Nashville Recap: Rayna Tells All!

Nashville Season 3 Recap

Give Nashville‘s Rayna Jaymes 48 hours, and she’ll make wedding arrangements, business decisions, plans for national press coverage and an appearance on Dancing With the Stars.

But she will not find a way to make her fiancé happy. (That task gets harder by the day.)

The problems in Rayna and Luke’s relationship don’t get any better during their first weekend together after a months-long absence — and I can’t imagine the tell-all interview she grants Rolling Stone about her relationship with Deacon will help ease intra-Ruke tensions.

In other Music City insanity, Will and Layla’s reality show debuts, and Gunnar better stock up on applesauce and French fries, because his kid is about to become a permanent houseguest. Read on for the major developments in “I’m Coming Home to You.”

HOME SWEET HOME | Luke’s tour returns to Nashville, and all anyone can talk about is how little they want to do during the approaching weekend. Luke is jazzed that Rayna will be back in town, too, after her appearance on Dancing With the Stars — remember, the one she booted him out of in the previous episode?

Ray does indeed sing a new single, “Lies of the Lonely,” on the reality series while some of the pros cavort on the floor in front of her. But seriously, all I can focus on is Connie Britton’s cleavage. Damn, lady. Well done. Then she’s on a plane and home in Nashville the next morning in time to join the extended family — Maddie, Daphne and Luke’s kids Sage and Colt — for breakfast.

Luke immediately suggests they ditch the kids with the nanny so he and Rayna can go upstairs and bone. She’s on board — way to achieve that family bonding to which you’ve been paying lip service for the past 10 minutes, guys! — but has bad news: Rolling Stone wants to do a cover story on her, so she’s going to have a reporter in tow for the better part of their limited time together. But she promises they’ll still do all the wedding planning and naked funtimes they talked about.

GOT YOUR NOTEBOOK READY? | Rayna proceeds to give the Rolling Stone reporter the story of his dreams by inadvertently exposing him to: pregnant-and-pissed Juliette (“You think he’s gonna write me as a hormonal headcase?” Ju asks the redhead. “Probably,” Rayna replies. Ha!); a Ruke fight, complete with a very childish Mr. Wheeler all but kicking the floor as he throws a tantrum; and — most juicily — future stepsiblings Maddie and Colt making out on the couch with the lights down low.

In a last-ditch effort to get the reporter to forget what he saw, Rayna offers him an even better exclusive: “What if I give you the story of Deacon Claybourne?” The epic story of a beloved former celebrity couple in exchange for not writing about some stupid kids? Reporter guy, who’s already been turned down by Deke, nearly pees himself in excitement.

When Rayna returns home, Luke thanks her for protecting their kids. My anticipation of how much he’ll freak out when that Rolling Stone issue hits the stands is so delicious, I want to eat it like a cupcake.

IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S DEKE | Deacon, too, will probably blow a gasket when he finds out what Rayna did. But for now, he’s got a bad cold and only fights the NyQuil haze long enough to give 1980s Ilene Kristen Pam a polite heave-ho, which she totally knew was coming.

INSTA-KID | In the two months that have passed since the previous episode, Gunnar and Kiley apparently told Micah he’s Gunny’s son. And things are so settled now that the boy routinely spends time/nights/weekends at his father’s house, much to Zoey’s bitchy dismay.

When Kiley tells her long-distance boyfriend about her son, he breaks up with her. Gunnar assures her that it’ll be all right, and she’s pretty sure it will be… because she packs up the car and dumps Micah with his dad, telling Gunnar that the kid is better off with him. God, I love it when this show turns the crazy up to 11 without much warning. (See also: Deacon’s bandmate who all of a sudden was a would-be rapist in Season 1.)

REALITY BITES | Will and Layla have a very adult reunion when he comes back into town; he even goes to watch her play some of her new stuff live, and he’s shocked when it’s actually pretty good. Later that night, she even thanks him (!) for giving her a life experience she can use in her songwriting. But when they attend the premiere of their reality series “Love and Country,” she’s upset that the show portrays Will as a shirtless, glistening hunk (open your eyes, honey), and she’s made out to be Jessica Simpson, circa the Chicken-of-the-Sea-Newlyweds heyday. Wenchy producer lady doesn’t care, because the show’s a hit — what ratings system are they using that coughs up such instant results? — and she hints that their contracts oblige them to tape another season.

DEEP, CLEANSING BREATHS | Avery stays true to his word and is there for the baby — such as when he attends an obstetrician appointment and buys a top of the line crib — but he doesn’t want anything to do with Juliette. This causes Ms. Barnes much emotional pain; Rayna advises her to channel it into a song, because her latest ones blow.

Ju asks her assistant Emily to be her birthing partner, which is sweet, but Em knows that Avery should really be there for his baby mama. So she makes a plea on Ju’s behalf — if Avery’s going to be part of this, he’s got to be there for Juliette as well as the child — and he surprises Juliette by showing up for the first in-home practice session. Watching the two of them feel the baby kick, by the way, is pretty great. I may be overly optimistic, but I do not fear that these two aren’t going to get back together eventually. Let’s just hope it takes less time than it’s taking Rayna and Deacon…

BACK ON MY FEET | Scarlett’s homeless friend, Terry, swings by the house and leaves her a harmonica as thanks for the job and food (and as an apology for storming away when she asked about his family). Turns out, he was a professional musician who was on the road around Thanksgiving 1993; when his wife and kids drove to see him, they were in a collision that killed them all, starting his downward spiral.

Though he’s gotten a job and cleaned himself up, Scarlett talks him into spending some time writing a song with her. They later perform it together at The Bluebird, and I start to wonder why Scar’s so twitchy on stage and then I suddenly remember the cringing-under-the-piano incident and sigh. Please let this scene, during which both Scarlett and Terry eventually relax into the (rather good) song, signify that she’s pretty much over that sad chapter in her life?

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did you miss Jeff and Teddy? What about Sadie? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Jill says:

    Oh Rayna, why do you keep causing more messes in your life? Which actually is much better than it’s been for the first half of the season, so continue to mess away! That end scene with Luke would have been sweet if she wasn’t screaming in her head “I really wish I were saying these things to Deacon instead of Luke!” The disaster that is Ruke has to be over with soon, no?

  2. JAllen says:

    Luke’s character changes week to week from being all about his ‘brand” to being pissed Rayna is pushing her career. Anyway, he was here in Louisville last week and sang the national anthem at the Louisville/Florida State game, and did a pretty good job.

    • RUCookie says:

      I just took tonight as more of the same with Luke…the world evolves around him. When it doesn’t he throws a tantrum. You had that very first scene in the airport with the luggage (while everyone else is getting theirs, he is having his delivered), the quick comment from Pam that she was in in 36th row (that is back there). The scene in the car where his handler feeds him the ego-boosting ” I don’t know how you do it all” crap. And when Rayna’s world doesn’t revolve around him, he stomps his feet and throws fit. It’s okay for him to be overseas for months but how dare she infringe on the only time he has in his schedule for her. Ugh! Fingers crossed that the Deacon confessional will lead to the end of Ruke!

      • ShariaLynn says:

        I love Ruke. Deacon and Rayna are best left in the past. All relationships need some work. They gotta figure it out.

      • dusan says:

        My feelings exactly. The first weekend back and Luke wants to hire s Nanny! Then when his son and Rayna’s DTR are together Luke says “Thank u for saving my son”! He us so self centered.

  3. Elsa says:

    Great recap as always ! And I really liked this week’s episode.

    I can’t wait to see Rayna’s cover story, hopefully it will finally bring her and Deacon back together.

    I actually and surprisingly liked Scarlett and homeless guy Terry’s story this week. Can’t get their song out of my head, which is a good thing.

    For the first time ever, I mean ever, I kinda liked Layla.

    And, of course, gotta love Avery and Juliette finding their way back.

    Zoey is really the only one I could have done without. So selfish as always. Hate her.

  4. Riana says:

    Avery still loves Juliette. The look on his face watching her sing was exhibit A.

    • NF says:

      So agree with you. When he’s watching her, you can see how much he loves her/wants her but is trying not to. Terrific scene- but then again, love all scenes with Juliette/Avery. They are the reason am watching these days.

  5. laurelnev says:

    Well, I guess Zoey is the new character we’ll all love to hate now that Layla is actually becoming tolerable.

  6. Andy Swift says:

    Whatever happened to Teddy’s prostitute? They were so cute together.

    • Abby says:

      That was the worst. Teddy is too stupid, it actually pains me. The guy who was nothing but a crook who wasted his inheritance until step-daddy bought him an election, and now he’s throwing that away by getting messed up with escorts. Literally the dumbest.

  7. Shar says:

    Seriously, who ever misses Jeff and or Teddy.

  8. Carla Krae says:

    I get where Zoey’s coming from. At least she and Gunnar are talking about it. Fact is, it’s hard to become an insta-parent even when you like kids, and especially with one that’s already half-grown. And coming home was the first time she’d get some boyfriend time in a long time, but there’s still more stuff in the way. They’re young, so of course they want date nights, and flaky Baby Mama was being rude with the constant tardiness. Gunnar was being a pushover to let it happen for two months before saying something about it.

  9. Rosy says:

    Actually I liked the episode (nice job Connie and Hayden!) and that scene with Rayna and Luke at the end was could literally see her realizing that this relationship is doomed and desüerately clinging to the idea of it (hence the wedding vows).

  10. MA says:

    The fact that this recapper goes light on Nashville but bashes The Newsroom is mindboggling. This show is so bad at this point that it should be a joke. The only characters that aren’t awful are Juliette, Avery, Emily, and Glenn. Everyone else is either a cliche (Scarlett/Will/Maddie/Daphne), a jerk (Rayna), a pathetic loser (Deacon), or a waste of space (Gunner/Zoey/Micah/Layla/Teddy/Jeff/etc.). The writing is stilted, the acting is bad, the attention to detail is nonexistent, and the storytelling is choppy. Why would anyone want Rayna and Deacon together at this point? Really? Even Luke is too good for Rayna, and I now watch only to wish for her failure.

    • Mockingbird says:

      What’s mind boggling is why you watch it! Go find your joy!

      • MiaB says:

        ^^^This! “Go find your joy” is going to be my new catchphrase.

      • MA says:

        OMG. You’re so wise! Why didn’t I think of that? (Is that the response you’re hoping for?)

        • izzieb says:

          Seriously, MA, go be a jerk somewhere else. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Why bother trying to poison the fans? People post here because they love the show and the recap – why do you waste your time and mine?

          I know I am wasting my time by responding to you, because you’ll only try to come up with something “witty” like your last response “OMG. You’re so wise! Why didn’t I think of that? (Is that the response you’re hoping for?)”. BTW? You fell far short of witty.

      • Abby says:

        It would appear that their joy rests in hating behind the anonymity of their computer screen. The point remains that they’re watching, which just helps the ratings which means renewal chances are higher for those of us who like it. Their wasting their own time to watch just to hate just means more Nashville for the rest of us. So its a win-lose (and we’re not the losers, here!)

  11. MiaB says:

    I was only here for the Juliette/Avery part of the episode, which made me happy. I hope Avery is able to let his guard down, because he knows he loves Juliette.

  12. Amy H says:

    Well I knew that this wouldn’t be the breakup week considering the CMAs are next week. That being said, I don’t get that Luke/Rayna scene at the end. Reality has kicked in, and yet she still has Luke thinking she’s actually going to marry him. Lying yet again. The fallout from both sides should be interesting.
    I enjoyed the Scarlett/Terry song — beautiful — but the storyline just rings untrue. She just happens to find a homeless man who once had a hit song hanging out outside her window. What luck!
    I guarantee you Layla will turn on Will again. She’ll want out of the show — Will’s outing be damned.
    Loved the Javery moment, and Juliette’s song.

  13. Kay L says:

    Thanks for the laughs Kimberly- I almost enjoy your recaps as much as I enjoy the show!

  14. JennaG says:

    Anyone else notice how all the managers look the same? They are bald-ish and have goatees?

  15. Abby says:

    I honestly font think Zoey was being that bitchy about Micah or Kylie. She was being honest, and she’s a better woman than Micah’s own mother. She didn’t blame Gunnar for feeling like a housewife, either, just said that she did. I think any woman literally dumped with another woman’s kid without warning would be upset about it. Still, she stepped up every time she was asked. I’m not ready to hate on Zoey for things she’s done yet, whether I’m in the minority or not.

    Luke on the other hand…the end of Ruke will be like a Christmas present. I really hope they dont actually get married, because i dont think i could take a long drawn-out road to divorce. I think he’s jealous of Rayna’s career, because he only knows how to be the most famous person in his relationships. Besides, Maddie and Cody have better chemistry ;)

    Terry’s story was so sad, but now I see why Scarlett needed to meet him. Still, if she ever did decide she wanted to perform again, how is she going to rebound from her meltdown? Its all over YouTube and reporters will always ask about it, industry types will always assume that the next breakdown is one visit from Mom away…I’m intrigued now!

    I loved the Juliette and Avery scenes, and Juliette and Rayna scene, as always.

    • Isobel says:

      I’m not always a Zoey fan but I agree this episode she wasn’t being bitchy, I’d be upset if I had to look after some random kid dropped on me without question, and she is folding the kids clothes and really doing things the mother should be doing

  16. Shira says:

    Really enjoyed the episode and the music! Only wish they will release ‘Disappear’ as well. It maybe my favorite Hayden song since ‘Undermine’.

    Didn’t think I’d love so much the Rayna/Luke scene at the end but I did. God knows it’s not because suddenly believe in this unholy reunion but because it was a sad and almost poetic moment of a couple holding on to a dream. Rayna was so vulnerable during that moment. You could see how she really tried to hang on to Luke and the idea she can escape her past, her pain, love for Deacon and all it entails. She failed in that and the ironic part is that it happened when she went in the complete opposite direction in life…even that didn’t save her and all roads leads back to Deacon.

    Last thing: Kim Kardeshian’s behind got nothing on Connie Britton’s cleavage. Wow!

    • Jill says:

      Yes, Connie did such a nice job with that last scene. You could really see the sadness and how a switch had flipped and the relationship was clearly over, but she wanted to hold on to the dream a little longer.

  17. Tom says:

    Who else thinks maddie and colt are on the path to doing more than just making out and we’ll see she’ll wind up like her mother.

  18. Paula Preston says:

    The show is disappointing this year because Deacon and Rayna are the spark of the show and we never see them together.

  19. Jean says:

    I think the arc of leaving Gunnar to take care of his son is stupid. If they needed something to mess up his relationship with Zoey, they could have thought of something a little less ridiculous.

  20. dusan says:

    I knee Luke was a fluke from the beginning. I think he will be controlling and abusive.

  21. dusan says:

    I knew Luke was a fluke from the beginning. I think he will be controlling and abusive.

  22. Diana says:

    Tired of waiting for Rayna and Deacon to get back together . It’s too drawn out and it’s obviously what people want to see happen . Totally tired of Luke period .

  23. Diana says:

    Tired of waiting for Rayna and Deacon to get back together . It’s too drawn out and it’s obviously what people want to see happen . Totally tired of Luke period . Actually Rayna is starting to get on my nerves .. It needs to change . I feel better now !