Arrow Recap: The Boxing Glove Arrow... and Other Stuff

Arrow Roy Didn't Kill Sara

This week on The CW’s Arrow, onetime Starling City vigilante Ted Grant landed in Oliver’s sights, while Roy came to believe that it was he who killed Sara. But first and foremost….

We got the Boxing Glove Arrow. Which obviously must be what showrunner Marc Guggenheim was teasing during this Q&A, about delivering a moment that fans have been asking about since the pilot. Of course, Arrow being the gritty superhero drama it is, having a glove “accordion” out of an arrow would be a bit goofy, so they instead orchestrated an “organic” way for it to come about, as Oliver speared a mitt during a tussle with Ted Grant, before KOing the boxer with his pugilistic projectile.Arrow Boxing Glove

Beyond that glorious, crowd-pleasing nod….

The main thrust of the episode involved the aforementioned Ted Grant, who came under suspicion (by both Oliver and the cops) when a string of murders suggested the handiwork of Ted’s onetime vigilante alter ego, who minded the Glades six years prior. Ted, too, had a “Roy,” a guy named Isaac, until one day his apprentice went overboard and beat to death a drug dealer. Ted cut the guy loose, but now Isaac is back to seek retribution for the torture he suffered at the hands of a drug cartel.

Of course, the other issue at hand as Oliver scrutinized Ted Grant had to do with the boxer’s training of Laurel. Oliver warned Laurel that she was playing a dangerous game by trying to follow in Sara’s footsteps — mainly because she didn’t realize that it’s not a game. But Laurel stuck to her guns and returned to Ted’s gym at episode’s end, with a clear mission: to avenge Sara’s death as well as seek justice outside the courtroom.

Coming on the heels of today’s huge hullabaloo surrounding the Laurel-as-Canary photos, this episode asked: So, are you starting to buy what Laurel is selling?

Elsewhere, Roy grappled with his dream/memory of killing Sara, and to that end had Felicity test his blood for Mirakuru traces. And though he came up clean, Felicity cued up a quasi-autopsy Guiltyof Sara that at least supported the possibility that someone of below-average height :( had thrown arrows into her — perhaps while burning through the last hints of Mirakuru serum. Roy ultimately shares this hard truth with Oliver, Laurel and Diggle — the latter of whom didn’t want to cut the guy any slack. After all, Dig argues, we can’t have two sets of rules, including one for ourselves. But after Roy helps take down Isaac, he takes that apprentice’s words of warning to heart and beseeches Oliver: “Don’t abandon me,” to which Oliver affirms, “Never.” Rather, Oliver uses a meditation technique taught to him in flashback by Maseo’s wife Tatsu to gain clarity of his distressing memory… which is really about when he arrow’d to death that police officer while OD’d on Mirakuru — a similarly upsetting reality for Roy to grasp.

* The intersection of “Ninth & Hasen” would seemingly be a nod to “Wildcat” comic book series illustrator Irwin Hasen.
* “Mine’s bigger.”
* “How do you know this guy?” “We used to date.” (Perhaps an overshare for Laurel, since a Google search would surely connect dots for Ted — but then again, he of all people knows the value of a secret identity.)
* “You’re just another weapon in his arsenal.” “Arsenal… Maybe that’s what we should call you.”
* At episode’s end, Arrow’s hottie stalker, Cupid, shows up makes herself known (after laying low in a previous scene), to be featured more heavily in next week’s hour.

What did you think of this week’s episode, “Guilty”?

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  1. aura says:

    I LOVE Ted. You get you a piece of that wildcat Laurel!!!

  2. Azerty says:

    Ok crazy theory after the last scene: Cupid killed Sara?

    • Kelly says:

      Wow that a great theory! Given the sloppiness of her archery and her height…I’d totally buy that.

    • Dj says:

      Sara knew her killer. But the show might use Cupid like they did Roy where they think she killed Sara only to find out at the end she didn’t.

      • Azerty says:

        Well are we sure about that? I mean the killer knew who was behing the mask (“hello Sara”) but if I remember correctly Sara just says “What are you doing here”. I suppose she could have said that to anybody. She just had a heart to heart conversation with Laurel on a rooftop so anyone showing up on that roof would be surprising. I mean I would be really disappointed if Sara, that super killer traind by the league of assassins, died because of some jalous crazy fangirl and the robot voice + the superstrengh don’t match the theory but the weird height, the last scene and the fact that Cupid seems to have followed Oliver for a while now, all that gave me weird vibes and I wouldn’t be surprised if next week we learn she knows who is the Arrow and his partener’s real identity.

        • Shelley says:

          But, Cupid has been in the background for a couple of scenes. Just looked back at the episode. She’s been watching them.

          • But the producers said that they wouldn’t make the killer some random new guy, it would be someone that we know (which sadly takes out Raas and the archery couple of flashbacks). It just crossed my mind, what if is Isabelle? That would make Sarah surprised enough to let her gurd off, and the arrows would be the perfect way for Isbelle to end a messge to Oliver. And, by the ay, in the scene where she’s “killed”she tries to say something and Nissa kind of “rushes” her “death”, maybe Isabelle belongs to the League in some way… I don’t know….

    • wonderwall says:

      Nope. Cupid has hearts on her arrows. The killer didn’t.

    • The Kaibosh says:

      Thea killed Sara

      • Briggs says:

        I need a motive. And no, wanting to impress Malcolm or Malcolm somehow thinking that sending her to kill Sara is a good idea won’t fly. Neither makes sense due to his protectiveness and her status as a neophyte. Give me something else.

      • jackson88 says:

        I liked that they used the boxing glove arrow and how it was used.I think the show is going in the right direction

      • Kidwynn says:

        My turn to play theory. Remember Sarah’s sidekick Sin? To me that would spark the “What are you doing here” line and also it would have Sarah’s guard down. It’s just a theory, but it is a character viewers know.

  3. “alacrity” that’s my new word of the day.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Oof. Spell-check did a real number on that one! Fixed.

      • Well, it is a real word, heh.

        brisk and cheerful readiness.
        “she accepted the invitation with alacrity”
        synonyms: eagerness, willingness, readiness; enthusiasm, ardor, avidity, fervor, keenness; promptness, haste, swiftness, dispatch, speed

  4. lizzie says:

    this episode was a major letdown for me. the plot was not interesting. Hate what they are doing to Diggle’s character. actually rooted for Laurel in this episode. oliver and her dad treated her like a child and I didn’t like it

    • Alichat says:

      I was rather disappointed in Diggle as well. I found it surprising that he was so quick to write off Roy when they didn’t even have definitive proof that he’d killed Sara.

      • kath says:

        Diggle was so out of character there. He’s an ex soldier and he knows you don’t leave a buddy behind. Real Diggle would be telling Oliver he has to help Roy.

        Both Diggle and Felicity were OOC this episode.

    • Jordan says:

      Completely agree about Oliver’s treatment of Laurel. There’s a lot of controlling and paternalism going on, wrapped in a sort of jealous boyfriend vibe. Between that and Oliver’s self-righteousness when he thought Ted killed a guy, which I found extremely hypocritical given the number of people Oliver killed in the first season, I’m starting to dislike the direction they’re taking Oliver more than anyone else.

      • Foshi says:

        Funny, I like Oliver more than ever. I think if one of my girlfriends suffered a loss and put on a “magical” leather jacket, had five boxing lessons and thought she could become a superhero I’d probably act the same way as Oliver. I like that he’s been staid fast in his descision not to kill, not to give up on Roy and opening up more instead of being a dead eyed killer. Interesting how people see things in different ways 8)

        • lizzie says:

          that’s is a good point. I didn’t really get the jealous be vibe but more super overprotective. but I still found it annoying

        • Jordan says:

          I think we’re talking about two different things regarding Oliver’s treatment of Laurel. I’m not suggesting it’s inappropriate for him to have his doubts about whether she’s in the right state of mind to decide she wants to join the vigilante club, only that the way he’s treating her is very controlling. She has suffered a loss and he’s not showing a lot of support for how she’s trying to work through that loss. Plus, Oliver’s story basically revolves around him having a traumatic experience, putting on a magical hood, doing some training, and then becoming a superhero, so I’m not sure that storyline is really all that crazy in the context of this show. If this were a plot line on Mad Men or the Good Wife, you’d be making a strong case, but most super heroes get a lot less realistic backstory than this and no one bats an eye.
          I do agree with you about his sticking by Roy and not continuing to kill though. Definitely some improvements there.

          • Hmm says:

            THANK YOU. How can everyone, Oliver included, be judging Laurel when in essence, this is how the Arrow was created?! Like HELLO Oliver, you’re looking in a mirror. Perhaps instead of wasting time trying to talk Laurel out of her crusade, you could show a little compassion and understanding and take her in, like you did with Roy.

          • Dmac says:

            But he had suffered some pretty big loses as well last season (his mother being stabbed in front of him), losing their company, Sarah,Thea etc. It is the way you handle your loses that shows what kind of person you are and Laurel tends to implode and blame others for her losses. I don’t hate her, but she has a long way to go before she is accepted by the haters and the writers having her be a major player in every episode is helping.

          • kath says:

            Laurel’s been making some very bad decisions since Sara died. She tried to kill Komodo when she thought he had killed Sara, she took a basebal bat to a guy she didn’t even know because she thought he was hitting his girlfriend, she called the riot squad out and made the situation even worse.

            Oliver is right that she doesn’t know how dangerous it is what she’s trying to do. Sara had 6 years of training by the LoA and she still got killed.

            Oliver cares about Laurel so he’s trying to protect her but Laurel never listens to anyone.

        • Shelley says:

          My thoughts too.

      • lizzie says:

        I found Oliver hypocritical as well

      • aunni says:

        jealousy..??? may be we hv different perception. oliver is always was n will be protective of laurel. it does not matter that he is no longer in love with her.

    • Isobel says:

      agree DIggle was OOC, given Laurel’s decisions up to this moment I can understand Oliver and her father treating her as a child

  5. herman1959 says:

    I’m worried about Roy flipping out one day; he’s still unstable.

  6. Alichat says:

    Actually, Cupid showed up earlier in the episode. She was standing outside the gym after the body was found. Laurel walks right past her on her way to speak to Oliver.

  7. Foshi says:

    My least favourite of the season. Diggle is all over the place this season first telling Oliver to get rid of Malcolm and now givin up on Roy. Not like him imo. Too many characters I can’t seem to care about in this episode. Other than the Roy arc the rest offered nothing for me. I throw an Arrow party every week and despite a few nods to the comic book fans (I’m a well written Arrow TV show fan) this episode was a dud. If we are talking or on our phones then there’s nothing engaging us. Oh, next week looks fun!

  8. Rex says:

    Sigh… Laurel….but the cupid episode looks good!

  9. Lucius says:

    Sub-par Episode for sure. Wildcat, among many others, supposedly had a hand in training Batman but Oliver/Arrow defeats him with relative ease? A Mild Complaint but Oliver’s physical skills on Arrow are WAY beyond the original Green Arrow comic book character’s. Katie/Laurel actually wasn’t bad tonight which isn’t a ringing endorsement by any means. Katie isn’t unattractive to me at all but the Laurel character has been beyond insufferable from the begining. The Pics of her as Black Canary that came out today look pretty good in my opinion. As Much as I personally love fishnets and cleavage, in the gritty world of Arrow, Katie’s (future) costume are more realistic than Caity’s and thus far that is the ONLY thing Katie has over Caity. She is sorely missed. I just don’t buy Laurel being “street ready” by taking a few boxing lessons. Willa/Thea, who along with John Barrowman was greatly missed this episode, disappeared for MONTHS with a former member of the League of Assassins, she’d be more believable as BC than Katie. Anyway, Roy’s Dream was much ado about nothing leading to a nonsensical Diggle confrontation with Oliver. Maybe We’re getting ready for a “Dark Diggle” story line where John turns against Oliver and Team Arrow so Ollie and Roy can ‘bond’. I can tell you that will be the end of me watching this show if that happens. And Why doesn’t John wear a freakin’ mask?! John is the former bodyguard of Oliver, John also does night work for the Arrow, therefore Oliver IS the Arrow, elementary my dear Diggle. Since Roy started wearing the Arsenal outfit this has consistently bothered me as insane if they want to keep their identities secret.
    Sexy Rila Fukushima makes her first appearance as Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana in the sleep inducing Hong Kong flashback. Hopefully That Storyline will pick up now.
    Seemed like a filler episode during November sweeps.

    • Jordan says:

      Not trying to start an argument, because I actually agree with a lot of what you said. I’m a bit confused by this critique of Laurel not being believable as the Canary because of her limited training, though. She isn’t the Canary yet. She’s still training. So if they give her several months of training before you see her take to the streets again, why would that be unbelievable? I understand they released images of her costume today, but that won’t actually appear on the show until next year (and for all we know there could be a time jump). It’s also possible they’ll show her being an amateur for a while even when she does put on the suit. They’ve never asked us to buy the idea that she’s just putting on an outfit and magically having a massive set of combat skills with no explanation. So why is that a critique? At the very least you’ve jumped to a conclusion about a storyline that hasn’t actually played out yet.
      If you want to say that even several months of training isn’t enough, I’d agree with you but then that would be a critique of Oliver (who had a rather short training on the island before jumping into action) and Roy (who trained with Oliver for like a week before becoming an expert marksman) as well. That’s kind of what you should expect from a show like Arrow and we all kind of agree to give them a pass on that when we tune in to an overly-self-serious show about costumed heroes on the CW.

      • Lucius says:

        Oliver spent 5 Years on and off the Island fighting to survive so that’s a fairly intensive period of ‘training’. Sara spent around 4 years with the League. Diggle had three tours of duty with Army Special Forces, so Laurel’s quick(er) acclamation is a bit of a stretch for me. I’m not happy with the accelerated skills of Roy either. If Oliver had gotten as good as Roy in the same amount of time he might have gotten off the island a whole lot faster. It’s a superhero show so I don’t expect it to be ‘real’ but with Oliver, Sara, Diggle there is an element of time we’ve observed. But I guess my biggest criticism, and considering the amount of anti-Laurel sentiment out there I’m not alone in this, is my dislike of how the Laurel character has been written/portrayed from the start.

        • Jordan says:

          And Thea as well, right, since she only had a few months but is now good enough to impress Malcolm, a League-trained assassin? Plus, we don’t actually know how much time Sara spent training or how good she was when she first hit the field. Nor have we seen Oliver training on the island for more than a short period of time before he actually started fighting and firing arrows. Now he’s apparently so sought after as a marksman and fighter that a secret government organization had to pluck him from that island to assassinate people, which also strains credulity. Obviously, people train and improve their skills in action as well as in the gym, which will probably be the case for Laurel as well. If they give her several months of training and then show her having some limited skills that she can improve on over time, that’s relatively believable. I don’t see the problem with that storyline.

          My point is simply that the show hasn’t done what you’re criticizing it for doing yet. You haven’t seen how it plays out. I get that your dislike (which as you pointed out is a pretty common feeling) for Laurel is probably behind the prejudging. I’m just pointing out that it is in fact prejudging.

          Anyway, I’m not trying to convince you to like Laurel (I don’t really feel strongly about her one way or the other, although I do like her arc this season more than what they’ve done with her in the past). I’m just having a tough time understanding where this current critique I keep hearing is coming from.

          • Lucius says:

            What are you talking about? You’re being argumentative over Laurel? OK. Oliver obviously trained “off camera” and his skills were amassed over a 5 year period. Not to mention training in gym is a lot different than surviving on a remote island. And I’ve already crticized the Hong Kong storyline both this week and previous weeks as making little to no sense thus far. No Non Superpowered Superhero I know of spends a few weeks, months training and then decides to go out and fight crime. That’s Tantamount to suicide unless the writers are going for that kind of reckless storyline. “Prejudging”? I’ve spent 2 SEASONS watching Laurel so my assessment is based on what I’ve seen and not “prejudging”. Whether Katie’s BC turns out well remains to been and I hope it does but the Laurel character has been and thus far continues to be one of the shows weaker points and that’s not saying I dislike Katie either. Unlike a lot of people I like the actress but the way it has been handled in addition to Caity Lotz being so good hasn’t exactly endeared people to the character

      • I agree with you that Roy is a little too good for his limited time in training.
        That doesn’t make the meteoric Insta-Canary any more palatable, or believable. It just makes them both mistakes.

        • Jordan says:

          Where’s this instal-canary though? Are you watching episodes in the future?

        • Dmac says:

          But Roy grew up in fairly horrific conditions in the Glades. He has been fighting for survival for a very long time. He should be a thug or in jail but he has an inate sense of right and wrong that saved him. Street fighters who grew up like he did have to be tough and are incrediabley ruthless so to me it isn’t much of a transition. He has been training for this his whole life.

          • Lucius says:

            Exactly. Roy has always exibited a certain level of street fighting ability so it’s not beyond believability at all.

        • murley says:

          She isn’t insta-canary. She isn’t the canary yet. The actress herself has had the same number of months to get fit and learn to box and is clearly doing most of her own fighting and stunts so it is LITERALLY believable that Laurel would be as good a fighter as she is right now. I have never been a huge fan of laurel but I am trying to get behind her story and none of it so far is unrealistic (within the world of the show).

      • Sparky says:

        She wears the costume in episode 10. Oliver is missing after episode 9 so she takes something of a lead not saying she fills his role in the foundry but she does try to rally the troops when he disappears. SA mentioned that 10-13 are big episodes for her character.

    • sladewilson says:

      oliver did trained in lian yu for 5 year but roy trained in his neighbourhood before he joined oliver we can already see him having a potential when he robbed thea’s purse all that parkour stuff hes been fighting in the glades since he was a kid i guess

  10. Jenny says:

    too much laurel is killing the show. simple. Keep her out of team arrow… I really feel if any other actress played laurel it would be different. Katie Cassidy is not meant for this role.

    • Anna says:

      “i’m not on your team”

      …Laure’s actual words.So i don’t get what you complain about.It’s actually refreshing that there is this one character that has a storyline not entirely connected to Oliver.And since i do like Laure’s story arc this season and -maybe-she’s the most intriguing character right now,,,i wish more screen time.And Katie is doing awesome job.She was top-notch on this episode.

      • Dmac says:

        She is not on their team and yet she has no problem asking no demanding that Felicity and Diggle help her. I don’t mind her character in small doses but this has been 3 epusode’s that have been Laurel heavy with no end in site. They need to back off a bit on the Laurel heavy episodes she is by far the most decisive character on this show and episode after episode of her isn’t going to help. She needs to be eased in and yet the writers think if they have her front and center every episode that the people who hate her (which after reading comments on this and other sites…is a lot) will begin to love her. I fear the opposite is happening, I don’t mind her but I find myself fast forwarding her scenes. Also, her casually mentioning to Ted that she use to date the Arrow, I was amazed Oliver didn’t ream her for that one.

      • lizzie says:

        yeah but when in trouble the first person she called was Felicity? I don’t get why Laurel lovers won’t allow others to dislike her. and they say OLICITY fans are annoying. they are the worst.

    • Boston2AZ says:

      Thank you for saying what SO many of us are thinking. Badly cast, badly written character.

      • Shelley says:

        I haven’t cared for the Laurel character. But, I was willing to give this story line a go for a while hoping that this Laurel centric story would get my interest. Well, 3 episodes have gone by it’s not interesting to me yet. I have to say that Diggle was out of character in this episode too. So far, Arrow season 3 I’m not crazy about. Man, soon will be the fall season finale. I don’t want to get bored with it and give it up. But, The Flash is fun and interesting. I can’t say that about Arrow as yet.

        • Cindy says:

          season 3 has been very dull if you ask me. This episode wasn’t that great maybe because there was just too much laurel in it. Hoping next episode with cupid would be better.

    • Ben says:

      I agree. Maybe if they recast laurel more people would like her. Did not like this episode. It just had too much laurel in it.

  11. “Is that the dinosaur with all the plates” line in response to steganography was my favorite. Old joke, but still great.

  12. James D says:

    good stuff. I got a real kick (or should a say punch, haha i made a funny) out of the punching glove arrow. I’m glad they got the Roy thing settled instead of dragging it out. Like Wildcat but please for the love of all that is holy CW don’t get Laurel with him it would be a travisty to the comics and the characters. Other than that really liking Laurel’s arc this season Katie will do just fine with the physicality involved in being the BC.

    • Briggs says:

      I’m actually fine with her getting with Wildcat. This is an AU, so the same rules don’t apply as if they were adapting the comic directly. The writers didn’t have to dialed into specific pairings to begin with, so they could go where they would with that and other aspects of the show (including a sister Oliver didn’t have in canon). I’m eager to see where they take us next.

  13. Paolo says:

    It was amazing! I love these shows. I think its time to see a crossover soon to flash or visa versa. And also get the poor wildcat his costume already. LOL

  14. Paolo says:

    It was awesome just like every other week. And I think it is time for a cross over episode to flash. Or visa versa. Since now they introduced Plastique and Grodd. And also get that poor wildcat his costume already LOL.

  15. At this rate, I’m hoping for mystical possession via Dead Sara, or Zatanna Shows Up to Cast a Spell … otherwise, Laurel would appear to be at “epic crimefighter status” with just under 2 months at the Y.

  16. Briggs says:

    This was a great episode. I have to give a bit of a mention, though, to the ‘vigilante before me’ plot, because the original Black Canary (Dinah Drake Lance), in the comics, was in Gotham before Batman was. I don’t know if that was deliberate or not, but I decided to mention it, nonetheless.
    Speaking of Ted Grant, my heart belongs to Oliver, but this guy was awesome, and he played his part well. I think Oliver’s line about him giving up on his partner was actually similar to the line Felicity gave him when she said that the problem wasn’t because he wasn’t killing, but because he had. I liked that. :)
    Laurel is getting better, now that we’re past the initial rage. I swore she was going to jump all over Roy, but then I realized she was used to him being a good guy. He might even have played messenger more than once in their collective effort to put away bad guys. Which was where the ‘processing’ came in. I’m better able to really buy into her journey now. Let’s see where this goes.
    Not so many Olicity moments, but the fact that Oliver, unsure himself, trusts Felicity’s judgement when it comes to Roy was a good moment. She was the voice of reason for them both in this episode, and I love that Roy trusts her as much as Oliver does, even if he does feel differently about her.
    As Stephen himself said in an after show he sat in on, Diggle being the way he was might have been due to having a newborn and not getting much sleep. I’ll take that.
    I *knew* Roy didn’t kill Sara. I’m not sure Cupid did, either. I’m not calling a killer until after the midseason finale.
    A great episode. I loved it. :)

  17. Netty says:

    disappointed that there was not Ray Palmer/Felicity interaction in this episode!

  18. Pat says:

    It was a very good episode. I was glad to see that ROY did not kill Sara. Now I am wondering who did? Felicity possibly giving us a hint by saying that the person was below average height. Could this mean that it was Thea? I truly hope that my mInd is playing games with me and I am wrong.

  19. Helvetica says:

    Adding to the maelstrom of lazy writing that this episode was, Roy offering to turn himself in was unbelievably terrible because nobody knows that Sara is dead, ergo why would Roy turn himself in to the police? What would they charge him with? Puh-lease. This episode suffered from a serious case of lazy writing with plot holes so large that they couldn’t be contained.

  20. Michele says:

    Loved the “Mine’s bigger” comment Oliver had. Lol.

    I think it was a good way to give you information on Ted Grant, since he’s going to be around interacting with Laurel, and I liked how it paralleled Roy and Oliver’s storyline/relationship. I thought it was a little hypocritical of Oliver to be so judgmental of Ted having beaten that guy to death. When Oliver first became the vigilante he was killing people all the time. Maybe that was just his protectiveness for Laurel coming out and the only way he could make her see that Ted might not be a good guy? Regardless, I thought he harped on it a little too much.

    Overall it was a good episode. And I can’t wait to see next week’s episode.

  21. Gerald says:

    I was still under the impression that is was Raz Al Guhl (sp?) who was the one that killed Sara. But I didn’t think he would have been a short person, unless it is his thing to kneel before throws or shoots arrows.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Cupid knows who Oliver is. (I have issues this week on this show and every week on Flash, how Oliver and Barry like to take their masks off when they think they are out of the public eye. There is always someone watching. Leave the mask on in public.

    • Paoko says:

      Yea I agree. I thought at first it was Ra’s al Ghul too. But than I was thinking maby it was Nyssa? I don’t know I could be wrong.

  22. Luis says:


  23. Angelina says:

    The good:
    Ted Grant story
    The fight scenes with the boxing arrow
    Roy didn’t do it and his relation with oliver
    The writers admitting Laurel has just 2 weeks of box class, but It’s like she found in ‘Ted someone who trulli believes in her
    The cupid stalking the Arrow
    The bad: it felt for me or boring or less interesting, Sara’s case doesn’t evolve
    Well even if she’s less annoying It was too much Laurel
    Diggle, so what now, what’s in his head ?

  24. Paolo says:

    so i was reading on a bunch of stuff about the killer of Sara, and many ppl actually think it might be China White, or Katana. but than they were saying Oliver, Felicity, Diggle but i highly doubt they did it. so my strong choices are China White and Katana now. i dont know what do you guys think?

  25. Brigid says:

    Great Episode! Loved the boxing glove and the stegasaurus comment. What I really liked was the tough guy talk from Laurel when Oliver was talking about her lack of training and her line “Who’s fault is that?” He was being a hypocrite toward her. We all knew Roy didn’t kill Sara but I couldn’t figure out why he was having dreams of murder and now it all makes sense. I truly loved it when he asked Oliver not to abandon him and Ollie told him never. What a heartfelt scene. I loved how Felicity stood by Roy but a little surprised by Diggle wanting to give up on him. I agree that they can’t have 2 different sets of rules but let’s find out all of the facts first before we trash our brother in arms. Here’s to Ted Grant and his character sticking around for a while.

  26. murley says:

    The boxing glove arrow was pure genius.

  27. kath says:

    This was a pretty unimpressive episode for a sweeps month. The villain was someone we barely noticed, and the only reason he was the villain is because Ted Grant rejected him. being a lesson for Oliver and his relationship with Roy. “Guilty” didn’t really apply to Ted Grant because of course he was innocent since one of the victims was hung up in his gym.

    Roy’s storyline got rushed and ended up the ‘B’ storyline while Laurel’s was the ‘A’ but the show is called Arrow and it’s Oliver’s relationship with Roy that should have been more important than a Ted Grant story, which was really just another Easter Egg.

    Diggle was replaced by a pod person. What ex-soldier tells his team leader to get rid of the member who has been hurt in battle, rather than saving him? Why didn’t Felicity call Barry Allen to do the forensics on Sara, he could have rushed right over. Too bad the police with their real crime lab and forensics team can’t help since Laurel won’t tell her father.

    I wish Oliver would stop telling Laurel what to do because she’s never listened to him before and she not going to now.

    It’s a sad episode when the best thing about it is the Hong Kong flashbacks which is usually the stuff that bores me the most.

  28. Claire says:

    Omg the boxing glove arrow…greatest moment EVER!

  29. Liam Hay says:

    Tommy Meryln killed Sara

  30. ANNA says:

    Laurel was totally not cool while talking to Oliver as the Arrow. She totally blew his cover. She didn’t even pause to consider that she might not was to address him informally or tell wildcat they used to date. Ted could put two and two together in no time.

  31. ANNA says:

    and they never explained how one guy beat 16 gang members to death with brass knuckles.