so glad Adam saved Chris but America should’ve saved Taylor… Damien is like that guy that won reason 1 – can’t remember his name, he can sing but no commercial viability!

  24. Jules says:

    Every year a coach has their fave that they’ve bonded with. That doesn’t always translate to votes so the coaches keep them around while they still have the option. Blake had a total soft spot for Jake last year. I think he even saved him once and then he got votes on his own. Pharrell has Sugar. Gwen has Ryan. There’s always one. It’s not a surprise. On another note, I really like Damien’s voice but he is a boring snoozefest. He only has 2 expressions, super smiley or tears. That always bugs me on singing competitions. I want to slap him & tell him to pull it together! I’m glad Adam gave Chris another chance after he screwed him with that song choice. His voice is so pretty and soulful he needs to be able to show it off. Sad about Ricky but I knew Ryan wasn’t going anywhere if it was up to Gwen. Was looking forward to more Elyjah too but I have a feeling Pharrell will help him regardless. Hopefully the song choices will be better next week.

  25. Christian says:

    I’m officiall done watching this season since Gwen let go of my favorites Bryana & Ricky.

  26. Hafsha says:

    So upset Taylor P. didn’t make it. I’m really upset at Adam, but I blame the show instead. How can they just eliminate 8 people like that. They spend so many days on blinds and battles and then knockouts and even “steal” people to save, but then when they get to the lives where viewers actually get a say, they just try finishing them off as fast as possible. This show is getting old really fast. Too many seasons and Adams choices always disappoint me. Adam and Blake need to take a break off the show. I’m also sad Bryana didn’t make it through. I’m really surprised at Gwens choice. Overall just disappointed

  27. Shawn says:

    I understand Adam saving Chris was probably out of guilt that he saddled Chris with a bad song or he’s going to be Adam’s pet project this season. Adam is in need of taking a season off like Christina did. I suspect though the new coaches might be losing contestants next week seeing their choices. Sugar I don’t know what Pharell sees in her and I am not getting why Gwen choose Ryan over Ricky. My prediction for next week is that next week Sugar and Ryan go home thus making Team Pharrell and Team Gwen go down to 2 people unless they can give us some wow moments next week which I am not holding my breath on that one or if one of them somehow benefits from the twitter save(which I hope that they don’t bring back this year but I haven’t heard anything about that).

  28. patdamico says:

    You know, even though I had some major disappointments tonight, it really doesn’t matter who the coaches picked. America has made the front runners’ list clear. I would have liked to see more from both of the other Taylors and Ricky (maybe not the most technically polished singer, but he has a really, really good radio voice), and even JDC, but we saw tonight who has the biggest fan bases, I don’t get America not supporting Taylor Phelan, but it’s pretty obvious that both Blake and Adam chose based upon what they know about the voting, because it IS America picking (and not picking TP).

    Also, I know Sugar (OMG, really? Sugar?), gets big points ’round here for being technically skilled, but I find her voice really unpleasant and over rehearsed and affected. Neither Sugar nor Gwen’s Taylor have ANY kind of stage presence. Mostly, I disagree with both coaches re: them “knowing who they are as artists.” Nothing about either one of those two comes off as believable, on the contrary, everything about those two feels contrived… right down to the hats and perfectly placed hair straggles.

    Damien has a beautiful tone, really lovely voice, but unless Adam can dig down deep and find some suitable, current music for him, I don’t see him winning this.

    I was genuinely surprised America saved DaNica. She deserved it, though. Both Chris and Danica got saddled with the most difficult songs.Nice to see that appreciated. I think Chris has the most potential for a cool, growth arc.

    Oh, and, Dream Academy’s “Life in a Northern Town”? I so didn’t see that coming from Blake’s team, and it sounded goooood.

    • I’m hearing here that everyone is surprised that DaNica made it but no one is saying why. I did notice that not one of the judges mentioned her appearance or her dress which was very pretty. She is the voice if the voice was really about the voice in my opinion. Aloha,

    • Patdamico I agree completely with everything you said. I thought I was the only one who thought Taylor has NO personality! and then the other Taylor P has tons of personality and he is gone! I dont get it. I know its about the singing mainly, but in order for us to connect with these contestants, there has to be likeability. Im not feeling bonded to these contestants! Except for Craig! And Jesse Pitts? I feel like I havent gotten to know her at all. I really liked Taylor Brashears for her natural singing ability and personality!

  29. Evan says:

    Someone needs to breakout and fast. By this point in season’s past, I had contestants I was head over heels for. This year, I’m mostly “meh” with some that have potential. At this point, I would say I’m “rooting” for DaNica and Luke. Sad to see Ricky and Taylor go. Adam and Gwen’s saves are flabbergasting to me.

  30. Ginger Snao says:

    Around the second week of December, I am betting we will seeing a finale with Craig Wayne Boyd and Luke Wade with a random female.

    My money is on CWB.

  31. lil says:

    I am so disappointed with Blake. Neither girl on his team are strong enough to win! Blake couldn’t pick the two that America picked but to save Pitts was so stupid!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time I truly doubt Blake’s intentions.

    • Sara says:

      He saw that Jessie Pitts’ Itunes sales were heads and shoulders above the other 2 options in his bottom 3. It was a sound decision on his part. He (probably) can’t see how the other voting played out, but he can see that part of it.

    • Exactly I thought it would be both guys and I was hoping for Taylor Brashears. I liked her! But my fav was Craig so Im happy!

  32. Lloyd says:

    I didn’t really care for anyone on Team Gwen, I realized just now, but i am happy with how things played out for other three teams. Annoyed, but not surprised that TJW advanced.
    Shocked, but not that upset to see Taylor P. go.

    • Gwen picked Taylor who dresses like a mime! No personality

      • Is he going to continue (Taylor) to ruin and change every single song into a slow,grueling, non-personality performance? I fast forward through him, and he is the only one I fast forward through.

        • Gwen did a great job making Craig Wayne look more modern, so cant she tell Taylor to remove the hat and suspenders just once? Ridiculous! He needs some kind of other look! Everyone hated Craigs fringe, but really? Everyone loves Taylors circus mime clothes. All he needs is a red button nose and and white face makeup, and then ballons or juggling pins! LOL But fringe is bad? LOL WHAT?

      • JM says:

        I was thinking Amish, myself. ;-)

        • omg! Yes the amish! and I am embarrassed for him because I am from the same city. This guy will not hang up the suspenders and hat. Just to get it straight we do not have an Amish community in Portland. LOL They didnt have a problem changing up Craigs look, which I thought was fine, but they think this guy looks okay? Are we ever going to see him without the hat? And how come they arent cutting his bone straight dyed black hair! On top of that he slows down all original songs and makes them all inde boring, and ruins the whole quality of the song! Fast forward on my DVR has been put to use when he performs!

  33. Adam says:

    So happy that Jessie and Chris were saved. I do NOT understand the Ryan Sill save. I can live with Sugar Joans’ save, as her last two performances have been excellent.

  34. Ivy Q says:

    I wish America saved Taylor Phelan instead of Damien. He’s much better! Voting for your fav at this early stage sucks!

  35. michele says:

    I really thought James should have been saved!!!!! But my fav it Craig !!!!

  36. Big r sactown says:

    They can end the show now.Reagan James is going to win it all. She has the best voice and already commands the stage like a superstar. Just watch and remember this weeks from now

  37. Can we please allow the contestants to choose thier own songs? Some of the choices made by the coaches last night were horrid!

    • I agree Wendy. With so many beautiful songs in the world the song choice could have been so, so much better. Aloha,

    • John Anthony says:

      Hi Wendy. I agree with you but sometimes even the contestants over reach their abilities with their own picks. What I do not understand is why both parties avoid the iconic song if they are supposed to be looking for the next super star? I guess they are afraid to expose the talent ability of their performers right out of the gate. It does seem they turn to these iconic songs as the rounds continue. We’ll see.

  38. Faunda says:

    Why Adam picked Chris over Taylor is beyond me. What a huge mistake. Please explain why you made such a poor decision, Adam

  39. Timmah says:

    The slaughtering has only just begun. Isn’t this the part of the show where they go from 12 down to 1 in like four weeks?

  40. Ken says:

    Adam picked a common type of voice (similar to him, but not exceptionally special). Taylor was not only very unique and rare, but he was also so much more professional. A great loss to the show.

    • I liked Taylor better too. I wonder if Adam sees Chris as like a sort of Justin Timberlake type? (Which he is not). I just dont get how he thinks Chris has potential to win. Maybe he has some strategy in mind. None of us get why he kept Chris. There must be a reason! You can bet the judges read social media and you can bet Adam is hearing about the disapproval we are all feeling about losing Taylor!

  41. AlyB says:

    I was happy to see my first tier favs all made it through on votes. Hope this bodes well for their prospects going forward. There’s some switching around I would have liked to have seen like Taylor P. Instead of Damien and anyone instead of Sugar. Still, given how many got cut tonight, I’m relieved and looking forward to next week.

  42. Adrian says:

    Tonight’s result is sort of telling – some of the them definitely pay attention to the iTunes chart, and some of them definitely go with their guts feeling. However it also proves that iTunes chart is not everything, at least not at this stage. It sorts of predicts only three out of four top artists that are saved. Anyway, I am not surprised at Blake and Pharell’s choices, but I am really perplexed by Gwen’s choice of Ryan, and even Adam’s choice of Chris over Taylor and Mia. Taylor has been a front runner and has potentials when the right song arrives. Anyway, this season is pretty strong and I am looking forward to the live show next week. Let see if Ryan will get the death spot again!

    • If Christina had been there maybe Mia would have had a chance. She loved big voices. I voted for Mia because her song was the best choice for a cover and done with her own twist. However she didn’t have the fan base. I had a soft spot for her

  43. Simon says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been as shocked with a coach’s decision as I was with Gwen’s tonight. I knew Taylor and Anita were gonna make it through, but the whole time I kept worrying that Gwen would save Bryana over Ricky (who was my favorite contestant this season). When she said “Ryan,” it took me a second to even realize who she was talking about, even though he was standing right there.

    On Adam’s team, I feel like America got it completely wrong. Maybe it’s just personal taste, but if it were up to me, Damien and Matt would have been the two sent home. On Pharrell’s team, I CANNOT STAND Sugar, but I didn’t really mind her being saved since I wasn’t really attached to Jean or Elyjuh. Although I thought Blake had the weakest team going into playoffs, his was the only team where I thought the three people who made it were the right ones.

    My top 12 rankings:

    1. Anita
    2. Luke
    3. Danica

    [big gap]

    4. Jessie
    5. Chris
    6. Matt
    7. Reagan
    8. Craig
    9. Taylor
    10. Damien
    11. Ryan

    [big gap]

    12. Sugar

    • Adam says:

      Always interesting to see others’ perspectives! My rankings at this point would be:

      1. DaNica Shirey
      2. Jessie Pitts
      3. Matt McAndrew
      4. Craig Wayne Boyd
      5. Luke Wade
      6. Anita Antoinette
      7. Sugar Joans
      8. Chris Jamison
      9. Reagan James
      10. Taylor John Williams
      11. Damien
      12. Ryan Sill

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Hmmm… lemme try:
      Tied for #1: DaNica, Craig, Luke, Sugar, and Damien
      Tied for #6: Chris, Anita
      Tied for #12: Everyone else

      • John Anthony says:

        Here’s my attempt:
        Top runners are Reagan, Matt, DaNica
        Runners up are Suger, Damien, Craig
        The rest: Someone may surprise.

        • AlyB says:

          It’s too early to peg absolute position but I can take a stab at my levels of interest.
          Craig, Matt, Reagan & TJW – I will be voting for them & probably buying their iTunes
          Anita, Luke & Jessie – likely to mix into my top bunch based on their song choices. I like them
          Danica – great voice but stylistically unappealing to me. She very well may surprise me but there would have to be some kind of metamorphosis.
          Chris & Ryan – they may have some good performances. I don’t dislike these two, I just don’t see them delivering anything show stopping & at this point that’s what they need.
          Sugar & Damien – I don’t forsee ever being part of their fanbases. These are two I wish hadn’t made it & we had Taylor P & Elyjuh (or Jean K!) instead.
          Again this is just based on my personal level of interest & likelihood to vote and/or buy their music.

    • Jaszy says:

      Sugar is my number 1. I absolutely love her.
      I was jumping up and down in my head when Pharrell said her name.
      I love her voice. Honestly, I love everything about Sugar Joans and apparently Pharrell does too.

  44. Blake’s decision was a pleasant surprise, Pharrel’s choice didn’t shock me (left me feeling eh), I was slightly surprised Gwen didn’t take Bryana, and Adam’s decision to let go Taylor will come back to haunt him.

  45. Leslie D says:

    I can’t believe after all the comments on Taylor Phelan and how already a star he was that Adam dismissed him… What was he thinking… I thought he wanted his team to win the Voice.., or maybe it is a blessing for Taylor and he will he get a better contract now not being a part of the voice??? Crazy……

    • H says:

      These types of comments always bug me because no one is “already a star”. They come to the show because they need a break. The Voice is a format that gathers mostly somewhat experienced musicians in terms of “used to be in a band” but that means nothing. The reality is, this is a show, we enjoy the performances and when the show’s over, we don’t always tend to keep up with the rejects. And Taylor Phelan is someone I would have loved to see performing on the show week-by-week, because that’s what the show’s about. I will still be watching, of course, but I’m really not as excited as I could have been about it, and I think that was Adam’s mistake.

    • Sue G says:

      Many people have commented that Taylor P. reminded them of Will Champlin from season 5. Will has stated in at least one interview that he pushed back on some of Adams song choices and seemed to have a vision of where he wanted to go musically. In addition Will had his wife tweeting with his fans (something Taylor P was encouraging to his fans) and also had a cute little girl who was featured a lot on camera. My impression was that by the end of the season Will and Adam were happy to part ways. I don’t think Taylor’s similarities to Will helped him when Adam was making his decsion.

      • H says:

        I’d be very disappointed with Adam if that’s true, if he decided to not go through with an accomplished artist because he couldn’t let go of his “mentor” ego. I really don’t get the comparison to Will, by the way. He’s more easy-going and a better performer.

  46. Sandra says:

    Elijhuh Rene is so awesome he gives me goosebumps when I hear him. I hope he gets his break real soon. There were others that should have stayed.

  47. Lisa Wallace says:

    I think James David carter was far better singer than Jesse I’ve been watching since the beginning and James consistently sang every song perfectly

  48. Ram510 says:

    Taylor Phelan and Toia stung the most. Followed by Jean Kelley

    • MC says:

      I agree with your choices, especially Toia and Jean Kelley. Jean’s “Chandelier” was one of the highlights of the season because the lyrics and sentiment of that song demand an injection of drama. She should have pulled back on the drama this week, however. I would have voted for Jean if she was in the top twelve and I still think she has a distinctive voice and musicality. I’m hoping she gets a recording contract.

  49. lostnightfall says:

    Disappointing. Cutting 8 and then 2 per week is brutal. Sucks out some of the enjoyment of the show. At least, 3 out 4 of the team performances were good. Wow, did they give the contestants time to rehearse, this year?

    Team Blake: predictable top 3. Would’ve preferred JDC, but choosing Jessie was expected, understandable given her itunes sales.
    Team Pharrell: This is the top 3 I wanted. Cool.
    Team Gwen: Anita made it – yeah! I really wanted Ricky. He got a raw deal last night with a super-difficult song and almost no background instrumentation. Ryan will be gone soon. Bad Choice.
    Team Adam: Love the top 2! Chris, really? Wanted Taylor P or Mia. But Taylor P. really deserved the spot. itunes didn’t matter.

  50. Koolkatz says:

    I am actually good with America’s choice’s for a change. I really thought Pharrell would choose Elyjuh also. I’m okay with Sugar (since even though she bugs me, last night’s performance was pretty good).
    My top 3 Luke, Matt and Danica, with Craig, Anita or Reagan as a dark horse. In fact they will likely be the top 6. I don’t think JWT has the personality to make it to the top 3, I like him, but he’s a little boring.