NCIS First Look: Jamie Bamber Offers a Holiday Assist, as Bishop's Husband

Agent DiNozzo and the rest of CBS’ NCIS team soon may be giving thanks for making the acquaintance of Bishop’s husband Jake, seeing as he will lend a hand with a terror crisis — and TVLine has your first look at Jamie Bamber’s debut.

In the pre-Thanksgiving episode of TV’s most watched drama, titled “Grounded” and airing Tuesday, Nov. 25, DiNozzo, Bishop and her NSA Attorney husband (played by Michael Weatherly, Emily Wickersham and guest star Bamber), while stuck at Dulles due to inclement weather, work an NCIS case involving an elevated terrorist threat at Northeast airports during the holiday travel surge.

Check out the first photos below, then tell us if you’re thankful for the Battlestar Galactica alum’s casting.

NCIS Bishop Husband
NCIS Bishop Husband

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  1. Tran says:

    Women can’t get enough of Jamie Bamber when he was on BSG.

  2. Dean says:

    Im sure the haters are seething with rage right now. Especially since Bishop is still on the shiw despite whatever conflict she has with Gibbs on tonights ep. Also cool that her husband is captain apollo.

    • Jaramukhti says:

      That conflict was sweet — as in acted, and in general tone. I loved the reasoning behind it, and especially how Gibbs explained why he’s been treating her with kid gloves.

  3. Cate says:

    Mmm, Apollo in sexy specs. Congrats, NCIS, you finally have my attention!

  4. Lorie says:

    I became a huge fan of Jamie Bamber’s when I discovered L&O:UK. Can’t wait to see him on NCIS!

  5. zagsfan says:

    Can hardly wait.

  6. Jeanie says:

    No, Dean we know he will just help show she’s not up to a lead actress role.

  7. Anna D. says:

    Too bad he’s wasted on a useless character like Bishop (or rather, the actress).

  8. Mel says:

    I’m not familiar with Jamie Bamber, but this looks good. Anytime DiNozzo gets some focus, I’m all in. And I like Tony and Bishop’s chemistry, so bring it on!

  9. P Strickland says:

    I like the Bishop character much better than the Ziva character.

    • Dean says:

      Careful the pro ziva fans will accuse you of either hating Ziva, accuse you of poor judgment or think CBS is paying you to say nice things about Bishop

  10. leia says:

    I love the pic of the three of them together, Jamie and Emily look great together. Heck Jamie and Michael just look great.

  11. Rachel says:

    Jamie Bamber! Sigh. Charismatic, great looking, fantastic actor. Really deserves a lead role but in the meantime, great high profile gig for him.

  12. as524 says:

    Not familiar with the actors at all but looking forward to seeing this ep and meeting Jake and seeing him with Ellie….

    Loving Bishop this season as well. So glad cdp opted not to re-sign with the show so we could get to know the new probie and see EW at work

  13. Frances says:

    Loved Jamie on Battlestar Galactica! Can’t wait to see him on NCIS. Looks great with Emily.

  14. I don’t think a good looking husband is going to help Bishop act.
    She is bringing the show down. The only unique thing she brings to the show is sitting on the floor. Please bring Ziva back or find someone who is good enough to replace her!

    • Dean says:

      Okay its been over a year so unless you dont know this already Cote left willingly and of her own choice so they ‘can’t bring back ziva’.

  15. Gerry says:

    Please get rid of bishop she sucks

  16. Gina says:

    I have enjoyed watching the Bishop character change from her introduction to NCIS. I believe the powers over the show have listened to the fan concerns about this character. She now wears better clothes, doesn’t know it all, has her hair cut and it looks clean with less black roots (can’t do anything about the black eyebrows I guess) and tonight Gibbs told her to get off the floor! It’s about time. Short of having her written off the show the character is becoming less irritating. I remain convinced that this character was poor casting and the chemistry is lacking.

    • Mel says:

      Ah, Bonnie, Gerrry and Gina–the usual whining Bishop Bashers–covering the usual snark (eyebrows included–good for you, Gina, 5 extra points) Ever notice how some people are like trees? They take forever to grow up. Nice to see you haven’t changed at all.

      • E says:

        So they are immature because they are expressing their opinion that is different from yours? It makes you wonder who is the immature. If you can’t take criticism and respond constructively, then maybe you should not respond to it. I agree with them, I don’t care for the character at all. Something has been lost in this show.

        • Mel says:

          Oh please–the “expressing their opinion” cry–AGAIN? Every single time you whiners show up and “express your opinion”, like berating an actor over her “BLACK EYEBROWS”–*GASP*, OMG, the horror of it all, and regular fans call you on it–your standard answer is you are “expressing your opinion” or even better–don’t respond to the remarks if it bothers me. Guess what? That works both ways–if my remarks bother you so much, don’t respond. I like the way NCIS has been progressing, and I like Bishop. I also am so sick of the SAME people showing up with the same whiny remarks and expecting people to put up with it. I’m not. You want to talk responding “constructively”? Well, how about the shallow remarks about the color of someone’s eyebrows? Please, oh wise one–explain how “constructive” that is any remark? I’ll wait for the wisdom of your reply. By the way–there is criticism and there is repetitious whining, perhaps you should learn the big difference…SMDH

  17. feebee21 says:

    Yaaaaassss. I sorely need more BSG men on my screen more often. First Michael Trucco on Scandal, and now Jamie Bamber on NCIS! So Say We All!

  18. Heidi says:

    So happy to see Jamie Bamber on TV again!

  19. louise says:

    Sorry, Ziva made the show. Tony & Ziva had great chemistry. Bishop doesn’t fit for me. Just another blonde.
    What ever happened to Ziva? She added so much to the show. Please bring her back!!!!!

    • Dean says:

      Unless youre new to the subject let me give you the runaround: Cote left willingly and of her own choice for her own reasons, who knows shes a very private person and thus she left the show.

  20. erika says:

    A very important question: Does he keep his British accent or is he going American???

  21. bluegirl says:

    So tired of hearing people being bashed because they don’t like Bishop, and the automatic assumption that it is because of Ziva. I don’t like the Bishop character, and it has NOTHING to do with Ziva. She is perpetually frowning, not social, and really doesn’t bring anything to the table……..and yes, the dark eyebrows bother me too. The chemistry of the show is just not there anymore. Phase her out and bring in another character.

  22. Elnm says:

    Sorry, but I still think the writers created a shallow character in Bishop. I don’t care about her husband. I think the rest of the crew is having a hard time working with her character, too. It shows. Nothing against the person; I just don’t like the character the writers created.

  23. Instead of expanding Bishop’s role I had hoped she would be leaving the show. I have tried to like her but just can’t. Love the show and everyone else .

  24. Shannon says:

    I didn’t like Bishop at first but I really feel like she’s grown, and casting her husband will help her character grow more. Most of my problem with Bishop is that she seems too immature for the team, but Bamber should balance her energy and quirkiness. Not familiar with Bamber, but I’m glad to hear that he’s a good actor. From the very beginning I’ve thought that Wickersham is a good actress, and hating on her looks is really low. The reason we think your hating on Wickersham is because of Ziva is because those who have truly accepted Ziva’s absence (and we loved her) have been able to accept Bishop. Please stop making everything about NCIS about Ziva.

  25. annwilliamsdg@gmail.com says:

    If you think Jamie Bamber is sexy in BSG and L&O UK watch him in the series Hornblower. Him and Ioan Griffiths in 18th century British Royal Navy officers uniform. Swoon