Bones Sneak Peek: Aubrey's Troubled Past Tests His Bond with Booth

Bones Season 10 Preview Video Aubrey

“I read your file. I know what happened to you,” Booth cryptically tells Aubrey in this exclusive sneak peek at Thursday’s Bones (8/7c, Fox) — and by the end of the episode, you’ll know, too.

In the video, John Boyd previews how the “big brother-younger brother” relationship Aubrey and Booth are settling into is a small comfort during a case that brings the newer agent’s rough past to light.

“We get to see a new side of Booth, looking after him,” Boyd adds.

Also of note in the clip: A broken-up Aubrey apologizing to his partner for being “out of line,” and a rather cute Booth-and-Brennan-esque interaction between stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz.

According to the network’s official synopsis for the episode, human remains underneath a merry-go-round lead the Jeffersonian team to investigate a billion-dollar hedge-fund company — and things get difficult when Aubrey feels an emotional connection to the case.

Think you know what skeletons (see what we did there?) are hiding in Aubrey’s closet? Press PLAY on the video below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. erin says:

    ugh, the Aubrey show continues. The lack of BB this season is really ruining this season. These writers continue to develop everyone but BB Yawn

    • I respect if you dislike Aubrey, that’s your right. But about B&B – they’ve been developing for the entire show, s9 finale + the first S0 ep were a lot about them and even the two episodes after that. Sure ep 5 and 6 had a little less of them but this show has other characters and strenghts than Booth and Brennan you know? Last season was mostly about the two of them. It’s not fair for the others to be overlooked. The show is about all of them. The fact that every now and then they give other characters space for storylines is not a bad thing. It’s a very good thing. Booth and Brennan are the center, but the show has never been just about them. It’s always focused on the rest of the team from time to time and it will continue and that should make the fans happy. And Aubrey is a new character, they have to show what kind of person he is, like they did with every other character. Like they did with Sweets when he was new.
      I’m pretty sure if everyone but B&B were just all about work and all the character stuff was B&B, it wouldn’t be good. They all make the show, it’s good because of ALL the characters.

      • anon says:

        A new character shouldnt be shoved down our throats….he shouldnt be destroying B&B partnership…B&B are not the center of Bones anymore they are pushed out to the margins with 5 paltry scenes per episode….yes, characters need to be developed but not at the expense of RUINING what made Bones so successful: B&B partnership.

        • Have you considered the actors though? Emily already works crazy hours and I’m sure now that she has a kid she likes to get a little more time off. Now we get B&B at home (usually) at the beginning of an ep and at the end, sometimes there are more important scenes during the episodes too, and then she does lab work, crime scenes etc. If she were to do more field work and interrogations, Emily would have to work all the time with no time off. We now get scenes given B&B’s relationship that we used to not get. It’s a compromise.
          And if Sweets was alive, what scenes do you think (of s10 so far) Brennan would be in rather than him? If Sweets was alive, he would be there just as much as Aubrey is. And they are introducing him very slowly, as a character, but of course he does more field work or even interrogations on his own – because Sweets used to do those scenes and it allowed David and Emily work a little less and I think that’s great, we should be more considerate.

          • anon says:

            REALLY? Emily had a kid season 8 & 9, and B&B partnership wasnt destroyed then to make way for a new character like it has now … B&B dynamics and partnership are reduced to a few scenes beginning and end of the ep and thats it, which was NEVER the case for NINE SEASONS…so please stop making up excuses….Booth doesnt need Aubrey in every FBI scene with him, Booth can do HIS job fine by himself without his conjoined twin Aubrey stuck to him 24/7 throughout the case, go watch the previous past seasons to see just how well B&B can function, how Booth can function without Aubrey….The way that Aubrey is shoved in practically every other scene is OVERKILL and its killed B&B partnership and the nearly show….

          • As I remember there were plenty of people who complained about lack of B&B in S8 because of Sweets. And S9 was about B&B a lot, especially the first half, then it got a little tuned down. And then they had a really strong finale and premiere so maybe it’s nice for them to relax for a bit you know.
            And in fact, I finished earlier seasons just a few weeks ago, but this change has been there since around S7 where Brennan/Emily was pregnant and Booth took Sweets into the field more. And it’s only been two episodes (5&6) where Booth and Brennan didn’t work much together, the previous four episodes were the usual way, only instead of Sweets, Aubrey’s there. And Ep5 was totally understandable that Brennan basically spend the whole case (which was solved in one day) working in the lab because like Booth said she didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of all the scientists at the convention. So really it was only episode 6 which could have more of them, okay, but otherwise, I don’t see what you see – B&B solve their cases the same way they have been doing that for the past few seasons.

            And I’m not making excuses. You wrote down your point of view, I wrote mine. There are always more ways to look at things.

          • anon says:

            WRONG…you are making excuses….even when Emily was heavily pregnant, B&B worked the case together THROUGHOUT the ep…not once through season 7 to 9 did B&B NOT work the case together in an ep THROUGHOUT the ep (DB prepping eps excepted)….since Aubrey has joined the show he has sucked the life out of B&B partnership reducing them to a few scenes beginning and end of the eps, not once in ep5 or 6 did B&B even have ONE scene discussing THEIR CASE during the ep until the last 5mins of the eps….this is Stephen Nathans lame attempt of changing the whole premise of the show: B&B partners, just so a newcomer can have a place on the show, a place on the show that was already taken with Brennan being Booths partner…..facts are facts dont twist them to make your point.

      • Frankie707 says:

        @addie well said.

        I absolutely love B&B, love their relationship, and love their scenes. But the show needs the other characters too and I enjoy the other relationships and character development from all fronts. I’m very happy the show is continuing with the train tradition of telling stories about and developing the secondary characters.

        I’m tremendously happy that we don’t just have the two well developed central characters, but that we have secondary characters that aren’t just cardboard cutouts used as props.

        For B&B to be the center there must be other characters for them to be the center of (for). Characters that matter and mean something. Not a bunch of red shirts.

        • bb says:

          B&B arent the center of Bones anymore..they are pushed to margins and only bookend the eps….they have introduced and developed characters before without destroying and reducing B&B partnership to cameos in the process….i am all for developing all the bones characters and have been since day one of bones, I am NOT however supporting this cluster muck that Stephen Nathan has done to B&B partnership, you dont destroy the central premise of the show and the main reason for bones being on air for 10 YEARS for a newbie character who should be there to support B&B not destroy them.

          • I think you all may be missing a point. The show has been on the air 10 years. Did it ever occur to any of you that Emily and David may be asking for a little less screen time because they are tired of doing the same old schtick every week like dancing monkeys? The show has grown and developed over a period of time, the characters have changed. Booth has had his whole worldview shattered for pete’s sake. He’s been to prison. Do you really expect all the other agents in the FBI to just jump in with the big conspiracy theory and welcome him back with open arms? Aubry is necessary as a character to back him up if necessary The show is a dynamic flowing stream of a story, not a stagnant pond.

          • Liza says:

            Really Christine? DB and ED are “tired of doing the same old schtick every week like dancing monkeys?” I’ve never head them say anything of the sort.

            At the end of the day they are paid (and very handsomely I might add) to do what they do. They work for a living just like doctors, firefighters, teachers, researchers, factory workers, office workers, etc…who also trudge into their jobs everyday and sometimes, no doubt, feel like “dancing monkeys” for much less money than DB and ED make.

      • I’m with you, 150%, Addie

  2. I’m so excited about this episode! I’ve been waiting to learn more about Aubrey ever since I found out he’s staying (after Sweets died). This looks really good! Can’t wait.

  3. July Lark says:

    Oh jeez, now the Aubrey pity party begins, just get it over with and back to the reason most of us watch Bones, to see the work and private life of B & B, sorry, but dont see any chemistry between Booth and Aubrey, just dont care about him, cant he just go away or back to his desk and stay there?

    • aa says:

      IKR…iets get over the Aubrey pity party and refocus back to why Bones has been on air for 10yrs and its not because of a 7 ep character nobody…..Brennan is Booths partner not Aubrey…Booth is Aubrey’s boss…..Are the Bones bosses and writers on the magic mushrooms this season? Why on earth are they destroying B&B partnership for a nobody new character? Dial him back and start refocusing on B&B partnership, give them storylines that arent jus about Christine or the conspiracy, give Angela a storyline or bring back Parker or Aldo….lord almighty Stephen Nathan is running Bones into the ground, has he forgot who and what the center of the show is suppose to be about B&B PARTNERSHIP…get it together Stephen Nathan.

  4. Jane says:

    Why don’t they just get it over with – give Aubrey scars on his back and let him have sex with Daisy in his office? Seriously, can the show at least try to pretend it’s not totally copying the Sweets’ template here? Little bro relationship with Booth? Check. Sad past? Check. Geeky interests? Yep? Right down to his curly brown hair. Jerez, even Sweets had to wait a season and a half before he really was absorbed as a member of the family. I’m not sure at this point why they killed Sweets. They should have just done a soap thing and cast the new guy as the same character. Really a pathetic lack of creativity.

  5. Abby says:

    aubrey. Sigh. Someone tell me when Booth and Brennan get an episode. Yes, that’s right. They are no longer the center. What made this show so successful is no longer there. Look at the awful ratings. Please go back to B&B. The lack of them is horrendous and it’s clearly affecting the show

  6. Oh Geez If you don’t like the show then change the channel. Stop complaining About Aubrey for petes sake! I really like Aubrey and I Think Bones is doing fine!

    • 1mars says:

      IDK, if I gave up this show because of one character I wld have a long time ago. Bones has lost its charm with the lack of B and B, but I keep hoping they will find it again. I ignore Aubrey, he doesnt have any chemistry with Booth and would much rather see Hod and Booth interacting than that pairing.

  7. kmw says:

    As much as I think they are overdoing it with Aubrey, I believe Stephen Nathan said they were going to establish him for about six or seven episodes. While the last two episodes lacked Booth and Brennan scenes, I hope that will change soon. I realize they need to be able to put him in the team , just like Sweets. I also know it is a long season and they cannot be front and center every episode. It still looks like a pretty good episode coming up. Despite not liking last weeks episode Bones is still great . I Liked the interaction between David and Emily in the teaser. That’s why they are the best

  8. anon says:

    I guess this is what a season 11 will look like. Booth and Bones at the beginning an end and nowhere in the middle.

    No thanks.

    • betty says:

      I like thoes cozy family scenes at he beginning and the end. It would be pleasing to have thoes scenes longer also showing more about the blended family, Booth’s oldest child, Parker. But the premise of the show is their personal relationship and professional parternership and how successfully they manage the two major aspects of their lives together. Love the show very much!!!!!!

    • Really? says:

      Well, here’s a shocker–stop whining about it and stop watching. Gad, want some cheese to go with your endless whine?

  9. Donna says:

    Maybe they could find a spare minute to mention Parker occasionally. Booth is turning into a deadbeat dad where he’s concerned. No wonder he got over his mom so fast, he’s just like her. He made a new family and forgot all about the old one.

    • 1mars says:

      Have to admit, as much as I hate to say it, I agree, the lack of even mentioning Parker is destroying Booth’s “you’re a great father” compliments Bren always says to Booth. Apparently he’s a great father…… only to Christine. smh

  10. Rae says:

    its hard when we loss a character like Sweets, and even harder o except someone new……but I think the new kid is doing a great job!!! Reminds me lot of Sweets when he to came to the show. I am loving this season I think is better then last season so far.

    • Jane says:

      Yea, know why he reminds us of Sweets? Because the show is basically taking all of Sweets’ chRacter and melding them into new guy. It’s bizarre. You’d think the showrunner/writers would reLly enjoy creating a unique and brand new character. Sweets was at least established over time in S3 – he’s be in an episode, then gone for a few. He wasn’t insta-family like this one. A peek inside the Bones writers room this week: “Hey! Some ideas for upcoming episodes: Young guy on subway finds out he’s cancer free and dies in Aubrey’s arms; or how about Aubrey breaks up with his girlfriend Maisy and moves in with B&B; then we find out Aubrey’s a former chess wiz! The stories, they write themselves!”

  11. Liz says:

    Of course he did something and has daddy issues! Does anyone on this show or any other tv not?

  12. Laura C says:

    I don’t give a rat’s …about the new guy. I’d rather have seen how Sweets dealt with being a father considering HIS bad childhood. Thank heavens for Angela & Hodgins, because Booth & Brennan’s marriage seems to be on the back burner. Nathan & the writers suck big time.

  13. Jan Krug says:

    I like Aubrey. I think he is a great addition to the program. I still miss Sweets but Aubrey is going to be great too.

    • Patricia Stone says:

      I think Aubrey is great too – idk why some people are so against his character. As others have said, yes, we are sad Sweets is gone but I love Aubrey as the newest addition to the cast!

  14. Rose says:

    I like Aubrey. I am not always so loving of new characters, especially right after one leaves, but Aubrey is a good fit. He has that quirkiness and vulnerability that Sweets had and you can’t help but just love him.

  15. Barbara says:

    Bring Sweets back….it was his twin brother that died, he never knew he had and he himself was on some kind of trip!!!!!

  16. Linda says:

    While I, like many others, felt this last episode was a bit too light on B&B, I am willing to give the writers some leeway for the time being. Over the course of the season and with the 200th episode coming, which I am sure will be heavy on B&B, I think it was more an attempt to deal with a heavy topic and achieve some balance in the storytelling process. I personally find the “little moments” between B&B, like the dance at the end, very fulfilling in their simplicity and impact.

    Emily and David are superb when they work scenes together and we as fans are always greedy for more. I do not feel the increased presence of Aubrey detracts from the screen time for the B&B moments. The absence of more B&B face time in this episode was more of an aberration due to its theme. I do not believe the show writers are so foolish as to dilute the true strength of this series -the chemistry that exists between Emily and David on screen. When a show enjoys the longevity that Bones has, sometimes there is an attempt to shake up the norm. An isolated episode may cause fan regret but, I am willing to give the show time to right the ship with regard to this “temporary” imbalance.

    Also, more use of Aubrey in the interrogation room, sometimes alone, provides David some respite. Both Emily and David are the core of this ensemble, but all members contribute, and the shift over 10 seasons has been a natural progression. We are learning more about the peripheral characters over time and that is as it should be.

  17. lovekyle2029 says:

    Wow! I can’t wait to see more of Aubrey, he has really impressed me and I want to see more. The dynamic between him and Booth is magical and I love it. I’m really digging the partnership between them and how much Aubrey is learning from Booth. Last episode killed me with how outstanding the performances were from Aubrey and Booth, the raw emotion displayed by the younger agent was countered by Booth’s more expirenced and calm demeanor. They were amazing. John Boyd is awesome next to the amazing David Boreanaz. A+++

  18. Pat says:

    I cannot wait to see this episode. I like Aubrey and I also like all of the characters on this show. Yes, I miss Sweets and did not like how they killed him off and I have already vented my frustration over that, but I have moved on and I am adapting to this new character.

  19. If the show was just about “B and B’ then it’d be called the B n B hour. Though I don’t like the new guy much, I’m curious to see how the show will progress. I’d like to see Zack be returned to the show somehow. But it is what it is. Some of you are taking this way to seriously. It’s just a show.

    • jj says:

      The shows called Bones it’s Dr Brennans nick name given too and used solely by Booth. This might come as a shock but DB & ED are the leads and that is why they get $100,000 $150,000 more when the rest of the cast.

  20. Kelly says:

    I miss Sweets

  21. rebecca says:

    hey i am from puerto rico and puerto rico is a US territory. how come i cannot watch.

  22. petradgoode says:

    I have nothing against Aubrey himself, or John Boyd; in fact, as a huge huge John Daley fan and a huge huge fan of Sweets, I have been surprised to find myself really trying to buy into this new character and new dynamic.

    But the writers are making it IMPOSSIBLE. How can this new guy grow on me if HE’S NOT NEW? but simply a rehash of the character John Daley and the writers of days past worked so slowly, so freaking slowly and carefully and subtly to build over the course of seven seasons?

    How can I NOT compare every word he says, every move he makes, every feeling he portrays, to John Daley and to Sweets?

    Are they looking for a way to kill this show in its tenth season? Why are the writers just phoning it in now?

    Maybe the whole show just lost its mojo when Hart Hanson skipped town to work on Backstrom :(

  23. fatalsin says:

    I dont mind Aubrey but good gosh does his huge nostrils bug me for some odd reason lol