Franklin & Bash Cancelled by TNT

Franklin & Bash Season 4

Case closed.

TNT’s legal dramedy Franklin & Bash won’t return for a fifth season, the network announced Tuesday.

The decision not to renew the Mark-Paul Gosselaar-Breckin Meyer buddy series likely is related to the cable network’s move toward edgier programmingper our sister site Deadline, which first posted the news.

Franklin & Bash thus far this season was averaging 1.2 million total weekly viewers and a 0.3 demo rating, down from Season 3’s 2.1 mil/0.6.

The series fourth season finale, which aired Oct. 22, will be its final episode.

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  1. gcw07 says:

    What are the edgier programs it is going after then? When I think of TNT, edgier sure doesn’t come to mind.

  2. Big Mike says:


  3. DL says:

    It’s understandable given the ratings, but I think TNT’s new “edgier” tagline is so silly. “TNT – We Know Drama” was way better than “TNT – Boom!” We get it, TNT, it’s a pun.

    • powerturtle90sdudemon says:

      Puns are the edgiest thing ever doncha know?

    • Military Spouse says:

      TNT stopped “knowing drama” when it decided to go boom! It has blown off almost all the great shows and stuck us with repeats, and dumb BS shows that I will never watch, and have 100’s of friends in my same situation that agree with me! Military Spouse is usually linked to homebound, waiting! Thanks for messing up a good thing TNT…. You definitely made my nights go “Boom”, and not in a good way!!!!!!

  4. Sarag says:

    SAD!!! I loved this show!!

    • parms3 says:

      Yeah – it was clever, funny and a nice change from the other formulaic bs. Damn is right. Maybe another network will pick it up?!

  5. Summer says:

    Uh, as excited as I am for The Librarians, that show doesn’t quite scream edgy programming either.

  6. Tina says:

    What a crock! We need more light & funny not edgier – which translates to dark/serious. Disappointed!!

  7. Kristen says:

    For shame TNT.

  8. keylimepie78 says:

    TNT BOOM? More like TNT BOO. Bad decision. I may have to boycott TNT which makes me sad because I was looking forward to The Librarians. Any chance USA would pick up F&B?

    • Jericho says:

      F&B is no where near the level of quality for a USA show. Maybe in S1 but not in S3 and 4. Thank god the actors can now go and do something better.

  9. Tran says:

    Hope TNT should do the same with Legends.

    • Meg says:

      I tried to watch Legends but I could barely get through the pilot.

      Sad about F&B. Can’t wait for The Librarians though!

      • leahbh says:

        me too, i was really only watching for Tina Majorino, but even she wasn’t enough to get me to watch more than the pilot. I didn’t like the lead character (or maybe it was the actor) at all.

        • MLPR says:

          Ditto. Watched the pilot and couldn’t get into it. Wish Tina Majorino could find a better show.

        • Tina Majorino was the whole reason I was watching, too, especially since she was the best intern on GA and left for this show. Really disappointed it turned out to be so bad.

          • Military Spouse says:

            Agreed, I can usually guarantee a g eat nap or ceven drift off to sleep when on of the new shows come on because they qwre a million times better than any sleeping puill one could ever take!

    • CBWBDK1 says:

      Bite your tongue!! You hope they cancel legends too? What’s wrong with you?

    • Military Spouse says:

      Any of their “Reality” shows especially, but hopefully not the Librarians, or Major Crimes! If those two get canceled, then I am personally done!

  10. jp says:

    awwww…loved this show…

  11. Leanna says:

    Not Happy! I really like this show and it was perfect for the summer! It was always fun to see what new shinanigans they could come up with in the courtroom to solve the case. (ZOMBIES and LIGHTSABERS were probably my favorite)

  12. Linda Cain says:

    Wow! I enjoyed this show very much! I loved how they won cases by thinking ‘outside of the box’.

  13. Dee says:

    I feared this!! I don’t why they opted to show the latest season later rather than during the summer like they always do!

  14. Diz says:

    Dallas and now this. Guess I’m left with Major Crimes. I couldn’t get into Legends and still have the final 4 fps sitting on the dvr.

  15. Bummer I love this show. Though I had a feeling this was going to happen.

  16. Magali says:

    Awww this sucks. I’m really going to miss those two :(

  17. Audrey E. says:

    This really sucks; F&B was honestly one of the funniest shows on all of tv. But I’m not surprised about the cancellation with the huge overhaul last season and the ratings. What IS surprising is that’s not the reason TNT is giving.
    Not all cable networks have to be “edgy” and they don’t have to be edgy all the time. Your not FX, and even they have Archer.

    • MLPR says:

      Hated the new overhaul. I stayed with it for three eps this season and we just couldn’t get into the new changes. So sad because the Franklin and Bash characters were so great and the original concept was hilarious. Loved watching two of my fave guys from the 90s ham it up every week. I blame the writers and the producers for this cancellation.

  18. This blows but I hated the way TNT handled the show anyways. What’d we get, 7 or 8 episodes? That does not a season make. This show started out completely genius and they made poor changes to it every season to “fix” the show. There was nothing to fix, was a great show. Franklin & Bash were the best couple on tv behind Shawn and Gus.

  19. Joey Padron says:

    Sad news. Hope TBS will pickup the show!

  20. Eliza says:

    F&B, Dallas, Longmire, Witches of East End, Rush…. a lot of shows I did enjoy are dunzo!

  21. will says:

    Not surprised…sorta expecting it. RIP F&B

  22. janie says:

    Noooo! Now we will never know….Will Franklin and bash stay together at their firm….did Stanton die from the fish cracker….Will Damien and the new girl make it work…what about Jared and his new girl…..come on..we need something to wrap it up!

  23. JohnNYC says:

    Cute, harmless entertainment: not the year for that it seems…

  24. Saabgirlatx says:

    Nooooooooooo! This is my happy show! So witty and humorous. Someone please rescue F&B!!!

  25. homzy11 says:

    Another one bites the dust. Let’s get more DWTS, Hollywood Hillbillies, Big Smo and Cement Heads shows. Whoever makes these decisions can KMA. I am done with TNT, A & E, TBS.

    • Kathie says:

      Not happy about cancellations of cable shows, but will still watch the ones that are left, R&I, Major Crimes, Royal Pains, Covert Affairs (don’t like it as much as first few seasons),the last few White Collars, The Transporter….hmm, that’s about it. Nothing on A&E since the demise of Longmire after The Glades. (I will ALWAYS be livid about that.) The list gets shorter and shorter.
      I have watched bits and pieces of the original Librarian series, but never got into it. However, with Christian Kane (Leverage) and the actress who played Maxwell on King and Maxwell (can’t remember her name) in the new reworked series starting next month, I will at least check it out. Looks like fun. I need more fun and less edginess. :) Yes, I know The Transporter could be considered edgy, but I love Chris Vance, Rizzoli’s erstwhile boyfriend and a former villain on Burn Notice. I consider him today’s James Bond, lol. He’s a lot like Elliot Spencer (Christian Kane) on Leverage–stupendous fighter with a heart of gold.
      Ultimately, I am powerless over any cancellation decisions and sleazy replacements, so I just have to go with the flow.

  26. leahbh says:

    good. this season has been pretty terrible.

  27. I am sad that TNT cancel Franklin and Bash. I can’t wait to see them in future role.

  28. LWolf says:

    This is so disappointing! I always looked forward to this show. I’m tired of all the reruns of other shows on TNT. I loved how unique this was for a buddy, lawyer show.

  29. Dizzle says:

    I Think it’s the right time, this last series hasn’t been the same without Carmen and Pindar, and the random Rachel King debacle was bizarre…. I’ve enjoyed the four years we’ve had though!

    • echo14612 says:

      Exactly. When the first episode of the season aired without Carmen and Pindar I KNEW this would be the last. It changed the whole tenor of the show. Somebody with power decided it had to be killed off quickly.

  30. FREDO says:

    This is so wrong on so many levels, the reason is because they are moving to edgier programing?, ludicrous since their sister network is tbs which is branded as the funny network, Franklin & Bash is a truly funny comedy and a perfect summer show and thus a perfect fit for tbs. This decision really bogles the mind since the perfect solution was under their own roof.

  31. Maya says:

    Really TNT? So is this network become nothing but reality shows then?!

  32. rowan77 says:

    I enjoyed seasons 1-3, but this season was not very good. It felt like the writers were phoning it in and even though I watched all 10 episodes is the hopes that it would get better – it still felt flat and uninspired. Last year if they had announced there were cancelled I would have been bummed out. But this announcement elicited nothing more than a shrug. Meh.

    • Verne Gagne says:

      If you go back and watch the finale from season three it wrapped everything up so nicely and even felt a little like a series finale.It makes me wonder if the writers thought that they were even going to get a season four and when they did they didn’t really know what to do.

    • davej13 says:

      I saw parts of the initial two episodes this year and then took it off my DNR. Hated the direction the show took, so not surprised.

  33. Jo says:

    Boooo on the network. I enjoyed this show it was fun and exciting. There are enough dark drama programs on TV now, give me a light and fun drama in between all the dark shows. LIke all the vampires & zombies enough is enough. I watched F&B faithfully. I am very disappointed that it has been canceled.

  34. Vicki says:

    Thumbs down

  35. Carm says:

    I stopped watching after I saw they got rid of Pinder and Carmen.

  36. jon says:

    that blows. Loved that show. Let’s see, The Bridge, Longmire, Rush, F & B all cancelled. I have time for Mom now….I guess

  37. GOOD! it is about time, they were such idiots who were suppose to be adults, and that frat boy crap was really irritating and made no sense. I am sure our legal system is much better than that…which they continued to mock every week, good riiddance !!!!!

  38. Little T says:

    They could at least give them a chance to wrap the show up. I hate when networks cancel shows without a proper ending.

  39. Mary says:

    Well that stinks…..somebody pick up MPG fast….I need him in my lineup!

  40. I really liked that show, Im sad !!!!

  41. David4 says:

    I’m amazed it lasted this long, it’s been a ton of fun but always on the bubble. I just figured they would give it one more season and call it a day. Stupid move.

  42. kathyb1953 says:

    Disappointed but not surprised. Too bad it ended on a cliffhanger though.

  43. So disappointed! My husband and I really enjoyed the show.

  44. prish says:

    The pain of it all! It was one of the best things on TV. “Edgy” probably means depressing with blood and gore. F&B was such a joyful, lighthearted show, a jewel.

  45. Jericho says:

    Not too surprising, Everyone jumped ship this season. No more Pinder was a huge down turn in my mind (but he has a show of his own now). To replace Carmen with the weird dude was also really offputting. The best episodes this season were about their love life and less about the case. Unfortunately, the quality of the series has gone down since Season 2 and it really needed to be put out of its misery.

  46. JB Smooove says:


  47. miss m says:

    Sad to see the show go. I really enjoyed their antics.

  48. raych says:

    i am beyond crushed