Arrow First Look: Katie Cassidy as Black Canary — When Will She Debut?

The CW’s Arrow has released the first images of Katie Cassidy in her Black Canary getup, and, um, bulls-eye!

The seed for the passing of the baton bo staff was planted in the Season 2 finale, when Sara left Starling City to rejoin the League of Assassins, but first gifted her sister with her leather jacket. But ever since Sara’s subsequent death in the Season 3 premiere, Laurel has been on a mission to avenge the tragedy, and to that end has been training with boxer/former vigilante Ted “Wildcat” Grant to fulfill, as show boss Marc Guggenheim puts it, “her comic book trajectory.”

These photos are tagged with the episode title “Left Behind,” suggesting that Laurel will pour herself into the leather, buckles and wig in the midseason premiere aka Episode 10 airing sometime in January 2015, the first outing after the show breaks for the holidays on Dec. 10.

Black CBlack C2

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  1. Gerald says:

    The bashing begins in 1…2…3…go!

    • LT says:

      RIGHT? Let it go people. You already know it’s going to happen.

    • Ben says:

      For me, that ship has sailed. I wished that the writers would recognise what they had in Sarah and change direction on Black Canary. But they didn’t. So it is what it is.

      I actually really want to like Laurel, and I really hope the Black Canary thing works. But as it stands right now, I feel as though Laurel is the only weak link the show has left.

    • Anna says:

      Worst of all the hate towards her is mainly a shipping thing, she’ll become the Black Canary like is suppose to be and they’ll still won’t like her. She’s the Lana Lang of this show and even worst cause at the end she WIIL stay with the guy.

      • Briggs says:

        1. Lana Lang was always a crush, never a girlfriend, in canon.
        2. Arrow has never followed canon. Why does everyone insist it must follow this one part of canon and seem to blithely ignore all the ways it doesn’t? Oliver didn’t marry BC in Smallville, either.

        • lizzie says:

          Briggs well said. God forbid Laurel is not liked because she sucks as a character. i don’t know why it’s always consider a shipping thing.

  2. Brett says:

    Wow that is freaking awesome. She looks great! Can’t wait to see more team ups with Green Arrow and Black Canary. Cool stuff.

  3. Brigid says:

    She looks good!!!

    • Dr.Sally says:

      I’m guessing there is no such thing as ducking off for a quick pee in that get up!! Season 1 her chesticles were quiet large, season 2 they disappeared, seems she has found them again for season 3.

  4. A says:

    She looks good, looking forward to this story playing out and Oliver’s reaction to it.

  5. Michael says:

    No. It’s not a bullseye. It’s ridiculous. Someone save arrow please.

  6. joao says:

    nice, except for the wig…i would rather still have sara tho

  7. That’s a lot of buckles.

  8. Luis says:

    Still wonder about how she could be adequately trained to take over as BC, but I guess we will see

  9. Dominique says:

    okay that looks like a bad, cheap halloween costume. sorry, does not look good on her. also still not believable for her to take over. she can’t learn how to fight within a few weeks, when it took sara YEARS, learning from the League.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      She didn’t just learn how to fight. She’s probably taken years of self defense classes. Do you not remember her beating up those club goons in season 1?

      What stores do you go to that have a Halloween costume that looks like that and is cheap?

      • Fred says:

        Do you really think self defense taught her enough to be the Black Canary? I really hope they show that just because you put on an outfit doesn’t make you a hero. If they show the struggle, her desire to help people, and not just focus on her anger more people may come around to her character.

        • Rob Watkins says:

          No, but Wildcat is teaching her, plus she’ll learn on the job, and more than likely make a few mistakes along the way. They’ve shown her desire to help people since the pilot, her anger is shown to give her a reason why she wants to help in a more physical way.

      • kath says:

        Since she got completely beat up by a drunk guy two weeks ago, it’s safe to say that the self-defense classes she took as a teenager aren’t enough.

        Sara probably took those same classes and it took her five years of being trained by the League of Assassins to be able to do what she did.

        They are being unbelievably stupid to ask us to accept Laurel as a full-out vigilante now just because her name is Dinah Laurel Lance.

        What stores? S&M ones.

        • Brigid says:

          You are believing Thea, who previously had no skills, being trained in 5 months. Why not Laurel?

          • Erin2 says:

            Because Thea was trained by a member of the League of Assassins, and wasn’t hitting the heavy bag but being scolded (literally), and pummeled until she had no choice but to get really good really fast! Last week Laurel couldn’t land a punch on Wildcat, but now she is already Black Canary???

          • M3rc Nate says:

            First off i dont think anyone is believing or liking Thea somehow becoming a Ninja in 5 months…HOWEVER at least with Thea, she is being trained by a LOA member (Malcolm Merlyn) who’s not some small beans former member, he trained with the LOA for years and the show has established he can even fight Oliver & Nyssa at the same time and not lose…soooooo…that is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more believable than Laurel taking a few years of self defense classes at the YMCA and boxing with even the best boxer in the World for a few months…so please Brigld…please…just no.

        • Hmm says:

          You did notice that this is set for episode 10, right? So do we know the time frame in which she becomes “a full-out vigilante”? No we don’t. Also, just because she has a costume on doesn’t mean she’s going to be a perfect hero. So let’s untwist our panties and wait to see how it plays out.

          • kath says:

            Arrow has always followed real time. There will be a time jump on the show but the same as in real life — ep 9 will take place in December and ep 10 in January. So given that Laurel started training with Ted Grant at the end of October, that’s less then three months from flailing first lesson to leather costume.

    • A says:

      Thea learned how to fight from Malcom pretty quickly… and she’s been shown before to already have some skills.

    • Lea says:

      Yeah, she can’t learn how to fight within a few weeks. She’s no Roy, right? He’s some kind of unique and miraculous super human who went from “knows how to put of a fight” (like she does; remember the season 2 premiere?) to “superhero” within a few weeks.

      (and I guess Sara’s look-at-my-boobies costume looked much better)

      • dude says:

        That’s one thing I’m glad has been done away with. Sara’s costume looked like the porn parody of Arrow. I can take this version a little more seriously without the push up bra.

      • A says:

        The episode where this happens is still several weeks away so you should assume so much of the story.. Maybe she is still “in progress” when she put the costume on, maybe there is a timejump… we need to wait and see.

  10. wrstlgirl says:

    She looks fantastic but I still can’t get into it. Hopefully that will change when I actually see how the story unfolds.

  11. Beth says:

    Seriously? This is ridiculous it only makes some fans dislike her even more when they force Laurel onto us. What has she done to deserve to wear the outfit? Sara was trained by the LOA and now we are to believe Laurel is going to get to her level. No thanks. I’ll continue to fast forward over her parts. I really try to like her but I can’t at least not like this.

  12. justtobesane says:

    She looks great! Can’t wait!

  13. Jared says:

    Katie looks amazing! Cant wait to see her as the Black Canary on Arrow.

  14. Sprouting says:

    Looks freakin amazing! Finally Laurel getting the meatier role she deserves. I just hope all the Laurel-haters out there are prepared to give her a chance .

    • Sammje says:

      In order for people to give her character a chance they have to make her likable. Her self righteous attitude and anger push some people away. I like Laurel but I can see why people would find issue with her.

    • Christy says:

      I had no idea there were a bunch of people that hated her. I’ve loved the actress in so many other roles that I don’t think I could hate her character if I tried.

      • Oh I like Katie Cassidy too (missed her when she stopped appearing on Supernatural as Ruby), but a combination of really not feeling right for the role when she started and having probably one of the worst-written characters did not help matters. Writing’s improved but really Ted should have appeared in Season 2, help build this up more. Remember that bit at the end of Season 2 when Laurel picked up a bow? Really should have had some anticipation there to see her kick ass rather than the desire to roll one’s eyes. Having Laurel finally get training’s great and all just a shame it didn’t start sooner. But hey, here’s where we’re at…

  15. Jake says:

    Hopefully later on she can start wearing black fishnets lol but no biggie. Not gonna lie she looks like THE Black Canary. Looking forward to this.

  16. Steve says:

    No thanks. I’d rather have Sara.

  17. fernanda says:

    ela definitivamente não devia estar de peruca

  18. Sandy Camargo says:

    I’m sorry, but I find the character of Laurel boring and unpleasant. Turning EVERYONE into a superhero is also boring. When does Diggle get a costume?

    • Rob Watkins says:

      She’s not just “everyone”, Laurel is the Black Canary. I don’t think Diggle needs a costume.

    • JohnNYC says:

      Diggle has his black balaclava. Like Felicity has those glasses: very much an eyewear show.

    • Anesu says:

      Dinah Laurel Lance is a superhero in the comic books, her , Oliver and Roy are the only ones who are supposed to be superheros.
      Diggle isnt one so l doubt it will happen , Felicity wont ever be , Laurels dad wont be, Thea might be this shows version of Artemis or Speedy or someone new.
      Just because you dont like the character doesn’t mean everyone else does , personally my ultimate opinion of Arrow will depend on how well they adapt the Black Canarys story , l have been waiting for this since season 1 and honestly its about time they made Laurel more like her comic book persona.
      I love Laurel on the show and l’ve grown to like her more because shes generally one of the shows most realistically portrayed people , shes a very angry person yes and shes been that way since Oliver and Sara left her , her reactions whilst most people hate l totally understand , she tends to also be one of the few people like Diggle who are not afraid to tell Oliver the truth, e.g. Olly should probably have taken Malcom out hes a murderer and lm sure he hasnt changed , hes probably trying to turn Thea to the dark side.
      Her comic book personality is more likeable and happy , even Oliver isnt as happy as he is in the comics , Olivers personality bothers me more he can be an ass to the people he loves.
      This is my opinion but l also respect yours , lets agree to

  19. Enri4513 says:

    Please make it stop. There already was a black canary…Sara. How many more actors have to die on this show to prop this character up? Has there been even 1 episode where she isn’t crying or barking orders at someone?!

    • A says:

      Plenty of them actually. She’s supposed to be Black Canary. End of story.

    • Anesu says:

      Sara was never the actual black canary , no one called her that on the show.
      The name came from a bird she had as a kid and one she got from the league of assasins thats not in english , Sara told Laurel and lm sure she will translate that and become a hero.
      Laurel is the female lead of the show , Sara was never going to last . The character was created to prop up Larel from the start lm glad they had the guts to still kill Sara after the characters popularity, Letting her live would have destroyed their credibility for me .
      Same with Olicity which is only being pushed because fans like it not because it was planned.

      • Briggs says:

        Olicity is being followed because of the chemistry between the characters. if you’re going to insist, in your many comments, that other people shouldn’t bash Laurel, please don’t be caught bashing what other people love. Just because it wasn’t planned doesn’t mean it’s bad. I’m glad the show isn’t like the comics, it opens the door for them to get more creative, and as a writer myself, there’s no greater joy than when something changes the story for the better, unexpectedly…

        • aunni says:

          ur felicity hate is showing brigid, ur false declearation of that u like felicity get caught. btw her episode did well w/o u watchinh

  20. Tim says:

    why can’t they just put her in fishnets?

    • jmble says:

      In comics world, Fishnets look great. In the “real world” where Super Heroes are an anomaly, fishnets would be a ridiculous choice for fighting crime. I think this is perfect for the tone of the show.

      • J.B. says:

        To be honest none of the outfits they wear on the show really work as crime fighting gear. It would be too bulky and hard to move around in real like. It does fit the tone of the show but ironically fishnets would be more appropriate given that BC’s fighting style. It’s more acrobatic which means all that leather and whatnot would inhibit her agility.

    • ComeOn says:

      Guess you’ve seen anyone wear it up close. Fishnet is a bleeding nightmare to wear, it gets tear by absolutely everything, and you can’t hide any skin blemishes, in fact it highlight them (even small insects’s bite would somehow looks like blooming bruises). And no matter large or small pattern they are constantly shifting and moving. The only good thing is the black illuminates skin tone, makes it glow.

      May be movies can afford the time and human resources to have the fishnet in BC’s outfit, but with TV’s tight turn around, that would never be practical.

  21. J.B. says:

    I’ll never understand why network television stations don’t hire professional drag queens to work on hair and makeup. I’ve seen so many Queens whose lace fronts can run circles around these cheap Halloween wigs for days.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      The wig isn’t to look pretty, it’s to hide her identity.

      • JohnNYC says:

        And hey that worked for Hannah Montana…..

      • J.B. says:

        So? It’s not going to help much if it freaking falls off mid fight. Plus it looks way too fake. If I was a villain and wanted to know her identity I’d just gently tug on that piece of crap. BOOM! Secret identity revealed.

        And stop with all the fanboying. We get it you love, love, love her. No need to comment on EVERYBODY’S post. If you’re going to troll at least have better arguments.

        • A says:

          I’m sure she has it fastened pretty tightly to her real hair so it wont just fly off.

          • J.B. says:

            Y’all just really don’t get the point of my original comment. It had nothing to do with hiding her identity. It looks like crap. A lot of TV shows put characters in wigs and they look so unbelievable that they can be distracting. The last show I can remember who did wigs well was Alias. Almost every look they put Jennifer Garner in looked natural and believable, unless it wasn’t meant to. I just think that if your main character is going to be in that kind of costume it should be as believable as possible. And BESIDES, BC doesn’t wear a wig in the comic books! They could have had her keep her natural hair and ditch that stupid wig.

          • A says:

            Black Canary actually did wear a wig in the comic books.. it wasn’t until very recent that she stopped but the wig is definitely part of the characters history.

    • Ben says:

      Oliver Queen, Thea Queen, Moira Queen…

  22. Sarah says:

    I am so ready for this. Slay Laurel slay!

  23. But still no fishnets…

  24. Zach says:

    The blonde hair is giving me a Ruby vibe. Haha.

  25. guest says:

    Not shocked that the haters started coming out… I was hoping the fishnet would come out tho

  26. christine says:

    That looks like a hooker wig! Really? You couldn’t find a decent wig?

  27. Christy says:

    She looks sooo great!!! I love this show.

  28. Maria says:

    Looks like bad bdsm role play

    • J.B. says:

      Thought the same thing LMAO I bet most of it was probably bought from actual BDSM suppliers. I’m not saying that’s bad or anything. Just an observation.

      • Jon says:

        Nothing wrong with that. Back in the day when Farscape was made the costume designers were steady customers in all of Sydney’s fetish shops to get all the latex and leather used on that show.

  29. SHE can be BLACK Canary, but Ollie CAN’T be GREEN Arrow? :P

  30. K says:

    She looks great.

    But.. I don’t care.

    This might – MIGHT! – work for me if they sent her off screen for a year and she came back all kick ass.

    But after two years of Laurel bitching, and whining, and drinking, and whining some more, and being bitchy some more… I just don’t care about her character.

    Besides, I’m already invested in the journey of a PTSD-suffering bad ass with vengeance on his mind into a hero: Oliver and his evolution from the vigilante, to the Arrow, to Green Arrow

    Been there. Done that. Don’t need to see it again, especially with a shrieking harridan in the ‘lead’ role.

  31. Kate Sullivan says:

    From what I understand she is still rushing the whole transformation as I read somewhere that she still has to learn the full lesson of a hero is more than the costume.

  32. kath says:

    No, no, no, no. A bunch of boxing lessons and uncontrollable anger does not turn you into a vigilante. It took Oliver and Sara five years of intensive training.

    And look at the fingerprints the ADA will be leaving all over town.

    They really screwed themselves making Sara such a great Black Canary, and then expecting us to accept this.

    • Lea says:

      Roy and Thea had just a few weeks or months of training each and it worked well enough for them.

      • Isobel says:

        Roy had mirikuru and Thea had her father, who at least in the show’s universe, is a lot more dangerous than wildcat. Given we haven’t seen wildcat fight all he’s coming off like is a boxing teacher, however much I quite like him.

  33. ruby says:

    Laurel looks so gorgeous and badass. Haters are just jealous.

  34. Briggs says:

    Not bad. I was worried that her legs would be a bit too… slim, for the costume, but she fills it well. I’m surprised they have her wearing it so soon, though. However, reserving judgement.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Laurel simply wearing the costume and doing it justice/meeting its potential are two vastly different things, of course.

      • Briggs says:

        Very true. Something many people on this thread, both pro- and anti-Laurel, should keep in mind. This is a tease, that’s all it is.

        • kath says:

          It’s a no-win situation for me. We’ve already had three episodes of her trying to be a vigilante and failing, on top of two seasons of various plots for her, She’s had more story time on the show than anyone except for Oliver. If the alternative is her being a costumed vigilante and failing through the rest of this season, or being a suddenly competent vigilante, I’d take the latter. Unless Oliver is away from Starling City in the new year so that they can spend more time on Laurel.

          After two seasons of watching Laurel in various story arcs, from anger to addiction to anger again, spending more time on Laurel means less time on Diggle, Felicity, Roy, Quentin, and Thea, the characters I am interested in seeing.

          • Briggs says:

            *sigh* We don’t even know if she even sees the streets in this outfit, in that episode. There is no context for these photos. Just like there was *no context* for the pics of her holding Oliver’s bow late last season. You know, the one that launched a thousand “She can’t shoot a bow!” complaints before it was explained that *anyone* can shoot a compound bow? Once we know the context, then you can complain all you want.

          • dude says:

            She has not had more screentime than anyone. She was practically a non-entity season two and she didn’t have much to do season one either.

          • kath says:

            She’s had more storylines than anyone other than Oliver, not screentime. In season 2, she made up with Oliver and they decided their romantic relationship was in the past. Then she prosecuted Moira, the mother of her old boyfriend, then had her drugs/alcohol/drunk driving addiction storyline, which caused her to lose her job, then her involvement with Brother Blood, then back to the DA’s office and investigating him, then her anger at Sara when she returned, then going to AA, and finally finding out that Oliver was the Arrow from Slade and deciding whether to tell the police that information in order to get her father out of jail.

            Felicity and Diggle had more actual screen time than Laurel but that was because they were backing up Oliver’s story lines so it wasn’t about them, it was about the Arrow. In terms of how many story lines a secondary character on the show has had, Laurel has had more than anyone else. Even this season, Diggle sort of had Corto Maltese which was more about Thea and Malcolm, and Felicity has had one episode that was about her compared to Laurel’s three.

      • so true. Like most people i think it was a little too soon for her as BC, as she just started training..but maybe se will put the BC costume, which doesn’t exactly means that she will be 100% full badass. She will for sure have several bumps on the road before she turns into a full BC.

  35. ChrisGa says:

    As someone who couldn’t stand Laurel–or Cassidy’s(who I usually love) portrayal–I have to say I think she’s one of the most improved characters in prime-time. Not sure about the outfit, but the story angle is pretty logical.

  36. Gordon Rick says:

    Looks like a cross between Lady Gaga and Courtney Love….and not it a good way.

  37. MoshiMoshi says:

    Awesome!!! can’t wait, more girl power! haters gonna hate, whatever….

  38. Lizo says:

    Yesssssssss!!! This season feels like the long awaited fulfillment of both Laurel and Thea’s characters. Just soooooo excited.

  39. Journey_93 says:

    sry but she just doesn’t do it for me as Black Canary
    it seems so forced

    god why did they have to kill Sara, I hate the writer’s obsession with Laurel

  40. Riana says:

    When can we see Thea in costume?

  41. Maryann says:

    The problem with Laurel is that she has a lynch mob mentality. That is dangerous in any circumstances, and even more so. If you are taking life and death in your hands as a vigilante.

    • kath says:

      That’s a good point. More than any other character, Laurel jumps to conclusions and then acts on them without thinking them through. She hates Oliver, she loves him, she idolizes the Hood, she thinks he’s a killer, she blames the Hood for not saving Tommy, she says she can’t be with Oliver, she loves Oliver when she finds out he’s the Arrow.
      She wants to kill Komodo when she thinks he killed Sara, she wants to kill Malcolm when she thinks he did it.
      You can learn how to fight, but changing jumping to conclusions like that is much more difficult to do.

      • Isobel says:

        Agree, and with the hacker episode she ordered the riot squad out and made everything worse, her decisions are always the most aggressive, worse ones to make

  42. Anna says:

    Like with all the other costumes I ask myself: how the hell do they get into these things as quickly as they do? Look at all the buckles!

  43. chuckiechk says:

    she looks like a badass and I think she looks awesome

  44. Franco says:

    GOD NO!!!! Just when I started liking this show they go and do this. As a viewer you have to us a reason to believe that this character can kick ass…all I see is a skinny broad. Sorry but you just lost a viewer….

  45. M3rc Nate says:

    Does she look good? Yeah, im digging the blonde wig being straight not curly hair, im digging the dark colored lip stick, the outfit overall…but come on, does Laurel as BC compare to Sara (Caity Lotz) as the Canary? No. Just like with Laurel and Sara, Katie Cassidy is working out and learning how to fight for the role, but Caity Lotz for YEARS has been an athlete, a martial artist, a dancer, and it showed on screen when she was the Canary…effortlessly and completely badass was her when she was doing action scenes, or the Salmon Ladder/workout scene or the fight scenes in the cave…

    I cannot get over the training thing with Laurel. And its the writers fault. THEY setup their world, they established that it took Oliver 5 years of training/learning on the Island to become what he became, and that it took 4-5 years with the LOA for Sara to learn what she did and be such an amazing fighter. Now we have Thea becoming a Ninja in 5 months (granted at least she was taught by Malcolm Merlyn who is a badass trained by the LOA) and Laurel…what? Becoming the Black Canary while she has a few years (as a teenager) of YMCA self defense classes under her belt and being taught to box by a really good boxer for a few months? LMAO what a joke! YOU (Arrow writers/showrunners) established your world, then dont follow your own rules?
    (Roy is also worthy of getting laughed at in terms of how seriously we are supposed to take him given his relatively little training, but at least he is a sidekick)

    The bare minimum i will accept is that eventually Oliver says “screw it Laurel, your gonna do this anyways so i might as well train you” then over the course of a full long season or two he trains her and she is a COMPLETE natural (and they make that very apparent to us the viewers).
    What i want to actually happen? Something like: Over the course of episodes 12-22 Oliver is training her and the show time jumps a few months a few times. Say episode 14 they time jump 4 months then episode 17 they time jump another 6 months, not only will it help with us believing Laurel has been training for a while but it will help remove there being a baby on the show and at least end up with a toddler. Then maybe at the end of the season, next season can open and we’ve time jumped again 2 years ahead. But i doubt it will happen.

    One of the biggest reasons why I cant get over this is because the Black Canary isnt just some chick hero that is w/e….she is a real female icon in the comics world. Shes not just some love interest or sidekick or w/e…Black Canary is the best human fighter in the DCU, she can beat Oliver in the comics…establishing that Oliver and Sara are so good cause they trained for 5 years then having Laurel (BC) train with a boxer for a few months and have self defense classes in her background….its pathetic. Its like they setup every character with such great respect and detail then at the last minute remembered Laurel and threw together her story arc so they jotted some ideas down and the writers wrote them into scripts…

    • herman1959 says:

      I like the time jump idea too, especially since there will be an actual break in the series.

    • dude says:

      Again, you’re assuming a lot. The biggest thing all of you people don’t seem to understand is no one is saying her journey has concluded. A costume is a costume. It doesn’t mark the end of the road for her. Yes, Oliver and Sara have been training for five years but they had to start somewhere. This is Laurel’s beginning. No she’s not unstoppable right now but that doesn’t mean she won’t get there. Arrow fans seem to think you have to be stranded on an island for five years in order to become a hero but also have no problem with the little tutelage it took to get Roy where he is.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I mentioned Roy and the little tuttlage he gets, but like I said he’s a sidekick, a lesser character than Laurel in the overall Green Arrow mythology. He also kinda sucks right now, his arrows sometime missing their mark, when he does hit his mark he looks surprised etc.

        Overall the problem is I don’t want to watch Laurel learn how to fight and it take 3 seasons…hence the idea of time jumping past all the episodes of her training and sucking and needing to be helped/rescued…we enjoyed Sara so much cause she showed up a badass…watching 40+ episodes of Laurel being trained sounds tedious at best. I don’t want to see how the hotdog is made, give me the final product of close to it (hence… Time jump 2+ years in future or small spread out time jumps of a few months so we see her improving in chunks).

        Fact is for a large amount, maybe majority of fans, on YT, Reddit, here and after shows, Sara was AWESOME, Laurel is the weakest part of the show…why would you show the training journey of the weakest part of your show for the next 2+ seasons? No one wants to see that.

    • A says:

      Wildcat is not just “some really good boxer”… in the comics he was established as one of the best fighters around and someone who trained many other superheros in fighting ability. I’d take him over some LOA goon anyday.

  46. tatjash says:

    I loved it. I’m happy por Laurel (and for example she isn’t my favorite but I like her) and it isn’t soon, and I loved Sara too. I can’t wait!! yay!

  47. Where does it say she is fully trained? All it is, is a picture in an outfit. And really, she doesn’t have to be on Sara/Oliver’s level. She just has to be better than average street thugs to begin with.